Why does my Puzzle Swap not work?

  1. Recently, I transferred my data to a new 3DS, but my Puzzle Swap doesn't work. My Streetpass works just fine, as does Find Mii, but Puzzle Swap only shows me only 7 puzzles and doesn't let me get any puzzle pieces from other people. Also, other people do get puzzle pieces from me, so the data is still there. What is going on and can anyone help me out?

    User Info: Flamdunk

    Flamdunk - 8 years ago
  2. Not only have I updated it 3 times since the transfer, I recently conducted a little experiment.

    I transferred all of my special pieces to my other 3DS, then I deleted my puzzle data. I can get puzzle pieces now through streetpass, but only for the first 7 puzzles. When I try to get new pieces, it won't let me scroll any further than the New Super Mario Bros. Wii puzzle.

    That's all the info I have at the moment.

    User Info: Flamdunk

    Flamdunk - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. did you update on new 3DS? If not, you will need to update your 3DS and Mii Plaza as well

    User Info: dragonfoxmem

    dragonfoxmem - 8 years ago 0   1

Top Voted Answer

  1. Also had the same problem with Puzzle Swap as I just recently transferred to a new 3DS. Luckily I found a solution posted by CD87 and it worked for me: techforums.nintendo.com/thread/26476

    Granted it did seem like a strange solution at first so I was actually a little sceptic about it (mostly since I usually don't find solutions that require a waiting time nor do I really try it until someone has confirmed it). However, since it was the only solution I could find, it was better than nothing. The instructions were a little confusing for me so I've summed it up so it's a little clearer. Or just made even more confusing.

    1) In Mii Plaza, go to "Settings" and change all setting to "No."
    2) After all setting have been changed to "No": wait 30 minutes. *Note: Not sure if you need to have Mii Plaza open or not, however I did leave it open for the 30 mins.*
    3) After 30 minutes, start from "Skip Greetings" and work your way up in changing all setting to "Yes." *Note: You will be required to change "StreetPass" first before "SpotPass." but that will not affect the process*
    4) Once all setting have been changed to "Yes": wait 3 minutes. (I can't confirm this since I didn't pay attention to the time after)
    5) Test it out by meeting other Mii characters, after waiting 3 mins.

    Unfortunately, I am not sure what the effects are with deleted puzzle data. So I'm sorry if this doesn't help.

    User Info: Ruieko

    Ruieko - 8 years ago 1   0

Other Answers

  1. Thanks so much for the great instructions, they worked brilliantly. I was really annoyed that I'd "lost" my puzzles when I transferred to a 3DSXL, and my son got to keep my extra panels.

    User Info: BriannaStorm

    BriannaStorm - 7 years ago 0   0

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