Additional VoicesChristian Lanz
Additional VoicesPatrick Seitz
Voice (Albert Wesker)D.C. Douglas
Voice (Barry Burton/Majini)Jamieson Price
Voice (Chris Redfield)Roger Craig Smith
Voice (Claire Redfield)Alyson Court
Voice (Dave Johnson)Reuben Langdon
Voice (HUNK)Keith Silverstein
Voice (Jack Krauser)Jim Ward
Voice (Jill Valentine)Patricia Ja Lee
Voice (Josh Stone)T.J. Storm
Voice (Kirk Mathison)Chris Mala
Voice (Majini)G.K. Bowes
Voice (Majini)Siaka Harding
Voice (Majini)Mudila Kangulungu
Voice (Majini)Benjamin Ochieng
Voice (Rebecca Chambers/Majini)Stephanie Sheh
Voice (Reinard Fisher)Liam O'Brien
Voice (Zealot)Ulysses Cuadra
Voice (Zealot)Jorge Garcia


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