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General FAQs

FAQ/Walkthrough (DS) 05/16/10 Devhatesyou 1.02 930K

Maps and Charts

Basic Fusion Chart (DS) (PNG) 01/17/18 Battle_Cry 1.0 452K
Fusion Chart (DS) (PNG) 06/30/10 Zandio 1.0 183K
Jack's Squad HQ Dungeon Map (DS) (PNG) 05/09/10 zelos71 82K
Sector Antlia 1F Dungeon Map (DS) (PNG) 04/05/10 zelos71 96K
Sector Antlia B1F Dungeon Map (DS) (PNG) 04/05/10 zelos71 72K
Sector Antlia B2F Dungeon Map (DS) (PNG) 04/05/10 zelos71 79K
Sector Bootes 1F Dungeon Map (DS) (PNG) 04/06/10 zelos71 105K
Sector Bootes 2F - 5F Dungeon Map (DS) (PNG) 04/08/10 zelos71 115K
Sector Bootes 6F - 8F Dungeon Map (DS) (PNG) 04/09/10 zelos71 105K
Sector Carina 1F - B1F Dungeon Map (DS) (PNG) 04/10/10 zelos71 92K
Sector Carina 2F Dungeon Map (DS) (PNG) 04/26/10 zelos71 83K
Sector Carina 3F Dungeon Map (DS) (PNG) 04/30/10 zelos71 84K
Sector Carina 4F Dungeon Map (DS) (PNG) 05/01/10 zelos71 70K
Sector Delphinus 1F - 2F Dungeon Map (DS) (PNG) 05/03/10 zelos71 115K
Sector Delphinus 3F - 4F Dungeon Map (DS) (PNG) 05/04/10 zelos71 105K
Sector Delphinus 5F Dungeon Map (DS) (PNG) 05/04/10 zelos71 83K
Sector Delphinus 6F - 9F Dungeon Map (DS) (PNG) 05/04/10 zelos71 122K
Sector Eridanus 1F Dungeon Map (DS) (PNG) 05/06/10 zelos71 135K
Sector Eridanus 2F Dungeon Map (DS) (PNG) 05/07/10 zelos71 138K
Sector Eridanus 3F Dungeon Map (DS) (PNG) 05/07/10 zelos71 72K
Sector Eridanus TOP Dungeon Map (DS) (PNG) 05/07/10 zelos71 100K
Sector Fornax 1F Dungeon Map (DS) (PNG) 05/12/10 zelos71 72K
Sector Fornax B1F - B2F Dungeon Map (DS) (PNG) 05/14/10 zelos71 91K
Sector Fornax B3F - B5F Dungeon Map (DS) (PNG) 05/14/10 zelos71 114K
Sector Fornax B6F - B7F Dungeon Map (DS) (PNG) 05/14/10 zelos71 104K
Sector Grus 1F Dungeon Map (DS) (PNG) 05/17/10 zelos71 80K
Sector Grus 1F Phase Shift Dungeon Map (DS) (PNG) 05/17/10 zelos71 125K
Sector Grus B1F Dungeon Map (DS) (PNG) 05/17/10 zelos71 112K
Sector Grus B2F Dungeon Map (DS) (PNG) 05/17/10 zelos71 118K
Sector Grus B3F - B4F Dungeon Map (DS) (PNG) 05/17/10 zelos71 110K
Sector Horologium 1F Dungeon Map (DS) (PNG) 05/17/10 zelos71 83K
Sector Horologium B1F Dungeon Map (DS) (PNG) 05/17/10 zelos71 85K
Sector Horologium B2F Dungeon Map (DS) (PNG) 05/17/10 zelos71 89K
Sector Horologium B3F Dungeon Map (DS) (PNG) 05/18/10 zelos71 82K
Sector Horologium B4F Dungeon Map (DS) (PNG) 05/18/10 zelos71 89K
Sector Horologium B5F Dungeon Map (DS) (PNG) 05/18/10 zelos71 81K
Sector Horologium B6F Dungeon Map (DS) (PNG) 05/18/10 zelos71 84K
Sector Horologium B7F - B8F Dungeon Map (DS) (PNG) 05/18/10 zelos71 99K
Sector Horologium B9F Dungeon Map (DS) (PNG) 05/18/10 zelos71 81K

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