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How I can change the language of my game on my 3ds console? Tech Support
Where to find game with portal and skylanders? Tech Support

Answered Questions Answers Last Answer
Figures of each element? Side Quest 3 7 years ago
How do I reset my skylanders figures? General 3 7 years ago
"Catch Cupcakes" challenge in Whipwind Mountains? General 1 8 years ago
Where can I find The balloon hat? Side Quest 1 8 years ago
When Is Camo Toy Out In Singapore? General 3 8 years ago
Are the levels the same as on the Wii? Tech Support 1 8 years ago
Do i have to go to the Pirate Seas ship every time? Side Quest 4 8 years ago
Sunburn dragon's peak? General 2 8 years ago
Do you need seperate portals for each console? General 6 8 years ago
Where can I find combat hat? Side Quest 1 8 years ago

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