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Character Bio List by godzillahomer

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 05/25/17

A Dragon Ball Fusions Guide by godzillahomer

Table of Contents

1. Version History               [H1ST]
2. Bio Listings                  [L1ST]
 A. 000-030                      [0001]
 B. 031-060                      [0002]
 C. 061-090                      [0003]
 D. 091-120                      [0004]
 E. 121-150                      [0005]
 F. 151-180                      [0006]
 G. 181-210                      [0007]
 H. 211-240                      [0008]
 I. 241-270                      [0009]
 J. 271-300                      [0010]
 K. 301-329                      [0011]
 L. 001+330-1009                 [0012]
 M. NPCs                         [0013]
 N. QR Characters                [0014]
 O. DLC Characters               [0015]
3. Special Thanks                [SP3C]
4. Usage on Other Sites          [LEGL]

Version History [H1ST]

1.0: - Wrote guide and submitted to gamefaqs
     - The QR character section is unfinished, will be completed in the

1.1: - QR Characters added in, thanks to Brolly2000

Bio Listings [L1ST]

I include some alterations to the bios, like...
[TEXT]: Alterations, I'll use this to expand bios that got shortened to
      fit the text limit the game had and fix typos; if I alter a bio,
      I'll include a summary of alterations
{TEXT}: Notes I've added, mostly me making jokes when the mood strikes me
CaCs: I will be calling the CaC Tekka any time their name appears in a
Names: For some characters I have included alternate names in places where
       other names for them or their form are popular.  Or where the name
       in DB Fusions is inaccurate.  Like...
       Super Saiyan Blue/Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan
       Hercule/Mr. Satan
       Majin Buu: Good/Majin Buu/Good Buu
       Super Uub/Majuub

000-030 [0001]

000: Tekka
Bio: Pinich's rival and friend who wants to someday fight in the World
     Tournament. Meets many friends training within the timespace rift.

002: Pinich
Bio: A young Saiyan who aims to be the world's strongest.  Tekka's rival
     and friend.  He trained under Vegeta in the Rift of Time and Space.

003: Super Saiyan Pinich
Bio: Pinich's Super Saiyan form.  Seing Tekka kneeling before Gogeta sends
     his emotions out of control, and he awakened.

004: Goku (Super)
Bio: A Saiyan raised on Earth with amazing battle instincts.  He became
     the ultimate warrior after defeating many powerful enemies.

005: Super Saiyan Goku (Super)
Bio: Goku in his Super Saiyan form. He awakened when Frieza killed
     Krillin, which made him even more powerful than Frieza's final form.

006: Super Saiyan 3 Goku (Super)
Bio: Goku in [his] Super Saiyan 3 form.  He transformed into it to stop
     Majin Buu from killing all the Earthlings, but its energy use is very
Alterations: Added in his

007: Super Saiyan 4 Goku
Bio: Goku acquired this form by first becoming a Golden Great Ape.  It
     gives him the super strength and speed of a Great Ape, but a calm,
     clever mind.

008: Super Saiyan God Goku
Bio: Goku's Super Saiyan God form, created from the righteous hearts of
     five other Saiyans.  He later mastered this form after the battle
     against Beerus.

009: Super Saiyan Blue Goku/Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Goku
Bio: The form Goku acquired after turning Super Saiyan while in Super
     Saiyan God form.

010: Goku (GT)
Bio: Goku after he was turned back into a kid by the Black Star Dragon
     Balls.  He didn't really seem to mind, and retained his strength for
     the most part.

011: Super Saiyan Goku (GT)
Bio: Goku in [his] Super Saiyan form as a child.  He possesses immense
     strength, but due to his small size, he lacks stamina.
Alterations: Added in his

012: Super Saiyan 3 Goku (GT)
Bio: Goku in [his] Super Saiyan 3 form as a child.  He possesses immense
     strength, but since the form use so much energy, it wears off in a
     few seconds.
Alterations: Added in his

013: Kid Goku
Bio: A Saiyan boy raised on a remote mountain.  He has a very pure heart
     and astounding martial prowess.
     {According to some dialogue, this version of Kid Goku had just killed
      Demon King Piccolo and started training with Kami}

014: Goku (DBZ)
Bio: A Saiyan raised on Earth with amazing battle instincts.  He became
     the ultimate warrior after defeating many powerful enemies.

015: Super Saiyan Goku (DBZ)
Bio: Goku in his Super Saiyan form. He awakened when Frieza killed
     Krillin, which made him even more powerful than Frieza's final form.

016: Super Saiyan 3 Goku (DBZ)
Bio: Goku in [his] Super Saiyan 3 form.  He transformed into it to stop
     Majin Buu from killing all the Earthlings, but its energy use is very
Alterations: Added in his

017: Kid Gohan/Cell Saga Gohan
Bio: Goku and Chi-Chi's oldest son.  He'd rather be a scholar than a
     fighter.  A very gentle soul, he trained under Goku and Piccolo.

018: Super Saiyan Kid Gohan/Super Saiyan Cell Saga Gohan
Bio: Young Gohan's Super Saiyan form.  He awakened while training in the
     Hyperbolic Time Chamber before the Cell Games.

019: Teen Gohan/Buu Saga Gohan
Bio: Goku and Chi-Chi's eldest son.  While attending high school, he
     moonlights as the Great [Saiyaman.]  Since [he] hasn'tbeen traing,
     he's pretty rusty.
Alterations: Sai-yaman. > Saiyaman.; he's > he
     {According to dialogue and Sub Events, this version of Gohan is from
      after the Buu Saga; mostly that Great Saiyaman 2 exists}

020: Super Saiyan Teen Gohan/Super Saiyan Buu Saga Gohan
Bio: Gohan's Super Saiyan form.  He first transformed into it to stop a
     robbery on hia first day of high school to hide his true identity.

021: Great Saiyaman 1
Bio: The disguise that Gohan uses when he battles against evil.  He thinks
     he looks really cool.  But no one else agrees.

022: Goten
Bio: An energetic boy who looks just like his father Goku.  He's really
     good friends with Trunks.
     {According to dialogue, this version of Goten is from DB Super,
      mostly from him knowing of Beerus}

023: Super Saiyan Goten
Bio: Goten's Super Saiyan form.  He was able to achieve it without any
     training which surprised his brother Gohan.

024: Vegeta (Super)
Bio: The Prince of All Saiyans.  He's a genius of battle who was at first
     Goku's enemy, but then came to be his rival.  He takes great pride in

025: Super Saiyan Vegeta
Bio: Vegeta's Super Saiyan form.  Filled with anger at how he could never
     surpass Goku, no matter how much training he did, he awoke.

026: Super Saiyan 3 Vegeta
Bio: Vegeta's Super Saiyan 3 form.

027: Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta
Bio: Vegeta's Super Saiyan 4 form.  Which he acquired after Bulma created
     a machine that emitted Blutz Rays.  He's very cold and aggressive.

028: Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta/Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Vegeta
Bio: The form that Vegeta acquired after he became a Super Saiyan God and
     then went Super Saiyan.

029: Vegeta (DBZ)
Bio: The Prince of All Saiyans.  He's a genius of battle who was at first
     Goku's enemy, but then came to be his rival.  He takes great pride in
     {He's refered to by Nappa and Raditz if you choose to be a Technique
     {Judging from how he has a tail, he's either from pre-DBZ or
      entered the rift before it could be cut off}

030: Kid Trunks
Bio: Vegeta and Bulma's son.  He inherited Vegeta's feel for battle, as
     well as his tough demeanor and stubbornness.
     {According to dialogue, this version of Kid Trunks is from DB Super,
      mostly from him knowing of Beerus}

031-060 [0002]

031: Super Saiyan Kid Trunks
Bio: Young Trunks' Super Saiyan form.  He was able to turn Super Saiyan
     without any training, which surprised his father, Vegeta.

032: Future Trunks
Bio: Vegeta and Bulma's son.  He came from 20 years in the future to
     deliver medicine that would cure Goku's heart disease.  He takes
     after his father.

033: Super Saiyan Future Trunks
Bio: Trunks' Super Saiyan form.  After his master Gohan was killed by the
     androids in the future, his rage caused him to awaken.

034: Super Saiyan 3 Future Trunks
Bio: Trunks' Super Saiyan 3 form.

035: Gotenks
Bio: Goten and Trunks fused into this form in order to beat Majin Buu.
     Gotenks' extreme overconfidence causes him to mess up quite a bit.

036: Super Saiyan Gotenks
Bio: Gotenks' Super Saiyan form.  He confused [Super] Buu with his odd
     fighting style and unique techniques, and can run around the world
     in a few hours.
Alterations: Majin > Super
     {He can run around the world in a few hours... yet the fusion only
      lasts for half an hour...}

037: Super Saiyan 3 Gotenks
Bio: Gotenks went Super Saiyan 3 to escape from the Hyperbolic Time
     Chamber.  He used his new power to corner [Super] Buu, but then
     got exhausted.
Alterations: Majin > Super

038: Gogeta
Bio: A fusion created by Goku and Vegeta to fight [Super] Janemba.  He was
     powerful enough to defeat [Super] Janemba, who [Super Saiyan 3] Goku
     couldn't even touch.
Alterations: Added in the 'Super's; SS3 > Super Saiyan 3
     {He's more powerful than Super Saiyan 3 Goku and despite being a
      rank lower than 2 out of 3 SSJ3 Gokus, he's stronger all around
      when compared to them}

039: Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta
Bio: The ultimate warrior, born when [Super Saiyan 4 Goku and Super Saiyan
     4 Vegeta] fused to defeat [Omega] Shenron.  But since the form is so
     taxing, it only lasts for 10 [minutes.]
Alterations: SS4 Goku & Vegeta > Super Saiyan 4 Goku and Super Saiyan 4
             Vegeta; Syn > Omega; seconds. > minutes.
     {The game says the fusion lasts for 10 seconds, it actually lasts for
      10 minutes}

040: Vegito
Bio: A fusion form that Goku and Vegeta achieved through using the Potara
     Earrings.  Needless to say, this fusion is super powerful.
     {Dark thought: When you summon Vegito, you doom a version of Universe
      7 to Super Buu's rampage due to Vegito not being there to stop him
      or get absorbed into him; Well, a rampage until Beerus wakes up}

041: Super Saiyan Vegito
Bio: Vegito's Super Saiyan form.  Cold and calculating, he gave [Super]
     Buu a severe beatdown after he absorbed Gohan and the others.
Alterations: Majin > Super

042: Piccolo
Bio: A clone created by Demon King Piccolo.  He fought Goku in the World
     Tournament, and gradually lost the evil in his heart when he
     trained Gohan.
Note: Gradually is hyphenated in-game
     {According to dialogue during his recruitment event, he's from
      somewhere between the end of the Buu Saga and DB Super; Mainly
      him knowing Goten and Trunks and that he trained them}

043: Krillin
Bio: Trained with Goku under Master Roshi.  He's the strongest Earthling
     in existence, very kind, and one of Goku's best friends.
     {According to dialogue from the Android 18 recruitment event, he's
      from the Buu Saga or later; mainly that he's married and has a kid}

044: Pirillin
Bio: Piccolo and Krillin's fused form.  He's always energetic, tends to
     get carried away, and uses weird special poses.  He really is strong,

045: Yamcha
Bio: Goku's first rival, who also trained under Master Roshi.  He used
     to date Bulma, but she dumped him for being too much of a playboy.
     {Judging from his dialogue in-game, he's from somewhere between
      Frieza coming to Earth and DB Super; the main points are: He claims
      to be rusty from lack of practice, he says he went back to his
      Saiyan Saga hairstyle, and he's out for revenge on the Saibamen for
      killing him}

046: Tien/Tenshinhan
Bio: A Crane Style martial artist who fought Goku in the World Tournament.
     Through fighting Goku, he regained his sense of justice.
     {Going by his outfit, he's from the Buu Saga}

047: Yamhan/Tiencha
Bio: Yamcha and Tien's Fusion.  Slimmer than either of them, he excels at
     the Wolf Fang Volleyball Attack, a combination of their signature
     {Don't bother looking for the Wolf Fang Volleyball Attack, it's not
      in DB Fusions}

048: Chiaotzu
Bio: A Crane Style martial artist who trained under the same master as
     Tien.  Gifted with psychic powers, he once fought with Krillin.
     {Chiaotzu is wearing his outfit from the Saiyan Saga, but his
      familiarity with Tien in his recruitment event, suggests he's
      from the same era as Tien}

049: Hercule/Mr. Satan
Bio: The World Tournament champion, and Videl's father.  He took credit
     for defeating Cell, and his silver tongue has gotten him out of
     many scrapes.
     {Given some dialogue he has, he's likely from DB Super}

050: Videl
Bio: Hercule's daughter, who has a strong sense of justice and is also
     a skilled martial artist.  She forced Gohan to train her, then
     married him.
     {Given that she's depicted with her second haircut and is currently
      Great Saiyaman 2, she must be from after the Buu Saga}

051: Great Saiyaman 2
Bio: The disguise that Videl used when she fought evil with Gohan.  They
     have a very unique combo pose.

052: Pan
Bio: Gohan and Videl's daughter.  She's a tomboy and tends to wrap people
     up in trouble.  She loves her grandfather, Goku.
     {From her knowing about all the GT villains, she looks to be from the
      end of GT}

053: Bulla/Bra
Bio: Bulma and Vegeta's daughter, and Trunks' little sister.  She looks
     just like Bulma.  Vegeta has a soft spot for her and often carries
     her things.
     {If Vegeta had had his way, her name would have been Eschalot}
     {It's unknown where in DB:GT she's from, I tried to look up
      noteworthy things she did in GT, but the only thing of note she
      really did was give Baby energy while she was possessed}

054: Uub
Bio: Majin Buu's reincarnation.  After he entered the World Tournament,
     Goku kidnapped him to train him.  He shares his master's gentle heart.

055: Super Uub/Majuub
Bio: Uub fused with Majin Buu.  He has Buu's ridiculous strength and
     moves, but since Uub acts as the base, he doesn't have regeneration

056: Demon King Piccolo
Bio: A great evil who sought to rule the world.  Gained youth from the
     Dragon Balls, but Goku beat him.  Before dying, he put his memories
     in a clone.
     {According to the Sub Event where you fight him in his Giant Namekian
      form, he has gotten stronger by forcing or tricking other Namekians
      to fuse with him; Likely putting him well above Nail's power level,
      but still weak compared to Buu Saga Piccolo or maybe even Piccolo
      after refusing with Kami}

057: Raditz
Bio: A low-class Saiyan warrior, and Goku's older brother.  He's cold and
     crafty.  He died when Goku held him and Piccolo shot him with a
     [Special Beam] Cannon.
Alterations: SB > Special Beam

058: Nappa
Bio: An elite Saiyan warrior.  He served as Vegeta's aide since he was
     young.  He's as tough and cold as one would expect a Saiyan to be.

059: Natz
Bio: Nappa and Raditz's fused form.  Cold, aggressive, and filled with
     Saiyan power, he stood as Tekka's first obstacle to becoming #1.

060: Saibaman
Bio: Battle pawns created by a Saiyan scientist.  They are grown from
     seeds planted in the ground.  They explode, too!
     {They also come in several colors, types, and sizes; depending on
      the video game they're in}

061-090 [0003]

061: Nail
Bio: A Namek warrior whose job was to protect Guru.  In order to give
     [Gohan, Krillin, and Dende] the time to summon Porunga he fought
     Frieza and then fused with Piccolo.
Alterations: Gohan > Gohan, Krillin, and Dende

062: Zarbon
Bio: Frieza's aide and advisor, who can also transform.  His first form is
     beautiful, but his second is monstrous and ugly, so Zarbon hates to
     use it.

063: Dodoria
Bio: A giant alien, and one of Frieza's aides.  Rough and simpleminded.
     After rampaging on Namek, he was mercilessly killed by Vegeta.

064: Captain Ginyu
Bio: Captain of the Ginyu Force and the strongest under Frieza's
     command.  Able to swap bodies with others, he develops new fighting
     poses with care.

065: Guldo
Bio: An alien with four eyes.  He's the weakest of the Ginyu Force, but
     has psychic powers that allow him to paralyze people and stop time.

066: Jeice
Bio: A Ginyu Force member with red skin and white hair.  He has a very
     elitist mindset and often underestimates his opponents.  Good friends
     with Burter.

067: Burter
Bio: A blue-skinned Ginyu Force fighter.  He claims to be the fastest
     in the universe.  He gets along well with Jeice, and loves chocolate

068: Recoome
Bio: A huge, buff member of the Ginyu Force.  He treats fighting like a
     game and always poses before battle.  He's strong, fast, and tough.

069: Recurter
Bio: Recoome and Burter's fusion.  This boosts their durability and speed
     even further, not to mention their shocking fighting poses!

070: Gulce
Bio: Guldo fused with Jeice.  Their strengthened psychic abilities and
     elite strength are a sight to see!

071: Frieza/Freeza/Freezer
Bio: An evil alien who's invaded countless worlds.  He destroyed Planet
     Vegeta and eradicated the Saiyan Race.  Goku felled him, but he came
     back to life.
     {If you manage to get Frieza recruited later on, he's likely not
      the same Frieza from the story}

072: Golden Frieza/Golden Freeza/Golden Freezer
Bio: A form Frieza achieved after being resurrected by the Dragon Balls
     and training in order to defeat Goku.  It uses up a lot of stamina.
     {If you manage to get Frieza recruited later on, he's likely not
      the same Frieza from the story}

073: Bardock
Bio: A saiyan, and the father of Goku and Raditz.  A life of fierce
     battles made him [as] strong as an elite warrior.  He died after
     taking on Frieza alone.
Alterations: Added in the first as

074: Super Saiyan Bardock
Bio: Bardock, gone Super Saiyan.  Rage at his own weakness and inability
     to protect his loved ones caused his power to awaken.

075: Gine
Bio: The mother of Goku and Raditz.  Her marriage to Bardock was a happy
     one, which is unusual for Saiyans.

076: Android 19
Bio: An android created by Dr. Gero.  His body is completly made of
     machinery, allowing him to absorb enemies' power to increase his own.

077: Android 20/Dr. Gero
Bio: Dr. Gero turned himself into this android to gain eternal life.
     Once a member of the Red Ribbon Army, he vowed to exact revenge on

078: Android 17/Lapis
Bio: An android created by Dr. Gero from a human boy.  He likes to
     fight and treats it as a game.  He and 18 are twins.
     {According to an interview with Toriyama, Android 17's real name is
     {The era he is from is hard to place, 17 and 18 can vary depending
      on where or when you fight them; Sometimes they're villainous like
      their future counterparts, other times it's clear they're from
      after the Androids Saga}

079: Super 17
Bio: Android 17 and Hell Fighter 17's fused form.  Known as the "Ultimate
     Machine Mutant," he can absorb ki and was strong enough to fight off
     [Super Saiyan 4] Goku.
Alterations: SS4 > Super Saiyan 4

080: Android 18/Lazuli
Bio: An android created by Dr. Gero from a human girl.  She and 17 are
     twins.  After being saved by Krillin, she went on to marry him.
     {According to an interview with Toriyama, Android 18's real name is
     {According to the event where you recruit her, she's from the Buu
      Saga, as she has had a kid with Krillin; but oddly, she's wearing
      her Cell Saga outfit}

081: Android 16
Bio: An android created by Dr. Gero.  While the strongest android aside
     from Cell, he is kind-hearted, and doesn't like to hurt others.
     {According to an interview with Toriyama, Android 16 was built to
      resemble Dr. Gero's son}

082: Cell Jr.
Bio: Clones created by Perfect Cell that are cruel and powerful despite
     their small size.

083: Cell
Bio: The ultimate android, created from the cells of powerful warriors.
     After absorbing 17 and 18, he challenged the Z Fighters to the Cell
     {If you manage to get Cell recruited later on, he's likely not the
      same Cell from the story}

084: Pikkon
Bio: A martial artist from the West Galaxy who was strong enough to deal
     with Cell and Frieza [after] they wrecked havoc in Hell.  He also
     fought against Goku.
Alterations: Added in after

085: Majin Buu: Good/Good Buu
Bio: Created by Bibidi and unsealed by Babidi, this monster wrecked havoc
     for kicks.  He loves candy, especially the kind made of humans.
     {Most of this bio is untrue for the Majin Buu you get, as it is him
      after he met Hercule and became good; He no longer kills and
      destroys for fun; He also doesn't use the Candy Beam on people
     {According to an interview with Toriyama, Bibidi didn't create Buu,
      he merely woke Buu up from his slumber and used him as a weapon}

086: Majin Buu: Pure/Kid Buu
Bio: The pure form of Majin Buu.  After losing the heart gained from
     absorbing [the Grand] Supreme Kai, he became evil incarnate and
     sought nothing but death.
Alterations: Added in the Grand

087: Supreme Kai/Shin
Bio: The god of all gods.  There used to be five Supreme Kais, but they
     all died in battle against Majin Buu, except for the East Supreme

088: Kibito Kai
Bio: The East Supreme Kai and Kibito, fused together with the Potara
     Earrings.  Specializes in spatial teleportation moves.
Note: Kibito is hyphenated in-game

089: Dabura
Bio: Lord of the Demon Realm, and the strongest demon.  Babidi took
     control of him and made use of his high power level and magical

090: Baby
Bio: A parasitic artificial life form.  It sbsorbs energy from its host
     and lays eggs to take control.  It wants revenge on all Saiyans.

091-120 [0004]

091: Omega Shenron
Bio: What Syn Shenron became after absorbing the Dragon Balls.  Ruthless
     and arrogant.  After withstanding [Super Saiyan 4] Gogeta, Goku
     defeated him with a Spirit Bomb.
Alterations: SS4 > Super Saiyan 4

092: Nuova Shenron
Bio: The Shadow Dragon born of the Four-Star Dragon Ball.  Unlike the
     others, he's polite and hates cowardice.  He came to trust Goku and
     protected him.

093: Beerus
Bio: God of Destruction of Universe 7.  He destroys entire planets over
     the slightest annoyance.  He can be very childish, and loves pudding.

094: Whis
Bio: Aide to Beerus, the God of Destruction.  He also trained Beerus, so
     there's no telling how strong he is.  He has the power to rewind
     [time back by] 3 minutes.
Alterations: Added in time back by

095: Jaco
Bio: A Galactic Patrolman with a duty to exterminate evil from the galaxy.
     He calls himself "super elite," but seems like he's got some screws

096: Champa
Bio: Beerus' twin brother, who serves as the God of Destruction of
     Universe 6.  He seems to be more childish than Beerus.

097: Vados
Bio: Aide to Champa, Universe 6's God of Destruction, and older sister
     of Whis, Beerus' aide.  Champa ordered her to destroy Universe 7

098: Cabbe
Bio: A Saiyan from Universe 6 who fights for justice.  He fights in a
     similar style to Vegeta, and treats him like his master.

099: Frost
Bio: A member of Team Universe 6 in the Universe Tournament.  He looks
     just like Frieza and uses similar moves.  He's also just as evil.

100: Hit
Bio: A member of Team Universe 6 at the Universe Tournament.  an assassin
     who can speed up time.  He was strong enough to defeat Goku.

101: Magetta
Bio: A warrior from Universe 6 who participated in the Universe
     Tournament.  He's a Metalman who can emit high temperatures and spit
     out magma.

102: Botamo
Bio: A warrior from Universe 6 and a challenger in the Universe
     Tournament.  His bouncy body can defend him from most attacks.  He's
     also very shiny.

103: Turles
Bio: One of the few surviving Saiyans.  A cruel man who drains energy from
     planets into the Tree of Might so he can absorb power from its fruit.
Note: Saiyans is hyphenated in-game

104: Cooler
Bio: Frieza's older brother, who invades planets as well.  He's even more
     aggressive than Frieza, and visited Earth in order to fight Goku.

105: Meta-Cooler
Bio: Created when Cooler's remains were absorbed by the Big Gete Star,
     and Cooler's brain began to mass produce them out of metal.

106: LSSJ Broly
Bio: The Legendary Super Saiyan, he hates Goku with a passion.  He's had
     a high power level since birth, but loses all control when Super

107: LSSJ3 Broly
Bio: Broly's Legendary Super Saiyan 3 form.  Berserk and happy to destroy
     anything, Broly can be seen as the symbol of a true Super Saiyan.

108: Super Janemba
Bio: A monster born from evil energy that built up within a demon.
     Janemba transformed into this form during the battle and gained
     new abilities.

109: Towa
Bio: Dabura's younger sister and a scientist in the demon realm.  She used
     energy gained from changing history to create the ultimate warrior,

110: Mira
Bio: An android created by Towa who hails from the demon realm.  She's
     trying to collect energy to create the ultimate warrior.

111: Arale
Bio: A super strong robot girl.  While innocent and incredibly friendly,
     she can move faster than sound and easily destroy a planet.

112: Pinita
Bio: Pinich and Vegeta's EX Fusion form.  They both hate to lose, which
     magnifies their power in this fused form!

113: Perfect 16
Bio: Cell and Android 16's EX Fusion.  The ultimate android, who has no
     mercy for any foe.  He still doesn't like it when the weak are
     bullied, though.

114: Celluza
Bio: Cell and Frieza's EX Fusion form.  He possesses a polite demeanor
     and an evil heart.  Treating battle as a game, he never forgets to
     take revenge.

115: Damira
Bio: Mira and Dabura's EX Fusion form.  Truly fit to rule over the
     darkness, they crush their enemies with a stoic face.

116: Android 1718
Bio: Android 17 and 18's EX Fusion for, which makes them even stronger
     than a Super Saiyan, but 1718's personality is no more than a

117: Yamta
Bio: Yamcha and Vegeta's EX Fusion form.  Vegeta wasn't too happy about
     this, but they work surprisingly well together as a confident,
     mature warrior.

118: Coolieza
Bio: Frieza and Cooler's EX Fusion form.  The strongest brothers in the
     universe...with pride and cruelty beefed up to match!

119: Coohan
Bio: Young Goku and Gohan's EX Fusion.  They fit together perfectly
     and fear nothing!  Say hello to the strongest little hero!

120: EX Gogeta
Bio: Goku and Vegeta's EX Fusion form.  Their personalities are completely
     opposite, but they are both Saiyans, so their lust for strength is

121-150 [0005]

121: Great Saiyaman 12
Bio: Great Saiyaman 1 and 2's EX Fusion form.  An invincible hero who
     fights twice as hard to protect the peace!  But his poses are twice
     as flashy...

122: Kallohan
Bio: Gohan and Piccolo's EX Fusion form.  Piccolo's cold demeanor and
     Gohan's kind heart!  Master and student come together for a
     massive power-up!

123: Picohan
Bio: The West Galaxy's strongest, combined with a godly warrior.  His
     emotionless face frightens children, which sort of troubles him.

124: Gorillin
Bio: Young Goku and Krillin's EX Fusion.  He has many moves learned from
     Master Roshi.  True friendship makes him even more powerful!

125: Krigohan
Bio: Krillin and Gohan's EX Fusion form.  He's got a weird name, but just
     how strong is he?

126: EX Yamhan
Bio: Yamcha and Tien's EX Fusion.  They look pretty much how you would
     expect, but as two of the strongest Earthlings, they pack a punch.

127: Chiaoldo
Bio: Chiaotzu fused with Guldo!?  Maybe their psychic powers make them so
     compatible...  The fusion also boosts their psychic strength.

128: Vegenks
Bio: Vegeta and Trunks' EX Fusion form.  The prideful Vegeta and gentle
     Trunks have completely different personalities, but this just might

129: Rappa
Bio: Raditz and Nappa's EX Fusion form.  They seem happy about the
     power-up, but will an impromptu fusion like this really be of any
     {Of the characters from #112 to #159, Rappa is the only B Rank among

130: Dodobon
Bio: Zarbon and Dodoria, fused!  Zarbon hates ugly things, so how will he
     work with Dodoria?  The truth is, they're both ugly, so it might just
     {Judging by the face, Zarbon's transformation is used here}

131: Ginyuman
Bio: Ginyu fused with Great Saiyaman.  The champion of justice and a great
     evil!  At least they both have the same bad taste in fighting
Note: Saiyaman is hyphenated in-game

132: Burce
Bio: Jeice and Burter's EX Fusion.  Since they're both Ginyu Force
     members, they're guaranteed to have great power and excellent

133: Reguldo
Bio: Recoome and Guldo's EX Fusion form.  They're both members of the
     Ginyu Force, so they're bound to work well together and possess great

134: Chiaohan
Bio: Chiaotzu fused with Tien!  They spent many years together, so
     compatibility was no issue.  With combat, ki, and psychic prowess,
     he's a real terror!

135: Barlot/Barotto/Baroto
Bio: Bardock and Goku's EX Fusion form.  The warrior Bardock and the
     gentle Goku...  Father and son finally reunite in a powerful way!

136: Android 1920
Bio: Android 19 and 20's EX Fusion form, powerful in both looks and name.
     Fused from Gero and his creation, their minds were a very good match.

137: Android 1617
Bio: Android 16 and 17's EX Fusion form.  A fusion between two androids
     creates unspeakable power, so they both look and sound strong.

138: Cell 17
Bio: Android 17 and Perfect Cell's fusion.  The ultimate machine mutant
     [and] the ultimate android combine as the ultimate man-made warrior!
Alterations: & > and
     {Going by the bio, this likely was meant to use Super 17 instead
      of Android 17 at some point}

139: Majin Hercule/Majin Satan
Bio: Majin Buu and Hercule's fused form.  Their strange friendship gives
     this legendary Majin champion surprising power!

140: Janembu
Bio: Majin Buu: Pure and Super Janemba's super evil fusion.  He's too wild
     to talk, so prepare for an all-out rampage!

141: Karoly/Kalory
Bio: Broly and Goku's EX Fusion!  The Legendary Super Saiyan and Goku
     combine for one terrifyingly powerful form!

142: Arale 18
Bio: Arale and Android 18's EX Fusion form, part robot, all powerful.  She
     could easily crush any planet to dust.

143: Chiaoman
Bio: Chiaotzu and a Saibaman's EX Fusion.  Doesn't seem like a very
     reliable ally...  But maybe the fusion's boosted his self-destruct

144: Bulpan/Brapan
Bio: Bulla and Pan's EX Fusion.  The friendship and Saiyan blood of the
     precocious Bulla and tough Pan make for the ultimate female fusion.

145: Nuova Goku
Bio: Goku and Nuova Shenron's EX Fusion form.  As Goku always treasured
     his four-star ball, he and Nuova are compatible despite [his] evil
Alterations: its > his

146: Jacunks
Bio: Jaco and Trunks' EX Fusion.  Galactic Patrol and Time Patrol, united
     to protect world peace!

147: Towane
Bio: Towa and Gine's EX Fusion.  Will fusing with Gine allow Towa to learn
     the power of [the] Saiyans?
Alterations: Added in the

148: Ginyuza
Bio: Ginyu and Frieza's EX Fusion form.  Frieza didn't want it, but
     Ginyu's wish finally came true, and they sure are strong!

149: Towale
Bio: Towa and Arale's EX Fusion.  Towa was always interested in fusing
     with a robot, but how will she fare with Arale?

150: Whirus
Bio: Beerus and Whis' EX Fusion form.  They're definitely the strongest in
     the universe!  But they have a soft spot for tasty treats.

151-180 [0006]

151: Great Jaco
Bio: Great Saiyaman 1 fused with Jaco.  While questionable in so many
     ways, he's a super elite protector of justice through and through!

152: Turtz
Bio: Turles and Eaditz's EX Fusion form, enhanced by Turles' Tree of
     Might fruit and Raditz's power.  They're both low-class Saiyans, so
     they match well.

153: Pandel
Bio: Pan and Videl's EX Fusion.  Pan's energy and Videl's competitive
     spirit!  Since they're mother and daughter, they're bound to work
     well together.

154: Kibicollo Kai
Bio: Piccolo and Kibito Kai's EX Fusion form.  Since they can both
     regenerate, and are each gods in their own right, they may work
     well together.

155: Kibeer Kai
Bio: Beerus and Kibito Kai's EX Fusion.  With both the power of
     destruction and regeneration on their side, just what sort of moves
     will they create?

156: Demon King Daccolo
Bio: Dabura fused with [Demon King] Piccolo.  This fusion between the
     lord of the Demon Realm and the evil Namekian might also power up
     their evil hearts!
Alterations: DK > Demon King

157: EX Pirillin
Bio: Piccolo and Krillin's EX Fusion form.  The strongest Namekian and the
     strongest Earthling!  They may look cute, but they back a punch.

158: EX Gotenks
Bio: Goten and Trunks' EX Fusion form.  Their childlike natures make them
     fully unpredictable and their power completely unbelievable.

159: EX Goshanks
Bio: Young Gohan and Baby Trunks' EX Fusion.  They may be small, but this
     master/student pair pack a punch!  They may even be stronger than

160: Bukha
Bio: An evil Saiyan who became infamous after he went berserk on some
     planets.  He's good at turning his ki into blades.

161: Nenjo
Bio: A Saiyan who's 1/4 Offworlder.  He's very capricious and will go
     berserk from the slightest offense.  He wants to be a hero.

162: Skwash
Bio: The champion of a tournament held by ancient Saiyans.  He has a
     special move that utilizes his true Saiyan talents to their maximum

163: Rhubub
Bio: A skilled Saiyan assassin.  His monstrous Saiyan strength and speed
     have helped him to finish all his missions without fail.

164: Jagamo
Bio: A Saiyan who works as a guard captain on another planet.  He's an
     elite who has survived many battles, and his strength has earned
     him great trust.

165: Cissito
Bio: A mischievous kid who loves to play jokes.  He's obsessed with
     developing moves to taunt his enemies with.  He's agile and a quick

166: Zukini
Bio: A Saiyan warrior trainer.  He's strict and gets physical with his
     training, but has sent many skilled warriors out into the galaxy.

167: Binas
Bio: A Saiyan who became effeminate due to the peer pressure from
     Offworlder on a planet he invaded.  He trains to keep his body
     beautiful and elegant.

168: Biwala
Bio: A Saiyan who started training under an Offworlder after gaining an
     interest in their odd powers.  He moves gracefully, but hasn't lost
     his Saiyan power.
Note: gaining is hyphenated in-game

169: Soga
Bio: A young Saiyan who traveled to Earth after hearing rumors about
     Master Roshi.  He's young, but has a lot of potential.

170: Zemma
Bio: A barbaric Saiyan warrior who loves to stand out.  His moves are also
     flashy, and he doesn't care if they hit his allies, so watch out!

171: Paprika
Bio: A Saiyan warrior in training.  He's Pinich's friend, and can never
     turn down a request.  But when he gets angry, he totally loses

172: Garatz
Bio: A hot-blooded Saiyan who values spirit and guts.  He has a daughter,
     and tells her dumb jokes even though it annoys her.

173: Rakyo
Bio: A warrior who excels in sword-fighting.  He's old, but has survived
     many battles, and is still a force to be reckoned with.

174: Heiya
Bio: Lazy and loves to sleep.  He uses Ki Blasts and cheap tricks to
     keep his enemies confused and far away from him.

175: Lomen
Bio: A kenpo master who chose the Timespace Tournament as the site of his
     last battles before retirement.

176: Racyoh
Bio: A Saiyan who was so impressed by Earth samurai, he became one.  He
     excels in cutting techniques with Ki Blasts and his katana.

177: Mibatz
Bio: A Saiyan warrior who controls flame.  He's also very obnoxious and
     energetic, which can even overwhelm his allies sometimes.

178: Gowry
Bio: A Saiyan mercenary who will take on any job if the price is right.
     He'll do anything to complete his missions, even if it means
     sacrificing a friend.

179: Tyber
Bio: A Galactic Patrolman.  His eyes and words may seem a bit scary but he
     has a strong sense of justice and strives to vanquish evil.

180: Goyan
Bio: A crafty Saiyan thug who fights by using traps and trickery, and
     never tries to take his opponents head-on.

181-210 [0007]

181: Kress
Bio: A Saiyan boxer who moved to Earth.  His monstrous strength has made it
     so that he rarely ever loses.  He came to this world searching for
     new- {The Bio cuts off here, likely it was going to end with something
           like: opponents.}

182: Quillin
Bio: A Saiyan boy who's infamous for his tall tales and deception.  He's
     rivals with Cissito, and they often have prank competitions.
Note: competitions is hyphenated in-game

183: Huki
Bio: A boy who decided to enter the tournament as a supporter, since he
     isn't good at fighting.  He has a kind heart and can't ignore injured

184: Sage
Bio: A strong Saiyan who's invaded many planets despite being a low-class
     warrior.  Barbaric and cold, he's take anyone on, even women and

185: Vasabi
Bio: A Saiyan warrior who learned magical arts since he lacked battle
     sense.  His creepy smile can paralyze opponents with fear.

186: Plauto
Bio: Due to his gentle and kind nature, this young Saiyan quit his job as
     a soldier.  He entered this tournament after his friend asked him to.

187: Leganon
Bio: An unusueal Saiyan who moved to Earth to do business there.  He has a
     complex about his short height and dyed his hair blond so people
     wouldn't tease him.

188: Yashimo
Bio: A Saiyan who became interested in Demons and [Majins,] and seeks
     their power.  He can already use some of their moves.
Alterations: Majin > Majins,

189: Zibar
Bio: A young Saiyan who was forced to attend high school on Earth since
     his parents are obsessed with academics.  He ended up becoming a
     major delinquent.

190: Kalif
Bio: An elite female warrior who's stronger than most of her Saiyan peers.
     Cool and high-handed, she has no mercy on her enemies.

191: Stabba
Bio: An energetic old lady who's been retired for a while, but couldn't
     resist when she heard about the tournament.  She's very skilled at

192: Sesamy
Bio: [She] believes that [she's] the legendary Saiyan, and has undergone
     harsh training to prove it.  [She's] a very skilled fighter.
Alterations: He > She; he's > she's; He's > She's
     {And here we are, the first instance of the translators getting
      gender pronouns wrong}

193: Zysa
Bio: A strong housewife who also fights as a warrior.  She was strong
     enough to tame her Saiyan husband, and has defeated many an enemy.
     {I can just see her drinking tea with Bulma while the two talk}

194: Mint
Bio: A Saiyan who's 1/4 Offwrolder and has trained in other worlds.  She's
     surprisingly polite for a Saiyan, but gets scary when she's mad.

195: Shalot
Bio: A Saiyan who's 1/4 Earthling.  She came to the tournament to make
     friends with strong people, and is very innocent and naive.

196: Nira
Bio: A physically strong female warrior who trains under the belief that
     there is no greater attack than a solid punch.

197: Chokly
Bio: A girl who fights quickly to cover for the fact that she has a small
     body.  She hates being treated like a girl, so she dresses like a boy.

198: Narmis
Bio: Normally, she acts arrogant, but she just has trouble showing how she
     really feels.  She gets a crush on people who defeat her.
     {She's one of the three people you fight prior to fighting Cell; so
      she likely has a crush on your CaC...}

199: Nazz
Bio: A cool, tough female Saiyan.  Her father Garatz annoys her, but deep
     down, she's a gentle soul.

200: Kiclee
Bio: A girl who came to admire Super Saiyans after reading about one in a
     picture book.  She entered the tournament to get a Super Saiyan's

201: Prika
Bio: A Saiyan girl who loves training even more than midnight snacks.
     Often developing new moves, she makes her Saiyan friends help out
     with training.
Note: training is hyphenated in-game

202: Yunaly
Bio: The daughter of the CEO of a Saiyan conglomerate on another planet.
     She's received an elite education and is skilled at just about

203: Lisee
Bio: A super fast and chic Saiyan girl.  She hates people and things that
     aren't stylish and blows them away without thinking.

204: Ruccola
Bio: A Saiyan girl who's obsessed with fashion.  She is especially keen on
     Earth fashion, and removed her tail because she thought it looked

205: Stroganof
Bio: He hates crooked people, and crushes evil with his iron fists.
     He isn't very good with Ki Blasts.

206: Dran
Bio: A bodyguard who looks good in suits.  His sharp eyes have seen many
     battles, and their light can knock opponents back.

207: Android 55
Bio: An evil android created from Dr. Gero's villain database...  Actually,
     he only looks evil, and is quite a nice person.

208: Jajee
Bio: A martial artist with a third eye.  He's actually shortsighted and
     can't see very well.

209: Gato
Bio: A boy who's skilled not just at martial arts but at gun fighting as
     well.  [Chocora is his sister.]  He's calm and collected.
Alterations: Related to Chocora are related. > Chocora is his sister.
     {Wow, that was a major translation error}
     {Also, Chocora is the calm one and Gato is the rash one in their
      Sub Event}

210: Beeyan
Bio: A martial artist who hunts other martial artists.  He's always naked
     so that he can fight anywhere.  His sunglasses protect him from Solar
Warning: Beeyan is not immune to Solar Flares or the Blind status
         condition, the bio lies.

211-240 [0008]

211: Baba G
Bio: Silent.  Just silent.
     {Short.  Just short.}

212: Yamkun
Bio: A martial artist who doesn't have many moves, but prides himself in
     how much thought he's put into each one.

213: Shaoron
Bio: Skilled in both stamina and hand-to-hand combat.  He can also use a
     few psychic powers.  He's good at self-destruct attacks.

214: Kloa
Bio: Hating being teased over his feminine hairstyle, he became really
     buff.  Still, beneath his strength is a feminine kindness.

215: Mabon
Bio: A martial artist who looks up to Tien for his cool personality.  He
     drew his third eye on with a permanent marker.
Note: personality is hyphenated in-game

216: Hoycoli
Bio: A martial artist who takes his time in training himself.  His eyes are
     so sharp that sometimes he can see only lines.

217: Android 33
Bio: An evil android created from Dr. Gero's villain database...  Actually,
     he's just a thick-lipped person who's surprisingly nice.

218: Android 44
Bio: An evil android created from Dr. Gero's villain database...  Actually,
     he only acts evil, and is quite a nice person.

219: Quiche
Bio: A blond warrior who loves to fight.  He always tries to get the first
     strike, and gets really panicked when that doesn't win it for him.

220: Wanta
Bio: A fledgling martial artist.  He lacks confidence, and gets more
     nervous than any other.

221: Damjee
Bio: Skilled in defense and predicting attacks with his sharp eyes...  Or
     so he seems.  He's actually quite careless.
Note: predicting is hyphenated in-game

222: Waffen
Bio: A bit of a villain.  When he gets hit, he starts talking like a girl
     for some reason.

223: Powa
Bio: He's good at using ki for healing purposes, and prefers to heal his
     allies rather than fight enemies.

224: Kutz
Bio: A calculating martial artist.  He has the ability not to guess his
     opponents' attacks, but rather how much money they make.

225: Assam
Bio: He likes to see himself fight and win, but loves himself even when he

226: Kalpochof
Bio: An old martial artist who aims to win the Timespace Tournament with
     his experience.  He can paralyze opponents with his bad jokes.

227: Chauda
Bio: A veteran who's been calling himself a hero for 80 years.  He goes
     wild to keep the younger fighters from overtaking him, but he's
     actually never lost

228: Hoji
Bio: A martial artist researcher who has a lot of knowledge on different
     styles.  He often says: "Yeah, I think I've heard about that...

229: Ampa
Bio: A pseudo-elite martial artist who tries his best to act like an elite
     would.  He believes his cloak is the greatest elite symbol there is.

230: Macaroo
Bio: A martial artist who got fat after eating too much in order to gain
     stamina.  Sometimes he wishes he could get slim again, but food is
     too delicious.

231: Chinjao
Bio: A multi-talented martial artist who doesn't want to just win, but to
     relish the process of battle.

232: Piscuit
Bio: A martial artist who will do anything to win.  He has a varied skill
     set, including Ki Blast, melee, and interference moves.

233: Dennish
Bio: A pure-hearted young martial artist.  Since he's so pure, he's easily

234: Manell
Bio: A young genius who likes to act cool.  He's more of a sidekick-type,
     but he thinks he can take on anything.

235: Oats
Bio: A sharp, self-disciplined female martial artist.  She'll do anything
     for her training, even if it means diving into a time rift!

236: Jam
Bio: A crafty martial artist who uses clever tricks, luck, and super speed.

237: Marinay
Bio: A girl with strange powers, if she targets someone, they almost always
     suffer a horrible fate.

238: Tirami
Bio: A genius girl who can control Ki Blasts as she pleases.  She never
     misses her mark!

239: Panna
Bio: Ever since [she] started training, [her] post-training meals have
     tasted so good that [she] ended up getting a bit chubby.  It makes
     [her] more resilient, though!
Alterations: he > she; his > her; he > she; him > her

240: Strony
Bio: A slightly imposing woman who has pretty bad luck...  Perhaps because
     she's up to no good?

241-270 [0009]

241: Eclain
Bio: She's so mature that she never sweats the small stuff...  Not even
     small attacks, since she's got a lot of stamina.

242: Bagetta
Bio: A woman who dyed her hair and started training in order to become
     something other than normal.  But "normal" is the hardest thing to be.

243: Chocora
Bio: A girl who's skilled not just at martial arts, but at gun-fighting as
     well.  She and Gato are related.  Her overly calm brother annoys her.
     {Chocora is the calm one and Gato is the rash one in their Sub Event}

244: Peperon
Bio: An all-out attacker with childlike innocence.  Hey, watch it!  That
     really hurts!

245: Quinny
Bio: Small and timid, but strong.  Has a move called "No, stop!"

246: Sanla
Bio: A supporter who backs up [her] allies from the rear.
Alterations: his > her

247: Peco
Bio: A female martial artist who always gives it her all.  Her powerful Ki
     Blasts keep all the guys who want to date her far, far away.

248: Kallon
Bio: A girl who started studying martial arts in order to overcome her
     shyness.  She values safety over all else.

249: Stella
Bio: A dainty girl in training who supports her friends with her sweet
     smile.  She's very cautious and has high defense.

250: Edamay
Bio: He used to be part of the Frieza Force, but left in order to test his
     strength.  He then traveled the galaxy and did further training.

251: Yuba
Bio: Hails from a dark universe somewhere in the galaxy.  Uses strange

252: Shabbet
Bio: A villain hunter who destroys evil across the universe.

253: Zalutz
Bio: An alien with a metallic body.  He can deflect mundane attacks.

254: Chiwak
Bio: A low-ranking Galactic Patrolman.  Despite his low rank, Chiwak trains
     hard regularly, and possesses adequate power.
Note: Patrolman is hyphenated in-game

255: Caluppa
Bio: An old solider who's served the Frieza Force since King Cold was in
     power.  He uses his well-honed techniques to train the younger

256: Peppa
Bio: An outlaw warrior who wanders the galaxy.  He's got a mean glare and
     an even meaner personality, but has survived thanks to his shrewd

257: Marmad
Bio: A very self-assertive alien who never forgets to show off his
     well-trained body.  "Elegance" is the principle by which he lives.

258: Futoh
Bio: A young warrior.  He's training hard to learn different moves that
     will allow him to fight like a real warrior.

259: Basco
Bio: An alien who's traveled to many different planets.  He uses his
     experience to help others.

260: Natto
Bio: A young warrior.  He's silent and curt, but always completes his

261: Noomeg
Bio: An unruly alien who lives on Earth.  He acts tough, at least.

262: Chapp
Bio: An alien who lives on Earth.  Likes pulling silly pranks.

263: Mustard
Bio: Tough looking and buff, but slightly cowardly and shy.

264: Tartar
Bio: An alien who loves to pull pranks with a straight face.

265: Tumeric
Bio: A reliable alien who possesses a balanced amount of melee, Ki Blast,
     and psychic abilities.  He's known for his outstanding eyebrows.

266: Calao
Bio: An old man who loves girls of any race.  Despite his shallow exterior,
     he's actually a very talented martial artist.
     {Alien Master Roshi!}

267: Camarbo
Bio: Has a lot of stamina, but is weak-hearted.  Likes eating five meals
     a day, and safety.

268: Bekkon
Bio: An orthodox alien who fights fair with his well-trained physique.

269: Saibaking
Bio: A top grade Saibaman born from multiple Saibamen who fused together.
     {Saibaman Piccolo?}

270: Toomel
Bio: A female warrior who bewitches opponents with her mature aura.

271-300 [0010]

271: Banya
Bio: A female warrior who uses her feminine aspects as weapons.  Then, when
     her opponents are hesitating, she slams them!  Scary!

272: Mepple
Bio: An alien girl who irritates opponents with her childish pranks.

273: Doola
Bio: An alien attacker who destroys enemies with her special Crusher Ball.

274: Parm
Bio: An intellectual female warrior.  She confuses her enemies with her
     psychic powers and pummels them.

275: Vereen
Bio: A female warrior who's famous for her sense when it comes to special
     move names.  She claims "They just need to be a little long and

276: Kranola
Bio: A super fast alien female warrior.  She thinks she may be the fastest
     in the universe.

277: Shorny
Bio: An alien warrior who's got a really nice body.  Shorny's entire
     strategy is based around the Body Change move.

278: Sirami
Bio: An alien warrior who loves hand-to-hand combat and can easily take a
     few attacks without budging.

279: Granyu
Bio: An alien who's mimicking a certain hero who's famous on Earth.

280: Kadoola
Bio: A demon who fought with a lot of tough guys in Hell and rose up to
     become their leader.  He wants to go to Heaven someday, though.

281: Horrito
Bio: An adventurer who's traveled to many different worlds.  He doesn't
     like to get involved with others, but is very strong.

282: Kabla
Bio: A legendary Offworlder martial artist, who is said to have existed
     long ago.  He was capable of manipulating not only ki, but space

283: Pakka
Bio: A serious, earnest young Majin who's studied marrtial arts and
     philosophy.  He's good at hand-to-hand fighting and is a very strong

284: Yamma
Bio: An evil Offworlder martial artist.  He excels in odd powers that allow
     him to spew out ice and flame, and can also paralyze opponents.

285: Rumoss
Bio: An Offworlder bodyguard.  He's strong, but also expensive.  He's very
     loyal, and would even sacrifice himself for his client.

286: Maida
Bio: A Majin who studies kenpo.  He's good at controlling Ki and Ki Blasts.
     {Someone who was working on this game must like Kenpo, this is the
      third mention of it...}

287: Ratopa
Bio: A Majin who once served a Supreme Kai long ago.  He's usually polite,
     but merciless to those who harm him.

288: Parl
Bio: A plump Offworlder who is often seen calming people down.  Unassuming,
     laid-back, and tends to drag others into his place.

289: Mardoo
Bio: An Offworlder who's trying to master Tien Shinhan's style.  Trains
     daily so that he may someday surpass Tien, the style's progenitor.
     Very polite.

290: Ariano
Bio: An Offworlder with an accent who uses strange techniques.  People
     often mistake him for an alien due to the way he looks and speaks.

291: Nox
Bio: A battle-enhanced Majin that magicians created long ago.  His main
     purpose is to fight, and he's done nothing but that since entering
     the tournament.

292: Butor
Bio: A Demon in pursuit of martial arts and beauty.  [He] punishes whose
     who misbehave with [his] Devilmite Beam.  Yes, [he's] a bit scary!
Alterations: She > He; her > his; she's > he's

293: Halto
Bio: A Demon swordsman.  Silent and transquil, he deeply desires strength,
     and never shirks his daily training.

294: Paopao
Bio: A buff Majin who's very proud of his hard-earned msucles.  He reists
     eating the candy he loves, so that he can tone his body.

295: Rubee
Bio: He looks like a tough thug, but he's actually a weak scaredy-cat.  He
     entered the Timespace Tournament to look cool, but is actually very

296: Haric
Bio: A warrior CEO who manages business on a faraway planet.  Joined the
     tournament wearing a special muscle-enhancing power suit that he
     {Tony Stark?}

297: Nanmu
Bio: A young monk who underwent strict training deep in the mountains.
     Living so long in the wilderness, he doesn't know much about the

298: Mashima
Bio: A doctor who fights to protect his friends on the frontlines by using
     his healing powers.  He's gentle, but merciless against evil.

299: Pappan
Bio: An Offworlder child who provides support through illusions and magic.
     He's a bit cheeky, but his innocent nature makes him hard not to love.
Note: provides is hyphenated in-game

300: Mirayo
Bio: A melee Combat queen who once dominated the Demon Realm.  Many both
     fear and admire her beauty and strength.

301-329 [0011]

301: Neryl
Bio: A female Offworlder who served as an aide for the God of Destruction
     long ago.  She excels in time-space abilities.

302: Ninny
Bio: [She's] timid and gets nervous easily, but couldn't refuse [her]
     friend's invitation to the tournament.  [She] excels at support moves.
Alterations: He's > She's; his > her; He > She

303: Hirica
Bio: An attacker who prefers melee combat to Ki-based.  For an Offworlder,
     [she's] unusually aggressive and likes to make trouble.
Alterations: he's > she's

304: Halda
Bio: She used to be a sickly girl, but started martial arts training in
     order to better herself, eventually going on to take part in a

305: Makma
Bio: A crafty female warrior who attacks her opponents with her sexy looks
     and attitude.  She specializes in Demonic arts, and never pulls her

306: Litee
Bio: [She] works as an attendant for a Supreme Kai in another dimension.
     [She's] super serious, and takes care of [her] boss' schedule and
     health issues.
Alterations: He > She; He's > She's; his > her

307: Pipila
Bio: An idol who's currently very famous in the Demon Realm.  She came to
     the tournament by accident, thinking it was a concert hall, but still
Note: accident and concert are hyphenated in-game

308: Petrona
Bio: An innocent, tomboyish Majin girl.  She's still new to fighting, but
     uses her Majin abilities and guts to make up for that.

309: Lullus
Bio: A Majin girl who started dancing as part of her training, then fell in
     love with it and became a dancer.
Note: dancing is hyphenated in-game

310: Ghiro
Bio: A Namekian who turned evil in the Demon Realm.  He learned how to
     fight like demons do.

311: Shale
Bio: A Namekian who left home to work as a mercenary due to his strength.

312: Escart
Bio: A Namekian who came to train on Earth after hearing rumors about

313: Lugo
Bio: A Namekian who came to live on Earth.  After he started ingesting
     things other than water, he got a little fat.

314: Toomlin
Bio: A Namekian who trained in the Supreme Kai's world.  He's very aloof.

315: Moolin
Bio: A Namekian who looks up to Piccolo.

316: Jijee
Bio: A Namekian who's been traveling the galaxy in order to train.
Note: traveling is hyphenated in-game

317: Mukuji
Bio: A young-looking Namekian who lives on Earth.
     {young-looking?  He looks old to me}

318: Mai Mai
Bio: A Namekian who lives on Earth.  Because there are so many women around
     him, he acts a bit feminine even though he's a Namekian.

319: Bongo
Bio: A Namekian who lives on Earth.  He likes hand-to-hand combat and has
     enough moves to go head-to-head with Earthlings.

320: Ryuto
Bio: A Namekian who turned evil in the Demon Realm.  He uses absurd magic.

321: Scarl
Bio: A Namekian mercenary who wanders the galaxy.

322: Android 76
Bio: An evil android created from Dr. Gero's villain database...  Actually,
     he's just a normal Namekian who's surprisingly nice.

323: Datsum
Bio: A Namekian who dreams of fighting Piccolo someday.

324: Eemai
Bio: A Namekian who moved to Earth.  He has a lot of effeminate friends, so
     he acts effeminate too.

325: Uzma
Bio: A Namekian who moved to Earth.  He likes to train and always has a
     towel wrapped around his neck.

326: Toronbon
Bio: A silent, worker-type Namekian who studied strange arts in the Demon

327: Snei
Bio: A Namekian who moved to Earth.  He attends high school.

328: Cital
Bio: A Namekian who moved to Earth.  Since he met some bad people, he
     became a bit of a thug.

329: Fargo
Bio: A Namekian who was put on a spaceship when he was a baby.  The Frieza
     Force picked him up and raised him.

001+330-1009 [0012]

001: Street Pass Slot
Bio: Same as the character you choose on your 3DS
Alteration: This bio will match the character you choose, the person you
            streetpassed with will have their KF character's bio match
            who they choose

330-1009: Generic EX Fusions
Bio: [Character X] fused with [Character Y]
Alterations: Summarized all the Generic EX Fusions, there's really
             nothing to any of their bios

NPCs [0013]

001: Great Ape Broly
Bio: Broly’s Great Ape Form.  It has spiky golden hair like a Super
     Saiyan, and boosts his power to a terrifying degree.
     {This form of Broly was first introduced in Dragon Ball Heroes}

002: Demon King Piccolo (Giant)
Bio: [Demon King Piccolo] can turn into a giant by activating his
     body's cells.  In this form, he gets faster and stronger, but it
     puts a strain on his body.
Alterations: He > Demon King Piccolo
     {The game claims he's faster than regular King Piccolo, this
      is not true, both are Power Namekians; only reason why he might
      seem faster is because you fight him 5-on-1}
     {Outside of Fusion, this version of Demon King Piccolo is the
      highest ranked Namekian; but only if you still count Namekian
      Fusion, which he used to get stronger in-game}

003: Hirudedegarn Baby
Bio: A Phantom Majin created from an energy filled statue.  [1,000]
     years ago, it destroyed Planet Konats in the South Galaxy and
     was split in two.
Alterations: 1000 > 1,000
     {He's an Alien in-game, but I suspect that's due to Baby, without
      Baby possessing him, I think he'd be an Offworlder}

004: Pilaf Machine
Bio: Pilaf's battle robot.  It has a tough exterior and packs a
     punch.  It's made up of there seperate robots piloted by Pilaf,
     Shu, and Mai.
     {Going by Mai's appearance on Floor 6, this version of the Pilaf
      Gang is the DB Super version}

005: Janemba (First Form)
Bio: A monster born from evil energy that built up within a demon.  He
     has a very childlike mind and uses strange strategies.  Such as
     barriers and clones.
     {Don't forget the portals too...  That was so annoying in Buu's
     {Janemba's tranformation weakens him in this game...
      Janemba (First Form): S Rank
             Super Janemba: A Rank}

006: Ultra Pinich
Bio: [Paprika, Wanta, ]Pinich, Frieza, and Cell's Ultra Fusion.
     After falling under Frieza and Cell's control, he tried to
     destroy the entire galaxy as revenge.
Alterations: Added mentions of Paprika and Wanta being used in this
             Ultra Fusion

007: Great Ape Pinich
Bio: Ultra Pinich transformed into this after seeing a moon that
     was created with a Power Ball.  Powerful enough to destroy the
     entire universe.

008: Mecha Goku
Bio: A battle robot created by Bulma for Vegeta's training.  She made
     it look like Goku to boost the training's effectiveness.

009: Super Mecha Goku
Bio: A battle robot created by Bulma for Vegeta's training.  It's
     glowing because it's using all of it's power.

QR Characters [0014]

001: Future Goshanks
Bio: Future Gohan and [Future] Trunks fused to stop the androids'
     rampage!  Master and student [combine] their strength to restore
Alterations: Added in the second Future; combined > combine

002: Tanks/Taks
Bio: Future Trunks and Tapion's EX Fusion form.  He's as serious and
     valiant as ever, but his personality shifts when he draws his

003: Great Herculeman/Great Satanman
Bio: Great Saiyaman 1 and Hercule's EX Fusion.  His pose is even
     fiercer now, but if he pushes themselves too hard, he'll throw
     out his back.

004: Gorus
Bio: Goku and Beerus' EX Fusion form.  Goku and his love for training
     mixed with the God of Destruction's fickle nature.  Just how
     strong are they?

DLC Characters [0015]

001: Trunks (Super)
Bio: Vegeta and Bulma's son.  Came from the future for help after being
     defeated by Goku Black.  Cares deeply about Mai.

002: Goku Black
Bio: Zamas, after using the Super Dragon Balls to switch bodies with Goku,
     appeared in Future Trunks' time to destroy all mortals.

003: Super Saiyan Rose Goku Black
Bio: Goku Black in Super Saiyan form.  Powerful enough to easily defeat
     [Super Saiyan Blue] Vegeta.
Alterations: SSGSS > Super Saiyan Blue

004: EX Trunks
Bio: Young Trunks and Future Trunks' EX Fusion.  Though their
     personalities differ, their affinity may be the best in all of

005: Karoly Black
Bio: Broly and Goku Black's EX Fusion.  The Legendary Super Saiyan and a
     Supreme Kai in Goku's body make an incredible combo.

006: Super Saiyan Trunks (Super)
Bio: In his Super Saiyan form, Trunks has incredible power and a strong
     will to match.

007: Super Saiyan Blue Vegito/Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Vegito
Bio: Vegito's Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan form.

008: Zamas/Zamasu
Bio: Zamas became a supreme Kai after Goku Black defeated Gowas.  Aims to
     destroy all humans with his "Zero Mortal Plan."

009: Fused Zamas/Fused Zamasu
Bio: After using the Potara to fuse, Zamas and Goku Black have attained
     near limitless power, and emit light from their very being.

010: Gomas/Gomasu
Bio: The fused form of the boy Goku and Zamas.  Can Young Goku's ultimate
     Saiyan potential and [Zamas'] unrivaled strength top even Fused
     [Zamas'] power?!
Alterations: Zamas's > Zamas'; Zamas's > Zamas'

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