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I need caught up? Main Quest *new*
Why can't i battle my friend? Tech Support *new*
Why does the battle end in no contest? Tech Support *new*

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Help geting good? Enemy/Boss *new* 1 2 days ago
How much lag should be expected? Tech Support 1 2 days ago
How do you recover with Ness? Main Quest 1 2 weeks ago
Hate a character you don't like? General 2 2 weeks ago
Why Is my amiibo trying to become overuler of the world? Tech Support 2 2 weeks ago
How to use amiibo's on 3ds? Tech Support 5 2 weeks ago
why doesnt my pichu amiibo work? Tech Support 1 3 weeks ago
Could I have a smash bros. 3ds mewtwo dlc code please? General 7 4 weeks ago
code 0147-56906059.please add me? Main Quest 3 4 weeks ago
how do you teleport? Build 1 1 month ago

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