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General FAQs

FAQ/Move List 01/09/15 KOH13 1.18 387K
FAQ/Strategy Guide 10/16/14 The Retro Goat 1.5 52K

Character FAQs

Jigglypuff 10/23/14 NinjaPuff45 1.17 61K
Lucina 10/07/14 MKaykitkats 1.00 185K
Luigi 02/10/15 TriTails 0.75 110K
Mega Man (WIIU) 01/06/15 Theguysayhi 0.1.5 98K
Ness 07/25/17 Blue_Thunder 1.0 87K
Villager HTML 12/01/14 Alpha218 1.15 52K

In-Depth FAQs

Alternative Moves List 01/30/15 Mikagami Tokiya 1.0 88K
Challenges Guide HTML 02/04/16 thegamemaster8 2.6 107K
Smash Run Powers Guide 12/16/15 thegamemaster8 1.4 174K
Trophy Guide HTML 04/23/15 Sonictrainer 224K

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