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FAQ/Walkthrough by ghostrider9876

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 04/07/11


FAQ for Nintendo 3DS
1. Introduction, Contact Info & Version history
2. About the game
3. Basics/tips/FAQ
4. Walkthrough- Story Mode
 4X. The Hub
 4A. Ambush
 4B. Destroy the Malevolence
 4C. Rookies
 4D. Duel of the Droids
 4E. Lair of Grievous
 4F. Gungan General
 4G. Jedi Crash
 4H. Hidden Enemy
 4I. Blue Shadow Virus
     BSV-1 Padme/Jar Jar room!
 4J. Storm Over Ryloth
 4K. Liberty On Ryloth
 4L. Weapons Factory
 4M. Legacy of Terror
5. Walkthrough- Free Play
 5A. Ambush
 5B. Destroy the Malevolence
 5C. Rookies
 5D. Duel of the Droids
 5E. Lair of Grievous
 5F. Gungan General
 5G. Jedi Crash
 5H. Hidden Enemy
 5I. Blue Shadow Virus
 5J. Storm Over Ryloth
 5K. Liberty On Ryloth
 5L. Weapons Factory
 5M. Legacy of Terror
6. List of extras
7. Special Thanks
0. Copyright/Legal
Note: If you wish to skip to a certain level, simply CTRL + F and type in the
letter/number combo.  For further ease of navigation, I will insert tags for
each individual act, so if you wanted to find Free Play, Lair of Grievous, Act
3, you'd search for "5E-3".  (I just didn't want to add those tags to the list
in the table of contents.)


Hello, and welcome to my first FAQ.  I'm Chris, and I go by ghostrider9876 on
GameFAQs.  I chose this game because, abnormally for me, I actually got it as
soon as it came out, so my FAQ would actually be up in a timely fashion. Also,
as far as I can tell, there aren't THAT many early adopters of the 3DS who are
also playing this game, so I don't see my FAQ getting lost in the crowd.

Hopefully, you'll find this FAQ helpful, especially if you're trying to track
down those last few stubborn Minikits.  If you see any errors, or anything I've
missed, drop me a line via the GameFAQs messaging system, or you can reach me
at ghostrider9876@yahoo.com.

As this guide is for the portable version, the instructions here should be
applicable to the PSP or DS versions; however, the PSP has a different button
layout and only one screen, so obviously some of the information (mainly
controls) will not match up if you're using this guide for the PSP release.


0.3- Apr 1, 2011. Started guide. Thought about making dumb joke re: April
Fool's Day; exercised good judgment for a change.  Though kudos to GameFAQs for
the amusing "Awesome Mode" gag.  THIS VERSION: First 5 levels of Story Mode

0.5- Apr 3, 2011.  Story Mode complete through level 7.  Minor updates,
including a few known bugs.

0.6- Apr 4, 2011.  Story Mode complete through level 9.  Minor updates,
including known trouble spot in level 9.

0.7- Apr 5, 2011.  Story Mode complete through level 11.

0.8- Apr 6, 2011.  Story Mode complete!  First two levels of Free Play
complete.  Partial list of Extras.  Other minor additions/revisions.

0.9- Apr 7, 2011.  Free Play complete through level 10.  Minor revisions.
Scrapped planned "List of Characters" section, for a few reasons, but mostly
because I've already covered what characters are in the game, when they're
unlocked, which ones you get for free, and which ones cost Play Coins- so, all
the important stuff is already here.

1.0- Apr 7, 2011.  Free Play complete!  Extras list complete!  Guide complete!
YOU ARE A SUPER PLAYER!!!  ...sorry, got a bit carried away there.


Lego Star Wars, as the name implies, is a series of games telling the familiar
stories of the STAR WARS universe using Lego characters and environments.  The
series has a few installments prior to this one, and is known for its ability
to put a humorous spin on familiar tales.  This latest game is based on the
Clone Wars animated series rather than any of the six films.  Since it is a
Star Wars game, there are spacecraft, blasters, lightsabers, the Force, etc.
but there are also uniquely Lego elements to the game, such as the ability to
build things out of scattered piles of Lego blocks.  The game mostly features
characters from the Clone Wars, but there are a few familiar faces which can
be unlocked via studs or Play Coins.

This 3DS version is not the same as its console big brothers.  Rather, it's a
version of the PSP/DS games.  This limits it to 13 levels as opposed to the
consoles' 32.  Each level is divided into 3 acts.  Unfortunately, in Story
Mode, you cannot save and quit in between acts; you must complete all 3 to
have your progress on the level recorded.  However, when revisiting levels in
Free Play, you can start at act 2 or 3, and you can save and quit at any time.


3A. Basics
Controls (on foot):
Circle pad/D pad: Movement
Y: Attack/Jump attack/Deflect blaster*
B: Jump/double jump*/Use hover jets**
A: Build/Interact/Pick Up/Use the Force*
X: Switch to another character (in Hub)/Special***
Touch Screen: Interact/Use the Force*/Play minigame****
L or R shoulder: Switch characters
Start: Pause Menu/Extras Menu
HOME: Suspend game

*Jedi or Sith only
**Only certain characters (e.g. Jango Fett or R2D2) have hover jets.
***Sharpshooter, Thermal Detonator, or Grenade, depending on character.
****These minigames come up when activating the Droid, Separatist, or Bounty
Hunter panels, and are all variations on matching colored blocks on the Touch
Screen with what you see on the Top Screen.

Controls (vehicle):
Circle pad/D pad: Movement
Y: Fire guns
B: Fire missile (must be locked onto target)
X: Switch lock to another target
A: Speed boost
L or R shoulder: Evade incoming enemy missile

In addition to completing the Story Mode, every level will have 10 Minikits, 1
Red Brick, and "True Jedi" status for Story Mode and Free Play.  The Minikits
are used to create bonus vehicles, which can be viewed in the far right room
of the hub area, and can be flown in vehicle missions during Free Play.  The
Red Bricks unlock cheats to purchase in the Shop, such as the extremely useful
Score Multipliers.  True Jedi status is attained by collecting enough Lego
studs to fill the yellow meter seen at the top of the screen during gameplay.
The target amount in Story Mode is usually lower than the amount needed in
Free Play, but you'll need to do both for each level to achieve 100%

This game, like its predecessors, divides the characters into distinct
classes, each with their own special abilities such as use of the Force or
squeezing through vents.  What this means is that when passing through the
levels in Story Mode, you'll encounter things that you are unable to use with
your current characters.  These usually mean that a minikit or red brick is
hidden nearby.  Don't worry about these during Story Mode, as it's impossible
to get everything on any given level without Free Play.  Focus on collecting
studs and beating the level; just try to make a mental note of where these
areas are, so you know what to look for when you come back in Free Play.

3B. Tips
-IMPORTANT!!!  I'm not sure about the DS or PSP versions, but there are some
known bugs with the 3DS version that can render some levels unwinnable.  If I
come across such a bug, or hear about it on the boards, I may make a notation
(*BUG ALERT!*) at that point in this guide.  Thus far, I have encountered no
such bugs in my copy of the game; however, if something doesn't happen the way
I wrote it in the guide (say, for instance, a Build-It fails to appear, or you
can't kill a boss), and if you seem to be unable to progress due to it, it's
likely a bug.  The only solution is to start the entire level over.

-If you're having trouble with the Padme/Jar Jar room in Blue Shadow Virus,
search for BSV-1 to skip to that part of the walkthrough.

-Shoot/hit/blow up EVERYTHING that looks like it's made of Lego.  A vast
majority of the objects in the levels are destructible, and will give you
studs--and you want to fill up your True Jedi meter, don't you?

-Speaking of studs, don't forget to try to snag the blue stud (1,000) that
you'll lose when you die.  (Naturally, don't do that if you died by falling
into a pit.)  Also try not to miss the gold studs that drop when you kill a
Super Battle Droid.

-A third note on studs.  I advise you to save up in the beginning (i.e. not
buy any characters or anything in the Shop) because you can get the 4X
multiplier in the Story Mode of its stage (Jedi Crash, Level 7).  It should be
one of the first things you get, because it makes getting True Jedi much
easier, as well as stockpiling studs to buy some of the more expensive extras
and characters.  If you keep waiting until Storm Over Ryloth (Level 10), you
can get the 6X Multiplier during Story Mode as well.  Then you'll really be
set, because the Multipliers stack up--so if you get both, you can have X24
and you'll soon have more studs than you'll ever need.

-Jedi and Sith (as well as General Grievous) can deflect blaster bolts by
holding down the Y Button.  However, if you press the button just as a bolt is
about to hit you, they'll deflect it right back at their attacker for a 1-hit
kill.  It's not a necessary skill, but if you can learn the timing it can be
helpful, especially against Super Battle Droids.  Plus it's amusing.  Note
that this does not seem to work on Droidekas.

-The Jedi/Sith Saber Slam attack (B, B, Y) is powerful.  You can use it to
destroy several enemies at once if they're closely grouped together.  Also, it
will temporarily disable Super Battle Droids and knock the shields off of

-If you're going to be fighting multiple enemies or something that takes a lot
of hits, especially at range, the Heavy Clone Trooper is your friend.  This
game is the first LSW game to feature strafing; hold down Y, and you can
auto-fire while moving side to side to avoid enemies' shots.  Other blaster
characters can do this too, but the Heavy Trooper has the best rate of fire
while using this ability.

-You WILL NOT be able to reach everything, even in Free Play, until your
character roster includes all of the following classes: Jedi, Sith, Trooper,
Heavy Trooper, Shorty, Bounty Hunter, Separatist, and Droid. (You also need a
character who can hover/fly, but this tends to double up, often with Droid or
Bounty Hunter.) This means that the earliest it's practical for you to play
Free Play if you don't wish to have to revisit a level yet again is after
completing level 6, "Gungan General." However, I advise you to complete at
least level 7, "Jedi Crash," as the 4X score multiplier is quite useful during
Free Play.

-As you may have noticed, this guide is divided into a Story and Free
walkthrough.  What this means is, barring a few important exceptions, I won't
be detailing how to get any Minikits or Red Bricks during the initial run.  If
you DO get one of them, it will be replaced with a floating green check mark if
you trigger it again on a later playthrough.

Q. Can I choose all 8 characters to take with me in Free Play?
A. Sadly, no.  You choose your primary character and your vehicle (if
applicable), and the game fills in the other slots automatically so you have
the full range of necessary abilities.  This means that your All-Sith Dream
Team will have to remain in the realm of fan fiction.

Q. When do the Play Coins characters become available for purchase?
A. They're unlocked one at a time for each level you complete, starting with
"Hidden Enemy."  They go in this order: Grand Moff Tarkin (4), Admiral Ackbar
(6), Boba Fett (8), Vader's Apprentice (aka Starkiller) (10), Darth Vader
(Battle Damage) (10), and Savage Opress (aka Who the Hell is This Guy?) (12).

Q. Where are the Score Multiplier Red Bricks?
A. 2X- Rookies; 4X- Jedi Crash; 6X- Storm Over Ryloth; 10X- Liberty on Ryloth;
8X- Legacy of Terror.  For how to get them, consult section 5 of this FAQ.

Q. Why are the Red Bricks out of order?
A. Beats me.  Do you have a theory?


Not that it's really vital, but here's a quick overview of the hub area (which
seems to be the Star Destroyer Resolute).  Whenever you load, you'll be in a
room with a large blue hologram table in front of you.  This is the Mission
Select menu.  There are a few boxes in this room you can break, and a vent you
can access later--although it doesn't lead anywhere special, just to a lower
area with more stuff to break for studs.  This room has a blue door which will
take you to the upper hallway.  There are four colored doors here: Blue leads
to Mission Select, Yellow leads to the Shop and Minigames, Green leads to the
Character Creator, and Purple leads to the Minikit Viewer.

You'll begin in the hub area, controlling Obi-Wan.  Feel free to run around in
the hub for a bit if you want, but there's not much you can do yet aside from
earning studs by breaking things.  When you're ready, interact with Mission
Select and pick your only option, "Ambush."


Starting Characters: Yoda, Clone Trooper, Heavy Clone Trooper
True Jedi Goal: 40,000.

From the ship, walk right, collecting studs as you go up the path.  Before the
cliff, there are some objects you can destroy for studs.  Jump across the
gaps, collecting the arcs of studs as you go.  At the last mushroom, you can
turn around and double-jump up to the higher mushroom for more destructible
objects.  Across the chasm, kill the battle droids, destroy objects and
collect studs.  Enter the cave.  True Jedi checkpoint: 10,000 studs.

Next, use the Force to throw the rock at the battle droid tank, knocking it
down the pit.  Fight some battle droids, then go left and follow the ramp
down.  Jump across the big leaves.  The group of three in the back has a blue
stud in the center hole.  At the circular rock, switch to your Trooper and use
the Sharpshooter ability (Hold X and use the Circle pad/D pad to aim) to hit
the green target, crushing the droids.  Press A on the Build-It pile, then
press A on the platform to Grapple.  Make another Build-It and grapple to the
next platform, then Build a bomb.  Switch to your Heavy Trooper, then press A
to detonate.  Enter the cave.  Checkpoint: 16,000 studs.

Collect more studs and battle more droids.  Proceed right, breaking, fighting,
and collecting.  Build the silver hook, then Force it onto the machine, which
will dispense a Build-It.  Use this, and the Force pile, to make a bridge.
Don't miss the blue stud in the air.  Across the bridge is your first Super
Battle Droid.  Double jump and Saber Slam to disable him, then you can break
him with no trouble.  Alternately, if you can perfectly deflect their shots,
they die in one hit.  You can go inside the parked tank, but you'll only be
able to get studs right now.  Follow the trail of studs to the next area.
Checkpoint: 27,000 studs.

Break a bunch more stuff and collect.  Use the Force to throw the rock,
killing the droids.  Take out the jetpack and Super droids, then switch to
either of your Troopers (I recommend the Heavy).  Face the droids and hold
down Y, then strafe left and right until they're all gone.  When the Droideka
shows up, use the Sharpshoot ability to ruin his day, then Force the bridge
and cross it to Act 2.  Checkpoint: 35,000 studs.


To avoid this guide getting too repetitive, from now on, I'll assume you're
going to break everything you see and collect the studs that fall out.  Drop
into the lower area, and use your Heavy to break the red column.  Go back to
the left and Build a grapple pad.  Grapple up, then switch back to the Heavy
to destroy another column and activate the bomb.  Break the plant, build the
Jedi platform, and use Yoda to jump up and destroy the dish.  Build another
bomb and activate it.  Drop to the lower area again and build the Jedi
platform.  If you didn't already walk over here, you'll have a few droids to
fight.  Using Yoda, *hold* the A button to Lightsaber climb up the shaft.
(The game tells you to press repeatedly, but holding the button works just as
well.)  Break the door with your Heavy and go in.  Checkpoint: If you've been
keeping up so far, you should have already hit 40,000 and gotten True Jedi, or
at least be very close to it.  But don't stop collecting studs by any
means--you'll have some extras and characters to buy before too long.

Fight droids, then stand on the grapple pad to pull down the windmill.  Go up
there, then break the plant and build the Jedi platform.  Have your stylus
handy; when you press A, you'll need to trace the circle that appears on the
touchscreen.  Drop down, build the Lightsaber Jump platform, then hold A.
Break the door with the Heavy, Build a trampoline, and hold B after jumping on
it.  Follow the cave and drop down.  Saber Slam the Droideka's shield, then
kill it.  (You can also use the Heavy's Droid Grenade by holding X, but the
Saber Slam is easier and faster.)  Fight the droids, then Build another
trampoline.  Push it up against the wall and jump up into the cave.

Run up the canyon when the tank appears, and hide against either the left or
right wall.  Use the Force to throw each of the two rocks at it, breaking its
cannons, then use the Force to humorously pulverize the droids inside the
tank.  Follow the studs across the pit.  When you see the small pyramid-like
objects on the ground, walk up to them, then run away before they explode.
Follow the path, fighting more droids and setting off more mines.  If you
trigger the third mine without first killing the Super droids, it'll blow them
up.  Follow the stud arrow into Act 3.


Run left and get behind the wall, then Force throw the rock into the gunner.
Continue up the path, with more mines and droids.  When you reach the next
gunner, you can Force the mine up next to him.  When the tank appears, Build
the gun and hop in.  Hold down Y, then aim at the left or right gun until
they're destroyed.  Destroy the opposite gun as well, then shoot the middle of
the tank until it goes boom.  Proceed up and kill the Droideka.  Enter the
cave to end the level.

Characters unlocked: Clone Trooper, Heavy Clone Trooper, King Katuunko.
Characters available in Shop: Yoda, Onaconda Farr, Battle Droid, Ewok.


True Jedi Goal: 50,000.

Welcome to your first vehicle section.  Because I think these are less
enjoyable than the ground sections, and because you probably will too, I'm
going to tell you how to get the Minikits in the Story Mode walkthrough for
these.  That way, you don't have to replay some of them (like this one) unless
you're concerned about True Jedi in Free Play.

In this first section, look for 3 white oval-shaped pieces of wreckage.  Shoot
them with your lasers until they break, revealing an object you can target
with your missiles.  When you lock on (it'll turn purple), press B to launch a
missile and destroy these objects.  Getting all 3 will get you a Minikit.

You'll need to destroy the attacking enemy Vultures.  There will be 2 at
first.  Use your radar to hunt for them.  When you see a warning about an
incoming missile, wait until the arrows close in and it changes to "Evade!",
then press L or R to dodge the missile.  Unless maybe you like getting blown
up.  Next, 2 Hyena bombers will appear.  Use a locked-on missile to destroy
them.  Now, 6 more Vultures will appear.  Shoot them down, and 6 more show up.
After they're dealt with, you'll move on to the next section.

Minikit #2 is to the right of the massive Ion Cannon.  You know, that big
circle shooting purple electric death at you.  Fly over there to pick it up.
While you're here, shoot the two blue panels with your guns.  Your screen will
tell you these are the first 2 of 10 total.  You'll find 3 more on either side
of the circular rim of the Ion Cannon, then the last two inside the open area
on the opposite side of the Ion Cannon (near the glowing red circles).
Desroying all 10 will cause Minikit #3 to appear above the Cannon.

Now that that's out of the way...shoot down 8 Vultures.  The last one will
crash into one of the glowing red orbs, disabling its protective field.  Now
you have to blast the shield generators.  You'll need to lock on, then shoot 3
missiles at each one.  More Vultures will spawn, and you can kill them if you
want to (they're worth studs) but it isn't necessary.  When you've used up
your 6 missiles, a pink arrow will appear on screen, leading you to a
spacecraft that you can destroy to get 6 more missiles.  When all 4 shield
generators are out, you'll need to launch 3 more missiles at the core of the
Ion Cannon.  You will then board the Malevolence for act 2.  Checkpoint:

Starting Characters: Anakin, Obi-Wan, R2-D2.

Fight, break, and collect, of course.  Don't miss the small yellow object on
the wall you can Force to get studs.  Force the vent covers and jump to them
to cross the flaming chasm.  Two Super droids will come down the elevator on
the other side.  After you beat them you can Saber Jump to the top.  Break the
boxes and Build a Saber Cut pad.  Go through the door.  Checkpoint: 26,000.

Two Super droids and a few regular ones here.  Use the Force to clear the
metal wreckage blocking the hall, then switch to R2 and hold B to hover across
the gap.  If you accidentally fall onto the wrecked train, you can Build a
Jedi Jump pad to get back up.  Once across, use the droid panel to play a
combination lock-type minigame on the touchscreen.  If you're quick enough
beating this, you'll get a blue stud.  (If you miss it, you can fail on
purpose by allowing the stud timer to run out, then retry the panel for
another chance at the blue stud.)  It will extend the bridge, and two Super
droids will attack.  Dispatch them and grab the blue stud over the center of
the bridge, then go through the door.  Checkpoint: 34,000.

Two more Supers arrive on the train.  Kill them, then get on the train.  Jump
to the forward car to grab three blue studs.  Ignore the buttons for right
now--they don't work yet.  Instead, cross to the other platform, take out the
droids, then use R2 to follow the stud trail.  Activate another droid panel
(another combination lock), then pull the lever.  Grab the blue box with A,
then carry it over the bridge and put it down on the blue pad.  Build a Jedi
Jump pad.  Jump up, break the box, Build a Saber Cut pad, and push the red box
into the wall.  Pull the lever that appears.  This deactivates the force field
keeping the train from moving.  Jump down, or ride the elevator.  Kill the
droids across from you, then step on both buttons to move the train.
Checkpoint: 43,000.

Kill the droids, pull the lever, then go Saber Cut the crane.  Don't miss the
three blue studs that are once again on the front train car.  Now you have one
of those situations where timing your deflections right will serve you well;
the Super droids will shoot at you while you're trying to make the double jump
across, and they're really accurate.  But if you can deflect their shots,
you'll get them out of your hair.  A Droideka appears after them, but it won't
shoot you while you're jumping across.  Kill it, and you'll see Padme and
C3P0.  Go through the door to reach Act 3.  Checkpoint: You should now be at
or near True Jedi (50,000).

Characters: Obi-Wan, R2-D2, C3P0.

Another situation where deflect can help you, although these guys aren't as
murderously accurate as Supers.  Anyway, use R2 to follow the stud trail over
to the platform on the right.  Break stuff, Build a droid panel, and play
another combination lock game.  Cross the bridge, then head left across the
next one.  Kill the two Supers, then use the Force to clear the wreckage.
Build the power box, then push the second power box into the wall.  Kill the
Droideka and pick up the blue box.  Carry it to the right, across the bridge
to the blue pad.  Build the lever and follow Grievous through the door.

Grievous will attack you now.  Hit him a couple of times and he'll run away.
Follow him to the shaft and he'll drop a box.  Build a Saber Jump pad, then
hit him again when he charges you at the top.  He'll get on a train and flee;
you get on the next one and follow him.  MEANWHILE...

Characters: Anakin, Padme.

Now you're elsewhere on the ship, controlling other characters.  Get used to
this; it's going to happen again in other levels.  Force clear the wreckage
and break the battle droids cowering--er, taking cover behind it.  Through the
door, fight some more droids and deflect a shot back at the Super in the back
room.  Keep going down the hall and you'll see a hull breach!  Don't try to
jump across this unless you want to watch yourself get sucked out into space.
(Admittedly, it can be amusing.)  Force the metal panel off the wall, then
switch to Padme and Sharpshoot the button, sealing the door.  Jump across the
gaps, then rebuild the broken battle droid at the end of the hall.  It will
cause the door to open.  Kill the Super and pull the switch.  You've now
reached Malevolence Main Control.  Kill the regular droids and the two Supers
that appear, then stand on the middle platform.  Sharpshoot the button.  Use
the Force, then step on the buttons that appear.  Press the first one once,
then second one twice, and the third one three times.  The pictures will show
(Rocketship, Arrow, Planet).  The ship will be set on a crash course and
you'll end Act 3.

Characters unlocked: Anakin, Battle Droid Pilot, C3P0.
Characters available in Shop: R2-D2, Super Battle Droid, Padme, Galactic
Marine, Wullf Yularen, Plo Koon.


Characters: Captain Rex, Commander Cody.
True Jedi Goal: 70,000.

On this first platform, there are two fans you can Build to get some studs.
There are also lots of boxes to destroy, but be aware that some are hiding
Super battle droids.  Fight your way across the bridge, blasting droids.  Try
not to shoot too many boxes, because (A) the studs will disappear after a
short time if you don't collect them; (B) destroying too many objects will
make some studs automatically disappear due to something in the programming;
and (C) it can be difficult to try to grab loose studs while you're getting
shot at.  With this in mind you may wish to use Commander Cody instead of
Captain Rex, as Rex shoots twice every time you press the attack button while
Cody only shoots once.  Once the fighting is over, go on a box-breaking
frenzy.  Build the grapple pad and kill the Super that appears across the gap,
then use Rex to grapple over.  Press the button to extend a bridge, then Build
the switch and pull it.  Cross the bridge and go through the door.
Checkpoint: 12,000 studs.

Fight through a few waves of droids and Supers in this hallway.  Again, you
may want to use Cody, as his faster strafing is good in this linear hall, and
again, try not to destroy too much scenery until you're free to pick up the
studs.  Don't approach the end of the hall until you've broken everything and
picked up the studs for it.  Jump down into the hole.  Break rocks on this
platform until you find a Build pile, then build and pull the switch.  Cross
the bridge, then head right and Sharpshoot the rock.  Keep going right, up the
stone ledges, fighting a few droids.  Use Cody to break the boarded-up tunnel,
and proceed to Act 2.  Checkpoint: 27,000.


Fight more droids, then walk up the ramp and Build the bomb.  Set it off, then
Sharpshoot the obstruction.  Jump off this ledge, grabbing the blue stud on
the way down.  Lots of stuff to break for studs down here.  Don't miss the
grapple pad- when you pull the hook out of the wall a bunch of gold studs fall
out.  Also, you can shoot the flowers that pop up from the ground for more
studs.  When you're done collecting money, go back to the left and up the
ramp, then cross the bridge.  Sharpshoot the rock, then Build a platform to
get to the next ledge.  Jump off to grab the blue stud and go back up.  At the
next platform, you can pull the box out from the wall, then jump on it to get
to the blue stud.  There's also another grapple point in the wall that will
spill more studs.  Grapple up to the next platform.  You can build the
trampoline, but you don't HAVE to.  Set off the bomb, then enter the door.
Checkpoint: 46,000.

Break some things until you find a Build pad.  Grapple across, then Build and
pull the switch to grab some studs, including a blue one.  Go right and you
can Build a very unfortunate battle droid for some studs.  Go up the steps and
you'll see a huge...worm...thing.  (I'm a Star Wars fan, but not enough of one
to know if this thing has a name.)  You don't have to worry about it for the
moment, though.  Grapple the rock, then follow the path up and right.  At the
top, there's more stuff to break and another stud-spilling wall hook.  Use
Cody to break the boards, then use Rex to Sharpshoot the little stone.  Move
out of the way of the boulder, then enter the tunnel.  Checkpoint: 56,000.

Jump down to the platform and you'll see the giant worm creature is back
again.  Drop to the bottom, but go left first for some studs.  Now head right,
but stop before you get too close to the worm.  Sharpshoot the targets to
block this tunnel, then head a bit further right and do it again at the next
tunnel.  Use Cody to break the boards, and get ready for a boss fight.
Checkpoint: You should be at or near 70,000.

Now you get to fight this monstrosity.  Use Cody, because you're going to be
strafing most of the time.  First of all, don't waste time trying to shoot the
automated guns on the back wall; they're indestructible.  Just move back and
forth to avoid their shots.  Second, and this should be obvious, DO NOT get
too close to the creature- it will eat you for an instant kill.  (Bear this in
mind if you die during the fight, because if you try to grab the blue stud you
lost and you just get eaten, you're not doing yourself any good.)  Hold down Y
and strafe, hitting the worm monster with as many shots as possible.  After a
short barrage it will lose one heart and thrash around; it's invincible during
this animation.  When it returns to standing still and glowing red, resume
shooting it, continuting to avoid the shots from the autoguns.

After it has lost 4 hearts (half its health), every heart you knock off will
cause it to drop big rocks from the ceiling.  You can avoid these by looking
for their shadows.  The worm cannot be hurt until all the rocks have fallen
(usually 3 or 4).  You can tell it's over because the worm will start glowing
red again.  Oh, also, while the rocks are falling, if you move far enough left
or right, you'll only be in range of one of the autoguns instead of both.
Makes the shots a bit easier to avoid while you have to stand there doing
nothing.  Once you've hurt it 8 times, its last heart will refill, and you
can't hurt it anymore.

You now need to use Sharpshoot to get both of its eyes.  Once you hit both,
those bothersome autoguns will shut down and two Build piles will fall.  Build
the right one first (a bomb), then leave it alone and go Build the left one.
Grapple the worm, then switch to Cody and set off the bomb to finish the boss
off.  With that done, you can Build a trampoline, then walk around to the
boards and blast them with Cody.  Before you go, though, I'd recommend
breaking the spiky blue rock all the way at the right end of this ledge for a
minikit.  That way, when you come back in Free Play, you can skip the worm
monster fight if you want to.  Enter the door to Act 3.


Build the switch on the left circle, then pull it to open a door at the top of
the room.  Go there and use Cody to strafe across the hallway, blasting droids
and breaking the boxes at the end.  Once you've cleared all the boxes, Rex can
Sharpshoot the three switches that are revealed.  Hitting all three will
reveal a blue box you can carry to the blue pad in order to build the switch
on the right circle.  On, in case you're wondering, the orange boxes in this
big room can be destroyed by Cody, but the three large gray/blue boxes can't
be broken.  Anyway, Build and pull the right switch.  Kill the droids and
enter the door you just opened.

In this room, kill the Supers and regular droids, then go into the door the
Gonk droid will open.  Kill more droids, then bring the box to the blue pad.
Build and pull the switch, wait for the Gonk droid, then break the boards and
go through the door.  Another autogun will be in this room, but this one you
CAN kill thanks to Rex's Sharpshoot.  Sharpshoot the other two targets, kill
the droids, then Sharpshoot the hovering droids that appear in front of you.
Two Supers will appear across the chasm; you may want to switch to Cody.
After they're dead, another Gonk droid will appear.  This one will make
floating platforms appear, so jump across them and enter the door.  Build the
sticks of dynamite (small red blocks near the central control panel) and
you've finished this level.

*BUG ALERT!* Some users have reported the floating platforms fail to appear.

Characters unlocked: Commando Droid, Clone Gunner.
Characters available in Shop: Commander Cody, Jango Fett, Stormtrooper,
Captain Rex, Stealth Trooper, TIE Fighter Pilot.


Starting Characters: Anakin, Ahsoka, Trooper, Heavy Trooper.
True Jedi Goal: 50,000.

You can Force the lights for studs, then break them for more studs.  Break the
dish and Build the grapple pad.  Pull down the tower and walk across.  Force
the green blocks to open the gate.  Fight the battle droids, then Force the
bomb onto the gate.  Anakin will go off on his own now.  Fight more droids and
jetpack droids, then go up the ramp and Sharpshoot the target.  Kill more
droids.  You can also push the gray box over the edge, then follow it down to
find more studs.  Push the two power boxes into the wall to open the door,
then pull the switch.  Checkpoint: 11,000.

More battle droid slaughtering.  You can Force or break the lighted plates on
the walls here.  Keep going right, and at the end, break stuff to find a blue
box.  Carry it left to the blue pad, then Build a Saber Jump pad.  Take it up,
Saber Cut the door, then break the red bar.  Drop back down, fight more droids
and enter the door.  More battle droids.  Follow the semi-circle around to the
end, then Build the wreckage.  You'll add R3-S6 to your party.  Use him to
activate the combination lock panel.  Enter the door to Act 2.  Checkpoint:


Fight droids, then break stuff and Build a grapple pad.  Use it to pull the
bridge across, but don't cross yet.  Instead, drop to the lower area.  There's
stuff here you can break for studs, as well as two Saber Jump platforms to
Build.  Use the Saber Jump on the left to get back to the bridge.  Cross it,
fight some more droids and Supers, then break the stuff on the back wall.
While you're here, you may notice an extremely obvious Red Brick on a table
behind a glass wall.  If you can't figure out how to get there, we'll get to it
in Free Play.  Build a Jedi Jump pad to grab a few blue studs, then Build the
switch and pull it.  Switch to R3 and activate the combination lock.
Enter the door.  Checkpoint: 46,000.

Fight Grievous until he runs away (again).  Lots of stuff to break, and if you
Force all the little lights on this platform and then break them, you'll get a
few blue studs.  Jump across to the big door and Force the blocks to open it.
In here, fight more droids and two Supers.  Build a Jedi Jump pad, then
grapple the box.  Break it, then Build and set off the bomb.  Climb the
shelves (you can double jump across to the other shelves for the studs) and
Force the vent, then enter it.  Checkpoint: True Jedi achieved (50,000).

Characters: Anakin, Trooper, Heavy Trooper.
Fight droids and two Supers.  Build a Saber Cut pad, then Force the Gonk droid
and use it as a trampoline to reach the ledge.  Go right, fighting more
droids.  Break stuff, Build a grapple pad, swing across, break MORE stuff, and
Build another grapple pad.  Flip the switch to see a battle droid mocking a
Trooper from the other side of a force field.  Put an end to his teasing with
Sharpshoot, then push the box off the edge.  Follow it down, then Build and
pull the switch and enter the door.

Here you'll fight your first Magnaguard.  You *can* shoot him, but it's
advisable to use a Jedi to attack him.  When you lock swords with him, quickly
swipe up on the touchscreen a few times to break his guard and kill him.  If
you're not fast enough or don't do it right, he'll kill you and you have to
try again.  More droids show up.  Afterward, Build R2-D2, then use him to
activate the combination lock panel and go through the door to Act 3.

Characters: Trooper, Heavy Trooper.

Well, this should look familiar.  Break stuff to Build a grapple pad, swing
across, and fight droids.  Jump over to the elevator, grab the blue box, and
set it down.  Build and set off the bomb, then follow the stud trail up the
ramp.  Kill the droids, jump across, and kill the Supers.  Go in the door.

Pull the switch, cross the bridge, then walk around the generator, fighting
droids (including 2 Supers).  As you go, destroy the purple electrical
devices.  Once all 8 are gone, the generator will stop spinning.  Continue
walking around it, using your Heavy to break the 4 red panels.  The bridge
will reappear, so cross it and go back through the door.  You'll be reunited
with Anakin, Ahsoka, and R2/R3.  Go down the path and use one of the R droids
on the combination lock panel.  Go through the door.

Now you've been backstabbed by R3 and you have Vulture droids trying to kill
you.  Break stuff to find a switch you can Build (it helps to stand on the
left edge of the shield wall; you can build without the Vultures hitting you).
Pull the switch to deal some punishment to the Vultures.  That's two down, but
R3 will bring in two more.  Stand behind the ship to make the Vultures shoot
it.  Pull the switch that's revealed to get one of them, then stand behind the
right edge of the ship, Build a grapple pad, and deal with the other one.

Cross the new platform, pull the switch, and Anakin and Ahsoka will leave.
Pick up the blue box and carry it to the pad behind the two wrecked Vultures.
Build the panel, then shoot it with your Heavy and go through the door.  Fight
a lot of droids, then go to the sky bridge.  When you try to cross it, you're

Switch to your Heavy and strafe.  Remember to lead your shots ahead of the
gunship and try to avoid its return fire.  Eventually, you'll knock it out of
the sky.  Now, remember that generator you damaged earlier?  It's going
critical.  Time to make like a tree and get outta here!

Break the box, then Build a grapple pad.  Up here, use the grapple pad and R2
will show up.  Push the box off the edge, then Build and activate the droid
panel to end the level.

Characters unlocked: Gonk Droid, R3-S6.
Characters available in Shop: Ahsoka, MagnaGuard, IG-86, Gha Nachkt, Jawa,
Lando Calrissian.


Starting Characters: Kit Fisto, Nahdar Vebb, Trooper, Heavy Trooper.
True Jedi: 45,000.

Walk right and pull the switch.  Bridge Fail!  Go back to your Starfighter,
and use the Force to make a platform to jump across the gap.  Pull this
switch.  Man, these machines need some maintenance.  Drop down beneath this
platform and use the Force to move the gears.  Use the pad to grapple the
bridge into place, then use the other pad to get back up top.  Jump across
this gap.  You can drop beneath this platform too, to get some studs, and if
you do there's a Jedi Jump pad to get back up.  There are studs in areas to
the right and left sides of this big door.  Force the gray panels beside the
door and pull the switch.  Break stuff in front of the door, Build a grapple
pad, and grapple the second swith, then enter the door.  Checkpoint: 14,000.

If you break the box near the door, you can Build a grapple pad, then double
jump across the cases.  When you get to the last one, double jump up through
the window and walk back to the left.  You'll be outside again, above the
door, where you can jump up to grab a few blue studs.  Go back inside and
follow the hall to the end.  Force the floor plate, then grapple up top so you
can Build and pull the door switch.  Enter the door.  Checkpoint: 22,000.

Fight several droids.  You can drop down into the area below for some studs,
then Build a Jedi Jump pad to get out.  You can also break the metal throne in
the room's center if you attack it enough.  Go through the door to fight
Grievous yet again.  This time, when you hurt him enough, he'll jump away from
you and refill his hearts.  When he does this, go to either side of the room
and Force a platform.  Jump up, and use the grapple pad to tie Grievous down.
Repeat this on the opposite side and a Build pile will appear under him.
Build the Jedi Jump pad, get up there, and hit him again to end the fight.
He'll run away, again, and a door will open, leading you to Act 2.
Checkpoint: 29,000.

*BUG ALERT!*  Sometimes, the grapples to tie Grievous down don't work right,
or the Build-It to jump up to him doesn't appear, or when you do jump up you
can't finish him off.

Fight a MagnaGuard, then double jump over the pit and fight another one.  You
can Build a battle droid to get some studs.  Drop into the room and press the
button.  Now you have to keep jumping from one platfor to another, as they'll
keep dipping down into the lava after you stand on them.  Switch to your Heavy
and keep firing at the wreckage at the top of the lava pit.  When it's all
gone, jump over there and Build the button.  Force the floor vent and use the
Saber Jump pad to go up.  You can drop off the top here and land in the little
alcove for some blue studs.  Force the three panels into place.  Drop down,
fight the MagnaGuard, and enter the door.  Checkpoint: 40,000.

Go up the ramps and fight two MagnaGuards, followed by some droids.  After
that, a great big horned monster will come through the big door.  He doesn't
seem to do much, though, unless you get too close and let him hit you.  Run
around the room and break/Build stuff until he roars and damages a panel.
Keep going and he'll do it a second time.  Build both of the pads that are now
available.  Jedi Jump up the left one and Build the power conduit, then
grapple up the right one and Build again.  Flip the switch, and you'll dispose
of whatever this creature is.  Use the Force, and go through the door to Act
3.  Checkpoint: True Jedi achieved (45,000).


Force both switches, then step up to the window to see Grievous getting some
repair work done.  Now, droids will drop into the room.  When they're all
dead, Grievous will run away and the force field will shut off.  Follow
Grievous out through the door.  Outside, you can jump over to the ledge behind
you and Build a grapple pad for some studs.  Fight more droids while following
the cliffside path, then Build the grapple pad and use it.  Keep following the
catwalk and killing droids.

When you reach the end in the next area, Force the object and Build a Jedi
Jump pad.  Leap up and go left, breaking the boxes so you can Build and pull a
switch.  Head right and double jump across the gap.  Break the door with your
Heavy, then flip the switch inside.  If you Build the Jedi Jump pad, you can
leap up to grab a few blue studs.  When the elevator comes down it brings 2
Supers with it, so smash them.  Ride the elevator to fight Grievous AGAIN.
This time, he's invincible while attacking, so run away until he has a
coughing fit.  At this point you can hurt him.  Repeat this pattern until
you're prompted to retreat to the Starfighter.  What?  You didn't think you'd
get to kill Grievous, did you?  He has to survive until Episode III.  ^_^
Jump to the Starfighter to complete the level.

Characters unlocked: Nahdar Vebb, A4-D.
Characters availalbe in Shop: General Grievous, Kit Fisto, Nute Gunray, Tusken
Raider, Clone Trooper Jetpack.


Starting Characters: Jar Jar, Trooper, Heavy Trooper.
True Jedi: 45,000.

Walk up from the wrecked ship, avoiding the red reticles as bombs will be
falling (be sure to try and grab the studs released when the bombs break
objects).  Kill the pirates and jump up the ledge to the left.  More pirates
and more falling bombs, but keep walking up.  You'll reach an open area;
switch to your Heavy and strafe left and right to destroy the gunship.  After
this, the pirates will drop a bridge.  Cross it and follow the stud trail down
into the cave.  Checkpoint: 9,000.

Proceed through the cave, fighting more pirates and Building a grapple pad.
Go up and keep walking.  There will be a cave-in, but you didn't need to go
back for anything anyway.  Build another grapple pad and use it on the rock.
When the rock comes back, blast it with the Heavy, then move the blue box to
the pad.  Build and detonate the bomb, then follow the trail up.  Fight more
pirates, then climb the ledges against the back wall.  Build another grapple
pad and use it, then jump on the rock, ride it up, and walk out of the cave.
Checkpoint: 19,000.

Outside, there will be bombs again.  Just keep following the canyon north,
fighting pirates and breaking stuff.  You'll soon reach a wall with two
autoguns.  Don't bother trying to fight these; instead, go back a little bit
and find the Build-It bomb.  Set it off to take out one of the autoguns and
create a ramp.  Run up and double jump across with Jar Jar to reach the switch
to open the gate.  Go through for more pirates and two more autoguns.  Break
stuff until you can Build a grapple pad, then go up the ramp and pull the
switch.  You'll take out an autogun and disable the red lasers around some
spinning gizmos.  By the way, Jar Jar can jump up onto the wing of this craft
to get the studs.  Break some more stuff near the grapple pad and you'll be
able to Build a mortar launcher.  Pull the switch to destroy the other autogun
and lower a ramp.  Jump up here, use your Heavy to destroy the spinning thing,
then jump across and destroy the second one.  You'll cause a chain reaction
and begin Act 2.  Checkpoint: 36,000.  MEANWHILE...

Characters: Anakin, Obi-Wan, Dooku.

Use the Force on the box to escape your cell.  Fight some pirates and walk
down the hall until you can Build and use the Jedi Jump pad.  Up here, use the
Force on the switches to reveal a blue box and a blue pad.  Use these, then
Build and pull the switch that appears.  Build the bomb and laugh at the
pirate's stupidity, then go through the door.  Checkpoint: At or close to True
Jedi (45,000).

Force the two broken doors, jump up them, then Force the object out of your
way and jump up through the vent.  Fight more pirates in this room, then smash
the gray panels to either side of the big door.  Force the objects in the
walls, then Force the door, kill the pirates, and go through to Act 3.  (Well.
That was a very short act.)

More pirates to kill, more stuff to break.  Go into the two cells along the
back wall to Build two buttons.  Stepping on them will open the cell at the
far left.  Pulling the switch in here will let you access the Saber Jump pad.
Kill the pirates up here and break all the objects.  Force the big box, then
Force the three metal rods.  Build and pull the switch, then use Dooku to
Force the big door.

As soon as you enter the next room, Dooku will escape.  (Shocking!)  Go right,
fighting more pirates.  Break an object near the red force field to Build a
Saber Jump pad.  Up here, break the box to Build a Saber Cut pad.  Use it,
pull the switch, drop down, and Force the object to open the door.

Looks like you're in a speeder bike hangar.  Use the Force on the nearest one
to cause a wreck, then use the Force on the wrecked bikes to the left and
right of the room.  This will open the big door and end the level.

Characters unlocked: Count Dooku, Jar Jar.
Characters available in Shop: Turk Falso, Hondo Ohnaka, Bossk, Jar Jar
(Bombad), Weequay Pirate, Senator Philo.

As I mentioned before, now that you have Count Dooku, you're welcome to go
back to previous levels and Free Play, because you now have at least one of
every character you need.  You don't even need to buy any from the shop
(except, possibly, a Bounty Hunter), although you may have personal favorites
you wish to use.  I do recommend playing through at least the next level,
though, as there's a very useful extra there.


True Jedi: 50,000.

It's vehicle time again!  You'll be flying around outside the cruiser.  Once
again, due to the nature of the vehicle sections, I'm going to go ahead and
tell you how to get the minikits here.  You'll begin the level shooting at
some Vultures.  After a short time, you'll be told to protect the cruiser from
ten bombers.  You can't shoot them with your lasers, so it'll have to be your
missiles.  (Note: in between tagging the bombers, try to shoot down some
Vultures here and there for studs.)  The bombers will arrive in four seperate
waves (1, 2, 3, and then 4 bombers).  You have 6 missiles, so if you're any
good you should be able to kill the first 3 waves without needing to reload.
Just look for the pink arrows on your radar to find the bombers.  It's
important to kill them quickly, because if you take too long, the bombers will
do heavy damage to the cruiser and then escape.

Restock your missiles for the fourth wave, and down all of them.  If you got
all ten, a minikit will now appear between the two tall structures at the top
of the cruiser.  There's a second minikit at the rear of the cruiser, sitting
out in the open just above the hull.  In fact, if you look down from getting
the first one, you can't really miss it.  I'd have told you to go get it
sooner, but then you would have wasted time and maybe not killed all of the
bombers, see?  Now you have all the time you need.  Once you've got both
minikits, shoot down all the Vultures that are left.  Your ship will crash
into a hole in the cruiser, and you'll move on to Act 2.  Checkpoint: 10,000.

Starting Characters: Anakin, Trooper.

Battle your way north, through a hallway full of wreckage and violent droids.
After you pass two fallen beams (which you can break for studs), you'll have
to Force a platform to get across a pit.  This is another one of those times
when deflect comes in handy, as the droids across the way won't stop shooting
at you while you're trying to use the Force or jump over.  You'll come to a
closed door with two droids mocking you from the other side.  Use the Force to
shut 'em up and open the door.  After this is a group of droids with a Super;
you know what to do.  Next you'll encounter a larger group with two Supers;
past this is another fight, then Ahsoka will join you.  Checkpoint: 23,000.

Now you're in another hallway, with another group of droids and Supers.  Keep
fighting and advancing, and part of the ceiling will collapse.  Walk up to
arrive outside the ship and, you guessed it, fight through more battle droids.
You might get distracted by the occasional huge gun firing next to you or the
Vulture droids flying by overhead, but don't miss the arcs of studs floating
over some of the pits, or the large gray plates that can be destroyed for
studs (some are standing up next to the left wall and you might not see them,
and some are out of reach of your lightsabers and must be shot).  There's a
Super battle droid up ahead, then some more jetpack droids.  After a little
more fighting, you'll come to a group of droids, and...thank you, Vulture
droid!  Go down the new ramp and through the door.  Watch Anakin make a fool
of himself, and you'll be in Act 3.  Checkpoint: 42,000.

Characters: Anakin, Ahsoka, Heavy Trooper.

Force the junk off of the Trooper and he'll join you.  Follow the trail of
studs down the cliff and over the gaps to Build a grapple pad.  Use it, break
the box, Build another pad, and use it.  Then use the Force on the panel, and
head left to get back on top of the cliff.  Head right and use the Force on
the panel. The engine will fire one last time, breaking down the wall.  Go
this way, fighting a few droids.  Checkpoint: 48,000.

Force and then break the box.  Build the bomb and set it off.  The rock will
fall back down, so try not to stand in the shadow.  As you move forward, more
rocks will fall, indicated by more shadows, so don't get crushed.  Keep
walking and you'll go up a spiral tree, then cross a narrow branch.  At the
end, jump off (try to snag the blue stud) and there will be some droids and a
Probe Droid.  It's not any tougher than a normal droid, though, so give it a
good whack with a lightsaber and it'll go down.  Bounce on the awnings for
some blue studs, then approach the central hut to go to the next area.
Checkpoint: True Jedi (50,000).

Take out the droids, then move the blue box to the blue pad.  Build and set
off the bomb to knock out the force field.  Force the box, then Force it again
to take out the autoguns.  Follow the path to the right and Force the rock to
put an end to the tank.  Build and use the grapple pad, then stand on both
blue buttons, drop down, and enter the door.

Force the big door, fight the droids, then walk to the left to find a ladder
leaning against a tank.  Hop up and blast the other tank, then when the droids
come out, shoot the supports underneath them to bring down the platform.
After the short scene you can get back in the tank and blow up the droids and
their mounted guns, then jump up to that side to grab some studs.  Walk over
to the right side of the room (where you knocked down the first platform) to
grab the Red Brick for this level (Score X4).  Now, walk up the ramp at the top
 of the room, Force the door, and walk through to end the level.

Characters unlocked: Clone Snowtrooper, Tub.
Characters available in Shop: Lok Durd, Thi-Sen, Chi Cho, Riyo Chuchi, Wag
Too, Anakin (Snow), Obi-Wan (Snow).

At this point, I advise you to return to the Hub and go buy the 4X extra from
the Shop.  It's good for quickly stockpiling studs, and it makes getting True
Jedi a breeze if you want to do it that way.  (I will continue writing this
guide as if you're not using it, though, just in case.)  If you have purchased
it, and want to start playing Free Play, well, now there's nothing to hold you


Starting Characters: Anakin, Captain Rex.
True Jedi: 55,000.

Ouch.  Poor guy.  Break the boxes in the lower left corner to Build a fan.
Ride it up, break the box, Build and use the grapple pad, then Force the box
off the edge.  Jump off the edge (try to grab the blue stud) and Build a Saber
Cut platform.  Before you leave the room, though, go back up to the fan ledge
and jump off the far end for the blue stud.  Also, check the far-right hallway
for more studs and to kill a few droids.  Saber Cut the window, step out on
the ledge, Sharpshoot the target, and grab the wire.  Checkpoint: 9,000.

Commander Cody and Obi-Wan will join you.  Now you need to take out the flying
droids, but YOUR FIREARMS ARE USELESS AGAINST THEM!  ...Sorry.  Ahem.  Walk to
the left and find some stuff you can break.  You'll be able to Build a Saber
Jump pad.  Use it, and push the box off the edge.  Drop down and you can Build
a cannon on the platform.  Jump on the cannon, aim it slightly to the right,
and hold down the fire button.  All 5 droids will fly into the path of your
shots.  Now you'll be given a blue box, but before you can get it to the pad,
more droids attack.  Eliminate the opposition, then drop off the box, Build
and pull the switch, and go through the door.  Checkpoint: 11,000.

Break the box near the door and Build the grapple pad.  Go up and pull the
switch, but don't bother trying to jump across yet.  Instead, drop back down
and go right to fight some droids.  When they're dead, another will appear and
toss out a bomb.  Shoot this from a distance so you don't blow yourself up.
Now, smash the gray panels along the back wall near the door.  The one between
the two lights on the wall (btw, you can Force the lights for studs) will
reveal another switch for you to pull.  Keep walking right, past the force
field.  Yet more droids to fight, and more bombs will be set up.  Again, shoot
these from a distance.  There are three more pairs of lights on the back wall;
smash the panels between the lights to reveal three more switches.  Once
you've pulled all 5 switches, all 5 chandeliers will have descended and
there'll be a trail of studs for you to follow.  Go all the way back to the
left side of the room, grapple up, and double jump along the row of
chandeliers.  At the last one, jump to the ledge in the back and pull the
switch.  Watch the big dangerous thing climb past, then drop down to find a
droid mocking you.  Use the Force to blast him (and the wall blocking your
way), then go into the door.  Checkpoint: 18,000.

When are these droids going to learn they're no match for you?  ...Well,
never, I suppose, but anyway.  Use Cody to blast the object on the back wall,
then carry the blue box to the pad.  Build and set off the bomb.  Walk to the
right and step up to the blue door.  Clear the droids and pull the switch.
Onward to Act 2!  ...Hmm?  No, I don't know why the game designers thought
you'd want to watch an elevator ride.  Checkpoint: 25,000.


Go up the stairs to the rooftop and clear out a few droids.  There are some
breakables and studs scattered around, but the only things you *need* to be
concerned with are the two boxes above the door you entered from.  Break both
of them and Build the dish.  A command droid will show up and battle droids
will start swarming this area.  Take 'em all out (there will be at least one
Super), but don't worry about the timer.  You can take care of it when you
come back here in Free Play, but nothing bad will happen to you if it runs
out.  When all the droids are done for, a clone trooper will KO the command
droid and a ramp will be created for you.  Go up, but before you get in the
ship, do a long double jump to the other two rooftops up here--each one has 3
blue studs.  Now enter the ship.  Checkpoint: 37,000.

Now you get another vehicle segment.  There are two minikits in this bit.
Anyway...start off by shooting at the enemy on the roof to your right.  Any
time you can kill these you'll get a blue stud, so keep your eyes open for
more of them.  You'll be following the highway and witnessing some impressive
scenes of destruction as you go.  You have unlimited missiles in this part, so
if you get a target lock, just keep hitting B.  You'll notice there are
several tanks--each one takes three missiles.  After a bit, you'll be able to
target the middle of a bridge ahead.  Do that and hit it with missiles to
bring it down.  Around the corner to your left, you'll see another bridge.
This one has a minikit under the right side, so grab it.  Up ahead, you'll see
one of those huge, dangerous Tridroids standing on a bridge.  Fortunately,
this bridge can be destroyed just like the other one, so take it out.  A
little bit past this, you'll see the other minikit on the right side of a roof
ahead of you.  Grab it (maybe blast the roof enemy first to make it easier on
yourself).    After a few more tanks, you'll come up to another Tridroid and
you'll have to fight it.  Checkpoint: 45,000.

Here's how to fight the Tridroid.  Shoot it in the head with your lasers.
After it takes enough damage, you'll be able to lock on to one of its knee
joints; spam the missile button.  Keep in mind it's going to be spamming
missiles right back at you, so keep moving!  Every time you get blown up
you'll be wasting time, and if you take too long to cripple a knee you'll have
to damage the head again.  Each knee has a health bar, and if you deplete it
you'll damage some of the armor on its head.  Now, shoot the head with lasers
again until you can target another knee.  (If you accidentally target a knee
on the opposite side of the droid, don't forget you can switch targets with
X.)  Once you've kneecapped the droid, all the armor on its head will be gone.
This time, after you've shot it with enough lasers, you'll target lock the
head.  Keep dodging its missiles and firing your own until it keels over.
Onward to Act 3!  Checkpoint: ...honestly, I don't know if you get any studs
during this fight, or for beating him, so stick with 45,000.

Characters: Anakin, Obi-Wan.

You'll be dropped off at a building.  You can run around on the left or right
sides to break stuff and grab studs--don't miss the blue ones on the window
ledges.  Force the wreckage in the middle up to the walkway.  At the far right
side, break the box to Build a Saber Jump pad.  Use it, then Force the box to
your left.  Head left to cross the walkway you just made, then break the
window with the blue box in it.  Go inside for lots of studs, then carry the
blue box and drop down to the pad.  Down here, Build and pull both switches to
open the door.  Checkpoint: True Jedi (55,000).

Approach the stairs and you'll be attacked by the Sith chick you may have
noticed earlier (Asajj Ventress).  She's all bluster right now, though--hit
her once and she runs off.  Climb the stairs after her and go through the
door.  Hey, look, now she's just sitting there waiting for you.  Obligatory
Admiral Ackbar quote: "It's a Trap!"  But you knew that already.  Try to get
to her and she'll pull the floor out from under you.  Now she'll start
throwing things at you; catch them with the Force and throw them back.  After
a little bit of back-and-forth, she'll pick up something big and try to drop
it on you--watch the shadow and try to dodge.  Once all four spikes have
fallen, Force them to make a stairway.  Now you have to fight her again.  Much
like Grievous earlier, you can't hurt her while she's doing her spin attack,
so just run away.  When she stops she'll catch her breath, and at this point
you can hit her.  When she's down to one heart she'll run away and you'll
automatically follow.  Walk to the edge of the roof and...

Man.  How many of these are you going to have to destroy?  The game will give
you prompts on how to fight this Tridroid, but I'll clarify.  You need to
stand in one of the two green circles.  The Tridroid will pick up its foot and
try to smash you, indicated by a red reticle.  This attack is an instant kill,
by the way, and so is the small shockwave that surrounds it.  Dodge the attack
while remaining within the green circle.  I repeat: DO NOT leave the green
circle while dodging the attack.  You need to dodge it four times.  On the
fourth, his foot will come down in the exact center of the green circle (which
makes it very easy to dodge) and it'll get stuck.  Beat on it with your
lightsaber a few times and the foot will crack and start smoking.  Now, you
need to dodge four more attacks.  Again, the fourth will be in the center, and
it'll get stuck, and you beat on it.  If you hit it enough times you'll break
its foot.  Now, repeat this pattern with the opposite foot.  When both feet
are destroyed, walk to the middle and use the Force to put an end to the
Tridroid--and the level.

Characters Unlocked: Clone Pilot, Clone Grunt Light.
Characters available in shop: Senate Commando, Asajj Ventress, Senate Commando
Capt, Faro Argyus, Senator Organa, Darth Maul (yay!), Grand Moff Tarkin (4
Play Coins).

Starting Characters: Ahsoka, Captain Rex.
True Jedi: 50,000.

Sharpshoot the tree to your right, then Force it.  Jump across the pool, and a
periscope will pop up from the ground, along with some battle droids.  Fight
the group of droids, which will include two Supers.  You can break the
periscope for studs, along with the pipe spewing the toxic purple stuff.  Jump
up onto the stump behind you.  Don't miss the plants behind the stump for some
studs.  Now climb the tree and grab the blue box from the top.  Jump down (try
to grab some studs) and if you landed on the plant, get off quickly or get
eaten.  Drop the box on the pad, Build and pull the switch, and follow the
stud trail across the bridge.  Ignore the R2 panel and keep going right,
following the path around the bend.  Checkpoint: 11,000.

Ah, a welcoming committee.  In the form of periscopes and battle droids.  2
more Supers here as well.  Break the rock in the little gap between the tree
and the boulder, and a snake will come out and leave a stud trail.  Break the
plant at the end of the path, then Build and use the Saber Jump pad.  More
droids up here, then grapple the dish.  Drop down and Build and use another
grapple pad, then climb up to the other tower.  Pull the switch here to raise
some platforms.  If you Build and use the Jedi Jump pad here, there are studs
on the roof as well as droids to fight.  Double jump to the other tower and
there are more studs, including a blue one.  Drop down to the lowest level.
Use the platforms to cross the ooze and go right.  Checkpoint: 26,000.

You can bounce on these...things...like trampolines to get a blue stud.  Go
right and Sharpshoot the statue's eyes.  There's also a blue stud in the
flytrap's mouth.  Bounce on the creatures here to get above the statue, then
cross the platforms and hit the orb on the wall to extend the vines.  Keep
going right, then drop down to fight more cannon fodder.  Er, I mean, droids.
Force the box up out of the ooze, break it, and Build the laser.  Use it on
the orange hatch to begin Act 2.  Checkpoint: 35,000.

Characters: Obi-Wan, Heavy Trooper.

Only one minikit in this vehicle section.  As soon as you start, you need to
take out some bombers.  Turn to face them, but target the shielded platform
sticking up from the ground.  Hit it with three missiles to destroy it for the
minikit.  NOW you can fire missiles at the bombers to bring them down.  When
you've shot them all down, a radar tower will pop up.  Lock on and fire three
missiles to destroy it, and a pink cone will appear.  Fly into this cone and
you'll get a short fixed-scrolling screen.  You can move the targeting reticle
around (shoot the tanks for bonus studs), but all you need to be worried about
hitting is the square hatch in the ground.  You only need to hit it once, and
you do have unlimited bombs, and if you do miss, you can try again from the
pink cone.  If you're having trouble hitting targets, try placing the reticle
slightly above where you want the bomb to land.

Once you've destroyed the hatch, you'll have to shoot down 6 Vultures.  Next,
another radar tower will pop up; pop it with three missiles, and you'll have
another bombing run to do.  Again, you can hit the tanks for studs, and your
target is the hatch.  When it's gone, you'll have 6 more Vultures, then
another radar tower, then another run to bomb a hatch.  This third one will be
the last, and then you'll be back on the ground.  Checkpoint: At some point,
between shooting down all the Vultures, you may have already hit True Jedi
(50,000).  If not, you should reach it in the next section.

Now you'll be in a hallway with lots of droids.  Keep knocking 'em out, and
you'll soon get a message about "Droid Clearance" and a 40-second time limit.
If you can kill 10 droids in the time limit, you'll get a minikit.  If not,
don't sweat it--you'll be back here during Free Play.  (Though, if you're
anything like me, you go saber-crazy whenever a big group of Droids shows up,
so you'll probably get it.)  A Droideka will roll through the door ahead of
you, and two Supers will appear behind you.  Keep moving forward, trashing
bots as you go and breaking wreckage for studs.  Force the junk out of your
way, and Force the metal rod into the door to jam it open.  Two Droidekas
will--oh, nevermind.  ^_^  Pick up the blue box and move it to the pad.  Build
the Saber Cut pad and use it to get through the door.

More droids in here, along with two Supers.  Kill 'em all and keep moving.
Sections of this bridge will collapse, so try not to fall off while you're
making more scrap metal.  Destroy the two red colums to disable the force
field, then set off the bomb.  MEANWHILE...

Characters: Anakin, Trooper.
Fight the three Supers in here and then it's time to solve a puzzle.  (I know,
it's fun to watch Jar Jar being electrocuted, but you HAVE to rescue them to
beat the level.)  I've noticed a lot of people seem to have trouble with this
room (I actually did too, at first) so we're gonna take it one step at a time.
Force the two floor grates out of your way.  Drop down into the right one and
walk right up against the green box.  PRESS AND HOLD A, look to see if your
character is gripping the box, then push Down on the Circle Pad/D-Pad to pull
the box out.  If successful, a red light will come on behind Padme and Jar
Jar.  The problem most people seem to have with this room is either (1) they
don't realize you can manipulate the boxes; (2) they don't know how to, or
think it isn't working; or (3) the boxes themselves are very finicky, and if
you don't do it just right, it won't work.  Most of the time, odds are it's
(3).  Anyway, go to the Jedi Jump pad in the upper right of the room and get
up to the ledge.  Here we have a second extremely fussy power box.  Again,
PRESS AND HOLD A, be sure your character is gripping it, and press Down.
Another red light will come on behind the captives.  Now, Force the glass tube
to your left, jump to the ledge, and Force the second one so you can jump to
the left side of the room.  Use the grapple pad to pull out the third power
box (much easier, don't you think?) and open the door to Act 3.

Characters: Ahsoka, Captain Rex.

Push the plant box all the way to the end of the L-shape in the floor, just
under the pipe.  Use the Force on the machine in the upper right corner of the
room, then jump up to the platform and Build a grapple pad.  A droid will duck
into a vent when you get up here.  Presumably, that's the virus he's carrying.
Break the box, then Build and pull the switch.  Drop down and pull the flower
back a little bit so it's under the stud trail.  Jump on it and hold B, as the
bounces alternate between high and low.  Get up to the ledge and the droid
will run away again, and you'll switch to Obi-Wan and Anakin.

Smash the two Supers, then push the flower under the pipe and pull the switch.
Uh-oh.  We seem to have sprung a leak.  Drop to the lower level.  Use the
flytrap to jump up to the next platform, then onto the right ledge.  Force the
vent, then drop back down.  Stand on the flytrap (don't worry, it's safe...for
now...) and Build a patch on the pipe.  Go left to a Jedi Jump pad and pull
the switch when you get back up here.  Move the plant to the other end of the
floor, then use it to bounce up.  Force the vent, then Build and use the Saber
Jump pad.  Up here, use the Saber Cut pad, then attack the orb.  Jump to the
vines, walk right, and enter the door.

Force the three ledges on the back wall and jump up.  If you see a red
targeting reticle, move out of the way.  When you get up here, the elevator
will rise higher.  Use the Jedi Jump pad and it will rise again.  Jump up the
ledges--quickly, as they fall after a short time.  Build the Jedi Jump pad and
go up again.  At the top, walk over to the green column and bash it until it
breaks.  The elevator will drop some--jump onto it.

Fight the two Supers here, and attack Nuvo Vindi (aka, the gray guy who's
running from you).  Knock off all four of his hearts to end the level.

Characters: LEP Servant Droid, Jaybo Hood.
Charcters unlocked in Shop: Dr. Nuvo Vindi, Shahan Alama, Peppi Bow, Gregar
Typho (looks more like Snake Plissken to me), Cad Bane, Aurra Sing, Robonino,
Admiral "It's a Trap!" Ackbar (6 Play Coins).


True Jedi: 50,000.

The cutscene for this level is kind of cool.  Yes, Anakin just used a Star
Destroyer as a giant torpedo.  Nifty, isn't it?  Anyway.  We begin with
another space battle section.  You have to destroy 8 Vulture droids.  Combat
is as usual--dodge missiles, follow your radar, and keep firing.  When you've
destroyed all 8, you'll be moved to a droid frigate.  Your targets are the 6
purple antenna arrays located around the ship.  Before you destroy these,
though, start shooting down more Vultures.  Specifically, there will be a
squad of 6 off to your right as you start this section.  Down all 6, and a
minikit will appear on top of the frigate, so snag it.  Now, back to business.

Each antenna array takes 3 missiles to destroy, so you're going to need to
reload a few times.  The antenna arrays are located as follows: at the very
top of the tall structure on the rear of the frigate; on top of the right
wing; underneath the left wing; at the end of the "fin" on the very bottom of
the ship; in the middle of the engines at the rear; and at the very front of
the ship.  When all 6 are gone, you'll have to target the control tower that's
now sticking up from the front of the ship.  Three more missiles, and you're
done here.  Checkpoint: 7,000.

Characters: Obi-Wan, Commander Cody.

Move forward down the path, crushing droids and breaking stuff.  When you
reach the red force field, a ship will fly by overhead and drop bombs,
knocking it out.  Keep going.  A pod will fall down with a Super droid; kill
it, then attack the pod until it breaks (you can do it with either Obi-Wan or
Cody).  Just ahead, another pod will fall.  When you kill it, a Vulture droid
will crash; Force it to cross the chasm.  Checkpoint: 19,000.

There are a few bombs here, so shoot them.  Further on, a Trooper will join
your party.  Walk up the wing of the crashed ship to grab some blue studs.  In
the next clearing, you'll have to fight a lot of battle droids.  Eventually
two will man the mortar launchers, so avoid those shots and keep fighting.
Soon, a ship will drop boxes.  Break these to Build a grapple pad.  Use it,
then Force the mortar launcher.  After it solves your problem, Force it again
to open the gate to Act 2.  Checkpoint: 31,000.

Characters: Trooper Waxer, Trooper Boil (No Helmet).

Not too sure why it matters if the Trooper has a helmet, but okay.  Walk into
the hut for a blue box.  Put it on the pad, then Build a grapple pad.  Push
the box off the edge to Build a button for some studs.  Get back up there and
bounce on the awning to reach another roof.  Set off the bomb.  Checkpoint:

Drop down and Sharpshoot the Probe droid, then Build and set off the bomb.
Hey, battle droid pancakes, my favorite!  Walk all the way right, and clear
the group of battle droids.  Grapple up, Build and use another grapple pad,
then drop down and jump up the steps.  Checkpoint: 40,000.

Clear the droids and Sharpshoot the Probe droid.  Numa will now join you.
Duck through the left vent for some blue studs, then through the right vent
and pull the switch.  Go through the door.  In here, break all the stuff.
Duck into the vent, grab the box, set it on the pad, then Build and pull the
switch.  Drop into the trapdoor.  Checkpoint: 45,000.

Because no video game is complete without a sewer level.  *sigh*  Enter the
vent, pull the switch on the other side, and Sharpshoot the target.  Set off
the bomb, pull the switch, and head right through the door to Act 3.
Checkpoint: 46,000.  MEANWHILE...

Characters: Obi-Wan, Commander Cody.

Go up the ramp and double jump onto the ledge.  Grab the box, move it to the
pad, and Build and set off the bomb.  In the next room you'll be joined by
Numa and the two Troopers.  Grapple the awning, then bounce up to the rooftop.
Duck through the vent, pull the switch, and drop down into the manhole you
just opened.  Checkpoint: True Jedi (50,000).

Down here, head right.  There's steam coming out of the pipes, so only walk by
when it's off.  Up ahead you'll see another one of the most obvious Red Bricks
in any Lego game ever.  You have to jump across the floating debris anyway to
cross the ooze, so feel free to try for it while you're here.  WARNING:
EXTREMELY ANNOYING PLATFORMING.  I had a real problem with Obi-Wan not wanting
to jump sometimes, so this may take a few tries to get across.  Note that the
Red Brick (Score X6) may wash down the waterfall and be lost if you don't get
it quickly enough.  No worries, though, you'll be back here in Free Play.
After crossing the river of slime (Wait, what?  This isn't Ghostbusters II!),
you'll reach a pile of gears you can Build.  A gate will open, so go on

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the Super droids, with special guests,
the one (hit point) wonders!  Once these guys are eliminated, set off the
bomb.  Build and use the grapple pad, carry the blue box, then Build and use
another grapple pad.  Now you can Build a Saber Jump pad.  Up here, use the
Force on the big gun.  You can walk along the wall for the studs, but it's
easy to fall off, so be careful.  Drop down here and fight the droids, and you
can Sharpshoot the one taking a bathroom break.  It ain't easy being a battle
droid...  Pull the switch to release the captives and end the level.

Characters unlocked: Clone Trooper Boil, Clone Trooper Waxer.
Characters available in Shop: Mar Tuuk, Numa, Aayla Secura, TX-20, Clone
Trooper Boil (No Helmet), Clone Trooper Waxer (No Helmet), Boba Fett (8 Play

If you DID get the Red Brick, and you have 500,000 studs to spare, go buy
Score X6.  It'll pay for itself should you choose to use it.  Don't forget,
the multipliers can be stacked up.


Starting Characters: Samuel L. Jackson, Heavy Trooper.
True Jedi: 45,000.

Finally, we get Mace Windu, aka Samuel L. Mutha****in' Jackson, aka the best
Jedi EVAR!!!1!.  Okay, okay, I'll stop.  Watch for the red reticles that
indicate incoming bombs.  Head left first for some studs; you can also jump on
top of the vehicle for more studs.  Walk to the right and build a Samuel L.
Jackson Jump pad, get over the force field and take out the hovering droids.
Move right, fighting more droids, until you go to the next area.  Checkpoint:

Force the rocks to make a stairway.  Up here, you can use the Saber Jump pad
to jump to the left for blue studs.  Keep going right and some battle droids
will drop down.  (Man.  You know you messed up when a BATTLE DROID facepalms.)
Use the Force on the wreckage, then Build a Saber Cut pad.  A Trooper will
join your party.  Build and use the grapple pad to cross the chasm.
Checkpoint: 13,000.

At the edge of the cliff, Sharpshoot the floating droid, then Force the rocks
and walk across.  Force the small rock to jam the tank's gun and the battle
droid will run away.  Head right, fighting more droids, and jump across the
gap.  Two Supers will show up; deal with them and enter the cave to reach Act
2.  Checkpoint: 19,000.

Lots of breakables and droids here.  Climb the ledges and a Vulture droid will
show up.  You can shoot it down with your Heavy, but you don't have to.  Keep
going right.  In the next area, a Super will pop out from under some wreckage.
Deal with him, then Force the door.  (Note: if you switch to your Heavy and
blow up the wreckage before setting off the Super, you'll kill him instantly
and get blue studs.)  Go through the wrecked tank.  Set off the bomb, and
there will be another Super hiding under wreckage.  Keep fighting and you'll
reach a clearing with another Super and a wing.  Use the Saber Cut pad (hey,
it's not a circle for once!) and walk up the wing.  Go up these ledges.
There's another hidden Super in the back, and three blue studs in the air
above the rock on the right side.  Enter the opening.  Checkpoint: 38,000.

Walk down this hall, in front of some cages.  Yes, that creature is noshing on
the Red Brick, but you can't get it yet.  You can open the second cage for
studs, though.  Move on and you'll see droids teasing a prisoner.  Jump up the
throne in the back of the room, then jump up above it to the ledge for more
studs.  Now deal with the droids, and Build the grapple pad to open the cage.
Go through the doorway that's revealed.  Walk down the ledges, beat up some
droids for their lunch money, then Force the ramp and walk into the transport
vehicle to reach Act 3.  Checkpoint: True Jedi (45,000).

You'll see another Droid Clearance timed challenge; once again, beating it
will net you a minikit, but if not, don't worry about it.  Walk on up the
bridge, recycling droids as you go.  When you reach the end, the bridge will
disappear.  Not that you intended to go back, but poor Clone Troopers...
Punch the Droideka's ticket, deal with the rest of the droids, and Force the
door.  More fighting.  When the second group of droids breaks in through a
vent, you'll be able to Build a bomb.  Set it off to bring down the force
field.  Pull the switch and the bridge will reappear.

Now you'll be airborne.  Fight a group of Vultures, then you'll need to
destroy 4 escaping tanks.  Each one takes two missiles, so reload as
necessary.  Another group of 4 tanks will show up, this time down in the
canyons.  Again, two missiles on each one will finish them off.  Now you have
to stop a transmission; there are four dishes scattered around that you have
to blow up.  Each one takes three missiles.

Apparently, Wat Tambor has decided that if he can't have Ryloth, nobody can.
You've got to stop 2 sets of 2 bombers.  Each bomber takes one missile.  While
you're waiting for the second set to appear, feel free to shoot down some of
the annoying Vultures.  Stopping all 4 bombers quickly enough will net you a
minikit.  After this, you've completed the level.

Characters unlocked: Clone Commander (Phase II), Advanced Recon Force Trooper.
(Sounds like the name of a Tom Clancy game...)
Characters available in Shop: Samuel L. Jackson, Cham Syndulla, Chewbacca, Wat
Tambor, Kashyyyk Clone Trooper, Han Solo, Vader's Apprentice- aka Starkiller,
from The Force Unleashed (10 Play Coins).  (What he's doing in this game, I
don't know, but I guess it's pretty cool.)


Starting Characters: Anakin, Obi-Wan, Captain Rex, Heavy Trooper.
True Jedi: 30,000.

Ah, Geonosis.  Parts of this level will look kinda familiar to anyone who saw
Episode II or played the Geonosis level from any other Lego Star Wars.  So.
Start walking up the canyon, fighting droids as you go.  There will be more of
those pyramid-shaped mines like you've seen before, so trigger them and run
away.  Grab the blue stud before you break the two boxes on the left.  At the
gate, kill the Droideka, then Force the rock into the dish.  Build and
activate the bomb.  Checkpoint: 4,000.

You'll see the other two Jedi on the right here, but you can't get them to
join or anything.  Fight your way down the bridge, avoiding the holes being
blasted in it.  When you reach the tank, it'll back away into a huge door.
Force the door and proceed to Act 2.  Checkpoint: 5,000.  MEANWHILE...

Characters: Ahsoka, BBaarriiss OOffee.

Jump down the ledges and crack some skulls.  (Note: you can Force the Trooper
helmets lying around for studs.)  To the right, Force the rock, then Force the
big rock column so you can jump across the gap.  Force the pile of rocks and
jump up to the ledge.  Fight more droids, then Force the wreckage 3 times to
make 3 ledges.  Jump up the cliff and use the Saber Cut pad, then enter the
cave.  Checkpoint: 13,000.

Walk right and use the Force, then use the Saber Cut pad.  Kill the Geonosian,
then Build and enter the vent.  Up here, use the Saber Cut pad on the left and
the Force on the right, then slash the two exposed orbs.  This will expose a
Saber Jump pad on the lower level, so go back through the vent.  Kill two more
Geonosians at the top and go left.  Kill another Geonosian and use the Force
on the wall, then jump to the top and enter the doorway to Act 3.  Checkpoint:
19,000.  (That was a short couple of acts, wasn't it?)


More Geonosians to murder.  Head right and fight yet more of them.  Break the
boxes here to Build a Jedi Jump pad.  Up top, fight some droids, then Force
the droid lying on the table.  Pull the switch to recycle him.  That's not a
euphemism for beating him up, this time--you actually DO recycle him.  Force
the gears to open a door.  Checkpoint: 27,000.

"There's no reason for a bunch of choppy crushy things here!  Whoever wrote
this episode should be SHOT!"  Much like the sewer area, no video game would
be caught dead without a conveyor belt obstacle course.  Proceed to the right,
trying not to get smashed.  Jump to the next belt, walk toward the back wall,
and jump to the next one.  You can fight the droids if you want, but they'll
just keep reappearing--this *is* a droid factory, after all.  Keep following
the belts until you reach a switch.  It'll move a belt up to the top level,
create a trail of studs to follow, and disable the red force field next to
you.  Jedi Jump to the top level.  Follow the path across the belts and jump
onto the moving platforms, then off them and onto the next belt.  At the
platform, drop down the shaft in the back wall to go down and collect some
studs, then come back and Build the junk into an elevator.  Go back up and
enter the door to the left.  Checkpoint: True Jedi (30,000).

In this room, Build the sticks of dynamite onto the power core and kill the
Geonosians that spawn.  Eventually, the tank from earlier will return.  Run
around and avoid its shots until the droid inside peeks his head out, then
kill him to end the level.

Characters unlocked: Geonosian, Jetpack droid.
Characters available in Shop: Chancellor Palpatine, Barriss Offee, Bolla
Ropal, Darth Sidious, Ki-Adi-Mundi, Darth Vader (Battle Damage) (10 Play


Starting Characters: Anakin, Obi-Wan, Trooper, Commander Cody.
True Jedi: 50,000.

You're not done with Geonosis just yet.  Lots of stuff to break out here, then
you can Force the damaged vehicle to clear some wreckage.  Follow the trail of
studs inside.  Break the black rocks and you'll find one where you can Build a
Saber Cut pad.  Use it (hey, another straight-line one!) and then Force the
fallen column.  Specifically, Force the big piece of it twice to bash down a
door.  You can Force the little pieces and climb up to get the stud trails
that appear.  (I'm beginning to suspect that one of their level designers
DESPERATELY wants to make the next Pac-Man game.)  Checkpoint: 15,000.

In the next chamber, head right (not that you have much choice) and Force the
grapple pad.  Note that this ISN'T one of the game's ubiquitous bottomless
pits; if you drop down, you'll actually be able to grab quite a few studs.
Anyway, swing across.  There he is!  Get him!  ...Oh.  Cave-in.  Nevermind.
Now there are apparently Zombie Geonosians and they'll keep showing up in
pairs.  Kill (re-kill?) them all and use your Heavy to break the red object.
Cross the column and deal with more zombies.  Build and use the Saber Cut pad,
then enter the door to Act 2.  Checkpoint: 28,000.


More undead Geonosians.  Head down the ramp, deal with more of them, then
break anything loose in this area.  Build and detonate the bomb, drop down,
and fight more of them.  Go left for some studs, then go right to exit this
area.  Proceed down the tunnel, eliminating more zombies.  Jump over the gap
and shoot the red object, then cross the column to pick up the blue box.
Bring it back, then Build the grapple pad and enter the door.  Checkpoint:

Climb the big stairs.  Use the Force on the small stone (kinda looks like a
beetle) and it'll roll and break open a doorway.  More undead Geonosians will
come out, but you can handle them, right?  Besides, there's a blue stud in the
doorway.  Now, Force the big stone out of the left side doorway and onto the
platform.  More zombies.  Force the medium-sized stone onto the platform now,
and after dealing with the enemies, Force the small beetle-like stone.  This
will complete the statue.  Force it back, and go down the steps.  Checkpoint:

After another short hall, you'll find a bomb you can Build.  It will reveal a
Saber Jump platform.  Up here, walk right and drop through the hole.  And the
zombies just keep on coming!  Enter the chamber and Sharpshoot the target.
Build and pull the switch for more zombie-chopping madness.  Man, where's
Frank West when you need him?  You'll notice another timer; bet you can't
guess what you get if you kill all the enemies in the time limit!  When the
dust settles, go through the door to Act 3.  Checkpoint: True Jedi (50,000).


You'll need to Sharpshoot this guy to knock him down, then hurt him a few more
times and...he vanishes?  I guess it was one of those mirage/clone fights.
Take out the zombies and you can Sharpshoot two more targets to add Luminara
to your party...and to summon some great big sandworm monster.  It will throw
things at you; try to dodge the red reticles.  This one is a lot faster than
any of the other bosses, though, and the stuff it's throwing leaves toxic
puddles behind, so you may die a couple of times.  Eventually, it'll throw
something that leaves a Build-It behind.  Build and use the grapple pad, then
use the Force to throw a big rock at him.  Now you have to repeat your dodging
act from earlier.  When this sequence is complete, you'll Build and activate a
bomb.  Let's see how HE likes being buried under falling rocks.

Now you've got to run from the Advancing Wall O' Doom.  (Did they have, like,
a checklist of video game tropes or something?  I mean I enjoyed this game,
but I can't help noticing...)  There are some blue studs along the way, and in
general the stud trail will guide you through the safe path anyway, so follow
the trail.  When you see a blue stud in the air, double jump through it as the
floor will collapse and it leads you to a safe landing spot.  The next two
blue studs will be on the tip of two triangular chunks that fall out of the
floor.  After that there'll be a minikit right in your path, so you'll
probably get it.  Then through the arch, and you're clear!  You've beaten
Story Mode!  Congratulation, a winner is you.  Watch the ending, it's quite
funny.  Especially the part with Anakin and his cupcakes.

Characters unlocked: Geonosian Zombie (told you!), Luminara Unduli.
Characters available in Shop: Poggle the Lesser, Cato Parasitti, Darth Vader,
Princess Leia (Slave), Luke Skywalker, Old Ben Kenobi, Savage Opress (12 Play


And now, the part I'm sure many of you will be clicking on this guide for...

It would be a waste of my time and yours for me to tell you how to beat the
levels all over again.  Also, while I'll tell you the True Jedi goals, I won't
be detailing where to pick up any studs for the Free Play True Jedi bars.  You
already know where to get a lot of studs in these stages, and Free Play lets
you pick up more...and if you still have trouble, there's always the
multiplier extras.  I will only be listing where the minikits/Red Bricks are,
as well as how many are in each act.  The three numbers under the level name
indicate how many minikits are in each act (for instance, 4:4:2).

Also, it's entirely likely that you've picked up at least a few minikits
already during your Story Mode journeys through these levels.  Let's face it,
some of them really ARE NOT well hidden.  Any minikits/Red Bricks that you may
have already picked up will be marked with an asterisk, so you know you might
be looking for a green check mark.

Remember when looking for these that you DON'T have to play through the entire
level.  You can start from any of the three acts, and selecting "Save and
Exit" at ANY time will save all the hidden stuff you found, plus True Jedi if
you got it.  On a related note, if you followed my walkthrough, don't forget
that you already have all the minikits from the vehicle sections...

Oh, and one more thing.  Beating all the Story Mode stages will give you at
least one of every character you need- except a Bounty Hunter.  You will have
to buy at least one of these to get everything.  I'm rather fond of Jango or
Boba Fett, but Cad Bane is cheaper (150,000), so make your own decision.  (I'm
not actually sure which other characters are Bounty Hunters; if someone wants
to inform me, I'll give you credit.)

True Jedi: 60,000.


Red Brick: Face the downed ship at the beginning.  Use the Dark Side to open
the hatch and go in.  Force the 4 lights on the back wall, then use the Droid

*1. Force the engine off the back of your ship.  Jump on top of it and ride the
air up to a ledge.

*2. Jump up on the two mushrooms behind the ones you have to cross on.  The one
on the left has a vent you can Build.

*3. Break the two green & purple plants on the back wall near the tank.  Build
and Force two platforms and jump up the cliff to a ledge.

4. Enter the tank.  Break stuff to Build a Separatist panel.


5. When you Jedi Jump up to the dish, go left and hover/fly to the far ledge.

*6. When you knock down the windwill, Force its wreckage into two platforms.
Jump up and walk down the ledge.

*7. When you Build the trampoline, keep holding B to bounce higher.

8. Use a Bounty Hunter's thermal detonator (Hold X and aim) to blow up the red
objects in the wall.

*9. Destroy the green plant in the lower right corner in the canyon
immediately after #8 (before destroying the tank).


*10. Use the gun you Build to destroy the tank.

Minikit: Snowspeeder.

True Jedi: 100,000.  (You might need the multiplier for this one.  That's a
lot of studs for this level.)


*1. Destroy the three white oval-shaped pieces of wreckage, then use a missile
on the core of each one.

*2. To the right of the Ion Cannon, just kind of floating there.

*3. Destroy the ten panels outside the Malevolence (two right of the Ion
Cannon, six around its rim, two inside the area with the shield generators).

RED BRICK: Infinite Missiles

4. Destroy the red hatch against the back wall, at the burning pit.

*5. Destroy a box at the end of the hall to get pieces of a battle droid.
Build him and he'll fetch it for you.

*6. Drop to the ledge where the first train came in.  Force the junction box
to summon a handcart.

*7. Instead of crossing the gap, drop down onto the wrecked train.  Double
jump to the ledge.

Red Brick: In the room with the stopped train, get to the third floor.  Use
the Separatist panel near the third cell and pull the switch.  Go down to
floor 2, break the boxes and Build a vent, then enter it.  Break more boxes
and Build a Saber Cut pad.  Sharpshoot the target on the far side, then use a
Heavy to break the red box.  Force the grapple pad.  On this side, break more
stuff to find the Red Brick.

8. On the same platform as the Red Brick.


*9. Jump across the exposed wires to the area where the Super droid was
standing and break the box.

10. After fixing the hull breach, shoot the red hatch on the wall.

Minikit: Imperial Shuttle.

True Jedi: 90,000.


1. Force the front of your ship to open the ramp.

2. After shooting the boulder, climb the ledges and break stuff.  You can
Build a Saber Jump pad in the little alcove.

3. Go left from #2.  Build and set off the bomb, then use the Bounty Hunter
panel.  Up here, Build and use the Droid panel, then Build a Jedi Jump pad.
(When you're done, you can jump through the arc of studs to end up back


Red Brick: Go all the way to the right on the lower level at the start of the
Act.  Force the two rocks out of the way, then Saber Jump up.  (Note: if you
use the Bounty Hunter pad slightly to the left of this area, you can play a
rather amusing little light side vs. dark side diversion.  You get no
minikits, but you do get some studs when it's over.)

4. Force the dish up out of the pit.  Build the droid panel that falls, then
break stuff on the left side of the pit until you hit the button.

5. In the same area, Force the box in front of the worm monster (before
closing off the first tunnel).

*6. After the irritating worm monster battle, on the right ledge there's a
spiky blue rock at the end.  Break it.  (I updated my Story Mode walkthrough
to reflect this one, so people can skip the worm monster battle if they want.)


7. Use the Dark Side to Force the two little roller skate-like droids into the

8. You'll see this one above you in the circular room.  Break stuff on the
left side to Build a Jedi Jump pad, then hover/fly out to it.

9. In the next room, break stuff to Build a vent on the left side wall.

*10. In the area with the floating platforms, inside the room the Gonk droid
comes out of.

Minikit: Republic Attack Cruiser.

True Jedi: 100,000.


1. Use the Dark Side to move the red/black box to the wall.  Jump up onto the
roof (you can see a few studs indicating this).  Walk left and destroy all 4
red hatches on the roof.

*2. Push the box over the edge and follow it down.  Break it and Build a Saber
Cut pad to open the door.


*3. Break the panels on the back wall, then Build a recycling bin.  Force the
paper airplanes into it.

*Red Brick: Drop into the area under the bridge.  Build a Saber Cut pad on the
right side and jump up.

4. Across the bridge, Build a Jedi Jump pad, then use the Dark Side, then the
Light Side.

*5. In the same alcove as the Gonk droid.

6. In the upper area, use the droid panel.

*7. It's visible in the background; use the Force to bring it to you.


*8. Go left at the start of the act and break the panels on the back wall.

*9. After the Vulture droid fight, break the box next to the wreckage.

10. Use the Dark Side on the three red/black panels on the wall.

Minikit: ARC-170 Starfighter.

True Jedi: 80,000.


1. Use the Dark Side on the front of your shuttle.  Inside, Force the floor
panel and Jedi Jump to the minikit.

2. Go left from the big door and drop down the ledges.  Use the Dark Side on
the rock wall.

3. Use the Dark Side on the white wall hangings in the hall.  (Sensing a
pattern here?)

4. In the room with the big chair, drop into the water and walk to the back
left corner.  Break the box, Build the grapple pad, and enter the vent.


5. Build the Jedi Jump pad and Force the switch in the room above, then
hover/fly to the left wall.

6. Before pressing the red button, use a Thermal Detonator on the grate on the
right side, then double jump into the tunnel.

Red Brick: In the room with the big creature, use the droid panel on the right
and enter the door.  Use a Jedi Jump pad, Build a button, then drop down and
Build a statue of Grievous.  Go right and Force a grapple pad, then Build
another statue of Grievous.  Drop down, walk left, and destroy this statue of
Grievous, then Saber Jump to the top.  Use a Thermal Detonator on the box.

7. In the room with the big creature, destroy some stuff on the left side so
you can Build a vent.  Enter it and walk to the right side.


8. In the first room, go to the far right side and enter the vent.

*9. Before chasing Grievous, enter the room where he was being repaired and
smash the wheelbarrow.

10. Throw a Thermal Detonator on the yellow plate in wall behind the elevator.

Minikit: V-19 Torrent.

True Jedi: 75,000.


*1. After dropping into the cave, Build and use the trampoline to reach a

2. Immediately after that, Force the rock in the wall above you to reveal an

3. After you set off the bomb, break the rock and Build and enter the vent.

*4. When you open the gate at the autoguns, don't drop down.  Instead, double
jump down and to the right to reach a ledge.


*5. When you Jedi Jump up to the ceiling to open the cells, break the computer
in the room.

*6. When you Force the door up off of the floor and the dude runs away, this
minikit will appear out of a vent.

*7. In the next room, break the floor grate and drop into the tunnel.


8. In the first room of the act, use a Heavy to break the red hatch in the
floor.  Force the valve, Build the grapple pad, and jump up to another grapple

*9. When you return from the floor hatch, break the white panel on the wall
between the two cells.

Red Brick: In the room with the big red force field window, go all the way to
the left and break stuff to Build a grapple pad.  Grapple up, kill the
enemies, then pull the switch on the right.  Stand at the edge of the pit with
a Sharpshoot character and target all the droids that will pop up in the
shooting range.  When they're all gone you'll get your Red Brick.

10. In the speeder bike hangar, break the computer in the upper left corner.
Build a Jedi Jump pad, break the computer up here, and Build a grapple pad.

Minikit: Star Destroyer.

True Jedi: 100,000.


*1. Destroy all ten bombers without letting any escape or damage the ship.

*2. Sitting on the back of the ship, just behind the two tall structures.


*3. This act's only minikit is in a breakable box after you come back in from


*4. Use the Force on the side of your crashed ship to make a fan.

*5. When you climb the spiral ramp/tree, you can Force the box on the other
branch.  Break it.

*6. Break the red box on the cart the droids bring in.

7. After you slam the door on the tank, go all the way to the right and use a
Thermal Detonator on the rock.

8. In the upper left corner of the plaza, use the Dark Side, then break the

*9. In the lower left corner, Build and use the grapple pad.

*Red Brick: Get into the tank.  Blow up the tank next to it, then keep the gun
pointed in that direction.  Fire on the metal platform until it collapses.
You'll see the Brick when the dust settles.

*10. Turn the gun around to fight the droids that just appeared on the
platform.  Keep shooting until all the droids are gone and you've collapsed
the platform and destroyed the boxes.  A shooting range with a row of ducks
will appear; you have a time limit to destroy all the ducks.  Do so, and double
jump up there to get the minikit.  (The best way I've found to get all the
ducks is to just aim at one spot, anywhere near the middle, and leave it
there; just hold down the fire button.)

Minikit: Sith Infiltrator.

True Jedi: 70,000.


*1. Go to the right in the first room, to where the droids open the door.
When they set up the bomb, stand outside the trigger zone and Force the panel.

2. After the bomb, Build and use the Separatist panel in the little room.  In
this new room, Force all the chandeliers back up into the ceiling.

3. In the room with the five chandeliers you have to jump across, use the
droid panel in the upper right room.  Enter the vent and pull the switch, then
go back down and enter the alcove.  Sharpshoot the flying droid, then fight
the other droids.

4. After you Build and detonate the bomb, enter the vent to the right.


*Red Brick: After you Build the dish and the command droid shows up, kill all
the droids within the time limit.  If you're having trouble, just run around
swinging your lightsaber like a maniac.  Listen for the sound of new droids
arriving and run to greet them weapon-first.  Also, try to stay near the
center of the area; most of the droids will land here or run here.  When you
see the Super droid you're almost done.  The Brick will appear in the elevator.

*5. Break the four antennas on the rooftop.

*6. Build the bomb on the right side of the rooftop and shoot it (or get
yourself blown up).  Drop into the vent and run all the way right.

*7. Build the other bomb on the left side, and go into that vent.  Run to the
right, drop down, and Force the fan.

*8. Under the right side of a bridge during the vehicle section.

*9. On top of a roof on your left during the vehicle section.


10. When you break the window with the box stuck in it, run to the right and
enter the vent.  Break the window up here.

Minikit: Anakin's Jedi Starfighter.

True Jedi: 100,000.


1. Build and set off the bomb at the start.  Jump up to the ledge.

2. Just past the bridge, use the droid panel.  Ride the elevator up and attack
the orb on the wall, then jump over.

*3. Bounce on the back of the brown creatures to reach a ledge.

4. Near the statue head, use the Dark Side on the three big red flower buds.


*5. When the vehicle section begins, target lock the dome below the bombers
and shoot it with 3 missiles.

*6. In the corridor fight right after the vehicle section, kill ten droids in
the time limit.  You should have no trouble with this at all, but if you do,
try to get as far forward as possible- the two Droidekas crushed by the
falling debris will count toward your total.

7. In the next corridor, after you kill all the droids near the beginning, a
box will pop out.  Build and use the Separatist panel.  Ride the fan up and
follow the tube around.

8. Activate the bomb on the bottom floor of the Padme/Jar Jar room.


*Red Brick: In the room with the leaky pipe, after attacking the orb and
crossing the vines you'll come to a big dark opening in the back wall.  DO NOT
go in there yet.  Instead, jump up on the platform beside it, then double jump
across to the flytrap.  QUICKY jump off of this to the left and across three
collapsing platforms to reach a ledge with the Brick.

9. Jump back across to the flytrap and quickly double-jump to the right.
Hover/fly along the trail of studs outward from the platform.  Try not to
miss- there's no way back to the ledge from this far out and you're falling
all the way to the bottom and will have to climb back up.

10. When you reach the top of the elevator room, use the grapple pad.

Minikit: TIE Fighter.

True Jedi: 100,000.


*1. When you get to the part where you have to destroy the droid frigate,
shoot down the 6 Vulture droids that appear when you first get there before
doing anything else.


2. When you bounce on the awning to get to the roof, go left and break the
boxes.  Build the Saber Cut pad, drop down, and walk through the tunnel.

3. After the Probe droid, use the droid panel.

4. When you grapple up in the alley, use the Jedi Jump pad.  Bounce on the
awnings and push the box over the edge.  Build and use the Saber Cut pad.

5. In the next area, Force the fountain into place.

6. After the trapdoor, use a Thermal Detonator on the gray object in the wall.
Build the platform, then jump up and use the Dark Side on the left grate.


*7. Bomb the statue, then Build and enter the vent.  Press the button down
here, then Build the Jedi Jump pad.

8. Drop down into the manhole that the troopers and Numa pop out of.  Make
your way to the far right side and use a Thermal Detonator on the metal plate,
then enter the alcove.

9. From #8, grapple up, then double jump across below the gears.  Grapple
across- watch your timing, as there's a steam pipe here.  Pull the switch and
drop down.  Go right and step on the button, then drop down and pull the
switch.  Finally, the minikit is at the very bottom of the shaft.
(Incidentally, to leave this part of the sewer, grapple back up to the ledge
by the gears, then Force them and ride the elevator up.)

10. When you enter the second manhole, use a Thermal Detonator on the gray
object on the back wall.  Build the platform and jump up.

*Red Brick: When you reach the waterfall of slime, watch for the Brick to
appear on a floating platform.  You'll have to jump carefully to get it.  If
you mess up and it goes down the waterfall, just wait for it to reappear.
Note: It's easier to reach if you jump over to the right side of the ooze
first.  Also, it's MUCH easier if you use a hovering/flying character.

Minikit: TIE Interceptor.

True Jedi: 85,000.


1. Use a Thermal Detonator on the machine behind you.  Build and use the Droid
panel, then Jedi Jump up.

2. Break a rock to expose a vent.  Enter and jump the gap.

3. When you grapple across and pull the rock down, jump to it and use the
Heavy to break the red wall.  Hover/fly to the opening.


*4. Use your Heavy to shoot down the Vulture droid in the first area.

5. After you Force the door off the back of the tank, use the Dark Side to
make a platform and jump up.

6. Sharpshoot the target, then enter the vent.

7. Use a Thermal Detonator on the back of the ship, then activate the droid
panel on the cargo container.

Red Brick: Open the second cage, break the boxes, and Build the Separatist
panel.  In the first cage, use the grapple pad.


*8. On the bridge, you'll have another timed droid clearance challenge.  Run
straight up the bridge and kill 'em all.

9. After bombing the force field, use the Bounty Hunter panel, then pull the
lever on the left wall.  (Finally this thing has a purpose!)

*10. During the vehicle section, shoot down all 4 bombers and it will appear
floating over the city.  (Pick it up quickly, the level ends shortly after

Minikit: X-Wing.

True Jedi: 35,000.

1. You'll pass two downed vehicles with Dark Side objects in front of them.
When you Force the second one, it appears.

2. Use a Thermal Detonator on the rock after the gate.

*3. Break the box, then Build a trampoline.


*4. Build a Saber Cut pad in front of the cracked wall.

5. Shortly after #4, Build a grapple pad and go up.  (Note: In the next area,
where you Force the wrecked ship to make platforms, you can use a Thermal
Detonator on what's left of the ship.  It's only for studs, but I thought that
was neat.)

6. After you Saber Jump up to the next floor of the cave, Build the grapple
pad, then go up and break the statue.

7. Just after #6, Sharpshoot the target to reveal another minikit.

Red Brick: Enter the vent behind #7.  Use the Dark Side on the wall, jump to
the top of the shaft, and Jedi Jump.  Use a Thermal Detonator on the door.


8. Use the droid panel on your left, then break the box.

*9. In the room with the droid furnace, break the box in the upper left.
Build the Saber Cut pad, then Force the section of pipe.  Carry the blue box
back down and to the left, then Build the Jedi Jump pad.

10. You'll see this one at the back of a conveyor belt, but don't try to get
it just yet.  Once you reach the top level of this room, look at the back wall
and you'll see two valves you can use the Dark Side on.  This will shut off
the fire blocking the minikit, so drop down and grab it.

Minikit: Slave 1.

True Jedi: 100,000.

1. Build and use the Separatist panel next to the tank at the level start.

2. When you collapse the stone arch, Force the two smaller pieces and follow
the trail of studs up.  Hover/fly to the right ledge.

3. Drop into the pit beneath the grapple pad and use a Thermal Detonator on
the left wall.


4. Use a Thermal Detonator on the box, then Build and use the droid panel.

5. When you Build the bomb and drop down, walk left and use the Dark Side on
the door.

*6. After the blue box and pad, jump down to the right where you can see a
trail of studs.  Break the rock.

*Red Brick: In the next area, go left of the big stairway.  Break the plant,
then Build and use a Saber Cut pad.

*7. Go right of the big stairway. Break the rock, then Build and use a Saber
Cut pad.

8. After the big statue, when you drop down through the hole, face left and
use the Dark Side on the ledge.

*9. When you pull the switch to open the wooden door, you'll get another timed
challenge.  There are quite a few zombies to kill, and they're tough anyway,
so don't waste time.


*10. You almost have to deliberately miss this one.  As you run through the
collapsing tunnel at the end of the level, it's directly in your path just
before the end.

Minikit: Millenium Falcon.
BONUS Minikit: If you now have all 130, you get Darth Vader's TIE Fighter.


...And that's it!  That's everything.  Save up enough studs to buy all the
characters and extras (which will take about ten seconds if you turn on all
the multipliers) and you'll have 100% completion.

....so what are you hanging around here for?  *starts sweeping up*


So here's what the Red Bricks do, and how much they cost, listed in the order
of the levels they appear in.  Unless otherwise noted, these can be turned on
and off in the pause menu, under "Extras."

1. Unlock Minigames- 50,000.  The 4 arcade games above the shop will be

2. Infinite Missiles- 150,000.  No more reloading during vehicle sections!

3. Score X2- 100,000.  Studs picked up are worth 2X as much.  Stackable with
other multipliers.

4. Funny Jump- 250,000.  Every time you jump, you'll hear the trampoline sound
effect.  It's exactly as amusing as it sounds.

5. Auto Pickup- 500,000.  Studs will be...well, automatically picked up.
Recommended.  Activates automatically- you don't have to turn it on from the
Extras menu.  Note that this picks up studs from things you Build, break, or
Force, and not ones that are already placed in the level.

6. Flight Weapon Power Up- 2,000,000.  Not that the flying sections are
terribly difficult anyway, but this will turn all your lasers into ULTRA DEATH
RAYS!  Enemy ships will be helpless in the face of your awesomeness.
Seriously, though, this does make your lasers noticeably more powerful.

7. Score X4- 250,000.  Studs picked up are worth 4X as much.  Stackable with
other multipliers.

8. Fast Build- 500,000.  Build-Its will go much faster.  This also affects
objects that you have to move with the Force.  Can be useful.

9. Regenerate Hearts- 400,000.  Exactly what it says on the tin.  If you take
no damage for a short time your hearts will refill.

10. Score X6- 500,000.  Studs picked up are worth 6X as much.  Stackable with
other multipliers.

11. Score X10- 2,500,000. Studs picked up are worth 10X as much. Stackable with
other multipliers.  No, I don't know why this comes before 8X.  Might as well
ask why 4X and 6X are easier to get than 2X; it makes no sense.

12. Invincibility- 4,000,000.  Again, exactly what it says on the tin.

13. Score X8- 1,000,000.  Studs picked up are worth 8X as much.  Stackable with
other multipliers.  If you're bad at math and don't have a calculator handy,
that means that if you buy and turn on all multipliers, you'll get 3,840 studs
for every one you'd normally get.  It adds up incredibly fast.

Traveler's Tales, for making the always-amusing Lego games.

GameFAQs, for generally being awesome.

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