How do I breed for an own tempo Rockruff?

  1. I have gone through 10 eggs of breeding my male Dusk Lycanroc with a female Rockruff.
    None of the hatched Rockruff have own tempo.
    The female has steadfast (hidden ability).
    Does the Event Lycanroc have to be female in order to pass down the ability?
    Does the event pokemon have to be a rockruff instead of a lycanroc in order to pass down the ability at all?

    User Info: PokeBlu

    PokeBlu - 3 years ago
  2. 20 eggs and nothing. I am about to try switching the female parent with a ditto.

    User Info: PokeBlu

    PokeBlu - 3 years ago
  3. I have a question that base on this topic:

    In Pokemon Ultra Sun, you get Dusk Rockruff with Fire Fang and in Ultra Moon it get Thunder Fang. My goal is get at lest one MALE and FEMALE so that I can breed them and get a Dusk Rockruff with BOTH FANGS moves.

    So should I get a Male Arbok and breed it with the Female Dusk Rockruff so that the egg become a Dusk Rockruff with both fang moves.

    User Info: Leafninja

    Leafninja - 3 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. You need to find someone with a female Own Tempo Rockruff. I just breed my Female with a Male Arcanine and got another female but has both fire and thunder fang. Right now, I'm seeing if the Lycanroc ( the one that I breed and has both fangs ) and breed It with arcanine to see if it will make another Own Tempo Rockruff

    User Info: Leafninja

    Leafninja - 3 years ago 1   5
  2. Any chance of sending one to me please... ppl on gts home want ABSOLUY impossible trades for a rockruff(own tempo) and lycanrock(orange coat)... please hook me up it doesnt need anything special though female would be nice as i can send them out via suprise trade...

    User Info: knuckles2007

    knuckles2007 - 8 months ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. The problem was that only the female can pass down the event ability. If you have a male with the event ability, breed with a ditto to pass it down.

    User Info: PokeBlu

    PokeBlu - 3 years ago 7   1

Other Answers

  1. You can't breed it with a Rockruff, if it's male breed with ditto and if it's female, breed with another member of the field egg group. Consider "own tempo" as a recessive gene, and it will be overridden by other rockruff

    User Info: ToastedSyrup

    ToastedSyrup - 3 years ago 5   1
  2. Don't know if this is still relevant, but I could trade you an Own Tempo Rockruff?

    User Info: Thamos

    Thamos - 3 years ago 7   3
  3. Breed with female for ability, but if male, use your friend ditto

    User Info: AWaffle6027

    AWaffle6027 - 3 years ago 3   1
  4. If still trading for own tempo rockruff, I've been looming g for one being so late to start this game.

    User Info: Chetchetly

    Chetchetly - 1 year ago 4   2
  5. I'm also curious. I know you need a female to pass down the ability, but will it work for other Pokémon or am I just wasting my time? I'm trying to breed for it, just restarted the game though, so the event is long over with.

    I have a female own tempo mudbray and am breeding it with my male rockruff, but so far I'm just getting keen eyes and vital spirit babies.

    Does it absolutely have to be the female event rockruff to get it?

    User Info: EiriEndo

    EiriEndo - 10 months ago 1   0
  6. Yes. Mostly. It doesn't have to be directly from the event, it can be a descendent. But it does have to be a female Own Tempo Rockruff or Dusk form Lycanroc if you're breeding it with other Pokemon. If you have a male one you'll have to breed with Ditto.

    User Info: Thard_Verad

    Thard_Verad - 10 months ago

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