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by Zoelius

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Guide and Walkthrough by Zoelius

Version: 0.28 | Updated: 12/13/2015

Copyright and Other Information

This guide was written by Chao Min Wu (Zoelius), previously known as Zoel Giradel in Gamefaqs.This guide cannot be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be published on any website or otherwise distributed publicly at all with no exceptions. This guide shall only be allowed for public display on www.gamefaqs.com, and www.neoseeker.com. Any other use is strictly prohibited and a violation of copyright laws.

If you have any questions, tips, or concerns relating to this game, my contact email is Chaomin@gmail.com. Please be sure to put "Rune Factory" in the subject title.

*Please don't send me flames and spam via email, as it will be immediately deleted and your email address will be blocked.

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FAQ Version

2013 - June 250.01-0.21Initial version
2014 - May 050.22Final TXT version
2015 - October 90.25Converted guide to HTML, expanded a few incomplete sections
2015 - October 120.26Revised character layout
2015 - October 210.27Certain areas are rewritten, crafting recipes expanded
2015 - December 140.28Updated Database,

About Rune Factory 4

Rune Factory is a fantasy simulation/role-playing video game series developed by Neverland Co. LTD and published by Marvelous AQL. The North American version of Rune Factory 4 was published by XSeed. Rune Factory 4 is a hybrid of the Harvest Moon series and action RPGs. The current Rune Factory 4 is the sixth installment in the Rune Factory franchise.

Main Character Profiles

Lest *Male Protagonist

BirthdayUp to the player
Voice ActorKoki Uchiyama / Bryce Papenbrook
BioThe main protagonist of Rune Factory 4. A young man who suffers from memory loss after falling from the sky.
The protagonist is saved by a dragon and given the role of Prince of Selphia.
Favourite GiftsN/A

Frey *Female Protagonist

BirthdayUp to the player.
Voice ActorChiwa Saito
BioThe main protagonist of Rune Factory 4. A young girl who suffers from memory loss after falling from the sky.
The protagonist is saved by a dragon and given the role of Princess of Selphia.
Favourite GiftsN/A

Bachelorette Profiles


BirthdaySpring 21
Voice ActorAoi Yuuki
BioMargaret is an elf who works at the local diner by entertaining guests with beautiful music. She has a serious
attitude and despite living at a high elevation at the edge of the city, she has a fear of heights.
Favourite GiftsPink Melon, Pineapple Juice, golden vegetables
LikesFruits, dishes made from fruits


BirthdaySpring 26
Voice ActorSatomi Sato
BioOriginally a monster taking the shape of a butterfly, Amber transforms into a girl after she is defeated by the
protagonist. She has a naive and childish personality.
WeaponWatering pot
Favourite GiftsMixed Smoothie
LikesHoney, flowers


BirthdaySummer 22
Voice ActorSanae Kobayashi
BioForte works as a knight in the town of Selphia. She is a very strict character and tries not to display her gentle
side. Forte is also overprotective to those close to her.
WeaponTwo-Handed Sword
Favourite GiftsUnion Stew, Omelet Rice, Chocolate Cake
LikesCake, flowers, egg dishes
DislikesCurry dishes

Xiao Pai

BirthdaySummer 26
Voice ActorHisako Kanemoto
BioThe daughter of Lin Fa, Xiao Pai works at the Bell Hotel along with her mother. Xiao Pai is very clumsy and strives
each day to improve herself.
Favourite GiftsCrystal flowers, Emery Flower
LikesFlowers, Oriental cuisine
NoteXiao Pai is the only NPC who will randomly trip.


BirthdaySpring 12
Voice ActorHitomi Nabatame
BioAn apprentice butler studying under Volkanon, she is a little slow and has a habit of falling asleep no matter where
she is.
Favourite GiftsApple Pie, Diamonds, Platinum, Orichalcum
LikesApple recipes, jewelry, Gold, Silver
DislikesGrapes, Grape dishes


BirthdayWinter 18
Voice ActorAyana Taketatsu
BioDolce was originally a monster called Marionetta. After returning to her human form, she is taken in by Nancy and
Jones and helps them out in the clinic.
Favourite GiftsFlan, Pumpkin Flan, cakes
LikesMedicine, hot drinks
DislikesVegetables, cold drinks

Bachelor Profiles


BirthdayFall 17
Voice ActorDaisuke Namikawa
BioVishnal is a butler in training. He is clumsy and a terrible chef, but has a very positive outlook on things and tries
hard to be an excellent butler. At the same time, he is gullible and often the subject of pranks.
WeaponTwin Swords
Favourite GiftsCurry dishes, golden vegetables


BirthdaySummer 4
Voice ActorTatsuhisa Suzuki
BioA royal prince residing in Selphia. Arthur is highly respected and never exploits his noble authority to get others to
do work for him.
Favourite GiftsGolden Turnip, Turnip Heaven, Salmon Rice Ball
LikesGlasses, Turnips, Rice Balls, Sandwiches
DislikesFried fish dishes


BirthdayFall 6
Voice ActorToshiki Masuda
BioA dwarf who works in the local general store. He has a very rash personality and is very competitive with his peers.
Note: Doug's Friendship/Love Point is capped at 3 until you have finish the second story arc.
Favourite GiftsTempura Bowl
LikesRice dishes
DislikesBread dishes


BirthdayFall 9
Voice ActorTomokazu Sugita
BioDylas works at the restaurant, but due to his lack of social skills he is often misunderstood and sparks all sorts of
weird rumors about him. Dylas also develops a very strong rivalry with Doug, and the two of them will do whatever
it takes to beat each other in a contest.
Favourite GiftsMilk Porridge
LikesCarrots, fish, sashimi, milk, milk dishes


BirthdaySummer 9
Voice ActorKousuke Toriumi
BioLeon is a man with a sharp personality. He is often a prankster in search of amusement; however, deep down he
is a good friend to those close to him.
Favourite GiftsGrilled Lamp Squid, Grilled Poison Rainbow Trout
LikesLamp Squid, Poison Rainbow Trout
DislikesMilk and products that contain milk


BirthdayWinter 2
Voice ActorHiro Shimono
BioForte's younger brother. Kiel is a kind young man who is very naive to his surroundings. He is very fond of books.
Favourite GiftsChocolate Cake, boss drops (e.g. Lightning Mane, Puppetry Strings, etc.)

Other Characters


BirthdaySummer 6
Voice ActorYukitoshi Hori
BioVolkanon is the head butler who takes care of many matters of Selphia, He might seem overly dramatic on the
outside, but he is also very compassionate to those around him.
Favourite GiftsRelax Tea
LikesWood, Material Stone
DislikesDisastrous Dish, Failed Dish


BirthdayWinter 21
Voice ActorTakahiro Fujimoto
BioThe top chef living in Selphia. Porcoline comes from a family famous for their love of food. Porcoline is known to
have a weird sense of humor, but has a kind soul and is always willing to help those in need.
WeaponTwin Sword
Favourite GiftsAny cooked food
LikesVegetables, Mushrooms
DislikesAny kind of medicine

Lin Fa

BirthdaySpring 8
Voice ActorYumi Sudou
BioXiao Pai's mother, owner of the Bell Hotel in Selphia. Lin Fa appears as a beautiful woman that overshadows
her daughter. Lin Fa also appears to be a klutz which sparks all kinds of admirers.
Favourite GiftsMilk Porridge
LikesOriental cuisine, Milk, milk dishes
DislikeUdon and udon dishes


BirthdayWinter 10
Voice ActorOsamu Ryuutani
BioThe local blacksmith in town, Bado is a lousy blacksmith and most often resorts to cheap and unethical methods in
his business dealings. Author's Note: This guy is so cheap, he'll give you exactly one gold for New Year's Day.
WeaponTwo-Handed Sword
Favourite GiftsUdon and udon dishes
LikesScrap Metal
DislikesAnything with cheese


BirthdaySpring 23
Voice ActorYuka Saitou
BioIlluminata runs the local flower store in Selphia. She loves to view every situation as a detective mystery which
oftentimes causes a lot of misunderstandings with fellow villagers.
WeaponWatering Can
Favourite GiftsRelax Tea Leaves
LikesFlowers, jam, Bread, sweets


BirthdayWinter 21
Voice ActorYuko Tsuga
BioA sweet old woman who owns the general store. She has taken in Doug and treats him as her own grandson.
Favourite GiftsRisotto
DislikesAny kind of medicine


BirthdayWinter 7
Voice ActorShunzou Miyasaka
BioThe only doctor in the village of Selphia. Jones has a fear of blood and relies on his hardworking wife to overcome
this anxiety.
WeaponTwin Swords
Favourite GiftsFried Rice
LikesOriental cusine
DislikesDevil Blood and anything with tomatoes


BirthdayFall 23
Voice ActorUmeka Shouji
BioNancy is Jones' wife who works as a nurse to aid her husband. Nancy enjoys striking up a conversation and
doesn't mind visitors while she works.
Favourite GiftsStew
LikesOmelet, Pudding, Cheese, cheese dishes
DislikesPoison Rainbow Trout, Poison Rainbow Trout recipes


Voice Actor Saori Hayami
BioPico is a phantom who has known Dolce since she was little. She has a deep attachment to Dolce and won't leave
her side.
NotePico isn't displayed on the friend list, but will occasionally pop up in some of Dolce's conversations.

Ventuswill / Selzawill

BirthdaySpring 4
Voice ActorSatomi Akesaka
BioOne of the four Dragon Gods, Ventuswill is the wind dragon and protects the city of Selphia.
Favourite GiftsPancakes
LikesVegetables, Mushrooms, Honey
DislikesDragon Fangs

Son (Noel)

Voice Actor???
BioA child full of imagination and curiosity who is often playful with the people of Selphia.
Favourite GiftsWeapons and armor
LikesFried items such as Pizza or curry dishes
DislikesSalad, Vegetable Juice

Daughter (Luna)

Voice Actor???
BioA child full of imagination and curiosity who is often playful with the people of Selphia.
Favourite GiftsSilver Pendant and jewel rings
LikesFried items such as Fries or Stew

Guest Characters


BirthdaySpring 5
Voice ActorMasaru Suzuki
BioBarret is a cameo character from Rune Factory 2. He came to the town of Selphia to investigate the Rune
Factory Gates. Barrett can examine your items and will show you the materials upgrading your equipment.
WeaponTwin Sword
Favourite GiftsSalmon Sashimi, Skipjack Sashimi
LikesMetal ore, Scrap Metal

Raven / Toona

BirthdaySpring 29
Voice ActorEmiri Katou
BioRaven/Toona is a guest character from Rune Factory 3. She is currently visiting Selphia to find rare ore.
Raven will sell monster loot similar to Sakuya's shop in Rune Factory 3.
Favourite GiftsCrystal Pendant
LikesCrystal, simple flowers and pendants
DislikesHood, Skulls

Basic Gameplay


A ButtonConfirm, lift and throw Items
B ButtonCancel, use equipped tool, use held item
X ButtonUse equipped Rune Ability or put held items in your rucksack
Y ButtonUse equipped Rune Ability or put held items in your rucksack
Start ButtonOpen menu
Select ButtonTurn aiming square ON or OFF
L ButtonQuick item switch
R ButtonHold to walk, press to dash
Hold L + Memo on Touch ScreenOpen calendar
Hold R + Memo on Touch ScreenOpen sales record

Information and Terminology

HPHit Points. This is your health gauge. If your HP reaches zero the protagonist will faint and end up at the medical clinic. You will have to pay a fee based on your level for each time you faint.
RPRune Points. This is used for performing actions such as farming, attacking, and using Rune Abilities or magic. If your RP is at zero, it requires 50% of your HP to perform an action and this can kill your character. * In order to restore RP, you can consume food, take a bath at the inn, or search for Rune Orbs.
How to Save
Saving can be done by examining the diary in your house or a Save Crystal in dungeons. When you lose all your HP, you will be sent to the hospital and forced to pay a fee.
Love/Friend Points
This status parameter determines on how friendly the villagers of Selphia are with you. The symbol is represented by a smiley face icon for friends and a heart symbol for marriage candidates.

Options available at higher Love/Friend Points

Level 3Join your party (Forte does not require 3 FP/LP)
Level 4Conversation will change daily
Level 5Will give presents on your birthday
Level 7Will possibly accept a confession of love
Level 10Will accept a proposal if the proper criteria are met


Basic combat is done by equipping a weapon to the tool slot. Every type of equipment in the tool slot can be used to attack, including farming tools. Actual weapons have advantages such as allowing you to use Rune Abilities or special attacks with the right command.

Status Condition
When going to battle, there is a chance of being inflicted with a status ailment.

PoisonGradually lose health over time.Antidote Potion, Antidote Grass, Medipoison
ParalyzePrevents running.Para-Gone, Mediparalyze
SealPrevents the use of Rune abilities.Roundoff, Mediseal
FatigueRP won't regen, actions use more RPRest early, Relax Tea
ColdGradually lose RP over timeCold Medicine, Relax Tea

These status conditions can be recovered by using the correct medicine or by speaking to Jones or Nancy at the clinic. The fatigue condition can be cured by sleeping. If you are ever KO'd in combat, you will be brought back to the clinic and forced to pay a fee based on your level (with a cap of 10,000 G on Easy, 50,000 G on Normal, and none whatsoever on Hard). If your significant other, spouse, and/or child is in the party Jones will only charge half as much, but if Nancy is the one who nurses you back to health, she will always let you go free of charge.


Note: Each basic action in fighting requires a very small amount of RP (Rune Points).

Higher skill level with weapons will increase damage output and allows the protagonist to develop new abilities. For example, when your skill level reach level 5, you will learn a dash attack. Then at level 10, you can charge your weapon and finally at level 20 you can perform a special attack combo which is done by pressing the tool button after you have finished the final hit of your combo.


The basic way to farm is to till the soil with your hoe, plant seeds, and water them each day until they're ready to harvest. Doing this is enough to get you through the game, but if you want to be the richest farmer-prince(ss) in all of Norad, you'll need to pay close attention to soil attributes. The soil on your farm has two sets of values, base stats and temporary stats. As you harvest crops, the soil will gain experience and level up, increasing its base stats. Temporary stats are the values you'll see and notice most often, but when the land is allowed to lie fallow it will gradually revert to its base stats. To check the condition of the soil you'll need to purchase a Magnifying Glass from the general store, which you can use to upgrade a weapon or tool to give it the same soil-examining property. Looking at the soil will display the following numbers:

Overall16.00-16.99Affects the soil's Health and Defense parameters
Spd.16.00-16.99Affects the soil's Grw. parameter
Ql.16.00-16.99Affects the Ql. parameter (second number)
No.16.00-16.99Affects the No. parameter (second number)
Sz.16.00-16.99Affects the Sz. parameter (second number)
Grw.5.0xAffects how quickly crops will grow; for example, at 2.0x crops will grow twice as fast. Raised by using Formulas
Ql.+2.00Affects how quickly crop levels will increase, raised by using Greenifier
No.+1.00Affects the number of crops that can be harvested
Sz.+2.00Affects the size of crops, raised by using Giantizer and lowered by Minimizer
Health255The health of the soil, raised by tilling Withered Grass, Corn, or 4-Leaf Clovers into the soil
Def.63Protects crops from being destroyed during typhoons, raised by using Wettable Powder

When you examine soil where crops are planted, some additional information will be displayed.

Crop Lv.The level of the crop currently planted, ranging from 1-10
No.The number of crops that can be harvested from that plant when it matures
Grw.How close the plant is to maturity, measured as a percentage. At 100% the plant is ready to be harvested.
HPThe health of the crop. When this number reaches zero, the plant will die.

To raise the soil's base stats, you'll need to harvest plenty of crops to level up the soil. Harvesting crops will raise the soil's base stats and lower its temporary stats, creating a "soil fatigue" effect. Allowing the soil to rest will cause it to gradually revert to its base stats, but you can also utilize chemicals and fertilizer to offset this loss. Keeping the Fertilizer Bin stocked with Weeds, Withered Grass, Medicinal Herbs, Antidote Grass, or coloured grasses will automatically dispense these to keep the soil on your farm from dropping below its base level. One Fertilizer Bin will affect all your fields no matter where it's placed, and tilling Withered Grass, Corn, or 4-Leaf Clovers into a plot of soil will also restore its health. Once you accumulate enough cash to purchase chemicals, these items will raise the soil's temporary values at the expense of lower its health. It's okay if the soil reaches zero Health while you're adding chemicals as long as you remember to restore it after you're finished. Chemicals can be purchased from the flower shop and are occasionally given to you by Amber as return gifts.

Formula A1,200 GIncreases Grw. by .5x
Formula B3,600 GIncreases Grw. by 1.0x
Formula C9,800 GIncreases Grw. by 2.0x
Greenifier3,000 GIncreases Ql. by +.05
Greenifier+12,000 GIncreases Ql. by +.5
No Rot α2,000 GReduces the chance of crops wilting
No Rot β8,000 GGreatly reduces the chance of crops wilting
Wettable Powder2,000 GIncreases Def. by 32

Base Soil Parameters by Level

Level Growth Speed Defense QualityHealth
31.1240.03 96
153.00 400.50240

Crop Levels

Higher level crops ship for much more money than Level 1 crops, so in order to really rake in the dough you'll need to raise your crops' levels to 10. If you use your scythe on a mature crop instead of harvesting it, this will transform the crop into a seed bag, often of a higher level than the crop itself was. Crop levels will rise easily at first and slow down as they approach the maximum, so you will need to add Greenifier to the soil and use higher quality scythes to reach Level 10.

Rune Orbs and Runeys

Sometimes when you harvest a crop, you may notice a shining ball of light or a tiny glowing spirit. These are Rune Orbs and Runeys, and touching them will replenish your RP and award experience to a randomly chosen skill. Collecting Runeys is a great way to level up skills that would otherwise be tedious to raise, such as cold and faint resistance.

Plant Enlargement

One of the new features in Rune Factory 4 is the ability to grow giant-sized crops, used as crafting materials and to tame certain boss monsters. To do this, you will need to plant four of the same seed types within a single 2x2 square of soil. Next you will need to buy or otherwise acquire Giantizer to raise the secondary Sz. parameter of the soil. Since it affects the soil and not the crops, Giantizer can be used at any point in these steps. Once the four plants reach maturity, they should be somewhat larger than normal; if they aren't, you'll need to add more Giantizer to the soil and wait. Do NOT harvest them yet! Continue watering the four mature crops for a few more days until they merge into a single giant crop taking up all four spaces. If your plant does not become giant after a few days, double-check that they are planted within a single 2x2 square and that they are larger than normal. If you don't plant the four crops within a single square or they aren't larger than normal, they will never merge into a giant crop no matter how long you wait.

A Helping Hand

Any monster you tame can also be recruited to work on your farm if you like. Talk to them while they're in the barn and select the option "Assign field chores," then pick which section of the field you want them to work. Optionally, you can also pay the monster to sow seeds for you, but you cannot select what crops the monster will plant. Starting the next morning, the monster will work in their assigned section, removing debris from the field, watering, and harvesting mature crops. Branches, stumps, rocks, and boulders will be turned into Wood and Material Stone and placed in the material bin, while all grass and weeds will be placed in the Fertilizer Bin. Harvested crops will be placed in the shipping bin (or the fodder bin in the case of fodder grass) and can be collected by you later if you prefer not to sell them. Monsters who are working in the fields need more fodder per day and will gradually lose HP. If the monster's HP falls too low, it will stop working and rest until its health goes back up. Keep an eye on your monsters and either give them time off or heal them when their health starts to plummet.


  • Crops can be planted in any season, but grow faster when planted in a preferred season and more slowly if planted in a non-preferred season.
  • Speak to Arthur when he's in his office or examine the bookshelf to look at the Harvest Report. This will give you a heads-up on which crops will produce more or less crops than usual.
  • Growing yams and turning them into Baked Sweet Potatoes will be your best source of income early in the game. Later in the game, growing pineapples to make Pineapple Juice will make you millions of gold each day. But once you've shipped a Level 10 Golden Turnip, Cabbage, Pumpkin, Potato, and Emery Flower, you can buy them from the general store and flower shop to make Gold Juice for massive profit. Each Level 10 Gold Juice is worth 2.4 million gold, and shipping bin full of Level 10 Gold Juice is worth ~750,000,000 G.
  • When planting crops for soil experience, apple trees will give the most experience and can be harvested every day no matter what the soil's Grw. parameter is.
  • When planting for Rune Orbs and Runeys, Pineapples are your best choice even when not in season. With a 5.0x growth parameter they will regrow every day during Summer and every other day during other seasons. Remember that you will need to harvest them yourself; if you leave it up to your monsters, Rune Orbs and Runeys won't appear.

Main Walkthrough


When you start a new game, you will see the following two choices.

"I'm flyin' high, baby!" Male Protagonist

"Goodness, I'm so high up!" Female Protagonist

This choice will determine the gender of the protagonist. Watch the event scene and a group of soldiers will break out of the barrels, forcing you into combat.

Combat Tutorial
Basic combat is done by equipping a weapon to the tool slot. To quickly equip your weapon, hold the L Button and select the Sword. Pressing the L Button is also a quick way to access the inventory in the menu.

Now defeat the two soldiers and resume the game.

After the event scene, Volkanon (the butler) will demonstrate the basics of the game. When Volkanon brings you to your room, he will have you examine the diary beside the bed, used for saving your file. Close the save menu and then examine the bed to sleep.

The next morning, another butler named Clorica will wake you up. Eat the Apple Pie and take the north exit. Vishnal will teach you the basic of farming and provide you with a hoe, watering pot, and some Turnip seeds. Equip the Hoe and till the fields, then plant all of the seeds. You can sow four seeds at once if you hold the button and then release it. Use the watering pot at the well to fill it and then use it to water the seeds.

Speak to Ventuswill (the green dragon) and meet Arthur. After the conversation is done, go outside and examine the red mail box (Eliza).

Take the first request from Eliza, then go back to the Palace entrance (Dragon Room) and check the gold sign post on the right.

This is the Order Sign board, a new function added to the Rune Factory series. The "ORDER" command uses your nobility to expand and change the environment of Selphia Village. Now use the Order function to open the Cooking Contest festival. Each Order requires Prince/Princess Points (PP) to perform, gained from every basic action in the game. Now leave and examine the red mail box to claim your reward.

Note: You will unlock more ORDER options when you earn a higher title or improve the relationship between some of the villagers.

Leave the village and Forte will speak to you. Here you can adjust the difficulty setting from Easy to Hard. Select whichever difficulty setting you are most comfortable with. If you do not like the current the difficulty setting, you can change it by heading to the trophy room in your basement.

Note: Forte is the only character who will join your party no matter how low your Friendship/Love Points are, so bring her with you. Also keep in mind that all villagers will leave your party after 19:00, unless your friendship/love level is over 5.
Tips: New players to the Rune Factory franchise don't need to feel pressured or overwhelmed when starting a new game. There is no pace to keep up; you can play the game however you like.

Exit the village and head to right side of the field map, where you will find the entrance to a forest.

Monster ListDrops
WoolyFur(S), Clippers

Before you go to the next area, it is highly recommended you talk to all of the villagers living in Selphia Village. Not only will you build a stronger relationship between them, but you can also trigger Town Events. Town Events have a large influence on the game, as certain portions will require a special Town Event to trigger. They're also side stories for certain characters, and I highly recommend doing them. For those who seek to marry one of the characters, you must finish all Town Events relating to that character before the game will let you marry them.

Yokmir Forest

Wood Crate Items
Rod, Arrowhead, Bamboo Shoot, Rock, Medicine Herb, Orange, Apple, Turnip, Turnip Seed
Field Items
Blue Grass, Green Grass, Toyherb Flower, Mushroom, Recovery Potion, Wood Log
Monster ListDrops
OrcCheap Cloth, Stick, Cheap Bracelet
Orc ArcherArrow Head, Stick, Recovery Potion
AntInsect Carapace, Insect Jaw, Lumber, Branch
BeetleInsect Horn

A fairly straightforward dungeon, you can beat this area by reaching the northeast exit. In the third area, you will be trapped by a blue force field. For these kind of situations, you must defeat all the monsters within the room to remove the force field.

BossHPWeaknessResistTaming ItemItem Drop
Ambrosia720N/A????Ultra ToyherbAmbrosia Thorn, Toyherb Flower, Plant Stem
The first boss of the game can be a pushover. It starts with a larval form and after taking some damage, it will transform into a butterfly girl. In this form, Ambrosia will have a total of three unique attacks. She does a kick when you are close to her, a shockwave attack that hits you when you're within her radius, and a swarm of butterflies that slow you down. Each time she does an attack, she will pause for a split second; this is usually a sign to stay away from her. When she does her butterfly attack, you can easily avoid it by running to her side. (They are harmless, but will slow down your character speed if you're hit by them.) Once Ambrosia's HP reaches 30%, she will become enraged and start to attack faster.
Note: You can repeat boss fights once per day to obtain boss drops.

After defeating Ambrosia, go visit the clinic and speak to Jones and Nancy. Leave the clinic and then head to the palace to speak with Ventuswill. Go to bed and then on the next day, visit the clinic and speak to Amber (Ambrosia's human form), then watch the event. For the next event to trigger, you will need to wait a few days. The first event begins when the protagonist starts to hear noises during his/her sleep. Confront Ventuswill about the noises and watch the event. Wait another two days and go to the Dragon Room to see an event with Ventuswill. You will receive Venti's Charm. Leave the village and head south. Volkanon will break the block of trees that prevented you from going to the south area. Now head to the southeast area until you find the Water Ruins.

Note: From this point in the game, you can unlock Licenses by using ORDER. Licenses allow you to access functions such as crafting items and using the airship to instantly travel to far away locations. The first license available is the Chemistry set, which will let you craft your own medicine.
Monster ListDrops
WoolyFur(S), Clippers
Orc ArcherArrow Head, Stick, Recovery Potion
OrcCheap Cloth, Stick, Cheap Bracelet
Pomme PommeApple, Fried Apple, Apple Tree Seed

Water Ruins

Wood Crate Items
Potato Seed, Apple, Grape, Orange, Recovery Potion, Turnip, Curry Powder, Cheap Cloth, Blue Grass, Branch, Blade Fragment, Spore, Weed Grass
Field Items
Iron, Scrap Metal, Aquamarine, Water Crystal
Random Treasure Box
Water Pot, Water Laser, Grapes, Curry Powder, Blue Ribbon, Battle Axe, Mediparalyze, Mediseal, Recovery Potion.
Monster ListDrops
Goblin ArcherArrowhead, Old Bandage, Recovery Potion
GoblinBlade Shard, Old Bandage, Onigiri
Sky FishFish Fossil, Can
TortasTurtle Shell, Iron
WeagleBird's Feather, Branch
Monster BoxBroken Hilt
Water GateWater Crystal

As you enter the Water Ruins, Doug will show up and give you the Fire Ball Spell. You can equip Rune Ability and Magic on the X and Y button.

Now take the north exit to the next area, then travel to the east side to reach the next room. Keep moving right until you see an exit on the north. Take the north exit out. Cross through the other side by using the pillar on the right. Press the red switch, which will remove the red pillar on the center. Take the center path and exit out from the west. From here you can go north or south, and each path has a dead end with a yellow switch. Go press the yellow switch on the north and south path. This will create a bridge on the center. Go to the center exit to fight the next boss.

BossHPWeaknessResistTaming ItemItem Drop
Thunderbolt2420N/A????Royal CarrotLighting Mane, Fur
This boss has three phases. Thunderbolt usually creates a large field of lighting each time it moves. The lighting comes in the shape of a beam split into three directions. Once Thunderbolt has lost around 30% of its HP, Thunderbolt will go berserk and start throwing out attacks more quickly. Then after dealing a little more damage, Thunderbolt will drop dead and start to explode...only to revive itself an even more frantic state. The last phase can be difficult because Thunderbolt moves extremely fast and hits very hard. Just be careful and don't get trapped in a corner, or else it's game over.

Return to the town and visit the clinic, then head to the Dragon Room to speak to Ventuswill. Rest and go to the clinic the next day. Watch the event with Dylas (Thunderbolt's human form) and speak to him. After a few days, when you start to hear the villagers mentioning ghosts, head to the housing area of Selphia (the west side of town) to see a ghost-like figure is teleporting around the town. Now go to the east side of Town (Melody Street) to see another event. Next go the center of Airship Way to see a third event. After that, speak to the pink figure near the town exit, who will reveal herself as Pico. Speak to Pico, then leave the town and head west. Volkanon will create a bridge allowing you to travel to the west side of Selphia Plains.

Go west until you see a dark mansion.

Monster ListDrops
DuckBird's Feather, Yellow Down
FairyFairy Dust, Prelude to Love, Love Potion
Love GateLove Crystal
WeagleBird's Feather, Branch
Pomme PommeApple, Fried Apple, Apple Tree Seeds
ChipsqueekFur, Branch, Stick
AntInsect Carapace, Insect Jaw, Lumber, Branch
BeetleInsect Horn
Sky FishFish Fossil, Can

Obsidian Mansion

Author's Recommendation: The monsters in this dungeon are a lot stronger than those in the previous dungeon. I highly recommend you upgrade your gear before you enter this dungeon.

First examine the paintings around the room; each examinable spot is highlighted with a blue arrow. One of them contains a diary. Read the whole diary and then examine the painting on the northeast end. This should unlock the central door. Head to the next room, and from here onward the dungeon is pretty straightforward. If you find any door that is locked, you can unlock it by opening them from the other side. Beware of traps, though. The traps in Obsidian Mansion can instantly kill you with falling ceilings and dolls traps. Once you find the save point, you are one room away from the boss room.

BossHPWeaknessResistTaming ItemItem Drop
Marionetta3400LightDarkCake related ItemsCursed Doll, Puppetry String (Rare)
Marionetta likes to spam the screen with junk. They'll cover the screen and do a little bit of damage, but due to the large number of them they will hurt.

Once Marionetta has been defeated, you will find Dolce. Bring Dolce back to Ventuswill and watch the event scene. Chase the Chloe who stole your Dragon Amulet, and you will end up in Yokmir Forest. Keep following it and eventually you will fall off a cliff.

Yokmir Cave

This will be the first long dungeon you encounter. From now on, newer dungeons will be as big as this or even larger. The key to clearing these dungeons is to find checkpoints and make multiple trips to finish them.

Monster ListDrops
High OrcCheap Cloth, Stick, Glue, Bronze Bracelet
Orc HunterGunpowder, Arrow Head, Stick, Recovery Potion
HornetHoney, Insect Carapace, Pretty Carapace, Insect Jaw
Killer AntLumber, Insect Carapace, Pretty Carapace, Insect Jaw
Silver WolfQuality Fur, Wolf Fang

Keep on heading east until you find the stairs. Then continue on by going south, then west. Once you reach the west corner, go up and take the next set of stairs. The east side will be blocked by a yellow pillar, so continue on north and take the stairs to go down to the next floor. Keep going down until you see a yellow switch. Press it, and this should remove the yellow pillar we saw earlier. Go back to the area with the yellow pillar and continue on from that path. The path will split into three ways, so first take the north path and press the blue switch. Then go back to the previous area and take the east path. After that, keep heading south until you find a red switch. Press it and return back to the north area, where the red pillar should be removed. Keep continuing on the north path, and at end of the dungeon you will find the same Chloe again. Follow it and it will lead you outside of Yokmir Forest. Enter the boss room.

BossHPWeaknessResistTaming ItemItem Drop
Dead Tree3400FireN/AGreenifer+Apple, Apple Tree Seed
The Dead Tree is a returning boss from previous Rune Factory games. The boss is entirely stationary and only throws projectiles. If you want to fight it at a distance, you can use fire spells or equip a wand type weapon. Dead Tree is quite weak compared to the monsters in Yokmir Cave.

Defeat it and watch the event with Doug. If you have been exploring, you might have recall a blue orb object that you can't do anything with it. Now it's time for you to revisit those locations.

Note: Doug's FP/LP will no longer increase once it reaches Level 3. You have to complete the second segment of the game to raise his FP/LP higher than that.