Rune spheres?

  1. I have two of the four rune spheres and now I don't know where to go, Where do I go?

    User Info: Relius_Infinity

    Relius_Infinity - 7 years ago

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  1. After getting the second rune sphere, there will be an NPC that hangs around the Inn (Bath House) during the days on the lower floor. Talk to him and he should tell you a story about how he had it, but it was stolen by a monster who ran into the Delirium Lava Ruins.

    To get to the Delirium Lava Ruins from the Obsidian Mansion you have to go east, south, south, west. There will be a bridge here that will be repaired when you arrive taking you to the Autumn Road. Continue west, south, west, then north and you will arrive at the entrance.

    The Delirium Lava Ruins is a long dungeon consisting of 2 very large floors. You will likely not be able to do it in one game day. There are 2 checkpoints. One at the beginning of the second floor, one at the end before the boss. Defeat the boss to receive the rune sphere.

    The final rune sphere's location will be made obvious after you place the third. Just remember, there is more map to the west of the Obsidian Mansion.

    User Info: zippo342

    zippo342 - 7 years ago 8   2


  1. The very last two are in the delirium lava dungeon where you go to fall forest. To get to lava cave you go past haunted mansion and try to keep going down. It's sort in the middle. You'll get what I mean. And after lava caves you receive the last one from Doug. Another one is in on water runes which I'm guessing you already found. If you want more detail I already asked a question about this a long time ago.

    User Info: Rhazel100

    Rhazel100 - 7 years ago 3   1
  2. If you've defeated Dylas, then you'll need to open the way to Obsidian Mansion. If you wander around town you'll see a 'ghost' up by the airship, you'll have to run into that 'ghost' several places in town, in the correct order, to progress the story line.

    Up by the airship, then over by the general store, and over by forte's house I believe is the correct sequence, once you do go back to the town square and go through the front door to see Venti.

    User Info: makoneko

    makoneko - 7 years ago 1   18

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