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by zeldafan84

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Walkthrough by zeldafan84

Updated: 01/25/16


Rodea the Sky Soldier is a game that centers around a robotic humanoid named Rodea, who has the ability to fly around at amazing speeds. Together with his spunky partner and quick fixer-upper Ion, Rodea must save the land of Garuda from an evil robot invading force. There are two versions of this game, this guide will cover the Wii U version of the game. This guide will list every medal in the game in as much of a chronological order as I could. As well as a detailed description on how to get it. There is 5 bronze, 3 silver and 1 gold in just about every stage. To see if a stage has medals, just check out the details on the world map in the upper right corner. I found this version to be better IMO, because I love to explore which this version lets you do, similarly like Sonic Adventure did. So without further ado, let's get started!


Chapter 1

Bronze - This medal can be found right behind you at the start of the stage. Look up and see it on top of a pillar.
Silver - Continue along the main path for a while until you get to a boost circle facing upwards next to a checkpoint. From the boost circle turn around and look up, you should see large mountain-like landmasses. The medal is sitting on top of the mountain on the left at its peak.
Bronze - After using the upwards boost by the checkpoint you will see this medal on the right sitting atop a little pedestal. Easy to see.
Bronze - Just before the area where you have to press the button to create triangular-shaped platforms to move along the main route, you should see two windmills. Look under those windmills to see a land mass underneath the one you're on, the medal is resting there.
Silver - Once you reach the island with the zipline, you should see that you can enter into the actual island via a cave-like hole. Once inside follow the row of gravitons around the corner to the medal.
Bronze - Next to the zipline (or rather behind it) you should see a small square-shaped flying house. Fly behind the house to spot this one inside the house. (Took me a while to find this medal -_-)
Bronze - From the zipline, look out to the left to see a large floating island. Make your way over to that island. Once there fly to the top to see this medal hanging out in a hole at its peak.
Silver - This one can be a bit tricky to get. First off, you need at least 350 gravitons for this to work! Now from the same island as medal number 7, look out in the distance to see a far away large island. The medal is on that island, in a large crystal. To make it make a running jump and let Rodea go as far as he can then point to the island and fly towards it. You will run out of fuel, that's why you need the gravitons, but if done just right Rodea should make it.
Gold - This medal is located underneath the actual island that ends the stage, it's close to the bottom. Just don't take the zipline or the stage will end!

Chapter 2

Bronze - As you continue along the main path, you should eventually kill your first enemies, yellow puffer fish. Well from there you should see a large island floating in the distance. Fly there and the medal is located off to the right behind the island in a large crystal.
Gold - As soon as you get the tutorials for your gun upgrade you should be in front of a mountain. This medal is at the top of this mountain, at it's peak.
Bronze - When you enter the second area, you'll climb a small flight of stairs to get to the moving island that you activate. The medal is directly under these stairs in a little cubby hole.
Bronze - Also by those stairs look left to see a large island. Fly over there following and killing the pufferfish, until you reach the island. Upon arrival you'll fight your first hidden enemy! Yay! It's a giant silver pufferfish. Kill him and a crystal will appear, your medal is inside. BTW if you manage to find every hidden enemy in the game you unlock the costume “Dark Rodea” which is my personal favorite outfit. And no, this walkthrough will not go over the locations of hidden enemies because not all have medals as rewards. However, I will tell you that they're not too hard to find just fly to any close by islands I don't mention and see if a fight starts.
Silver - As you take the moving platform from one side to the next, jump off about halfway and look around for this medal floating in midair, it should be close to a line of pufferfish. If you have trouble then try flying from the big island that medal number 4 is at across to the other big island, (which is empty of any collectibles BTW) grabbing the medal along the way.
Bronze - Once on the massive island that has the tree on it, land on the very bottom area. You should notice a small stream of water, follow the stream back in the direction where the moving island dropped you off at and you should see this medal floating between a rock arch.
Silver - Once on the massive island that has the tree on it, travel all the way to left side of the island to see a tall rock spire of sorts. About halfway up and in the back of this spire is the medal on an indent platform in the rock.
Bronze - Travel to the back of the tree and you should see some rock pillars littered about on a raised platform from the lake the tree is in. The medal is atop one of those pillars, it's almost directly in the back of the island.
Silver - This one can be found on top of the tree, fly up there get into a fight and win this medal for your collection.

Chapter 3

Bronze - After warping (past killing the spiked pufferfish), you'll land on an island. Follow the smaller islands you see in front of you (not to the left yet) to another island with a hidden enemy fight. The medal is your prize for winning.
Silver - This medal is located directly under the island you land on from warping after killing the spiked pufferfish. You should be able to see it on your way back from medal number 1.
Bronze - While on your way to the docking bay, you'll see a lone box on the left on a small platform. The medal is inside.
Gold - Directly above medal number 3 is a lone floating island, float up there (or use nearby boost ring) and break the crystal for the medal.
Bronze - When you get to the docking bay, walk backwards and go out the window to land in the grass below. Walk around the corner to the left to see this medal floating among some gravitons.
Silver - When facing the direction you came into the dock, head straight to the opposite end. Tucked away on the wall is this medal on a walkway by a window.
Bronze - When facing the direction you came into the dock, head straight to the opposite end. Head to the upper level , to find this medal behind a steel girder. There is also some health nearby if that helps pinpoint it.
Bronze - In the same area as medal number 7 go down a level and get right next to the big blimp. It should be in between some steel girders on the wall.
Silver - After leaving the docking bay you should come across a checkpoint. Head left form that checkpoint and you should see it under a large floating island. (The same island that has a button on it.)

Chapter 4

Bronze - Behind the building with the button in it, at the beginning of the stage.
Bronze - Underneath the island where you do a mandatory battle at the beginning. It's floating between some rocks.
Bronze - After the same battle as mentioned in medal number 2, look left before the warp and break the box you see between the walls through gap.
Bronze - After using the warp and hitting checkpoint, look down and left to see this medal against the wall, hard to miss.
Bronze - This medal is underneath the second set of stairs that lead to a boost ring. It's close to the bonus door.
Silver - Before using the boost ring to a fight and warp, head under the island with a warp on it to find the medal tucked away in the corner by the wall.
Gold - Once at the town, walk straight ahead WITHOUT collecting the gravitons and this medal will be hidden behind the slide pad on the ground that angles up. Or in front of the two doors that lead into town.
Silver - Immediately after previous medal walk right (when facing the doors leading into town) around the islands corner. You should come to a small area with a windmill and some buildings. It's on top the windmill.
Silver - Again, immediately after medal number 8 continue to move around the island and you will see a line of gravitons by some windmills, they lead you straight to the medal.

Chapter 5

No medals here.

Chapter 6

Bronze - At the beginning after the fight, look under the large boulder to see it floating in midair. (The same boulder that has health on top of it.)
Bronze - Once at the island where Rodea mentions a sand storm, the medal is on top of a rock pillar, right by the stone bridge.
Silver - Immediately after medal number 2 you should notice two stone bridges here. The medal is floating beneath the second bridge.
Bronze - Once at the island with a bunch of windmills and an inactive warp, head straight past the warp to a waterfall. Look down from there to see a tiny island. This medal is floating under the island in the corner. (It's the same island where you fight a hidden enemy battle against microscopic pufferfish).
Bronze - While searching for buttons to power the warp, you should notice 4 ziplines, the medal is resting on a platform below the second zipline.
Silver - Look under the large island from the first zipline to notice a couple of small islands with rock pillars on them. The medal is floating on one of those islands.
Gold - After using the warp you should arrive at an island with slide pads and 3 large stone archways. This medal is to the right of the second archway, down 2 levels tucked away in the corner.
Silver - Once on the island with storm machines and large crab enemies, immediately look right to see a stone archway with the medal floating in the middle of it.
Bronze - On the right side of the storm machine island, way at the bottom you'll come across an area with a motherlode of crystals. The medal is sitting against the wall among the crystals.

Chapter 7

Bronze - After pole-jumping takes you to a zipline, go around the zipline instead of using it to find the medal floating above a rock close to the actual wire on the zipline.
Bronze - After the zipline area you'll pass 3 stone bridges then come to a staircase of stone with gravitons on them and a cannon enemy on a pole nearby. It's right under the stairs, ground level.
Bronze - Immediately afterwards, climb the stairs and you'll come to another set of stairs on the left and a big stone pillar on the right. The medal is on top of that pillar.
Silver - Now climb the stairs on the left and you'll come to a series of bridges leading to the rainbow marker. At the beginning of the bridges is a big square-shaped platform. Underneath that platform and the first bridge is a tiny gap in the platform, the medal is in that gap.
Gold - You should see an island in the distance. Fly there, win fight, medal is in crystal that appears.
Silver - Once you reach the octopus look up to where you're supposed to float up to using the octopus. You should see this medal floating underneath the island with the rainbow marker, if you pay attention you should see it during the cutscene too.
Bronze - Once in the laser maze, it's behind the single floating metal square, easy to see and get.
Silver - Can be seen outside the laser maze while collecting medal number 7. To get it instead of using the zipline at the end of the maze, just fly out and around to the top of the maze, it's in the middle.
Bronze - This one is found on the island with the coliseum/battle arena. Fly to the very tip top of the arena and you should notice 3 of the tallest points right next to each other. The medal is on the middle of these 3 points.

Chapter 8

Bronze - Straight ahead at the beginning under some ribcage bones.
Bronze - Ok, there's 2 ways to get this, the easy way or the stylish way ;) Easy way: After winning the big fight on the last island in the beginning area look down opposite of the warp to spot a little island floating next to the island you're on. Head there hit the button to turn off the laser guarding the button on the other island. Now head there to hit that button making a crystal appear, it's in the crystal. Stylish way: First of all make sure you upgraded your slide ability to speed boost through lasers. To make it work aim Rodea towards the wall, ground, etc. and hold the “B” button. Rodea will do his tackle/boost attack and when he connects to what you're pointing at he will immediately start the speed boost attack. So knowing that here's what you do, aim Rodea's tackle attack at the small piece of land the button is resting on and when Rodea connects, if done correctly, Rodea should auto-aim at the button activating it. BTW the stylish way was the original way I did it, then later I found the button for the easy way >_<
Silver - After the warp head past the checkpoint towards the tree and you should see a floating island to the left. It's under that island on a small piece of land jutting out.
Bronze - After battling the shield enemies to summon the octopus, look for a large 3-legged rock sculpture on the island. Head underneath it and look up, it's floating in a hole.
Bronze - Once at the enemy base, look straight ahead at the main large section of the base. The medal is floating right above it at the top. (the tip of the rock)
Silver - While facing the same large base structure from where medal number 5 was at, head to its left. You'll come across a large metallic structure with a big green circle in the middle and 4 pipes sticking out. Land on one the lower pipes and look down towards large base structure to see a metal walkway surrounding the perimeter, the medal is there to the left.
Bronze - After creating the bomb, move towards your destination. You should wind up on a group of tiny islands. Straight ahead should be a line of pufferfish enemies. Kill them one-by-one and you'll land on one of the underground entrances to the base interior. Before entering the interior walk to the opposite end and the medal is down on a metal walkway jutting out.
Gold - On top of the island the base is on is a tall factory building. (Has teleporting enemies guarding it, and bridges connected to it. Tallest building there.) The medal is on its roof in the corner.
Silver - After planting the bombs, during the escape phase. Blow up the vent to leave like you normally would, immediately after the medal is sitting in plain sight opposite of the correct path through the vent.

Chapter 9

Bronze - Underneath the second island at the beginning. On little land jutting out (Similar to medal number 3 in chapter 8).
Silver - After metal bridge, you will reach a zipline. Use it, but when you reach the second zipline, look down at the base of the second zipline's platform to see the medal sitting there.
Bronze - After using the second zipline from medal number 2, fall down on the other side of the laser wall to a platform with some health. (Don't use the boost ring). Then, follow the chain of enemies to this medal and gravitons above another laser wall.
Bronze - After the check point, you will see a row of puffer fish leading to the next island. Medal is off to the left floating in mid-air next to the island, easy to see.
Silver - Immediately after medal number 4 you will come to a small island with 2 walls that look like ruins, one on each side, and a laser wall rectangle beyond that. Underneath the left ruin-like wall is the medal.
Bronze - While going through the laser floor section, it's in between 2 moving laser walls, right under the boost ring.
Bronze - Once at the wind section, you can plainly see it floating above a rock pillar. Very easy to see.
Silver - Once at the island with an inactive warp and lots of worm enemies. Look under the island for a smaller island, medal is there sitting on top of a tiny hill.
Gold - On the island with all the worm enemies, same as medal 8, you should see an island floating in the distance. (Not the cronos tower island) This island has small tear-shaped rocks leading to it. Head there, win fight, in reward crystal. (Mine possibly glitched but if it's not on the ground, look up in the sky after destroying the crystal.)

Chapter 10

No medals here.

Chapter 11

Bronze - Right behind you at the start on a small rock behind the trees.
Bronze - From the starting point look out to see a lone island. Fly there, win fight, medal in the crystal.
Silver - On the island after the bridges made from fallen pillars, you should see 2 pillars as you walk straight. The medal is past them on low ground.
Silver - Near medal number 3 you should see a boost ring. Use it to land on a lone island with a huge crystal, medal is in the crystal.
Bronze - On the island with the checkpoint, with all the crystals and spikey puffer fish, walk towards the opposite edge from the checkpoint, (toward 2 stone pillars) and fly around the outer wall and immediately do a 180 to see this medal hiding behind the rock against the wall.
Bronze - After landing on the island with turtle tank enemies and wind, you will see this medal to the left behind a rock.
Bronze - Take zipline by the next checkpoint to reach an area with 3 boxes and some pufferfish enemies. As you land, head left past boxes to some steps leading to health, medal is to the left of the health.
Gold - On the island with the warp, head right from the warp and hop up the rock hill and peek around the corner to see the medal floating against the wall.
Silver - This one is pretty much handed to you. After your fight on battle island, a man will say “Wait, did you see something shiny at the top?” Look up to see gravitons leading to the medal.

Chapter 12

Silver - Look right from the beginning to see a lone island. Fly there, win the fight, inside the crystal is the medal.
Bronze - From the lone island with medal number 1 on it, look out and see the island with health at the top? You should see the medal towards the bottom of that island. Fly to it. (The island is next to some banners).
Bronze - On the island with the warp, go under the warp to find a piece of land with a bonus door and further down from there, another piece of land with the medal.
Bronze - In the magma cave, follow the path till you get to a banner pole, walk straight past this to see your medal.
Bronze - Once out of the magma cave, you will be on a large island searching for Ion. To the left from your starting position are some ruins and an unactivated warp, the medal is floating to the right of the warp.
Silver - From that same island you start the search for Ion from, go towards the many green objective lights. You should see a large boulder with magma on it sitting in the middle. The medal is on top of this boulder.
Silver - Once you take the warp to search for the key card for Ion's cell, you will land on a big space ship of some sort. Underneath the ship is the medal on the ground.
Gold - Can be found in the same exact location of medal number 7.
Bronze - In the dry lake bed are many pillars, fly up so you can see the top of them. The medal is on the pillar left of the big crab robot's pillar.

Chapter 13

Bronze - On the second island at the beginning of the stage you should come across 2 boxes straight ahead and to the right. The medal is to the right of those boxes.
Silver - Look off to the right from the first warp to see a lone island in the distance, head there, win fight, in crystal.
Bronze - A bit hard to explain: at the start of the magma cave look off to the right and you should see some tiny floating platforms and a tall ruin-like wall sticking out. Fly towards that area, follow the floating platforms up and you will reach a ledge that goes into a cave. Head in and keep following the gravitons. You will reach a spot with four 1-ups, yay! Then go up, hit the button activating the warp and opening a door elsewhere. Take the warp and it will drop you off on a ruined bridge. Look towards the hole leading outside to the left of your position and walk across the bridge that way. On the other side, you will find the door you opened on the right, go in and follow the gravitons up to the medal on the ceiling.
Silver - Head past the bridge following the normal path and look up to see some health on top of a platform next to a lava waterfall. Head there and once there the medal is straight ahead by a small crab enemy.
Bronze - After the zipline and checkpoint, you'll reach a ledge with a line of gravitons leading up. Don't take them, instead look down to see a cave with a small crab enemy inside. Head there and follow the cave to end up at a lava pool. Look up to see the medal at the ceiling.
Gold - Behind the button you press to create poles.
Silver - Once past the strong wind and you have boosted up, turn around to see a cave high up on the wall. Go in it to be taken to a room with 4 boxes. The medal is in one of the boxes.
Bronze - While speed boosting through the first laser barrier, you'll see a checkpoint. Force stop your boost to land by the checkpoint. Turn around to see the medal floating there.
Bronze - Immediately above medal number 8 is a platform with crystals. The medal in inside the large crystal.

Chapter 14

Bronze - After taking the warp you will land on an island and be tasked with finding 3 keys. Walk toward the first tower (more towards the flag pole) and look down to see a machine with a big pipe and 2 air tanks in the back. The medal is in the pipe.
Bronze - After taking the warp turn around to see a very large grey island (same one you flew past during the warp). Make your way over there and the medal is floating on top of the island above a tiny spire next to 2 pufferfish enemies.
Silver - At the checkpoint after the zipline, look all the way down to see it floating between 2 rock columns.
Bronze - Once at the top of the islands leading to search light tower number 3, you will come across another machine with a pipe and 2 air tanks. There is a box on the other side with the medal in it. (The box is also right by the search light).
Silver - Once at the base, you land on a volcano. Jump in the volcano but don't take the boost ring at the bottom, instead look up to see an exit cave with this medal floating in it.
Silver - Once at the base, you land on a volcano. Fall down to the ground level outside of the volcano and you should see a lava river heading into a cave, and gravitons and pufferfish enemies all over as well. Follow the river into the cave and the medal is floating close to a steel girder with a shield power-up on top. Look slightly left to see it.
Bronze - After taking the warp, you land in a windy area. Continue forward past pufferfish enemies to a speed pad. Look straight past that to see a small piece of land with crystals. The medal is behind the crystals.
Bronze - When you reach the warp, in the ruins, that you activate by pressing 3 switches at once. Fly under the ruined building the warp is resting on. You will come to the bottom of the building with this medal floating underneath it on a small grassy platform.
Gold - First things first, turn off the wind by activating the warp. Now look out to the right to spot 3 islands close together. Your target is the largest one with a magma rock on it. To reach it, fly to the small island that's shaped like an arch. Then to the middle one and then to the big one. Once there, win fight, medal is in the crystal.

Chapter 15

No medals here.

Chapter 16

Bronze - When you get to the stairs at the beginning, where all the explosions are going on, look right to see a tree with a power-up on top. The medal is under that tree.
Bronze - After collecting about 20 or so gravitons, head back to the starting point. Behind where you started you will see a massive island. Fly from island to island using gravitons as needed. Once on the massive island, use the boost ring to get up top for a battle. The medal will appear above the warp that appears.
Silver - Underneath the cannon shooting island. While facing the cannons, it's in the upper left hand side.
Bronze - As you go along the normal route, you will reach a button surrounded by lasers and guarded by 3 security bots. Look up and right while facing the button to see a floating piece of ruins. The medal is on top of that island.
Bronze - Near a blizzard machine on the second floor, look for an orange crystal next to a root that is shaped like an upwards ramp. Look up from there to see this medal floating in a hole.
Silver - On the third level of the blizzard machine area. Look for a branch shaped like an upward ramp leading to other branches. The medal is floating in the middle of all the branches. (If it helps, the upward ramp branch is between an icicle on the right and a rock pillar on the left holding up a higher island).
Silver - On the top level of the blizzard machine area you will see 3 groups of 3 red boxes stacked on each other. Head towards the boxes that have no orange ice block by them and head behind those boxes. Now from there, look out to see a long branch stretching up to the sky, the medal is up at its tip.
Bronze - Head towards the boxes by the floating ruin pieces. The medal is in between 2 pieces of wall that you can see when you look down from the boxes.
Gold - On one of the floating ruin pieces is a crystal, the medal is inside the crystal.

Chapter 17

Bronze - From where you start, turn around and you will see a series of islands. Follow them to wind up on an island where you fight 3 ice crab enemies. The medal is your reward for winning.
Bronze - On first island, break the crystal to reveal a boost ring. Use the boost ring to reach an icicle under another island. The medal is in the icicle.
Bronze - Once on the island after the checkpoint you will fight enemies. There is a large amount of crystals here, and the medal is in one of them.
Silver - After activating the warp, don't take it! Instead, continue past it and walk along the long thin snow road. The medal is near the end of the road on the right hand side one level below the road.
Silver - Once you land from the warp, fall down to the bottom of the island. On the outside of the island you will notice the central structure has a spiral path wrapping around it. Head up to about the third level of the spiral to find a chunk of land protruding from the path. The medal is on that land.
Bronze - Climb the taller of the 2 waterfalls and you will reach a smaller island behind you. Next to that island is an even smaller piece of land with the medal resting on it.
Bronze - The medal is floating on top of the island with the icicle you have to knock down after fighting the giant crab.
Silver - After defrosting the waterfalls, get to the top level that takes you to the path towards your destination. (There will be enemies here). Go left of the small stream and you will see a 20 graviton power-up. Straight ahead you will see a long rectangular shaped metal platform. (Looks kind of like an airstrip). Walk to its end to see this medal floating between the two long blue parts of the platform. BTW it took me a really long time to find this one -_-
Gold - Before taking the zipline to the island with the ice cave entrance, look under the zip line to find this medal tucked away in a little cubicle.

Chapter 18

Bronze - Fall to the ground level from where you start, the medal is under the large tree you start on.
Bronze - The boost ring will make you land on another tree, the medal is under this tree as well.
Bronze - After all the boost rings take you to a checkpoint, look at the large metal structure here.
On the bottom ledge of this structure is the medal.
Silver - While facing the button that you press using the plant monster, look out to see a nearby tiny floating island. Fly there, then from island to island until you're on the big island. Win the fight, the medal is in the crystal.
Silver - Once at the island where you must squeeze through a laser wall with the help of a moving cube, land on top of the building that houses the warp. Look up to see a lone boost ring with this medal floating above it.
Bronze - From where the warp drops you off at the base, look directly up before using the boost ring to see the medal floating at the ceiling.
Gold - Once out in the open area of the base, from where you enter, look straight ahead to see a platform held up by 2 stone pillars. Fly there, then look ahead to another ledge to the left of some huge building. Fly to that ledge and look right to see the medal.
Silver - A little hard to explain: after getting the gold medal, turn around and continue to follow the gravitons up a ledge. Look left to see a graviton trail heading downwards over a cliff. Use those and make your way down to the ground level. Continue straight until you bump into a lone plant monster. From there look up to see a small floating island. The medal is on that island next to a warp.
Bronze - This one took me FOREVER to find! OK, bear with me here. Notice the 3 huge dome-shaped buildings here? OK, we want to land on the roof of the building that is closest to medal number 8 (the one by the lone plant monster). If it helps, it's not the shortest building of the 3, nor is it the building that the gold medal was by. Anyways, once on the roof, walk to the back side. Notice how the roof has long protruding metal “arms” sticking out of it? Well, walk along one and fall all the way to the bottom of this building. Notice how each “arm” gets thinner and straight? Now notice that towards the bottom, the “arm” reconnects to the building. The medal is sitting between the building and the part where it reconnects on one of the “arms”.

Chapter 19

Bronze - Follow the normal path until you reach a stone bridge. From there fly up to the floating islands above you. Look around for a large crystal atop a rock pillar, inside is the medal.
Silver - From the exact platform you land on after taking the warp, turn around and walk to the edge. Look down to see this medal hanging out on a small ledge connected to the island you are on.
Bronze - Now from medal number 2, you should see an absolutely massive island, (the same one you flew by while warping). Look up to see 2 trees standing side by side. Fly to the ledge they are on. (It's almost directly across from you). Now walk straight from there and you will see the medal floating above a rock.
Gold - Once you reach the next warp and boost ring, you will see Trump tower!...No wait it's just a building with lasers and buttons on it, my bad. Anyways, behind this building, the medal sits on a tiny platform.
Silver - After landing by the checkpoint after the warp, turn around to see a nearby floating island. Fly there, win fight, medal is in the crystal that appears.
Silver - Once at the warship, continue until you see 2 blue circular buildings atop another building. Fly up there to see a big square hole in the middle. Go in the hole collecting gravitons and power-ups in there. Look up from the bottom of the hole to see a small square hole in the wall. Fly in there to see this medal as you follow the linear path.
Bronze - On the right of the warship (the way the ship is facing). You will see some boxes against the wall in a large alley. The medal is in one of those boxes.
Bronze - On the right of the warship (the way the ship is facing). You will see a massive wall of ice. Fly to the top to spot this medal floating on top of the wall.
Bronze - On the back left side of the warship ( the way the ship is facing). Look against the metallic-looking wall to find a big square opening. The medal is floating in there. (If it helps, it's directly under the walkway you use to get to the warship that also has gravitons on it. Also it's the medal you see in the level's opening cutscene).

Chapter 20

No medals here.

Chapter 21

NOTE: All the medals are found at the fortress in this stage.

Bronze - After you land at the fortress, turn around and walk to the edge. Look off to the left to see a large support structure glowing red and blue. You should see a part of it that is shaped like a backwards “c”, land in the “c” part. Then look left again to spot another structure just like this one. Fly to that one to see the medal in the “c” of this structure.
Silver - From medal number 1, fly up to land on top of the structure medal number 1 is on. Once on top, look up to see a smoke stack atop a cylindrical platform. The medal is atop the stack in the smoke.
Bronze - From where you started by the rainbow marker, walk opposite of the marker and look out to the right at another glowing red and blue support structure. The medal is on top of that structure.
Bronze - From the platform medal number 3 is on, walk towards the fortress and look down and to the left to see this medal floating on some metal scaffolding.
Bronze - From medal number 4, fly up to the normal walkway circling the fortress. Now walk left and see 2 long gray pipes coming down. Walk under them then look right and up towards the fortress. You should see 2 metal scaffoldings with blinking lights. The medal is on top of the higher one.
Gold - Now fly all the way up to the roof of the fortress. You should see lots of smoke stacks. Notice how there are smoke stacks in front of the rainbow marker? Directly left of those smoke stacks is another pair of smoke stacks. The medal is in the smoke of those stacks.
Bronze - From the roof fall down to the normal walkway circling the fortress, opposite of the rainbow marker. Down here should be a metal scaffolding pillar with this medal on top.
Silver - From the rainbow marker, head to the ledge opposite of the marker and drop down. While falling look towards the center of the fortress. You will see a green horizontal line going around the fortress, then the very bottom of the fortress turns red in color under that line. Connected to the red part you should see a small orange colored square platform, fly to it. Once there, continue flying around the fortress in the direction away from the rainbow marker to spot another orange platform with black metallic scaffoldings on it. The medal is on that platform.
Silver - From medal number 8, keep falling down to be completely under the whole fortress. The medal is floating in the middle of 3 metal scaffolding pillars that are connected to the bottom of the fortress.

Chapter 22

Bronze - After teleporting to space, follow the gravitons to see this medal floating atop a metal pillar to the left. Hard to miss.
Bronze - In the room with a laser floor and ceiling, the medal is floating near the ceiling in the top right corner from the entrance. (It's also where you must kill 4 jellyfish to activate warp).
Silver - Before taking the warp that you activate after killing the 4 jellyfish, fly outside and on top of the jellyfish room. The medal is on the roof.
Silver - After landing from the warp, turn around and jump back to the island we flew past while taking the warp. Fall to the bottom most land and press the shiny blue button to make 3 more appear. The left button does nothing…lame. The middle makes another button appear, YES! So, push that button with all your might to make another button appear…Just kidding :) It actually makes a crystal appear. Break it for your medal. (The right button makes enemies appear FYI).
Bronze - This medal is floating between 2 small long rectangular platforms as you fly up the tower with cyclops-spiked enemies. (If it helps, it's between the first 2 disc-shaped platforms that you see while flying up).
Silver - Once you use the boost rings to get the fast moving triangle platforms and 2 sets of purple laser walls, fly above the second set of laser walls to see this medal floating above the lasers.
Bronze - Super easy to see floating above the boost ring after the fast moving triangle laser wall section.
Bronze - It's on top of the tall pillar right next to the boost ring at the end of the grinding section.
Gold - This medal is floating underneath the platform that you fight 5 turtle tank enemies on to activate a teleporter. (It's the last platform of the stage).

Chapter 23

Bronze - Past the wall of shield enemies blocking a warp is a square shaped platform. Land there and look down, the medal is floating at the platforms side.
Bronze - At the grinding section with all the metal squares, the medal is floating between 2 squares about half way through. (Fly from square to square to see it easier rather than grinding).
Bronze - When you get to the platform with 6 octopus enemies, kill the one closest to you on the right to see that he was hiding the medal.
Bronze - Under the stairs at the end of the octopus sections. To be more specific, look under the stairs once you enter the large square room with health at the center.
Silver - When you're at the pillar section before the area with 4 switches you activate at the same time, look off to the left to see an island. Fly over there, with help from the triangle platforms, win fight, medal is in the reward crystal.
Silver - Easy to see above the platform with a laser wall blocking a button. It's even seen in the cut scene. If you still need clarification, it's in the same area as the mandatory fight against security enemies.
Bronze - Super easy to see. Floating under the checkpoint after warping from the mandatory fight against several enemies. Hmmm…Methinks the developers got lazy at the end.
Silver - It's floating in the middle of all the flying bomber sharks right after medal number 7. Easy to see but tricky to get. Try either shooting straight for it or utilizing the enemies.
Gold - On the other side of the long vertical rectangular platform that leads up to the teleporter. In the same area as medals 7 and 8. (It's near the top under the teleporter).

Congratulations! You've collected all the medals! Good job! ;) Now you can use them to buy alternate costumes for Rodea, some music, unlock the ability to spiffy up the Ion Wave. Or even tackle the bonus world Ticket Islands. Have fun! Oh and BTW for collecting all the medals the only reward besides unlocking bonuses seems to be a picture of Ion in her under garments saying Congratulations. I expected more to be honest…


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