What is the best team?

  1. What is the best team and abilitys to use for the Chaos Shrine?

    User Info: xaldin250

    xaldin250 - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. I don't think there's any one "right" answer, really. If you want to beat bosses, there's a variety. If you're farming shards (or other items), you'll want the standard Libra team. If you just want to clear them to have 99 Dark Notes for the trophy, you can always just use a defensive team so as to not die.

    My boss killing team that I used while shard farming:
    Zidane: Escape Lv3, Hero's Rime Lv2, Grand Lethal
    Bartz: Master Mime, Earth Blues Lv3, Escape Lv3, Mimic
    Squall: Lion Heart, Strength Up Lv2, Focus Lv3
    Cloud: Omnislash, Strength Up Lv2, Strength Up Lv3

    The Libra party has at least Cid and Locke and the other two members can be a combination of Prishe, Lightning, or Aerith - Faris can also work in the last two slots, but the wiki I translated this particular party from didn't include her. :V
    Cid: Libra Lv3/ Pray Lv2 / Luck Up Lv2
    Locke: Libra Lv2 / Counter Lv1 / Steal Lv1 / Hastemarch Lv2
    Prishe: Libra Lv1 / Cure / Elegy Lv3
    Lightning: Libra Lv1 / Agility Up Lv1 / Hero's Rime Lv2
    Aerith: Libra Lv1 / Thoroughbred / Elegy Lv 3

    And an excellent defensive party someone shared on the forums is as follows:
    Warrior of Light: Protect lvl 3, Class of Change, HP Up lvl 1
    Cecil: Protect lvl 2, Cura, Cure
    Snow: Protect lvl 1, Elegy lvl 2, Elegy lvl 3
    Minwu: Mirage lvl 1, Mirage lvl 2, Mirage lvl 3, Regen lvl 3

    Hope these help you!

    User Info: Caterfree10

    Caterfree10 (Expert) - 8 years ago 1   0

Other Answers

  1. For killing enemies quickly, I don't believe anything can compete with max (255) strength and Strength Up Lv3.
    Strength Up Lv3: Strength attack power x 1.5
    Put on Strength Up Lv2 (strength attack power x 1.3) where you can to do even more damage.
    For this reason, the most powerful party contains:

    Warrior of Light

    Fill in the blanks with Strength Up Lv3, Strength Up Lv2, Focus Lv3, and experiment a bit with OmniSlash as needed.

    I experimented making an ultimate spellcaster party:
    Terra-Trance, Firaga
    Shantotto-Dualcast, Blizzaga
    Vivi-Dualcast, Thundaga
    Cosmos- Hero's Rime, Cheer lv1, Cheer lv2, Cheer lv3
    (Start song starting below 10% HP, to get +210 to STR)

    But that combo simply would not kill as many enemies as the strength based team.

    For this reason, I believe spells/magic to be underpowered compared to straight up strength with Strength Up lv3.

    Think about it: Strength applies to ALL notes, so to multiply attack power by 1.5 goes a LONG way.
    Spells only affect magic abilities, which simply do not kick off often enough. Even if a song did have more notes to kick off magic abilities, those would still be more notes for Strength to take advantage of.

    User Info: AWE_adam

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  2. Well, there is no best team; is recommended to use a balanced team (each member with a speciality<I used Cloud, Shantotto, Warrior of Light, and Cecil>), and the abilities more convenient for you. I suggest to get a couple of X-Potions and use them as held item, you'll thank me on Ultimate Scores and +#20 Dark Notes

    User Info: Vulpix33

    Vulpix33 - 7 years ago 0   0

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