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Dragon Ball Location Guide by godzillahomer

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 02/27/17

A Dragon Ball Fusions Guide by godzillahomer

Table of Contents

1. Version History      [HIST]
2. List                 [DBLO]
3. Hunting Method       [DBHM]
4. Special Thanks       [SPEC]
5. Usage on Other Sites [LEGL]

Version History [HIST]

0.8: -Good for post game, but lacks most in story DBs

0.9: -Pilaf Balls all recorded

1.0: -In Story Dragon Balls recorded

1.1: -Foreword altered

1.2: -Foreword altered

Dragon Ball Locations [DBLO]

-Numbers are for pre-post game Dragon Balls
-Letters are for post game locations.
-Pilaf Balls and the very first ball you find are included for
 completion's sake.
-On the map I made for this guide, orange squares are post game
 locations, red squares are either Pilaf Balls or balls for the in
 game DB Hunt.
-For an image of the Dragon Ball locations, see the images section on
-To get Dragon Balls post game, you need to do Kami's Sub Event on
 Floor 7
-Post Game DBs can be gathered every 3 real world days

Floor ???, Location ???
1. You pick up when you first begin the game, then you ask Shenron
   to make a tournament. 

Floor 1
1. Mountain near Goku's House.  This one is taken by Pilaf.
2: Near Korin's Tower
A: On a cliff high up on the mountain near Goku's house, it's also
   near where the Piccolo Crown Group spawns
B: Below where the waterfall ends
C: In the area below Korin's Tower
   (thanks, doctorbleak)

Floor 2
1: Near the Frieza Spaceship.  Pilaf takes this one too.
2: Inside Hercule City (this is the only ball you'll get that's not
   on the overworld)
A: In one of the namekian fields, which is near a fallen tree
B: Near Goku's Ship
C: Near where two alien groups are
D: Near the Spaceship, not Goku's ship

Floor 3
1: In the intact city, you will have a DB appear on the map.  Pilaf
   gets this one too, giving him a total of 7.
2: Near Future Capsule Corp
A: Canyon in the lowest island, look around good, the orange of the
   ball blends in well with the canyon
   (thanks, AleksKross)
B: Under the ocean island, near where Cooler was hiding
   (thanks, AleksKross)
C: below the city, near a fleeing Offworlder Group
D: On top of a mountain near the intact city
E: On a grassy patch near a tree in the canyon area

Floor 4
1: In the Frieza Base, near the bridge over the gorge
A: Right outside Baba's place on the arena.
   (thanks, AleksKross)
B: Between two rocky pillars
C: In the alien city
D. On a cliff on the alien landmass near Baba's
E. Between the city and the twin rock pillars

Floor 5
1: In the area under the arena, between Planet Beerus and the
A: Under the island with the arena, to the right if coming from the
   (thanks, AleksKross)
B: On top of one of the tournament buildings, the building is on a
   floating mini island

Floor 6
1: Supreme Kai's World section of the map (2 dragon Balls)
A: On the brick wall behind King Yemma's palace
   (thanks, AleksKross)
B: On the small island with Jaco's space ship.
   (thanks, AleksKross)
C: On one of the upside down islands on the ceiling, not the one with
   the cave.
   (thanks, AleksKross)
D: on a rocky spire near Yemma's Palace
E: Dead end of snake way near the spaceship
F: Supreme Kai's World section of the map
G: Supreme Kai's World section of the map

My Hunting Method [DBHM]

I do laps around the floors, while keeping an eye on the mini map

1st Floor: Start at Goku's House fly around the mountain, go around
   Korin's Tower, over the waterfall, and up to the top of
   the mountain

2nd Floor: Start at Hercule City and fly around the Namek Landmasses,
   pretty much one big ring around Korin's Tower

3rd Floor: Fly to the canyon area, fly to where Cooler, fly under the
   cities; be sure to go past the Offworlder Group under there, fly up
   to the mountain top where you once trained with Goku

4th Floor: Start at Baba's, pause for a moment to see if there's a
   ball on her arena, fly straight down from Baba's to the Planet
   Plant landmass (down on D-Pad + R), Flying through the Frieza Base,
   fly past the hill where SSJ Bardock appears, fly down low between
   the two rock pillars on a small island

5th Floor: Start at the Arena, fly towards the front entrance, check
   minimap, if no DBs, go to floor 6
   (this area is small enough for this to work, and I only know of
    two spots there)

6th Floor: Start at Supreme Kai's World, wait to see if there's any
   DBs on Supreme Kai's World, fly through the cloud tunnel, go by
   Jaco's ship, fly straight up to a floating island high on the floor
   (Up on D-Pad + R), Fly down to the front entrance to King Yemma's
   Palace, check for nearby DBs, Fly to the Spaceship

Special Thanks [SPEC]

A list to thank those who've helped improved my faq

Various people for sharing DB locations, if the location was found by
   someone besides me, I’ve given them credit under the location

Escorian: For the in-game maps used in this guide's accompanying

Usage on Other Sites [LEGL]

I'm a simple person, so I'll keep this short and free of legal
mumbo jumbo

Feel free to use this on other sites, just keep to three rules

1. Don't pass it off as your own work
2. Keep the info free
3. Ask me first

To contact me for anything related to this FAQ, PM me on Gamefaqs

Permission to host this FAQ has been given to

1. Gamefaqs
2. Neoseeker

No profit is made from this guide

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