How to use everybody's 2nd mystic arte?

  1. i know what to do in terms of how to get to be able to use the mystic arte but i don't no how to activate it. Please help, if possible could you tell me how to do everyone's

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  1. Adding on to the other answer:
    Guy has to be below half his max hp with Jewel of Gardios equipped.
    Anise: Use Lucky 100 times, then go into overlimit with 20,000 gald and use Lucky.
    Natalia: Have the Elven Bow (made in Din's shop) equipped and go into overlimit after using Pirecing Line 150 times, then use it.
    Also, it's A, B, and Y for lost fon drive.
    All of these use 100 TP and you have to be on a second playthrough.

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  1. while doing there first mystic art for example like luke radiant howl while the mystic you hold either the A button or B (not sure but its one of the buttons) to extend it to his second mystic arte assuming you have alreading unlocked them.

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  2. If you're talking about the extension: hold A at the end of the Mystic Arte.

    If you mean the actual other Mystic Artes (Indignation, Lost Fon Drive, Fortune's Arc):

    Luke: Hold X, Y, and B while below 15% HP in over limit while the Key of Lorelei is equipped.
    Tear: After learning all fonic hymns and using each at least 50 times enter over limit and cast Judgment (you need 100 TP to activate it.) Don't forget about the extension, hold A at the end to get a very powerful extension.
    Jade: After using Thunder Blade 200 times enter over limit and hold right on the D Pad (the same button as entering over limit.) Indignation will cast after 5 or so seconds.
    Guy: After using Final Cross at least 150 times enter over limit and use Final Cross while low HP (I don't remember the exact value.)
    Anise: I don't remember.
    Natalia: I don't remember.

    Note: The AI can not use the secondary Mystic Artes.

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