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FAQ/Walkthrough by Zxela404

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 11/17/11


                             Super Mario 3D Land

Creation Date:    12/11/11
Completion Date:  ??/??/11

Created by: Zxela404
Email: alexturnitin@hotmail.com


(1.00) - Legal Stuff          (LGS1) | 

(2.00) - Version History      (VHS1) | 

(3.00) - Introduction         		   (INT1)          | 
           |       |
      |  (3.10) - Controls                         (CTR1)           | *
      |  (3.20) - Game Mechanics                   (MCH1)           | 
      |  (3.30) - Story                            (STY1)           | 

(4.00) - Main Guide           (MNG1) |

      |(4.10) - World 1 |                  	  (WRD1) *
           |       |
      | World 1-1                                (WRD1.1)                | *
      | World 1-2                                (WRD1.2)                | *
      | World 1-3                                (WRD1.3)                | * 
      | World 1-4                                (WRD1.4)  *3*           | *
      | World 1-Castle                           (WRD1.C)                | *
      |(4.20) - World 2 |                  	  (WRD2) *
           |       |
      | World 2-1                                (WRD2.1)                | *
      | World 2-2                                (WRD2.2)                | *
      | World 2-3                                (WRD2.3)                | *
      | World 2-4                                (WRD2.4)                | *
      | World 2-Airship                          (WRD2.A)                | *

      |(4.30) - World 3 |                  	  (WRD3) *
           |       |
      | World 3-1                                (WRD3.1)                | *
      | World 3-2                                (WRD3.2)                | *
      | World 3-3                                (WRD3.3)                | *
      | World 3-4                                (WRD3.4)                | *
      | World 3-5                                (WRD3.5) *15*           | *
      | World 3-Airship                          (WRD3.A)                | *

      |(4.40) - World 4 |                  	  (WRD4) *
           |       |
      | World 4-1                                (WRD4.1)                | *
      | World 4-2                                (WRD4.2)                | * 
      | World 4-3                                (WRD4.3) *30*           | *
      | World 4-4                                (WRD4.4)                | *
      | World 4-5                                (WRD4.5)                | *
      | World 4-Airship                          (WRD4.A)                | *

      |(4.50) - World 5 |                  	  (WRD5) *
           |       |
      | World 5-1                                (WRD5.1)                | *
      | World 5-2                                (WRD5.2)                | *
      | World 5-3                                (WRD5.3) *40*           | *
      | World 5-4                                (WRD5.4)                | *
      | World 5-5                                (WRD5.5)                | *
      | World 5-Castle                           (WRD5.C) *50*           | *

      |(4.60) - World 6 |                  	  (WRD6) *
           |       |
      | World 6-1                                (WRD6.1)                | *
      | World 6-2                                (WRD6.2)                | *
      | World 6-3                                (WRD6.3)                | *
      | World 6-4                                (WRD6.4)                | *
      | World 6-5                                (WRD6.5) *60*           | *
      | World 6-Airship                          (WRD6.A)                | *

      |(4.70) - World 7 |                         (WRD7) *
           |       |
      | World 7-1                                (WRD7.1)                | *
      | World 7-2                                (WRD7.2)                | *
      | World 7-3                                (WRD7.3) *70*           | *
      | World 7-4                                (WRD7.4)                | *
      | World 7-5                                (WRD7.5)                | *
      | World 7-Airship                          (WRD7.A)                | *

      |(4.80) - World 8 |                         (WRD8) *
           |       |
      | World 8-1                                (WRD8.1)                | *
      | World 8-2                                (WRD8.2)                | *
      | World 8-3                                (WRD8.3) *80*           | *
      | World 8-4                                (WRD8.4)                | *
      | World 8-5                                (WRD8.5)                | *
      | World 8-Castle                           (WRD8.C) *90*           | *
      | World 8-6                                (WRD8.6)                | *
      | World 8-Bowser                           (WRD8.B) *100*          | *

      |(4.10) - Special World 1 |                 (SWRD1) 
           |       |
      | World 1-1                                (SWRD1.1)                | 
      | World 1-2                                (SWRD1.2)                | 
      | World 1-3                                (SWRD1.3)                |  
      | World 1-4                                (SWRD1.4)                | 
      | World 1-Castle                           (SWRD1.C)                | 
      |(4.20) - Special World 2 |                 (SWRD2) 
           |       |
      | World 2-1                                (SWRD2.1)                | 
      | World 2-2                                (SWRD2.2)                | 
      | World 2-3                                (SWRD2.3)                | 
      | World 2-4                                (SWRD2.4)                | 
      | World 2-Airship                          (SWRD2.A)                | 

      |(4.30) - Special World 3 |             	  (SWRD3) 
           |       |
      | World 3-1                                (SWRD3.1)                | 
      | World 3-2                                (SWRD3.2)                | 
      | World 3-3                                (SWRD3.3)                | 
      | World 3-4                                (SWRD3.4)                | 
      | World 3-5                                (SWRD3.5)                | 
      | World 3-Airship                          (SWRD3.A)                | 

      |(4.40) - Special World 4 |              	  (SWRD4) 
           |       |
      | World 4-1                                (SWRD4.1)                | 
      | World 4-2                                (SWRD4.2)                |  
      | World 4-3                                (SWRD4.3)                | 
      | World 4-4                                (SWRD4.4)                | 
      | World 4-5                                (SWRD4.5)                | 
      | World 4-Airship                          (SWRD4.A)                | 

      |(4.50) - Special World 5 |              	  (SWRD5) 
           |       |
      | World 5-1                                (SWRD5.1)                | 
      | World 5-2                                (SWRD5.2)                | 
      | World 5-3                                (SWRD5.3)                | 
      | World 5-4                                (SWRD5.4)                | 
      | World 5-5                                (SWRD5.5)                | 
      | World 5-Castle                           (SWRD5.C)                | 

      |(4.60) - Special World 6 |             	  (SWRD6) 
           |       |
      | World 6-1                                (SWRD6.1)                |
      | World 6-2                                (SWRD6.2)                | 
      | World 6-3                                (SWRD6.3)                | 
      | World 6-4                                (SWRD6.4)                | 
      | World 6-5                                (SWRD6.5)                | 
      | World 6-Airship                          (SWRD6.A)                |

      |(4.70) - Special World 7 |                 (SWRD7) 
           |       |
      | World 7-1                                (SWRD7.1)                |
      | World 7-2                                (SWRD7.2)                | 
      | World 7-3                                (SWRD7.3)                | 
      | World 7-4                                (SWRD7.4)                | 
      | World 7-5                                (SWRD7.5)                | 
      | World 7-Airship                          (SWRD7.A)                |

      |(4.80) - Special World 8 |                 (SWRD8) 
           |       |
      | World 8-1                                (SWRD8.1)                |
      | World 8-2                                (SWRD8.2)                | 
      | World 8-3                                (SWRD8.3)                | 
      | World 8-4                                (SWRD8.4)                | 
      | World 8-5                                (SWRD8.5)                | 
      | World 8-Castle                           (SWRD8.C)                |
      | World 8-6                                (SWRD8.6)                | 
      | World 8-Bowser                           (SWRD8.B)                |

(5.00) - Lists and Other          (LST1) | 
    |   (5.10) - Star Medals                      (STR1)         |
    |   (5.20) - Completion Requirements          (CPM1)         |

(6.00) - Acknowledgements          (ACK1) | 

*If you want to find something quickly, use Ctrl-F and the codes to access each

*If a section has an asterisk (*) following it, it is complete.

*If a level has a *??* next to it, this indicates how many Star Medals you need
to access it.


(1.00) - Legal Stuff           (LGS1)


Copyright 2011 Zxela404 AKA (Alexander K. Duwe)

This FAQ may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal
or private use. It may not be placed on any web site or distributed publicly
without my permission. 

Use of this guide on any other website or as a part of any public display is
strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright. I will however allow
duplication, printing, etc for strictly personal use.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

The following site may host this guide. Note the lack of plurality in "site".



(2.00) - Version History      (VHS1)


Version 0.10 (12/11/11) (Pre-Release)

- Created the basic format of the guide, so as to make the process of actually
writing the FAQ as straight-forward as possible. If you have read my Super
Mario Galaxy 2 Walkthrough, you might notice the format is essentially the
same. It felt appropriate, and I believe the layout was nice, so I've decided
to keep it the same for the time being.

Version 0.25 (13/11/11) (Release Version)

- Got the game, beat the first 8 Worlds 100%, and started typing out the guide.
Only got about the first world done though, meh.

Version 0.70 (14/11/11) (1st of 4 Versions)

- Progressed more through the guide, got to the end of World 5, which is 87 
Star Medals as well. Figured that I should be able to get most of the guide
done by the end of the week, even with work, so I decided to try submitting,
since I didn't want to write the entire thing and have it be for waste. Played
some of the special worlds in the meantime. Overall progress is about 33%
percent through the game.

Version 1.00 (16/11/11) (2nd of 4 Versions)

- Finished the regular game, as well as all 143 of the regular Star Medals. I
didn't delve into the special worlds since I haven't had the chance to play
them yet; I decided to do a smaller update (since I've been a bit busy as 
well), just so I can have the main game done, and also have some time to play
through the special worlds and orient myself. 

			  -----------------      ----------------
			 ----------------         ----------------
			---------------            ----------------
			<------[ (3.10) - Controls (CTR1) ]------->
			===============            ================
			 ================         ================
			  =================      ================

"Gyro Pad" - Move
           - Dash (In conjunction with X or Y)
           - Crawl (In conjunction with L or R)
           - Somersault (In conjunction with L or R)
           - Long Jump (In conjunction with L or R, and A or B)

"A" - Confirm Answer/Selection (as "Yes")
    - Jump/Wall Jump
    - Long Jump (In conjunction with Gyro Pad and L or R)
    - Backwards Somersault (In conjunction with L or R)
    - Slow Fall (As Tanooki Mario)
    - Ground Pound (Before pressing L or R)

"B" - Can be used instead of A when executing A moves; only other difference
      is it is used to confirm "No" in selection

"X" - Dash (In conjunction with Gyro Pad)
    - Shoot projectile or swing tail
    - Somersault (In conjunction with L or R)

"Y" - Can be used instead of X when executing X moves

"L" - Crouch
    - Crawl (When used in conjunction with Gyro Pad)
    - Long Jump (In conjunction with A or B and Gyro Pad)
    - Somersault (Either in conjunction with L or R, or with Gyro Pad)
    - Backwards Somersault (In conjunction with A or B)
    - Ground Pound (After jumping with A or B)

"R" - Can be used instead of L when executing R moves

"Select" - Pause

"Start" - Option Menu


(4.00) - Main Game           (MNG1)


                      ---------------      ----------------
		     --------------         ----------------
	            -------------            ----------------
	            <------[ (4.10) - World 1 (WRD1) ]------->
	            =============            ================
	 	     ==============         ================
		      ===============      ================

| World 1-1 |   (WRD1.1)

So we start off in the typical tutorial-type level; once you've played around
with the controls for a bit, make your way to the right, and across the bridge,
where you can nab some coins (but watch out for the Cheep-Cheep!), and hit the
? block across the bridge for the Tanooki Leaf. Best to get familiar with this
powerup; you'll encounter it throughout the entire game, and it's very useful.

Anyways, continue on to the right. Instead of hitting directly across though, 
head down a bit, and you should come across a tight-rope with a Star Medal;
if you've played Super Mario Galaxy 1 or 2, you should be familiar with these.
This time, there are 3 Star Medals in just about every level. I've noted them
as such [STAR MEDAL 1] to denote each one for easier viewing access. As well,
check the extra section for a complete listing of all of them. 

Once you've nabbed [STAR MEDAL 1], head down again, as opposed to going up, and
you'll come across a crate covering a hole. Break it and head up through it, 
to grab a 1-UP. Hop out the hole, and if you want, you can climb the tree and 
head right and down the platforms to get another 1-UP. Head back up, and onto
the next area. You should see a Bowser flag; this is a checkpoint, another
Mario Galaxy element. Grab it, but before heading up, go to the left and climb
the tree, where you'll find some note platforms and a pipe. Head down it.

Here's an interesting little gimmick; if you have have the 3-D on, you should
see that the block with the Star Medal is actually closer to the screen than
you might think; you can tell by the shadow on the ground. If you're still 
having trouble, step on the item platform to get a better angle of the block.
Hop on it for a [STAR MEDAL 2], and back down the pipe. Make your way back up 
and to the right into the next area.

In this area, you'll see another interesting aspect of the game; Goomba's have
tails too! Take care of this one, and (hopefully you have the Toonaki Suit
still); break all the blocks, and you'll find a cog on the next platform.
Spin into this several times with your tail to carry you up to another area.

You can break the crates here, and grab the green stopwatch for an extra 100
seconds. Blue ones, which you'll come across later, only add 10 seconds, but
you should have plenty of time either way. Jump down to the right, grabbing the
coins. Keep heading to the right, and you'll find a pair of binoculars. Step
on the pad, and you'll look through them. Using the gyro pad or by actually
moving the console itself, you can survey the area (note the Star Medal). You
can also see the goal on the right, and you should see red lines coming out of
a distant Toad. If you zoom in on him, he'll head to the goal to indicate where
the end of the level is. In future levels, zooming in on Toads can also result
in Star Medals.

Once you've had a look around, head up, and you'll come to two different ways
to get to the exit. We want the Star Medal though, so head up the platforms
to the lefts, and you'll reach another tightrope. Bounce across this, grabbing
[STAR MEDAL 3], and grab the ? Block if you need another Tanooki Leaf. Head up,
and jump down to the water/grass. Head up the blocks on the right, and flutter
jump to the flagpole to finish the level. Be sure to hit the top of it; if you
manage to get the top of every flagpole in the game (indicated by a gold flag),
you'll fulfill a 100% completion requirement (see the Extras Section for more
details). Otherwise, there's the first level complete!
| World 1-1 Complete! |

| World 1-2 |   (WRD1.2)

In this classic underground area, head on to the right, being sure to avoid the
slow moving ball-and-chain swinging across the screen. When you come across
the Goomba's and three ? Block's you can hit the middle one for the traditional
Fire Flower Powerup. This is also a good time to mention the Powerup System;
if you grab a Powerup while already possessing, the one you had on already will
"turn off" and go to the bottom screen, where you can reactivate it by touching
it with the stylus. I recommend keeping a Tanooki with you whenever you can,
because in order to get all Gold Flagpoles, you often need to make use of the
Tanooki Suit. 

Anyways, moving on. Past the crates you'll come across Black Pirahna's, which
will spit out balls of ink, not at you, but at the screen, which will cover
them with ink if you get hit with it. Take it out, and head onto the spinning
platform. Take out the Pirahna, and ride the platform to grab [STAR MEDAL 4].
You can also jump down into this area to find a pipe, where you can grab an
extra 100 seconds and tons of coins. Either way, head onto the right when
you're done.

Keep going forward, taking out the different formations of Goomba's, past
the checkpoint, and until you see a single coin. Grabbing it will make many
more appear, another mechanic you'll come across. Nabbing all of them will 
net you some applause, though sometimes you can get a 1-UP as well. Head on to
the right in the background. 

You'll finally see some Koopa's, which you can kick around (be aware of 
ricochet!), as well as a Fire Flower in the middle ? Block if you need a 
refresher. Otheriwse, continue to the right, and past the ball-and-chain where
you'll find [STAR MEDAL 5], just ride the platforms across. If you act quick
enough, the Pirahna shouldn't even be a problem. Grab the stopwatch if you
want, and start heading across the bridge, avoiding the ball and chains. You'll
notice the next Star Medal; we'll get that shortly. Once you've made your way
across the gap, light the torch in the far right corner for some extra coins
(remember this for the future, and head back to the left using the path in the
background to defeat some Pirhana's and grab [STAR MEDAL 6]. Walk back and 
exit through the pipe. 

[NOTE: If you've had the Tanooi Suit the whole time, you can just flutter from
the left in the back ground to avoid the chain and balls and grab the Star Medal
directly that way as well.]

[NOTE2: See the gap in the ceiling near the ramp on the right of where we
got the Star Medal? If you wall-jump and flutter with the Tanooki, you can
find a Warp Pipe alllll the way on the far right that takes you to World 2-1!]

Here, use the Tanooki Suit to grab another Gold Flagpole, and you're done!

| World 1-2 Complete! |

Before continuing on, I'd like to mention another gameplay mechanic that makes
an appearance here. These are Mystery Boxes, which are pretty simple; you have
ten seconds to eliminate some enemies, which will cause coins and 1 Star Medal
to appear. I won't count these, because everyday they respawn and you can grab
them again.. There's nothing else very special about these; just know that this
is where you get quite a few Star Medals, so you can get 100%. Onto the next

| World 1-3 |   (WRD1.3)

In this level, you'll come across binoculars right away; look into them to see
a Toad in the upper right corner. Zoom in on him, and he'll toss a Star Medal
into the level for your trouble. We'll grab it as we head down. 

Nothing too special here; just mae your way down, and bounce on the note
platform for [STAR MEDAL 7]. Keep headind down and you'll come across a purple
box, which is essentially the same as the Mystery Boxes I described earlier,
though these don't offer Star Medals. Instead, here you can hit the block on
the left and middle for one coin each, or rapidly mash the jump button on the
right block to get as many coins as you can. Once time is up, you'll warp back.

Keep heading down, and you'll come across another neat little element; these
green platforms with arrows on them; standing on either arrows will make the
platofmr go in that direction. In this instance, it's a simple matter of 
hitting the upper arrows, but this will become more interesting in the future.
Ride this one to the next area.

Grab the checkpoint here, and ground-pound the stumps for some occasional
goodies (such as the right one, which has a Tanooki Leaf). Some new enemies
here as well, pretty much the same a regular Pirhana's; these shouldn't give
you too much trouble. Don't head up from here though; head to the left, and
note the multi-colored platforms. These appear frequently as well, and they
are all pretty much the same. Basically, they'll send you high up into the sky,
where all you have to do is hit the block for a star, and run all the way to
the right until the end, where you can jump to receive a Star Medal (in this
case, [STAR MEDAL 8]. These little segments vary very little, so I'll be
mentioning the placements of the Multicolored Platforms, but not detailing
these too much.

Once you're done, you'll appear back where you left off, and you might notice
some clouds below you, as well as the next Star Medal. You can also head to
the left before jumping down to enter a Red Ring (which spawns 5 red coins;
collect them all in time and you'll get a fre 1-UP. Do that if you want, than
head down to the clouds on the left, timing it so that you start descend
when the cloud is on the far left. Ride this first cloud to the left, and then
jump to the next one, where you can collect [STAR MEDAL 9]. Ride the cloud 
back to the right, and jump down to the last bit of platforms. Ride the
green platform across (hit the blocks that come up if you like), and then
jump down the rest of the wooden blocks and onto the flagpole for another gold!

| World 1-3 Complete! |

Some levels cost a certain amount of Star Medals to access. In this case, this
level costs 3 Star Medals, but you should have more than enough. You don't
lose this Star Medals though; they get refunded to you right away. From this
point on, any level that requires an amount of Star Medals to unlock will
have the number indicated in asterisks next to the name, just for convenenice.

| World 1-4 |   (WRD1.4)  *3*

Remember how I said these platforms can get fun? Well, here we'll be 
experiencing that a bit more. Grab the coins and take of the enemies as you
head across, and try to grab everything you can just for practice; mainly,
make sure you can react correctly when switching directions and not fall off.
Grabbing the ? Block can also get you a Tanooki Leaf, which is always goods
to have. 

Eventually, you'll pass a couple curves, and encounter a water spout, which
will shot your platform up if it hits will spraying all the way up (it changes
levels). Here, ride this up to nab [STAR MEDAL 10]. Make note of the pink track
here though; the edges are curled down, meaning this is a type of track that
you can fall off. Remember that for the future!

Anyways, head down this short track and continue the ride. You'll come across
a few block formations, which you can move side to side to avoid, or duck down
in the case of the last set to avoid. Or, you can take them out with your tail
if you're feeling confident enough. At the end of the track, jump off and hit
the checkpoint. Keep heading right for another green platform. Ready for some
more fun?

Here, you can ride to the right, and you'll fall off onto the next segment.
Before continuing right though, head left, and you see a Star Medal; don't
go to far though, because you don't want to fall off! As soon as you see it,
be sure to switch the arrow direction so you don't fall off. Once you've got
[STAR MEDAL 11], make your way to the right, and once you see the track ending,
jump off to the next set. You can jump off here for some blocks and a Mystery
Box, which has a Tanooki Leaf in the left set, and some coins, but there's
nothing else special. Continue to the right.

Now, here is where all the elements come into play. The water here will shoot
out and send you onto the second level of track above. Ride in between the
two spots here, and when you see the one on the left shoot up, head back left
to jump onto the track here, and ride it left for [STAR MEDAL 12]. Now, just
head back to the right, and ride the water to the upper right track to contine
on (you can take the bottom right for some extra time, but it shouldn't be
a real issue. Kepe on riding to the right, where the water will shoot you 
the final distance, and head into the pipe.

Head up the ledge here to come to a final piece of track; right the platform
here, and just before it falls, jump over to the flagpole to finish the level

| World 1-4 Complete! |

Here's yet another quick element of the game; item houses! One use only, these
places can provide powerups, such as Fire Flowers or Tanooki Leafs if you are
in need. Once you use them though, they are gone. My best guess is that's it's
just so you don't need to go to the boss without at least something, but they
offer little otherwise. Stop by if you're in need of a quick pick-up, but 
otherwise, just keep heading on!

| World 1-Castle |   (WRD1.C)

Wow, our first castle level already! You'll get a neat little scene here of 
Mario running inside, and the doors closing ominously behind him. Hmm...

Either way, welcome to our first lava level, which is sure to mean someone
we know is nearby. Start off by jumping down and either avoiding or taking
care of the yoshi-like enemies with a jump to the head or swing of the tail.
Just watch out for their fireballs! Make your way past the flaming sticks and
poodoo's, and up to the spinning gear. Here, you can nab [STAR MEDAL 13] with
a tricky and well-timed long jump, but it's better if you just hover across
with a Tanooki. 

Once you've got that, head across the next gear, with more spinning sticks,
and then onto the purple carpeted area. The enemies here, Dry Bones, cannot be
permenantly killed unless you have a star, so keep that in mind; they'll
reanimate after a while. Hit the ? Block here for an extra Tanooki if you
need it, and continue to the right.

Jump onto the crate here and ride it up, and once the lava heads back down, 
head up across the grating, dodging the Poodoo's as well. You'll encounter a
Hammer Bro. here; either take him out, or just ignore him and head across the
grating, avoiding the lava again. 

Grab the checkpoint here, and head right past another spinning stick, and be
sure to grab [STAR MEDAL 14] here as well. The next area introduces Whomps,
a staple Mario enemy; just be sure not to run under them until they are
heading back up. Get past the first one in this manner, but with the second
one, run under him and into the background; wall-jump through this section to
get [STAR MEDAL 15] and a pair of binoculars (as well as a 1-UP on the left
here), which allow you to see the layout for the rest of the level. Make note of
the winding path to the goal; you'll need to traverse this rather...speedly. 
Also, make note of the interesting switch...

Anyways, once you've had a good look, drop down to the right, and continue on,

[Boss Time: Bowser 1]

Hey, look who it is, our good friend Bowser! He's not too pleased to see Mario,
so he'll start spitting fireballs at our plumber friend. They always start off
coming down the middle, so stick to either the left or right side and you
should be alright, but either way you should be fine. He fires 3 fireballs at a
time before switching, so keep that in mind. Head across the left once you've 
reached the end, and Bowser will slowly start to chase after you. Once you've 
reached the end of this path, head up, and Bowser will really start getting 
close to you.

Unfortunately, there is no real way to damage him, but no worries; the bridge
is just wide enough for you to be able to hug the bottom side and dash to the
right, where you can hit the switch and finish him off. Pretty easy, right?
Just head into the castle now, past the Toad (who doesn't say much...), and into
the ornage block, which will transport you to a stopwatch, some crates, and 
a chance to get the final gold flagpole in this level!

| World 1-Castle Complete! |
| World 1 Complete! |

                      ---------------      ----------------
		     --------------         ----------------
	            -------------            ----------------
	            <------[ (4.20) - World 2 (WRD2) ]------->
	            =============            ================
	 	     ==============         ================
		      ===============      ================

| World 2-1 |   (WRD2.1)

Once again, head to the binoculars and zoom in on the toad at the top of the
screen to have him hurl another Star Medal. Head down the grass area and hit
the middle ? Block if you need another Tanooki Leaf, and continue onward. If
you need another item, you can hit the upcoming item block for the chance to
get another item. Here is another two way path; you can head up the left or
right to continue up. The left one is safer though.

Take the bouncy orange platforms up to the left, to grab [STAR MEDAL 16]. Jump
down and to the right, and be sure to eliminate the pirhana so you can head 
down the pipe to grab [STAR MEDAL 17]. Once you've got that, you can also head 
to the top left to hit a p-switch, something you'll see quite often throughout
the game, which will make some magical notes apepar. Grab all these before time
runs out to get a 1-UP! 

From here, you can crouch down and head through the whole on the right to
get another 1-UP (wow, just handing them out, eh?), and continue to the right.
Hope the gap, and head into the background and to the right to grab [STAR MEDAL
18]. Backtrack a bit, and head up the green stairs. Jump onto the yellow 
platofmr heading up, and once it reaches the peak, jump left to the ones
heading down, and jump right away again to get across. Navigate past the
Tanooki Goomba, and bounce up the orange platforms into the block.

Hit the switch here will produce some green platforms, which will quickly
appear and once finished, will start to disappear, so follow it as it goes
along; left, then right, and up, pretty simple. Once in this final area, hit
another green switch to mae some platforms, bounce on the orange platform, and
grab the flagpole!

| World 2-1 Complete! |

| World 2-2 |   (WRD2.2)

Another underground level! Hit the switch here to generate a path straight 
across to the right, and then hit the next switch above to get a path to
[STAR MEDAL 19], and which allows leads back down and to the right. You can 
drop down to find a pipe, which leads to some coins, but little else.
Otherwise, head to the right. 

Hitting this next switch will generate a bit of a longer path, but still pretty
easy; right, down, right, jump, and than up to another ledge. The ? Block to 
the right (need Tanooki) just has a Fire Flower, if you want one. More 
interestingly, we now have two switch; run across them both, and follow the 
one on the right, which head to the right (if you have Tanooki, you can just
jump and flutter to the right to ignore this whole thing), or just follow the
path down and to the right. Grab the checkpoint here.

If you have the Fire Flower, you can light the torch here for some coins, but
more importantly is a hidden Star Medal; run to the left from the torch and
flutter jump to the left to enter a small alcove, where you can find a 
stopwatch and [STAR MEDAL 20]. Now head back and onto the green switch.

This one will cause a path coming out towards you, the player, right, back 
into the background, right, past a couple jumps, background again, some
climbing to the right (don't let the Goomba bounce you into the pit!) and 
finally over to the pipe!

Before hitting the switch, be sure to use the Tanooki tail to knock out the
wooden blocks on the left; crawl through the space here to get [STAR MEDAL
21]. Now hit the block and race across the platforms to get the gold flagpole!

| World 2-2 Complete! |

| World 2-3 |   (WRD2.3)

This is a fun little level which introduces another mechanic; propeller blocks!
You can grab one and press the jump button when in the air to shoot up, and
holding it will allow you to slowly drift down. 

Start off by hitting the two P-switches that act as the buttons on Mario's
overalls to grab some coins if you want, and hit the ? Block to watch a 
propeller block appear. You can hit the next P-switch to get some more coins
(and test out your new propeller block). Before jumping down though, head to
the lower right corner and break the block to reveal another wheel; keep
spinning this until you reach a Luigi-shaped structure. Here, you'll find
[STAR MEDAL 22], and another P-switch with more coins, as well as a stopwatch.

Now, head up to the top and jump off with the propeller block. Glide down to
the P-switch on the left, and hit it for some more musical notes. Jump over
to the hoops and glide down, or ground-pound to quickly grab all of them, 
which will net you a 1-UP. Now, you can glide over to the ring on the right
to get some more coins, but there's nothing else really special here, so just
make your way to the mushroom-structure. Another P-switch here will cause more
coins for you to chase after, and the ? Block has another propeller just in
case you lost yours. Hit the block on the left to get another wheel, which you
ride up to a red ring, which produces some red coins. Grab them all for a 

Now, head up and to the yellow blocks. Glide over to the next set, which has
another propeller block, and then head to the next blue block. Now, this
jump is a little tricky; you have to jump towards the Star Medal and collect
it, and as soon as you have it, spin up onto the next platform. It's best to
try this when the Goomba is high up, so you don't smack into him by accident.
Once you do this, you'll have [STAR MEDAL 23]. On this next platform you
can glide over to the platform with the stopwatch, or just over to the next
structure (Peach). There's yet another ? block with a propeller on the left. 

Hit the block on the left inside to ride up again, and jump where you see the
shadow to grab [STAR MEDAL 24]. Now head up and grab the heart-shaped coins
(aww) and star, which you can use to quickly eliminate the green enemies and
get even more money. Don't worry about the black spot; you won't fall or
anything. Grab the orange box, and you'll end up in quite the nostalgic spot.

Just head up the stairs and jump over to the flag to nab another gold 

| World 2-3 Complete! |

| World 2-4 |   (WRD2.4)

Ah, here's another Super Mario Galaxy mechanic; though this time, every simple
jump (not a spin jump) will make each of the colored platforms switch from
blue to red. Be sure to have the Tanooki Suit to make this much easier! Jump
over to the platform when it's red; this will change it to blue, and you can
land on the blue part, and over to the next platform. Not bad, right?

Head across this next part using whichever color combination you prefer. On
this next part, you can go through this pretty easily; if you have the Tanooki
Suit, just flutter jump to red platform (or rather, where it will appear when
you jump) on the far right, which will also allow you to dodge the enemies.

Here, you can grab a Tanooki Leaf in the first block, so be sure to pick it up.
Climb the blocks here, and you'll come to a rather annoying item; Bowser Boxes,
which will infinitely spawn enemies. Just ignore it and move on.

To get the Star Medal here, you can either flutter jump across the spikes to
nab it, or jump on the red platform first, than diagonally over to it, to grab
[STAR MEDAL 25]. Either way, watch out for the enemy! Head quickly up through
the next part to avoid the enemies, and onto the next platform. On the right
here you can find another cloud segment, with a bit of a different perspective,
but otherwise nothing special. Nab [STAR MEDAL 26] at the end.

Spin the wheel here to ride up and get another 1-UP. This next part here is a 
bit tricky; I recommend jumping to the red, then blue, and onto the red. Here,
you'll see a block flying back and forth. There is actually a Star Medal above
the blue platform on the right, so wait until the flying box moves into the
middle of where the blue platform would be, and jump onto it. This way, even if
you miss, you'll land on the blue. Don't hit it from below, because you'll
end up falling. Once you've done it, nab [STAR MEDAL 27], and flutter over to
the last wooden section as soon as you do. 

Ignore the Bowser box here, and keep running forward. Get rid of the bee here,
and jump onto the last set of red/blue platforms, and over to the flagpole for 
another gold!

| World 2-4 Complete! |

Here is another Item Shop, though I'd ignore it for now. 

| World 2-Airship |   (WRD2.A)

First Airship level! You'll get a nice scene of Mario shooting out of a cannon
onto the airship. This levels are auto scrolling, so be sure to stay on your
feet. Hop over the flamethrowers, and onto the tightrope. Watch out for the
Bullet Bills, and once you reach the other side, watch out for the Bullet
Bills near the ground here, and jump into the orange box. Here, run to the
right over the flames and grab the [STAR MEDAL 28] and blue stopwatches.
There's an item box as well, for you to try your luck. Head back into the
orange box. 

Head over to the right onto the red platform, and jump onto the next airship.
As you head over to the right, watch out for the mole here; use your tail or
jump on him to get rid of it. Then, hop onto the blue ledge, and toward the
[STAR MEDAL 29]. Run past the Bullet Bills (nice tails), and keep onto the
right to the pipe. Don't head down though; keep going pat, and down to the
bottom of the airship. The camera will change, and you'll find [STAR MEDAL 30].
Head back to the pipe and go down it...for boss time!

Boss: Boom-Boom 1 |

This boss has two basic attacks; he'll mimic a helicopter and chase slowly
after you; just keeping moving away until he gets tired and dizzy. Take that
chance to jump on his head.

Once you do, you'll see his next basic attack, which is to go into his shell
and ricochet around the room. Easy way to avoid this is just to either chase
after him (stay behind him), or stay in place and jump when he gets near you.

Protip: You can still jump on him even when he's helicopter-ing.

Either way, 3 hits and you'll be done! Head into the pipe and up to the blocks
leading to the flagpole, which you can grab for the gold!

| World 2-Airship Complete! |
| World 2 Complete! |

                      ---------------      ----------------
		     --------------         ----------------
	            -------------            ----------------
	            <------[ (4.30) - World 3 (WRD3) ]------->
	            =============            ================
	 	     ==============         ================
		      ===============      ================

| World 3-1 |   (WRD3.1)

Time for a desert level! The enemies in the sand here will first appear as
shadows beneath you, before jumping out after a while. If you have a Tanooki
Suit, you can take them out with your tail. You can explore the area a bit, but
let's go after the Star Medals! From where you start out, head right, through
the puddle of water, and around the wall to the left. Follow along the wall
until you find a block sticking out of the bottom of the wall, and once you
break it, you can crouch down and into the hole for a [STAR MEDAL 31].

From here, head straight down, and hit the ? Block on the bottom right for
a propeller block. Head back to where you started and head into the cannon
on the left, with the proppler block. Point the cannon up, and aim for the
ring. You should land on a note block in front of the Thwomp. Be sure to grab
the Star Medal on the right with the propeller block as well, to get [STAR
MEDAL 32]. 

Now, on this platform, you can take a bit of a shortcut; once the platform
stops heading up, propeller jump up and on the left you should see a small
platform to stand on. From here, propeller blcok up and onto another set of
brown blocks, and finally, from here onto the top of the building. 

You can head right for the flag, but instead, head left and down the ledge 
into the door. In this small room, propeller jump onto the Thwomp, and then
propeller jump up and to the right for [STAR MEDAL 33]. Head back into the
door, and make your way back to the flag to finish the level!

| World 3-1 Complete! |

| World 3-2 |   (WRD3.2)

Woah, quite the scenery change! Hop into the water and if you don't press
anything, you'll automatically; press the jump button to move forward and
also bob up and down in the water. Pretty nice swim mechanics, I must admit.
You can still swing your tail underwater, so no worries. Collect the coins 
and ring for even more, and head down the pipe.

Head right and hit the P-switch to make coins appears, which you can follow
to some crates with a Power-up inside them. You can also hop out of the water
here for a blue stopwatch, if you like. Continue to the right, and through the
rings. You can get into the red ring for another 1-UP, you know the deal. Keep
heading right, and you'll notice a Star Medal behind a grate; keep going to
the right, and you'll see a small hole in the wall, where you can swim in and
to the left to grab [STAR MEDAL 34]. Head back a bit, and up to the sand 
ledges, to a checkpoint.

Head to the right and down into the water. Swim through some more rings, and 
around the fish (you can crouch under them to avoid them entirely. Keep going
to the right and you'll see a giant fish coming out of the wall. When he's
retreating back, head down into the hole in the ground, where you'll find a
pipe. Head down into it, and then swim towards [STAR MEDAL 35]. Head back

Avoid the fish and swim up the right, through some more rings, and to one
more worm and a pipe. Avoid the pipe, and swim over the top of the worm. 
Up here, you can find a small area with a [STAR MEDAL 36]. Head into the next
pipe here. In this final area, you can float over to the flagpole to finish
the level.

| World 3-2 Complete! |

In this next spot, you'll find a very special toad house. If you head into
this one, you'll find an album, where you can look at all the photos you've
collected in between levels, as well as when you beat the game and certain

| World 3-3 |   (WRD3.3)

Interesting atmosphere here! These orange platforms here will start to fall
as soon as you step on them, so be sure not to stay on them for too long.
Head across, take care of the bee, and then jump on top of the ? Block, and if
you head past it, you can drop down to another ledge with a wheel. Spin this
to head up, where you can find a pipe. 

In here, head onto the first layer of blocks, break a couple, and hop onto the
next layer. From here, you can grab [STAR MEDAL 37]. Now, head into the pipe.

Here, avoid the Chain-Chomp, and head towards the bridge with the Star. Run
across the platforms, and grab the red ring if you want, for another 1-UP.
Keep going ahead, and to the checkpoint. When you get to the junction here,
take the left path and when you get to the walls close together, wall-jump to
grab [STAR MEDAL 38]. Jump down, and head over the section with the Chain
Chomp. Check out the binoculars, and check the Toad on the right for another 
Star Medal to appear. 

For this last part, just hop up the ledges, and onto the orange platforms.
Follow this path down, grab [STAR MEDAL 39], all the way down, and to the
right. Jump up to the right, and float over to the flagpole at the end to
finish the level!

| World 3-3 Complete! |

| World 3-4 |   (WRD3.4)

Wow, quite the extreme weather changes! Hop you like tightropes, you're gonna
see a lot of it in this level. Head across the first set and onto the next
one. There is a fuzzy here, so be sure to jump over it. In this little area
on the left, jump onto the orange block up to the tightropes above. Hit the
? Block if you need a Tanooki Leaf, and keep bouncing up until you see some
purple blocks. Hit them a couple times to move them up, and then jump over and
on top of them to reach [STAR MEDAL 40]. Jump back down, and head to the

Avoid the ball and chain here, and bounce up to the right and into the orange
box to get to the next section. Hit the purple block about two or three times
as you head across the rope, so you can access another cloud level for 
[STAR MEDAL 41] as your prize. 

Head up across the next set of tightropes, where you can find another ? Block
with a Tanooki Leaf, and navigate your way to the end. Hop into the orange
block here as well. 

Over here, bounce onto the ropes with the orange block and head up, watching
out for the fuzzy on the top rope. Make way to the left and past another set
of fuzzies, with a Mushroom if you feel dare-devilish. In this little area,
you can drop into the hole to trigger some notes to appear, and if you grab
all these (watch out for the ball and chain), you can get a Tanooki Leaf for
your trouble. 

Now, this part is quite devious! When you get past the first ball and chain,
wait for a block to appear. Don't hit it though; jump on top of it, and ride
it over to the right where you can grab [STAR MEDAL 42], and jump into the
orange block to teleport to the flagpole. Hit the block to position it in
front of the flag, and use it to float across and grab the gold!

| World 3-4 Complete! |

Another requirement level; 15 Star Medals, though you should have almost 3
times as many!

| World 3-5 |   (WRD3.5)

A scrolling cookie level? Sounds pretty tasty! With the Tanooki Suit though,
you should have no trouble. Keep hopping across the cookie platform; they
aren't gonna go anywhere but the wrong way. Grab the ? Block you see for 
another Tanooki Leaf. When you come to the star coin, jump onto the block
stack and up to grab [STAR MEDAL 43]. Keep jumping across, and if things
weren't hectic enough, make sure not to stand on the orange platform too

Nothing exciting in this next ? blocks, so hit it if you want some extra 
coins. Here you gotta be a little careful; ride the orange platform for about
a second or second and half, and then jump and flutter across to grab [STAR
MEDAL 44]. Jump into the orange block, and then grab the checkpoint as well.

Here, the level will start scrolling up now. Head up, and when you get to
the ? Block's you'll notice the platforms getting a bit harder to navigate and
faster. The upcoming Star Medal will be on the left, so be sure to head for it
as soon as you see it. Once you've got [STAR MEDAL 45], keep following the path
up until you come across another orange block.

In this final area, quickly run and jump up the platforms before they disppear
to get the gold flagpole!

| World 3-5 Complete! |

| World 3-Airship |   (WRD3.A)

Ah, another airship level. This one, as you might be able to tell by the
giant spikes of death, will be pretty fun. For this first part, avoid the bomb,
head over to the right and take care of the other bomb, and run up towards the
giant death spike as soon as it begins to retract. Dash over to the left and
hop onto the platform for [STAR MEDAL 46]. Head to the right from here once the
spike retreats, and grab the ? Block here for a 1-UP. 

Same as before, wait until the next spike jumps out at you, and dash towards
it when it retreats, and jump over to the right. For these next two sections,
small cannons will fire spikey balls at you, towards the position you are at
when they fire, so just swerve to the side to avoid them. Make your way past
the first and second set, and up to the checkpoint on the right, as well as
some binoculars. Check them and you can zoom in front of you to see a distant
Star Medal.

Once you've done, head back down and to the right. Navigate around the bombs
and crates (breaking the top left one will reveal a Fire Flower, if you've
been missing that, and hop up the orange platforms as soon as the giant
spike begins retracting. Run over the ledge on the left, and get ready.

As soon as the next of spikes start retracting, dash to the right. See the
spots where the ground is a bit different, and there are spaces between the
spikes in the background? These are safe spots, so be sure to spot as soon
as you hit the first one past the first two spikes. Wait until they are 
retracting, and dash past the next three. Head down towards the screen, and 
down the ledge, where you can find [STAR MEDAL 47] on the platforms. Head back
to the safe space.

Now, this part is tricky. As soon as the spike begin retracting again, start
running to the right. Using long jumps is pretty much essential; just keep 
jumping to the right as fast as you can. You'll find a pipe here, and you
can jump up the small airship here to find a crate with a Mushroom, if you
want. Head down...for boss time!

Boss: Boom-Boom #2 |

This battle is exactly the same, except for the floor; this will push you
around quite a bit, but I find hopping around to move to pretty much negate
this issue. It's helpful to also stick to the middle section of the room
when jumping around, when he's in shell form, just so you can quickly change
directions if need be and not encounter as much resistance. The floor never
changes, so the top half will always move left and bottom to the right. Just
make sure to keep jumping and hit him three times, and you're good to go!

Once you got him, head out through the pipe and...hmm, we still need another
Star Medal? Head up the path to the left, and when you get to the group of
coin, continue left onto the ship's prow, where you'll find a sneak-ily hidden
[STAR MEDAL 48]. Now, head up the rest of the right and grab the flag to finish
this world!

| World 3-Airship Complete! |
| World 3 Complete! |

                      ---------------      ----------------
		     --------------         ----------------
	            -------------            ----------------
	            <------[ (4.40) - World 4 (WRD4) ]------->
	            =============            ================
	 	     ==============         ================
		      ===============      ================

| World 4-1 |   (WRD4.1)

From the start here, head to the binoculars, and zoom in on the Toad on the 
top left cliff, and he'll toss you a 1-UP. How nice. Once you've got that,
head to the left and up the grassy ledges. Break the block in the wall here
with your tail to get to [STAR MEDAL 49]. Continue to the right and up, until
you reach a small wheel. Ride this up, and jump onto the orange platform to
bounce up to the next section.

Here, you'll see a Multi-colored block up ahead, so bounce your way over to
it, jump on it, and complete another cloud section for [STAR MEDAL 50]. 

Once you fall down, grab the checkpoint and flutter over to the cannon, to
find yet another Star Medal for you to grab. Fire slightly above it and to
the right to grab [STAR MEDAL 51], and land near some blocks. Jump up here
and bounce to the left for some extra time, if yoy want. Otherwise, head over
to the right. Jump over the spikey flowers and bounce up higher into the

Keep running to the right, either jumping over spikey flowers or spinning 
enemies, past the stopwatches (or you can grab them if you want), past another
5 enemies, and over some more spikey flowers, to the final stretch. Run and
jump onto the orange bouncey platform, and flutter over the enemies to grab
the flagpole!

| World 4-1 Complete! |

| World 4-2 |   (WRD4.2)

Oh boy, this level is a bit of a doozey. We have Ink Pirahna's back as well,
yay. Start by taking out the Goomba's to the right, and the pirahna's as
well, if you want. See that shadow on the ground in between the two blue
pillars, near where the Ink Pirahna was? Jump here to grab [STAR MEDAL 52]. 

See those red blocks on the left? That's another gimmick for this level; 
hitting them will produce blocks that appear temporarily, and allow you to
move on. Hit the red block to create another three, and jump/bounce your way
up to the next part. You might notice another Star Medal; we'll get that soon.
For now, head left, past the Goomba formation, and hit the red block to create
another stack. Jump up these, take out the Ink Pirahna, and hit the next
red block.

Climb up these, and hit the next red block for another 3 blocks. Jump up the
ledges, and bounce up into the next area, with a large red switch. Whack it
three more times, and use them to wall-jump from the right to reach [STAR
MEDAL 53], and flutter over to the right when you grab it. But what about the
last Star Medal? Well, head back down to the orange block that bounces us here,
and this time, bounce towards the left, and flutter over to the left for a stop
watch. Drop down the top left hole, and down to the [STAR MEDAL 54]; if you
accidentally bounce back up, just make note of when it came, and flutter 
towards the screen when you near it the second time. Back track to where
we go the previous Star Medal, and head to the left.

Climb up the blocks, take care of the Ink Pirahna however you wish, and all the
way up to the top left. Bounce up the orange block, grab the coins if you want,
and then bounce left, up, and back towards right (middle right), to reach the

Here, hit the red block repeatedly (at least 4 times, this one makes a few
more blocks, and jump them towards the pole to finish the level!

| World 4-2 Complete! |

Another Star Medal requirement, this time 30; you should have almost twice
as many.

| World 4-3 |   (WRD4.3)

This level reminds me a lot of Super Mario Sunshine; but don't worry, with
the Tanooki Suit it is a breeze. 

Anyways, head to the right and jump over the slowly spinning blocks. Grab [STAR
MEDAL 55] on the second platform, and keep going to the right. You'll reach a
spot with grass an more blocks...though watch out for the one with the eyes,
which will grow a tail and attack you. Take it out, and then jump up to the
grass ledge above, where you can get a Tanooki Leaf you you want.

Continue onto the platforms to the right, though this one spins a lot
faster, so be careful. Once you get past this, hop onto the Multicolored
Block, to complete yet another cloud level for [STAR MEDAL 56]. 

At the bottom here, bash the red block six times, and head across them. Grab
the checkpoint, and check the binoculars to find a Toad on the far right, which
will throw you another Star Medal. Once you're done, head to the right onto
the red platform, and up to the left for [STAR MEDAL 57]. Continue to the
right, grabbing the red ring if you like. Keep going up, a bit to the left, and
over to the right. Once you get to the green block, we're near the end; stick
near the right of the platform, and jump at the peak to flutter over to the
flagpole to finish the level.

| World 4-3 Complete! |

| World 4-4 |   (WRD4.4)

Ah, the first Boo-House type level! You can take care of the Boo's temporarily
by spinning into them or using fire. Head up, and platforms will appear in
front of you; get used to seeing this. Follow this path up and to the right,
where a wider area will appear. Take the yellow block near the top, and ride it
to the orange block, which will teleport you to the next area.

Follow the platforms appearing as you head up and to the right here, eventually
coming to a line of ghosts that have [STAR MEDAL 58] as well. Head past them,
and to the left, avoiding the ghosts that appear. Bash the red block 4 times, 
and to the right, past these blocks, hop over the gap that appears, and into
the carpeted area.

Grab the checkpoint and head towards the blocks to make a couple Boo's appear;
no worries, just hit the middle block for a star, and if you take them all
out, you can get a Tanooki Leaf. From here, you can head into the 4 main
corners. The bottom right has a fake pipe that if you destroy will make a 
real pipe appear, that takes you to an area with a stopwatch and [STAR MEDAL
59]. Once done, head back out into the middle area. Bottom left has nothing,
the top left makes two Boo's appear, and the top right allows you to continue.

Hop across the next set of appearing platforms and into an orange box.

Here, head up and to the left to get [STAR MEDAL 60]...easily. Hmm. Now,
continue to the right, and start heading down, which will make a giant Boo
appear. Now, run towards the bottom right, for a bit, then bottom left, right,
left, right, and across the yellow platforms (though be careful, once you step
on the second one, they'll move, so take this chance to turn around and keep
the Boo from catching up to you. At the end, head to the bottom right corner
to grab a Star, and get some revenge on the Boo. Head through the door.

Here, hop onto the platforms that appear, and on the 3rd one, flutter over to
the flagpole to finish the level.

| World 4-4 Complete! |

| World 4-5 |   (WRD4.5)

Ah, this is an interesting level. Head up to the right, and hit the green
switch Follow the path to the right, and jump up to the next green switch, and
repeat to the next platform.

Here, run across the four green switches. You'll see coins appears, so follow
them, and it will take you to the opening in the block structure, which you can
hop up to the next area. You can head into the purple box for some extra coins.
Otherwise, hit the nearby green switch, and follow it to the next green switch.
Hop up the platforms as they appear, and be sure to head up the right to
find [STAR MEDAL 61], and onto the platform. Hop into the box. 

Grab the checkpoint and hit the green switch. Follow it to right, and flutter
over to the next green switch. Head right, avoid the spikey blocks; no need to
follow the path directly, just head to the right as each row develops. Once
the green platforms start to form blocks on the far right near the yellow
platform, jump over to it, and get on the yellow platform. Here, you'll see
the Star Medal past the orange box, so be sure to JUMP over the orange box to
collect [STAR MEDAL 62], and then jump into the box. 

In this next area, head to the top left, and hit the two switches. Climb up
to the left, and head all the way to the top left corner for [STAR MEDAL 63].
Flutter back to the main area, and hit the green switches on the far right if
you want some stopwatches, and then take the left switches to make a path to
another green box. 

In this final area, hit switch on the right, and then the one on the left.
The left one will make a wall for you to jump onto the second path, which you
can run down and onto the flagpole to beat the level!

| World 4-5 Complete! |

| World 4-Airship |   (WRD4.A)

'Nother Airship level. This one is fun; just jump to see. Head across the
flipping platforms one at a time, avoiding the mole, and head towards the top
right. Stand on the red platform, and once you see the Star Medal, jump and
flutter towards it to get [STAR MEDAL 64], and then move back down to the
right. Grab the ? Block on the right for a Tanooi Leaf if you need it. 

On this next section, jump over the rolling spikes, and down the hole when it
appears. Let the screen scroll down a bit, and then fall down to the right;
watch out for the trick block though, and grab [STAR MEDAL 65], and back up
and to the right. Climb up the metal crates, but don't go to far to the
left; there's a mole throwing bombs, so be careful for that. Stomp him to get
rid of him. 

For this next part, be aware of the fact that there is a Star Medal that you
can only get if the blue panel is up, so hop to the right while dodging the
Boomerang Bro. In the top right corner is the [STAR MEDAL 66], so be sure to
grab it. Take care of the Boomerang Bro. on the platform, and head into the
pipe. You can head to the right and down for a 1-UP, but nothing else much
of interest. Head down the pipe, and get ready for...

Boss: Pom-Pom #1 |

A bit of a twist on the Airship battles! The female counterpart of the boss
thus far throws boomerangs, which should be easy enough to dodge, so do so
and jump on her. 

Once you do, the next phase happens, where she'll roll into her shell and
bounce around after you. After 4 bounces she'll stop, and if you're close
enough to her, this is the perfect chance to stomp on her. Do this one more
time, and you're done. Quicker than Boom-Boom!

[Protip: You can bounce on the boomeranges to get rid of them].

Take the pipe here, climb up the ledges as per useful, and grab another gold

| World 4-Airship Complete! |
| World 4 Complete! |

                      ---------------      ----------------
		     --------------         ----------------
	            -------------            ----------------
	            <------[ (4.50) - World 5 (WRD5) ]------->
	            =============            ================
	 	     ==============         ================
		      ===============      ================

| World 5-1 |   (WRD5.1)

Walk over to the right here, and you'll get a new power-up, which will give
you the powers of a Boomerang Bro. Take out the enemies with your new power,
and head on to the right. Instead of heading up the ramp, go over to the left
side and into the pipe in the narrow alcove. Head down it, up the layer of
blocks, and grab the [STAR MEDAL 67]. Once done, head into the next pipe. 

Here, head left past the Goomba's. If you ignore the ledges and keep heading
right, you can find P-switch that produces notes, which you can grab for a 
1-UP. Now, head up, and across the blue railing; it will move around, but
that shouldn't keep you from jumping straight across. 

Head around the curves, and dodge the first Thwomp. Jump onto the next
Thwomp; ride it up and jump to get [STAR MEDAL 68]. In this next area, there
are more sand worms you can defeat, or just run past to the ledge, which leads
to a door. Enter it.

Grab the checkpoint and head to the platform, which will start heading up.
The gimmick here is boulders will fall down, and you have to dodge them. First
though, a Boomerang Bro will come down, so take him out for an extra Boomerang
Suit. Dodge the two boulders (just don't stand in the middle), and take out
the sand worm. Another bunch of boulders will come down, just avoid the
middle. Grab the red ring that appears for some coins, but boulders will
also fall, so watch out. Things get quite hectic; it might be best to
jump over anything that comes your way. Though, grabbing the coins will give
you a Boomerang Suit, so even if you get hit it's not a big deal. Around this
time, [STAR MEDAL 69] will appear on the right, so use your boomerang to
grab it. Some more worms will appears, and then some more small boulders, 
followed by a couple big boulders. Just navigate around them; not much left
to survive. 

Once you reach the top, head forward, and watch the Pokies appear. They move
almost on rails across the front of each ledge, so just make your way around
them and head to the cannon. Aim for just a touch above the ring, and you 
should end another level with the gold!

| World 5-1 Complete! |

| World 5-2 |   (WRD5.2)

This is a neat little throwback level, which you should pick up on after a
little while. Hit the space between the blocks here; you'll get a Fire Flower,
which will be very useful. Head into the next room, take out the Spinies, and
head to the next room. Jump over the next spikes, and the next set as well, and
into the next room. 

Here, jump and avoid the spinning spikes, and jump to the platform towards the
bottom, and head down to grab [STAR MEDAL 70]. Backtrack a bit, and head into
the room at the right, and use the Fire Flower to light the torches, with a
very familiar jingle playing when you get it. Grab the [STAR MEDAL 71], and
backtrack to the main room, and head up.

Run up and grab the checkpoint. On the left, you can jump down into the lava
to grab coins, and back bounce up over the fence. Take out the spinies, and 
onto the yellow platform on the left. Ride it to the Mystery Box, in which
you can get a 1-UP around the top left corner, as well as a bunch of coins.
Back out, jump onto the platform on the right, and head into the room on the

Here, just run up the middle of the sand pit, jumping whenever the rolling
spikes come near. Keep heading up until you grab [STAR MEDAL 72], and head
down a bit and to the right to the next room. 

Head across the grates to the right, past some more spinies, across the grate
with the alternating jets, and finally into the door. Jump onto the ledges
here, run across the platform, and flutter jump across to the gold flagpole!

| World 5-2 Complete! |

Another Star Medal requirement; 40, which you should enough for.

| World 5-3 |   (WRD5.3) *40*

This is another good level to have the Tanooki Suit on, but it's shouldn't
be too hard either way. Head up and right the yellow platforms forward. Once
you approach the next one, jump to the right and ride this one. Ride this to
the end, and jump onto the blue platform here to right it up. Up here, you can
brick the ? Block on the right for a Boomerang Suit. Run up to the platforms,
and as soon as you can, jump to the right. Ride this for a bit, and then 
jump back left, which you can ride to the end. Just be sure to avoid the 
Goomba's and fireballs. Jump up to the ledge when you reach it. 

Head around the ledges to the left, and then right at the top to reach a
checkpoint. Make your way to the right past the platforms, and when you reach
the Star Medal, be sure to jump right onto the platform for [STAR MEDAL 73],
and right away to the right to catch the blue platform, but don't jump again;
just let it swing back left, and than to the right, and jump onto the next
one. Ride this into the background, and jump right away to the left. 

Ride this yellow platform up, and hit the ? Block if you'd like a Fire Flower.
At the top here, head up the pole and jump onto the Multicolored Block for a
another cloud level where you can grab [STAR MEDAL 74].

Here, head up to the yellow platforms, and take the right one first. Once you
pass the spinning spike, and run to the left. Jump over the next set of
spinning spikes, and move over to the left side of the left platform to get
ready to long-jump to [STAR MEDAL 75]. As soon as you have that, run up to
the left, up the orange platforms, and over to the right, where you should
catch the left platform going forward. Ride this, and when you see the next
platform, jump onto it. Climb up it, and ride the blue platform to the

| World 5-3 Complete! |

| World 5-4 |   (WRD5.4)

Some more underground stuff! Head on to the right past the moles; nothing
really much to say here. When you get to the junction, hope onto the top path,
and when you get to the gap here, jump and flutter across the gap, and you
should reach another ledge with a [STAR MEDAL 76]. Head down, and just keep on
the middle path, heading right. Jump across the gap, across the next one as
well, and crouch down and go through this gap to get [STAR MEDAL 77]. Keep
heading right, until you reach the checkpoint. 

If you have a Fire Flower you can light it for some coins, and jump down the
hole. In this area, head to top right if you want to find a pipe with a green
stopwatch. Head through the pipe when you're done. 

Head right from here, and back into the tunnel like areas. Moles will pop up
as you head through, so head right, then over to the left, and back over to
the right. At the junction, keep going to the right, and go down this area,
being sure to land on the platform in the middle, and over to the left to get
[STAR MEDAL 78]. You can head further down to get another stopwatch. Once
you're done here, backtrack to the junction, and jump up the top left to the
pipes. Head down the second from the right to get to the final area.

here, bounce off the mole onto the ledge, and flutter over to the flag to
finish the level. 

| World 5-4 Complete! |

| World 5-5 |   (WRD5.5)

Ah, more propeller blocks and giant enemies! Grab the propeller block on the
right, and glide over to the left, and from there, to the grassy area. Glide
over to the next cloud, up and to the next ledge. The block on the right has
another propeller block, but just head up the next cloud, and to the left.

In this little area, you can bounce on the Goomba's to reach the orange
platform and up to the next area. Don't worry if you miss; you can hitch a
ride on the clouds on either side to reach the orange block too. Once up here,
take care of the giant Goomba, and drop down to the left to grab [STAR MEDAL
79], and be sure to jump as soon as you get it. Head up and past the next
set of clouds, and onto the next ledge.

Here, grab the checkpoint, and check out the binoculars to find a Toad at the
top of the ledge, which you can follow it alllllll the way down to the goal.
Well, best get a move on. Head onto the orange block, and bounce over to the
right orange block. From here, bounce over to the left, and as soon as you
grab the [STAR MEDAL 80] in the middle, jump over to the orange platform on
the left, which you can bounce to the ledge.

Get past the Goomba's here, and grab the ? Block for a 1-UP. Head up and gaze
down at what's left; well, jump down and glide over to the orange block, and
if you feel confident enough, drop down and bounce off it. Glide over to the
left and hit the P-Switch. Follow the notes to the right to the block, and
up to the ledge. Jump and glide over to the top left all the way to [STAR
MEDAL 81], and keep going until you reach the orange block. Bounce of this, 
and just head start for the flagpole, which you should be able to reach and
get gold!

| World 5-5 Complete! |

| World 5-Castle |   (WRD5.C) *50*

Time for another castle level! Head up the ledges on the left, and make your
way onto the purple platforms. Run across the right, dodging the spiked poles.
You can grab the ? Block here for a Fire Flower if you wish, and jump over to
the next set of purple platforms. Head chains, and onto the 3rd purple platform
set, and onto the ledge on the left. 

Head across to the wooden platform, which spots up and down. Head forward, and
jump onto the blocks, and over to the Thwomp when it falls. Run across the
top here for a [STAR MEDAL 82], and drop down to the platform. Here, jump
carefully to [STAR MEDAL 83], and ride the platoforms forward. Grab the red
ring and coins if you want a Power-up, but don't ride the platforms for too
long; they'll fall into the lava. Grab the checkpoint here, and gaze into the
binoculars for another nice view of the level to come. 

Now, jump over to the left, and navigate your way through the Thwomps; you can
wall-jump between them if you want to get some extra coins. Otherwise, ride 
over to the left, and grab the [STAR MEDAL 84], though don't fall into the
lava. Head up past the yoshi-monster, past the Hammer Bro, and past the wooden
platforms shooting up and down...and prepare for battle!

[Boss Time: Bowser 2]

Time for battle again! Again, be sure to avoid the fireballs coming at you,
and head up the purple platforms. Get over to the left, and run over to the
left and up. The rest of this battle is the same; whenever Bowser gets
close to you, be sure to dodge any fireballs he fires, and wait until he
jumps towards right or left part of bridge, which will allow you to pass by
him. Just keep going to the right, dodging the occasional fireball and tail
swing, and you'll eventually reach the switch!

Head into the orange box here, up the crates, and grab the flagpole for the
gold, and the end of another world!

| World 5-Castle Complete! |  
| World 5 Complete! |

                      ---------------      ----------------
		     --------------         ----------------
	            -------------            ----------------
	            <------[ (4.60) - World 6 (WRD6) ]------->
	            =============            ================
	 	     ==============         ================
		      ===============      ================

| World 6-1 |   (WRD6.1)

From the start, head onto the rock ledge on the left, and the camera will
reveal [STAR MEDAL 85]. Head right and over to the bridge. Head across here,
you'll encounter Cheep-Cheeps jumping across the bridge. Jump over them; no
big deal. Watch out for sections of the bridge where it looks cracked/weak; 
at these points giant purple Cheep-Cheep's will come out at you, so be sure
to dash across them to avoid getting hit. Grab the item box for a goodie,
and keep on trucking to the right. Pass some Cheep-Cheeps, jump the ledge,
and make your way past the Goomba's, more Cheep-Cheeps, and some more ladybug

In this part, you'll come across another tightrope. Be careful when heading
across; purple Cheep-Cheeps will jump at you from the waterfall. Grab the
checkpoint here. Check the binoculars and focus on the Toad on the far left,
and he'll reveal a little secret. But first, head to the bottom right to find a
pipe. Down here, you'll find a small little underwater section where you can
grab some rings, an extra Life, and if you swim way above the pipe at the end,
[STAR MEDAL 86]. Out here, you can follow the Toad into the waterfall to gain
acess to three items, as well as 1-UP from the Toad!

Back out here, head across the next tightrope, past all the fishies, and bump
the block when it's on the right to make a little platform. Head up here to
the next tightrope and [STAR MEDAL 87]. Keep going to the right, and be 
ready to run! When you get to the section with several cracked platforms,
start long-jumping, and you should be able to avoid all the Cheep-Cheeps. 

Head up the ledges here and, avoiding the Cheep-Cheeps, flutter over to the
flagpole to grab the gold once more!

| World 6-1 Complete! |

| World 6-2 |   (WRD6.2)

Another desert area, with some spikes thrown in for good measure. Head to the
right over the spikes, but watch out for the enemy that pops out of the
ground. Head up and into the next area. Here, head across the spikes or around
them to grab [STAR MEDAL 88] in the corner. Head to the right and down the

In the room on the right, head onto the platform in the top left to ride it up 
to the next section. Head towards the block in the wall and break it down with
the Tanooki suit, to get [STAR MEDAL 89]. Now head, into the ledge on the

Grab the checkpoint, and head across the spikes, avoiding the block snake 
here that roams around the outside edges. Head onto the elevator on the right,
and ride it up to the next one. Up here, flutter over to the left, and climb
up the incline to find [STAR MEDAL 90]. But be sure to grab it and run back
to the right quick; as soon as you make it to the top, a boulder will chase
you down. Avoid it and make your way back, and this time head right.

More spike fun, yeesh. As soon as the spike go down here, run over and jump
into the swinging elevator. This next part is even more fun; as soon as the 
spikes on a spot go down, jump over to that platform, and make your way
carefully to the right. They go quite quickly, so be careful. Enter the pipe.

Here, chase after the block with some long-jumps to grab a, and once you've
got that, ride up the tiles that shoot up into the area, and flutter to the
flagpole to finish the level.

| World 6-2 Complete! |

| World 6-3 |   (WRD6.3)

Time for another ghost level! Start off by heading onto the tile on bottom
right, and riding it will carry you up to each of three pictures from left
to right. Entering a piano picture will transport you to a giant piano, where
you can find [STAR MEDAL 91] if you head across the keys and bounce on the
note platforms. Keep going to end the section. 

If you enter a picture, you'll find another one of those 3D levels, where you
can grab [STAR MEDAL 92]; take the bottom left block and jump over to the 
left of where you pop out. Than, head over to the top left orange block to

Once you're done, enter the book picture to continue. Head toward the area 
on the left, and the bookcase should shift back, allowing you to head up to
the right, and head to the railing here to spot and grab the [STAR MEDAL 93]
as it passes by. Now head up, and towards the middle bookcase to find an
orange block. 

Head up across the books, and bash the ? Blocks if you want a powerup, and
make your way to the right. Just watching out for the orange books which will
pop out of the wall. Jump onto the blocks and the ledge, and across the
tightrope. Head up the stairs here if you want some more time, then head
across the next tightrope; though be careful, since a giant Boo will appear
when near the end. Be sure to jump over him, and head into the door.

Out here, step onto the platform, which will teleport up and down; just flutter
jump over to the flag when you're at the top to finish the level!

| World 6-3 Complete! |

| World 6-4 |   (WRD6.4)

Another type of level similar to one in Mario Galaxy; you'll come across three
different colored blocks (cyan, yellow and magenta), which will alternatively
appear and disappear. Run across them when they form in front, and over to 
the mini whomp. This one will follow you around and jump when you do; when
you jump run around it to get past it. Grab the middle block here for a Tanooki
Leaf if you want, and continue to the left. 

Before heading into the door, though, hop onto the mini Whomp and flutter over
to [STAR MEDAL 94].  Here, jump up to delay the mini Whomp for a bit, and head
over to the left. Head up this section of blocks and all the way up to the next
door. Before heading in though, wall jump above the door, and flutter forward
to grab [STAR MEDAL 95]. Now head through the door. 

Grab the checkpoint, and head across some more alternating blocks. Grab the red
ring, and jump around the mini Whomps to grab them and another 1-UP. Head up
to some more alternating blocks, and up until you see the spinning spikes.
The jump here for [STAR MEDAL 96] is a bit tricky; just be sure to land on
the platform. Than, just wait for the blue platform to appear, and head onto
the next section.

THis last section is a bit tricky; I recommend trying to jump to the middle
right when you can can, (over the spikey chain) and right when the yellow
platform forms. Then, flutter over to the ledge. Same general idea for the
next part, and finally, take the last three to reach the flag to finish!

| World 6-4 Complete! |

| World 6-5 |   (WRD6.5) *60*

This first section is pretty straightforward; head up and past the three
bouncing orange platforms, and 

Ride this orange platform across, and when it stops, make your way under the
platform it stops under to grab a secret [STAR MEDAL 97]. Now, head onto the
next orange platform, and keep riding it to the right. Grab the checkpoint
here, and continue onto the right. Bounce up to the right, past the section
with 4 orange platforms, until you reach another orange heading left. 

Bounce along with it, and when you get to the part with two wooden walls, wall
jump up here to grab [STAR MEDAL 98], and drop quickly back down to the
bouncing  platform. Bounce up to the next orand platform, across the orange
planks, and then straight up and to the left. Here, bounce past the orange
platform and instead of heading straight, fall down to the left when the
orange block moves grab [STAR MEDAL 99]. Now, backtrack and head up.

Here, bounce up the final three platforms and grab the flagpole to end the

| World 6-5 Complete! |

| World 6-Airship |   (WRD6.A)

Scrolling airship level with spikes? Hurray! Run between the two spikes when
you get a chance (and hit the ? Block, why not?), and watch for this annoying
mole as well. Take him out, and break the crates on the right to reveal [STAR
MEDAL 100]. For this part, you want to hug the right as much as you can 
without touching the spikes. As soon as you see them retract, jump to the
other side. Once you get past the second one, hit the middle block here if you
need a Tanooki Leaf, and as soon as you seem them, head for the purple blocks
right away and crouch under them. 

Bounce it up a couple times (at least 5), and use it to jump to [STAR MEDAL
101]. Head up past the next spike, until you get to the set of two here.
Wait for a little bit, and then bounce on the orange block when it's safe to
avoid both the first one and not hit the second. Crouch down here to avoid
being hit, and when it retracts again, bounce up to the left. Here, wall jump
under the shadow to grab [STAR MEDAL 102]. 

Now, just follow the screen to the right and head down the pipe.

Boss: Pom-Pom #2 |

Now for a bit of a twist on the Pom-Pom fight, there's a lot of fire to worry
about here. Don't forget about the boomerange trick here. As well, when you
hit here in her second phase, try to make sure she is closer to the right
and left sides, where there is more room to manuver. Just hit here when she
comes down for the 4th time, and after 3 hits she'll be done. Though you have
to a bit more careful when you jump; don't bump into her by accident, just
make smaller jumps. 

You know the drill after this; just head into the pipe, climb up the crates,
and grab the flagpole to end the world!

| World 6-Castle Complete! |  
| World 6 Complete! |

                      ---------------      ----------------
		     --------------         ----------------
	            -------------            ----------------
	            <------[ (4.70) - World 7 (WRD7) ]------->
	            =============            ================
	 	     ==============         ================
		      ===============      ================

| World 7-1 |   (WRD7.1)

Time for some more swimming. Head forward and drop down into the water. Let 
yourself sink down, and follow the yellow rings as they appear. Eventually,
you'll find an area on the bottom left with a bunch of crates and a P-Switch
in the background. Hit the P-Switch to lower the wall to the right, and smash
the crates on the bottom to reveal [STAR MEDAL 103]. Head through where the
wall was on the right, avoiding the spikes.

Head to the right, and swim under the purple Cheep-Cheeps to avoid getting
hit. You can keep going past the next one on the right, but it just leads to
a pipe with a whole bunch of coins. Go up in the space between them to
continue. You can break the blocks if you want some time, but otherwise head
to the right. 

Grab the checkpoint here, and swim into the background to grab the red ring.
Swim back and grab the red coins to get a Fire Flower. Use this to keep 
fireballing the pink fish, until it explodes. Swim across, and ignore the
Star Medal in the background for a bit; instead, head down one level, and take
out the pink fish on the left. Then, drop down the nearby gap here to grab
[STAR MEDAL 104]. Now, swim back to where you saw the other one in the
background; just throw a couple fireballs as you swim towards it to keep the
fish at bay, and collect [STAR MEDAL 105]. Now, head up to the pipe, taking
out the Pirahna. 

Out here, take out the next Pirahna, and head up the pipe to grab the flagpole
(you can also jump on the middle pipe to reveal a block with a 1-UP!).

| World 7-1 Complete! |

| World 7-2 |   (WRD7.2)

An indoor level with a whole bunch of spikes. This area is pretty straight
forward, just keep heading to the right, jumping over any spikes that come
towards you. Eventually you'll come to a red block by a Chain Chomp; hit it
three times, and climb up the blocks to get [STAR MEDAL 106]. Head past this
next section (grabbing the 1-UP if you want, and up the stairs to the door.

Touch the checkpoint here, and step onto the platforms here. Thee trick with
these are that they tilt left when you're on the left side, and right when
you are on the right; pretty simple. Jumping right away helps negate the
affect a bit, but be sure to jump over anything that comes your way. Around
halfway through you'll find some orange platforms; step on the left, then hop
over the spikes and to the platform to get [STAR MEDAL 107], and make your
way to the head.

Climb up the stairs, and past the Chain Chomps, though you can hit the block
for a Fire Flower. This final section might require a bit of patience; time
your jumps to both avoid the spikes coming from the ground, and the swinging
spikes as well. Grab the [STAR MEDAL 108] as you head across, and up to the

Out here, you'll come across two more tilting platforms. Jump onto the second 
one, jump over the rolling spike, and flutter over to the pole to finish the

| World 7-2 Complete! |

| World 7-3 |   (WRD7.3) *70*

This is a pretty fun little level, which involves a lot of tightropes. Start
off by heading up across the first one, and start bouncing up. Time your
jumps to avoid the fuzzies, and as you ascend, make your way to the right,
where you will find an orange box and a [STAR MEDAL 109]. 

At this next spot, hit one of the purple blocks up a bit, and use it to get
onto the Multicolored Block, for another cloud section and [STAR MEDAL 110].
Grab the checkpoint when you descend, and check the binoculars to see the
layout here. You can also look towards the top right corner to find a whole
bunch of Toads, and two of them will toss Mushrooms down to you. Note the
Star Medal as well. Once you're done, head into the orange box.

As you ascend, you might notice faint white tracks going across the tree; these
are spots fuzzies go travel on, so watch out for them when you intersect with
these white tracks. Head up and keep to the left, and you'll eventually be
able to nab [STAR MEDAL 111]. Head over to the right, then left to the
platform. Grab some coins if you want, and head up past the ladybugs and into
the last orange block.

Hit the purple block on the far right as many time as high as you can, and then
make a rough sort of "staircase" with the others to climb up and reach the
flagpole; should be able to make this with a long-jump, even without Tanooki

| World 7-3 Complete! |

| World 7-4 |   (WRD7.4)

Another interesting little level, very mechanical in nature. Just be careful
in this area making jumps; you'll want to make sure you can hop onto the 
teeth of the gears to avoid falling. Bash the block several times for a whole
bunch of coins if you want, and then up, past the bombs and over to the left,
where you can hop onto the blue platform with a well-timed jump. JUmp onto
the pole on the right here, and hop for [STAR MEDAL 112] when the blue platform
is swinging back towards; tilt a bit to the right when you jump so you don't
miss it. 

Now, jump onto the platforms on the right, and ride it up to the middle ledge.
You can head in here to grab a Fire Flower and come out the bottom left, but
to proceed, head to the right. Head through the passage (crouch under the next
ledge to find a 1-UP, then head up the ledge. Follow the simple path to the
left and out to an orange block; but not before kick-jumping (carefully, so
you don't fall), to grab [STAR MEDAL 113].

This last section here has sections that move periodically, so jumping
shouldn't be too dangerous. Head up the gear, and jump over to the first 
yellow L when you can. Watch out for bombs though (just boot them off). You can
make your way to the left L for a red ring and 1-UP, and you can head up for
a stopwatch and [STAR MEDAL 114]. When you're done, head to the left. Past
the grate is one more L, then some more blue platforms, which carry you up to
the flag!

| World 7-4 Complete! |

| World 7-5 |   (WRD7.5)

Oh man, now this is a level I remember from Super Mario Galaxy! You'll have to
be a bit quick on your feet, but if you've played the Galaxy games, you should
be able to do this quite easily. Essentially, whenever you get near a certain
point or step on a certain platform, the saws will turn on and cut away the
platform, causing it to fall. So, don't dawdle!

For this first part, just keep running forward, ignoring the ? Block which
is certainly not worth it. When you see the Star Medal, swerve right for it; 
don't jump, just run at it, and as soon as you have [STAR MEDAL 115], jump back
down (and over to the right as much as you can, and continue running up past
the saws. Ignore the walls here; you can wall-jump, but there is no reason
too. Once you see the blocks, bash the right one for a Tanooki Leaf, catch
your breath, and head on to the left.

Here, if you go towards the center of the platform, you can just flutter jump
to the right to skip all this, or wait for the platform to turn around so you
can cross. Here, you'll find a ton of more Goomba's, and the Star Medal. Dash
over to it when you're ready to grab [STAR MEDAL 116] and head up and to the
right as soon as you get. Touch the checkpoint, and dash across the right
as always. In this area, you can check behind the Goomba on the right to
trigger some coins.

Now, for the final part. You'll be on a piece of wood heading towards saw
blades, which will cut pieces off. Stick to the far left side, and you'll
eventually reach [STAR MEDAL 117]. Now jump over to the far right piece, and
ride it to the end, where you can up to the ledge. Finally, head up the blocks
on the right (which will fall away), and flutter over to the platform to finish
the level!

| World 7-5 Complete! |

| World 7-A |   (WRD7.A)

Another airship level, and of course, auto-scrolling. This one has a lot of 
turning platforms, so careful jumps are the way to go. Of course, you'll want
to ride the first one to grab [STAR MEDAL 118], and then jump back over to 
the middle and right. Jog down the alternating gears here, and watch out for
the enemy at the bottom here. Grab the blocks for a Boomerang Suit, which is
nice to have, and over to the right.

As you ride across these, a fake Goomba will come out at you, so don't get
caught up on it. Also, Magikoopa's will appear, so when you have the chance,
give them a taste of your boomerang to keep them away. Stick to the right, and
when you see the Star Medal, be sure to run over and grab it [STAR MEDAL 119].

This last part has spikes, so you'll want to position yourself a bit lower on
the screen, just so you can see them and weave in between them. At the end are
some moles, so be sure to jump to (somewhat solid) ground and take them out.
Before heading down the pipe, head over to the right and up the airship, where
you'll find a spinning wheel and [STAR MEDAL 120], which you can safely grab
with the Boomerang (or a well timed jump). Now, head down the pipe.

Boss: Boom-Boom and Pom-Pom #3 |

The last boss will have both the guy and gal after us, but it isn't too tough.
The easiest way to fight them is to alternate; Boom-Boom can't hit you if you
are on the platform, and Pom-Pom can't hit you if you're on the ground. Hit
Pom-Pom, and while she is stuck hitting the invisible barrier between the
floor and the elevated ground, head down and give Boom-Boom a smack. Once he
starts bouncing around, just hit Pom-Pom again, and repeat until they're both
done. If you're lucky, your last hit on Pom-Pom will come right when Boom-Boom
is dizzy from spinning, and you don't even have to worry about the platform
falling down. Easy!

Head down the pipe, up to the flag, and finish the level! 

| World 7-Airship Complete! |  
| World 7 Complete! |

                      ---------------      ----------------
		     --------------         ----------------
	            -------------            ----------------
	            <------[ (4.80) - World 8 (WRD8) ]------->
	            =============            ================
	 	     ==============         ================
		      ===============      ================

| World 8-1 |   (WRD8.1)

Here it is, the final level! Start off by heading up to where the boulders
are coming down, and run across when the way is clear. Use the blocks to hop
up here, up to the yellow platforms. Ride the right one up and flutter over
to the red switch on the left. Hit the red block 8 times quickly, and jump
over to the right to find [STAR MEDAL 121]. Flutter ahead and down the pipe.

In this area, you'll have to climb up some stairs, with boulders coming down
at you, but with the interval of time in which they alternate, you should no
problems making your way up. At the top, grab the checkpoint, and don't break
the block on the left; instead, jump onto it, and up onto the platform. 

Up here, run to the right, and hit the ? Blocks for some coins. One of these
boxes will actually stay on your head, and constantly shower you with coins.
Also, be sure to grab [STAR MEDAL 122]. Head up the pole here and jump into 
the orange block. 

In this area, you'll have to run down this ramp while avoiding the boulders.
The best way to do this is to hop over the first set, and stick to the right;
keep running down, down a level to another ramp, and keep sticking to the
right. Once you see the red railing on the side, just hop on it, and you can
casually head down; nothing will be able to hit you. 

At the bottom, head into the cannon, and aim towards [STAR MEDAL 123] near top
and a bit to the left. Try to shoot for it around the middle, not to far to
the left or right. You'll land on the ramp, but just jump onto the banister
again to avoid everything. Finally, jump into the cannon one more time, aim
for a bit over the flag, and fire, hopefully ending the level with a gold

| World 8-1 Complete! |

| World 8-2 |   (WRD8.2)

Start off by heading to the right and hop up the poles to grab a [STAR MEDAL
124]. Don't worry, they won't all be that easy. Head up to the pole, and shimmy
up to the top of it, so that when you ride it, you can avoid the flamethrowers.
Head over to the right and hop on the wheel. Ride across to the far right,
where you can find [STAR MEDAL 125]. Hop back to the wheel, and up past the

Grab the checkpoint, and head up to the blocks here; you can jump on top of it
and hit the top corner for an invisible block with a Tanooki Leaf. Climb onto
the pole and when the next one is heading up, hop onto it. At the top here,
just hop over to the right and you can flutter right over to the orange
platform, and the grass.

Now, head across the orange platforms here, and you'll see the pole start to
run away; long jump to grab onto it. Position yourself roughly halfway down;
you'll soon come across flamethrowers coming out of the wall. To avoid them,
stay in the middle, then slide down a bit, back up, and down one more time. 

Finally, this last part is a doozey. This next pole will also move, so head
past the flamethrowers, use long-jumps to reach [STAR MEDAL 126], and long
jump as quickly as you can to the pole. As soon as you grab onto it, shimmy
up to avoid the flames, and in this final part, head up the bridge, onto the
yellow platforms, and up to the flag! 

| World 8-2 Complete! |

| World 8-3 |   (WRD8.3) *80*

A bubbly level with rotating pillars; no worries, with a Tanooki Suit this
should be no problem. Head up onto the first set of rotating platforms, and 
past the rather annoying moles. Up here, you'll find a wheel on the left, which
you can spin to reach an area with [STAR MEDAL 127]. Then, just flutter over
to the right, and take out of the annoying mole. More rotating platforms!

Grab the checkpoint past the platform, and you'll come to an area with more
moles and rotating platforms. The one near the top left has [STAR MEDAL 128],
but you can only get it when the platforms stop at the right time. Make sure
to time the rotation so you can get it without risking your life! You can
also get the red ring if you wish for a 1-UP. 

In this next area, you can hit the Koopa shells into the moles with some good
timing; pretty fun. Walk across the giant rotating pillar here, and across the
long one heading to the right. Eventually, you'll see a orange box in the 
distance. Just ride the platform down to the right, and you can find [STAR
MEDAL 129]. Then, head into the box. 

Make your way up and to the right on this last giant platform, jump onto the
next two platforms, and finally flutter over to the flag.

| World 8-3 Complete! |

| World 8-4 |   (WRD8.4)

Yet another Boo level! Head over to the right, and when you get to the end,
the floor will detach and start to drift to the right. You can hit the ? Block
here for a Fire Flower, which you can use during the level, so be sure to
grab one. Anyways, right the rest of the way. Here, you can get a bunch of
Blocks and light the torch for some more coins. Hop on the green platform

Right away, you'll see [STAR MEDAL 130] taunting you, but just ride after it.
When you come to the wall, jump to slow your movement a bit, and then
keep heading right. The coin will stop before the second wall, so wall-jump
off it (stoping the platform a bit, grab it, and continue to the right. Drop
down and head to the left, hopping around any walls that come at you. Drop
down again and grab the items if you want, and then head to the right, stopping
and going as the walla dictate. 

At the end here, hop onto the giant wheel, and head for the block in the middle
to get the star, which you can use to take out the Boo's and get a Tanooki
Leaf. Be sure to grab [STAR MEDAL 131] as well. Hop onto the floor on the
right here, which will also detach and start heading diagonally right. Just
ride it, avoiding the ghosts as need be (your tail will get rid of them for
a second, so use that to your advantage, and when you see [STAR MEDAL 132]
appearing, standing on the top-left most part of the floor to nab it. 

Now, just ride it the rest of the way, watch it plummet, head into the door,
step on the platform here, and ride it over to the pole to end the level!

| World 8-4 Complete! |

| World 8-5 |   (WRD8.5)

Hah, didn't think you'd seen the last of the flipping platforms, did you?
You know how these work; just make sure whenever you jump, you're going over
to where a platform will appear. Make your way forward, and grab [STAR MEDAL
133] with good timing. Drop down here to the next section, which has Bullet
Bills coming at you. Don't worry, you can bounce on them without worry. Just
hop from side to avoid the Bullet Bills and avoid falling down. Hop onto
the pole, and jump onto the pole at thend here.

Climb up, and jump over to the yellow platform. On the ledge here, you can 
grab a Boomerang Suit in the last block, which can be quite handy, since you
need to take out the mole up ahead and jump above where he was for [STAR
MEDAL 134]. Then just head over to the left and up the middle. Climb up the
crumbling platforms, and into the purple box. Here, you can wall-jump off the
right side to get [STAR MEDAL 135].

Back out here, the Bullet Bills will only hit you if you are on the red
platform, so just stand on the blue until the Bullet Bill passes, hop onto the
red, and onto the next blue one. In the final part, head up the red/blue
platforms, past the mole, and over to the flag.

| World 8-5 Complete! |

| World 8-Castle |   (WRD8.C) *90*

Time for another Bowser battle. No playing around here; Magikoopa's appear
right from the start. Just run toward them, hit the switch to make the next
platform appear, and you should eventually catch up to them, where you can
take them out. Head across this grate, but don't dawdle for too long, since
you'll be attacked by a lava monster if you wait too long. Head past the 
Poodoo and up the stairs, until you reach a pole, which you can use to hop
onto another one. Shimmy down this one (rotate yourself so you're in the 
middle, the lava won't hit you) for [STAR MEDAL 136]. Then climb back up and
hop up.

Go past the flame stick and up the ledges in the back, ignoring the Magikoopa.
Get onto the green platform, and ride past the first two lava monsters, stop,
let the next ones pass, and then ride the rest of the way right. Grab the 
checkpoint and hit the P-Switch to shoot up to the next area. 

Up here, if you don't have a Boomerang Suit, defeat the Boomerang Bros. here
so you can use it to grab [STAR MEDAL 137]. Check the binoculars up here and
you should be able to see the Star Medal on the left; you're gonna have to
move across those rotating boulders in the lava quickly, so note the route
you need to take. Anyways, head up the purple platforms, which will cause more
to appear, as well as some Magikoopa's; just head up to the orange box.

[Boss Time: Bowser 3]

Oh boy, it's him again! Here, head over to the left boulders, and use your
boomerang to jump and grab [STAR MEDAL 138]. Keep long jumping to the right,
and quickly past the lava monster. Head across the tightrope.

Once you get close to Bowser, the battle will become pretty much the same idea
as before; whenever Bowser is close to you, wait until he jumps more to the
left or right so you can navigate past. The only additional things to look out
for are the shockwaves that appear when he stomps the ground, and and some
Poodoos that can jump out of the lava. And...that's about it. Once you get to
the switch, hit it, and Bowser's done!

Now, just head all the way down the hall, past Peach's cage and up the stairs.

Here, you'll see a scene where Mario runs up to Peach...who falls flat on
her face, literally. Bowser will appear, taunt you with the real Princess
Peach, and fly away. Looks like we aren't done yet!

Either way, head into the orange block, up the crates, and onto the next flag.

| World 8-Castle Complete! |

| World 8-6 |   (WRD8.6) 

Now, time for the real final level before our confrontation with Bowser! Head
across the grates, jumping to keep them from sinking into the lava. Use this
to avoid the lava spout as well, and head over to the rotating tube. Ride it
down, and jump over the ledge before it sinks. Jump to delay this guy and run
past him. On this giant screw, stand near the bottom side to make it move
to the right, where you can grab [STAR MEDAL 139]. Then, spin it over to
the left, jump into the orange block, and hit the checkpoint.

Over to the right, grab the red ring to make more coins appear. Head past the
mini-Thwomp and grab them, then step on the right side of this platform to
make it start tilting left so you can grab the last two and get the helpful
Tanooki Leaf. Roll over to the right, past the enemies on the ledge, and onto
the next spinning tube. 

Ride this past the first two spouts, and then jump over to the middle here, 
where you can stand in the center of this grate to get [STAR MEDAL 140], just
make sure you don't hit the lava. Keep rolling to the right. When you see the
stopwatch, just flutter over to the righ, then jump to the next giant rotating

Here, I recommend trying to stay in the air as much as you can, so you can
avoid tilting too much. Just make your way past the lava when you can, take
out the two Magikoopa's when the appear, and past another lava spout. Head all
the way to the end where you can rotate the pillar to get [STAR MEDAL 141],
and keep rotating it until you can drop down into the orange box. 

Ride this little tube to grab the flag and finish the level!

| World 8-6 Complete! |

| World 8-Bowser |   (WRD8.B) *100*

This is it, the last Bowser level! Ready to take out His Burliness? Bit of a
twist on thew intro as well, very nice.

You'll start off on a platform that automatically moves around part of the
level. The best thing is to start off by sticking to the very right side of
the platform. As you turn to the corner and head left, run ahead of the 
fireballs to the left jump for [STAR MEDAL 142] and you should be able to avoid
hitting the fireballs. Hop over the flame sticks when you get to them, and then
jump on the wooden platform. 

Ride this up, and run across the crumbling platform, onto the next wooden
platform. From here, hop from platform to platform, be sure to grab [STAR 
MEDAL 143 above the Dry Bone here, and watch out for the fireballs that spit
out. Eventually, you'll make it to another riding platform. Don't worry about
the pillars of flame; you'll pass right over them. Avoid them by going
alternating between the middle and right/left side, and when there are three
fireballs coming at a time, hop over the middle, pause, hop, etc. You can also
grab [STAR MEDAL 144] here. 

At the end of the ride, head up the stairs, approach the Toads for a 1-UP, and
enter the cannon. Fire at the red ring, quickly collect the coins here, and
you can get a Tanooki Leaf. Fire at this next ring (make sure to aim just a
touch higher than the ring), and once you're here, follow the purple carpet
to the door.

Final Boss: Bowser 4 |

Well folks, it's time for the final battle. Watch this little scene, and
prepare to do battle with Bowser for the last time!

To start, just know that in this battle, you'll be alternatively running
towards and away from Bowser. The path is pretty straightforward, so I'll
make note of the key things Bowser will do. Head up the stairs, and when going
to the right, you'll come across Bowser chucking boulders down at you. He'll
throw them at where you are currently standing, so it's best to move in a
zig-zag as you move. When you get really close to him, he'll toss a huge one,
so be sure to move way in the opposite direction.

Next, he'll jump away, so head up and to the left. Here, he'll be in the
background, tossing fireballs, so just keep heading to the left. Grab the ?
Block for a Tanooki Leaf if you need it, and keep going along the path, past
the tightrope, and over the enemies.

In this part, Bowser will toss barrels down at you, so just move from right
to left as you climb up. He might delay you a bit at the end; don't panic,
just wait for him to jump away.

This part is similar to the brige, but I find that Bowser won't give you
much room to move around. You'll have to wait until he jumps, and run under
him, or if you are skilled, use the Tanooki Suit to flutter around him, and 
just keep running to the right. You should be able to reach the wall; hug up
against it, and he will eventually swing his tail at you; jump over, watch him
break the wall, and hit the switch. Or, if you're unlucky, he might breathe
fire instead; watch for the air inhalation. Phew, over?

Not quite! When you're heading up, be sure to stick as much to the left as you
can, as Bowser will appear suddenly and start firing long energy bursts at you.
These are also targeted at where you were standing, so be sure to zig-zag.
Though make it more subtle, because the beams last for a while, so you don't
want to run into them as they pass by. As you head down, and up to the left,
Bowser will jump up in front of you, so keep going past the Goomba's to the
left. He'll again jump in front of you, just keep going. 

Once you bounce on the orange thing, start heading right away to the right. 
head up this area moving in a counterclock-wise direction. Eventually, you'll
come to a different looking area, and the camera will start to change; start
long-jumping toward yourself to avoid being crushed by Bowser when he jumps
up. Here, blocks will keep appearing in your way; it's best to long jump
over them, and keep going as fast as you can. There will be a coupel sets at
the end that are larger; I prefer to just start making regular jumps here,
unless you see a space for you to long-jump. There's one part where you can
crawl under the blocks, but that takes too long. Shortly after that part,
Bowser will jump at you again, so be sure to long-jump, and hit the switch
here to finally end it. 

Watch the little scene here, a wall will drop, and you can finally ascend this
area to grab the last flag and free Peach! Now, just watch the ending 

Congratulations, you've beaten the game! Oh, but there's still a lot more left
to do...Special Worlds, here we come!

| World 8-Bowser Complete! |  
| World 8 Complete! |

|Special Worlds Unlocked! |



(6.00) - Acknowledgment - (ACK1)


Thanks to Nintendo for making such a great game!

Hope you enjoyed the walkthrough!

See-ya next time!



Version - 1.00 |
{Dedicated to A.C} |

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