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Dragon History Guide by godzillahomer

Version: 1.4 | Updated: 01/24/17

A Dragon Ball Fusions Guide by godzillahomer

Table of Contents

1. Version History              [HIST]
2. History List                 [LIST]
3. Rifts and Floors 1, 2, and 3 [RIFT]
4. Special Thanks               [SPEC]
5. Usage on Other Sites         [LEGL]

Version History [HIST]

1.0: - Translated the info from game-k and reformatted it for submission

1.1: - Fixed error where Neoseeker wasn't on the allowed list

1.2: - Info Update: whether or not you get a history is dependant on
       the team you fight, but each history can have multiple teams
       that will drop it.
       -Tested on Floor 1 A rank histories
        Legend of Shenron was gotten from two different teams, but
        they gave it everytime I beat them

1.3: - New detail: You can get a Dragon History by fleeing a battle,
                   thanks, anonymous user, message me if you want added
                   to the Special Thanks

1.3.1: The 1.3 update was thanks to Petrullica

1.4: - Added a note about rifts on Floors 1-3 not spawning right away and
       how to fix that, thanks to dpgz for pointing out my guide lacked
       this info

Dragon History Locations [LIST]

Floor 1
1. Goku and Bulma's First Encounter: A Rank Rift
4. The Red Ribbon Army: A Rank Rift
19. The Legend of Shenron: Either A or S Rank Rift
21. The Mystical Adventure: S Rank Rift
28. Super Android 13: S Rank Rift
35. The Path to Power: G Rank Rift

Floor 2
9. Frieza: A Rank Rift
13. The Black Star Dragon Balls: Part of Tight's sub quest
14. The Vengeful Baby: Either A or S Rank Rift
25. Lord Slug: Either A or S Rank Rift
27. The Return of Cooler: S Rank Rift
34. Wrath of the Dragon: G Rank Rift

Floor 3
10. The Androids: A Rank Rift
11. Cell: Either A or S Rank Rift
22. Getting Back Gohan: Either A or S Rank Rift
23. The World's Strongest: S Rank Rift
26. Cooler's Revenge: G Rank Rift

Floor 4
2. Pilaf and the Dragon Balls: Either A or S Rank Rift
6. Demon King Piccolo: A Rank Rift
8. Attack of the Saiyans: A Rank Rift
24. The Tree of Might: S Rank Rift
29. Broly: The Legendary Super Saiyan: S Rank Rift
37. Episode of Bardock: G Rank Rift

Floor 5
3. The 21st World Tournament: A Rank Rift
5. The 22nd World Tournament: A Rank Rift
7. The 23rd World Tournament: S Rank Rift
12. Majin Buu: A Rank Rift
17. Arale: S Rank Rift
38. Battle of Gods: G Rank Rift

Floor 6
15. The Ultimate Android: A Rank Rift
18. Jaco: Either A or S Rank Rift
30. Bojack Unbound: Either A or S Rank Rift
31. Broly: The Second Coming: S Rank Rift
33. Fusion Reborn: G Rank Rift

Floor 7
16. The Seven Shadow Dragons: A Rank Rift
20. The Sleeping Princess: A Rank Rift
32. Bio-Broly: Either A or S Rank Rift
36. The Return of Goku and Friends: S Rank Rift
39. Resurrection 'F': S Rank Rift
40. Universe 7 vs. Universe 6: G Rank Rift

Rifts and Floors 1, 2, and 3 [RIFT]

When you first reach Floors 1-3, rifts will not spawn after you beat an
enemy group.  To get rifts to spawn there, you need to talk to King
Yemma on Floor 6, this will make the enemy groups on Floors 1-5
stronger, the new stronger groups on Floors 1-3 spawn rifts, unlike the
older weaker ones.

Special Thanks [SPEC]

A list to thank those who've helped improved my faq

game-k . com - Facts from their Japanese DH Guide
Source: game-k . com/db_fusions/data/history . php

Petrullica - Dragon History and fleeing

dpgz - thanks for pointing out I hadn't explained rift spawning on the
       lower floors

Usage on Other Sites [LEGL]

I'm a simple person, so I'll keep this short and free of legal
mumbo jumbo

Feel free to use this on other sites, just keep to three rules

1. Don't pass it off as your own work
2. Keep the info free
3. Ask me first

To contact me for anything related to this FAQ, PM me on Gamefaqs

Permission to host this FAQ has been given to

1. Gamefaqs
2. Neoseeker

No profit is made from this guide

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