What is the best strategy for getting a legendary pokemon?

  1. Like groundon or lugia and how long does it usually take to catch one of them?

    User Info: sponge56789

    sponge56789 - 7 years ago

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  1. The chance that you will eoncounter a legendary boss at the end of the area is 5%
    The best way is to get a speedy ++ Pokemon then run through the level. If the srping is shiny then carry on to find your leggie. If it is no shining then go back to the main world and gtry again until you find it.
    Alsl, be aware that several bosses have a chance of appearing in the same place so the chance is slighlty lowered

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  1. In all honesty you have a 5%chance no matter what so what i do is i got a speedy++ (realy fast ability) Ninjask (fast pokemon) with agility and just rocketed through to the yellow spring and if it sparkeled i fought if not return to town

    User Info: pikachuboy7

    pikachuboy7 - 7 years ago 1   0
  2. So i can only get legendary after i beat the game and play on legacy mode?

    User Info: acety2

    acety2 - 7 years ago 1   0
  3. like others have said use a speedy ++ pokemon to run through to the end and see if the boss pad is shiny, then I suggest switching to a powerful pokemon preferably with steady or epic,

    Don't bother with gutsy on legendary bosses as they are guaranteed drops if you can beat them. instead get something powerful that can take some heavy hits and go all out on it.

    Also you don't have to do legacy mode, and you'd probably end up with a lower powered legend if you did. With world rank 10 it is incredibly hard to beat the legendary bosses which you have to beat them to get them. for a full list on where to find pokemon go here


    There's five pages, and if you look at the legendaries some can be found in a level but aren't bosses such a mew found only in 4-3 Sunny Seashore Factory(After meeting 80 people), you'll want to use your best gutsy on such

    but others like say mewtwo are legendary bosses which are found in all of a specific type of level like in this case All Factorys(After Completion of Battle Royale EX-6) Legend bosses as I said before are guaranteed if you can beat them. but the legend bosses can often cause status effects that slow you down or put you to sleep ect. and that is why I suggest steady or epic.

    User Info: Storm_Skyflyer

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  4. If you beated the last level and you only need to get other pokemon to appear, for example
    i beated team ex 6 and royale ex6 then i only need to get mewtwo and arceus. i play in legacy mode with a speedy+ ninjask with agility, beat the boss anyway with 1 hit most of the time and eventually you will get a legendary

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  5. So far I only get a Reshiram

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  6. What pokemon are trying to befriend?

    User Info: pokejoo99

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  7. Legends but i cant get a speedy+ for my life

    User Info: acety2

    acety2 - 7 years ago 0   0
  8. Well, use gusty, gusty+ or gusty++ in StreetPass encounters or after main story encounters.
    SHINY pad requires VERY powerfull pokemon. It will take BLUE ability or turbo pokemon. Igained most of the pokemon via this skill (I got 2 ZEKROM. 1 blue ability 1 normal.)

    3DS Freind code - 1848 - 2511 - 8044
    ADD me if you wanna...

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  9. USE A GUSTY POKEMON! I makes things soooooo much easier.

    User Info: Ooman_Dude

    Ooman_Dude - 7 years ago 0   1

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