Any Other Way to get Puzzle Swap Panels?

  1. K, so i finished my metroid puzzle and and cant get another one. I kno u hav to get it from streetpass but is there any other way? Also, I heard that some people got more than one puzzle when they opened their 3DS. Is that true and how did it happen?

    User Info: OblivionBlade7

    OblivionBlade7 - 9 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. There are a total of 7 different puzzles. You can spend play coins to get a piece for any puzzle that you own. If you do not own any other puzzles, you must collect the first piece of a new from another person. Sorry but that is the only way to get more puzzles. I always tried to collect a piece from a puzzle that I didn't already own. To choose a puzzle to take a piece from pess l & r.

    User Info: DudeElLoco

    DudeElLoco - 9 years ago 2   0

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