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by super_luigi16

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FAQ/Walkthrough by super_luigi16

Version: 1.02 | Updated: 01/16/14

Walkthrough (Continued)

B-2 The Pinwheel Gate

Wow, E. Gadd, there just might be something in that tree! You don't say?

Haunted Towers Entrance

Use the strobe on the flower for some bills. Grab the bucket with the Poltergust and take it east toward the running water. Fill it up and examine any one of the sprouts to water the plants. Repeat for the other two flowers. Strobe these, as well. Examine the hollow tree to find a Golden Bat; use the Strobulb on this guy to generate more bills. Now let's move onto the Courtyard.


You'll also want to water these plants. The dust pile covers up a spike-ball plant, and you can walk it over to the other side of the Courtyard and stand on the pudgier of the two stepping stones. The stone will fall to the ground, revealing a cutout in the background. Shoot your spike-ball at the cutout to reveal a few coins. You can repeat the same on the other side of the Courtyard, but you need to use your Darklight to reveal the stone. That cutout contains a Gold Greenie and all of his rich goodness. (Thanks to ZydrateGirlfor correcting me on this!) Afterward check out the flowers should offer more bills. Let's try exploring west in the Tower Lobby.

Tower Lobby

There's nothing of interest in the Greenhouse, so let's stick around in the Lobby. There's a bat in the vase near the door; you can strobe it for a bill. Head upstairs, ignoring the West Garden. About halfway up the stairs, use the Backlight on the pipe with water flowing out of it. You should notice the missing pipe section. Fill it in with the Spirit Balls and then visit the West Garden. Remember--you also have to fill in that door.

West Garden

The water should create a spike-ball plant. Use this spike-ball on the Carnivine-looking plant to kill it off. It should reveal a chest with a Gem in it. Don't miss the bills on top of the western wall. Now we can go up the stairs to the Plant Nursery.

Plant Nursery

Turn on the water by vacuuming the pressure wheel in the eastern part of the room. This should reveal some flowers that will spit out bills. Now you can head out either exit and continue to the Courtyard.


Walk up to the Pinwheel Gate. Spin it using the Poltergust. The Hiders will then take the pieces and scatter up the Eastern Tower. Follow them!

East Hall

There's a Golden Bone in the vase. Be sure to check out the portrait for some gold. Take the northern door afterwards.

Gardener's Dwelling

Examine the wardrobe to the northeast. The Hider will scram downward--go check the ceiling fan. Spinning it will allow you to move downward to follow him. Grab the water bucket and go down to the lab.

Gardener's Lab

Head left. Defeat the Greenies with shades (watch out for the plant). They can give you problems if they pull you near the plant. Keep heading west and check out the books on the shelf. The Hider will attempt to move to the toolbox--Strobulb him before he can reach it. Capture him for the first Pinwheel Piece. Afterwards, head up the water stream in the middle of the room. Go in the door.


Vacuum the sprout in the ceiling to reveal Boolean--a Boo! Fortunately, he's very easy to catch in this narrow corridor. After you get him, check out the other sprout for a ton of bills. Go back a bit and locate the treasure chest in the back. Take the easternmost sewer entrance (the bars) to get back there. Now you can exit all the way back to the East Hall and make your way to the eastern door.

Tool Shed

Defeat the Slammer and the two Greenies (they can pick up shovels--beware). The Hider's in the middle dresser to the north. Catch him for another Pinwheel Piece. First, let's check the door leading to the Garden (there's nothing else of note in the Tool Shed, barring the fountain. We'll return to that later).


Firstly, go around and check out the lawn mower parked to the north. Locate the red ball on the chain and pull it with the Poltergust to let the lawn mower, uh, mow away your obstacles. Now head south and defeat the Greenies with hats and the Gobber. This is a tough battle, but you can do it if you take out the Greenies first. You'll want to try to lure them away from the Gobber. Locate the Hider and grab the Pinwheel Piece. Afterwards, find the flower bed along the southeasternmost wall. Use the Darklight to reveal a sunflower plant. Both sunflowers have gold for you to take. Find a bucket and fill it up with water. Water the flowers--one of them will contain a Gem. Get the gold from the last of the sunflowers and head back inside.

Tool Shed

Inspect the fountain to move onto the next room.

Toolshed Stairs

Grab the treasure up on the rafters above you. After that, look at the stairs. See how the stairs shuttle up and down? When they're at the bottom, you can get on. Simply walk up as they start to move back up and you should be fine. Once at the top, a Greenie will come after you. Deal with him as you would any other Greenie. Go all the way around the upper floor deck and use your Darklight to locate a small end table. Open it for more treasures. Based off of the map, we can deduce that the door to the north is a Trapdoor--take the southern door instead.

Botany Lab

Head left and vacuum the small dirty poster off of the wall to reveal some treasure. Grab the bucket off of the table in the middle of the room and take it down to the water machine. Look for the water spout above the machine and place the bucket underneath it with the Poltergust. Activate the water machine with your Strobulb. Adjust your water bucket as necessary. Once filled, take it to the sprout in the northeast corner to get a flower. This flower holds a Gem. Now go back to the water machine and look up. See the missing pipe segment for the sprout located in the middle? Use your Darklight to make that pipe appear. Now turn on the water machine with your Strobulb. The plant then shoots upward, giving you a vine to climb. Examine it to reach the next room

Seedling Laboratory

Defeat these Greenies--they shouldn't pose nearly as many problems as the last Greenie. The Hider is in the dresser to the northwest. Once you defeat him, grab the Pinwheel Piece. Examine the telescope-like object in the middle of the room. This is your Dark Moon equivalent of a shooting game--use the projectiles to hit the mouse. It may take a while to get used to. Once you hit the mouse, the Gem is yours. Head back toward the door (don't forget about the poster north of the door that contains money!) and head through to the staircase.

Toolshed Stairs

Go all the way up the stairs and around to the next room.


Defeat the Slammers that spawn. The Hider is among the pianos pipes, so examine the piano and immediately strobe upwards. Grab the Pinwheel Piece afterwards. That's the last one! There isn't much of interest in this room, unfortunately. E. Gadd, however, will recall you.

B-3 Graveyard Shift

E. Gadd ahnds you a Wrench to reattach the Pinwheel Pieces with. Also, great words of wisdom to boot.

Haunted Tower Entrance

Check out the hollow tree to find two Golden Spiders. Strobe them for gold bars. Locate the bucket so that you can defeat the plant that greeted you. Water the two eastern plants--one will be a spike-ball plant. Defeat the carnivorous plant with the spike-ball and reap the rewards from the two flowers. Move onto the Courtyard when you're ready.


As you enter, you'll notice a Slammer messing with the last Pinwheel Piece. Approach the Slammer--two more will join him. Move back toward the entrance. This way, you can try to get all three Slammers with one strobe. After you defeat the Slammers, the Greenie will reappear. He should be even easier to get rid of. Examine the gate for Tool Time with Luigi--Extended Edition. Blow the gate with your Poltergust and enter the tree.

Hollow Tree

Okay, so I usually don't tell stories about when I play games, but, in this section of the mansion, I managed to take the right path all the way up the tree without realizing the trick! You're supposed to look for the staircase with the orange flame; if you don't choose that flight of stairs, a ghost will intercept you. Anyway, when you make it to the top, head up to the spider web and grab the silk. Light it on fire with the torch on either side. As you try to enter that passage, a door will shut on you. Time to go downstairs! Well, uh, down the middle of the stairs, that is. Vacuum the brown silk in the center and watch Luigi plunge down. Once down here, grab a silk ball and point upwards. Keep your 3DS pointed upwards. Walk the ball on over to the torch, light it on fire, and then light the web on fire. Grab another spider silk ball and take it left toward a cave. Destroy the spider webs and then grab the bucket. Take the bucket to the cave on the right side and water the plant with water from the spring. Use the Strobulb on the plant to net a Gem. Enter that tree door next.

Tree Root

Head down the staircase. Once at the bottom, reveal the other vine ball by vacuuming the moss on the left. Tug on both of the vines to open up the tree branch in front of you. Ride the elevator up to the next area.

Old Graveyard

Now that you're in the graveyard, head left. Find the golden bar behind the masoleum. Afterwards, stand in front of the first normal gravestone to the right and look up. Vacuum the Gem down. Now keep heading east. Deal with the Crows as necessary. None of the sunflowers hold anything of note. Head up the stairs to the Crypt.


Check out the coffin to the right for some hearts. Now go forward. Tug on the yellow vines and hold on as you press "A" over and over again to knock down the wall. Before you deal with the portrait, check out the non-vase to the right with your Darklight. Investigate the vase to reveal Booluga! After you catch him, use your Darklight to rescue the Toad in the portrait! I'm sorry, but this next scene is absolutely adorable. The Toad will follow you to the Gardener's Lab where there's an old Pixelator screen. Let's head out of this creepy Crypt.

Old Graveyard

Before you can go anywhere, a few friends come to, uh, deal with you.

Herlinda (150 HP), Lucinda (50 HP), and Belinda (100 HP)


This battle is not extremely difficult--you just have to know the trick. By the way, Lucinda is the yellow one, Belinda is the green one, and Herlinda is the purple one.

When the battle starts, the three sisters will start flying around you. Watch them closely. They all hold mirrors, but one of them is not using it protect themself. Hold your Strobulb and wait for that sister to pass in front of you. Release, stunning the sister, and start vacuuming for damage. However, the other sisters will not let you win that easily; they will attempt to whack you with their mirrors. Try to keep moving so as to dodge their attacks, and let go if you feel you're going to get hit. You'll want to repeat until all three are dead--note that the battle gets much easier as their numbers dwindle as they cannot protect each other when being vacuumed.

This is my favorite part--to calm the Toad down, you have to vacuum him with the Poltergust, then release, sending him flying. Hell, he enjoys it. Take the Toad with you to the coffin all the way to the east. Lead him on top of the coffin with you so that you can fall down into the Sewer.


Grab the gold down here and return to the Gardener's Lab--you know the way from B-2.

Gardener's Lab

The Toad won't follow you through the water, so you'll have to pick him up. He's so high-maintenance. Once you reach the other side, walk on over to the Pixelator to the west. Use the Pixelator on the Toad and your mission will be over.

B-4 Pool Party

E. Gadd will have you ivnestigate that pool party pic. Captain Obvious--I mean, E. Gadd--tells us that the ghosts are keeping the Dark Moon piece from us!

Haunted Towers Entrance

There doesn't seem to be too much around here. Oh well. Investigate the hollow tree to find a gold Greenie. Catch him then head to the Courtyard.


This entrance area can be very annoying. Stun the plant on the left and make a break for the left door.

Tower Lobby

Don't head go straight for the Greenhouse. Wait in front of the door for the flower to drop down, then tug on the bulb for a bill. Now go to the Greenhouse.


Repeat the same process with these flowers. Defeating all of them will yield a bunch of bills from the ceiling. Head back out to the Lobby.

Tower Lobby

Check out the vase for a Golden Bone. Head up to the Plant Nursery next.

Plant Nursery

Now the sprout in the middle looks interesting. Let's head to the east and check out the water pressure valve. Vacuum it to increase the pressure. Now locate the bucket in the northeast and take it to the water in the northwest. Water the plant in the center to create a stalk up the center of the building. Head to the Skybridge.


Locate the flower at the end of the bridge--it holds a  Gem if you defeat the flower. Return to the Plant Nursery and climb upwards.

Rumpus Room

This room is interesting. Look at the mansion. Examine the lit room. ROOMCEPTION. Afterwards, check out the shaking jack-in-the-box. Greenies should start popping out in a steady stream. Capture them in succession. Once the lights go back on, inspect the doll in the center to reveal another Gem. Now let's head south to the next room (there's a shelf on the wall that can be exposed by the Darklight, if you want to do that).

Family Room

The wash basin to the left contains a heart. Use the Darklight to reveal another wash basin next to the existing one. Open this basin to expose more cash. Now head to the eastern portion of the room. Restore the picture using the Darklight. Examine it to discover Boo B. Trap! Capture him! Afterwards, play the jukebox for a bit to earn some gold. Now continue westward.


Tug on the red ball to expose the stairs. Use your Darklight to generate a treasure chest on the table. This chest contains a Gem. Go up the stairs to the top. You can inspect the hole to see what the Hiders are doing in the other room. You check out the other areas of the Solarium, but they don't have much.

West Bedroom

Walk to the east and vacuum the ceiling fan. This will open up the rest of the room. The Hiders will scramble, but you'll still have to chase them. Choose one of the sheets to suck up, and get the Hider that appears. The beds will then scramble--watch the bed with the Hider. Again, vacuum the sheets and capture the Hider. Repeat this one more time so that you get all three Hiders and earn the Key. Proceed to the next room with your Key.

West Hall

Now that we're in the West Hall, we should head east toward the Crow's Nest.

Crow's Nest

Walk all the way across this bridge. You can look inside the peep hole to see the Slammer blocking the door. Keep going to the Conservatory.


Now that we're here (again), you can see the balloon plants. Ride one of them to the top and head east. Eat your balloon and try the golden balloon plant. Ride this balloon around so that you can collect all of the coins. If you do this quickly, a treasure chest with money will appear on the bottom. Keep your golden balloon and ride back to the top. Go west again. Use your darklight to reveal a door. This area will net you a gem if you can collect all the red jewels in less than 15 seconds. Run aroudn the outside, cut through the middle, then go up the stairs for the Gem. Back inside, go to the east. Take this door to reach the Crow's Nest again.

Crow's Nest

Grab the Key from the portrait. Return to the West Hall.

West Hall

Open the northern door with your new Key.

West Bathroom

You can see the Slammer in the mirror, and, if you peeked in the peep hole before, you'll know that the Slammer is right next to you. Capture the Slammer, then move onto the Greenies with shades. Watch out for the purple globby ghost in the western portion of the room (it's a Creeper, by the way). Try to get it to split up, then use the Strobulb to stun it. Capturing it should be no problem afterwards. Afterwards, you can vacuum the toilet paper to net yourself a Gem. There's really nothing else in this room; lay on the lawnchair to reach the next room.

Rooftop Pool

Here we are at last--the Rooftop Pool. Look at the pool; notice how there are two frog statues in two of the three corners? We're missing one. Use the Darklight to reveal the last one, netting you the Secret Key. Unfortunately, the pink ghosts will outsmart Luigi, stealing the Key. These are Sneakers. This battle is rather easy, even if you are in the pool. Capture these ghosts. And now we have the Secret Key! ...Or not. Stupid Polterpup.

B-5 Doggone Key

According to E. Gadd, the dog left a trail. Let's find him!

Haunted Tower Entrance

Nothing here this time; onto the Courtyard. This level's very easy--mostly a chase. Hence, I'm just going to tell you where to go:

  • Courtyard
  • Hydro Generator
  • East Hall
  • Tool Shed
  • Garden

Some Sneaksters will engage you in battle now. Deal with them as you did last time at the pool

  • Tool Shed

If you use the Darklight to restore the furniture, the Boo for this level--French Boodle--will appear.

  • Toolshed Stairs
  • Botany Lab
  • Seedling Laboratory
  • Toolshed Stairs
  • Conservatory

In this room, you have to make the piano reappear. Afterwards, you must try to go behind the piano, getting trapped by a Creeper. Afterwards, the Polterpup will move on to the next room.

  • Crow's Nest
  • West Hall
  • West Bathroom

The Polterpup is hidden in the toilet next to the Darklit toilet.

  • West Hall
  • West Bedroom
  • West Hall
  • West Bathroom

At this point, the pup will start to go back and forth between these rooms. Every time you "discover" him, he will round you then move on. However, you can strobe him before he switches rooms; if you do this, you can vacuum him up, netting a Secret Key among other treasures. Now back to the lab!

B-6 Tree Topping

Hey! The Dark Moon Fragment is on top of the tree. Go figure, genius.

Eerie Staircase

This staircase is NOT fun. I'm not sure if this staircase pattern holds up for all instances, but this is the one I came up with. If you choose the wrong set of stairs, you'll have to face a Greenie. That's not too bad, but it could be better. Basically, you want to look for the staircase with no flame. However, while this may be obvious when you first start chaining, as you proceed, the staircases will get harder to manage. Basically, the flames will all be the same, making it impossible to tell. The idea is to look up as far as you can tell and to memorize as many flights as you can. Unless you have photographic memory, you will screw up. It's inevitable. You can only see so far. Just keep trying! Regardless, good luck!

Once at the top, pull on the yellow silk and repeatedly press "A" to destroy the wall. Go up these stairs.and tug on the rope at the top. This will open up the next area.

Tree House

Examine the stairscase to start the battle!

Harsh Possessor (Infinite HP)


This battle is much, much  easier than the last. It should only take you a few minutes, to be honest. The flaming staircase will start jumping around, trying to get you. After three lunges, it will attempt a body slam. This is when you want to get behind it and tug on the rope. The White Horned Ghost will pop out, allowing you to deal with him much as you did the last time with the last boss. However, he will dash twice with his large aura sphere this time. Strobulb him, then vacuum him to deal damage. We have to repeat this three times. The next two phases do not change; the staircase is slightly faster and it will start throwing flames at you that are easy to dodge. You should be fine. Just rinse and repeat!

Rewards: Golden Bars and a Dark Moon Fragment

B-Secret Hostile Intrusion

 More visitors...

Haunted Tower Entrance

This mission is much like the last secret set. However, I can't give you as much guidance because the rooms are slightly random and the paths are more numerous. You must make the calls on where to go based off of what is the fastest. Generally, it goes one room to the east, two rooms to the west, and three rooms to the east; the exact rooms change, though. In terms of enemies, there can be any one of the enemies you've seen thus far. However, the most annoying are the Shovel Greenies and the Gobbers. Finally, it's faster to sacrifice yourself to a Creeper than wait for it spring up. Good luck! Perfection is not required!

C-1 A Timely Entrance

At least E. Gadd knows for sure where the Fragment is this time...

Clockworks Court

Grab the golden bars to the right. You can check out the telescope to see our eventual boss for this area--the White Horned Ghost. There isn't much else here, so you should simply Strobulb the gate and walk through. Note that the gate is only open for a short period of time, though it is open more-than-long-enough for you to walk through. Once through the gate, head left along the mine tracks. The camera will pivot so that you can see a chest. Use your Darklight to reveal the missing track. The chest contains a lot of bills, but they have the tendency to fly off of the track and into the abyss. Unfortunately, there isn't much else here. You can't reach the eastern portions of this entrance area due to debris, and most of the clocks are decrepit. Speaking of the clocks--look at the times on the clocks. They're all the same! Now look for the big clock on the wall (it's where the door should be according to the map). Match the time on the big clock to the times on the smaller clocks by vacuuming the wheel next to the big clock. Presto--the door opens!



A Greenie flies off to the east, but we'll get to him later. You can take the elevator to the left by vacuuming the wheel that appears, but there's nothing of note on that portion of the second floor. (To get down, blow with "L" instead of sucking with "R"). The rest of the room is rather desolate. However, let's look at the pots near the entrance. See the one in the holding apparatus? Tug on the tape holding the pot to yield a golden bar. The red pot next to the machine contains a spider. The red pot farther to the east holds a Boo--ComBooter! Catch his binary butt! The other green barrels hold bills. Finally, use your Strobulb to check the vault to the northeast; inside is a gold pot with a Key. Now you can proceed eastward.


Watch the Greenies. Use the Strobulb to force the bomb to explode, exposing the Greenies to your Strobulb. This should allow them to be esily captured with the Poltergust. After the battle, you can pull the chain on the right to expose a golden Greenie that hands out cash. The other chain opens up a vent above the Workshop. You can also check out the machine to the northeast to find a Golden Bone. Finally, near the eastern door, look for a stack of bills on the shelf along the back wall. Now we can continue eastward.

Clock Tower Gate

Head down the stairs and turn south to find the coins located underneath the porch. Collect them with your Poltergust. Back on top of the porch, you should be able to shine your Darklight to the north and find a hidden chest containing a Gem. Head east toward the large clock gate and investigate it. E. Gadd will call you to inform you that the clock hands are missing. This guy must be Sherlock Holmes... Anyway, after that call, some Greenies will find you. Now they'll start forming small sandstorms/tornados that will fly after you. While they will eventually leave their sandstorm form, you can use the bombs in the ground to force them out. When they cease the tornado, immediately use your Strobulb to stun them. The last of the Greenies should yield a Key. We can use this Key to head farther east.

Cargo Room

After you walk toward the center of this room for a bit, E. Gadd will inform you that strong paranormal signals are emanating from the Drafting Room. We'll head there as soon as we grab the hearts in the box down below. And, you know, we of course use our Strobulb to force that bomb along the far wall to explode. That explosion will cause the room to fill with sand, allowing us to advance eastward. Look in the peep hole along the eastern wall to see a harrowing scene--a Toad falling off the ledge! We'll get to him later, I guess. Tug on the red chain above you to release the stairs. Try to walk up the stairs--a Greenie will scare you at the top. These Greenies will try to use the bombs to hurt Luigi; fortunately, we can strobe the bombs to force them to explode on the Greenies (just make sure to put some distance between the bombs and yourself). After the Greenies have been defeated, a Slammer will appear as a mound of sand. We can defeat him by vacuuming the sand and waiting for him to pop out. After this battle, head up the stairs. Use your Darklight to expose a toolbox, containing a golden bomb. Strobulb the bomb and get the hell away to an area where it can't chase you. Pick up the gold bars and take the western door on the second floor.

Clock Tower Gate

Strobulb the golden spider above you for a gold bar. Head a little north and reveal the bridge with your Darklight. Keep going down the stairs, and reveal the next missing section of bridge with your Darklight. Make your way to the western wall and pull on the red ball/chain to reveal one-hundred-health-points worth of hearts.

Drafting Office

If you vacuum the papers next to you, a Greenie will fly out. Capture him with your Poltergust 5000. Also be sure to get the poster to the north--it has quite a bit of gold in it. You pick up the remaining papers here, but they hold nothing of interest. Now locate the ceiling fan. Vacuum it to force the western wall to move back. When you release, the wall will start to crank back, so move quickly. You will likely want to face toward the ceiling fan while moving toward the next room; however, the first time you try this, a few of the pink ghosts will intercept you. They aren't tough to beat--just charge your Strobulb in a corner, stun most of them, and vacuum! Now we can try the ceiling fan trick again without any interruptions. In the other portion of the room, open the desk to reveal the Special Compass. E. Gadd will recall you now.

C-2 Underground Expedition


E. Gadd informs us that an alternate entrance to the underground portions of the mansion has been discovered. Let's go investigate!

Clockworks Court

You can investigate the telescope again to see the White Horned Ghost flying around. Regardless, open the gate with your Strobulb and investiaget the area where the X is on the map. This means you'll want to make a clockwise 180 once you reach the clearing. Investigate the sand around the X and Luigi will place the Special Compass, sending him underground.

Storm Cellar

Head down and then to the left to find a big silver pot. Examine it and a bomb and a heart will fly out. Wait for the bomb to explode then grab the heart. A Greenie should appear shortly thereafter. He does have some shielding, but this is easily bypassed. Now head left and investigate the bed. Another Greenie will fly out, scaring Luigi. Vacuum him up and remove the tapestry behind the bed. Use the Darklight on the Portrait to recover a Gem. In order to open the door, the cart near the entrance needs to be lowered. This will force the door to open. However, if you get off the cart, the door snap back shut. Grab a rock near that silver bucket and place it on the cart. This should allow you to exit.

Canyon Hall

Head left and vacuum the wheel on the drilling mechanism. Some gold should start flying out, adding to your coffers. Now let's head east. Don't open the toolbox unless you want a bomb. There are coins and webs on the ceiling as you proceed--vacuum them up with your Poltergust. Now head around the corner. Set the bomb off with your Strobulb, and he will explode, revealing a hole in the wall. You should also notice the rock wall moving in the foreground--use your Poltergust to reveal a cave entrance in the southeastern corner. Enter this cave and tug on the red ball to ride across the gap. Walk north and go around the corner to discover a door. Enter this room for a small minigame; basically, the sand will climb upwards and you will want to open treasure chests as the sand propels you upwards. Each of the chests contains a golden Greenie, yieldling you a lot of gold if you cash them all in. When you return to the cave, ride the other zip line across the gap. Enter back inside the shaft and advance forward. Note the spider on the crate is actually a reflection--that's a mirror on the crate. As you advance farther forward, a pink ghost will start playing tricks on you. Capture that ghost as he flies around. Afterwards, exit to the north.

Roundhouse Pit

To the left, most of the cans contain bombs. Unfortunately, there isn't much else we can do there yet. Head back to the center of the room and locate the red ball/chain. Tug on it three times with the Poltergust to reveal a chamber. After that, E. Gadd will call you in broken speech. Now let's check out the sarcophagus to the right. After we enter the coffin, a Boo and a Hider will start messing around. Use the Darklight to force these buckets to reappear. Defeat the Hider in the farthest silver can and return to the southeast corner. Examine the cardboard box for a Golden Bone. Now let's head north. Check out the vases for some gold, if you want.

Pit Slide

This is probably the easiest part of this entire level--walk up to the decline and you'll start sliding. Control Luigi with the Circle Pad and fly into the sand mounds to score gold. Avoid the spiders or you'll take damage. At the bottom, collect the coins and check the northwestern vase for some hearts. Look at the vases now--see how they're almost symmetrical? There's a missing pink vase on the right that you can reveal with the Darklight. Examine that vase for more gold. Now let's continue north.


Walk down the steps to the bottom of the mine. Once down there, inspect the tracks leading west--there are a few golden bars lying in the crevice. Now check out the mine cart to the east. Before you pull it out too far, check out the cave behind it to find a Gem and some golden bats. Pull it with your Poltergust so that it's collecting the sand from the ceiling. After that, a few Greenies should appear. You'll have to deal with about five Greenies with shovels--remember that you have to be smart about dodging then stunning. After the Greenies, three of the pink ghosts will come after you. Watch their tracks in the sand to see where they are. Once the sand has filled the room, check the gap to the north. Reveal the bridge with your Darklight to garner Bootine's appearance! Capture the little Booger and you should be mostly done with this room. Just make sure to grab the gold in the chest at the top of the hill and you should be fine. Head east.


Walk up to the spider web in the background and look to the left. Vacuum to find a spider silk ball that you can use to ignite the silk in this room. Be sure to grab the gold in the first cave on the right. Both of the other caves--one on the left and one on the right--contain lots of gold as well. You need to strobe the golden spiders in the third cave to get that dwelling's gold. Now go to the final chamber.


Examine the coffin. The Blue Poltergeist will flee with your Clocktower Hands. In his place, we get a...mummy. Wonderful. These mummies are really just Greenies in costume. Here's how you'll want to deal with them: stun them with the Strobulb while they're facing you. You'll want to be close to wall. After being stunned, you should move out of the way because they're going to run forward. The mummy will run into the wall, fall over, and leave some wrappings for you to vacuum. After you take off the wrappings, stun the Greenie, and catch him with your Poltergust 5000. Two more mummies will appear, so rinse and repeat. E. Gadd will take you back to the Bunker now.

C-3 Roundhouse Brawl

An Ancient Ghost--wonderful! And more E. Gadd puns...


Head north toward the Roundhouse.


Unfortunately, we still can't reach the Roundhouse proper via this path; however, we can keep going to the Canyon Stairs to pick up another goodie.

Canyon Stairs

Grab the Gem off of the shelf above the stairs, and head back toward the Warehouse afterwards.


Let's take the elevator near where we were pixelated in. This is the red shaft to the west if you are unfamiliar. Use your Poltergust to vacuum the wheel, sending you upward. Once at the top, walk north toward the door. Use the Strobulb on the bomb burried in the rubble; this should clear the path for you. Now check out the chest. The moving chest! Follow it all the way down all of these bridges until it's cornered. Once back here, open it up for a golden Greenie. Catch him for a bunch treasures. If you take the green pot buried back behind the chest to the pot spinner, you can pick up almost 100 in gold. Head through the northern door on the second floor when you're ready.

Clockmaker's Chambers

Pull up the rug from the bottom. See the wire leading from the fan underneath the floor? It leads to the alarm clock. If you look at the alarm clock, it's set at 9:00. Spin the fan with your Poltergust so as to set the digital clock so that its 9:00. The clock works in increments of 15 minutes, so it's not impossible. Once the Greenie wakes up, defeat him with your Strobulb stun and Poltergust 5000 vacuuming. After you grab the Gem, move onto the next room to the north.


The Roundhouse is certainly one of the more precarious rooms here. E. Gadd will call to inform you that you can jump from beam-to-beam across those girders. While this walk also requires gyro controls, you should be used to it by now. Once you reach the end of the first beam, jump to the other beam with the Circle Pad by motioning in that direction. Repeat with the next jump. It's not as hard as it looks. Once on the other side, stun the golden spider with the Strobulb. Find the other beam farther to the east that heads back. Cross it and locate the Gem in the chest at the end of the deck. Return back to the other side of the beam. Keep heading east and go in the door.

Transportation Hall

Woo, more long halls! Reminds you of Gloomy Manor, doesn't it? Well, this hall is more dastardly. If you walk forward, the floor will start pushing you back. You can pick up the golden bars, but you can't do much else. Let's take the western door first even though it probably won't get us far.

Finishing Room

Ignite the bomb that comes hurtling down toward you. Afterwards, take the stairs up and grab the gold from the vengeful furnace. See the following masks? Shine the Darklight on them to reveal some Greenies. Use the Strobulb on them when they left their masks so that you can capture them. After you get all of them, grab the gold and moneys from the ceiling--notably the stack of bills above the northernmost door--and proceed out the other door.

Transportation Hall

We aren't getting much farther ahead, unfortunately. Grab the gold bar and take the door to the east.

Container Yard

Grab all of the gold around the door. Go inspect the red chain over by the yellow machine. Pull with the Poltergust and tug twice to reveal some Slammers in boxes. These guys should be very easy to beat by now. Head north down the newfound path. After you cross the bridge, open the chest for some treasure and ignite the bombs to let the elevator down. Head back to the hall.

Transportation Hall

Head to the western wall and go to the next room.

Kiln Room

Shine the Darklight on the pressure unit directly north of the entrance. Reveal the wheel and use "L" to blow the pressure valve shut. Repeat the same with the other pressure unit to the west. Now vacuum the smoke out of the air. Strobulb the lock. Deal with the two Greenies and the Boodonkulous who follows. Head to the next room afterwards (go after the golden bomb in the vent to the north if you want).

Transportation Hall

Head north. Vacuum the webs and rugs to reveal a gear in the middle. Walk onto it to reach the area in front of the Key portrait. Use the Darklight on the portrait to get the Key. (Ride the gears back over). Now we can head back south and out of this area via the southeasternmost door.


Head down the stairs, collectin gold as you go along. On the last flight of stairs, look back and shine your Darklight down to reveal a dresser. Go west toward the flappy wall. Vacuum it to reveal more golden bars. Keep heading west to find the Gem behind this wall. Now go east toward the dresser. Open it for a ton of money. Now head south.

Blue Poltergeist (100 HP)


This battle is actually much easier than the last battle you had with a Poltergeist. While the Blue Poltergeist will take to the center of the battle arena and spin the tracks, you can easily dodge the bombs flying at you by simply running around the perimeter. Once the Blue Poltergeist is done spinning the mechanism, Strobulb him and try to get a few charged shots in at him. However, before you can get much of these shocks in, a Sneaker will scare Luigi, forcing him to let go of the Poltergeist. You'll need to deal with the Sneakers before you can proceed. Repeat until you beat the Poltergeist.

Reward: Clock Hands

C-4 Play Catch

Okay, so that was the Minute Hand. Looks like we need the Hour Hand!

Clockworks Court

It's the Polterpup! After it! There really isn't much in the starting area, but the telescope still shows that White Horned Ghost fooling around. The treasure chest to the west--the one separated by missing tracks--holds a gold bomb this time. You can set it off for more gold bars. If you head east, the path should now be unblocked, allowing you explore this area. Vacuum the fans to garner some more gold. At the end of the easternmost tracks, use the Darklight to reveal a chest containing a Gem. Now we can head inside to the Warehouse--the area where pup last was.


When you first enter, catch the Greenie messing around in front of you. At first, he will have infinite health, but, with an electrical shock, he should revert to his normal health. If we look at the Polterpup tracks on the ground with the Darklight, we should notice a missing vase. Make it reappear with the Darklight and take the green pot to the pot spinner. Destroy it to yield another Gem. There isn't much else of note here--head east toward the next room.


Follow the Polterpup tracks to the machine in the northeastern corner. Examine the machine to find the pup, who then flees upwards to the Drafting Room. Before you leave, pull the right chain to make a golden spider appear. Now head to the Clock Tower Gate.

Clock Tower Gate

Make the lantern near the clock gate itself reappaer with the Darklight. Capture the Boo--JamBoolaya--who appears. Afterwards, I recommend reaching the Drafting Room via the Warehouse.

Drafting Room

The antique desk holds a Golden Bone--you should grab that. From this side of the room, vacuum the ceiling fan. Hold your suction until you reach the other side of the room. Investigate the dresser along the back wall. The pup makes a run for the Warehouse now.


Walk along the bridge, following the pup's tracks with your Darklight. Before you reach the door, your attention will grabbed by the presence of another shielded Greenie. You have to use an electrical shield to rip through the forcefield, but that should be easy enough. The pup escaped to the Chambers--take the second floor exit.

Clockmaker's Chambers

Investigate the wardrobe on the western wall. The pup will escape to the Roundhouse! Follow it!


Seriously? It's teasing us on the other side. Cross these beams as you did in C-3. It's not any harder or easier. As you make it to the final beam, the Polterpup will get chased by the Greenie to the next room. Head toward the Transportation Hall once you're all the way across--continue to the Finishing Room.

Finishing Room

Even if you try to do anything to catch these ghosts, they will escape. Back to the Transportation Hall... Or not! A Greenie with a red forcefield will engage you along with some Slammers. In order to remove the Greenie's shield, you'll need to charge your Poltergust up to the third level. Try to get Slammers while you're dealing with the Greenie, or the fight will escalate in difficulty. NOW to the Transportation Hall.

Transportation Hall

The Polterpup will continue to tease us by going to the Container Yard. However, if we enter the Container Yard, the pup will just bounce back to the Transportation Hall. Let's try to get farther down the hall via the Container Yard.

Container Yard

You should remember the trick--yank the chain to drop the bombs, blow up the bombs once on the other side.

Transportation Hall

The Polterpup doesn't notice us now that we're on the other side of him. Try to sneak up on him with your Strobulb. If he gets spooked, he'll return to the Container Yard, meaning you have to repeat the last few steps. However, if you manage to the get the pup, you should have an easy battle. He only has 50 HP. Once you beat him, you get the Hour Hand. E. Gadd now calls us back.

C-5 Piece at Last

E. Gadd's got another Pixelator. Oh god.

Service Elevator

As we enter, a Super Sneaker will go flying off to the next area. We can't do much in here yet, so let's continue onwards.

Gear Chamber

Head east toward the elevator. Take the fairytale-looking wire cage down to the lower level of this room. Once down here, we'll see the Super Sneaker go to the next room. Use the Darklight to identify a small end table next to the elevator that contains quite a bit of money. Afterwards, you can check out the peep hole to the room where the Sneaker just went, but a Greenie will board it up shortly thereafter. E. Gadd will now inform us that there's a Toad--that you may have seen earlier, if you were following this Walkthrough--in the mansion who can help us. Let's head west. Go down the staircase all the way to the left. Pull on the chain to release 20 coins. Continue all the way to the bottom. You can climb the dust/sand hill to get attacked by a flock of minion-like birds, yielding coins when strobed. Also, check the eastern wall and look for the gap in the crates. Use your Darklight to make the bridge reappear. Follow this path to the door in the background. Enter the door and complete the minigame (a variety of paths will work) to earn a Gem. Go back outside and return to the western door on BF2. Continue through that door.

Service Elevator

Climb down these stairs to the next room. The elevator will fall down, releasing some bills, by the way.

Maintenance Hub

Head north and use your Strobulb to activate the mechanism on the wall. This should send the chain flying toward you so that you can ride it across the gap  to the other side. Once over here, walk down the stairs and unfurl the bridge by blowing (remember--"L"). Now, on the gear, look north. Reveal the door on the back wall and continue to the Crank Room.

Crank Room

Head east toward the gears below. Strobe any golden spiders/mice you see around. Go down the stairs to the gear and strobe the bombs. Afterwards, use your Darklight on the missing gear (it's pretty obvious...). Get the chest on this second gear for a lot of bills, then regress back up to where you entered from. The gear to the west should now be rotation, allowing you to ride it up to the upper portions of this room. Just be sure to, y'know, get off the gear before you get killed. Head up and around this corner. Vacuum up the flapping wall and head inside. Expose the chest to the south with your Darklgiht, and open the chest to find Boony Raboot. These names are just getting terribly punny now. After you get the Boo, check the steel drum to the north for a Golden Bone. Walk back outside and cross through the rotating gear. Defeat the Slammers in the back (try to get them both at once), and grab the Key. Check the other lockers for a heart and a golden Greenie. Ride the gear to the east to reach the front of the room again. You can grab the golden bars in the loft, if you want. Return to the Mainenance Hub.

Maintenance Hub

Use your Key on the western door.

Synchro Gantry

Grab the obvious gold in this part of the room. Now inspect the cuckoo clock to the west. The bird will come out, eat you, and spit you out on the other side. Keep pressing westward. Vacuum the web to reach the next portion of the room. In this new section, head west and vacuum the poster on the wall to reveal a few golden bars. Now make your way to the lower section by locating the stairs in the southeast. Reveal the missing wheel on the right by using your Darklight. Spin the wheels with your Poltergust to make the gears in the back traversable. After some tinkering, you should be able to reach the Toad portrait. Use your Darklight to rescue the Yellow Toad. He works in a clockworks...and he's scared of clocks. And gears. Okay. As we try to leave the room, a few Greenies--one with a red forcefield and the other with a green forcefield--will prevent us from leaving. Defeat them and then move on to the west (calm down your Toad by picking him up, if need be). This part can be a bit tricky. Move back into the previous section; however, the Toad will not want to take the cuckoo path with you. He's scared of clocks. Step on the button near the back of the room to force the gate in the background down (Thanks to ZydrateGirl for pointing this out!). Quickly pick up and toss the Toad onto the conveyor belt. Now go back to the previous section, defeat the Greenies that appear, and return to the Maintenance Hub.

Maintenance Hub

That gear-o-phobia is very annoying. Pick up the Toad and drag him on top of the gear. Shoot him off toward the eastern door. After that, a few equipped Greenies will confront you. You'll need to wait for them to strike before you can stun them. Capture all three of them to end the battle. After the battle, drop below the gear and locate the Gem hidden in a Darklight chest. Return to the top via the gear spring. Unfurl the western bridge and ride the chain on over to ToadLand. Take the Toad with you through the Service Elevator and onto the previous room.

Gear Chamber

The Super Sneaker will lure you out to the sand. This battle comes in waves. First, three regular Greenies. Next, three Greenies with shovels. Next, three sandy Greenies. Finally, three mummy Greenies. Lastly, the Super Sneaker himself will join. Deal with each phase adequately; it's no different from any other fight. However, the Super Sneaker is slightly more interesting. You must stun him with a charged Strobulb and you must tug in the other direction, or he'll get away easily. Defeat him to clear this room. Now take the Toad upstairs and march him all the way to the eastern portion of the room. Shot the Toad into the little elevator near the door; this will cause the elevator to lower and open. Go inside the Storage Room now.

Storage Room

In here, walk north and shoot the Toad into the little mesh area where the Rotor is (you have to remove some posters first). The Toad will pick up the Rotor, fall to the lower level, and walk to the center of the room. Meet him down there. Now to take him to the Service Elevator. Exit through the northernmost door. Walk your Toad to the Service Elevator.

Service Elevator

Once in here, take the rug off of the mirror on the back wall. See the Gem? Fire your Toad at it. He will walk back toward you and hand you 100 gold along with the Gem. Now we can use the Pixelator on the little dude!

C-6 Showtime

After investigating image, we learn some valuable information about Dark Moon...

Clock Tower Gate

Investigate the clock tower gate. Set the clock to 7:30. For the record, the image has multiple clues suggesting 7:30 is the time (the clock on the left, the numbers of the gears, etc.). Head inside.


Before we start, head left and locate the window. Vacuum the Gem. Now return to the center. Use the wheels on the large wall to force the entire wall down. Watch for all sorts of moneys to pass downward (including a treasure chest!). Enter the door when you're ready to do so.


Walk up to the ladder to begin the fight!

Belfry Clock

Overset Possessor (Infinite HP)


This battle is broken up into twelve parts--the twelve hours in a half-day. Each hour consists of a set amount of ghosts you have to defeat. You only have the amount of time on the clock--about thirty seconds--to beat the ghosts. This isn't too hard at the beginning, but it escalates in difficulty. For each quartet of hours, the White Horned Ghost will emerge to attack you. Fortunately, he's easy to stun and deal damage to: it's exactly the same as the other battles. This strategy will simply cover the ghosts in each hour and any tips to deal with them. By the way, with the transition for each hour, stay on the outside or the clock arm will hit you.

  • First Hour - One Greenie. You better not need my help.
  • Second Hour - Three Greenies. You still better not need my help.
  • Third Hour - Five Greenies. Try to group them all together.
  • Fourth Hour - Two Slammers. Group them together or you'll get hit.
  • Fifth Hour - Ten Spiky Desert Animals (?). Strobe them. Easiest level.
  • Sixth Hour - Three Sneakers. Group them all together or you won't get far. Start from a corner.
  • Seventh Hour - Three Greenies w/ Hammer + Shield. Dodge, strobe, vacuum.
  • Eighth Hour - Three Mummies. Work quickly. Try to get all three of them with one strobe so one can't hit you while you're unwrapping.
  • Ninth Hour - Fifteen Spiky Desert Animals (?). Strobe them. Second-easiest level.
  • Tenth Hour - Four Creepers. Darklight + Strobulb + Vacuum + Electrical Shock. It's easy to group them together.
  • Eleventh Hour - Ten Bombs. Run. Running should do the trick.
  • Twelfth Hour - One Greenie, Three Bombs, Three Spiky Desert Animals, One Slammer, One Sneaker, and One Greenie w/ Hammer + Shield. Of all of them, the Slammer + Sneaker + Greenie w/ protection is the hardest combo to deal with. Either group them together or split them apart.

Reward: Dark Moon Fragment

C-Secret Outlandish Interruption

This is another Time Attack mission!

Clocktower Court

Again, there isn't much I can guide you on, considering the rooms and ghosts are different every time. Just remember to judge the situation and make a decision whether to partition the enemy ghosts or to meld them together. Greenies with shades or glasses will be the most annoying enemies because they require more effort to capture, and they can distract you from other ghosts. Good luck!