How do I get more StreetPasses if I live in a small town?

  1. I go outside for a walk every day and often go to restaurants and the library. I get one StreetPass maybe every two weeks. One I got at McDonald's, another I got at the library, and another at my house probably from someone walking by outside. I don't want to go to a bigger city just to get StreetPasses. I can't drive so I would have to pay for a taxi, so I just walk everywhere.

    User Info: Hallumir

    Hallumir - 7 months ago


  1. There is no other way, anymore, unfortunately. McDonald's used to function as a kind of Streetpass relay station, but that cooperation with Nintendo has terminated quite some time ago.
    Nowadays, it's actually even impossible to get many hits in bigger cities. Even right in Akihabara in Tokyo you'll be lucky to get just one or two in an evening. Heck, even e.g. in the European offices of Nintendo you don't get hits anymore. Your best bet are cons and exhibitions. I hope to get some hits in next week's Gamescom.

    User Info: KeeperBvK

    KeeperBvK - 1 month ago 0   0

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