Floating Empire Warp panels?

  1. Ok I am officially completely LOST. I did the east south and then got stuck in the west. I can't find the Golem. I defeated the other 2 on the south and east and pressed all the switches I could. I got way too lost in the west. Can some one please tell me Step by Step how to get the last part of the door open so I can whip the boss? Please.

    User Info: jrspal

    jrspal - 2 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. I can't give you a step by step myself (it's been a while since I actually ran around the Floating Empire) but I can give you something that will.


    As a rule, Zoelius' walkthrough is pretty spot on.
    I know this isn't what you asked for, exactly, but I hope it helps you!

    User Info: Korokas

    Korokas (Expert) - 2 years ago 0 0

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