Where can I find Golden Turnip seeds?

  1. have only two non repeatable requests and I need golden turnips to complete said requests. Where can i find or how can i unlock golden turnip seeds?

    User Info: CentaurFan

    CentaurFan - 6 years ago

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  1. I know that at least one of the quests requiring you to grow one gives you a golden turnip seed on initiation. The "deliver a Turnip Heaven" request definitely gives one, and after you complete it, you can buy more seeds from the general store.
    You can buy Gold Turnip Seeds from the salesman in front of the house at Maya Road Entrance, but his prices are high and you can only buy seeds after you buy the house there for (I believe) 168 million G.
    Gold turnips and Gold Turnip Seeds can randomly drop from chests (especially in Sharance Maze).
    I believe there is also another place to get one, but I can't remember where. The other gold seeds can be found in the far right (east) section of the Floating Fortress.

    User Info: Linizma

    Linizma - 6 years ago 4   3


  1. 1 - it is worth noting that you can get an unlimited supply of seeds from the turnip heaven quest (its either one every couple of days or when none in inventory/fridge until quest completed (already finished and don't want to start a new game just to test) and always quality level 1)

    2 - the house Lin is referring to is actually 198,000,000 gold

    3 - turnip ghost does drop but is insane rare at a guess probably 0.1% or so, not worth grinding for

    by far best to just finish the turnip heaven quest

    User Info: _why_why_why_

    _why_why_why_ - 6 years ago 2   2
  2. Arthur's quest:Give Arthur A Turnip Heaven will provide you with one. If you lose that one, you can take the quest up again after a few days and get another one. Do not ship it as the general store will not carry it until the quest if finished. If he isn't giving it...try doing some other quests, going to be on time and not accepting his quest for a full week and try to move to the next boss/event you are on.

    User Info: lightschampion

    lightschampion (Expert) - 5 years ago 0   0

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