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Answered Questions Answers
How do I beat Necrozma? 20
How to beat Ultra Necrozma easily...? 16
If I kill a legendary/ultra beast in ultra sun, is there anyway to make it respawn or are they gone permanently? 3
How to evolve Inkay? 2
The barber (?) in Konikoni City quest 4
vulpix recovery quest help? 1
Where to find old friends from Tide Song Hotel quest? 1
Where is the best places to EV Train? 1
Soft Reset for Shiny Wormhole Ultra Beasts? 1
How do I breed for an own tempo Rockruff? 5
Recent Questions Answers
I can't EV train? 1
What happens if you don't have your starter before the Pokémon League? 2
Can anyone trade me an Own tempo rockruff? 1
Does anyone have a Target Thundurus code, i can't get one in Canada:(? 0
I am looking for a Pokémon that knows happy hour and pay day? 1
Looking for A Shiny Low Leveled Alolan Marowak? 1
How do I check the EVs/IVs of my Pokemon? 1
Trade for shiny eevee? 1
What do Roto Powers stack with? 2
Which eeveelution do you think would trade fastest on GTS? 1
Unresolved Questions Answers
Event berries? 1
Are the Pokémon received from events shiny locked? 2
Can you catch Solgaleo after..? 2
How do i get amoongus with regenerator a drapion with keen eye and a gliscor with poison heal? 2
Is it ok to soft-reset a desired nature? 5
speed boost venipede? 1
Looking for solrock please?? 3
Pokemon sun/moon pokedex to US/UM? 4
Anyone Sred for a shiny partner cap ash pikachu yet? 2
Protean Froakie? 2

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