• Alternate Balloon Fight Grass

    Hold L when selecting the Balloon Fight stage to randomly change the stage's grass color. Possible alternate grass colors are Orange and Blue. This does not work on the Omega version of the Balloon Fight stage.

    Contributed By: Puppyfaic.

    7    1

  • Alternate Versions Of The Boxing Ring

    There are actually two versions of the Boxing Ring. The scrolling marquee and canvases in the center of the stage are decorated with Smash Bros. and Punch-Out themes respectively. They are normally selected randomly when the match starts, but can be chosen manually. If you want the Smash Bros. version, hold the L Button while selecting the stage. If you want the Punch-Out version, hold the Y Button instead. This code works with the omega form of the Boxing Ring as well.

    Punch-Out Boxing RingHold down the Y Button and select the Boxing Ring at the same time.
    Smash Bros. Boxing RingHold down the L Button and select the Boxing Ring at the same time.

    Contributed By: discoinferno84.

    8    2

  • Monochrome Dream Land

    Before you select the Dream Land stage, hold down the L Button. Doing so changes Dream Land to a monochrome color palette instead of the default green.

    Monochrome Dream LandHold down the L Button and select Dream Land at the same time.

    Contributed By: discoinferno84.

    9    1

  • Organize your Trophy Hoard

    Hold a direction on the D-Pad or Circle Pad in the time between selecting "Hoard" in "Trophies" section of the Vault, to the time the Hoard loads to organize your Trophy Hoard in a more uniformed fashion.

    Oragnize in a CircleHold Right before Trophy Hoard loads
    Oragnize in a high pointing TriangleHold Up before Trophy Hoard loads
    Oragnize in a low pointing TriangleHold Down before Trophy Hoard loads
    Organize in a SquareHold Left before Trophy Hoard loads

    Contributed By: thegamemaster8.

    5    1


  • Ice Climbers Secret Glitch (Pre-Patch)

    So the Ice Climbers were cut out of Super Smash Bros. But they weren't cut all the way out. Battle 3 Dr. Marios and play as Villager. Do a bunch of damage so the crowd starts chanting. But instead of chanting Villager, the crowd will cheer: Nana, Popo! Nana, Popo! These are the actual names of the Ice Climbers!

    Contributed By: CoolKoopa15.

    11    11


  • Challenge Unlockables

    Clear the Challenge listed below in order to unlock the listed reward. In the beginning, only the first 35 Challenges are available. The next set unlocks after completing the first 35. The third set unlocks after completing 60 Challenges and unlocking all fighters. Note: Hammers do not carry over from page to page, so feel free to use up hammers if the page is almost complete.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    001 [Trophy] ToadCollect 30 or more unique trophies.
    002 [Smash Run Power] Lv. 1 Horizon BeamPlace first in 1 or more Smash Run final battles.
    003 [Trophy] EponaClear All-Star on Easy.
    004 [Custom Headgear] Football HelmetCreate 1 or more Mii Fighters in Custom.
    005 [Trophy] Peach + Birthday GirlBattle 3 or more times on the Rainbow Road stage in Smash.
    006 [Stage] Dream LandUse a Final Smash while playing as Kirby.
    007 [Trophy] BonkersHit Sandbag 300m/984 ft. or more in Home-Run Contest.
    008 [Custom Special] Huge Header (Wii Fit Trainer)Get a max combo of 10 or more in Training.
    009 [Stage] MagicantUnlock the hidden character Ness.
    010 [Smash Run Power] Lv. 1 Strong HeadCollect 5 unique custom headgear items.
    011 [Pokémon] XerneasPlay Target Blast for the first time.
    012 [Custom Headgear] Super Mushroom HatPlay Rival Smash for the first time.
    013 [Custom Special] Lightning Falcon Kick (Captain Falcon)Play StreetSmash for the first time.
    014 [Custom Special] Liftoff Lloid (Villager)Battle 2 or more times on the Tortimer Island stage in Smash.
    015 [Smash Run Power] Lv. 2 ReflectorObtain 10 types of Smash Run Powers.
    016 [Trophy] Timmy & TommyPlay Trophy Rush for the first time.
    017 [Stage] PAC-MAZEUse a Final Smash while playing as PAC-MAN.
    018 [Trophy] Home-Run BatPlay Home-Run Contest for the first time.
    019 [Trophy] Cragalanche the MightyBattle 3 or more times on the Reset Bomb Forest stage in Smash.
    020 [Stage] Mute CityWin 3 Smash battles with Captain Falcon.
    021 [Trophy] Dark Pit StaffUnlock the hidden character Dark Pit.
    022 [Song] Master HandClear Classic on intensity 3.0 or higher.
    023 [Stage] WarioWare, Inc.Unlock the hidden character Wario.
    024 [Pokémon] VictiniPlay 100-Man Smash for the first time.
    025 [Stage] Balloon FightUse Villager 3 or more times in Smash.
    026 [Pokémon] GenesectPlay Endless Smash for the first time.
    027 [Pokémon] ZoroarkClear 10-Man Smash.
    028 [Trophy] Karate JoeGet at least 20 KOs in 3-Minute Smash.
    029 [Custom Special] Giant Bomb (Link)Destroy 300 blocks in Trophy Rush.
    030 [Custom Headgear] Luigi's CapWin 3 Smash battles with Luigi.
    031 [Trophy] Mr. SaturnWin 2 Smash battles with Ness.
    032 [Custom Headgear] Spiny HatPlay Cruel Smash for the first time.
    033 [Smash Run Power] Lv. 1 Strong BodyCollect 3 unique custom outfits.
    034 [Custom Headgear] Princess Zelda WigWin 2 Smash battles with Zelda.
    035 [Trophy] Blast BoxScore 100000 or more in Target Blast.
    036 [Smash Run Power] Lv. 2 Spinning BladesPlace first in Smash Run final battles with 5 different fighters.
    037 [Custom Equipment] Beam Sword Agility BadgeGet a max combo of 40 or more in Training.
    038 [Music] Menu 2 (Melee)Unlock all playable fighters.
    039 [Custom Equipment] Sprinter Agility BadgeCreate 3 custom characters in Custom.
    040 [Custom Special] Close Combat (Ike)Destroy 1000 blocks in Trophy Rush.
    041 [Custom Equipment] Hyper Smasher Brawn BadgeGet 100 KOs in Smash.
    042 [Trophy] ReddCollect 150 or more unique trophies.
    043 [Trophy] King Bob-ombHave a total high score of over 2000000 between all fighters in Target Blast.
    044 [Smash Run Power] Lv. 2 ShinesparkGet a total of 5 hits in StreetSmash.
    045 [Custom Equipment] KO Healer Protection BadgeGet 10 or more KOs in a single Rival Smash.
    046 [Trophy] Golden RetrieverBattle 3 or more times on the Living Room stage in Smash.
    047 [Trophy] MuglyGet 10 KOs by knocking foes into other foes in StreetSmash.
    048 [Smash Run Power] Lv. 2 Instant DropObtain 25 types of Smash Run Powers.
    049 [Custom Equipment] Auto-Healer Brawn BadgeClear 100-Man Smash.
    050 [Song] CreditsReveal 99% of the wall during the staff credits.
    051 [Trophy] Master HandClear Classic with five fighters.
    052 [Trophy] Dark EmperorBattle 3 or more times on the Find Mii stage in Smash.
    053 [Custom Special] High-Speed Drill (Meta Knight)Win 5 Smash battles with Meta Knight.
    054 [Stage] Flat Zone 2Unlock the hidden character Mr. Game & Watch.
    055 [Song] Master CoreDefeat Master Core.
    056 [Custom Equipment] First Striker Agility BadgeGet 20 or more KOs by countering in StreetSmash.
    057 [Custom Equipment] Home-Run Bat Agility BadgeHit Sandbag 600m/1968 ft. or more in Home-Run Contest.
    058 [Trophy] Fire StingrayGet 30 or more KOs in Endless Smash.
    059 [Smash Run Power] Lv. 2 Horizon BeamPlay Smash Run 5 times.
    060 [Trophy] Tortimer IslandUnlock every stage.
    061 [Trophy] Knuckle JoePlay 10 collective hours of Smash. (Total gameplay x participants.)
    062 [Custom Headgear] Samus's HelmetWin 10 Smash battles with Samus.
    063 [Custom Equipment] Smash Ball Attractor Agility BadgeCollect 15 unique special moves.
    064 [Custom Headgear] Spartan HelmetCollect 5 unique custom outfits.
    065 [Custom Equipment] Critical Hitter Brawn BadgeGet 300 KOs in Smash.
    066 [Custom Equipment] Quick Batter Brawn BadgePlay Home-Run Contest with 15 or more fighters.
    067 [Custom Headgear] Top HatCreate 8 or more Mii Fighters in Custom.
    068 [Custom Outfit] Plate ArmorCollect 10 unique custom headgear items.
    069 [Trophy] Medusa, Queen of the UnderworldClear All-Star on Normal.
    070 [Pokémon] MeloettaHave the game on for more than 8 hours.
    071 [Trophy] GuardiansClear Classic on intensity 9.0.
    072 [Smash Run Power] Lv. 3 LeaderHit Sandbag 1000m/3280 ft. or more in Home-Run Contest.
    073 [Smash Run Power] Lv. 3 Dual CyclonePlace first in 20 or more Smash Run final battles.
    074 [Custom Equipment] Air Defense Up Defense BadgeCreate 10 custom characters in Custom.
    075 [Smash Run Power] Lv. 3 RecoveryGet 50 or more KOs in a single Rival Smash.
    076 [Custom Equipment] Squat Recovery Defense BadgeGet at least 110 KOs in 3-Minute Smash.
    077 [Trophy] EvieUnlock all custom specials, headgear, and outfits.
    078 [Custom Special] Pop Gun Explosion (Diddy Kong)Destroy 3000 blocks in Trophy Rush.
    079 [Trophy] Crazy HandClear Classic with all fighters.
    080 [Custom Special] Easy Combination (Marth)Clear 100-Man Battle in under 3 minutes.
    081 [Custom Equipment] Walking Speed Up Attack BadgeWalk at least 50km/31 miles total between all fighters.
    082 [Custom Equipment] Quick Smash Defense BadgeClear 10-Man Smash within 20 seconds.
    083 [Custom Equipment] Jump Strengthening Speed BadgeLand over 400 total hits between all fighters in Training.
    084 [Custom Headgear] CrownClear All-Star with all fighters.
    085 [Custom Outfit] Steampunk ClothesClear all red targets in Target Blast.
    086 [Trophy] SandbagHave a total high score of over 15000m/49212 ft. between all fighters in Home-Run Contest.
    087 [Trophy] Luigi (Poltergust)Collect 500 or more unique trophies.
    088 [Trophy] Kat & AnaClear Solo 10-Man Smash with all fighters.
    089 [Custom Special] Explosive Punch (Mario)Score 200000 or more in Target Blast.
    090 [Trophy] ShadowClear Solo 100-Man Smash with all fighters.
    091 [Trophy] Color TV-Game 15Play 50 collective hours of Smash. (Total gameplay x participants.)
    092 [Smash Run Power] Lv. 3 ShufflePlace first in Smash Run final battles with all fighters.
    093 [Smash Run Power] Lv. 3 High JumpJump at least 10km/6 miles total between all fighters.
    094 [Trophy] Dark TrainPlay Target Blast with all fighters.
    095 [Trophy] Green Koopa TroopaGet 20 KOs by knocking foes into other foes in StreetSmash.
    096 [Custom Outfit] Protective GearGet a max combo of 100 or more in Training.
    097 [Custom Headgear] Princess's CrownHave the game on for more than 20 hours.
    098 [Custom Headgear] Lion HatGet 4 or more KOs in Cruel Smash.
    099 [Trophy] NintendoujiClear All-Star on Hard.
    100 [Custom Equipment] Launch Skill Attack BadgeGet 1000 KOs in Smash.
    101 [Custom Equipment] Just Shield Explosion Defense BadgeGet 2 or more KOs in Cruel Smash.
    102 [Custom Equipment] Futtobi RingGet 200 or more KOs in Endless Smash.
    103 [Custom Headgear] Prince's CrownCollect all Smash Run Powers.
    104 [Music] All-Star Rest AreaClear All-Star with 15 fighters.
    105 [Trophy] WentworthCollect 600 or more unique trophies.
    Bonus 01 [Trophy] Super StarComplete Panel 1
    Bonus 02 [Trophy] Tutorial PigComplete Panel 2
    Bonus 03 [Trophy] Gold BoneComplete Panel 3

  • Hidden Milestones

    These are Milestones not tied to Challenges.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    5000 blocks blown up in Trophy Rush!Destroy 5000 blocks cumulatively in Trophy Rush
    Achieved a high score of 100 in Rival SmashDie in Rival Smash with at least 100 more KOs than your rival. Can be completed by using Kirby's stone ability repeatedly.
    Battled 1000 times now!Battle a total of 1000 times
    Blew up 5000 targets and/or obstacles in Target BlastDestroy 5000 objects cumulatively in Target Blast
    Defeated 10 enemies in Cruel SmashDie in Cruel Smash with at least 10 KOs. Can be completed using Kirby's Inhale ability to spit Miis out beneath the stage where they can't recover.
    Defeated 300 enemies in Endless SmashDie in Endless Smash with at least 300 KOs.
    Earned 300000 points in Target BlastAs Villager, perform a dash attack on the bomb, jab it to 25%, and input an uncharged side smash right before the timer changes to 5.
    Exploded 100 bombs in Target BlastPlay Target Blast 50 times
    Fought in every type of Smash Run final battle!Have fought in every type of Smash Run final battle

    Contributed By: Desmis and Aeruon.

    6    2

  • How to Unlock Mii Fighters

    Create your own Mii Fighter, and then you save.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Mii BrawlerCreate your own Mii Fighter, and type "Brawler" and then you unlock it.
    Mii GunnerCreate your own Mii Fighter, and type "Gunner" and then you unlock it.
    Mii SwordfighterCreate your own Mii Fighter, and type "Swordfighter" and then you unlock it.

    Contributed By: manueldiaz.

    2    9

  • Stage Selection on Random

    To edit what stages show up on random, you have to unlock all stages first.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Random Stage SwitchingUnlock all Stages

    Contributed By: NeoZanther.

    4    1

  • True All Star Mode

    True All Star Mode is basically All Star Mode but with all the characters. To unlock this just unlock all characters

    Contributed By: jakenomad.

    4    3

  • Unlock Additional Rules

    To unlock the Additional Rules option in the 'Rules' menu, get 200 total KOs in the game.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Additional Rules200 KOs

    Contributed By: toon_link_346.

    4    0

  • Unlockable Characters

    To unlock characters you can either play a certain amount of Smash matches or perform their other unlock method. After you've done either method you will fight the character: defeat them in order to unlock the character. If you lose, play a match and they will challenge you again afterward. If you "unlock" more than one character at once then one of them will show up, and you can play a match for the next to show up. Note: To unlock quickly change the smash rules to 1 stock and x2 damage. Some character grabs will result in an instant KO.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Bowser Jr.Play 100 Smash matches or beat Classic Mode as Bowser on Intensity 6.0 or higher
    Dark PitPlay 50 Smash matches or beat Classic Mode with 3 or more characters
    Dr. MarioPlay 60 Smash matches or beat Classic Mode as Mario on Intensity 4.0 or higher
    Duck HuntPlay 110 Smash matches or clear Classic mode with 8 or more characters
    FalcoPlay 20 Smash matches or beat Classic Mode without continues
    GanondorfPlay 80 Smash matches or beat Classic Mode with Link or Zelda on Intensity 5.0 or higher
    JigglypuffPlay 120 Smash matches or collect at least 30 different equipment items
    LucinaPlay 40 Smash matches or beat Classic Mode with Marth without continues
    Mr. Game & WatchPlay 90 Smash matches or clear Classic mode with 10 or more characters
    NessPlay 10 Smash matches or beat Classic Mode on any difficulty
    R.O.BPlay 70 Smash matches or collect 200 different trophies
    WarioPlay 30 Smash matches or beat 100-Man Smash

Easter Eggs

  • Hidden Doc Louis Taunts

    When you play as Little Mac, keep taunting several times in a row. Doc Louis, his trainer, will eventually shout out a few words of encouragement off-screen. He has different messages depending on which taunt you use. Unlike other hidden taunts, this one works on all the stages.

    Contributed By: discoinferno84.

    5    2

  • Hidden Menu Music

    After unlocking all characters, hold R at the title screen before and while pressing start. Instead of the standard menu music, the hidden menu music from Super Smash Bros. Melee will play instead.

    Contributed By: Spoinkfan718 and PikaKirby.

    5    2

  • Personalized Victory Screens

    When some characters win, they will have have personalized dialogue depending on the victory animation and specific opponents. The match-ups are: Fox beating Falco and vice versa, Male or Female Robin beating Lucina, Lucina beating Marth or Ike, Palutena beating Pit or Dark Pit, and Dark Pit beating Pit. While all of these quotes are listed in the Sounds menu, they only appear in gameplay modes by winning one-on-one battles with the respective fighters.

    Contributed By: discoinferno84.

    3    1

  • Star Fox Character Conversations

    When playing as Fox or Falco on the Corneria stage, tap the D-pad quickly. If done correctly, your character will skip his regular taunt and have a brief conversation with the rest of the Star Fox crew.

    Contributed By: discoinferno84.

    8    1


  • 100+ Hits Combo in Practice Mode

    Go to practice mode, choose Ness. Enemy is irrelevant, but Bowser was used here. Set the enemy's damage counter to 999%, grab the enemy (the default control for this is the L Trigger, but you can also shield with the R Trigger and grab using the A button), and hit them by repeatedly pushing the grab or A button. Keep mashing this button (be sure not to tilt the analog stick as it will throw the enemy, stopping the combo) until you are at 100!

    Contributed By: HipsterSora.

    6    0

  • Easy 984+ ft. in Home-Run Contest Challenge

    Select Yoshi. Short hop be quickly and lightly tapping X or Y, position yourself over the sandbag in this jump, and push the A button while holding the analog stick down. Do this a few times, and you should be at a decent percent. Use the bat to fully charged hit the sandbag.

    Contributed By: HipsterSora.

    3    7

  • Easy Destroy 300 Blocks in Trophy Rush Challenge

    Fox's gun breaks through boxes in one hit, and is highly spammable, so just keep hitting the B button at the edge of the stage to break all falling boxes. Beware of the exclamation point at the top of the sound and the ringing, which indicate a dangerous ball of electricity will be falling towards you momentarily. You can dodge roll to the other side, and also use Fox's side B to break any boxes in your way. Note: The ball of electricity falls whenever your character spams a certain move or stays in one place for too long. However, while the ball is falling, the game doesn't track if you are still spamming a move or in a certain location. When the ball falls, use it to your advantage by dodging to the other side of the stage and spamming there while you can.

    Contributed By: HipsterSora.

    4    0

  • Fight the secret boss "Master Core"

    To fight the secret boss "Master Core", you must play Classic mode and reach the final boss of Classic Mode on intensity 5.1 or higher, as well as choose the black path. In the fight against Master Hand and Crazy Hand, after dealing a combined total of approximately 75% against either hand, the hands will disappear from battle, and Master Core will take their place. Depending on the difficulty chosen, Master Core will have different forms. In 5.1 to 5.9, Master Core will only have the "Sabres" form, the "Simulacrum" form, and the "Source" form. In 6.0 to 7.4, the "Scorpion" form will be fought before the previous three. In 7.5 and up, the "Sapien" form will be fought before the previous four. In the Japanese version, you are forced to fight Master Core on 9.0 difficulty. In the American and European versions, you are forced to fight Master Core on 8.0 and up.

    Contributed By: AuraWielder and Godstriker8.

    4    0

  • Hidden Stage Music

    Like in previous installments, holding R while selecting the stage will change the background music you experience during your battle. The drop shadow behind the picture of the stage will change color when you hold R so you can tell you're doing it right.

    Contributed By: Rukariouzu and 273342.

    7    0

Area/Level Hints

  • Balloon Fight Screen Wrapping

    As with the original game, the borders of the Balloon Fight stage are designed to wrap around each other. If you cross the borders without being hit by an attack, you will be transported to the opposite side of the screen instead of self-destructing. No other stage in the game has this feature.

    Contributed By: discoinferno84.

    7    2

  • Easy 50+ Hit Combo in Training

    In Training drop 4 smart bombs next to the CPU and detonate them all. Each one will count as multiple hits and you'll easily get 50+ hits. For 100+ hits, choose a character that can punch quickly when grabbing (e.g. Samus, Pikachu). Set damage to 999%, grab the other fighter and repeatedly hit A. You'll easily get 100+ hits. Alternate 100 hit method: exact same as the first, only be sure to space out the smart bombs around the cpu. Do not just spawn them all at once because if they detonate right next to each other you'll get the same combo if you only used one.

    Contributed By: Fiftyonedegrees, thatguyryan, and Stryyder.

    5    1

  • Gold Fighters On Golden Plains

    On the Golden Plains stage, be sure to collect as many coins as you can. If you get a hundred of them, your character will temporarily turn golden and have stronger attacks and flinching immunity.

    Contributed By: discoinferno84.

    4    3

  • Power Pellets In Pac-Maze

    When fighting in the Pac-Maze stage, be sure to collect as many Pac-Dots as you can. If you get 100, a Power Pellet will appear on the screen. It boosts your character's abilities, especially attack power. Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde will also turn blue and become vulnerable to your attacks.

    Contributed By: discoinferno84.

    2    5

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