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  1. I'm not sure I understand how the gems influence your ability to level, but I've reached a point fairly early in the game that's making it nearly impossible to proceed because my treasure's levels are too low. I can assume that repeating dungeons is the only real way to level, but how do the different gems you find influence that? And if you use one in battle, does it get subtracted from your experience gain at the end of a dungeon?

    User Info: Yuumiko

    Yuumiko - 7 years ago

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  1. Every jewel you collect in a dungeon is worth an amount of experience, between 10 and 120 points, with each new jewel worth 10 more than the last, i.e., Garnet = 10, Amethyst = 20, Aquamarine = 30 through to Diamond = 120. You can check the order at Jewel Appraisal or on the experience awarded screen. Harder dungeons award rarer jewels, with Tanzanite and Diamond especially not turning up until late in the game. The experience for them is only awarded at the dungeon's end, to all living treasure you have except the dungeon boss (since it was only just tamed).

    I think you still get awarded experience for used jewels, so long as they don't die in battle.

    Unfortunately, the easiest way out of situations like this is to just swap your treasures for newer, higher-levelled ones, as there doesn't seem to be any advantage of using treasure you've levelled yourself.

    User Info: yasoukyoku

    yasoukyoku - 6 years ago 1   0

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