How do you get gem apples fast without buying?

  1. I need gem apples but I used all codes amibo’s but I don’t want to buy them please help I’ll ap

    User Info: FierceGambler88

    FierceGambler88 - 1 year ago
  2. If you used all the Password Shrine passwords maybe you could do the Heroic Missions (unless you need apples for the DX missions)? Other than the Gem Apple tree, there is no way to earn Gem Apples fast for free, you'll just have to max out your tree, maxing out your tree over time would cost $30.00 in total. If you decide to max out your tree you'll get 400 Gem Apples every 12 hours.

    User Info: MarvelousMetroi

    MarvelousMetroi - 1 year ago


  1. The only passwords that are available unlimited is "THANKYOU" and "anniversary".

    The only way you can get gem apples without buying is completing Heroic Missions and waiting 12 hrs for 5 Gem Apples in each harvest, which means that you have to wait for a very long time.

    User Info: JakobN592

    JakobN592 - 11 months ago 0   0

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