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by super_luigi16

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FAQ/Walkthrough by super_luigi16

Version: 1.02 | Updated: 01/16/14

Walkthrough (Continued)

King Boo (100 HP)


This first phase is not bad. King Boo will follow you around, trying to corral you into the spike balls on the floor. However, you can turn the tables on him! After the initial spike balls are gone, new spike balls will fall from the ceiling. You can position King Boo by getting him to follow you underneath one of these falling spike balls. Once he's positioned correctly, simply look at him so that he'll stop moving. Wait for the spike ball to land on him, and then you can vacuum King Boo! Use electrical shocks to deal massive damage. Try to avoid the spike balls as you vacuum up the Boo. Repeat the above steps until you whittle away all of his 100 HP.

This second phase is a mansion run. You must try to avoid the obstacles King Boo has set in the mansion as he rolls after you with his body. If he catches up to you, you lose 20 HP but you earn a short reprieve. Hence, it's okay to get hit a few times. There are also hearts and golden bars throughout the run. However, there isn't much guidance I can give you considering this is a run. Simply use your reflexes and common sense--avoid snow, obstacles, and down escalators. Look for hearts and gold. That's really all I can say.

The previous two phases will now repeat with increasing difficulty. The next square brawl will be harder as King Boo will use Boo Dashes and the spike balls now fall quicker. The mansion run now occurs in the dark and there are more obstacles. Try to grab all of the HP hearts in the crawl and try to minimize stupid HP losses in the square brawl. As for King Boo's lightning strikes, watch for the glowing tiles before it strikes. Again, it's mostly repeating the same strategy just with slight increased difficulty. Also, red electrical shocks are your saviors.

The final phase is the square brawl with the same general strategy as before. However, King Boo will now use lightning strikes on nearly the entire arena with only one small square of safety. Furthermore, King Boo will tend to avoid the spike balls near the beginning of the phase. This tends to die down as time progresses, though. Keep chipping away and you should win eventually!


Final Reward: King Boo Crown Piece

What is it with the end of Nintendo games that make me cry a little on the inside? Though, nothing will ever top the first time I finished The Thousand-Year Door. Nothing. But I digress~ Congratulations on completing Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon!


Q: What do the gold versions of all of the ghosts have in common?

A: As for the regular ghosts--spiders, mousers, and bats--, they will drop gold bars when stunned.

Q: I can't move while I'm holding onto something with the Poltergust. What gives!?

A: Let go of the "R" button. While you're holding "R," you cannot pivot; letting go of the "R" button will allow you to maneuver whilst still holding the object.

Q: I can't seem to find XYZ gem!

A: Follow the Walkthrough. Unfortunately, you have to be on the right level for some of the games, meaning you cannot just pick up any old Gem on any old level. A good example of this is the Gem in the Entrance of Gloomy Manor--it can only be picked up during A-3.

Q: The Scar--

A: I don't plan on addressing the Scarescraper as there is another guide that covers this exact subject.

Q: Ghosts keep on hitting me as I'm capturing another ghost! Is there any way to deal with this?

A: Actually--yes. Press "B" as your vacuuming a ghost to do a small leap-dodge. While this dodge isn't foolproof, it can be helpful against certain ghosts. If you absolutely cannot lose HP, simply release your suction and move before you get hit. It's not the fastest solution, but it practically ensures your safety.

Appendix A: Ghosts

Welcome to Appendix A where we're all about ghosts! This section's all about your primary adversaries, so that's why it's first in the long list of Appendices. Remember that I only try to inform you of pertinent information, so don't expect random facts about the ghosts or anything to that effect.

The table below is your directory before the in-depth information. Each ghost has its name listed which is linked to the ghost's in-depth information. The ghost's HP is listed next along with its element and weaknesses. These are the most pertinent highlights. The ghost's locations are also listed out, and those locations are linked to their respective sections in the Walkthrough.

 Coming Soon!

Appendix B: Poltergust Upgrades

This is the COMPLETE list of all upgrades. Poltergust upgrades allow you increase the damage done by your electrical shocks if you charge your suction up more--Level 2 deals 20 points of damage and Level 3 deals 50 points of damage. The Darklight upgrades allow you to shine the Darklight longer without it burning through Luigi's skin. Finally, the Poltergust upgrade makes it much easier to trigger electrical shocks by increasing ghost resistance sensitivity. Each of these upgrades requires gold--each mission's gold is added to the running total. If you need to grind for gold, I recommend the latter levels as they can net you 2000+ gold if you really grab everything. B-2 is a good early choice otherwise. Anyway, here is the table:

Gold RequiredUpgrade
2000Level 2 Poltergust
4000Level 2 Darklight
7000Level 3 Poltergust
10000Level 3 Darklight
20000Super Poltergust

Appendix C: Gem Locations

While I do cover the Gems in the guide, this section will detail where the Gems are located--it's a good starting place if you're missing a particular Gem. The Gems in each mansion are named after some sort of precious metal, so I will call them as such here. Otherwise, they're simply "gems." In the tables below, I abbreviate the cardinal directions to their initials: N = North, S = South, E = East, and W = West. My descriptions are terse mostly because you can look where they are in the Walkthrough if you're having that much trouble pinning them down. I try to place clarifying notes--commonly when a specific level if the area is accessible in more than level but the Gem is not--when necessary. The tables are broken up by mansion/precious metal type:

Gloomy Manor - New Amethyst

Disk1Mudrrom ExteriorNW tree.
Rounded Triangle2Front YardW Flower.
Rectanble3ParlorDigital clock.
Pin4StudioLook in camera; behind wall.
Teardrop5EntranceSuit of armor; shoot head at NW painting (A-3 only!)
Octagon6Dining RoomVault on ceiling.
Rhombus7KitchenOpen fridge; thaw ice block with flaming stove.
Star8Under the StairsNeed Darklight to find door from Patio.
Rounded Rectangle9GardenCheep fountain near porch.
Elliptical10LibraryDarklight W globe.
Shaved Diamond11StudyPainting in NW corner.
Trapezoid12RaftersEnd of Rafters.
Mushroom13BedroomIgnite silk; behind screens (A-5 only!)

Haunted Towers

Disk1Tower LobbyW. Between secret door and stairs.
Rounded Triangle2LaboratoriesRide balloon to NW. 
Rectangle3GardenWater SE flowers (B-2 only?) 
Pin4Botany LabWater NE flower (B-2 only!) 
Teardrop5Seedling LabShoot mouse in background 
Octagon6West GardenRestore water flow + reveal door w/ Darklight 
Rhombus7Hollow TreeBurn web; see Walkthrough
Star8Old GraveyardTree near center of room; look up 
Rounded Rectangle9SkybridgeBig flower at end of bridge (B-4 only!) 
Elliptical10Rumpus RoomCircle central doll slowly. 
Shaved Diamond11SolariumMake chest appear on 3F. 
Trapezoid12ConservatorySecret room in SE (B-4 only!).  
Mushroom13West BathroomToilet paper to the W.

Old Clockwork - Ruby

Disk1Clockworks CourtE. Darklight on treasure chest. (not C-1!)
Rounded Triangle2WarehouseGreen pot in pot spinner.
Rectangle3Clock Tower GateDarklight on W porch for chest.
Pin4Storm CellarPainting above bed w/ Darklight.
Teardrop5Canyon StairsAbove stairs to the SE.
Octagon6QuarryPull cart and investigate cave (C-2 only!)
Rhombus7Clockmaker's ChambersWake up ghost (see Walkthrough) (C-3 only!)
Star8Roundhouse (2F)S. Take second balance beam.
Rounded Rectangle9Roundhouse (1F)Hidden chamber behind roundhouse.
Elliptical10Gear ChamberSecret Room on bottom floor in back wall. Use Darklight to reach the back.
Shaved Diamond11Maintenance HubLower section--underneath gear with Darklight.
Trapezoid12Service ElevatorShoot Toad to foreground.
Mushroom13MovementsWindow to the W. Vacuum Ruby.

Secret Mine - Sapphire

Disk1SmokehousePull both towels to the E.
Rounded Triange2Fishing HutUnderneath wood to W of door.
Rectangle3Under the IceShoot Toad down elevator shaft (D-1 only!)
Pin4High WiresCrows' nest on the first islet.
Teardrop5AirwayUse telescope to see bat flying around; shake barrel near elevator
Octagon6Chalet ApproachThaw painting with flaming rock (not D-1!)
Rhombus7Prospector's CrossingGrab wood from S. Place on ice. (D-3 only!)
Star8Slip SlideW path down slide. Look for gear opening.
Rounded Rectangle9ShaftPull chain at bottom--repel upwards to find Sapphire.
Elliptical10Deep HallShoot flaming rock at ceiling.
Shaved Diamond11CrossroadsDarklight on W portion to find treasure chest.
Trapezoid12Crystal Quarry/ChaletTake E-Gate back to Chalet to find Gem
Mushroom13Gondola/High WiresBurn through ice on top of islet; reach secret area.

Treacherous Mansion - New Diamond

Disk1Underground LabShoot knight head at NE corner
Rounded Triangle2Haunted CatacombsFollow knights' directions to silk ball; use on spider web
Rectangle3CliffsideFollow knights' directions but head north; see Walkthrough
Pin4Front EntrancePull chain on gargoyle; open vault; defeat Slammer
Teardrop5RestroomsPull chain on toilet once
Octagon6Gargoyle RoofShoot stars at background
Rhombus7Ancient ExhibitWater flower on 1F. (Bucket @ Dark Age; water @ Jungle)
Star8Aviation ExhibitRelease hot-air balloon
Rounded Rectangle9Nautical ExhibitPlace bucket w/ water or log on switch to open back door
Elliptical10Dark Age ExhibitBlue book in bookcase (see Walkthrough)
Shaved Diamond11Jungle ExhibitComplete golden balloon coin quest
Trapezoid12Ice Age ExhibitComplete golden balloon coin quest
Mushroom13Train ExhibitRide train to secret area


Appendix D: Boo Locations

One Boo is located in each of the main missions; hence, there are twenty-three Boos spread over the twenty-three missions--even the missions before you can find the Darklight. Some Boo locations are obvious--E-2 comes to mind--while other Boo locations are very much out-of-the-way--D-3. Hence, this section is dedicated to telling you where the Boos actually are. Boo-catching is actually pretty easy in this game because they don't change rooms like in the original. Hence, while battles can take two or three minutes in an unlucky situation, they aren't going to take ten minutes as you work your way upstairs and downstairs, tracking down Boos. Your basic idea is to use your Darklight to find the Boo; he will leave behind shadows, allowing you to better pinpoint him. Use your Darklight to make him appear, then grab his tongue and send him flying. Try to make him bounce as much as possible by sending him in the shorter dimension of the room. The more bounces the Boo makes, the more damage the Boo takes. If you can't get him one shot, run after his last spot and use your Darklight to identify him right after he goes into invisible-mode. Like I said, Boo battles are extremely easy. Here are the Boo locations:

MissionBoo NameHPRoomDetails
A-1Boogie Woogie20GarageWheel near the door
A-2BaBoon20MudroomTable to the south
A-3Boo Boo20StudioMissing painting under canvas
A-4Boo?20Dining RoomN/A
A-5Ooga Booga20LibraryGrand Piano to the northeast
B-1MamBoo25Hydro GeneratorDresser to the northeast
B-2Boolean25SewerDead plant on the ceiling
B-3Booluga25CryptVase across from other vase
B-4Boo B. Trap25Family RoomPainting on the back wall
B-5French Boodle25Tool ShedAssorted missing objects
C-1ComBooter30WarehouseRed pot to pot spinner
C-2Bootine30QuarryBridge to the north
C-3Boodonkulous30Kiln RooomAfter battling Greenies (see Walkthrough)
C-4GumBoo30Clock Tower GateMissing lantern near gate
C-5Boony Raboot30Crank RoomWestern chamber; missing chest
D-1Boofoon35TerminalBarrel next to Prospector's Crossing door
D-2Booger30ChaletRocking Chair
D-3ParaBoola35Deep HallPush missing golden pot on top of flame
E-1Boolldog40Underground LabPush charge to positive and release
E-2Booba Troopa40Inner CourtyardN/A
E-3Booreaucrat40Dark Age ExhibitComplete golden balloon flight
E-5MaraBoo40Aviation ExhibitMissing hot-air balloon

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HOWEVER, I will not read game bashing, FAQ bashing, Nintendo bashing, or character bashing. I don't care if you hate this game because a lot of people (including myself) don't. I will also not read emails that don't directly relate to this FAQ. I don't care about what you're selling, or whathaveyou.

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With regards to this guide, I'm very eager to hear about anything I missed. I'm not perfect and this is very much an exploration game. If you discovered something--big or small--that isn't covered in my guide, please let me know.

Contact Info

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Also, compliments are welcome. :)



  • ZydrateGirl - For pointing out the spike-ball trick in B-2's Courtyard, the hockey puck trick in D-1 and the gear button in C-5. Thanks a bunch!
  • zylokun - For *also* pointing out the spike-ball trick in B-2's Courtyard. Thanks!
  • DarkMassacre - For reminding me to move a certain Gem pickup from B-5 to B-4. Thanks!
  • Lillym1000 - For reminding me to clarify the wording in the Gem locations table. Thanks!
  • Rainock08 - For pointing out the inaccuracy in the Boo locations table. Thanks a bunch!
  • Zawar - For pointing out the inaccuracy in the Boo locations table. Thanks!
  • Thanos6 - For telling me about the hockey puck trick in D-1. Thanks!
  • Pranav - For giving me the E-5 Boo's name--thanks!


  • IGN's Video Guides - For some missing Gems.
  • Super Mario Wiki - For various pre-release infos helping me map out the guide.

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Special Thanks

  • My Brother - For playing along with me.
  • shadowmathfreak - For various moral support and helpful hints.
  • Nintendo - For making the game.
  • GameFAQs - For being a kickass gaming site.
  • You - For reading this far!

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