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by CenturyBlade

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FAQ/Walkthrough by CenturyBlade

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 01/11/17

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Revision History
  3. Glossary
  4. Character Creation
    1. Earthling
    2. Saiyan
    3. Namekian
    4. Offworlder
    5. Alien
  5. Prologue: The Greatest Martial Arts Tournament Ever!
  6. Timespace Rift: 1F - Saiyan Saga
    1. I-1: Follow Pinich!
    2. I-2: Find Trunks and Goten!
    3. I-3: Find Another Ally!
    4. I-4: To the Capsule Corporation!
    5. I-5: Pass Through the Rings!
    6. I-6: Add Goku to Your Team!
    7. I-7: Report to Bulma!
    8. I-8: Defeat Nappa and Raditz!
    9. I-9: Break through the Sky Barrier!
  7. Timespace Rift: 2F - Frieza Clan Saga
    1. II-1: To the House on the Small Planet!
    2. II-2: Bust Through Hercule City Barrier!
    3. II-3: Find Allies in Hercule City!
    4. II-4: Open the Timespace Hole!
    5. II-5: Leave Hercule City!
    6. II-6: Find a Certain Someone!
    7. II-7: Report to Captain Ginyu!
    8. II-8: Go Meet a Certain Someone!
    9. II-9: Defeat the Ginyu Force!
    10. II-10: Bust Through the Sky Barrier!
  8. Timespace Rift: 3F - Cell Saga
    1. III-1: Find Out What You Hit!
    2. III-2: Train with Master Roshi!
    3. III-3: Meet the Cutie!
    4. III-4: Thank Master Roshi!
    5. III-5: Check Out the Spaceship!
    6. III-6: Try Cell Games Arena!
    7. III-7: Power Detected!
    8. III-8: Train with Goku!
    9. III-9: Back to Goku at the Ship!
    10. III-10: Beat Cell at Cell Games Arena!
    11. III-11: Break Through the Sky Barrier!
  9. Timespace Rift: 4F - GT & Movie Realm
    1. IV-1: Go Where Shenron Was!
    2. IV-2: Escape from Broly!
    3. IV-3: Search for Pinich!
    4. IV-4: Open Timespace!
    5. IV-5: Find Broly!
    6. IV-6: Defeat the Great Ape!
    7. IV-7: Back to Pinich!
    8. IV-8: Bust Through the Sky Barrier!
  10. Timespace Rift: 5F - The Timespace Tournament!
    1. V-1: Go to Timespace Tournament!
    2. V-2: Enter the Timespace Tournament!
    3. V-3: Prepare on the Spaceship!
    4. V-4: Win the first round!
    5. V-5: Advance to the Semifinal!
    6. V-6: Advance to the Final!
    7. V-7: Chase After Pinich!
  11. Timespace Rift: 6F - Hell
    1. VI-1: Search for Pinich!
    2. VI-2: Head to Pinich!
    3. VI-3: Chase After Pinich!
    4. VI-4: Fix Ziku!
    5. VI-5: Gather the Dragon Balls!
    6. VI-6: Summon Shenron!
  12. Timespace Rift: 7F - Kami's Lookout
    1. Defeat Ultra Pinich!
    2. Defeat the Legendary Champion!
  13. Sub-Events
    1. Ki Blast Training
    2. Find the Dragon Ball!
    3. Stupendous Special Move!
    4. Saibamen Spy-bamen!
    5. Counter Coach
    6. Saiyan Saga: Brotherly Love
    7. Timespace Patrol
    8. Gag Training
    9. The Strongest Namekian!?
    10. The Demon King Piccolo
    11. Justice's Little Ally
    12. Fashion Leader
    13. My Darling!
    14. The Novelista
    15. A Villain's Pride
    16. Teach Me, Piccolo!
    17. Family Gathering
    18. Is That the Ginyu Force?
    19. Marron's Lost Property
    20. Frieza Clan Saga: Brotherly Love
    21. Yamcha's Flight School
    22. An Old Rivalry
    23. Multi-Form Technique
    24. Woe is Puar
    25. The Panty Thief Appears!
    26. Parl's Ambition
    27. Future's Child
    28. Mini Cell Games
    29. Sibling Gunners
    30. Locate the Time Machine!
    31. Out on Patrol
    32. An Unlikely Pair
    33. Father's Fist
    34. Don't Panic, Camarbo!
    35. Majin Superstar
    36. Majin's Playground
    37. Arale Runs Wild!
    38. True Teamwork
    39. Otherworldly Work
    40. Piccolo and...Piccolo!?
    41. Monstrous Manipulator
    42. Korin's Training
    43. Baba's Request


Welcome to my English FAQ/Walkthrough of DRAGON BALL FUSIONS for the Nintendo 3DS.

In this guide, I will attempt to compact as much information as is reasonable into one go-to source for new players down the line who happen to pick up this little gem of a game.

Personally, I came into DRAGON BALL FUSIONS not expecting much, and, thankfully, while there are definitely things about the game that seem like they should've had more thought or effort put into them, the game is for the most part quite enjoyable. For those of you who enjoy playing games for their story, I'll tell you right now, it's a fun ride, but it doesn't last all that long. Most of this game's charm is in collecting characters, in an almost Pokémon-esque style, and fusing them together -- there are A LOT OF CHARACTERS TO COLLECT AND A LOT OF COMBINATIONS OF THOSE CHARACTERS TO MESS WITH, and most of the really meaningful collecting winds up only being possible during the post-game, so just keep that in mind before you go trying to find rare characters that you can't even get yet.

This guide uses directions based on the maps seen in the "Warp" function, so keep that in mind for when the directions "North/South/East/West" are used.

If you have any suggestions or corrections to make to anything I wrote, please feel free to PM me through GameFAQs and I will do my best to respond and/or act on it.

Revision History

1.0 -- Story Mode and all Sub-Events available prior to Story Mode completion.


As a foreword, DRAGON BALL FUSIONS uses keywords for many things. I will consolidate the information below that is not detailed elsewhere in-game. Terms not explained here are explained either during the story, or on the "Tip List" of the Spaceship, which you will gain access to during the Story.

Timeline: Refers to the bar at the bottom of the screen. Once a character's portrait reaches the right side of the timeline, it will be their turn to act.
Timeline Reversal: Refers to the distance on the timeline a character falls back when they are hit by attacks.

One Enemy: Used to denote an attack which simply does damage to a targeted enemy.
Straight: Used to denote an attack which has a straight line area of effect, originating from the character using the attack, and damaging all enemies the line touches. Direction is towards the targeted enemy, Width and Range of the line are unique to each attack, and can be increased when facing weaker enemies.
Arc: Used to denote an attack which has a triangular area of effect, originating from the character using the attack and spreading forward, damaging all enemies it touches. Direction is towards the targeted enemy. Width and Range of the line are unique to each attack, and can be increased when facing weaker enemies.
Aim: Used to denote an attack which does damage to a targeted enemy, as well as enemies within a circular area of effect around that targeted enemy. Radius of the AOE is unique to each attack, and can be increased when facing weaker enemies. Range of targeting follows the same rules as radius, shown on-screen as an orange-colored circle. Also, an enemy does not need to be inside the range, they just need to fall within an AOE to be valid targets, so the effective range is the orange circle on-screen, plus the radius of the AOE.
Around Enemy: An effect that happens to enemies in a circular AOE around the targeted enemy. Radius is unique to each attack, and can be increased when facing weaker enemies.
Around Ally: Follows the same rules as Around Enemy.
Around Self: Follows the same rules as Around Enemy.
Minus/Unseal: Clears status effects.
Cancel's Males'/Females' Moves/Action: Sends the affected character to the end of the timeline.
(All): An attack which will hit any character -- self, ally, or enemy.
Ki Orb Boost: Refunds the user twice the Ki used.

Character Creation

Upon loading up the game for the first time, you will only have "Adventure Mode" and "Options" available. Options lets you change various volume settings, lets you change camera controls between Standard and Inverted, and, by pressing X while in it, you can wipe your save data.

Once you've settled all of that (or not, like me), select "Adventure Mode" to begin Character Creation.

Please note that most references online refer to this person as "CaC" (Create-A-Character), but this guide will refer to the player's character as Tekka, the default name.

In this area, you will be asked to choose your main character's race, gender, physical attributes such as hairstyles and face types, and finally their name. Of all of the above, race is the only one that really has any impact on gameplay, as it influences your starting stats, which are measured as Hit Points, Melee, Ki Blast, Defense, Luck, and Speed.


People from Earth. Fast and good at offense and defense.

Earthlings are the normal, not great at anything in particular, class. Below Average Melee, the lowest Ki Blast, and middling defense, speed, and HP. The skill, Super Gutsy, is also pretty neat for increasing Tekka's staying power on the battlefield. This is also the default, canonical, race of Tekka. Humans, Androids and Half-blooded Humans are considered Earthlings in DRAGON BALL FUSIONS.

Base Stats:

HPMeleeKi BlastDefenseLuckSpeed

Special Moves:

CQuick Rush (Melee, 1 Cost, Power 312, One Enemy)
CKamehameha (Ki Blast, 2 Cost, Power 280, Straight)

Mood Maker: At the start of this character's turn, all other allies gain 1 Ki Orb.
Super Gutsy: When this character takes damage, their Defense is increased.


A combat race, known for their tails. Tough, but slower.

Saiyans are lower in speed than most, but they make up for it by being the second best in both offensive stats, as well as having the highest Defense and second highest HP. Battle Maniac is a really awesome skill to have for long, drawn-out fights, as Tekka will just get stronger and stronger off of it.

Base Stats:

HPMeleeKi BlastDefenseLuckSpeed

Special Moves:

CBuster Rush (Melee, 2 Cost, Power 364, One Enemy)
CGalick Gun (Ki Blast, 3 Cost, Power 322, Straight)

Mood Maker: At the start of this character's turn, all other allies gain 1 Ki Orb.
Battle Maniac: At the end of this character's turn, their stats increase for the duration of the battle.


A race with green skin and antennae. Low health, but strong Ki Blasts.

Namekians possess the lowest Defense of all classes, along with Offworlders, HP similar to Earthlings, and offensive values between those of Earthlings and Saiyans. Most Namekians have some variant of the skill Regeneration, which heals them whenever it's their turn to battle, and Tekka is not exempt from that.

Base Stats:

HPMeleeKi BlastDefenseLuckSpeed

Special Moves:

CArts Rush (Melee, 2 Cost, Power 322, One Enemy)
CMouth Energy Wave (Ki Blast, 1 Cost, Power 250, Arc)

Mood Maker: At the start of this character's turn, all other allies gain 1 Ki Orb.
Regeneration: At the start of this character's turn, 10% of their HP is restored.


People from other dimensions. Strong Ki Blasts, and very swift.

Offworlder's possess the highest Speed and Ki Blast stats of all the classes, but the lowest HP, Defense, and Melee stats. For those interested in min-maxing right out the door, Offworlder Tekka is the best Tekka to be, as Speed is the most influential stat for Mood Maker, and Acrobat is a pretty nice cherry on top, too. Majin's and Shinjin's (Kai's, as we know them in English) are both considered Offworlders in DRAGON BALL FUSIONS.

Base Stats:

HPMeleeKi BlastDefenseLuckSpeed

Special Moves:

CFake Shot (Melee, 1 Cost, Power 317, One Enemy)
CMagical Thunder (Ki Blast, 2 Cost, Power 240, Aim, Chance of Unseal)

Mood Maker: At the start of this character's turn, all other allies gain 1 Ki Orb.
Acrobat: Once per battle, this character stops moving at the edge of the field in a situation where they would be Ringed Out.


Aliens from various planets. Slow, but great at melee.

Aliens are the polar opposite of the Offworlder class, boasting the highest Melee and HP stats, second highest Defense, but the lowest Speed and Ki Blast stat. Beings that don't fall into any of the other classes are considered Aliens in DRAGON BALL FUSIONS.

Base Stats:

HPMeleeKi BlastDefenseLuckSpeed

Special Moves:

CEnergy Blade (Melee, 2 Cost, Power 240, One Enemy, Chance of GRD Down)
CEnergy Blast (Ki Blast, 2 Cost, Power 276, Aim)

Mood Maker: At the start of this character's turn, all other allies gain 1 Ki Orb.
Tough: Lessens Timeline Reversal.

Prologue: The Greatest Martial Arts Tournament Ever!

Once you've created your Tekka, you'll be thrust into the opening sequence, and introduced to your rival, a spiky-haired, confident-faced young Saiyan in Earthling garb, named Pinich. Shortly after, you are told by a prompt to make use of the left stick to move. Moving up to Pinich and pressing A will initiate a conversation. His purpose in this open area is to find a ball, the 1-star Dragon Ball to be precise. You will find the Dragon Ball in-between some shrubbery off to the right of where Pinich is.

Pinich is delighted that he has all of the Dragon Balls, which will allow him to summon the Wish-Granting Dragon, Shenron. You're given a couple of dialogue options here, both essentially revealing that Tekka has the attention span of a squirrel, but for the most part dialogue options are meaningless in this game, just minor differences in text. Pinich reminds you of your mutual wish: To hold the greatest martial arts contest ever, a contest which will truly decide who is the strongest of all.

The sky darkens. Shenron is summoned, and Pinich recites the wish. Shenron hesitates for a moment, and then proclaims that the wish has been granted. The balls glow, rise into the air, and scatter across the planet. Color returns to the sky, but nothing seems to have changed.

Tekka, however, is the first to notice a large vacuuming hole in space opening up rapidly behind Pinich. Pinich is caught in the vacuum, and Tekka soon follows.

Timespace Rift: 1F - Saiyan Saga

On the other side of the wormhole, Pinich and Tekka plummet, face-first, towards the ground. Pinich is able to flip himself over, and land on his feet, but Tekka lands on top of Pinich, knocking him unconscious. After amusingly (or abruptly) bringing Pinich back to his senses, the two assess the situation and the lay of the unfamiliar land. Pinich suggests seeking refuge and information in a building nearby.

I-1: Follow Pinich!

You are introduced by a prompt to using the left stick to influence the camera direction while flying. Move the camera around a bit to satisfy it, then talk to Pinich again. After some dialogue, the prompt will tell you to use the R button to move forward, and so you can follow Pinich. He will then move in various directions, and the prompt will tell you to use the left stick while moving forward with R to give yourself direction while in flight. After that, the prompt tells you to use the Y button to lock on to targets, and to hold B while holding R to go forward faster. Continue following Pinich on a short lap around part of one of the floating islands, and he will stop in front of the Capsule Corporation HQ.

Enter the building, and speak to Dragon Ball Z's Bulma, the blue-haired NPC inside. She will explain to you where you are, what is happening, and what you need to do next in order to participate in the competition. She also gifts you a 3DS-like gadget, named Ziku, to assist you. She explains that you can use locations such as Capsule Corporation HQ as Save Points, and suggests you go find 2 other fighters she knows, Trunks, and Goten, who are nearby and looking for team members.

The quest is completed, and once you leave Capsule Corp, Ziku will explain the visuals of his radar function to you, on the bottom of the 3DS.

I-2: Find Trunks and Goten!

Move towards the marker on your map, you can also lock-on to one of the targets before you even actually see them.

Get there, and you'll see the signatures aren't Trunks and Goten, they are Dragon Ball Z's Nappa and Raditz. Raditz talks about some insane technique called "Fusion" that he heard about from someone prior, and then they decide to beat you up just to let off some steam.

Before that, Nappa will ask you what is your "strong point". This decision affects 3 things: your alignment in the affinity triangle (similar to Fire Emblem games, having an affinity makes you take more damage from one type, but dish out more damage to the other), the behavior attribute of your simple Ki Blasts in-battle, and an additional modifier to Speed.

Power: Additional damage to Technique-type enemies. Simple Ki Blasts use One Enemy. Speed increase of 1.
Speed: Additional damage to Power-type enemies. Simple Ki Blasts use a sort-of Reverse Straight, where width is roughly the size of a character, and length is determined by distance from you to the target, up to a cap originating from the target. Speed increase of 5.
Technique: Additional damage to Speed-type enemies. Simple Ki Blasts use a variation of Aim, that just has infinite range. Speed increase of 3.

Once you make your choice, Nappa holds your hand through a short battle. Then, Nappa and Raditz taunt you into regretting your life decisions and give you an opportunity to change your mind. If you pick another type, Nappa will redo the short battle, making accommodations for the type you picked. If you pick the same type, the game progresses.

Trunks and Goten appear to save you, and you're given a choice of which of the two of them to go with into a fight. Pick one of them, and engage Nappa and Raditz.

Whichever kid you picked will explain some more battle concepts to you as you fight. Nappa and Raditz retreat after being defeated, and Trunks and Goten introduce themselves more formally. Trunks notices you have a Ziku, meaning you're a fighter, and they ask you to form a team with them. You accept, and Trunks suggests scouting around the area for more teamless fighters to recruit to fill our ranks.

The quest is over, and Trunks and Goten join the team.

I-3: Find Another Ally!

Ziku will mark some spaces on your map with exclamation points. These are "Sub-Events", (usually) optional side missions which offer various different rewards for completion.

Sub-Event Alert!

  • The one behind Capsule Corp is a meeting with Binas and Kloa, which will begin the "Ki Blast Training" Sub-Event.
  • The one straight ahead from Capsule Corp, on the tall mountain, leads to a Dragon Ball sighting, and the beginning of the "Find the Dragon Ball!" Sub-Event.
  • The one to the left of Capsule Corp, on the platform below, will introduce you to Cital, and if you answer his question truthfully, will begin the "Stupendous Special Move!" Sub-Event.

Complete all three Sub-Events to continue with the primary objective. Trunks and Goten suggest heading back to Capsule Corp HQ for some R&R.

I-4: To the Capsule Corporation!

Trunks tells you how to use the Warp function and the menu in general. Use the Warp function (or don't) to get back to Capsule Corp and speak with Bulma. She issues you a flying challenge as a bit of change of pace, and this event is over.

I-5: Pass Through the Rings!

Speak with Bulma again and tell her you're ready. You'll have 100 seconds to fly through 8 rings in succession. You only actually need about 20. Bulma congratulates you and they mention the "Training List" part of the Start menu holds an achievement system that grants various rewards, usually a title and some free stat boosts, or Colored Energy, a mechanic you'll be introduced to soon. Suddenly, Ziku picks up a new signature, and it's... Son Goku!? THE Son Goku!?!? We gotta go check this out.

I-6: Add Goku to Your Team!

You're placed within rock throwing distance of the objective. Fly forward and down just a bit and you'll trigger it. Ziku explains to the group the concept of juicing up your ki to open holes in spacetime, because that's totally how that works, I suppose. A prompt tells you to hold X in order to do it when you see the indicators on your map.

Examine the gigantic crack of light in the air that appears, and out comes... Son Goku. Dragon Ball's Kid Son Goku, that is. Everyone exchanges shock and pleasantries, the event is over, and Goku happily joins your team.

As a side note, you can enter the house nearby to add "Goku's House" to the Warp Points list. Because why not?

I-7: Report to Bulma!

Go back to Capsule Corp and talk to Bulma. Bulma explains that Goku has not reverse-aged, or anything crazy like that -- what they are seeing is Goku from the time when he actually was that age. Trunks then turns his attention to the arena, and Bulma begins to give us information on that, but she is cut short by Nappa and Raditz, who are calling out to us from outside, and the event is over.

I-8: Defeat Nappa and Raditz!

Just leave Capsule Corp and they'll be waiting dead ahead, and they've got a surprise. They've learned how to do the Fusion Dance to become Natz.


At the beginning of this battle, Trunks teaches you how to use the Zenkai Attack function to help against the new threat. Once that's done and over-with, just keep whaling on him until he goes down.

Don't use Trunks' or Goten's Special Moves to be able to fuse into Gotenks sooner, and try to ring him out as much as possible to deny him turns. On that note, also be aware of Natz's Acrobat skill, which will stop him from getting Ringed Out once.

Finish the fight with Natz, and they'll de-fuse and retreat once again. Bulma calls you to finish her earlier lecture on Sky Barriers which prevent you from progressing upwards through the strata to the arena until you've obtained set amounts of Color Energy.

I-9: Break through the Sky Barrier!

The objective marker for this event (and all similar ones you will encounter later on) is at the shaft of Korin's Tower, but in actuality, for all Sky Barriers, all you need to do is fly straight up towards the sky and eventually it will present itself to you. This barrier requires 50 Red Energy to pass, and you got 100 just from recruiting Goku, so break it and move on up.

Timespace Rift: 2F - Frieza Clan Saga

Goku and Goten begin having hunger pains, who would've thought? Meanwhile, Trunks is fantasizing about having some kind of vehicle to ferry the team around. Goku smells some good food cooking over at a small planet off in the distance, and wants to go check it out.

Sub-Event Alert!

You can now pick up the "Counter Coach" and "Saiyan Saga: Brotherly Love" Sub-Events by going back to Timespace Rift: 1F and talking to Nappa, who is at the edge of the island near Goku's House, and Raditz, who is hanging out where you fought Natz, respectively.

II-1: To the House on the Small Planet!

Arrive at the house and you'll obtain your main warp point for this floor. Speak with Dragon Ball Z's King Kai, who will feed the masses and offer to give you some information about energy in exchange for making him laugh. Either joke option works... somehow... so continue on and he'll explain that the Color Energy you get corresponds to the race of enemy you defeat in battle, and that you will need to recruit new allies in order to raise the threshold of how much Color Energy you can hold.

King Kai suggests breaking the simpler Hercule City barrier, and trying our luck for obtaining allies there.

II-2: Bust Through Hercule City Barrier!

You'll need 100 Red and 50 Blue to break this barrier. You'll have plenty of Blue, but only 50 Red. Red Energy corresponds to the Saiyan Race, so fly around a bit in search of a Saiyan Team or two to beat up, get the 50 energy, break the barrier, and enter Hercule City.

As a side note, if you fly East of Hercule City, you'll pick up another Dragon Ball reading. Get closer and you'll have another encounter with the Combined Pilaf Machine. Pilaf's group has beaten you, and a couple of other Saiyans named Mibatz and Pemma, to the punch once again. Mibatz and Pemma mention that they heard about a group of 3 who defeated Nappa and Raditz, and assume it must be Pilaf's team. They challenge the Combined Pilaf Machine to a fight, but Pilaf causes a distraction and escapes.

II-3: Find Allies in Hercule City!

So Hercule City is another warp point, but that's all it is -- it doesn't refresh your health like King Kai's Planet does, so be aware of that. That aside, talk to Wanta & Paprika behind the Hercule statue, Doola in front of the statue, and, oh hey, it's Binas and Kloa again, a bit to the left of Doola. They've found a 3rd for their team, but who cares? We sure don't. Once you've talked to all of them, Ziku will suddenly pick up a new Timespace Hole signal. Sounds like some fresh meat for our team, let's go check it out.

II-4: Open the Timespace Hole!

Just head on over to the right side of Hercule City and hold X for a bit to force open the hole. Examine the hole and Trunks will get up close and personal with a shoe, belonging to Dragon Ball GT's Pan. Enjoy Trunks getting dicked on repeatedly and once it's over, Pan joins your team, and the event is over.

II-5: Leave Hercule City!

Sub-Event Alert!

You can pick up the "The Strongest Namekian!?" Sub-Event by talking to Lugo, the husky Namekian nearby where you picked up Pan; and the "The Novelista" Sub-Event by talking to Tights, just a bit southeast of the big statue in the middle.

If you're into trivia or fashion, the shop on the right side of town is a quiz corner that gives some good rewards, and the shop on the left will allow you to change clothing, and purchase new clothing you unlock from your teammates. Be aware that the money used for buying clothes is Color Energy, though.

Obviously, leave Hercule City. You'll be assaulted by Dragon Ball Z's Ginyu Force, who realize you are capable of breaking barriers. They ask for your assistance in breaking a particular barrier in the sky, East of Hercule City, which has apparently trapped someone really important to them inside. In exchange, they promise to show you how to do a Five-Way Fusion!

II-6: Find a Certain Someone!

Sub-Event Alert!

You can now pick up the "Fashion Leader" Sub-Event by re-entering Hercule City, and talking to Bulla, to the left of the Clothing Shop.

Head over to the barrier Ginyu mentioned. It will cost 50 Red and 100 Blue to crack. Unlock it, and the team searches the ship to find it abandoned.

II-7: Report to Captain Ginyu!

Warp back to Hercule City, and speak to Ginyu, who is waiting nearby the Hercule statue. Ginyu will be depressed at the news, but still remembers his promise to show you the Five-Way Fusion.

The Ginyu Force engage you, and they teach you to do the Five-Way Fusion! Use it to smack them around and the battle ends.

Trunks returns the favor by showing the Ginyu Force their Gotenks Fusion. Ginyu decides to rename the Five-Way Fusion to Ultra Fusion, and suddenly Ziku detects an extremely powerful timespace hole. Ginyu comments that it is probably the person they thought was trapped in the spaceship.

II-8: Go Meet a Certain Someone!

Head just a bit above the spaceship, and you'll pick up the timespace hole marker on your map.

Open it, and out comes none other than Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F's Frieza (complete with Hell Cocoon... momentarily)! His first order as Lord Frieza is to tell Ginyu to kill off your team. Ginyu begs Frieza to spare your team's life, as they assisted in opening the timespace hole, and taught them how to do Two-Way Fusions. He debuts this ability by having Jeice and Guldo fuse, becoming Gulce, and then having Burter and Recoome fuse, becoming Recurter. Ginyu suggests fusing with Frieza, but Frieza isn't having it. Frieza re-orders Ginyu to slaughter your team, and, to his chagrin, he acquiesces.

II-9: Defeat the Ginyu Force!

Speak to Ginyu, located above Frieza's spaceship, to engage in battle with him and the fused members of the Ginyu Force.

BOSS BATTLE: Captain Ginyu, Recurter, and Gulce!

This battle can be a bit hairy for players that have done little to no grinding as of yet. Despite being one level higher than his fused teammates, Ginyu has the least HP, so get him out of the way first. Make sure to make good use of Pan's Heal Power, and Trunks & Goten's ability to fuse into Gotenks. Unlike Gotenks, your opponents will not de-fuse after a few turns. Also, save Ultra Fusion for if teammates get knocked out, namely Pan, as the Ultra Fusion can still be done with knocked out teammates, restoring them to action by dividing the total of the team's remaining HP 5 ways.

Defeat Ginyu and he swears that we'll fight him again some day and he'll win, before flying away, leaving Frieza's spaceship behind. Trunks has an idea, and goes off to "take care of something" (though he doesn't leave your party), leaving you with the task of breaking this floor's Sky Barrier.

II-10: Bust Through the Sky Barrier!

This barrier requires 250 Blue Energy to pass. Fight some Earthling teams in the area if you need to do so to build the energy.

Timespace Rift: 3F - Cell Saga

The group questions where Trunks went, only to be answered in short order. Trunks reappears, and with him a giant spaceship, Frieza's spaceship! Trunks asked Bulma to remodel it with Capsule Corp™ tech, so now it can function as a base for your team!

Shortly upon entering, the spaceship collides with something! That's what happens when you let 8 year olds drive, I guess. Let's examine the fresh roadkill... or would this be considered skykill?

III-1: Find Out What You Hit!

You'll appear outside of the ship with your target immediately in-sight, so go examine it. It's Pinich, and he's been knocked unconscious. Use Tekka's patented trick to waking him up, and Pinich will freak out, wondering where he is, where his "master" has gone, and who your teammates are. Introductions are in order, but are cut short by the appearance of Pinich's "Master". It's Vegeta! Dragon Ball Super's Vegeta, in fact. Vegeta scolds Pinich for not paying well enough attention, has a short exchange with Kid Goku, and leaves, instructing Trunks to not slack off in his training just because Vegeta is currently not training him.

Goten mentions that it would help if the team had a coach, like how Pinich has Vegeta. Goku notices Kame House off in the distance, and suggests going there to ask Master Roshi to be their coach.

III-2: Train with Master Roshi!

Speak with Master Roshi, and Goku immediately challenges him to fight or join the team. He declines, as he is too old to be fighting, but instead suggests to look to the Cell Games arena for more sport. Roshi explains the events of Dragon Ball Z's Cell Saga to the team, and mentions that your team cannot break the barrier on it as it is now, because it requires all 5 Colors of Energy.

He tells you that you will need team members of the corresponding energy colors in order to gain the capacity to hold the energy, and to win over allies, Master Roshi shares a secret technique: knocking them out with a Zenkai Attack! He happens to know of a "sizzling chick" fighter in the area, who you can try out this technique on.

III-3: Meet the Cutie!

Go to the objective to the southeast mountainous area, below the ocean-covered island where Roshi is.

Meet Oats, an unknown Earthling fighter. Ask her to spar with you, then talk to her again to fight her.

This will be a 1-on-1 battle, in which you are instructed by Goku to Zenkai Attack this white-haired beauty. Do so, and you will instantly KO her (despite her being higher level than you, and having nearly 10000 HP, lol), netting you a new team member, 30 Blue Energy, and a ton of EXP.

Oats will express disbelief that you defeated her mano-e-womano, and goes off to recover in your spaceship.

III-4: Thank Master Roshi!

Go back to Kame House and speak with Master Roshi.

Roshi will be upset that you didn't bring her back with you (you can't even go back to your spaceship to get her, as you can't enter the Spaceship yet, which makes no sense), and then mentions to look out for people with star symbols next to them in-battle, as this is the indicator of your ability to win them over by force, like you did with Oats.

Pan suggests heading back to the Spaceship for some R&R as well as to explore the functions Bulma installed for you more thoroughly.

Note that you can't actually recruit new members until you do the next event.

III-5: Check Out the Spaceship!

Warp back to the Spaceship and enter it. Oats will greet you, then leave you to your devices to go train.

Examine the points showing on the map, and listen to Trunks' explanations of their functions. They correspond to machines for StreetPass, Multiplayer Communications, Dragon Ball Storage, Changing Tekka's clothing, Special Move Gacha, and the Team Editor.

Out of all the things you can do right now, you're pretty much just going to want to consider rolling the Gacha for Play Coins (as you don't have all the energy colors yet, so you can't use the energy trade), or moving Oats into your team. Even though she is probably higher level than anybody else you have available right now, including Tekka, fitting her in is difficult, as you will have to trade off the ability to fuse into Gotenks, Goku's amazing staying power, or Pan's healing to make it happen.

III-6: Try Cell Games Arena!

Sub-Event Alert!

You can now pick up the "Frieza Clan Saga: Brotherly Love", "Yamcha's Flight School", "An Old Rivalry", "Sibling Gunners", and "Multi-Form Technique" Sub-Events in Timespace Rift: 3F; the "My Darling!", "A Villain's Pride", "Family Gathering", and "Gag Training" Sub-Events in Timespace Rift: 2F; and the "Saibamen Spy-bamen!" Sub-Event in Timespace Rift: 1F.

Your next mission is to recruit prospective team members from the random groups of people flying around the area, until you have at least one of every race on your team. Once you've done so, you'll have the energy to break the barrier on the Cell Games Arena.

As a side note, if you approach the city area on the southeast island, the highest one here, you will pick up another Dragon Ball reading. Head there to see another scene between the Combined Pilaf Machine, and Mibatz & Pemma. Pilaf sees your team show up, and claims your team has Super Saiyans on it. They're not wrong, but regardless, Pilaf uses this distraction to get away, and Mibatz and Pemma follow.

Once you're in, Trunks proclaims the next order of business is to defeat 3 teams of fighters present. You can do them in any order, but you cannot leave the Cell Games Arena area in-between or else you'll have to start over.

Battle Tips!

Team Narmis has a Super Gutsy member, and a Latent Power member, which can be annoying skills to deal with. Be aware of them.

Team Jijee has a healer named Powa, aim for him first.

Team Tartar has a member named Sage, with both Mad Warrior and Battle Maniac, so make sure to get rid of him fast once you do begin getting rid of him.

Once you've beaten all 3, Ziku will pick up timespace signatures from what seem to be Goku and Piccolo, but we all know how screwy Ziku's readings are. Let's go check it out.

New Zenkai Recruit Opportunity!

Upon completing this Story Event, you will unlock the ability to Zenkai recruit Narmis, Jijee, and Tartar, as well as all of the people in their teams.

III-7: Power Detected!

Go to the back area of the Cell Games Arena and hold X to reveal the timespace hole, then examine the hole. Ziku begins picking up signs of Vegeta, Frieza, and King Cold as well!?

Out of the hole comes Dragon Ball Z's Cell, who immediately fires a Kamehameha at your team. Just in the nick of time, though, Dragon Ball Super's Goku teleports in and cancels Cell's blast with one of his own!

The two exchange smirks and banter, then Goku proclaims that he would like to train your team to face Cell, instead of facing Cell himself. Cell acquiesces, telling Goku and your team not to disappoint him.

III-8: Train with Goku!

Sub-Event Alert!

You can now pick up the "Marron's Lost Property", "Woe is Puar", "The Panty Thief Appears!", and "Parl's Ambition" Sub-Events inside the Cell Games Arena, and you can also return to Timespace Rift: 2F to break the barrier on Guru's House and pick up the "The Demon King Piccolo" Sub-Event, followed by the "Teach Me, Piccolo!" Sub-Event.

Goku is waiting for you and your team to meet him atop the tall mountain that overlooks the city area. Head up there and speak to Goku, who will tell you to come at him as if this were a real fight.

Goku engages your team in 3 back-to-back battles with the conditions: "Inflict 6000 damage within the time limit!", "Inflict 10000 damage within the time limit!", "Inflict 20000 damage within the time limit!". They will be against him alone, in his normal form, followed by Super Saiyan, followed by Super Saiyan God - Super Saiyan.

Battle Tips!

The first two battles are not that hard. His normal form is barely any stronger than Krillin was in the Sub-Event "An Old Rivalry", and his Super Saiyan form is not that much better.

However, his Super Saiyan God - Super Saiyan form is absolutely devastating, and it is very possible (and probably expected) for you to not be capable of completing the objective, as even if you fail, the story still continues as normal, with just some slightly different text.

On top of sporting more defense, his attacks, on top of wasting precious seconds, will easily decimate your party members if you let him get them off, even if you have been supposedly over-levelled for everything else the game has thrown at you so far. I've done a handful of attempts at this, in a handful of different playthroughs, and I believe you should probably be at a party-wide average level of 50 in order to even have any hope of completing this objective.

Once that's done, Goku will be satisfied with your training, and believes you are ready to make use of EX Fusion! He forgot the first thing about explaining it though, so Bulma steps in via Ziku to explain to you what EX Fusion is, and what it does. Once the explanation is done, Goku will head over to your spaceship to show you more.

III-9: Back to Goku at the Ship!

Warp back to the Spaceship, and head over to the right side to the machine against the wall (below the Special Move Gacha and above the Dragon Ball Pedestal). Talk to Goku, and he will take you through your first EX Fusion.

Once that's done, he'll head over to the Cell Games Arena for the showdown against Cell.


Even though the Story Events are certainly clearable without making use of EX Fusions, what you probably want to do at this point, before tackling Cell, is figure out at least 4 EX Fusions, plus Tekka, who can fuse with anyone if their requirements are met, as EX Fusions are hugely beneficial power boosts in most, if not all, situations.

Right out of the gate, you should have the ability to create Gorillin (Goku+Krillin), Krillihan (Krillin+Gohan), EX Gotenks (Goten+Trunks), Chiaohan (Chiaotzu+Tien), Chiaoman (Chiaotzu+Saibaman),and Dodobon (Dodoria+Zarbon), assuming you have done the Sub-Events or recruiting necessary to obtain those characters.

If you don't mind training for fusions, other non-generic fusions you can make happen with a little bit of grinding are Bulpan (Bulla+Pan), Prillin (Piccolo+Krillin), and EX Yamhan (Yamcha+Tien).

Personally, I prefer having healing on the team, and Pan is the only non-generic you'll have so far who can do it. Pan's only obtainable fusion option right now is Bulla, so, if you haven't yet, complete the "My Darling!" Sub-Event to obtain Bulla, and train her up to 30 so she can fuse with Pan to make Bulpan, a great supporting unit that can heal with Heal Power, and disrupt the turn order of male opponents with Sexy Smile.

An additional note about EX Fusions is that you will be forced to pick 3 of the combined Special Moves of both Fusion targets, which means some Special Moves will be left out. The unused Special Moves ARE retained in memory, they are NOT lost, and you do not need to be concerned about wasting limited Special Move Save space to avoid losing them. You will get them back when you de-fuse.

Finally, one of the best parts of the EX Fusion system is the combining of skills that happens, and one of the best applications of this is to merge Tekka, who has Mood Maker, with a target that has First Striker, such as Bulla, Yamcha, Android 18, or one of many generic enemies, so that you can always have 1 Ki Orb at the start of every battle for your squadmates.

III-10: Beat Cell at Cell Games Arena!

Look at Cell just floating there with that aura around him. This is definitely the most boss battle feel this game has provided so far.

Anyway, me gushing aside, talk to Cell. He will ask Goku if it is time to fight, and Goku will reveal something Cell's been hiding (somehow)... an actual flock of Cell's! He explains that he got all these other Cell's from timespace holes he opened himself, and expects to see Goku fall into despair. That's not like Goku, though. We prepare for a fight, and Goku asks Vegeta, the latter of whom has been watching from afar, to participate. Vegeta agrees, and instructs Pinich to handle a Cell as well.


There's nothing too interesting to say about this fight actually, it's a good test of whether or not you're at the right level to move on. If you follow the tips here and are still having trouble, you need to farm up a bit.

All of the Cell's have EX Regeneration, which restores HP by about 30% per turn, and Royalty, which is a boost to power against units which are lower level than him. That being said, the Cell's are Levels 30, 27, and 24, so as long as your whole party is above 30, which it damn well should be at this point, the only special thing going for him is the healing per turn.

The best suggestion I can give for this fight is not to worry about trying to spread out your damage, just focus fire one Cell at a time, starting from the strongest one. The reason to knock out the strongest one first is because the game compensates outnumbered enemies with faster turn recovery, so you don't want to knock out all the weak ones and then have to deal with the strongest of the Cells getting like three turns in before you even get one, each turn recovering 4000+ HP.

Once your pack of Cell's are defeated, Cell will rage at Goku a bit, then Instant Transmission away. Goku will tell Vegeta that it's time to go attend to someone asleep, and hopes that that person didn't wake up while they were gone. Vegeta abruptly "graduates" Pinich from being his student, and tells him that he must find his way to becoming a Super Saiyan on his own. Goku and Vegeta leave, and now it's time to move on to the next floor.

III-11: Break Through the Sky Barrier!

Same ol' Sky Barrier Event at the end of every floor. This one needs 75 Red, 150 Blue, 75 Purple, 150 Yellow, and 75 Green.

Timespace Rift: 4F - GT & Movie Realm

The team just barely pops their heads into this area and the sky has suddenly turned black, which can only mean that Shenron has been summoned. You arrived just in time to see in the distance a disappearing Shenron, and the balls scattering once again. Trunks and Goten are curious about who wished for what, so we decide to head over to where the summoning took place.

Sub-Event Alert!

You can now pick up the "Out on Patrol", "Majin Superstar", and "Baba's Request" Sub-Events by breaking the barrier on Fortuneteller Baba's Palace, the "Don't Panic, Camarbo!", "Father's Fist", and "An Unlikely Pair" Sub-Events on this floor, the "Locate the Time Machine!" Sub-Event by breaking the barrier on Future West City in Timespace Rift: 3F, the "Future's Child", and "Mini Cell Games" Sub-Events in Timespace Rift: 3F, and the "Is That the Ginyu Force?" Sub-Event back in Timespace Rift: 2F

IV-1: Go Where Shenron Was!

We make it to the summoning site to witness the Combined Pilaf Machine running away from something. Pilaf tells you that they summoned something "scary" enough to drive some pursuers away. Sure enough, an explosion happens, and we can see Mibatz and Pemma, with their squad, fleeing from something inside the smoke...


The Legendary Super Saiyan Broly has awoken, and (as usual) is out for Goku's head.

He engages your team in a battle with a special condition: Defeat or Ring Out Broly!

Battle Tips!

Despite the overwhelming presence that is Broly in general, this fight is actually not that bad. All you have to do is ring him out once to end the encounter.

Your teammates suggest you run, and fast!

IV-2: Escape from Broly!

After a bit of moving around, you'll encounter Pinich, who will ask you who that is that's causing all the ruckus. When Pan mentions that it may be impossible to have the tournament take place while Broly is rampaging, Pinich goes to confront Broly. Broly sends Pinich flying, like a leaf in the wind and continues on his rampage.

IV-3: Search for Pinich!

Your party goes to search for Pinich after you lost sight of him, since he was sent flying across the damn planet or something. You'll find him at the objective marker, unconscious and being pored over by Wanta and Paprika, whom you last saw in Hercule City. This time we let Pinich rest, and leave him in the care of Wanta and Paprika. Ziku begins to pick up a lot of timespace readings, explaining that Broly's summoning has de-stabilized timespace in the area, allowing a situation where multiple timespace holes can be torn open and even combined to make larger ones. We decide to go looking to do just that, with the hopes that whoever will come through the timespace hole will be somebody strong enough to help deal with Broly.

IV-4: Open Timespace!

Head past/around Broly, who will now be the only enemy on the map, and into the area between the Warp Point and Broly. You should pick up a whole bunch of timespace holes in the area. Hold X to rip them open and three A-rank holes will open up, and then merge together and combine to make a G-rank hole. Examine the hole and out comes Dragon Ball Online's Towa and Mira! They appear to owe Trunks for something he did in the future, so they agree to help handle Broly.

IV-5: Find Broly!

Follow the objective marker to assault Broly. Towa reveals that when she said that she "owes Trunks" for his actions in the future, she meant exacting payback for getting in her way. She then transforms Broly into an Oozaru and says she will take the energy generated from you fighting the Great Ape, and give it to Mira.

IV-6: Defeat the Great Ape!

Talk to Broly to engage him.

BOSS BATTLE: Great Ape Broly!

So, Great Ape Broly has nearly 30000 HP, 800+ in all 3 stats, Mad Warrior, which is only useful for his regular melee attacks (he has no Melee Special Moves), Super Tough, which makes it so he doesn't get pushed back much in the timeline from being hit, and Body Change Block, which as it's name suggests, nullifies the Body Change Special Move.

Ring him out if you get the opportunity, to deny him some turns, but otherwise just whale on him with all your might until either he goes down, or you go down. Remember that you can consolidate your entire party's HP and then redistribute it evenly by using Ultra Fusion, though try to only do it when he has no Ki Orbs available, as Ultra Fusion makes you very slow to gain your next turns, and leaves you open to being decimated by his Special Moves, all of which are large AOE Ki Blasts. Also, status effects such as Swoon or Poison are helpful here, because he has so much HP, and those status effects do percent health damage every turn he gets. Thanks to the way the game compensates outnumbered enemies, he'll get plenty of turns to bleed out with.

All of that aside, my team was all ranging around the Lv45-50 area when I got here, and I was fine.

Also his voice acting doesn't change from becoming an Oozaru, so enjoy Broly's amazing screaming for however long he takes to put down. :D

After the fight, Towa will feign congratulations at your team for defeating a legendary Super Saiyan. Just as they are about to leave, Broly regains consciousness, and it looks like we're about to have to fight again, but Mira and Trunks sense something unexpected.

A gigantic ball of energy comes down from the sky and smites Great Ape Broly, sending him plummeting down to the unknown. Two silhouetted figures of Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods's Beerus and Whis are seen talking about ensuring that Broly won't be able to move for a while, so the tournament can continue in peace, but that they should eventually go wake him up.

Towa and Mira are deterred, and leave with a subtle dig at Trunks' exploits in the future. Pan suggests going to check on Pinich again, now that the threat of Broly is gone.

IV-7: Back to Pinich!

Warp back to the Spaceship and go talk to Pinich. He appears to be back up and running again, and perhaps more importantly, roleplaying as "Master" to Wanta and Paprika, much like Vegeta did to him not too long ago. The events that transpired while Pinich was knocked out are replayed for him, and he wonders who could have possibly done such a thing. Goten and Trunks suggest the "legendary champion" at the forefront of this tournament they are participating in, and Pan admonishes Pinich for acting like a "Master". Pinich realizes the error of his ways and begins treating Wanta and Paprika as friends and teammates. They fly off to go train and find 2 more members to round out their team, while we go off to do our thing as well.

IV-8: Bust Through the Sky Barrier!

Same old, same old. 200 Red, 150 Blue, 150 Purple, 200 Yellow, 150 Green. Get in there.

Timespace Rift: 5F - The Timespace Tournament!

The group is starting to get restless that they will never reach the arena, or that the arena doesn't exist, but just as they do, they get first sight of the arena in all its glory. Let's go check it out up-close!

Sub-Event Alert!

You can now pick up the "Majin's Playground" Sub-Event from this floor.

V-1: Go to Timespace Tournament!

Head to the objective marker, and talk to Pinich, Wanta, and Paprika inside. Pinich declares himself winner of the race to get to the arena first, and Pan notices he still doesn't appear to have 2 more members. Pinich says not to worry, he's keeping those two a secret. Trunks then asks him if he is able to go Super Saiyan yet, which he declines. Trunks and Goten then show off their Super Saiyan forms, which they had been hiding up until now even from Tekka, who is equally as surprised. Seeing them fuels Pinich to try even harder to make it happen, but anyway, he points you in the direction of the announcer, to sign up for the tournament.