Where can I find Shield Flowers and Sword Flowers?

  1. Kiel is asking for a Shield Flower, and Forte want a Sword Flower, I need to find out how to get them so I can get more seeds in the shop. I beat the first segment in the game, returned all 4 of the villagers. Where am I able to get them? ;~;

    User Info: FluffehJester

    FluffehJester - 7 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. You can find Shield Flowers and Sword Flowers in 2 way:
    1/ Defeat boss in Demon's Den(keep go to the left) and he'll give you a dungeon seed. Plant it. It'll become like a mini cave and you can go in to defeat the boss in that cave. He will drop Shield Flowers or Sword Flowers. And you can go in there many time.
    2/ Defeat bosses in Floating Empire.

    User Info: wilsonleoheart

    wilsonleoheart - 7 years ago 7   5

Other Answers

  1. In field dungeons by defeating the boss. :D There is a place in the summer area with a racoon that is called "Demon's Den". Defeat him and he will award you with the seed for planting the dungeon. Hope hat helps!

    User Info: HitTheGroundWal

    HitTheGroundWal - 7 years ago 5   10

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