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Spaceship Quote List by Thanos6

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 10/19/17

Ver. 1.0

This is a list of quotes that every character says when they randomly appear
on your Spaceship.

This is divided into five sections:
1) Characters from the original series or other games (plus Pinich)
2) Their fusions
3) Original characters created just for this game
4) Their fusions
5) Characters released through DLC, and fusions that they take part in

Not included are your Create-A-Character, and the Fusion Dance characters that
you can form in battle.  This includes Gotenks, Gotenks (Super Saiyan),
Gotenks (Super Saiyan 3), Gogeta (Super Saiyan), Gogeta (Super Saiyan 4), 
Pirillin, Yamhan/Tiencha, Natz, Recurter, and Gulce. Your
Create-A-Character is always under your control and doesn't say anything
special on the Spaceship, while the Fusion Dance characters don't appear on
the Spaceship at all.

Some of the quotes are funny, some are cool, some are weird, and some just
don't make any sense.  A few are repeated between different characters.
All typos and grammatical oddities have been left as-is.  Enjoy!

1) Series Characters  [C001]
2) Series Characters' Fusions [C002]
3) Original Characters [C003]
4) Original Characters' Fusions [C004]
5) DLC Characters And Their Fusions [C005]

1) Series Characters  [C001]

002      Pinich
"Fighting again? Whatever, I bet it'll be a draw!"

003      Pinich (Super Saiyan)
"Fighting again? Whatever, I bet it'll be a draw!"

004      Goku

005      Goku (Super Saiyan)
"Let's go!"

006      Goku (Super Saiyan 3)
"I'll show you what I've got!"

007      Goku (Super Saiyan 4)
"Want to see what a Super Saiyan 4 can do?!"

008      Goku (Super Saiyan God)
"I'm just getting warmed up!"

009      Goku (Super Saiyan Blue)
"This should be a good fight!"

010      Goku (GT)
"I'm small and proud of it!"

011      Goku (GT, Super Saiyan)
"I'm small and proud of it!"

012      Goku (GT, Super Saiyan 3)
"I'm small and proud of it!"

013      Goku (Kid)
"I can still get stronger!"

014      Goku (Turtle School Gi)

015      Goku (Turtle School Gi, Super Saiyan)
"Let's go!"

016      Goku (Turtle School Gi, Super Saiyan 3)
"I'll show you what I've got!"

017      Gohan (Cell Saga)
"I can fight... I have to do something!"

018      Gohan (Cell Saga, Super Saiyan)
"You'll make your mom mad if you don't study, y'know..."

019      Gohan
"Whew! Glad to see you're finally back to your senses!"

020      Gohan (Super Saiyan)
"Alright, let's get going!"

021      Great Saiyaman 1
"Hehe, don't I look cool in this?"

022      Goten
"Hey, let's hurry up and go already!"

023      Goten (Super Saiyan)
"I wanna be strong, just like Dad!"

024      Vegeta
"Don't slack off on your training."

025      Vegeta (Super Saiyan)
"What do you say I train you a bit?"

026      Vegeta (Super Saiyan 3)
"Show me what you can do."

027      Vegeta (Super Saiyan 4)
"Hey, let me fight next time, OK?"

028      Vegeta (Super Saiyan Blue)
"I guess I can lend you my strength."

029      Vegeta (Original Armor)
"Don't slack off on your training."

030      Trunks
"Come on, we've got to leave!"

031      Trunks (Super Saiyan)
"Haha, you just leave this to me!"

032      Mirai Trunks
"Would you maybe want to train together sometime?"

033      Mirai Trunks (Super Saiyan)
"Feel free to call on me. I'll always be there to help."

034      Mirai Trunks (Super Saiyan 3)
"I can do it! I'll protect everyone!"

040      Vegito

041      Vegito (Super Saiyan)
"What's wrong? Let's get going."

042      Piccolo
"Let's go. Just keep your guard up."

043      Krillin
"Wow, look at you now! You're so big and strong!"

045      Yamcha
"Hey, how's it going?"

046      Tien
"I'm going to get even stronger!"

048      Chiaotzu
"You need to train long and hard, you hear me!?"

049      Hercule
"I'm the hero of Earth!"

050      Videl
"We shouldn't leave the bad guys alone for too long!"

051      Great Saiyaman 2
"We've got some bad guys to punish!"

052      Pan
"I'll give it my best shot!"

053      Bra
"Hey, do you want to go shopping together?"

054      Uub
"Part of training is knowing when to rest."

055      Super Uub
"If you ever need me, you know where to find me."

056      Demon King Piccolo
"Heh heh heh..."

057      Raditz
"Hmph. Just try not to drag me down."

058      Nappa
"Ha ha, that was fun! Let's do this again sometime!"

060      Saibaman
"Gwaaah gwaaah! Gwaaah!"

061      Nail
"I'll lend you my power if you think it'll help."

062      Zarbon
"I think I've seen this ship before... Must be my imagination."

063      Dodoria
"Gwa ha ha... Don't bother me next time."

064      Captain Ginyu
"Oh, it's just about snack time now!"

065      Guldo
"Hey, have you seen the captain around?"

066      Jeice
"You! Stop what you're doing and come try out this pose!"

067      Burter
"I'm the fastest there is. Won't anyone challenge me?"

068      Recoome
"What do you think of this pose? Pretty cool, huh?"

071      Frieza
"Haha, all right. Let's see if we can have some fun."

072      Golden Frieza
"I guess I can make you my subordinate, sure."

073      Bardock
"Ugh, get away from me."

074      Bardock (Super Saiyan)
"Ugh, get away from me."

075      Gine
"Have you seen Kakaro-- er, Goku around here?"

076      Android 19
"There's lots of people on this world we have no data on."

077      Android 20
"Looks like there's a lot of energy gathered here..."

078      Android 17
"Hmph. I guess I can play with you, sure."

079      Super 17
"Call if you ever want to see how strong a Machine Mutant is."

080      Android 18

081      Android 16
"You guys are a good bunch."

082      Cell Jr.
"Ngrrree! Ngrreee!"

083      Cell
"I'm bored. Any ideas what we can do to kill time?"

084      Pikkon
"This place is pretty rowdy."

085      Fat Majin Buu
"It's fun fighting you! Let's do it again sometime!"

086      Kid Buu
"Ka ka ka ka... Ho ho ho ho!"

087      Supreme Kai
"You look like you've been training hard."

088      Kibito Kai
"It's a good idea to take a break every now and again."

089      Dabura
"Hehehe... Is there no one who can beat me?"

090      Baby
"I swear, that guy looks possessed..."

091      Omega Shenron
"I'll show you my superpower!"

092      Nuova Shenron
"...I guess it's nice coming someplace like this sometimes."

093      Beerus
"I'm getting sleepy..."

094      Whis
"The key to a good meal is to wait three minutes before eating."

095      Jaco
"I'm one of the super elite who protect the galaxy!"

096      Champa
"I can beat Beerus at least!"

097      Vados
"Did you need me for something?"

098      Cabbe
"Have you seen Vegeta? I can't find him anywhere!"

099      Frost
"Well, just do what you can and take it from there."

100      Hit

101      Magetta

102      Botamo
"Hmph. It's Botamo's time to shine now! You'll see!"

103      Turles
"The whole universe will bow before me!"

104      Cooler
"I'm the strongest there is... My brother doesn't come close!"

105      Meta-Cooler
"You can beat me all you like, I'll just come back stronger!"

106      Broly (Super Saiyan)

107      Broly (Super Saiyan 3)

108      Super Janemba
"Gya gya gya!"

109      Towa
"I wonder if I could get some energy for Mira..."

110      Mira
"I'll show you just why I'm the strongest one around!"

111      Arale
"Hoyo! N'cha!"

2) Series Characters' Fusions [C002]

112      Pinita
"Yay! I'm the best! I'm number 1! Woohoo!"

113      Perfect 16
"I do nothing short of perfection. It's the way I'm built!"

114      Celluza
"Heh heh, I never said I wouldn't help, you know."

115      Damira
"Ha ha, the strongest lord of the Demon Realm is born!"

116      Android 1718
"I have no idea what's up even if you lose your shot."

117      Yamta
"Heh, I can clean up this mess by myself just fine!"

118      Coolieza
"I'll show you who's strongest in the entire universe..."

119      Coohan
"Hee hee, I'm more than good enough for what you need."

120      EX Gogeta
"So, who wants to pick a fight with me today?"

121      Great Saiyaman 12
"If you're in trouble, find me! I'll help as best I can!"

122      Kallohan
"Wanna have a casual brawl? I'll go easy on you, promise."

123      Picohan
"If you're in a bind, call and I'll lend you a hand!"

124      Gorillin
"If you plan on going out, let me know first, all right?"

125      Krigohan
"Why are you staring at me? Weirdo! Stop it already!"

126      EX Yamhan/Tiencha
"Heh. I'll show you what I'm made of!"

127      Chiaoldo
"No getting out of this one. All right, I'll help you out."

128      Vegenks
"It's so boring. I wish someone would make it more fun for me!"

129      Rappa
"Stop dragging your feet and get to work!"

130      Dodobon
"You'll learn how much your strength pales to mine."

131      Ginyuman
"I need a good pose!  Something that'll live up to my rep!"

132      Burce
"I'll tag along if you give me a chocolate parfait."

133      Reguldo
"Let's go! Hopefully we'll find someone tough to fight!"

134      Chiaohan
"I'm in a good mood, and I won't sour it by losing!"

135      Barlot
"I feel myself overflowing with power right now."

136      Android 1920
"...it looks like it could suck in even more energy."

137      Android 1617
"Don't fight for the sake of fighting. Stay focused."

138      Cell 17
"I've been bored. Maybe you'll spice things up."

139      Majin Hercule
"Bwahaha! I'm the champion! Me! Everyone else is a loser!"

140      Janembu
"Gyaaaah! Gyagyagyaoh! Ugyaaah!"

141      Karoly
"You want to fight me? Okay, but I won't go easy on you."

142      Arale 18
"I'd be happy to play with you! What should we do?"

143      Chiaoman
"Underestimate me and you're in for a world of pain!"

144      Brapan
"Don't think you can lick me just because I'm cute!"

145      Nuova Goku
"The only way to fight is to give it all you've got."

146      Jacunks
"I'm an ultra deluxe elite fighter! Don't forget it!"

147      Towane
"What? Get out of my way or I'll make you."

148      Ginyuza
"I'll show you just why you should fear me, hehehe..."

149      Towale
"N'cha! Move or you and I are going to have a problem!"

150      Whirus
"I wonder if there's any food out there still..."

151      Great Jaco
"I'm the Great Saiyaman!"

152      Turtz
"I see it in your Saiyan eyes. Something stirs within you..."

153      Pandel
"If you're bad, I'll make you regret it and then some!"

154      Kibicollo Kai
"If you ever get in trouble, feel free to talk to me."

155      Kibeer Kai
"I doubt there's anyone in the whole world that can rival me."

156      Demon King Daccolo
"I'll fill this world to the brim with evil..."

157      EX Pirillin
"I'll help! It'd be my pleasure!"

158      EX Gotenks
"As long as you've got me, you can't possibly lose!"

159      EX Gohanks
"Come on, we've got to leave!"

3) Original Characters [C003]

160      Bukha
"A lot of people here don't have a care in the world, huh...?"

161      Nenjo
"Gyagyagya! Y-you're a hero, aren't you?"

162      Skwash
"I'm fine. I can handle it myself."

163      Rhubub
"Hmph. Just don't get in my way."

164      Jagamo
"Let me handle this. I can take care of it."

165      Cissito
"Heehee, what prank should I pull next? It's gotta be fun!"

166      Zukini
"You really are good at what you do, you know that?"

167      Binas
"I'll keep things elegant and refined. That's my style!"

168      Biwala
"We should train together next time. How about it?"

169      Soga
"Hey! How's your training? Making good progress?"

170      Zemma
"Haha, no sweat! Just let me take care of it, all right?"

171      Paprika
"I can't lose to you!"

172      Garatz
"Put more energy into it! Just give it your all and charge!"

173      Rakyo
"Commit advanced moves to memory, and you'll soon be a pro."

174      Heiya
"*Yaaaaawn* Maybe I should go take a nap..."

175      Lomen
"Ahaha, if you ever want a little training, just ask!"

176      Racyoh
"As a samurai, I feel I'm living up to my heritage!"

177      Mibatz
"Oh yeah, I'm on fire now! Let's do this!"

178      Gowry
"If you give me a little money, I'll do whatever you want."

179      Tyber
"Let's just hurry up and go!"

180      Goyan
"I don't care what you do! A win's a win in my book!"

181      Kress
"Isn't there anybody out there who'll challenge me!?"

182      Quillin
"Haha, it's your own fault if you let yourself get tricked!"

183      Huki
"I'll do what I can to try and be of some use."

184      Sage
"I'll blow every enemy away. You just watch and learn!"

185      Vasabi
"Is my face that hideous...?  *Sigh* What do you think?"

186      Plauto
"I can't believe there's gonna be another fight..."

187      Leganon
"What if I just tag along with you? That sound good?"

188      Yashimo
"Hehe, I think I've gotten a little stronger!"

189      Zibar
"Hey, I don't need you covering for me! I take care of myself!"

190      Kalif
"What business do you have with a Super Elite like me?"

191      Stabba
"You're not done fighting? Can't you give it a rest!?"

192      Sesamy
"You think you can keep up with someone as strong as me?"

193      Zysa
"Still eating well? If you're ever in trouble, talk to me!"

194      Mint
"Hehe, you look as lively as ever today!"

195      Shalot
"You look strong! Do you want to become my friend?"

196      Nira
"I can take care of it! No sweat!"

197      Chokly
"I should have known. Don't worry, I'll come with you!"

198      Narmis
"Who's making this racket? It's you!? What's the matter!?"

199      Nazz
"I hope my dad's not being reckless, but I don't know..."

200      Kiclee
"Super Saiyans are so cool! Can you autograph-- Er, nevermind!"

201      Prika
"Another day, another round of training! Let's do this!"

202      Yunaly
"No matter what you do, never let you guard down."

203      Lisee
"Look, I'm so free right now! Hurry up and take me with you!"

204      Ruccola
"I like this outfit. Huh? Train? But my clothes'll get dirty!"

205      Stroganof
"The best you can do right now is let me handle it."

206      Dran
"Hmph. What do you want?"

207      Android 55
"Hee hee hee... Give me your energy..."

208      Jajee
"I want to get stronger! I just have to!"

209      Gato
"What? Were my moves so good that you're taken aback?"

210      Beeyan
"You just leave it to me!"

211      Baba G

212      Yamkun
"Honestly, you don't REALLY need that much to get by."

213      Shaoron
"You see that guy? He looked so cool! I wanna be like him!"

214      Kloa
"What're you looking at!? Think you'll get away with that!?"

215      Mabon
"You see that guy? He looked so cool! I wanna be like him!"

216      Hoycoli
"You're pretty good, but you won't beat me!"

217      Android 33
"The best you can do right now is let me handle it."

218      Android 44
"What're you looking at!? Think you'll get away with that!?"

219      Quiche
"In the end, you need to make it happen for yourself!"

220      Wanta
"*Sigh* I just have to give it everything I can!"

221      Damjee
"You get the best training when the weather's good."

222      Waffen
"What are you doing? Don't run into me, OK!?"

223      Powa
"I want to help everyone out as best I can!"

224      Kutz
"You're... How do I put it? You're all right, I guess..."

225      Assam
"What? Were my moves so good that you're taken aback?"

226      Kalpochof
"Are you trying to make me laugh or something?"

227      Chauda
"If you're ever in a pinch, call and I'll rush over!"

228      Hoji
"*Sigh* I just have to give it everything I can!"

229      Ampa
"The best you can do right now is let me handle it."

230      Macaroo
"I'm sooo hungry! But that means I trained hard!"

231      Chinjao
"Hahaha, I look forward to seeing your next fight!"

232      Piscuit
"Never forget what you're doing. Eyes on the prize."

233      Dennish
"I just want to be tougher already!"

234      Manell
"Let me handle it. It'll be a piece of cake."

235      Oats
"Know good ways to train? I could use some new ideas."

236      Jam
"What're you looking at!? ... Just kidding!"

237      Marinay

238      Tirami
"The best you can do right now is let me handle it."

239      Panna
"What should I eat next? No! I need to train!"

240      Strony
"I bumped my pinky into a desk and it hurts..."

241      Eclain
"We'll get through this one way or another! Don't worry!"

242      Bagetta
"Wanna play for a bit? I could use some fun!"

243      Chocora
"You haven't seen my brother? Argh, where could he be!?"

244      Peperon
"So bored. I wish something interesting would happen!"

245      Quinny
"Wow, you look pretty strong. I'm impressed!"

246      Sanla
"Leave it to me! I'll get the job done!"

247      Peco
"What, are you trying to hit on me or something?"

248      Kallon
"*Sigh* I just have to give it everything I can!"

249      Stella
"Come to my manor when you can. I'll fix you tea!"

250      Edamay
"At your age, I wandered around the universe."

251      Yuba
"This world is one strange place, I'll tell you what."

252      Shabbet
"If you're ever in a bind, call me! I'm happy to help!"

253      Zalutz
"Sorry, I was getting motivated."

254      Chiwak
"How many Galactic Patrollers are there? That's top secret!"

255      Caluppa
"How many have I trained? Must be at least 8000!"

256      Peppa
"Isn't there anything fun to do around here?"

257      Marmad
"Can't take your eyes off me? Look all you like!"

258      Futoh
"There you are! I'm itching to try out some new moves!"

259      Basco
"Wow, you look pretty strong. I'm impressed!"

260      Natto

261      Noomeg
"I'm on fire! Nothing can get in my way now!"

262      Chapp
"Behind you! A ghost! ...Ha! Fooled you didn't I? Sucker!"

263      Mustard
"D-Don't worry. I can do the next fight. I'll be fine..."

264      Tartar
"The key to a good prank is to not let on what you're doing."

265      Tumeric
"Urgh, I have such thick eyebrows... N-Not that I mind!"

266      Calao
"Girls love men who can hold their own in a fight!"

267      Camarbo
"I could go for another meal or four! Where's a plate!?"

268      Bekkon
"Real men aren't afraid to train their butts off!"

269      Saibaking
"Keekee keekeeee!"

270      Toomel
"Hey, Could we have a casual round or two? It'll be fun!"

271      Banya
"Battles are only good if they're nice and flashy."

272      Mepple
"Hee hee!"

273      Doola
"Hey, I've got something to show you! Come with me!"

274      Parm
"Stop staring! I'm trying to come up with a secret plan!"

275      Vereen
"I'm a sucker for anything really beautiful. *Sigh*..."

276      Kranola
"Speed is what separates winners from losers!"

277      Shorny
"I'd love to Body Change with Captain Ginyu sometime. Hee!"

278      Sirami
"I want to form a team of melee fighters like me!"

279      Granyu
"I need a cool pose. But what should I do? Hmm..."

280      Kadoola
"I doubt there're any who come close to beating me!"

281      Horrito
"This world's pretty interesting. Every day's full of excitement!"

282      Kabla
"I'm as strong as a hundred men put together!"

283      Pakka
"Let's have a fun, casual fight. What do you say?"

284      Yamma
"What do you want? You're in my way!"

285      Rumoss
"I'll take care of it. Don't worry about it."

286      Maida
"Not half bad, but can you really keep up with me?"

287      Ratopa
"You'd be a handful to take care of. Glad it's not my job."

288      Parl
"That girl's cute. Could you help me get close to her?"

289      Mardoo
"One day, I'll be stronger than you! Just you wait!"

290      Ariano
"You're weak and I'm strong. Hee hee..."

291      Nox

292      Butor
"Rude little kids have to be punished, you know!"

293      Halto
"Don't shirk training. It could mean life and death!"

294      Paopao
"I... want a snack! But I... can't wait any longer!"

295      Rubee
"Everyone looks so strong... N-Not that I'm scared!"

296      Haric
"Wow, that's a pretty fancy spaceship there!"

297      Nanmu
"Wow! I've never seen anything so rare in my entire life!"

298      Mashima
"You guys aren't hurt, are you?"

299      Pappan
"I'll take care of support. You shouldn't worry about that!"

300      Mirayo
"Bow before me. I demand respect around here!"

301      Neryl
"I better get going now!"

302      Ninny
"Uh, I... Erm... Nevermind! Forget I said anything!"

303      Hirica
"Isn't there anyone who can give me a fun fight? Huh!?"

304      Halda
"I should spend today trying this cool new move I learned!"

305      Makma
"Hee hee, what? You need my power or something?"

306      Litee
"This is no time to be dawdling, you know."

307      Pipila
"We are the Majin Superstar Troupe, PePiLu!"

308      Petrona
"I'll do my best, so don't get lazy on me, OK?"

309      Lullus
"Come dance with me! It's not hard! Follow my lead!"

310      Ghiro
"This is all about justice to you? How boring."

311      Shale
"Hey--I got this. Trust me."

312      Escart
"I wanna see if Piccolo's as strong as everyone says!"

313      Lugo
"I'm Lugo, the strongest Namekian ever! ...No, really!"

314      Toomlin
"It's about time I saw how strong you are for myself."

315      Moolin
"Look! What's that?! Haha, tricked you, didn't I?"

316      Jijee
"I don't plan on losing to you young'ns anytime soon!"

317      Mekuji
"I ain't old yet! I'm as ripe and young as the rest of you!"

318      Mai Mai
"Oh, hey! Welcome back!"

319      Bongo
"Show me what you have up your sleeve..."

320      Ryuto
"Now, who should be my next target? Hmm..."

321      Scarl
"You're pretty strong. Good job!"

322      Android 76
"Hey, how are you feeling?"

323      Datsum
"Now where did they go...?"

324      Eemai
"What're you looking at!? Think you'll get away with that!?"

325      Uzma
"Whew, I built up a pretty good sweat today!"

326      Toronbon

327      Snei
"I'm someone who likes fighting as much as reading a good book."

328      Cital
"Spare a few Zeni for me? I could use some..."

329      Fargo
"Doesn't this ship look like what the Frieza Force uses?"

4) Original Characters' Fusions [C004]

None of these characters have any unique lines.  Instead, each
fusion uses one of the quotes from their components. It's not
random; it's always the same one.  Because these are all
repeats, I don't plan to list any of them.  If requested, I
might change my mind, but I won't at the moment.

5) DLC Characters And Their Fusions [C005]

1010     Mirai Trunks (DBS)
"I'll protect the future!"

1011     Goku Black
"My vision for the world shall be realized!"

1012     Goku Black (Super Saiyan Rose)
"Nothing can rival this body!"

1013     EX Trunks
"I'm going to get even stronger!"

1014     Karoly Black
"Such a pathetic opponent... Do you not value your life?"

1015     Mirai Trunks (DBS) (Super Saiyan)
"I'll show you the power of a mortal!"

1016     Vegito (Super Saiyan Blue)
"This is the power of Super Vegito Blue!"

1017     Zamas
"My vision of a peaceful world has no need for humans!"

1018     Fused Zamas
"I am justice! I am the world!"

1019     Gomas
"I will destroy all who are evil!"



This FAQ is copyright 2017 Thanos6.  It may be distributed freely
anywhere provided I am e-mailed first.

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