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by KeyBlade999

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FAQ/Walkthrough by KeyBlade999

Version: v1.45 | Updated: 08/19/13

Winner of GameFAQs's FAQ of the Month award for the month of June 2013! Major thanks to everyone who helped me to achieve this!
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  • Game: Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon
  • Console: Nintendo 3DS
  • File Type: Formatted FAQ/Walkthrough
  • Author: KeyBlade999 (a.k.a. Daniel Chaviers)
  • Version: v1.45
  • Time of Update: 2:43 AM 6/25/2013
  • File Size: 334 KB


While I do write all of my guides for free, it does take a lot of time and effort to put them together. If you're feeling generous and want to show your appreciation, I am gladly accepting donations. I don't know exactly what the donations will be used for, but just know that you would definitely be helping me make more quality FAQs! Even the smallest donation amounts are appreciated, and they are a great way to say how much you appreciate the work I do. If you do decide you'd like to donate, please send the donations through PayPal at the e-mail address listed below. Thank you so very much for at least considering this!!

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Welcome to my most recent FAQ/Walkthrough for the Nintendo 3DS, which covers the March 2013 release Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon. Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon is only the second game in this side-series, where Mario's twin brother Luigi stands alone against a horde of ghosts. It stands as only the second entry because the first entry, Luigi's Mansion, was released on the GameCube around 10 years ago.

I never actually played the original GameCube release, so I was curious when this came out. Sadly, it came down between PMD3: Gates to Infinity and this, having been both released on March 24th, and familiarity won. It will be seen later as to whether I was right in prioritizing Pokémon Mystery Dungeon over this - and that would be a hard battle to win. Anyways, I grabbed this when GameStop finally got them in stock, so here's hoping for a fun experience!

All of my meaningless babbling aside, I hope you enjoy this FAQ!!

General Notes (READ!)

  • Localization: This FAQ/Walkthrough as a whole is written from the North American (March 24th, 2013) release of Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon on the Nintendo 3DS. Thusly, given the localization differences between the various games, this is important to note when following along from a European/Japanese/etc. release, though the names do seem to have some synonymity across the releases.

  • Golden Bones: These are types of items that seem to add to the treasure count at a mission's end - that's obvious enough. Of course, these items are also bones for a reason; if you happen to hit zero health and have one in your possession, you'll be fully revived by a Polterpup! Sadly, I generally will not cover these, as they are completely randomly found in missions. Good luck finding them, though - they exist in areas you can investigate (like with the X Button). And, unless you're looking to speed-run for a three-star ranking, I do recommend looking for them!

  • Navigation Repetivity: As time goes on and you and I become more familiar with the area (i.e. starting at the second mission most often), you'll find that I tend to skip detailed instructions on where to go, except for the generic "Go north X rooms" type of thing. By that point, you had best be familiar with the layout or be able to use the Touch Screen map.

  • Guide Formatting: Each manor of Evershade Valley is denoted in a manner akin to the "General Notes (READ!)" above here. On a sub-level from there, you'll get more. First you'll see two horizontal lines above and below every minor section, such as missions. Each manor's section will also start with a flowchart listing each mission (with links you can click!) and some related quick-links to the sidequests. Within each mission, you'll see headers like ~ Front Yard ~ denoting each individual important area. Then there's the walkthrough for that area, a little space, more walkthrough, and so on.

  • Guide Style: Each mission walkthrough will walk you through the mission as thoroughly as possible by me, with Boos and Gemstones 100% accounted for. However, these missions can tend to have non-linear natures, and my walkthroughs can tend to delve off into areas you do not need to go to whatsoever - mission, Boo, Gems, or otherwise - for extra treasure or other crap. Therefore, it is best to try and follow a mission's walkthrough start-to-finish, or to search out the individual area if you're just looking for help on how to get past "X".

  • Regarding Gems with multiple locations... Some Gems are found in multiple missions. I tend to only cover the first possible finding of the Gem and ignore that Gem for the rest of the walkthrough - for example, if I find the Amethyst Circle Gem in Gloomy Manor's first mission, I generally won't cover it in the second or third, even if it can be found there. If you want alternate missions to find the Gems other than those presented in the walkthrough (i.e. first finds), you can look in the Gemstone Hunting section.

  • Regarding completeness... Well, each mission is covered to the point where you can complete it, including what is possible of the speed-run (i.e. need all Boos) missions that aren't random. All Gems and Boos are located in the walkthrough (in addition to the sidequest sections for quick reference), so, generally, you can play along with this whole walkthrough to 100% the game barring the ScareScraper. However, I have my doubts as to whether all the little treasure troves that coincide with my walkthroughs and such are covered; if you find one I don't have, feel free to let me know. My e-mail's in the Legalities section and, yes, you will be fully credited!

Introductory Sequences

You can begin a new game by selecting a file from the main menu, then opting to start ... well, a new game. You can also delete an old file if you need to (primarily with used cartridges), or press A+B+X+Y as you start up the game anew. Once you do, you'll begin by watching some introductory movies.

SPOILER! Highlight to View

It all begins with Professor E. Gadd in his lab - you can probably remember him from the previous Luigi's Mansion, I suppose, or Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. It seems all is well, and the green ghosts nearby (rather like those in Pac-Man) are benign, if not totally helpful. Outside, though, trouble brews. A dark Boo rises up in the sky towards the Dark Moon and, with the power of the gem on his head, shatters it and scatters the fragments across the land. The aforementioned green ghosts suddenly turn, losing their eyeballs and wrecking the lab...

In some house - I guess Luigi got his own place and stopped leeching off of Mario? - Luigi has fallen asleep while watching the television. Soon, he is awakened by some creepy noise coming from the TV. He cautiously approaches and E. Gadd's face appears on-screen, scaring the crap out of Luigi. (Gotta stop eating those 'shrooms, boy.) E. Gadd notifies Luigi of the ghosts' hostility and requests his help, forcibly dragging him through the screen to his lab.

After some small chat on the other side (now you press the A Button to progress through the text), E. Gadd decides to fill in the details. He shows you a picture of the Dark Moon, an odd celestial object that turns ghosts in Evershade Valley into rather harmless creatures. E. Gadd studied these peaceful ghosts until the aforementioned events occurred. He quickly left the Gloomy Manor and found the Dark Moon vanished from the sky, and a dark, dense fog all around.

E. Gadd fears that the ghosts will soon terrorize other areas beside the Valley. He has found one fragment of the Dark Moon, though - but only a fragment. And, even then, it seems that something has corrupted it. With some strange device, he fixes the fragment, dispersing some of the fog near the Bunker. This end result shows that the Gloomy Manor is reachable, and fixing the Dark Moon in whole will fix their problems.

He then asks Luigi - the best (and only) ghost wrangler - for his help, answering his own question before Luigi is given a real choice. Ah, old times...

Anyways, mission selection... If you want to back out to select a game mode, you can press the B Button - you can do Scarescraper and enter E. Gadd's Vault, although those are not yet unlocked. You can back out further to the title screen. Otherwise, mash the A Button until you start Gloomy Manor: Mission A-1: Poltergust 5000.

  • Objectives:
    • Search the Garage
    • Capture any nearby ghosts
    • Find the missing Strobulb

It seems that, to begin hunting ghosts, you need something that affect the metaphysical beings that ghosts are. Luckily, E. Gadd has the Poltergust 5000 - albeit in Gloomy Manor. He'll hand you a Nintendo DS (the original 2004 variety) which contains an interactive map of Gloomy Manor and also allows communication. Finally, you'll get a flashlight.

You then learn how the DS works when it comes to communication - tap the screen when E. Gadd calls. If you look at the map, an important location will be marked with an "!" point - the garage where the Poltergust 5000 lies. You finally get Pixelated into Gloomy Manor... almost.

~ The Front Yard ~

When you arrive and land flat on your rear, use the Circle Pad to move around - we want to head northward through that gate in the distance, so move the Circle Pad upwards. Soon after the gate slams shut behind you, E. Gadd will call, first mentioning the lack of battery in the DS (odd, as it's better than a 3DS's lol), then mentioning you can run by holding the B Button.

First go to the vase to the right of the base of the staircase. Press the X Button to investigate said vase to earn 5 Gold! The X Button is in general used to investigate things, so you know. Go up the stairs onto the porch, then investigate the vase to the right if you want, although it does nothing. Do go west and investigate the open window if you wanna look in the garage and see the ghosts screwing with E. Gadd's car. When looking through a window, you can tilt the 3DS or use the Circle Pad to change the viewpoint.

Anyways, go to the front door now - it's to the right, marked by a red line on the map. After pressing X near it and enjoying that small scene, you'll see a rat go by. Chase it down (it went downstairs and probably left) for a key. Now you can go in the door.

~ Entrance ~

Not much to do here; use the door at the left side of the room.

~ Garage ~

There are a fair number of objects to investigate in this room (e.g. the toolbox in the southeast, the box in the southwest), but they don't do much. There is a window at the northern side of the room you can look through for a funny scene. You can get 5 Gold from the drawers to the right of that window.

Investigate the car and you'll find Luigi's semi-signature vacuum: the Poltergust 5000. As he does a bit of a jig, something really paranormal happens, then E. Gadd calls. He'll tell you how to use the Poltergust 5000 (which I might just call the vacuum from here on out) - the R Button. You can use it to suck up ghosts and clean the house! =O

Begin by sucking up the pile of dirt in the northeast corner of the room near the toolbenches to probably find a piece of gold, then go for the pile of dirt next to the door. You may not know this yet, but you can also use the R and X/B Buttons to vacuum whilst sucking up and down, too - there's about 10 Gold in the rafts and shelf at the north side of the room.

Additionally... Go to the northwest corner of the room and start sucking on that cloth, which will build up some pressure in the vacuum. Walk away while still holding down R and then press the A Button when indicated to remove that carpet; open the chest beneath for a key. E. Gadd will then call, mentioning that some ghosts should be near.

Go on through the door to the east to get on with our second objective.

~ Entrance ~

Begin by vacuuming upwards with the vacuum and you can grab some pieces of gold - a lot of them will fall if you suck out the flames in the chandelier! Also suck away that carpet blocking the door on the east side. Then go on through.

~ Mudroom ~

Begin by looking out the window to the northeast. Then you should begin by sucking out all of the cloth things in the room - there are two coats or drapes or something at the east and west sides of the room, north of the doors, which you can deal with to get a dollar (5 Gold) on each side. You can also vacuum the carpet on the floor and go northward to reveal a switch beneath. Stand on it and soon nearly 100 Gold will spit out from the northeast corner!

You can also suck up several pieces of gold from the northeast and southeast corners by looking up. And if you happen to stand beneath the fan in the center of the room and vacuum upwards for a bit, the key there will fly against a wall and down to the floor for you to grab.

The door to the right being locked and all, return back west to the Entrance.

~ Entrance ~

Exit south to the Front Yard - we got some more vacuumin' to do.

~ Front Yard ~

Begin by going to the west and vacuuming up the pile of dirt there, then investigating the vase that was beneath to get around 50 Gold. Then slowly go right back to the front door - look upwards for a few pieces of gold. Then suck up the rug in front of the front door for a gold bar (20 Gold)! Continue a bit to the right and, hanging on front of the porch, you'll see a cloth. You can suck it up (R+B+Up), then go downstairs and around to the revealed gold bars (40 Gold).

If you suck up stuff around this area in general (between the gate and porch), you'll get about ten more units of gold. Finally, flash the various purple flowers around here for money, and a gemstone as well.

That's about it for this area, though; return inside, as I'm soaking.

~ Entrance ~

You can use a key have to open the door to the north.

~ Guard Hall ~

After a brief scene with the ghosts here, you'll regain control. First vacuum on the wall to the right and remove the hidden cloth to gain a lot of gold - I got 98. That's about it for here - hold the B Button and completely run northward to avoid the knights' swords. Trust me, they hurt - they take off 20 units of health, and if it hits zero from your current 100...

Anyways, through the door you go.

~ Foyer ~

When you first enter, you'll see the ghosts from earlier, pointing out their toy on the chandelier at the top of the room. Begin by going to the left and examining the drawer for a golden bone - apparently, according to E. Gadd, it only appears if you have a lot of treasure, so you may have to follow the walkthrough insofar for it. That's about it for now, so begin by trying to go upstairs.

E. Gadd will point out the door just behind you with the panel; you saw one like it in the Mudroom, too. It can only be opened with the Strobulb, the item that the ghosts seem to have been throwing around after all! Go up the stairs and along the path to the end - you can look in the aquarium on the way if you want. (A crystalline star is in the northwest corner of it - reference to Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door from the GameCube, perhaps?)

At the end of the path, press the R and X Buttons to start working you magic on the chandelier's gears by lowering it, then, at its lowest point, go all of the way down to it. There, press X near the chandelier to get the Strobulb! E. Gadd will after you nearly blind yourself with it, telling you that it can be powered up with the A Button. Those green circular panels (like in the southeast corner) will then be activated once you make the thing flash by releasing the A Button. This can also be used to stun ghosts and capture them.

Begin by going upstairs, first, to get some stuff from the northeastern safe by Strobulbing it - you'll get about 95 Gold. Then backtrack to the Mudroom so you can go outside.

~ Mudroom ~

Use the Strobulb on the eastern wall to unlock the door via the panel, then walk outside.

~ Mudroom Exterior ~

Outside, go along to the end of the path. There, you can hit the rat with the Strobulb to defeat it. Then go north to the tree and vacuum upwards to get the purple gem, an extremely rare collectible you ought to... well, collect. Backtrack to the Foyer now (back inside, one room west, two north).

~ Foyer ~

At the east side of the room is a green panel you should have triggered last time you were here. If not, do so with the Strobulb, then go on through.

~ Coatroom ~

The very fact that there's a toilet in here makes me suspicious. Well, ignore it for now. If you vacuum upwards in the northeast corner, you can get a piece of gold; if you examine the northwestern cabinet, you can get a health pickup, restoring your health by up to 25 points! You can take down the coats from there for about 20 Gold total. Finally, rip the wallpaper from the southeastern corner and enjoy nearly 100 Gold!

Then investigate the toilet to be rotated to the other side (and thrown briefly into a sink).On this side, use the vacuum to remove the rug nearby, revealing a drain and a fair chunk of gold. You can remove the southeastern bathrobe for even more gold. You can also remove the shower curtain, revealing a ghost - after a brief bump on the non-physical noggin, it goes back through the wall. Sit on the toilet and do your business or somethin'.

On the other side, go west a bit and you'll be assaulted by the ghost. To capture it, you simply need to dodge its drawn-out movements while holding the A Button, then release the A Button to stun the ghost. Finally, press the R Button to suck 'im up. It may take a few tries, though. There are two ghosts to capture as well.

~ Foyer ~

Capture the four ghosts here. It's not an entirely difficult effort, as you can probably guess - you can even capture multiple ones if you stun more than one and start vacuuming. Mashing B a lot will suffice in keeping them in your vortex for now, I suppose.

Capturing them will end the mission, which will let you see various records for said mission.

  • Objectives:
    • Activate the mechanism in the Foyer
    • Recover all four stolen gears

Now that we finally can combat the hostile ghosts, we need to get to work on fixing them and the Dark Moon. E. Gadd luckily has an invention called the Parascope (not what you think it is in our world) - it can detect distant paranormal signals. He found some odd activity in the northern rooms of the manor, so that's where you're to go.

There is a mechanism that allows in and out of that area, one that you must operate - E. Gadd opts to give you the details later. For now, the main destination will be the Foyer from before. You'll be beamed down into the Entrance.

~ Entrance ~

I suppose if you want to investigate the other areas around here for some small money, you're welcome to - the methods being the same as explained in the previous mission, though most of it remains unavailable. Go two rooms north of the Entrance to the Foyer.

~ Foyer ~

As you enter, you'll see a red, rather aggressive ghost dispersing the gears to the mechanism mentioned earlier to other red ghosts. Soon thereafter, E. Gadd will call you, notifying you of the obvious, and telling you that the ghosts will be marked on the map on your DS - which he decides to call the "Dual Scream". (It's a parody on the common thought of "DS" standing for "Double Screen", where it actually is supposed to stand for "Developer's System".)

The objectives on the Touch Screen will alter to reflect your new goals; you can also tap on the "!" markings in the objectives screen to have the target's room specified. For now, use the northwestern 1F door in the Foyer. ... Or try - the door slams shut in front of you as a green ghost flies off to the south.

Backtrack to the Entrance.

~ Entrance ~

Here, you'll find the culprit - another Greenie-type ghost, in case you didn't know their "species", so to speak. You dealt with these in the previous mission, so worry not about the capture, as it should be quite easy. After grabbing the key it drops, return to the Foyer.

~ Foyer ~

Back here, try going up the staircase nearby to find that it suddenly turns into one of those cliché slides. At the bottom, you'll be taunted by a blue ghost. This ghost will primarily hide in various objects (vases, drawers, etc.), coming out on occasion to toss stuff at you. Just get close, zap 'im, and suck 'im. Head back to the top of the stairs and use the door there.

~ Master Hall ~

You can investigate the vase nearby for some gold, then go south. Above the door, you can suck down a few more gold pieces. Then go through this door.

~ Parlor ~

Here, you can use the vacuum to spin the fan on the roof for a few seconds, causing it to let loose a ton of gold; the same can be said by investigating the northern wall. I also happened to find one of those golden bones in the southwestern table, but they're random, so... Also, the clock on the northern wall is representing the time according to your 3DS, so you know. You can zap it with the Strobulb to reveal a gemstone!

If you use the vacuum on the phonograph in the center of the room, you'll soon spawn two weak ghosts. Deal with them as before, then the red one from before will appear - he's not hard to deal with if you stun him quickly, then suck him into the vacuum while mashing the B Button rapidly. Be sure to grab the gear after he drops it!

Backtrack into the Master Hall, then go through the northwestern door.

~ Bedroom ~

Above the radiator nearby, you can suck away some wallpaper to gain a fair sum of gold. At the west side of the room at some coats that can be taken to get some gold, plus that on the shelves nearby. You can look through the hole behind the coats to find the Study, where a gear is lying, apparent unguarded. You can also look behind the panels into the northeastern corner where a mushroom-shaped gem resides.

The thing is, the northern door to the study will love slapping you against the wall, so what to do...? You can suck at the big, red string nearby on the wall and pull it and a bed down. Examine said bed to get slapped (into the study).

~ Study ~

You can probably open the drawers just to the north for some gold and/or hearts. If you go much further northward, you'll be dragged into a ghost battle. You'll deal with around four easy-to-beat green ghosts before fighting the red one. It's all the same as usual, difficulty-wise, but when you try to stun the ghosts, try taking out some of those rats, too - they will still hurt you if you don't jump over them, and there will usually be three at a time here.

Afterwards, suck down the gear. You can get rid of the northwestern curtains to reveal a painting and some bats that can be beaten with the Strobulb. There is also a rug nearby on the floor that can be pulled back to reveal a switch; standing on it will put out the fire in the fireplace. Ignore that for now; first pull the next set of curtains and grab the gold (100+), then get in the fireplace and investigate.


~ Studio ~

It seems you interrupted the ghost of da Vinci, for there are some mad ghosts here. You'll begin with two blue ghosts here. Now is when I recommend you start perusing the pulling technique when fighting ghosts, to save time - basically, move the Circle Pad opposite the direction Luigi is moving and press A when designated to boost the power of your sucking! This will help greatly here to avoid damage, even with the red ghost. Be sure to grab the gear when you're done.

Let's see... You can investigate the northeastern drawers for stuff (I got hearts). You can pull the curtain off the painting to see it, and you can investigate the camera from the southwest side to see something in the mirror. If you look carefully, there's a gem outside! Well, actually, it's inside - use the vacuum and suck upwards (R+X) around the northwest corner and you'll eventually get it.

If you pull the southwestern cloth, you can grab 60 Gold. Finally, investigate the eastern urn for some gold. Suck up the dirt nearby and exit to the Common Hall.

~ Common Hall ~

Let's first head north. You see that green stack of stuff on the table? That's money - suck all 75 Gold's worth out of it! You can suck out the nearby curtain for some bats that can be shot down with the Strobulb. Further east, you can see a cheese poster - suck it and the sequential posters out from behind it, then look through the wall to see the library.

Return to where you entered the area and go south. Suck the cloth off of the wall and go into the hole to find the Secret Pocket.

~ Secret Pocket ~

It's the space between two rooms, so there isn't much. You can grab some gold from the vacuumable piles of dirt nearby, and there is a key at the end of the path. Partway along is also a hole looking into the Studio, pointlessly. Return into the hall.

~ Common Hall ~

There is a hole just south of the Secret Pocket doorway looking into the Lab if you want. Don't go in there yet, though - some other stuff will be done for now. Vacuum up the rug starting at the south end and moving northward to grab some gold. Use the door to the right and go into the Foyer. Exit to the southeast.

~ Coatroom ~

Zip on over to the other side and remove the rug on the floor to reveal some kind of golden ghost. Basically stun and hold on for dear life (i.e. mash the B Button) and you will get a quick 65 Gold. That's about it, though. (Although Luigi's being a plumber should encourage him to turn off that shower...) Backtrack to the Common Hall now and exit to the southwest, into the Lab.

~ Lab ~

Let's get the main thing out of the way - go west and defeat the two green ghosts and then the red ghost. Grab the gear that is spawned by the latter. Assuming you've followed the walkthrough insofar, this should be your fourth, and E. Gadd will call, notifying you of the obvious.

There's not much else to do here. There's something that can be sucked up, probably pointlessly, at the southern end of the room. You can also suck up a cobweb next to the door to release four golden mice - zap 'em with your Strobulb and you'll end up with 80 Gold! Return now to the Foyer.

~ Foyer ~

Examine the golden northwestern structure and Luigi will put his plumbing skills to work on fixing the gears ... or not!? Really? E. Gadd calls, noticing that the gears actually have been damaged, so they won't fit - he'll then decide to repair them back at the Bunker. That'll do it for this mission.

  • Objectives:
    • Use the crank in the Foyer
    • Investigate the music in the library

In the Bunker, E. Gadd will repair the gears, allowing you to enter the northern rooms of the manor, maybe. Suddenly, an audible signal is emitted from those very areas - very creepy music, probably from the piano in the Library. He marks your first destination - the Library - on the map before suggesting that this might be the manor's head ghost. ('Course, most of them are just heads!) Anyways, time to go 8-bit for a minute...

~ Entrance ~

Here, you can do something! Investigate the statue on the right and it'll spew some gold, although the helmet is likely to get stuck on your vacuum if you use that (as you should). E. Gadd will then call (though it may have been coincidence), noting that he can upgrade your Poltergust 5000. Anyways, if the helm gets stuck on the vacuum, use L and not R. You can do this to hit the northwestern painting (also with the X Button to aim up), then vacuum down the teardrop gemstone!

Head along to the Foyer, but be careful of the rats in the Guard Hall - they're the only thing there.

~ Foyer ~

Proceed to the northwestern corner where the crank resides. Examine that area and Luigi will use the crank to lower the aquarium nearby, saying "I did it!" at the end. How proud he must be.

At this point, be wary of the rats nearby. However, you can go to the southwestern corner and extract that cobweb to get some gold, and a golden rat will also appear for 20 Gold for you! Anywho, go upstairs and north to the next room.

~ Lobby ~

You'll quickly fight two of those green ghosts; not much to worry about. You'll also fight a red ghost accompanied by some spiders afterwards - if you're quick enough, you can get them all with one shot of the Strobulb, so no worries there, either. After the fight, you can pull down the poster left of the elevator with the vacuum, then use the Strobulb to open the safe behind it for some gold. Then go through the door in the northwest corner.

~ Library (2F) ~

Here, there's not much you can do towards the boss. For now, you'll need to simply run along the path and through the door into the next room. As you do so, you may want to try facing opposite the way you're going - gold spiders and gold mice tend to pop up here, yielding 20 Gold a pop!

~ Dining Room ~

If you want some hearts, you can suck the dining table's cover off (without spilling the food, no less) to get about a full heal's worth. You can also extinguish the candles above the table to get some gold. You can get a crapload more (150+) gold for taking down the curtains around the table. (Speaking of which, you are able to look out the north-central window to ... well, not really anything.)

Now, press X to look up to the ceiling. See that safe? Blow it open with the Strobulb to get a gemstone! I suppose if you want, you can go south and out to the balcony to fight bats and find a gold bar. That's about it for there, though. In the Dining Room, suck up the northeastern string, pull it hard, and get into the revealed dumbwaiter.

~ Kitchen ~

Here, head west and you'll fight against one green ghost, then two more of 'em. They're not hard to fight, as usual. The only real difference is that some will wear pots and pans - you can't stun them until just after their attack. Meh. Let's see... You can investigate some of the cabinets for hearts and such. The refrigerator in the corner can be opened to get you an ice block; vacuum it onto your Poltergust, then walk it over to the fire to release the gem!

Leave to the west.

~ Library (1F) ~

You'll begin with a rather fear-inducing scene from the enemy, but it's not representative of his strength. To be honest, you shouldn't find this to be a problem. First, keep an eye out for which stack of books is throwing books at you - when you figure it out, Strobulb it and then start sucking on the ghost. Assuming you can keep track of the books being thrown at you (and dodging them) while pulling against the ghost, you'll have no problem. Two "power vacuums" should get rid of it. You'll deal with two more after that, but it's not much more difficult.

That will end this particular mission.

  • Objectives:
    • Find the Dark-Light Device
    • Capture whoever is releasing the Spirit Balls

Before you leave, E. Gadd will show you a Spirit Ball, an object that is capable of creating illusions. Someone is releasing a number of them in Gloomy Manor, causing the disappearance of certain objects - had you done some investigating, you would have noticed the easel in the Studio gone, but not in the mirror, for example. There is a special attachment to the Poltergust 5000 that can help in remedying this: the Dark-Light Device, which remains in the Lab.

The Lab will be marked on your DS, and then you get turned into pixels.

~ Entrance ~

Head north twice to the foyer - not much to deal with on the way...

~ Foyer ~

Here, briefly detour to the southwest corner to find a bunch of gold in the drawer there. Try going up the eastern staircase to fight some blue ghosts and a red ghost - nothing special, but you may as well, eh? You can also fight some ghosts in the Coatroom to the southeast (it's easy, they're green).

Leave it at that for now and go west two areas to the Lab.

~ Common Hall ~

Well, you'll get close, anyhow - the door disappears as you near it. As you exit towards the Foyer again, E. Gadd will call, noticing the obvious. He thinks there is another way in there...

Go upstairs in the foyer, exit to the northwest, then go southwest to the Parlor.

~ Parlor ~

As you enter, Spirit Balls from the room below will make the fire and antique clock disappear. Walk into the fireplace and press X to get down in the lab.

~ Lab ~

As you enter, you'll spot the Dark-Light Device. Go over to it and grab it - just as a ghost wearing sunglasses snatches it and goes north through the blackboard! Use the vacuum to spin the blackboard, revealing the ghost again. To defeat this ghost, first use the vacuum to remove its sunglasses, then stun and suck as usual; repeat for the next two ghosts. Nothing too hard, I hope.

After this, grab the Dark-Light Device. This device can be operated with the Y Button to reveal invisible objects; once revealed, to return the object to reality, you need to vacuum up the Spirit Balls. You can do this with the northwest corner of the area to reveal a safe; open that with the Strobulb to find a fair sum of gold. There is also a toolbox underneath the blackboard (has hearts), and the door at the southeast corner.

~ Common Hall ~

Outside, E. Gadd will call, tasking you to now find the releaser of the Spirit Balls. Well, let's hunt down stuff first. Go north and, under the window, is a hidden desk containing about 100 Gold. At the end of the hall is a picture with a key on it that can reveal ... well, a key. At the doormat at the end of the hall, if you face east, you'll also find a door.

We'll deal with it later. First, extraneous hunting!

~ Foyer ~

In the northeast corner, you can respawn a vase with some money in it. In the southwest corner, you can respawn some drawers. Take off the painting above them with the vacuum, then shine the Dark-Light on it for some more money. You can also respawn the statue in the northern pond for more money. Go south twice now to the Entrance.

~ Entrance ~

Go ahead and respawn the knight's armor to the right of the Guard Hall door for about 100 Gold. You can also use the Dark-Light on the southeastern painting for about 50 Gold. Go west a room.

~ Garage ~

Nothing hidden here, although a golden ghost should show up for you to snatch money from. Go east an area and south another.

~ Front Yard ~

In the southwestern corner, you can respawn the statue in the water pond for about 40 Gold. Go north an area and east two.

~ Mudhouse Exterior ~

Go along to the end of the path where the doghouse would be; it's not there anymore, though, so reveal it and examine it to be warped!

~ ??? ~

Here, you'll find two chests nearby. Quickly open them and suck up the money within, then go ahead and shine the Dark-Light on the northeastern portion of the area to reveal a third chest. Open it and suck up alllllllllll of the money!

You'll be ejected back to the Mudhouse Exterior afterwards; go west two areas, north two, upstairs, and west one, then southwest one.

~ Parlor ~

Here, go back west and suck up the gold above the fireplace. Then reveal the clock in the corner (it's the big dark shadow you can blatantly see). Return into the Master Hall, then go into the northwest room, then pull out and use the bed.

~ Study ~

Here, pull down the northwestern curtains, then defeat the resulting bat swarm. Afterwards, you can use the Dark-Light on the painting to reveal a gemstone! Now, go back into the fireplace to 1F, then go to the Foyer, upstairs, and exit to the north.

~ Lobby ~

Here, on the west side, you can use the Dark-Light in the southwest corner to reveal a vase, and to the right of the door to find a table, both of which yield around 50 Gold. On the east side, next to the doormat, is a hidden door. Reveal it and go out onto the balcony.

~ Balcony ~

You can suck up a gold bar from the northwest corner and fight some bats, but that's about it. For the sake of completionism, suck the webs off of the nearby grill and light 'er up with the Strobulb. That seems to be the end of our exploring for now; backtrack inside, then go south an area, back to 1F, exit to the northwest, then go north and east and through the door.

~ Patio ~

You can look through a window nearby into the kitchen, if you want. There's another window further east, plus some bats to battle.

Go south off the patio and towards the end of the stone path. (Be wary - that thunder will get on you here if you don't pay attention! Heh.) Here, you can find some crows, including a golden one that rewards you rather well. You can also spawn a water statue on the way to reveal a gemstone! At the end of the path, respawn the statue of E. Gadd, then vacuum the propeller on his back for a bit to reveal a key!

Go west and you can spin the ... spinny thing, I have no idea what it is ... to reveal some gold pieces. You can also Dark-Light up a door at the end of the small path there, which goes back to the Foyer. Or so it seems, anyways...

~ Under the Stairs ~

Zap out the golden spiders with your Strobulb for about 80 Gold for four of 'em.

~ Foyer ~

Basically press R and X simultaneously to snatch up the Purple Star, then backtrack to the Patio.

~ Patio ~

That'll be about it; go through the door on the patio to the kitchen.

~ Kitchen ~

You'll begin by fighting some green and blue ghosts. Not much to worry about, though. Again, the ghosts with pots and pans as armor need to be beaten after dodging an attack. (Also, it may just be some glitch on my end, but the Power Gauge did not appear for me - it functioned and filled, but did not really appear as it usually did.)

There's actually nothing missing here, but you can check the drawers as usual to find hearts and gold. Go west to the Library.

~ Library (1F) ~

Here, there's not a lot to do. You can go to the west side and shine the Dark-Light to reveal a globe. Suck it onto the end of your vacuum, then use the L Button to launch it at something, thereby breaking it and releasing a gem within.

Return to the Kitchen and go east and pull down the red and yellow string with the vacuum to reveal the dumbwaiter. Get on in there!

~ Dining Room ~

Hi there, Boo! You'll watch as he exudes Spirit Balls to make stuff disappear before disappearing through a wall himself. Use the Dark-Light to, as usual, reveal the table. After that, Boo gets scary mad... You'll end up fighting him for now. It's a bit too easy...

Anyways, use the Dark-Light to find Boo - you'll probably only see his trail, though, but follow it to the darker, more spherical him. The Dark-Light alone will stun him; after that, vacuum up his tongue, build up the Power Gauge, and let loose! The first Poltergust upgrade should one-hit kill him. Then just suck him into the vacuum.

Afterwards, E. Gadd will call and get you to leave. Do note that you also unlock ScareScraper with this mission's completion.

  • Objectives:
    • Clean up all the webs [47 total]

~ Garage ~

While you are zapped into the Entrance, there's naught there; go west to the Garage. The spider-webs are all in plain sight, so just suck them up; you should have six when you're done. Then go east and north.

~ Guard Hall ~

Another simple one; you'll have ten by the end here. Go north to the Foyer, then southeast to the Coatroom.

~ Coatroom ~

Nothing special here, really. Be sure to go to the other side with the still-flowing shower. The only hard-to-notice one is on the roof; you'll have 14 by the time you're done here. Go west to the Foyer and west to the Common Hall.

~ Common Hall ~

... *arachnophobia acts up* ...

Beyond that stupid common, go into the room to the northwest.

~ Studio ~

Defeat the Greenies, then get back to the Foyer, upstairs, and exit to the northwest.

~ Master Hall ~

You can suck up some webs here, too. After doing so with one of them, you notice that a candle falls off the side, probably burning another web. Well... See that uvila-looking thing on the roof? Vacuum it and bring it over to the fallen candle and ... well, it should be obvious. Do the same with the fallen web ball and press L to shoot it northward at those webs. You should have taken 19/44 when you're done here. Go northwest to the bedroom.

~ Bedroom ~

The solution for the minor webs here is similar, but that big one? Well, you can open the oven to the west to light a fire, then spin the fan to light the web on it, then the northeastern web is lit. This should finish the room off with 21/44 webs. Also, go behind the paneling for a mushroom-shaped gemstone!

Backtrack outside to the Foyer, then go north to the Lobby.

~ Lobby ~

Defeat the two Hider ghosts here, then use the Dark-Light on the east wall. Reveal the door and exit to the balcony.

~ Balcony ~

Suck up the various webs here, notably the top-left one. Then activate the grille nearby by using the Strobulb on it. This will light a fire; get the uliva-shaped spider-web to the right and bring it over here, then let go to light up the web. Go to the right and suck up some more minor webs, then get the web ball. Light it up and go east and north to the big set of webs. That should finish this area with 27/47 done. Go back inside via the Dining Room (nearest door), then go west.

~ Library (2F) ~

Here, suck up some of the minor webs that you can reach. After doing so, approach the north-central picture of the fire. Use the Dark-Light on it to spawn a fire, then quickly suck up the web ball and light it. Then go west and south and get rid of the those webs. You should have 31/47 at this point.

Return to the Dining Room, then trigger the dumbwaiter with the northeastern pullstring and go on down. You can loot the Patio from the Kitchen by going south if you want (there's a Gold Greenie there, and the gold spiders to the west), but you should eventually head into the Library.

~ Library (1F) ~

You should try to suck up some of the webs you can see, but also take note - there are some stacks of books missing, and even the grand piano! Be sure to look around for those. Notably, revealing the grand piano reveals a Boo - you know how to beat him, right? Just use the Dark-Light, then vacuum.

Anyways, you should have 34/47 webs after this area. Backtrack along to the Foyer and enter the Common Hall from there.

~ Common Hall ~

Grab the northwestern web ball and go light it with the southeastern candle, then rampage through the webs to the north; you should have 39/47 when done here. Now, to 3F... Back in the Foyer, exit to the northwest on 2F, then go north. Pull down the string there and go on up.

~ Rafters ~

Suck up the two webs nearby and one to the west, near the safe. Use the Strobulb on said safe to get about 95 Gold, then go ahead and cross the rafter next to the west knight. You'll use the gyro sensor in doing so - it's obviously best to sit the 3DS down beforehand and just hold Up on the Circle Pad. On the other side, suck up the web above you.

Go east and use the Dark-Light on the painting. Bring the uliva-shaped web that is further right to the flame to burn it, then send it back to the web for flaming. Head south and, when the camera moves, suck up that web. Then go east and north and suck up that dirt and the web to the right. Go far to the south now and east. At the dresser, press R+X and you'll get a gem.

Suck up the poster nearby next, then use the Dark-Light on what's beneath to light a fire. Then you should be able to bring the nearby swinging web to the far to light the place up. Then you can cross west and out of here, if you don't have all of the webs.

But you should have done all 47 if you've followed the walkthrough insofar. E. Gadd will then call you back.

  • Objectives:
    • Confront the source of the powerful energy

It seems E. Gadd has found the source of the odd signal that is itself the cause of the spider infestation - it's in the Cellar. ... How cliché. You'll need to take the elevator (which resides on 2F) there, though. The Cellar is then marked on the map, and you are given the key to the elevator.,

~ Lobby ~

You end up zapped into the Lobby. You can investigate the usual things nearby for around 80 Gold, although E. Gadd won't let you leave the main lobby. You have to go into the elevator.

... Nice to see E. Gadd has such trust in the elevator's operation.

~ Cellar ~

When you arrive, you can use the Dark-Light on the painting to the west to make it spew money, then you can go down the slide (yup, that's what it is). At the bottom, go southeast and suck up the dirt piles so you can look into some boxes and a chest for some more gold. Go into the main area north of the slide and defeat some spiders there. You can look at the east side of the room and vacuum upwards to get some gold (around 13 - ruh-roh). There's a bit more behind the knight to the northwest.

Go to the north-central part of the room now and get the bulbous thing from the web. Then drag it back...

My spidey-sense is tinglin'.

BOSS: Giant Spider

As you drag the capsule back, a huge spider will drop down from above and attack, narrowly missing Luigi. Through the coming battle, it won't normally take the offensive. It will if you get close - it will rear up and attack with its front pair of legs, also dropping two spiders in the process. For a creature with lots of eyes, it won't rely much on sight, but...

Charge up your Strobulb nevertheless. Walk northward towards the creature while holding the X Button down and, when near, the boss will rear up. It will also open its eyes - use that time to blind it! The spider will lay splayed out on the wall behind it, motionless, leaving you time to grab the bulb it is guarding, the one you dragged to start this whole mess.

As you drag it backwards, be careful - the boss will hurl poisonous liquid at you, and this liquid will stop your tugging, probably undoing your work in entirety. It is possible to dodge to the side or by jumping, though. As you cross, also try to stay to the right - a knight on the left will chop downward with its weapon if you're near enough. However, once you are south of him, get close - this will light up the web you're dragging which means...

Well, the boss will suddenly shrivel up and die, its ghost being released from its body. Quickly dodge to the side - the ghost will tackle you! This ghost also has infinite health, but don't let that deter you. You still need to stun it after it misses with an attack, then suck it somewhat.

Repeat the previous phase of the battle, to some extent. First, though, you need to light up the web on the fan in the stone room you first fought in. You do so by spinning the fan above it with the vacuum, then backing off to the southwest so the flaming torch the knight has will light it. Hopefully, your spinning fireball will also release a knight to the northeast of there - that needs to happen! Once that happens, go back to the previous steps - it will be harder, though, as you need to dodge spiders and poison this time around.

As you drag the web this time, you want to angle to the newly-freed knight as you reach the end of your rope, so to speak. The knight will impale the web. At that point, relight the fan's web and spin it around. It should light the impaled web and... well, you defeat this ghost similarly to before, albeit not being a defeat.

For the third phase of the battle, you need to get down to the end of the path. There, stun the spider and grab the loose web ball nearby - not the main web, but the ball, like you used in Mission A-5. Bring it to the torch-wielding knight (the spiders can hurt you, but you won't drop the ball). Light the web and it can now actually kill the spiders that cross your path.

As you approach the second fallen pillar, on its north side, angle to the left to light up another knight's torch. Now discard your web ball and grab the main web in the usual manner, then light it with the new torch. This time, you can defeat the ghost in the usual manner - actually defeat it this time, too!

After the battle, snatch up the Dark Moon fragment and watch the rather hilarious results (although Luigi probably won't think so). E. Gadd will soon call, noting that the ghost you just captured apparently can possess other organisms. He then takes you back to the Bunker as Luigi jigs a little.

Gloomy Manor: Boos in Missions A-1 through A-3

It's not an official mission, but you did miss out on them when you did not have the Dark-Light Device. =P In case you forgot, the general fighting technique against Boos is to stun with the Dark-Light Device, then suck 'em up.

~ Mission A-1 ~

Go into the Garage and, where there's normally a wheel in the northeast corner, shine the Dark-Light.

~ Mission A-2 ~

Head into the Mudroom and reveal the table in the southwest corner.

~ Mission A-3 ~

Head into the Studio and reveal the artist's easel there to find the Boo.

  • Objectives:
    • Capture all the ghosts as soon as possible!

Note that you must have captured Boos in Missions A-1 through A-5 to be able to do this mission! And this mission is like a time trial run of your knowledge of the manor, so you know.

~ Entrance ~

Okay, time's tickin' on. E. Gadd has detected some ghosts in the Kitchen - to get there, go north twice to the Foyer, then northwest to the Common Hall, then north and east to the Patio, and north inside to the Kitchen.

~ Kitchen ~

As you enter, quickly flash the two Greenies to the left of you and suck them up - you can probably get them down before the pots-and-pans dude even notices. =P To get the latter, you still need to wait for him to attack and miss before you stun, but it's not much to worry over.

Two more readings will then pop up - the Parlor and the Lab. We'll opt for the latter first, since it's on our floor.

Go west to the Library and south to the Common Hall. Go west and south and through the southernmost door.

~ Lab ~

There will be two small duos here to fight. The first consists of a normal Greenie and one with sunglasses - suck the glasses off of the latter, then zap and vacuum them up. The second set is a Slammer and a Greenie - nothing to worry over there; if you're quick, you can stun them both.

Now, to the Parlor... Go east twice to the Foyer. Head upstairs and into the room to the northwest. Go into the southwestern room.

~ Parlor ~

This is the easier set - two Greenies, then two Slammers. You can get both ghosts from each group in a single blast of the Strobulb, so no real problems here.

Afterwards, three more signals pop up - the Garage, Mudroom, and Foyer. The Foyer should be an easy backtrack - two rooms east.

~ Foyer ~

Proceed to the lower floor and deal with the enemies. Optimally, you'll want to deal with the Hiders first - they're quicker to kill, and tend to get annoying if you face the Slammer with them allying him. But otherwise not much to worry over.

Now, the Garage - two rooms south, one west.

~ Garage ~

Nothing difficult - two Greenies that you can probably stun in one Strobulb blast, and then a Slammer. ... You see my point?

Two rooms east is our next destination: the Mudroom.

~ Mudroom ~

Our final group of enemies will initially consist of a Greenie and a Slammer, the former of which has sunglasses on. Quickly enter and suck them off and you still have a chance at getting them both stunned and vacuumed. After that, you can fight off a lone Greenie by yourself, hopefully.

At that point, E. Gadd will eject you from the premises.

To the curious, my personal record was 4 minutes, 12 seconds - on my first run, anyways.