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FAQ/Walkthrough by dark52

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 07/05/15

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         ____   _   _  _   _  _   ___  ___   ____   ____  ____    ____
        /    \ | | | || | | || | /   ||   \ |    \ |  __||  _ \  /    \
       |      || | | || | | || ||    ||    || | | || |__ | | | ||      |
       |  ||  || |/ / | | | || || || || || || | | ||  __|| |_| ||  ||  |
       |  ||__||   /  | | | || ||    || || || | | || |   |     /|  ||__|
       |  |__  |   \  | |_| || || || || || || | | || |__ |  _  \|  |__
       |     \ | |\ \ |___  || ||_||_||_||_|| | | ||____|| | | ||     \
        \__   || | | | ___| || |___________ | |_| | _____| | | | \__   |
        __ |  ||_| |_||_____||_____________||____/ |_______| |_| __ |  |
       |  ||  |  _  _     _  _' _    _  _      _  _ ____   _  _ |  ||  |
       |  ||  | |_ |_||_||_|| ||_   |_|| \|  ||_ | | |   ||_||_ |  ||  |
       |      |  _||   _|| \|_| _|  | ||_/ \/ |___ | | |_|| \|_ |      |
        \____/                                                   \____/

              |   WALKTHROUGH   |
          |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-TABLE OF CONTENTS-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~|
          |  1 - Introduction.............................[010000]  |
          |      i - Controls.............................[010100]  |
          |     ii - Experience...........................[010200]  |
          |    iii - Upgrades.............................[010300]  |
          |     iv - Hats.................................[010400]  |
          |      v - Elemental Gates......................[010500]  |
          |     vi - Radiance Crystal.....................[010600]  |
          |    vii - Adventure Packs......................[010700]  |
          |  2 - Walkthrough..............................[020000]  |
          |      i - Brighthold Battlements...............[020100]  |
          |     ii - Rivenrock Caverns....................[020200]  |
          |    iii - Whitefall Summits....................[020300]  |
          |     iv - Faylair Jungle.......................[020400]  |
          |      v - Galecrack Ruins......................[020500]  |
          |     vi - Pirate Seas..........................[020600]  |
          |    vii - Empire of Ice........................[020700]  |
          |   viii - Darklight Crypt......................[020800]  |
          |     ix - Dragon's Peak........................[020900]  |
          |  3 - Collectables.............................[030000]  |
          |  4 - Frequently Asked Questions...............[040000]  |
          |  5 - Updates..................................[050000]  |
          |  6 - Contact..................................[060000]  |
          |  7 - Copyright................................[070000]  |
               |                                    |
               | Author: dark52                     |
               | Version: 2.0                       |
               | Updated: 19/07/12                  |
               | Website: http://www.darkspyro.net/ |
               | Email: dark52(at)darkspyro(dot)net |


Welcome to my complete Walkthrough to the Nintendo 3DS version of Skylanders:
Spyro's Adventure.

The walkthrough itself tries not assume you have any specific Skylanders and
will mention when you need a certain element or ability to complete a task.

 ,--------,                      ,----------,                       ,--------,
| [010100] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-|  Controls  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~| [010100] |
 '--------'                      '----------'                       '--------'

                 | ACTION                  | BUTTON          |
                 | Pause                   | Start/Select    |
                 | Move                    | Circle Pad/Dpad |
                 | Jump                    | B               |
                 | Primary Attack          | Y               |
                 | Secondary Attack        | X               |
                 | Sprint                  | A/L             |
                 | Use Magic Item          | R               |
                 | Switch/Revive Skylander | Touch Screen    |

 ,--------,                     ,------------,                      ,--------,
| [010200] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~|  Experience  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-| [010200] |
 '--------'                     '------------'                      '--------'

When you kill an enemy you gain a small amount of experience in the form of
small glowing dots. You also get bonus experience at the end of a level based
on how much radiance you've collected, whether you're matching the daily
elemental bonus (+25% for one element or +50% for both), and how much time you
had left on the clock.

 ,--------,                      ,----------,                       ,--------,
| [010300] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-|  Upgrades  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~| [010300] |
 '--------'                      '----------'                       '--------'

Upgrades are automatically given to your Skylander when it levels up. At the
end of a level the game will notify you that you've gained access to a new

 ,--------,                        ,------,                         ,--------,
| [010400] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-|  Hats  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~| [010400] |
 '--------'                        '------'                         '--------'

In each level you can find at least one hat, in the 3DS game these are purely
cosmetic items. You'll find them inside the presents that you can find in
specific locations.

Each system has a different exclusive hat that is not on the others.

    * 3DS has a Balloon Hat
    * Wii has a Happy Birthday Hat
    * PlayStation 3 has a Straw Hat
    * Xbox 360 has a Flower Hat
    * PC has a Bowler Hat

It does not appear to be possible to permanently unlock these hats
cross-platform but they will remain on your Skylanders if you go to a different
console with them equipped.

 ,--------,                   ,-----------------,                   ,--------,
| [010500] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~|  Elemental Gates  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~| [010500] |
 '--------'                   '-----------------'                   '--------'

In each exploration level you will find a pair of elemental gates, these are
entirely optional and by skipping them you do not hinder progress through the
story. To open an elemental gate simply stand on to it with a Skylander of the
corresponding element.

 ,--------,                  ,------------------,                   ,--------,
| [010600] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-|  Radiance Crystal  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~| [010600] |
 '--------'                  '------------------'                   '--------'

Each level has five goals, four of which are possible to do on your first time
through. Once you achieve one of the level's goals you gain a Crystal and
Hektore begins to chase you.

The tasks vary from level to level and include collecting radiance, collecting
several of a special item, killing a certain number of enemies, smashing
chests, completing the elemental challenges. You get a different set of tasks
in the smaller arena levels such as not being hit by a hazard and not eating
any food.

Once you've completed the first four challenges you unlock the fifth challenge
which is Hektore chasing you right from the start.

 ,--------,                   ,-----------------,                   ,--------,
| [010700] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~|  Adventure Packs  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~| [010700] |
 '--------'                   '-----------------'                   '--------'

The Adventure Packs come with a Skylander, a Location Piece and two Magic
Items. The Skylander is just the same as any of the other Skylanders.

The Location Piece when placed on the Portal of Power will unlock a brand new
pair of levels. An exploration level and an arena level. Unlike the consoles
this item has no further use.

The Magic Items do not unlock anything but instead temporarily provide your
Skylanders with something special. You can only have one Magic Item active at
any point

The main thing is to remember to actually use them. To load them into the game
simply put them on the Portal of Power and talk to Wendel as if you were
swapping out your Skylander. The Skylander that was active when you summoned
the item will be the one that can use it, if you want the other to be able to
use the same item then switch to that Skylander and summon the item again.

  | [010701]      Pirate Seas      [010701] |

The Pirate Ship unlocks Windjammer Bay and Pontoon Point. It has no further use
in the 3DS game.

The Hidden Treasure when activated will temporarily cause radiance to be
attracted towards you. It costs ten radiance to use and only lasts a short

The Ghost Swords make your Skylander's attacks stronger for a short time.

  | [010702]      Empire of Ice      [010702] |

The Empire of Ice unlocks Winterwatch Keep and Coldburn. It has no further use
in the 3DS game.

The Sky-Iron Shield will protect your Skylanders from damage.

The Anvil Rain will surround your Skylander with three anvils that knock back
enemies if touched.

  | [010703]      Darklight Crypt      [010703] |

The Darklight Crypt itself unlocks Wighthaunt and The Spectery. It has no
further use in the 3DS game.

The Healing Elixir will continue to heal your Skylander for twenty seconds.

The Time Twister will surround your Skylander with three hourglasses, if these
hit an enemy that enemy will freeze in place for a few seconds.

  | [010704]      Dragon's Peak      [010704] |

The Dragon's Peak unlocks the levels The Wingwarrens and The Pit. It has no
further use in the 3DS game.

The Winged Boots allows your Skylander to run without having to stop every few

Sparx the Dragonfly will hover around your Skylander occasionally shooting
nearby enemies.


Please note that the sections in boxes require a specific element Skylander,
and that you cannot complete the game to 100% without at least one of each of
the eight elements.

 ,--------,               ,------------------------,                ,--------,
| [020100] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~|  Brighthold Battlements  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-| [020100] |
 '--------'               '------------------------'                '--------'

  | [020101]      Towersight Fields      [020101] |

    * Propeller Cap
    * Birthday Hat
    * Ignitor Scroll

    * Collect Radiance Crystal
    * Gather Radiance
    * Bash Chests - 3
    * Elemental Challenges - Magic / Fire
    * Hektore's Challenge

After watching the initial cutscene you'll enter the first level, Brighthold
Battlements. Wendel will help summon one of your Skylanders right away so get
your Portal of Power ready and place any of your Skylanders on it. Any will do
at this point but Fire or Magic may be the better choices, once you've summoned
it you can turn the Portal off and put it to the side for a short while.

On your first go through the objective of the level is simply to get to the end
of it, there's no other tasks you need to complete. Anyway, walk forwards and
you immediately get given a choice in path, it's only a minor choice though and
you'll quickly end up at the same place whichever way you choose.

To attack the approaching little blue fella do as the game instructs via
floating symbol above its head, press the Y button to perform your Skylander's
primary attack. What this is varies from Skylander to Skylander but it does
damage which is all that really matters, you may need to be right next to it or
perhaps not for Skylanders with ranged attacks.

Go up the slope to the left after you've killed it, partway up to the left of
this left path is a tiny rotating green circular platform with a bit of
radiance on it, the larger radiance in the air is worth 5 compared to the
normal 1 value radiance. You'll need to master the jump button, B, to get there
as there's a tiny gap. Jump back and then follow the path round to the right
and over the lower path, jump over that gap to continue down the other side. On
the right on this downward slope is another small circular platform, this time
with a Present floating in the air instead of radiance, if you jump into the
Present you'll pick it up, to claim it and discover what's inside you have to
finish the level. For the sake of people searching for the item they're missing
I'll be mentioning exactly what each Present is as soon as you get it, in this
case you just picked up the "Birthday Hat".

Finish going down the slope to rejoin where the straight path was going and
meet up with a couple of Chompies sitting waiting for you. Kill them both with
your basic attack, it'll still be instructing you via floating button at this
point, and then double jump over the gap onto the next section. This means
pressing the jump button while still in the air from the first jump, keep
holding in the direction you're trying to go in and press B again before you
fall into the gap (luckily the game is nice and just respawns you next to the

The game now expects you to know how to fight as there are no more prompts over
the Chompies, kill the two along the ground level here and then jump up to the
higher, right side of the path. In the middle of the high up bit is a white and
gold chest, if you attack it a bit it'll break into pieces and reveal 10
radiance inside, useful for triggering a Radiance Rush.

If you have a Magic Skylander loaded you can jump down to the left off the high
side and then onto a circular pad with a Magic icon floating above it. This is
an area specifically locked to all but Magic Skylanders, inside you'll find a
short platforming section which if you can get to the end of you get a reward
of a Scroll for Ignitor.

Carry on forwards and jump over the two circular platforms to a larger green
platform with a fence along the left, there's a 5 radiance in the air that
you'll need to double jump if you want to reach. The game advises you to double
jump along the next series of platforms but a single jump is all that's really
necessary. Another split in the track.

There's a new enemy mixed in with the Chompies here, this guy is a Cyclops
Chopper, they run towards you and then start spinning. Try and keep away while
they're spinning, once it's done spinning it'll be dizzy and give you a chance
to attack safely.

If you are using a Fire Skylander take the left path up along a series of
alternating grey circles and green platforms to the top of a small castle
looking structure. On here is a pad with a Fire Icon floating above it, stand
on it to get whisked away to the Fire Challenge.

It's just a simple jumping task, after the second set of Chompies is a new type
of platform, this one rolls slowly which means that if you stay still you'll
fall off, so just keep moving forwards and to the opposite direction that it's
rolling in to stay on. There's a Present on the floor with a Propeller Cap
inside, grab it and head to the exit pad directly ahead.

If you jump down following the radiance floating in the air you'll find
yourself back on the main path, backtrack a short distance and you'll spot a
chest with 10 radiance inside. There's no need to go any further back than
that, the wooden obstacle can be smashed with your attacks easily.

If not then walk down the path straight ahead and smash your way through a
blockade to find a chest.

Jump over the platforms, including a rolling platform that you'll need to watch
out for, and pick up the Radiance Crystal that's sitting in the middle of the
path. This will trigger Hektore to start chasing you and the drawbridge to
lower (it'll already be lowered on subsequent playthroughs), since you have 4
minutes on this first chase you can take your time (but obviously not too
much). If you manage to run out of time you'll have to start the whole level
over and pick up any presents you hadn't yet fully claimed.

Walk over the drawbridge and kill the Chompies before approaching a pair of new
enemies, Cyclops Chuckers. These stand still and throw rocks and bombs at you,
the rocks are fairly inaccurate but the bombs you'll want to dodge. Jump down
the large hole following the path of radiance down through some boards that
you'll smash through, you can direct your fall but on this one it's not all
that necessary.

At the bottom are a couple more Chompies and another Chucker, jump up along the
platforms ahead and fight another Cyclops Chopper followed by a Chucker. There
is a path down to the left here but I'm fairly sure that's just meant for those
who fall off the next thing (although there is a fair bit of radiance down
there). Keep going straight and jump up onto a large column lying down, at the
end you'll get to a series of jumps along rolling platforms, jump down to the
left off the first and then to the right off that one.

Kill the Chopper and the Chucker standing around on the next proper bit of land
before jumping along another series of platforms and going inside a castle
section. On the floor is a chest to smash, it's surrounded by a few enemies.
Run along the ground ahead or jump up and kill a Chucker on some high platforms
to the left. Jump along the rotating stone platforms at the end and you'll see
a large tower collapse in order to give you a path to walk down.

The game will now instruct you on the basics of running, simply hold A to run
for a short time. Easy. Kill or ignore the Chuckers to the sides and then jump
to the large blue swirly thing that is in actual fact the exit to the level.

And when you finish the first level Wendel will insist on summoning a second
Skylander, there's no way around it. If you're aiming to immediately go back
into that first level then summon a Fire or Magic Skylander (assuming you
summoned a Fire or Magic Skylander for the first one, if you didn't then
replace your non-Fire/Magic Skylander with a Fire or Magic Skylander to have
both a Fire and a Magic Skylander in your team). If you don't want to go back
in and instead want to advance straight to the second level then I would
suggest a Life Skylander to summon.

If you do manage to get all five Crystals you'll unlock the second level hub,
Rivenrock Caverns, you can go do those if you want to but you may find them
easier with your Skylanders levelled up a bit. For the purposes of the
walkthrough making sense I'll be going through the levels chronologically but
as you gather more Crystals you'll open up more hubs and get more choice in
what to do next.

  | [020102]      The Proving Grounds      [020102] |

    * Trojan Helmet
    * Legendary Trigger Happy Scroll

    * Radiance Challenge
    * Avoid the Flames
    * Don't Eat Food
    * Elemental Match - Life
    * Hektore's Challenge

A completely different type of level is up next, instead of following a path
and getting to the other end, you're instead placed in a small arena to fight
waves of enemies until you have gathered enough radiance to leave. For these
types of levels I'll leave it up to you to work your way through but I will
describe the points at which you can find the Presents, they'll appear at a
specific point in the fight, float about for a short time and then disappear -
if you miss it you have to start the level over again to try and grab it the
next time. I'll also give some tips to help with the secondary tasks that
unlock on your second go through.

The Elemental Match task is available right on the first go, all you need to do
is have one of your Skylanders as the element stated. You don't even need to
use them in the level, just having them loaded into the game is enough. For
this first arena level the game wants you to have a Life Skylander.

Round One of the level is simple, just collect the radiance as it appears and
jump over the firey obstacle as it swings round. Round Two adds in some enemies
for you to fight, but still watch out for that fire beam. Partway through this
round a chest will appear (location seems random but timing seems specific),
shortly after at the right-hand side of the level a Present will float by
containing a Trojan Helmet. In the third round a timer will start for Hektore
to appear, just like in normal levels. After two more chests materialise the
second and final present with a Scroll for Legendary Trigger Happy will appear
floating to the left from the fire thing in the middle. And once you have the
required radiance a portal will open up and all the enemies left will die, jump
into the portal to finish up (you can still run out of time and lose).

The secondary tasks will open up now that you've gone through it once, the
Avoid the Flames one requires you to simply not get hit by the fire beam at all
during the three rounds. If you do get hit the game will cross it out and
you'll have to start over to try again (Pause and select Retry). Don't Eat Food
is pretty straightforward, just avoid smashing the barrels and you shouldn't
accidentally eat anything. Note that for some reason dying counts as eating
food (but the Healing Elixir from Darklight Crypt does not count against this

And as with the first level once you manage to gather the first four Crystals
you unlock "Hektore's Challenge", in the fight arenas you won't find many
clocks to boost your time but they give you plenty of it in the first place.

  | [020103]      Flooded Viaducts      [020103] |

    * Coonskin Cap
    * Rocket Hat
    * Cynder Scroll

    * Pop Balloons - 8
    * Squash Chompies - 15
    * Gather Radiance - 100
    * Elemental Challenges - Water / Life
    * Hektore's Challange

Jump forwards onto the round battlement and then forwards again onto a bit of
path, here you'll find a couple of blue Chompies to kill. These will count
towards your Squash Chompies target, you don't need to do anything special it's
just a fancy way of telling you to kill them. However it should be noted that
if they fall off the edge by themselves they do not count towards the total.

The next jump takes you onto a short viaduct with water running down it, if you
stand still it'll push you backwards off the edge, you can just walk up it
normally but the game advises you to run. Once you've jumped through the wall
of water at the far end you'll come across a pair of spinning platforms, these
don't wait around for you to jump on them or anything they just spin. You can
land on the thin edges as well as the more obvious flat sides so there's really
no need to wait around for them to align perfectly.

Over to the right side is the first of the Balloons you will be wanting to pop,
just jump into it to pop it. Kill the Cyclops Chopper and the Chucker beyond
before leaping onto a green platform. After that is another viaduct to run up
where you'll meet another Chucker and your third Chompy. Heading forwards
you'll spot a chest off to the left, useful for getting the radiance target but
unless it's specified in the challenge list they are entirely optional. There's
the second balloon just over the next gap, with a Cyclops Mammoth right next to

Smash through the barricade and then run along a waterway, this one's going to
try to push you off to the side instead of backwards so make sure to aim your
run towards the waterfall in order to stay on. After that there's another
Cyclops Chucker and a pair of Chompies to bring your total to five. As you go
through the archway there's a Chopper and a Chucker in the way, after them you
should be able to see the third balloon. The chest off to the left is a dead
end so double back and attack the two Choppers on the path, the water up ahead
will try to push you forwards but aim to the left side in order to pop the
fourth balloon - there's also another pair of Chompies. When you've got them
all follow the path of radiance off the side and down a fair distance.

Jump up the three spinning platforms all the way up to the fifth red balloon.
Kill the Chopper and jump to a pair of Chuckers, follow the path behind them
and to the left of the water you'll see a Water Challenge.

As you jump along the rotating platforms you can make a choice, either jump off
to the right for some radiance and a couple of Chuckers or just keep on going.
If you jump off just jump back on when you're done. At the top is another
Chucker and a pair of Chompies which will bring you to 9. All that remains is
to jump over the spinning platforms and claim your Coonskin Cap.

Jump back and then along the watery path, moving to the right to avoid being
pushed off. Kill the Chucker and jump down to a couple of Chompies (11). Number
tweleve is just up the teeny tiny waterfall next to a Chopper. Go through the
arch and kill the final three Chompies for your Radiance Crystal. There's a
couple more of them ahead if you didn't go in the Water Challenge. Smash
through the barricade and jump over the rotating platform, on a battlement to
the right is balloon number 6.

Ahead now there's a split in the path. One way is useful, the other not so
much. Kill the Mammoth and then take the path to the right only a short
distance, you should spot the Present with the Rocket Hat inside on the floor
immediately. Track back that tiny distance and go instead left along a viaduct
- at the end of it you'll get balloon seven. Careful though as it is pointed
away so you'll speed off the end if you're not paying attention. Jump to the
Life Challenge.

Here all you need to do is follow the platforms along to the other end, don't
hang about too long on each one though as they spin onto their sides after a
few seconds. The last jump is the trickiest but you should be able to make it
if you run and jump. Your reward is a Scroll for Cynder.

Continue forwards and up some steps with a few Chompies on and then cross a set
of spinning platforms to the eighth and final balloon as well as the end

  | [020104]      Radiant Fountain      [020104] |

    * Pan Hat
    * Legendary Bash Scroll

    * Radiance Challenge
    * Don't Collect Clocks
    * Don't Eat Food
    * Elemental Match - Earth
    * Hektore's Challenge

This arena level has a feature where if you stand on the central glowing circle
it will start throwing out radiance, this will continue until an enemy gets
close to it. You don't need to stand on it the entire time but once an enemy
gets near you'll need to start it up again if you want to get done within the
various time limits.

Towards the end of Round 1 a Present with the Pan Hat inside will float about
on the northern edge of the grey circle. And early on in Round 2 the second
Present, containing a Scroll for Legendary Bash, will appear on the left side.

Don't Collect Clocks is simple as long as you keep the fountain active. And
Don't Eat Food is exactly the same as before - just don't die (or eat food).

  | [020105]      Dreamgardens      [020105] |

    * Combat Hat
    * Bash Scroll
    * Camo Scroll

    * Rescue Beaufort!
    * Bash Chests - 3
    * Defeat Heavy Beasts - 3
    * Elemental Challenge - Air / Magic
    * Hektore's Challenge

The fifth level in a hub has a special task requiring you to rescue a Seeker,
they'll be trapped in a cage somewhere in the level but to open that cage you
must first find the key.

Jump over the gap and follow the path as it curves down to the left, ignore the
line of platforms straight ahead from the start. At the bottom of the slope are
some platforms to cross, these will take you to an island with some Chompies
and a Cyclops Chucker on it, as well as the first Chest out of the three you're
looking for. Smash the rocks on the jump pad and use it, this will take you a
little further than is ideal so backtrack a short distance over a few solid
platforms to an Air Challenge platform.

The challenge is pretty easy, just make sure to pick up the Present with the
Scroll for Camo inside.

There's no need to backtrack any further so make your way back to where the pad
landed you and continue forwards over the stone bridge, you should see the
first of the Heavy Beasts (aka Cyclops Mammoth), stand back when it rears up
and you should be fine. Use the platforms at the end to get to another piece of
land with a few more enemies on, then off again onto some more small platforms.
The next set of them has a Present in the middle of a trio of spinning
platforms, the Present contains a Scroll for Bash.

The key in this level is not particularly hidden or out of the way, you should
see it ahead at a place where there's a split. This will trigger Hektore to
arrive and start chasing you even though you don't have a Crystal. If you go up
the platforms on the right side of the split you'll reach the second Chest. It
would probably be easier to ignore the jump pad and instead just drop off down
to the area below, you'll find the second Beast right there. If you did use the
pad then backtrack to the Beast before going forwards.

Switch to your Magic Skylander to enter the Magic Challenge on the left side of
the path. As usual it's a short platforming section with a load of rotating and
spinning platforms between you and the Present Combat Hat.

Carry on forwards over the hump and down to another stone bridge platform, at
the end of that it's up some more tiny platforms all the way to a sheep filled
platform with a jump pad on it. You'll be flung forwards and should now see the
final steps in several of your tasks. Backwards on a small platform is the
third and final Chest, right ahead is the third and final Beast and ahead to
the right is Beaufort's cage which you should be able to open with the key you
picked up earlier. He'll teleport out of there as you get close.

Smash through the barricade and make your way to the end of the level to claim
your Crystals.

Freeing a Seeker will activate a section of the Shattering Sigil, your overall
target in the story is to activate all of the sections of the Shattering Sigil
so that you can defeat Hektore.

 ,--------,                  ,-------------------,                  ,--------,
| [020200] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-|  Rivenrock Caverns  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-| [020200] |
 '--------'                  '-------------------'                  '--------'

The Rivenrock Caverns require 5 Radiant Crystals to be collected and is located
to the left of the central area.

  | [020201]      Ashburrow      [020201] |

    * Anvil Hat
    * Eruptor Scroll
    * Stealth Elf Scroll

    * Smash Orange Crystals - 8
    * Mash Troll Diggers - 4
    * Bash Chests - 3
    * Elemental Challenge - Earth / Fire
    * Hektore's Challange

Pass through the small mining village and you'll meet the first enemies of the
level. There's a Troll Greasemonkey, a Blaster Troll and a couple of Troll
Dogs. The Troll Dogs are just like the Chompies from the first set of levels,
they die in one hit. The Greasemonkey runs up next to you and swings his wrench
down over his head, this is the type of enemy that counts towards the Mash
Troll Diggers challenge. The Blaster Troll is the one that stands still firing
his gun wildly at you - he'll back away if you get close.

Moving forwards, as you approach the edge you'll see a couple of large crystal
rocks slam down from above to form handy platforms for you to use. Jump over
them and on the other side you'll see the first of the Orange Crystals, hit it
a few times to smash it. The second of the Diggers will run up to you here too.
Up next to the Earth Challenge is another of them Blaster Trolls.

This challenge is made up of crumbly platforms that don't appear until you are
one jump away from them and a solid platform with mine carts whizzing across.
After the first mine cart platform you'll jump onto some wooden swings that
smash into the wall very shortly, so quickly jump off onto another of those
crumbly falling platforms. At the end of it all you'll find Stealth Elf's

Continue down the path past a couple of Troll Dogs to where there is a
procession of wooden swings going by, if you jump on the nearest set and wait
for it to take you far to the right before jumping onto the next line, you'll
be able to jump to a platform off to the right where you'll find the first of
the Chests you need to Bash. A couple of large crystals will give you a path
off it, go up them and you'll see the second Orange Crystal to smash. At the
top of the drop you'll see the third Greasemonkey to kill - there's nothing
further to backtrack to.

Drop down and try to smash into the Orange Crystals on the sides, there are
three in there but it doesn't really matter too much if you miss them. There's
also a Present Anvil Hat partway down on the south-west edge, if you want that
then I'd suggest hanging about there the entire drop - it should be just after
the second blade.

At the bottom is the third Orange Crystal (I'll ignore the ones in the drop),
jump off to the right ahead where a few crystals drop into place. You'll find a
couple of Greasemonkeys here that should finish off your challenge and trigger
Hektore's countdown.

Jump up onto the ledge on the right of those Greasemonkeys and use the crystals
that fall down to reach the Fire Challenge. This one is similar to the Earth
Challenge before, platforms that tilt over and carts that smash into you. The
Present in here has Eruptor's Scroll inside.

Once you're out of there head forwards onto some moving wooden swings that'll
take you to the left, you don't really skip anything useful so just jump off
and move forwards when you reach the static land. There's another Orange
Crystal on the right, once you've got that go left and smash a large blue
crystal inbetween the tracks, hiding there is the second Chest. Follow this all
along until you get to another Blaster Troll, behind him is a set of platforms
to jump up - there's an Orange Crystal on these.

After the wooden swings (these have no secret destination) you'll encounter a
new enemy, the Trollverine. These are big enemies like the Cyclops Mammoths but
attack a bit more often. Down the drop ahead you'll be able to try to smash
another four Orange Crystals if you need them. After the drop there's another
pair of Greasemonkeys and on the right you'll find the third and final Chest
hiding behind another large blue crystal. Another Orange Crystal sits ahead for
you if you still don't have the task complete.

Jump onto the wooden swings and let them take you towards the mine cart
platform, jumping off before it smashes to pieces against it of course.
Avoiding the carts jump onto another swing on the other side and let that one
take you up to the final platform with the exit portal.

  | [020202]      Magma Bank Island      [020202] |

    * Plunger Head
    * Dino-Rang

    * Radiance Challenge
    * Avoid the Lava
    * Don't Eat Food
    * Elemental Match - Fire
    * Hektore's Challenge

This arena's unique selling point is the lava that rises up at various points
during the fight (starting in Round 2), you can stay out of it by standing on
any of the three slightly raised sections - they just happen to be where the
three spawning points are too. Also watch out for the white circles that
signify an incoming ball of molten rock.

You'll find the Plunger Head Present during Round 2, right towards the end of
it. And Dino-Rang's Scroll appears in Round 3, right near the start.

To complete the Avoid the Lava challenge you obviously have to stay out of the
lava, this really just requires you to pay attention to when it appears. It'll
appear for sure at the start of Round 2 and 3 and will rise and fall during,
often it'll mean you can't avoid being hit by an enemy but don't be too worried
about that.

  | [020203]      Cinderstream Pass      [020203] |

    * Beret
    * Cowboy Hat
    * Legendary Spyro

    * Blast Dynamite - 12
    * Declaw Claw Trolls - 3
    * Gather Radiance - 120
    * Elemental Challenges - Undead / Tech
    * Hektore's Challenge

Walk forwards and jump up to the troll on the ledge above the blue crystal.
Once you've killed it step towards the barrel behind the blue crystal up there,
quickly walk away again and it should explode safely. That's the first of the
12 for the challenge. If you have a long range attack you can just attack them
from a distance instead.

Jump down off the ledge to the right and as you get to the next enemy you'll
find a second dynamite barrel on the right, with a third a bit further along at
the end. Jump over the crystal that fell down ahead and you'll reach the Undead
Challenge. Here you'll want to jump on the wooden swings at the point where
they first appear to give you a chance of reaching the next platform. There are
four dynamite barrels on one of the platforms. The Present is a Beret.

Moving on along the right path past the challenge portal you'll come to a set
of swings, the first one'll smash quite quickly but the second lasts a while -
you'll probably want to jump off it right away but it can take you a bit
further. On the next bit of solid land are some more enemies and a couple more
dynamite barrels - plus a chest. Jump onto the mine cart track and detonate
another dynamite. Go to the left and up the crystals to another bit of land. Up
on the ledge to the right is yet another dynamite barrel as well as another

Jumping down to the left you'll encounted a Trollverine, this is the Claw Troll
of the challenge. "Declawing" it really just means killing it. Smash through
the blue crystals to reach a jump pad. Jump onto the mine cart track and go
left where you'll find potentially the twelth and final dynamite barrel. Go
back to the middle and move on forwards, down to a large platform with twin
mine cart tracks and the second Trollverine to kill. Beyond a few Blaster
Trolls to the left you'll find a Present hiding behind a dynamite barrel, grab
it to gain your Legendary Spyro Scroll. Follow the radiance off to some swings,
from the platform they take you to you have two directions to go in, take the
swings on the right (try not to fall off) to get to the Tech Challenge. Again
you're going to need to predict where the platforms will appear to get enough
time to reach them. Reward is a Cowboy Hat.

From the Tech portal jump left onto the swings and then from the platform they
drop you off on carry on along the appearing crystals until you reach solid
land and the third Trollverine to declaw. Beyond him is the level's third chest
and a series of falling crystals that'll take you to a wooden platform from
which you can jump to the exit portal.

  | [020204]      Luminous Quarry      [020204] |

    * Crown of Light
    * Sonic Boom

    * Radiance Challenge
    * Don't Collect Clocks
    * Don't Eat Food
    * Elemental Match - Tech
    * Hektore's Challenge

Luminous Quarry has a Radiance Fountain so don't forget to keep turning it back

Sonic Boom Scroll is found in Round 2, near the start on the left side. The
Crown of Light is in Round 3, also near the start at the bottom edge.

For Don't Collect Clocks just remember to keep the fountain active.

  | [020205]      Lava Flow Grotto      [020205] |

    * Miner Hat
    * Fez
    * Dark Spyro

    * Rescue Tizwig!
    * Gather Radiance - 130
    * Collect Duckies - 5
    * Elemental Challenges - Life / Earth
    * Hektore's Challenge

Go up the slope past a few enemies and step onto the wooden bridge, it'll
collapse as you do so but let it make you fall (or first smash the chest on the
other side and then jump down). Below the bridge is the first of the Duckies
you need to collect, jump towards the platform out in the lava with an enemy on
it. From there use the two rising and sinking platforms to get back up to the

From there you'll reach the Life Challenge portal. This one's filled with a
load of those platforms that rise and fall, just try to make sure you're not
jumping on them as they're going back down. Reward is a Fez.

Continue down the wooden path to a small lava pool with a couple of platforms
in it, these will sink down if you stay too long so quickly jump to the
procession of similar platforms ahead, it doesn't matter which one. From there
jump to solid land. Rubber Duckie number 2 is found across a crumbling bridge
to the right, make sure to cross it quickly as this one just has lava
underneath. There's a chest and a portal to take you back.

Go forwards up the rising and falling platforms to get onto a set of swings. If
you smash through the crystals on the other side you'll be able to reach the
Earth Challenge portal. Slightly different from the Life task here you will
need to cross platforms that quickly sink back into the lava, if you find
yourself on a procession too far from the target then try jumping backwards and
then forwards again when the previous one reappears. The Present is a Miner

Step back and take the left path at the crystals, at the end behind some more
crystals is a Present with Dark Spyro's Scroll inside. Go back to the Earth
Challenge portal and from there jump onto a tilting platform, then a solid one.
To your right now you should be able to see the Key, jump to it to collect
before jumping back and then down to the wooden section ahead. Past a few more
enemies and you'll get to a large open lava lake, the third Duckie is situated
midway through but the sinking platforms may make it tricky to reach without
falling into the lava to get it.

Kill the Trollverine and cross the rickety bridge to reach another wide open
lava lake. Wait for the three platforms to rise up in sync before jumping up
them and crossing the lake, making sure to jump into the fourth Duckie floating
in the air. The path now splits, go right. Jump up and then down to some
tracks, follow them along and you'll find Tizwig's cage. Smash the chest and
then turn around and go back to the split in the path. Down that path you'll
find a load more enemies but crucially the fifth and final Duckie on a pair of
rising and falling platforms. From there it's a simple set of platform jumps to
the end.

That's another piece of the Shattering Sigil activated.

 ,--------,                  ,-------------------,                  ,--------,
| [020300] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-|  Whitefall Summits  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-| [020300] |
 '--------'                  '-------------------'                  '--------'

  | [020301]      Snowblind Hills      [020301] |

    * Rocker Hair
    * Eye Hat
    * Hex

    * Destroy Snowmen - 4
    * Defeat Yeti - 4
    * Bash Chests - 3
    * Elemental Challenges - Water/Air
    * Hektore's Challenge

The first of the Snowmen is just ahead on the left, attack it a few times to
destroy it. The next platform is a cool icy blue colour, mostly because it's
frozen water that is very slippery. You can bypass it via platforms in the air
to the left if you like. Jump towards the section with the rolling large
snowballs, you'll want to go up their path, just jump over them as they get
near. At the top is a Chompie and then you get to a large ice field, this one
has cracks in it though so be a bit more careful - you should be able to see
the circular sections that collapse after standing on them.

On the far end on the right side of the ice field are some icicles to smash
through behind which you'll find the first of the three Chests. Once you've
done that head left and jump up onto a platform in the air. Keep on going up
until you reach the second Snowman. Walk up the large blue ice pillar and jump
through an odd rotating circle of ice to the other end of the broken pillar. On
this platform there's another smaller pillar going off to the right, walk up it
and jump to find the Present with your Eye Hat inside.

You can ignore the slippery bit and just jump straight down from there towards
another large ice field with cracks in it. There's not much here so just make
your way to the opposite end past some more icicles, jump up onto a platform
and then up again onto a larger one with a blue path going down the middle of
it. On the right side you'll find the third Snowman. Kill the enemies and then
smash through the icicles, jump over to the next platform and smash the second
Chest (trying to avoid the snowballs of course). Go up the slope, kill the
enemies throwing the snowballs and then enter the Water Challenge on the right.

This challenge has loads of ice platforms that crumble shortly after setting
foot on them, just keep going. There's a couple of large slippery platforms
partway through, they'll tilt too so try not to get it off balance - jumping
tends to help. Take the Rocker Hair and leave.

Smash the rocks covering the jump pad and then jump onto the next platform
where you'll see the first of the "Yeti" enemies that you are going to want to
kill. His attacks consist of forming a block of ice above your head to smash
down on you, then he'll walk up to you and pummel the ground. Right next to him
is the final Snowman. Smash through the large icicles and clear the jump pad.

The blue water here is not ice, don't venture into it. Instead use those
crumbling platforms above it to cross over, there's a pair of Yetis to kill
over there (and another Snowman if you're still missing one). Smash through the
icicles and jump up a crumbling platform to an ice pillar, inbetween it and the
other end is a large tilting ice platform. There's also a sixth Snowman down
here, perhaps you're still looking, otherwise just go into the Air Challenge.

This is a lot like the Water Challenge, just tilting ice sheets and crumbling
platforms. Reward is Hex's Scroll.

The fourth Yeti is next up, jump over to it and then smash through the icicles
behind. Cross over the first bit of water, behind some icicles next to the
enemy is the third and final Chest. Keep on going across the next lake to
finish the level.

  | [020302]      Frostsedge      [020302] |

    * Lil Devil
    * Prism Break

    * Radiance Challenge
    * Avoid the Cacti
    * Don't Eat Food
    * Elemental Match - Undead
    * Hektore's Challenge

Frostsedge is a partly slippery field of ice with cacti dotted around, the
crackable circles won't start cracking until round 2. The blue bits are slippy
while the white bits are normal ground, if you're flailing around all over the
place try and aim for those white sections.

The Lil Devil hat is found during Round 2 on the right side. Prism Break's
Scroll meanwhile is in Round 3 on the north side.

For the Avoid the Cacti challenge you'll want to be very careful when gathering
up radiance, try to watch where the white sections are and to just ignore
anything too close to a cactus.

  | [020303]      Glacial Slopes      [020303] |

    * Viking Helmet
    * Gill Grunt
    * Flameslinger

    * Tilt Topplers - 4
    * Find Snowglobes - 4
    * Gather Radiance - 100
    * Elemental Challenges - Tech/Magic
    * Hektore's Challenge

You start out on a large slippery slope that'll speed you down onto a field of
ice, cross over it and smash through the icicles at the far end. Jump onto the
slanted platform and straight across to a curved platform. Jump up to the left
onto a small platform before jumping up again to find the first Snowglobe next
to the green and yellow crystal outcrops. Jump down and into the Tech

That large slippery platform ahead that tilts is indeed the Toppler from the
challenge list, to get it to register a "tilt" you must make it tilt all the
way to an extreme - you'll be able to survive by jumping up it a few times.
After the second Toppler you just need to jump up some crumbling platforms to
reach the Present of a Viking Helmet and the exit.

Continue along the path and onto a pair of Topplers, tilt them and you'll have
finished the challenge already. From the first one if you jump to the sloped
platform on the left instead you can pick up a Present with Flameslinger's
Scroll inside. After that second Toppler kill the enemies and smash through the
icicles behind them. There's nothing much of note until the Magic Challenge
further on. This one's entirely crumbling platforms so just keep jumping
forwards onto the next one until you get to Gill Grunt's Scroll.

To carry on you must first smash the snow from the base of the large rock
blocking your way, once that's done it'll turn into a bridge for you. A bridge
to a slippery slope filled with cacti. At the end jump over the last wall of
cacti and then onto a slope winding upwards. Just before the enemies and the
Chest there is a small icy platform on the left that has the second Snowglobe
on it. After that jump back onto the path and up to another pair of Topplers
(just in case you couldn't do the Tech Challenge).

Kill the enemies and then jump up the series of crumbling platforms, there
you'll find a Yeti to kill and a rock to dislodge from some snow. Cross that
bridge onto an ice field - over on the right is an enemy on a ledge with the
third Snowglobe next to him. And over to the far left is the fourth and final
Snowglobe just sitting on the ice at the edge. Proceed forwards and jump down
the slope down to a large solid ice field. Kill or avoid the enemies before
smashing the rubble blocking the jump pad on the far side. Take that jump pad
right the way to the exit.

  | [020304]      Icelight      [020304] |

    * Spy Gear
    * Zap

    * Radiance Challenge
    * Don't Collect Clocks
    * Don't Eat Food
    * Elemental Match - Air
    * Hektore's Challenge

Another radiance fountain arena, make sure to keep it switched on.

At about the end of Round 1 the Present with Zap's Scroll inside will appear
towards the northern edge. The Spy Gear is found in Round 2, it's at the start
towards the northern edge just like the other Present was.

  | [020305]      Aurora Peak      [020305] |

    * Tropical Turban
    * Wrecking Ball
    * Zook

    * Rescue Esmerelle!
    * Frost Chompies - 10
    * Collect Teddies - 4
    * Elemental Challenges - Undead/Fire
    * Hektore's Challenge

Jump onto the sloped platform and then down onto the ice below, the first three
of your tasked 10 Chompies are there waiting to be killed. To the right is a
wall of icicles behind which you can find a Present with Zook's Scroll inside.
Continue across the vast ice field past a Yeti to another wall of icicles on
the far left, behind those is the first of the four Teddies. Kill the two
enemies standing next to a blocked up jump pad then unblock the pad and jump.

Kill the enemies (including some Chompies) and step into the Undead Challenge.
Just a simple set of crumbling platforms. Present is Wrecking Ball's Scroll.
Take the left path and cross over the topplers to a Yeti and a Chest. Beyond
them is a rock held up by snow at its base, attack that to knock it over. Kill
the Chompy that's throwing the snowballs and then jump up onto a small sloped
platform before jumping to a solid one behind it with the Key on. Grab that key
before jumping onto the second sloped platform and down to solid ground.

Go up the slope trying to avoid the incoming rocks, smash through the icicles
to get to your second Teddy Bear, jump up the crumbling platforms and kill a
few more enemies - including another Chompy. There are two paths ahead, one
deviates to a Chest, the other to a Yeti, before joining back up. Either way
follow the sloped platforms up to another couple of Chompies and the Fire
Challenge. The topplers in here are just normal, run straight and you shouldn't
have much trouble. The Present is the Tropical Turban.

The third Teddy is found out on the ice, go left and you'll find it on a
cracking circle near the water's edge. Cross that water using the floating
circles and make your way down a slope with snowballs, kill the Chompy at the
end. Jump along to the next part and kill the enemies there, smash through the
icicles on the right to get to Esmerelle's cage in order to free her. After
that go left and knock over the rock. Go left on the toppler to reach a large
ice field. This has loads of Yetis, some more Chompies in case you haven't
reached 10 yet, a chest and a jump pad. Don't use the jump pad though, instead
jump onto the sloped platforms behind it and manually make your way to the exit
- you'll find two more Teddies on the way (if you do use it, just back-track a
short distance).

 ,--------,                   ,----------------,                    ,--------,
| [020400] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~|  Faylair Jungle  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-| [020400] |
 '--------'                   '----------------'                    '--------'

  | [020401]      Leaflook Village      [020401] |

    * Wabbit Ears
    * Jester Hat
    * Whirlwind

    * Repel Raiders - 40
    * Bash Chests - 3
    * Find Idols - 15
    * Elemental Challenge - Life/Earth
    * Hektore's Challenge

The Repel Raiders challenge just wants you to kill enemies, any enemies will
do. Like these scarabs ahead. You need to kill a fairly hefty 40 enemies in
total, but there are plenty in the level so there's not much worry there.
Before the jump to the Blade Witch you can grab the first of fifteen Idols,
it's on the right side at the end behind the junk.

Jump over and kill that Witch then jump onto the pink plant that acts like a
trampoline. There's a few more scarabs up top as well as an exploding plant -
don't stand too close. Jump up the wooden platforms (they collapse) to a Drow
Spearman (watch out for his landing) and the Life Challenge portal. Beyond the
first swinging log you don't need to pay any attention to them as the bounce
plants will send you well above them. Simple bounce forwards, kill a couple of
Blade Witches and then bounce to the Present at the end, Whirlwind's Scroll

Jump to the Witch and then run past the swinging log to another Witch and her
Spearman. The Witch is standing right next to the next Idol. Advance past
another log, some more enemies and then round the corner to a blockade. Kill
the enemies there and grab the Idol before smashing through the fence to get to
a bounce plant. To the right of where you bounce to is another Idol for your

Go left up the wooden platforms and then left onto another solid platform in
the side of a tree. Slightly left is another Idol that you will want to grab
before heading in the more obvious forwards direction up a bounce plant. Up
there is a new enemy the Goliath Drow - this set of levels' big enemy. Behind
some junk to the right of the Goliath is an Idol, once you've got that move
forwards to the Blade Witch and through a fence. Smash the rocks clear of the
jump pad.

Walk forwards past the swinging log to another Goliath, an Idol and a choice
between three different paths. The one to the right is a short dead-end with an
Idol. Straight on past a couple of Blade Witches will take you to the level's
free roaming Present - Wabbit Ears. Instead of using the bounce plant turn
around and go back to the path choice, go left now.

At the Drow Spearman you should see the Earth Challenge portal off to the side,
jump over to it - you should be able to make the jump. Inside is a path of
bounce plants, depending on how fast your Skylander is you'll probably end up
bouncing short if you just go with one bounce per plant, so make yourself
bounce a second time closer to the far edge than before. Reward for doing this
is the Jester Hat.

After that bounce up the bounce plant outside and run along the platforms to
the first Chest. Once you have that jump up onto the jump pad to get taken over
to a platform above the second Chest. Jump down and smash it as well as a
couple of Witches - there's another Idol behind some barrels at the bottom.
Smash through the fence to get to a couple of logs swinging before another
Goliath and a couple of Spearmen. Behind the stuff to the left is yet another
Idol, and next to the bounce plant on the next platform is another Idol too.

Kill the Spearmen up to before jumping down the line of radiance pretty much
onto an Idol. Kill the Spearman and then jump towards the Witch on the
tree-side. To your left is an Idol behind the weapons, to the right is the path
onwards. After the wooden platforms jump to the right onto another platform
sticking out of a tree - again step slightly back towards the camera to find an
Idol. The next platform is home to the third and final Chest (and a couple of
Spearmen). Jump to the Witch and collect the very last Idol. Now all that
remains is to jump along the collapsing wooden platforms to the exit portal.

  | [020402]      Breakmarsh      [020402] |

    * Voodood
    * Lightning Rod

    * Radiance Challenge
    * Avoid the Water
    * Don't Eat Food
    * Elemental Match - Water
    * Hektore's Challenge

Breakmarsh is a set of nine platforms that collapse shortly after stepping onto
them, this means that you need to move to a new section every few seconds and
remember not to jump back onto one you recently got off. From Round 2 onwards
the entire arena will begin to rotate as well - just to confuse you. And in
Round 3 the sections will separate so you'll need to jump more carefully.

Early on in Round 2 you'll see Voodood's Scroll. Lightning Rod's Scroll appears
in Round 3 also early on.

Avoid the Water simply means that you should not fall into the water - which
means being careful to not jump onto a platform that's about to vanish.

  | [020403]      Daystar Temple      [020403] |

    * Bone Head
    * Unicorn Hat
    * Drobot

    * Sheepified - 5
    * Gather Radiance - 130
    * Conquer Conquerors - 3
    * Elemental Challenges - Undead/Magic
    * Hektore's Challenge

Proceed forwards and kill a couple of Drow Spearmen that are along the path,
after the fallen over tree is a pair of circular platforms held up by rope.
These act like scales so standing on one will make it go down and the other go
up - it's a slow change so you'll probably not even notice (although it may be
useful to you later on).

Over the other side is a Blade Witch, a Chest, and the Undead Challenge portal.
There are bounce pads, a couple of enemies, some scale platforms and a swinging
log inside. Your reward is the Unicorn Hat.

Smash through the fence and run past the first swinging log - there you'll see
a blackened sheep statue - if you attack it you'll be turned into a sheep for a
short while - that's the first of the five Sheepified. You can't attack as a
sheep so wait here for a moment until you return to normal, once you have done
you'll want to attack the enemies ahead. The Goliath Drow is the one for the
Conquer Conquerors challenge so try not to skip him.

Jump along the platforms and then onto the bounce plants to take you up to a
spot running along a wall with saws coming out of the ground. Jump over the
first one and smash the Sheep statue. Jump the gap between the next two and
round the corner, up the steps (they don't fully retract so there's no real
danger here), past a column that pushes out into the path, and down.

Make sure to go backwards to the sheep statue underneath where you just came
from. As you go past the column here watch out for the dart being shot from the
wall. The second Conqueror is here. Smash through the fence to reveal three
platforms that'll lead you to the Magic Challenge, in here you may need to rely
on jumping from the falling platforms later than usual. The Present contains
Drobot's Scroll.

Outside you'll see the fourth Sheep Statue - smash it and quickly make your way
past the moving columns to a Sheep Portal - you can only access this while
you're a sheep so be fast. Inside is a Chest and a Present with the Bone Head
hat inside. Go out and continue forwards to a split in the path. Smash the
fence and go to the right first - you'll find the third and final Conqueror
next to a Chest and a jump pad. Don't use the jump pad, instead turn around and
go back to the split, then go left.

Up the bounce plant and past a few enemies you'll find the final Sheep Statue.
That should finish off all the challenges for the level, go forwards past the
columns, past some more enemies and along the series of platforms all the way
to the end.

  | [020404]      Treetop Circle      [020404] |

    * Wizard Hat
    * Spyro

    * Radiance Challenge
    * Don't Collect Clocks
    * Don't Eat Food
    * Elemental Match
    * Hektore's Challenge

Another Radiance Fountain.

Spyro's Scroll turns up in Round 2, it starts on the right section and moves
diagonally to the top section over the gap. It's very early in the round. The
Wizard Hat does much the same at the start of Round 3 except that it starts on
the left side.

  | [020405]      Waterwalk Way      [020405] |

    * Tiki Hat
    * Warnado
    * Legendary Chop Chop

    * Rescue Humfry!
    * Capture Flamingos - 5
    * Gather Radiance - 120
    * Elemental Challenge - Water/Tech
    * Hetkore's Challenge

Cross the water by using the three lilypads - these things just rotate when you
stand on them, they don't fall into the water or anything dangerous. Head up
the steps to kill a Drow Spearman before traversing the sliding platforms, jump
from one to the next just as it starts to go in. On the right of the next
platform is the Water Challenge. The water challenge is a series of lilypads
and moving platforms, get to the end for Warnado's Scroll.

Go up the steps past the swinging logs and a couple more enemies until you get
to a swinging wooden platform. Jump on as it approaches and off as it reaches
the other end. You'll be wanting to land on that retracting platform as well as
to grab the Flamingo floating on it. Beyond the swinging log there is another
swinging platform, this will take you to a pair of Spearmen. Beyond them are
some scale platforms that'll bring you to another swinging platform and finally
solid land again.

Kill the Goliath and the Witch before smashing the fence and stepping onto the
first of the scale platforms, wait for the second to rise up a short distance
before jumping onto it in order to grab the Flamingo above. From there jump
onto a swinging platform and then onto a second, from this one jump as it
reaches the right side of the swing to grab the Key on a platform there.

Jump down to the left and then continue forwards past a Chest and a Witch to
some retracting platforms and then lilypads. Off them you must jump onto some
rising platforms. Take the right one first and then go to another to the right
of it, high above it is the third Flamingo. Before it sinks back into the water
fully jump back to the left and then go towards the bounce plant ahead.

There's a couple of enemies up on the next platform, kill them and then bounce
upwards again onto some retracing platforms. On one of these is the fourth
Flamingo, grab it and continue around the pillar up to the top where you'll
find a Chest and the Tech Challenge. A lot like that last challenge, just try
to jump onto the swinging platforms as they approach. The Present inside is the
Tiki Hat.

Smash through the fence and jump onto the swinging platform, watching out for
the logs as you go. At the end of the path past some scarabs you'll jump down
onto a retracting platform from which you'll jump to a swinging platform. Jump
onto the platform swinging towards you and then up to the left onto a platform
with a Chest on it. Go further left following the radiance and you'll find some
scale platforms, hold the first one down and then use the higher second one to
reach the fifth Flamingo. You should be able to see Humfry's cage.

Return to the swinging platforms and jump down to the right onto a retracting
platform where there is a Present: Legendary Chop Chop's Scroll. From there
jump up to another swinging platform and again from there to another. Continue
along to the end of the level.

 ,--------,                   ,-----------------,                   ,--------,
| [020500] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~|  Galecrack Ruins  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~| [020500] |
 '--------'                   '-----------------'                   '--------'

  | [020501]      Sunblight Wood      [020501] |

    * Napoleon Hat
    * Spiked Hat
    * Drill Sergeant

    * Smash Lanterns - 12
    * Deforestation - 5
    * Gather Radiance - 250
    * Elemental Challenge - Life / Earth
    * Hektore's Challenge

The orange thing in the air nearby is the first of the Lanterns that you're
after. To smash it you will need to actually attack it, so rather than simply
jumping at it jump at it and attack at the same time. The small green platforms
with a crack in them do as you might expect, they collapse after standing on
them. After that you'll encounter the first of the Bone 'n' Arrow enemies,
they're skeleton archers  who can attack from a fair distance.

Once you've killed it jump onto and then walk along the broken tree, at the end
you'll find another archer and the Life Challenge portal. This challenge is
more combat oriented than most of your other challenges have been so far, the
new enemy is the Shadow Knight. The Present is the Spiked Hat.

Outside jump onto the side of the path to reach the orange Lantern high above
the ground. There's a third one if you walk up the dead tree here too. Up ahead
next to a Chest is your first encounter with a Stump Demon, the real large
enemy of the gang. They're the target of the Deforestation challenge (for some
reason the game also calls them "Tree Rex" (GIANTS!)) and must be killed. Smash
through the gate behind and then jump over to meet your second Stump Demon.

A new variety of platform awaits, this one vanishes and reappears constantly so
jump on as it just appears and jump off again as fast as you can. There's a
pair of them after that, make sure to wait for the second of them to appear
before jumping off the first. Clear the rocks off the jump pad to jump away.

There's a lantern hovering over the path ahead, if you go right up the
vanishing platforms you'll find a fifth lantern next to a Chest and two
archers. Backtrack from where you end up after the next few platforms, there's
three more lanterns and a Stump Demon to kill. Right after those is another
Stump Demon and a gate you need to smash down. Jump up the vanishing platforms
behind it.

Cross the knocked over tree to reach a large open area with a couple of
archers, on the right side is a tree with some small platforms attached to the
sides, oddly there's nothing up there besides radiance. Jump up the three
vanishing platforms ahead and kill the archers as well as the final Stump
Demon. Jump up onto the side and smash the lantern right above you now. At the
end next to another fallen tree is the tenth Lantern.

If you go up the vanishing platforms to the right instead of just jumping
straight forwards you'll find a chest and the eleventh lantern. Jump down to
get the final lantern. There's another Stump Demon hanging about here too, just
in case you skipped one earlier. Anyway, jump up the platforms at the end and
step onto the jump platform.

The platform after that is home to the Earth Challenge, this one's got
vanishing platforms in it so it may be a bit more tricky. The Present is the
Napoleon Hat.

Outside again you can find a couple more lanterns if you accidentally skipped
some, kill the archers and move swiftly forwards, to the left at the end is a
small stone tower with a Present Drill Sergeant's Scroll right on top of it.
The rest of the level is just a few more vanishing platforms, enemys and jumps.

  | [020502]      Thundersquall      [020502] |

    * Fancy Hat
    * Chop Chop

    * Radiance Challenge
    * Avoid the Tornado
    * Don't Eat Food
    * Elemental Match - Life
    * Hektore's Challenge

Round 2 adds a twister that circles the arena. Round 3 it gets a bit more

The second round has the Fancy Hat in it, it'll appear on the stone half of the
arena about halfway through. Chop Chop's Scroll turns up in Round 3 on the
grass half quite early on.

Avoid the Tornado refers to both the tornado that wanders around and the
central one.

  | [020503]      Whipwind Mountains      [020503] |

    * Moose Hat
    * Wham-Shell
    * Boomer

    * Free Little Pigs - 7
    * Catch Cupcakes - 5
    * Break Boneheads - 15
    * Elemental Challenge - Magic / Air
    * Hektore's Challenge

Jump onto the moving stone platform ahead, jump off to the next one right
before you hit that black cloud, then off that one to the third one as right as
it's about to move back out again. The Bone 'n' Arrow skeleton archers are your
target for the Break Boneheads challenge, your first of fifteen is situated on
the edge of the next large bit of land with a second on the path. On the left
side of this platform is a twister, it just so happens to have a pig stuck in
it. To free the pig all you need to do is attack the twister.

Jump onto the next section of land, kill the archers and the Stump Demon before
grabbing the floating Cupcake on the left side. Clear off the jump pad and step
on. There's a second Pig in the twister here, free it and kill the enemies
nearby including another Bonehead. Smash through the metal gates, avoid the
black cloud as you cross over to the next platform.

There's a few more enemies on here as well as the third Piggie in the twister
in the centre of the path. Enter the Magic Challenge. There's a couple of
archers in here to boost your Bonehead count, otherwise it's just simple
platforming to Wham-Shell's Scroll.

At the end of the path on the island is a platform that rises and falls, jump
onto it to be taken up to an archer, to the right of him is a set of moving
platforms. Jump on one as it lowers and then sit on it until it reaches right
above where you jumped on, jump off to the left and walk up the water-filled
slope past a Shadow Knight to find a Cupcake. If you want to smash a Chest then
jump left onto a movin platform and then right at its peak, otherwise just go
back onto that last moving platform and jump off it to the right when you reach
the upper right corner of its path.

Cross the moving platforms through the clouds down to a piece of solid land
with a couple of archers and a Shadow Knight on it. Also a jump pad to get off
it. Kill the next Shadow Knight that approaches you and then free the Pig from
the orange twister meandering about north of you. Avoid the large rolling spike
thing and kill the archer standing next to a gate, go through the gate and up
to another large section. There's another archer on the right side, a twister
carrying the fifth Pig a little further on and then a pair of archers to the
left of it up on a stone platform. That should probably finish off the Bonehead
Challenge, and right behind them is the third Cupcake.

Jump down the large hole to reach the next bit. Kill the two Stump Demons that
you drop down next to and then jump onto the moving platform to the right, jump
from there to another as you reach the top of the current platform's movement.
At the top of the second one jump to the left and proceed forwards past some
spike rollers. The fourth Cupcake is found on a stationary platform in amongst
the set of moving platforms and clouds ahead, it's on the right side. The next
large section has a twister with the sixth pig, the fifth and final Cupcake on
the far side, and the Air Challenge portal to the left.

The Air Challenge is a bit of a side-scroller, you'll need to jump over
rotating spike rollers onto moving platforms, kill archers, jump on more moving
platforms all arranged so that you're jumping up the side of a cliff. The Moose
Hat is your Present for completing it.

Kill the archers standing by the gate and then smash through that gate, cross
over the moving platforms past a skeleton archer on a platform with a few of
those small spiders, around a cloud to a second archer then onto some circular
platforms circling around. Jump off at the top right corner onto a platform
with a skeleton on it, then jump onto the next set of round platforms before
jumping off the top right corner to pick up the Present of Boomer's Scroll.

On the next proper platform is a Shadow Knight and two archers, kill them and
use the jump pad. Go past the rollers to a couple more archers and a twister.
Right at the top of the twister is your final Pig, you will need to jump and
attack from the high end of the platform. Or jump down to the next platform
where there's an extra pig in an easier twister. Go to the right of that second
twister and jump onto the round platforms. The rest of the level is a series of
jumps along platforms all the way to the end. There's another extra pig in a
whirlwind just in case.

  | [020504]      Stormseye      [020504] |

    * Top Hat
    * Stump Smash

    * Radiance Challenge
    * Don't Collect Clocks
    * Don't Eat Food
    * Elemental Match - Undead
    * Hektore's Challenge

Another radiance fountain

Stump Smash's Scroll is found during the first round, to the northern edge
quite late on. The Top Hat is in Round 2 on west side early on.

  | [020505]      Galecrack Castle      [020505] |

    * General's Hat
    * Double Trouble
    * Trigger Happy

    * Rescue the Final Seeker!
    * Bash Chests - 3
    * Gather Radiance - 150
    * Elemental Challenge - Fire / Undead
    * Hektore's Challenge

Jump down to the Stump Demon and the archer and then jump onto the right
rotating horizontal castle tower. Run up towards the higher end and jump off to
the right onto the platform there. You'll find a few enemies as well as the
first Chest and the Present: Trigger Happy's Scroll. Leap back onto the
rotating tower and then jump down onto the left one, from the end of that it's
a jump onto some circling round platforms, wait for it to bring you up to a
pair of archers.

Follow the curve around the sheep tower and jump onto the moving platforms,
from there onto a small green platform, onto some more moving platforms and
then a rotating tower. Run along to the far end and jump off to the left. Kill
all of the enemies and pass by the zeppelins on the left, jump up the small
towers to grab the Key from the top of the second one. Below you are a few
enemies and the Fire Challenge. There's nothing all that impressive in here,
get to the end to earn your Double Trouble Scroll.

Jump onto the moving platforms and make your way to another large rotating
tower, run along it and jump off the left side of the end. Onto some more
moving platforms just go straight to the stationary platform on the other side
of the first set, don't bother going right as there's nothing there. Continue
forwards into a load of enemies including a Stump Demon. Well before going
through the gate jump down to the left where you can just about see a Chest.
Jump back up and smash through that gate.

Aside from a bit of radiance the platforms on the right in the middle of the
rotating tower are pointless, instead continue straight on and off the end.
After the rather useless spear traps is a platform lined with skeleton archers,
kill them and step onto the jump pad. It'll jump you to another pad which will
jump you to a curved path with loads of spear traps along it. Go left along it
and off the end onto some moving platforms, keep going and you'll get to a
rotating tower, go left up it and then forwards run off towards the next
platform. Kill the enemies and smash through the gate, jump down onto a wooden
bridge type thing and make your way along towards the castle.

At the front of the castle you'll find the Undead Challenge. Despite being the
last in the story levels this is pretty straight forward, jump up the platforms
and kill the enemies when you get to them. Easy General's Hat to finish it all

Go through the archway and onto a straight bit of stone platform, jump off the
end onto a large circular platform with an archer on. Up to the right a couple
of times before going left to a larger area with several Stump Demons on it.
Kill them and then smash the Chest at the back there. Starting at the left end
jump up the small towers to a jump pad.

This jump pad will take you onboard a zeppelin, kill the enemies on there and
head towards the front end where you'll find the Final Seeker. Provided you
picked up the Key earlier you'll be able to free him from his cage. Smash the
rocks off the jump pad and step on.

Now that you've freed all of the Seekers you can now face Hektore in the final

  | [020506]      Dark Mirror      [020506] |

There's nothing to collect here. No challenges to complete. Just the final goal
of defeating Hektore. First you need to kill the large dark shadowy Trollverine
and his Troll Greasemonkey pal, while you're doing this Hektore will strafe the
arena with an attack, move out of the way when he does that. Once the big one
is dead a red rocket will appear on the floor, hit it to launch it at Hektore
and knock him unconscious onto the centre of the arena. Attack him until he
gets up.

The next stage of the fight causes the arena to split apart and start rotating.
I don't know why but it does. It'll then go back together after a while and a
huge shadowy Ice Ogre will appear with two little Troll Greasemonkeys. Avoid
Hektore's purple cyclone while you're killing them. Again hit the rocket that
appears and go to town on Hektore's head.

Once again the arena will break apart and give you some time to rest I suppose
you could want to collect radiance to help revive a dead Skylander. Anyway, the
next giant shadow monster is a Stump Demon. He's flanked by a Greasemonkey and
a Bone 'n' Arrow. Again focus on the large enemy and hit the rocket - the Stump
Demon can be quite vicious thanks to its increased size which makes it harder
to avoid its powerful attacks.

Once you've hit Hektore with this last rocket the staff will appear in the
centre ready for you to pick up. What follows on from there is a chase sequence
through a platforming section. No timer but Hektore will be close behind firing
at you with his purple laser. There's a lot of food but your best bet is to
move quickly, standing too long on the platforms where you see a purple circle
appear isn't advised. Keep on going and you'll eventually reach the end to
destroy the Dark Mirror and save the Radiant Isles from Hektore.

Well, that's it. All over. Your reward for defeating Hektore is the Radiance
Burst Magic Item, a magic item that causes a Radiance Burst destroying all
nearby enemies. Amazing.

The following adventure pack sections can be completed at any time you like.

 ,--------,                     ,-------------,                     ,--------,
| [020600] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~|  Pirate Seas  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~| [020600] |
 '--------'                     '-------------'                     '--------'

  | [020601]      Windjammer Bay      [020601] |

    * Pirate Hat
    * Terrafin

    * Blast Dynamite - 10
    * Gather Radiance - 100
    * Lead Mutiny - 4
    * Elemental Challenges - Earth / Tech
    * Hektore's Challenge

The barrel on the floor infront of you is the first of the Dynamites you need
to Blast. Stand near to it or attack it from a distance to set it off.
Throughout this section of the level you'll be hounded by a targeting icon, as
long as you don't stand still for too long you should be fine. The nearby
Seadog Pirate will attack, move out of the way of his sword as he doesn't get
interrupted once he starts attacking. Go up the slope, detonate another
Dynamite barrel and attack the Seadog Skipper, the one with the hand cannon.

Jump over the gap at the top of the slope and walk down to a pair of Seadog
Pirates who are standing next to a Dynamite barrel. After killing them jump
over the water to the north-west up to a higher island with a couple of Seadog
Skippers and an Ice Ogre. The Ice Ogre is your first entry to the Lead Mutiny
challenge. If you ignore the jump pad for the moment and instead walk
south-west over a grassy bridge you'll find a few more enemies and a few more
Dynamite barrels to blow up. There's one more further along if you go right
down to the water level and continue going south.

Return to the jump pad in the north and step on, you'll land right next to a
Dynamite barrel so move as soon as you can. Kill the three enemies and follow
the path onwards behind them, there's another barrel of Dynamite and a couple
of Chompies. Cross over the gap beyond to get to a grouping of several Seadog
Skippers and a Chest. Jump up over the blue rock bit and you'll reach the Earth
Challenge. The challenge is made up of several leaning masts, you don't fall
off them so just walk around so that they tilt in the direction you want to
jump. The Present at the end is Terrafin's Scroll.

Follow the path north, it may look like there's two choices but they both
immediately join back up again. Detonate the Dynamite barrel to hopefully
finish off the challenge, there are still a few spares if you missed a few. At
the end jump up the floating platforms, jumping straight on from the first is
probably preferable as you get to a Chest. Jump up onto the grassy section
above and follow the path left past a couple of Seadogs around the corner to
two Ice Ogres (or Rear Admirals as the popup calls them) and a couple of Seadog
Skippers. There are several Dynamite barrels here if you missed them earlier.

Smash through the fence to the north and kill the enemies at the fork in the
road. Once again it's a false choice, take the left one if you want to go the
to Tech Challenge, the right one skips it by a tiny little bit. The Tech
Challenge is entirely leaning masts, make your way to the end to collect the
Pirate Hat. Once out walk forwards until you get to the wooden pier, then left
onto them and down a couple of leaning masts. On the island down there is a
load of small enemies and the third chest of the level (not that you're looking
for them). Follow the platforms north from the north-west end to another small
bit of pier and dry land.

Kill the enemies on the side and then jump up, go left, then off the side of
the road and up to another Seadog Skipper and your final Ice Ogre Real Admiral
to complete the Lead Mutiny Challenge. Follow the path north past a curve with
three Seadog Skippers standing on and up to the end of the level.

  | [020602]      Pontoon Point      [020602] |

    * Pirate Doo Rag

    * Radiance Challenge
    * Avoid the Water
    * Don't Eat Food
    * Elemental Match - Earth
    * Hektore's Challenge

Pontoon Point is an arena level just like Faylair Jungle's Breakmarsh, you need
to watch that you're not about to jump onto a platform you left recently so as
to avoid falling in the water. In round two the arena will start rotating and a
targeting icon will appear. And round three will cause the platforms to spread

Around about the middle of rount two is when the Pirate Doo Rag will turn up.

 ,--------,                    ,---------------,                    ,--------,
| [020700] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-|  Empire of Ice  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-| [020700] |
 '--------'                    '---------------'                    '--------'

  | [020701]      Winterwatch Keep      [020701] |

    * Santa Hat
    * Slam Bam

    * Smash Orange Crystals - 8
    * Beat Beasts - 3
    * Catch Jackalopes - 5
    * Elemental Challenges - Water / Air
    * Hektore's Challenge

I'm not entirely sure how this level overall really relates to an icy theme,
but whatever. Walk forwards through a couple of spike gates to a circular area
with a couple of Chompies and a Cyclops Chopper. After you've killed them smash
through the large blue crystals on the left, behind them is a set of six square
platforms that flip over, one side is flat the other spiked. Don't be too
concerned with the spikes, the damage they do is low so it's not really worth
waiting for the absolutely perfect alignment to cross over.

On the other side is a Cyclops Chucker and your first Orange Crystal of the
level. This time around there are no extra crystals so make sure to get every
single one. Jump onto the oversized spinning gear platform to your left and
grab the floating Jackalope that's on the right side of it. Walk through the
rolling gear as it goes past, and again through the next. After a spike gate is
another set of flipping platforms, again ignore the damage done and just jump
on the spikes.

Slip over the ice patch through a couple of spike gates to a pair of Cyclops
Choppers, behind them a pair of blue crystals to smash through. Kill the
Chucker in front of the rolling gears and then start jumping past them, on the
right side after the second one is the second of the Jackalopes. After killing
a few enemies jump onto one of the circular platforms and then onto a flipping
platform in the middle with the third Jackalope on it. Jump up to the Chucker
and the Water Challenge. This has several flipping platforms, spinning gears
and blades. At the end is Slam Bam's Scroll.

Slide down the icy path through a few spike gates and then past a pair of
rolling gears, kill the Cyclops Mammoth for the Beat Beasts challenge. After
getting the contents of the Chest, smash through the blue crystals to reach a
large hole. Before jumping down it go around the other side and smash the
Orange Crystal there. Now comes a tricky part, there are four Orange Crystals
down this hole and you need to get all of them. Generally just keep to the
bottom left and left positions and you should be able to move into position to
smash them in time. If you compare it with a clockface the first is at 10,
second at 8, then 7 then finally at about 7 again.

The circular platforms next up go around two square flipping platforms, on the
second of those is your fourth Jackalope. Jump over to kill the Chucker and the
Mammoth, then smash the Chest and the Orange Crystal. Smash through the blue
ones and jump onto a spinning gear, on the left side is the final Jackalope. Go
right onto a second gear and off to a rolling one. Jump through that down onto
another spinning gear from which you will need to jump onto a couple of square
flipping platforms.

The next bit of solid land has the final Orange Crystal on it, smash that then
leap down the slippery slope past some spike gates and straight onto square
platforms. The final 'Beast' is next up, kill him and smash the Chest next to
him. Go through the blue crystals and then past the rolling gears, the ice'll
make it more tricky than usual. After the ice you'll find the Air Challenge on
the right. A not too long slide down past a load of spike gates will take you
to your new Santa Hat.

Jump up the square platforms and then through a set of four rolling gears
directly onto some circular platforms. From there it's a simple jump to the

  | [020702]      Coldburn      [020702] |

    * Cossack Hat

    * Radiance Challenge
    * Avoid the Slicers
    * Don't Eat Food
    * Elemental Match - Water
    * Hektore's Challenge

A level with a fairly annoying obstacle. During the first round you just need
to avoid the large rotating blade in the centre of the arena, the ice will make
it harder than it looks. In round two they up the stakes by starting up the
side blades that rotate over the areas where there's no ice. And in the third
round there are spike gates that exist only to slow you down.

Late on in the third round is when the Cossack Hat will appear.

There are a few safe spots that you can stand, on the corners of the dry areas
you'll be safe from both types of blade and you won't be slipping off all the
time. It does mean waiting for things to get near you so you'll probably be
forced to leave your safe spots every so often to kill the lone Cyclops Chucker
that's holding up the next wave. In the final round when the timer's going
you'll want to grab the clocks if you're doing the stick in the corners tactic,
Chests are a great but dangerous resource if you're not grabbing every radiance
that drops from enemies. Make sure to time your attacks on the chests so that
you're not going to get stuck in the attack animation the next time the blade
comes round. It can get frustrating but don't give up.

Don't Eat Food can be made easier by smashing all the barrels at the start,
then just try not to accidentally jump into any floating food and you'll do

 ,--------,                   ,-----------------,                   ,--------,
| [020800] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~|  Darklight Crypt  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~| [020800] |
 '--------'                   '-----------------'                   '--------'

  | [020801]      Wighthaunt      [020801] |

    * Pumpkin Hat
    * Ghost Roaster

    * Smash Some Skulls - 10
    * Hunt Haunted Guards - 10
    * Gather Radiance - 80
    * Elemental Challenges - Undead / Magic
    * Hektore's Challenge

Head inside and jump down the hole. There's a large swinging axe ahead, jump
past it and over the gap. After that you'll encounter a few little spiders and
the first of the ten Haunted Guards. Jump past another swinging axe and proceed
to the end of the corridor, on the floor at the end is the first Skull that you
need to collect. You just walk over it to pick it up rather than having to
attack it like the challenge would suggest.

Cross the three spiked flipping platforms and you'll meet a pair of Guards to
kill, there's also a couple of archers nearby that might cause a nuisance. Up
on the right is a chest for your radiance gathering, otherwise jump forwards
over the gaps and up the slope. Try to stay out of the way of the rolling
balls, at the top you'll find an archer and a Stump Demon. To the left is a
single skull on the floor, and to the right are two skulls on the floor. Smash
through the coffins to continue.

Jump onto the first rotating wheel then to a second and then a third, on that
third you will want to jump off to the left to reach the Undead Challenge.
You'll probably find this easier if you ignore the damage done by the spikes
and just use them as normal platforms. Reward for the pain is a Pumpkin Hat.
Once out jump back onto the third wheel and jump off it northwards onto some
spiked platforms. Kill the Stump Demon and the archers before grabbing the
skull from the floor and moving on.

The next set of spiked platforms has a rolling platform inbetween, just walk in
the opposite direction if it starts moving. Kill the next Guard and jump down
the next hole, try and grab the skull in the top right corner as you do so.
After the fall it's a distinctly 3D walk through some swinging axes, then
there's a skull on the floor before a set of three spiked platforms. Kill the
next guard and the little spiders next to him, head up the slope to the Magic
Challenge - there's a couple of skulls on the floor outside it. Again it's
simple platforming to get your Scroll for Ghost Roaster.

There's another Guard at the top of the slope, once he's dead start jumping the
large distances between the platforms and axes until you get to a ball rolling
slope. Kill the Haunted Guard halfway up it and smash the Chest he's standing
next to. At the top is a pair of Guards that should bring you up to 9. Kill the
archer behind them and cross the platforms to reach the last of the Guards.
There's a bit of a split in the track now, to the right is nothing of interest
so take the platform path on the left. You'll find two more skulls (in case you
missed the one on the hole) on the platforms before it rejoins the righthand
path in reaching the exit.

  | [020802]      The Spectery      [020802] |

    * Chef Hat

    * Radiance Challenge
    * Avoid the Ooze
    * Don't Eat Food
    * Elemental Match - Undead
    * Hektore's Challenge

The Spectery is a blatant copy of Rivenrock Cavern's Magma Bank Island. The
arena will slowly fill with purple stuff except if a few key points, stick to
those when it starts to rise to avoid damage.

During the final round you'll see the Chef Hat quite late on.

To Avoid the Ooze just get to know which spots are safe and which aren't, then
stick to the safe spots when you see the ooze start to rise.

 ,--------,                    ,---------------,                    ,--------,
| [020900] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-|  Dragon's Peak  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-| [020900] |
 '--------'                    '---------------'                    '--------'

The game recommends that you use level 10 characters to play this level, it's
up to you really.

  | [020901]      The Wingwarrens      [020901] |

    * Royal Crown
    * Sunburn

    * Save Dragon Eggs
    * Defeat Dragon Hunters
    * Take Trophies
    * Elemental Challenge - Fire / Tech
    * Hektore's Challenge

On the ledge to your left, the one with a sheep on, is a small, floating purple
Dragon Egg. Saving it is not quite as simple as just picking it up though, once
you pick it up you have a limited time to reach a nearby nest. If you run out
of time you are teleported back to where you found the egg so that's nice. The
nest for this egg is in the large area ahead of you, over by the columns.
Ignore the enemies while you've got an egg otherwise you'll just waste time.

After saving it try killing the enemies, the purple blast from the purple
Chompy Pod looking plant shrinks you and causes you to be unable to use any
attacking abilities (except if your run has damage associated with it) so try
to avoid getting hit by that. The Drow Witch standing on the stone section is
your first of the Dragon Hunters, this one's as simple as killing it. Follow
the path along beyond her, past a Spearman and then to a second Hunter standing
in the middle of a large blue rotating circle. Up the steps now, Hunter number
three is at the top.

Jump onto the first of the moving platforms and onto the next one in the
sequence keeping away from the wall. Clear the next platform of the Chompies
and the Pods before smashing through a large rock blocking your path. If you
continue straight from the cracked platform you'll reach a Fire Challenge. I'll
ignore the Hunters inside here for the count but if you kill them you'll be
finished long before you really should and may struggle to reach the end in
time trying to do everything in one go. The challenge itself is pure
platforming, nothing special but the reward is the Royal Crown hat.

Go up the steps, at the top is a dragon head that spews out a stream of damage
inducing steam. Keep out of it, it'll turn off after a short moment. Jump onto
a rotating platform sticking out of a rock to reach a platform with a waterfall
running off to the right, if you look to the right you'll see another rotating
platform that you can jump to. Go right over it to reach a Treasure Chest and
the first of the Trophies. Go back over the rotating platform to the waterfall
and jump up to the left where there's a Bully and your second Trophy.

Smash through the rocks and make your way up the cracked platforms to Hunter
four. To the right, next to the tree, is the second Dragon Egg. Pick it up and
then jump up to the next platform, the nest is over to the left near the
blocked up Bounce Pad. Open up the Treasure Chest on here if you like,
otherwise smash the rocks off the Bounce Pad and jump away to the next part.

Hunter Five is up to the left, six is over to the right, and seven is a little
further ahead. After that jump onto a cracked platform, to a second one and
then up onto a moving platform. This will move under a cracked platform that
you need to jump on, keep on up the cracked platforms going left (ignore the
first large bit of land with the waterfall) and you'll find the third Trophy on
a small outcrop. From there jump to the main platform with a couple of Pods and
a Dragon Egg between them. Jump up the platforms and go straight on along the
cracked platforms (further up just leads to a pointless Treasure Chest) to a
short bit of stone bridge with a couple of dragon heads and Chompies on, rush
past them to the next green platform where you'll find the nest.

Up to the right of the stone section is the fourth Trophy, after you've picked
that up go along the stone path, kill the eighth Hunter and jump to the ninth
and tenth on some green. Smash through the rock wall to reach a set of moving
platforms, jump onto them and then up onto a cracked platform before leaping to
the last two Hunters you should need. Use the Bounce Pad to reach a platform
with a circular structure on the right and a Dragon Egg on the left. Pick it up
and race forwards along the cracked platforms, past a spare Witch and onto some
moving platforms, keep jumping onto the next in the sequence until you reach
the next green platform with the final Dragon Nest on it.

Wipe out the enemies and jump forward up the cracked platforms to a bit of
stone path. On the right is the Tech Challenge. Just like the Fire one this is
just platforming almost identical to the main level. Your reward for reaching
the end of it is Sunburn's Damage Scroll.

Left up the steps, past another Hunter and then onto some rather slow moving
platforms. Jump up to the left onto the next ones and then off onto a rotating
platform with the fifth and final Trophy floating above it. Jump to the left
onto another moving platform, sit on it ignoring the rotating platform to the
left, then jump up onto the final green section. Kill the enemies and then jump
up the cracked platforms to reach the last fight of the level. This is a sort
of boss fight against Vathek, to damage him simply attack the things that drift
by in the water and so long as he isn't protecting himself with his wings it'll
hurt him. Keep doing this until he dies and the portal back to the Sactuary

  | [020902]      The Pit      [020902] |

    * Winged Hat

    * Radiance Challenge
    * Don't Collect Clocks
    * Don't Eat Food
    * Elemental Match - Fire
    * Hektore's Challenge

Another Radiance Fountain arena, the edges lined with those fire breathing
dragon heads you saw in the Wingwarrens level. As usual just keep the fountain
active and kill things as fast as you can.

Winged Hat is found during the second round, it'll appear on the left side when
you get 60 radiance.

The other challenges are basic, the food is generally out of the way and should
be easy to avoid and the clocks are rare as always.


Each level has a number of things to collect in them, hats to make your
Skylanders look good and scrolls to make your Skylanders stronger. The
platforming levels have three items: one somewhere in the level and the other
two at the end of the Elemental Challenges. The arena levels have two items,
they appear for a short time attached to a balloon at specific points in the

Unlike on the console versions the hats do not have any stat increases
associated with them.

 ,--------,               ,------------------------,                ,--------,
| [030100] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~|  Brighthold Battlements  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-| [030100] |
 '--------'               '------------------------'                '--------'

| LEVEL            | HAT 1         | HAT 2        | SCROLL 1       | SCROLL 2 |
| Towersight       | Propeller Cap | Birthday Hat | Ignitor        |          |
| Fields           |               |              |                |          |
| The Proving      | Trojan Helmet |              | Legendary      |          |
| Grounds          |               |              | Trigger Happy  |          |
| Flooded Viaducts | Coonskin Cap  | Rocket Hat   | Cynder         |          |
| Radiant Fountain | Pan Hat       |              | Legendary Bash |          |
| Dreamgardens     | Combat Hat    |              | Bash           | Camo     |

 ,--------,                  ,-------------------,                  ,--------,
| [030200] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-|  Rivenrock Caverns  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-| [030200] |
 '--------'                  '-------------------'                  '--------'

 | LEVEL           | HAT 1          | HAT 2      | SCROLL 1   | SCROLL 2    |
 | Ashburrow       | Anvil Hat      |            | Eruptor    | Stealth Elf |
 | Magma Bank      | Plunger Head   |            | Dino-Rang  |             |
 | Island          |                |            |            |             |
 | Cinderstream    | Beret          | Cowboy Hat | Legendary  |             |
 | Pass            |                |            | Spyro      |             |
 | Luminous Quarry | Crown of Light |            | Sonic Boom |             |
 | Lava Flow       | Miner Hat      | Fez        | Dark Spyro |             |
 | Grotto          |                |            |            |             |

 ,--------,                  ,-------------------,                  ,--------,
| [030300] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-|  Whitefall Summits  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-| [030300] |
 '--------'                  '-------------------'                  '--------'

| LEVEL           | HAT 1           | HAT 2   | SCROLL 1      | SCROLL 2     |
| Snowblind Hills | Rocker Hair     | Eye Hat | Hex           |              |
| Frostsedge      | Lil Devil       |         | Prism Break   |              |
| Glacial Slopes  | Viking Helmet   |         | Gill Grunt    | Flameslinger |
| Icelight        | Spy Gear        |         | Zap           |              |
| Aurora Peak     | Tropical Turban |         | Wrecking Ball | Zook         |

 ,--------,                   ,----------------,                    ,--------,
| [030400] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~|  Faylair Jungle  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-| [030400] |
 '--------'                   '----------------'                    '--------'

 | LEVEL            | HAT 1       | HAT 2       | SCROLL 1  | SCROLL 2       |
 | Leaflook Village | Wabbit Ears | Jester Hat  | Whirlwind |                |
 | Breakmarsh       |             |             | Voodood   | Lightning Rod  |
 | Daystar Temple   | Bone Head   | Unicorn Hat | Drobot    |                |
 | Treetop Circle   | Wizard Hat  |             | Spyro     |                |
 | Waterwalk Way    | Tiki Hat    |             | Warnado   | Legendary Chop |
 |                  |             |             |           | Chop           |

 ,--------,                   ,-----------------,                   ,--------,
| [030500] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~|  Galecrack Ruins  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~| [030500] |
 '--------'                   '-----------------'                   '--------'

 | LEVEL          | HAT 1         | HAT 2      | SCROLL 1    | SCROLL 2      |
 | Sunblight Wood | Napoleon Hat  | Spiked Hat | Drill       |               |
 |                |               |            | Sergeant    |               |
 | Thundersquall  | Fancy Hat     |            | Chop Chop   |               |
 | Whipwind       | Moose Hat     |            | Wham-Shell  | Boomer        |
 | Mountains      |               |            |             |               |
 | Stormseye      | Top Hat       |            | Stump Smash |               |
 | Galecrack      | General's Hat |            | Double      | Trigger Happy |
 | Castle         |               |            | Trouble     |               |

 ,--------,                   ,-----------------,                   ,--------,
| [030600] |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~|  Adventure Packs  |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~| [030600] |
 '--------'                   '-----------------'                   '--------'

             | LEVEL            | HAT            | SCROLL        |
             | PIRATE SEAS      |                |               |
             | Windjammer Bay   | Pirate Hat     | Terrafin      |
             | Pontoon Point    | Pirate Doo Rag |               |
             | EMPIRE OF ICE    |                |               |
             | Winterwatch Keep | Santa Hat      | Slam Bam      |
             | Coldburn         | Cossack Hat    |               |
             | DARKLIGHT CRYPT  |                |               |
             | The Spectery     | Chef Hat       |               |
             | Wighthaunt       | Pumpkin Hat    | Ghost Roaster |
             | DRAGON'S PEAK    |                |               |
             | The Wingwarrens  | Royal Crown    | Sunburn       |
             | The Pit          | Winged Hat     |               |

|~-[040000]~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-[040000]-~|

      Q: What do the stats on the Trading Cards mean?

A: As there are no stats in the 3DS version the card stats are completely
meaningless in-game. They do appear to relate to the stats gained in the online
web game Skylanders: Spyro's Universe though.

      Q: Do the Adventure Packs make up any of the percentage complete

A: The Adventure Packs are only added to the completion totals when you have
activated them.

      Q: What elements come with the Adventure Packs?

A: They are as following:

    * Empire of Ice = Water
    * Pirate Seas = Earth
    * Darklight Crypt = Undead
    * Dragon's Peak = Fire

All in all means that if you want to collect everything and have all four of
the bonus hubs you will still need an Air and a Tech Skylander.

      Q: Where do I find the entrance to the Adventure Pack level?

A: All four are located below where Wendel is standing.

      Q: What are these items strewn around the Sanctuary?

A: Rewards for completing certain challenges in the levels, they're decoration
and just for fun.

      Q: How do I reset a Skylander?

A: Unfortunately there is no way to do so with the 3DS version. You must use a
console version to reset a Skylander.

      Q: How do I fix a corrupted Skylander that won't work on the console

A: Simply attempt to summon it into your 3DS game as normal, the game will ask
you to confirm that you want to fix the Skylander. You will not retain your
progress on the Skylander but at least you'll be able to use it again.

      Q: My Portal of Power / Skylander isn't working! What do I do?

A: You will probably need to contact Activision Support through one of the
following channels:

Activision Customer Service:





      1-800-225-6588 (U.S. & Canada) Seven days a week from 7am - 7pm Pacific
      Time except for national holidays.

Self Service Warranty Site:


Check the Customer Service page of your manual for local information.


      v2.0 - 19/07/12

Added the remaining Adventure Packs.

      v1.0 - 23/02/12
      Completed the walkthrough.


Please contact me at the following email address regarding the game. Make sure
to state the name of the game in your email as well as the platform you're
playing on and to have read the Walkthrough in order to make sure that your
question hasn't already been answered.

      dark52 (at) darkspyro (dot) net

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Spyro game, on my website for Spyro the Dragon:



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