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by super_luigi16

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FAQ/Walkthrough by super_luigi16

Version: 1.02 | Updated: 01/16/14


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(henceforth abbreviated ) is the second installment into the Mario mini-series . The only other game in the series is the GameCube incarnation bearing the series' name; as a launch title, it fluorished among a system noted by solid hardcore releases. was likely one of the best launch titles ever released on any system, and it was a profound leap to make Luigi--my favorite character--the protagonist. Anyways, this guide intends to help you progress through the game, and it will cover everything from beating your first ghost to defeating the final boss, and all of the mechanics, gameplay, and mansions in between. Use the Table of Contents to the right as your guide to make your way to the section you want to use--without further ado, I welcome you to my FAQ!

About the Guide

This guide is intended to be comprehensive with regards to completing the game; hence, I will leave out a minute details, and will not (initially!) cover peripheral content--such as multiplayer or non-boss ghost strategies--extensively. However, I will try to cover anything and everything that pertains to beating the game, including ghost information. Remember, this is a walkthrough, not an in-depth FAQ. Also, I'm American so all spellings and names are localized (not localised!) to the American standard.

This guide was compiled with the GameFAQs Editor **BETA** version, meaning that there might be some formatting kinks. If you notice any major problems, let me know. If it's something on my end, I will fix it; if it's something on GameFAQs' end, I will let the appropriate admin(s) know. Thanks!

Let me get you started with some basic navigation:

  • If you're stuck in a certain point in the game, look to the Table of Contents for a specific section.
  • If you want to start from the beginning of the Walkthrough, follow the link.
  • If you want to look at specific information of any kind, look through the Appendices which start here.
  • If you want to read more about me or the guide in general, keep reading!
  • If you want to contribute to this guide, follow this link, or go to my website at http://superluigi16.webs.com.

About the Author

Hi, everyone! My name is super_luigi16, but I generally go by SuperLuigi or just SL on GameFAQs. This is my 9th FAQ, so I have a bit of experience with FAQs. I've written for plenty of other Nintendo games, most of which happen to be for the 3DS.  I also played the original Luigi's Mansion. Hence, I should be more than qualified to help you on your quest to complete Luigi's Mansion! Anyway, I've been playing Nintendo games since forver, and I've had the 3DS since launch. I try to write somewhat seriously with an undertone of lightheartedness, so I hope that's reflected in my writings. I hope you enjoy the guide!

Version 1.02


Version 1.01

Submitted April 2nd, 2013

  • Minor corrections.

Version 1.00

Submitted March 29th, 2013

  • The Walkthrough is FINISHED! *confetti*
  • Most Appendices are up-to-date. Appendix A is the exception.
  • I have not updated all Gem and Boo locations in the Walkthrough yet, so please bear with me.

Version 0.90

Submitted March 28th, 2013

  • Halfway through Treacherous Mansion. Busy day yesterday! :)
  • Added Appendix D which covers Boo locations. It's current through the Secret Mine.
  • Made some minor corrections.

Version 0.80

Submitted March 27th, 2013

  • Walkthrough complete through Secret Mine
  • Added Appendix C which covers Gem locations. It's current through the Secret Mine.

Version 0.60

Submitted March 26th, 2013

Version 0.40

Submitted March 25th, 2013

Version TBD

Not Submitted


The basic controls for Dark Moon are given in this section. While I cannot cover all controls for all parts of the game, I can give you instructions for the majority of exploration and battling. Without further ado, here are the controls:

 "R" Suck w/ Poltergust 5000
 "L" Blow w/ Poltergust 5000
 "A" Strobulb/Electrical Shock
 "B" Dash
 "X" View/Examine
 "Y" Darklight
 Circle Pad Move/Aim
 Gyro Point

 Those are the general combat controls. Note that the "Start" button is your normal stop/skip scene button. While giving you a list of buttons is useful, it does not cover what I really want you to know--how to battle. You see, this game basically let's you figure it out for yourself. However, I'll go over the basics here.

Firstly, whenever you encounter a ghost, you innate response should be to press "R" and move away from the ghost. That creates resistance, and, in this game, resistance creates damaging shocks to the ghosts expressed by the "A" button. Hence, whenever you vacuum a ghost, move away from it. The only exception is when you need to take evasive action. In that case, you may lax up on the tension so as to let the ghost pull you away from danger. This is especially useful when projectiles are flying at you or in multi-persona boss battles. Finally, the Strobulb; you don't need to charge it up to stun most ghosts, though it is nice to get the larger radius with the charged blast for groups of ghosts. Try to group your ghosts together because the Poltergust can handle them. That should cover most combat rationale for now--any intricacies in-game will be covered in the next section--the Walkthrough!


The Walkthrough is presented below in the following sections. Note that I assume that you have read through the previous sections, notably Controls. Nevertheless, this section is intended to help you with everything from beating the first level to beating the last level, completing the first mansion to completing the final mansion, finding your first Gem to finding your last Gem, and getting your first Boo to getting your last Boo. These short few paragraphs will cover how information in the Walkthrough is presented. An extended TOC will be added in a future update.

The Walkthrough is broken up by "mission." Each mission generally follows the same format with only a few exceptions--B-5, and the secrets are examples of this deviation. In the normal mission formatting, each time we change areas, a new bold header will be created to denote the change in location. Furthermore, items are bolded. Money is not. Finally, bosses are set apart by their large boss boxes. They should be obvious amongst a walkthrough of mostly lines, words, and darker words :)

Gloomy Manor

Professor E. Gadd seems to be using ghosts to his advantage this time; unfortunately King Boo strikes. No it's up to us to salvage E. Gadd's mansions! E. Gadd uses his Pixelator to send us to the Bunker for instructions. He explains that the disappearance of the Dark Moon likely caused an eerie fog to linger around Evershade Valley. Fortunately for us, E. Gadd's already located a fragment of the Dark Moon, so we can advance to the first mansion. E. Gadd's recruting (requiring!) us to locate the other fragments... let's get started!

A-1 Poltergust 5000

E. Gadd hands us a Flashlight and a modified Nintendo DS for our adventures in the mansion. These will be insanely useful for our trek througout the mansions.

Front Yard

Once E. Gadd drops us off with the Pixelator, continue upwards toward the gate. You can't explore the surrounding areas, unfortunately. After passing through the gate, E. Gadd tells us that "B" is used to run--how useful. Head up near the pot to the right of the stairs and examine it with "X" to get some coins. While the flowers in the background may follow you, there's nothing else here. Head upstairs. If you head to the left, you can check out what the ghosts are doing inside the mansion. Otherwise, there just isn't much to do; check out the door next. KEY. Chase after that mouse! Head downstairs and hold "B" to run after it. Once you have the Key, head upstairs and use it on the mansion door.


It seems that none of the doors, barring the one on the left, work. None of the pots or suits of armor are of interest either. Oh well. Head left.


In here, the only things of interest are the drawers back behind the dust in the northeast, holding gold, and the car in the central part of the room. The car, of course, holds the Poltergust 5000. Luigi, as clumsy he usually is, manages to block the exit. Oh well, let's explore with the Poltergust now. Firstly, press "R" and point upwards! This will net you some gold. Check out the blanket in the northwest corner (press "A" once you've sucked on it for an adequate period of time). A chest should be revealed, holding another Key. Vacuum up the rest of the dust and exit the Garage.


There are a few pieces of gold hanging out around the top recesses of the Entrance. Check out the eastern door; vacuum the wavering piece of door to reveal the actual door. Before we go that way, head out to the Front Yard to do some cleaning up.

Front Yard

Head to the left. See the dust? Vacuum it up to reveal a pot that contains a lot of gold. There's more gold up in the rafters of the porch. Downstairs, we can head right and find a blanket, revealing two golds after removal. There's also quite a few bills in the dead tree. Finally, all of the bushes contain gold, as well. Head inside when you're done exploring.


Head right toward that new, exposed door.


In the Mudroom, we can see something moving in that window out there. We'll get to it later. Check out the gold in the southeastern corner. Vacuum up the carpet next. You'll need to pull from the north so as to make the carpet roll up. This reveals a switch that lets out a lot of gold. Pick it all up. Now let's check the ceiling--the ceiling fan, that is! Vacuum the fan for a little bit, and the centripetal force will not be sufficient to keep the Key on the fan. Retrieve it afterwards. The shirts in the both corners also contain gold. Unfortunately, the door leading outside does not seem to want to open. Let's head back to the entrance.


Back out to the Entrance! Now let's head north!

Guard Hall

This hall can cost you some HP; you see, the suits of armor will swing their swords at you, taking 20 HP. You have two choices: you can either run through the hall, or you can get up near them, wait for them to swing, then proceed. I recommend running because there's nothing of note in this room. Our other key we found will open us up to the Foyer.


There's nothing we can do in the main portions of this room, so let's head to the stairs. E. Gadd will inform us that we can do nothing about those doors unless we have that object the Greenies seem to be playing with. All the way upstairs, there are more locked doors and a fishtank holding some star piece of sorts. Head all the way around this balcony and vacuum the light fixture. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to want to fall; vacuum the ceiling fan instead. The light will repel downwards, allowing you to pick up the Strobulb. Now that we've got the Strobulb, let's head back to the Mudroom to check out that door that wouldn't open.


Author's Note: If I tell you to go to a room that we've already been to and nothing has changed, I will simply assume that you can make your way there.

Use the Strobulb on the door in this room. (Basically, charge up "A" and release). Now let's head outside again via the door we just unlocked.

Mudroom Exterior

Head around all of these hedges. Once you reach the clearing, vacuum the Mousers up. See the gem in the tree? Collect it with the vacuum. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be much else around here. Open the doghouse for a heart, then head back out. Return to the Foyer.


Head upstairs and locate the safe. Use the Strobulb on it to find a lot of money. Head downstairs to the other door, and use the Strobulb on this lock. This door opens up to the Coatroom.


Once in here, Luigi gets scared for good reason--it's dark. Vacuum up the coats for some bills and collect the gold in the corner. Also be sure to vacuum the flap of a wall in the southeast corner for some more treasures. Now let's, uh, investigate the "features" of this room. The John. The latrine. The toilet. In classic mystery-esque fashion, the wall rotates, placing Luigi in a new room. Use your Poltergust on the towel in the southeast corner and the rug on the floor to find hoards of moneys! Now vacuum up the shower curtain to reveal a ghost who quickly returns to the other portion of the room. Use the toilet to flush on backwards. The ghost will now engage you in battle. So, because this is your first time with ghosts, I'll tell you how to deal with them. First, stun them with the Strobulb. You'll need to wait for it to charge up. After you stun it, you can suck it up with the Poltergust as you would any other household item. Ghosts yield gold and hearts in here. During combat, I recommend that you always charge up your Strobulb in case of any surprises. It's better to be prepared than sorry. Once you defeat all the ghosts in here (yeah, all two of them...), head back to the Foyer.


More ghosts! Capture them all with the Poltergust. They tend to gang up on you now, so try to get the majority of them caught in a Strobulb blast. You can suck up multiple ghosts at a time with your Poltergust. Generally, for the rest of this guide, I will not give guidance for combat unless (a) there is a new ghost or (b) there is an extenuating circumstance. After you get all of these ghosts, our mission is done. Congrats!

A-2 Gear Up

Before we head out, E. Gadd uses his Parascope to scan the mansion. He instructs us to head to the Foyer as that's where his mechanism is located.


This time, E. Gadd drops us off in the Entrance instead. You can check out the Garage, but there's only a few scraps of gold in the car and a few other places. The Front YardMudroom, and Mudroom Exterior are similarly barren. You can pick up the Gem from the last mission in the Exterior if you want to. Head to the Guard Hall when you're ready.

Guard Hall

You can run through this hall much like you did last time. Head to the Foyer.


When you enter, you'll notice some Slammers escaping with gear parts. E. Gadd will call us and give us a list of all rooms with gear ghosts. Let's start by heading to the room on the first floor to the west. As we try to open the door, we accidentally close it, revealing a Greenie with a Key. Chase after it by heading south to the Guard Hall and through to the Entrance!


The Greenie escaped here. He'll try to drop the chandelier on you; fortunately, you should be able to Strobulb him before he really does much. Grab the Key afterwards, and head back to the Foyer.


Let's use that Key on the door we accidentally closed!

Common Hall

In here, we can suck up the rug at our feet with our Poltergust to reveal some gold. Afterwards, pick a door, any door! I'm starting with the southernmost door...


Let's start out by getting the ghosts in this room so you don't accidentally, uh, "discover" them. Check out the chalkboard in the back. Vacuum it for a bit to make it spin, revealing a Greenie. Deal with the first two Greenies, then vacuum up the Slammer. While the Slammer has more HP and deals more damage, it is just as easy to capture. The Slammer will net you a Gear. Sadly, there isn't much else in the Lab. Head back out to the Common Hall.

Common Hall

Just to the north of the Lab, there is a curtain flapping in the wind. Vacuum it up and examine the empty space, revealing the Secret Pocket. Enter here.

Secret Pocket

There's a bit of gold in here along with a Key at the very end of the space. You can examine the peep hole to see where you're going next. :)

Common Hall

Well, that's where you would be going next, but the game unfortunately does not want you there. Head back out the Foyer (the rest of the hall is rather boring, and I'll cover it later).


Let's go upstairs! Let's try to go upstairs, rather. The stairs devolve into a trap, revealing a Hider! These blue ghosts like to lob items at you, causing damage. Fortunately, the objects fly with a ghostly spin, so they're rather slow. This Hider will likely be hiding in the pot in the background. Use the Strobulb on him to capture him. After this battle, we can head upstairs. The vault holds hearts if you need them. Head through the door with your Key from before.

Master Hall

As you can guess, there are quite a few spiders here. If you investigate practically anything, spiders will pop out, In the interest of keeping Luigi alive, let's skip the investigating and head into the southernmost room.


Check out the digital clock in the far northwest corner. Use the Strobulb on it to reveal another Gem. Awesome! Now let's examine the Phonograph in the center of the room. Use the Poltergust on it to play some music and release some ghosts while you're at it! Defeat the Greenies and the following Slammer with your Strobulb + Poltergust combo. This should get you another Gear. Investigate the picture on the back wall for a lot of loot, and then move out of this room back into the Master Hall.

Master Hall

Let's try the room slightly to the north of here!


The Bedroom is slightly more interesting. Check out the flap of wall to the southeast to reveal a good amount of gold. Also be sure to check out the clothes to the west for some more gold (along with the obvious gold in the furniture). If you examine the screen in the northeast, you'll see an unreachable Gem. We'll get to it later. For now, let's check out the tassle and rope in the northwest. Use your vacuum to pull it out from the wall, revealing a bed. Examine the bed to take a nap. Just kidding! We'll move onto the next room by sitting on the bed, of course. There is no such thing as a nap in spooky mansions.


Check out the desk directly to the north of where you start. It will hold a heart and a few gold coins. As we enter the room any farther, the Greenies will appear. The Mousers on the floor can be cumbersome to your capturing efforts, so try to corral the Greenies into one area so as to stun them all with the Strobulb. Capture the Greenies and the Slammer will appear. He's still just as easy as he was before. The Gear will appear from the painting along the back wall. If you check out the dresser in the far northwestern corner, you'll find a Golden Bone. Unfortunately, there seems to be nothing else of interest in this room--the curtains on the back wall just reveal some Bats. Let's unfurl the rug in the middle of room. This will put out the fire in the fireplace. Examine the embers. Luigi, being Luigi of course, steps the fireplace, falling down to the Studio below.


. Not exactly the way you thought we'd get here, though :) Of course, the Hiders will want a word with your for a moment. One Hider was tough enough--two is just brutal. Try to focus on one at a time, and keep moving so as to dodge the other one's flying objects. After you defeat the Hiders, the Slammer will appear from the painting. Fortunately, he's much easier. Collect the Gear. Before we leave the Studio like E. Gadd tells us to, let's check out the Studio. See the painting in the southwest corner? Vacuum the canvas up to reveal some gold bars. Check out the camera next. See the gem in the mirror? That's just behind the wall in the little outcropping back there. Vacuum the web up to reveal the Gem. There isn't much else in here, so let's make our way back out to the Foyer by vacuuming the dust to get back to the Common Hall.


Examine the spot where the Gears go. The Gears, however, will not fit. E. Gadd will recall us to the Bunker after all of our hard work.

A-3 Quiet Please!

E. Gadd is picking up piano signals in the Library from the back. Let's investigate!


Again, here we are at the Entrance. With crank in hand, let's check out the armor on the left. His head will fall off, revealing a lot of gold. Grab the treasures. Now, take the head and use it to aim at a portrait in the northwesternmost corner. Hold "L" to release. A Gem should be revealed. The other rooms to the south, east, and west still contain a minimal amount of gold. Let's head north.

Guard Hall

The suits of armor are gone; however, as you walk through the hall, lightning flashes will reveal their lingering shadows. You can still walk through the hall, but it's...eery. Move onto the Foyer.


Place the Crank in the slot we are all too familiar with now. The fish tank will lower to the ground floor, revealing a door on the top floor. Let's head up there! However...before we go, let's check out the Coatroom.


Investigate the wardrobes to the north of the room by vacuuming all of the shirts. A golden Greenie should appear. He has 20 HP, and tends to run around more. Fortunately, if you strobe and capture him, he'll give you a ton of gold. Now let's go back to the Foyer.


Let's head upstairs. The vault doesn't hold anything this time. The rest of the rooms we investigated before hold a marginal amount of gold. Head in the Lobby.


When you enter the Lobby, some Greenies will take notice of you. They're pretty easy to defeat. The elevator will then fly up and release a Slammer for you to defeat. Again, easy work. Afterwards, vacuum the poster on the back wall to reveal a vault, containing quite a bit of gold. The elevator will not work for us. Let's try the door to the northwest.


After that panorama view of the room, it's obvious that this is one of the more enchanted rooms in the mansion. We can't dawdle, though! The books will start flying toward Luigi, meaning we have to BOOK it (pun intended). Run along the balcony. You can try to strobe the gold spiders, but it will be very difficult with the books flying at you. Reach the door on the other side and enter the next room.

Dining Room

Let's start off by pulling the tablecloth off of the dining table. This will reveal a lot of hearts and a few gold coins. Clean up the mice as they can get to be a nuisance. Vacuum the chandelier above the table for some gold. Check out the display case to the west to find another Golden Bone. Also, getting all of the curtains will reveal a lot of gold from all of the windows. Now check out the ceiling in the eastern part of the room for a vault. It contains another vault with another Gem. Let's head out the door to the southeast.


If you head east, a few bats will fly down to greet you. Vacuum/strobe them and pick up the leftover gold bar. Now go back inside.

Dining Room

Check out the rope in the northeast corner. It's hard to see, but it's right behind the dining cart. Pull on it to reveal the dining elevator. Take that elevator down to the kitchen.


Head left. The Greenies should start appearing shortly after you make your entrance. These Greenies, however, are harder to deal with. They're using pots and pans to protect their ectoplasm from your Strobulb. You must wait for them to attack, miss, and spin out. This leaves them vulnerable to the strobe and, hence, your vacuum. Repeat this for all fo the defnsive Greenies. Afterwards, let's check out the fridge. Open it up and grab the ice block with your vacuum. Take it on over to the open flame on the stove to receive another Gem. There isn't much else in this room, so head west toward the Library.


Get ready to fight!

Poltergeist (50 HP)


These yellow cerebral ghosts are very annoying. At the beginning, they will not attack you if you're holding a strobe flash. However, if you wait around, one will inevitably throw a book at you. Wait for him to throw the book, then stun him with the strobe (if you try while they're holding the book, they will block the flash with said book). These ghosts are tough cookies, and books will fly at you while you're attempting to capture them. Ironically, they're fighting and running nature will aid you in dodging these books. If they end up getting away, just repeat what you did before. Once you defeat the first Poltergeist, two more will fly down. Fortunately, two is not much harder than one, and it's likely you'll be able to corral them both together. Just keep eating away at their health, using hearts and gold dropped by defeated Poltergeists to aid your onslaught.

A-4 Visual Tricks

E. Gadd decides to show you a Spirit Ball to demonstrate what's coming in the next part of the mansion. These suckers are hard to find; luckily, E. Gadd is giving you a Dark-Light Device...you just have to go find it!


Back at the Entrance! Not much has changed in these first few rooms, though the doghouse is interestingly gone from the Mudroom Exterior. Head through the door to the Guard Hall.

Guard Hall

The suits are back. It's just as easy to get through here, though!


Continue toward the Lab! Be sure to check the vase in the back-right corner for treasure, though. Continue to the Common Hall.

Common Hall

As you enter the Common Hall, the illusions will start. Fuuuuuuun. The door to the Lab mysteriously vanishes, leaving us few options to advance. If you try to exit the Foyer, E. Gadd will call you and tell you that there's another way into that room. No kidding. Head back out to the Foyer.


If you try to head up the stairs, you'll be attacked by a Hider. His buddies--two more Hiders and a Slammer--will also come to get you. This battle isn't all that tough, considering you should be better at holding off and capturing ghosts. Head upstairs. You can go to the Lobby to pick up some gold in the southwestern vase, but I'm taking you to the Master Hall.

Master Hall

Keep going to the Parlor.


Once you enter the Parlor and walk toward the fireplace on the other side of the room, some Spirit Balls will escape from the Lab and posess the digital clock. Ignore them and crawl into the fireplace.


Welcome to the Lab--again! As you try to grab the Dark-Light Device, a Greenie with shades will steal the Device and escape into the chalkboard. Vacuum the chalkboard to fish him out. His shades make him invulnerable to your Strobulb; however, you can simply suck the sunglasses right off of his face. Afterwards, you can just treat him like any regular old Greenie. Defeat the two other shade Greenies that join. This battle will net you the Dark-Light Device. E. Gadd will tell you that there's probably an illusion in the room. Use your Darklight (I'm combining it into one word for practicality) to reveal the Spirit Balls in the toolbox beneath the chalkboard, the vault to the northwest, and the what-used-to-be-a-door to the southeast. You can simply suck in Spirit Balls with your Poltergust--no fighting required. Exit once you're done investigating.

Common Hall

E. Gadd will tell you to track down the source of the Spirit Balls. Head to the end of the hall by going north and then east. There should probably be a door considering there's a placemat at the end of the hall and there's a door mark on your map? Well, let's use the Darklight! Capture the Spirit Balls and continue inside. Hmm...that door doesn't work. Let's try the Foyer. Or not. E. Gadd will inform us that illusions can be FRAMED. FRAMED. Picture FRAMED. Yep, look behind you. Use the Darklight on the picture to net yourself a Key. Use it to open the door now.


Head downstairs to the main garden area. Follow the path to the end road. Notice the big dark spot on the ground? Use the Darklight on it to reveal an E. Gadd statue. Vacuum the propellor on the E. Gadd to net yourself another Key. There isn't much else here, so head up to the door leading inside (the north one).


This Kitchen fight is very annoying. Not only do you have pot/pan Greenies, but you also have Hiders! Try to go through them one-by-one. They're both equally threatening, so it matters not whether you go for Hiders or Greenies first. After the battle, check out the table in the middle for a Golden Bone. Now go to the Library.


Use your Darklight on the stand in the southwestern corner. You should be able to locate a missing sphere. Capture the Spirit Balls and suck the newfound globe in to reveal a Gem. Now let's head through the Kitchen to the Dining Room (use the elevator to go up as you did before to go down).

Dining Room

IT'S A BOO! And it's the one with the Spirit Balls! Well, this changes things. Firstly, let's recreate the table and suck up the Spirit Balls. This makes the Boo kinda angry. This Boo is interesting. So, you have to shine him with your Darklight to reveal him, and, once you make him visible, you have to catch him with your Poltergust. Yet, the Boo isn't really lock-on-able, meaning you have to use other means to catch the Boo. You can either try to get close to him as he's stunned and vacuum him up like that, or you can go for his tongue and release. The Boo will then fly all over the room, taking damage. Rinse and repeat with whatever method you like until the Boo is gone. E. Gadd will now recall you.

The Scarescraper is now unlocked for Multiplayer play.

A-5 Sticky Situation

Ugh. Housecleaning.


Now that we have the Darklight, we can deal with those large portraits we've been seeing everywhere. Let's shine the Darklight on the portrait in this room. Now head out front.

Front Yard

There's a gem out here. Use your Strobulb on the flowers that have been following your movements to make them open, revealing gold and a Gem. Let's head to the Guard Hall (again, no treasures in the other front rooms).

Guard Hall

Vacuum the spider webs as you head through the corridor. Watch out for the suits. Also, if the spiders get to be problematic, just quickly tap the Strobulb button to get rid of them. No need to charge up for spiders. Head to the Foyer once the front room is cleaned up.


Let's head upstairs. Open the vault for some hearts. Head to the Master Hall.

Master Hall

Go to the Parlor.


Defeat the Hiders in here. They can be annoying if they stay hidden for a while, but, otherwise, this is a pretty easy battle. You should pick up some gold for winning. Head back out to the hall now.

Master Hall

Investigate the southeastern corner. You should be able to get the painting to fall over. This will cause the candles to ignite the spider webs. That's it! Fire! Grab the spider silk ball hanging from the ceiling with your vacuum and drag it to the candle. The silk now acts as a fuse, burning away the rest of the silk. The dropped ball can be used as a flaming projectile by igniting it and taking it to the webs in the back. This should open up the third floor--ignore it for now. Let's go to the Bedroom.


The Bedroom requires the same trick. However, you need to mess with the fan to get it close enough to the heater so as to ignite it (examine the heater to get the flames going). Once the silk is on fire, rotate the fan to get it to crash into the webs in the corner. This should net you a Gem. Now head to the Study via the bed in the wall.


Deal with the curtains, bats, spiders, and silk as you normally would. Notice the painting? Let's use the Darklight on it. The painting should spit out a Gem. There isn't too much else of interest here. Go downstairs via the fireplace.


You already have everything here. Grab the gold bar in the southwest corner if you want it. Otherwise, head outside.

Common Hall

Look! It's another spider ball! Pick it up and head south. Locate the candle and ignite your silk projectile. Walk your flaming silk all the way back to where the Patio door is, destroying all impeding silk along the way. By the way--use your Darklight on the painting to get a lot of gold. Now let's go to the Patio.


You can light up the flowers to get more money. However, what we're really here for is the hidden door. Use your Darklight on the spot where a door should be according to the map (western wall). Capture the Spirit Balls and head inside the door. 

Under the Stairs

Immediately strobe the golden spiders to net yourself four golden bars. Check out the door in the back to find the Foyer and the corresponding Gem behind the aquarium. Return to the Patio afterwards.


Go to the part of the fountain that is closest to the actual deck/patio. Use your Darklight to identify a bunch of Spirit Balls. Capture them for a Gem. Clean up whatever's left here (likely a golden Greenie and a few bats), then head back to the Library via the Common Hall.


Get the one spider web in here. Also check the room for Ooga Booga the Boo! She isn't too hard to catch. Now you should head to the Dining Room via the elevator in the Kitchen. Pick up the Golden Bone along the way, if you want.

Dining Room

More webs! And more ghosts! Defeat the Greenies--it should be a routine to you by now. Check out the dining cart in the back for some hearts, if you need them. Clean up the webs in the room as they are the only thing of importance here. Now head to the Library.


Let's head along this upper bridge. Grab the first web and make your way to the portrait. Use the Darklight on the portrait to reveal a flaming picture. Use the spider silk ball to ignite the webs blocking your way. Continue to the Lobby.


If you look at the map, there should be a door that leads to the Balcony. Use the Darklight to reveal the door. Head to this section of the Balcony.


Use the Stroblight to turn on the BBQ. This should make advancing through the Balcony much easier! Destroy the webs using the spider silk pouch as a fuse. Be sure to get the golden bar in the northwest corner, as well. Use the spider silk ball to ignite the last set of spider webs in the back. Also vacuum the spider webs in the southeast corner of the Balcony to clean up. Now let's go to the Master Hall so that we can reach the third floor!


Wow, there are a lot of webs up here! Let's start out by vacuuming the webs around us and slightly to the left. Watch out for the suit of armor because he's gonna pick up the cardboard box. The vault to the southwest contains treasure. Now head back near the pudgy suit of armor. See the balance beam leading to the back? Well, you're going across that! However, this balance beam really does require you to balance your 3DS as you waltz across. If you're having trouble keeping the 3DS straight, just rotate it back and forth so as to prevent it from staying on one side too long. Once on the other side, use the painting to ignite the spider silk fuse. Keep going across the rafters until you reach the pile of dust/spider web to the north. Vacuum these out and go south. This painting can have the screen in front of it vacuumed out to reveal another flame portrait. Ignite the fuse and pull it back away from the larger spider web. Release and the momentum should cause the spider silk to ignite. Finally, grab the Gem on the dresser to the right. E. Gadd now calls you back to the Bunker to talk about his new discovery!

A-6 Confront the Source

The paranormal activity is emanating from the Cellar. E. Gadd gifts you the Elevator Key so that you can reach the recesses of the mansion. Here we go!


We start here for once! Let's check out the elevator.


There's a lot of gold located in both the painting and the treasure chest underneath the stairs. Check out the surrounding boxes for more gold. Head up toward the web in the back and tug on it some to reveal the boss.


Grouchy Possessor (Infinite HP)


This boss battle basically derives into three phases, each of which have their own puzzle. The following paragraphs cover one phase apiece. This battle isn't particularly tough if you're good at reacting to incoming fire and you know the solutions ahead of time.

The first phase can be a little tricky. The spider doesn't seem to be moving so it's not much of a battle, is it? Well, we can change that. Walk up near the spider, strobe light on the ready. When he opens his eyes to attack you, use your Strobulb to stun him. Vacuum the piece of web and pull back. Keep pulling back toward the suits of armor (the one on the left, to be precise). The spider will lob some poison gunk at you which you need to avoid by moving left or right (not back farther!). Keep going back until you reach the suit of armor. Have him ignite the web with his fiery axe and this phase of the spider should be over. A white ghost will be revealed. He likes to create a sphere of light and charge after you. Run out of the way and fully charge your Strobulb to stun him. Charge up your vacuum and press "A" to advance to the next phase.

The second phase is very tricky. Firstly, you'll want to head back. See the hanging brown spider silk? Look at the ceiling it's attached to--you can spin that. So, dodging the spider's purple blobs of goop, spin the silk as fast as it can go. That will cause the spider silk farther up to ignite, freeing another suit of armor. It may take awhile to get this just right--don't worry. This new suit of armor will jab: perfect for the silk ball near the spider. Stun the spider and back up. Spiders will fall down, forcing you to dodge them. You also have to dodge the purple blobs. This may take a few tries, but I usually find it best to start left then move right then back left so that the suit of armor can jab the silk. Once the pudgy armor has the silk ball, repeat the spinning motion with the brown silk. This should cause the brown silk to ignite and it will light the white silk on fire, damaging the spider. Deal with the white ghost as you did before.

This last phase is not as hard or tricky as the previous phase--just a little more maneuvering is all. Now there should be a ball of spider silk near the spider. Grab that and make your way back. Spiders will plop down in addition to the purple goop flying toward you. Keep backing up toward the original flaming suit of armor in the back. Once you reach him, have him set your ball of silk on fire. Now we have to trek back to the front, specifically the silk on the left. Ignite that silk (after dodging everything in reverse) to reveal another flaming suit of armor. Finally, you can simply stun the spider, grab the silk ball from underneath the spider, and ignite it with this new suit of armor. Grab the ghost that appears one last time to finish him off. Congratulations on beating the first boss!

Note that if you're ever in need of health throughout the battle, the decrepit suit of armor to the back and the right holds a heart. Also, spiders that are running after you (not attached to the ceiling) are likely to have hearts, as well.


Rewards: Gold Bar, Dark Moon Fragment


The spiders will then scare the carp out of Luigi. Arachnophobia at its finest!

Gloomy Manor Boo Cleanup

Because we were unable to catch Boos during A-1, A-2, and A-3, this section is intended to help complete that package. If you don't want to deal with these Boos just yet, continue on to Haunted Towers. Otherwise, keep reading. In this section, I will just tell you where the Boo is, and I expect you can make it there on your own because you've completed the entire mansion.


In A-1, you'll want to make your way to the garage, and look for a Wheel near the entrance to locate Boogie Woogie.


This Boo is located in the Mudroom. The Mudroom is missing a table, and the Boo goes by BaBoon.


This Boo is in the Studio. He's where the painting should be. His name is Boo Boo.

A-Secret Gradual Infiltration

above for more info on where the Boos are.


This is a speed mission! Basically, you're going to try to catch all of the ghosts as fast as possible! Use all of the combat skills I've taught you in this section to dispatch all of the ghosts in each of the rooms. Here's the room progression I recommend:

Entrance --> Lobby --> Balcony --> Dining Room --> Kitchen --> Studio --> Lobby --> Parlor

I believe you need to get less than 4:30 to win the three-star medal. My current record is 4:04. 

B-1 A Job for a Plumber

E. Gadd requires us to fix the plumbing of these new towers. Ha. Haha. How funny...

Haunted Towers Entrance

So we need to look for that Hydro Generator. That doesn't sound too difficult. Let's explore the front yard for a bit, though. Strobe the first two flowers for some bills. You can also strobe the flower on the other side for a Key. Check out the tree farther to the east. Vacuum the dust/leaves at the base and examine it for some gold bars. You can also look in the window behind the tree to see the Slammer messing with the Hydro Generator. It almost looks like he's trying to fix it. Afterwards, use the Key to open up the next area.


The Courtyard has the same theme as the previous area. Head to the left and vacuum the huge leaf to yield a bunch of gold. If you suck up the dust/leaf pile and the sunflower, frogs will come out in their place. You can strobe the frogs for a few pieces of gold. You can also strobe the flower to the right to earn some more bills. There are more frogs in the sunflowers underneath the dust pile in the northeastern corner. You can head north and blow the windmill gate to reveal the next area; unfortunately, we can't proceed that direction until there's water flowing. Let's head east to find the Water Generator.

Hydro Generator

As soon as you enter, the Slammer will bolt to the next floor upwards. We should've expected this after the last mansion. Walk up to the Hydro Generator--E. Gadd will tell you to check the water supply on the roof. Head right and locate the Key in the treasure chest. Near the treasure chest, use your Darklight to find a washing tub drawar thingy. Examine it to locate MamBoo. Defeat this Boo as you have previous Boos. Now let's head west and make the door reappear with our Darklight. Return to the Courtyard.


Walk across the yard and open the other door with your newfound Key.

Tower Lobby

In here, you can locate a Golden Bone by shaking the barrel to the north. Strobe the frogs sitting in the channel and check the northern wall after climbing the ladder back to land. Use your Darklight to make the door appear. Enter the door after gathering the Spirit Balls.


After a few steps, it will become clearly apparent that there is something messing with you. Keep making your way to the exit, working your way through the flower beds. At the very end of the room, a Greenie with a shovel will pop out. Shovels hurt, by the way. You'll want to wait for them to start to wind up, then you'll want to run out of the way. Strobulb them to garner a stun and you can probably handle it from there. Rinse and repeat with the other Greenies. After you defeat them, start sucking up the grass on the sealing. Once the ceiling is spotless, a bunch of bills will fly down. Now head into the other side of the Tower Lobby.

Tower Lobby

Once in here, immediately turn left and shine your Darklight. You should notice that a door needs to be there. Gather the Spirit Balls to reveal the entrance to the Garden. Enter that door.

Maintenance/West Garden

Enter the little hole in the wall to discover the West Garden. Unfortunately, we can't do much here other than get the frogs. Head back to the Lobby.

Tower Lobby

In here, head left between the stairs and the door. You should be able to easily find a little Gem. Now we can go UP the stairs. Vacuum the leaf above the barrel and strobe the golden bat that appears shortly thereafter. Continue upstairs. Go into the next room.

Plant Nursery

Those plants certainly are menacing. Look toward the foreground wall to locate a little spiky ball plant. Vacuum the spike ball and let go of the "R" button pivot. Look at one of the plants (stay as close to the foreground wall as possible) and hold down "L" when one of them has been targeted. The spike ball should fly to the plant, causing it to eat it and die. Repeat with the other plant. You can then open the chest for a Key. Continue to the next room.

Tower Lobby

Open the next door. By the way, don't step on the rug.


As you step out to the bridge, you can see the crows flying in the background. You can watch them for gold crows which hold gold bars, or you can simply run across the bridge to the other side. Keep heading eastward.


There are a lot of ghosts in this room. Immediately go after the golden mouse and strobe him. Then go after the Slammer. Altogether, this room contains three Slammers and four Greenies, one of which has a shovel. Note that other Greenies can pick up shovels left on the ground. After that battle, Darklight the shovel stack in the northeastern corner to reveal sunflowers with gold. Now head east. We'll get trapped in here, but E. Gadd informs us we can use the bulb on the wall as a balloon. Grab the bulb with "R" then inflate it with "L" to rise up. Also, try to do this near the plant so as not to pop the balloon halfway up. You can use the circle pad to steer. I recommend that you alternate between pressing "L" to inflate and just letting it deflate on its own. Ride the balloon all the way to the southwestern corner and land near a golden bulb. Discard your old balloon by holding "R" on land and grab the golden bulb. Making it into a balloon will allow coins to appear in the air. If you collect all of the coins, a treasure chest will appear on the top floor. Now ride down to the second floor and grab the gold bars. Walk all the way to the left along the pathway and fall off below. Eat your balloon and grab the Gem along the wall. Now we can actually head up to the top. Now take the western door.

Water Supply

The sunflower yields a bunch of hearts, if you need them. Continue upstairs. The sunflowers here have nothing. Vacuum the bucket to reveal a Greenie. This Greenie just needs to be stunned with the strobe, have his hat taken off, then stunned again. Afterwards, you can reel him in with the Poltergust. Now you can pick up the bucket. You'll need to take it over to where the goop is leaking, fill it up with said goop, and place it on the northernmost switch. Luigi can take the other switch. Now you can strobe all of those switches to let the water flow. Mission complete! ...Or not. A Gobber will appear. These guys have 100 HP, but they don't move. Try to get one (charged) hit in with your Poltergust, then release. If you don't release, the Gobber will lob sludge at you. After the battle, E. Gadd will recall you--finally!