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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Bkstunt_31

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                                                     Blitz Knight Stunt Presents...
                        ~ G Y A K U T E N   S A I B A N   6 ~
    4f   ~~~"M@M~~~~~  `~MM0MMMpg_
    #f                         ~~0p,                  _   _qM0MMggg,_
    ^0g                           `M0g_               M#&0M'     `~~M0m,_
      ~MMgpppgy                      ~N0g_            B  ,         ~M00M^
          ` `~M                         ~M0Mp_         &_&        ^j0@~
             0'                             `M#Ngg__  __&f        ,4M^
             BL                                 `""MM0@M00       p0~
              4&                                         `&]     l1
           ___ N&,  _gg_  _g                                      0,
           \  \ ~MMNM~~NMM@0g_                                     MN,_
           /   \            ~000Mqqgpg__                            ~~NQ
          /     \    .-'¯¯¯'-.  .-'¯'-.M0pg,_                          ]&
         /   .   \  /  .'¯¯¯'.'/  .-.  \   ~NN0M00NNg                   4g
        /   /_\   \|  /       |   ¯¯¯   )           ]&                   0
       /   _____   |  \       | \¯¯¯¯¯¯¯             #,                  B
      /   /     \   \  '.___.'.\ '.___.'.             #                  #
     /   /       \   '-.___.-'  '.____.'              `&                 ],
    /____\ __    /____\                               ,J&                 g
           \ \     .-,     .-,                        ~``               __]_      _
           /  \  _|  |__ _|  |__          _.-, ,---. _'¯¯¯¯'._   .-'¯'-.\   \    //
          /    \|_    __|_    __|.'¯¯¯'. |   |/,_   )  .--.   | /  .-.  \\   \  //
         /      \ |  |    |  |  / .'¯'. \|    /  `-'|  |  |   ||   ¯¯¯   )\   \//
        /   /\   \|  |    |  | ( (     ) )   |      |  |  |   || \¯¯¯¯¯¯¯  \   /
       /    ¯¯    |  '._, |  '._\ '._.' /|   |      |  |  |   | \ '.___.'.  \ /
      /   /¯¯¯¯\   \____/  \____/'.___.'/_____\    /____\/_____\ '.____.'   //
     /   /      \   \       _____________________________________      /¯'-'/
    /____\      /____\        S P I R I T   O F   J U S T I C E        \__.'
      ~ D L C   E P I S O D E:   T U R N A B O U T   T I M E   T R A V E L E R ! ~
                It won't be long now... A Phoenix approaches this land...
                   And with him, the flames of purification and change!
     ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯
                Platform:   Nintendo 3DS
                 Version:   1.00
            Last Updated:   11/19/2016
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    O==<                          Table of Contents                           >==O
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     - Introduction.......................................................[PW-INT]
     - Controls...........................................................[PW-CON]
     - Game Basics & Tips.................................................[PW-GBT]
     - Episode 3: Turnabout Time Traveler, Investigation Day 1.............[PW01-1]
                  Turnabout Time Traveler, Trial Day 1.....................[PW01-2]
                  Turnabout Time Traveler, Investigation Day 2.............[PW01-3]
                  Turnabout Time Traveler, Trial Day 2.....................[PW01-4]
                  Turnabout Time Traveler, Trial Day 2, Part 2.............[PW01-5]
     - Version History....................................................[PW-HIS]
     - Credits............................................................[PW-CRE]
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    O==<                            Introduction                              >==O
     Hello everyone! I'm back with a guide for the DLC case for Phoenix Wright:
    Spirit of Justice, entitled "Turnabout Time Traveler". This is a very cool
    DLC case, featuring Edgeworth, Larry Butz and Maya Fey. It really makes you
    feel like Phoenix is having a family reunion.
     Since this is DLC, hopefully you've already played through the main game.
    It isn't required, as this case isn't directly tied to the main game at all,
    but it does seem like the proper order. If you are looking for a guide for
    the main game, you can find it with the link below:
    (-NOTE-) The link is a bit too long for the character restriction, but still
     If you haven't played a Phoenix Wright game before, I HIGHLY recommend
    starting off with Ace Attorney on the DS and going through the series before
    delving into this one. Also let me note that since these game's are so text
    heavy the need for an in-depth FAQ / Walkthrough is somewhat diminished, so
    of course I recommend only using this guide if you absolutely need it.
     Still, I'm glad we're back together. If you regularly read walkthroughs
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    pumping these things out (besides loving the games) is because all of the
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     Now let's get our game on!
     ~ Bkstunt
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    ~ Bk
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            _|___/ .__/_|_| |_|\__|_\___/_|____\__/ \_,_/__/\__|_\__\___|_
    O==<                              Controls                                >==O
    Here are the controls for Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright: Spirit of Justice!
                   /      []    _________________________    []      \
                   |           |.-----------------------.|           |
                   |           ||                       ||           |
                   |           ||                       ||           |
                   |           ||                       ||           |
                   |           ||                       ||           |
                   |  .......  ||                       ||  .......  |
                   |  .......  ||                       ||  .......  |
                   |  .......  ||                       ||  .......  |
                   |  .......  ||_______________________||  .......  |
                   |      []   '-------------------------'   []      |
                  /\____________| |_________|       |_| |____________/\
                 |-----------. ..-----------------------.. .-----------|
                 |    ___    | ||                       || |  __   __  |
                 |   '---'   | ||                       || | '--' '--' |
                 |    .-.    | ||                       || |           |
                 |  __| |__  | ||                       || |    (X)    |
                 | |__   __| | ||                       || |  (Y) (A)  |
                 |    | |    | ||                       || |    (B)    |
                 |    '-'    | ||                       || |           |
                 |           | ||_______________________|| |           |
                 |           | |                         | |           |
                 |___________| |_________________________| |___________|
                 |               |mic                 ||               |
     |                                                                        |
     | Analog Stick / Direction Button: Move Cursor                           |
     |                                                                        |
     | A Button: Confirm / Next Message                                       |
     |                                                                        |
     | B Button: Cancel / Go back up one level / Fast-forward through         |
     |           Messages                                                     |
     |                                                                        |
     | X Button: Confirm Evidence to Present (During Cross-examination)       |
     |           Ask for a Consultation. Perceive (During Investigation)      |
     |                                                                        |
     | Y Button: Open the Backlog                                             |
     |                                                                        |
     | L Button: Press the Witness (During Cross-examination) / Switch tabs   |
     |           within the Court Record                                      |
     |                                                                        |
     | R Button: Open the Court Record / Switch tabs within the Court Record  |
     |                                                                        |
     | START: Save your progress                                              |
     |                                                                        |
              ___      _     _ _          __      _         _   _        
             / __|_ __(_)_ _(_) |_   ___ / _|  _ | |_  _ __| |_(_)__ ___ 
             \__ \ '_ \ | '_| |  _| / _ \  _| | || | || (_-<  _| / _/ -_)
            _|___/ .__/_|_| |_|\__|_\___/_|____\__/ \_,_/__/\__|_\__\___|_
    O==<                         Game Basics & Tips                           >==O
     A few tips for the game in general here, just in case you don't want to
    use the guide 100% I suppose. Also, some summaries are below of the game's
    characters, taken out of the in-game manual.
      o Since this is a TEXT ADVENTURE game, your best way to use this guide
        is to only use it as a REFERENCE and only use it when you truly get stuck.
        I say that to give yourself a chance to figure out the questions for
        yourself and in turn obtain the greatest satisfaction.
      o The best way to get through cross-examinations is to press every single
        statement. You'll often get new statements or hints by doing this.
      o If you get stuck on a multiple choice type of question, try to eliminate
        any dumb possibilities. You can often get the right answer just by taking
        away all of the unlikely answers.
     o If you get stuck on anything else, check out your Court Record very
       carefully. Go through the DETAILS of each piece of evidence and look for
       anything definitive or odd.
                                    CHARACTER BIOS
     Head of the Wright Anything Agency, he is a veteran lawyer with a strong
    sense of justice. He's left his two subordinates in charge of the office
    while he's away in the Kingdom of Khura'in.
     A young lawyer with a great passion for the law. Through a number of
    harrowing trials, he's grown into a fine lawyer, and is now an indespensable
    member of the Wright Anything Agency.
     Even with a year's experience under her belt, she is still the rookie of
    the Wright Anything Agency. Her ability to discern people's real emotions
    from the tones in their voice is a real advantage in the courtroom.
     The Royal Priestess of the Kingdom of Khura'in. Through her power of
    Spirit Communion, she is able to project the final memories of the dead into
    the Pool of Souls for all to see. She and her power hold a lot of sway in
     An international prosecutor from the Kingdom of Khura'in. He believes
    that by seeking justice through the courts, he can save victims' souls.
    He directs his sharp tongue only towards defendants who don't acknowledge
    their sin, and to the lawyers who defend them.
              ___      _     _ _          __      _         _   _        
             / __|_ __(_)_ _(_) |_   ___ / _|  _ | |_  _ __| |_(_)__ ___ 
             \__ \ '_ \ | '_| |  _| / _ \  _| | || | || (_-<  _| / _/ -_)
            _|___/ .__/_|_| |_|\__|_\___/_|____\__/ \_,_/__/\__|_\__\___|_
    O==<     SPECIAL EPISODE: Turnabout Time Traveler, Investigation Day 1    >==O
    (-NOTE-) After the episode is a list of Profile Biographies and Court Record
             pieces. Those sections are FULL of spoilers, so only check them out
             after the case!
                                     GAME STORY
    My name is Phoenix Wright.
    I'm the head of the Wright Anything Agency, and a lawyer.
    I just happened to be here in the Kingdom of Khura'in -- land of spirit
    mediums and mystery -- when duty called.
    For you see, trials in this country are conducted in the absence of lawyers,
    and I couldn't just sit by and let that happen. Not in this case.
    So I decided to take a stand in this foreign land and defend the frightened
    defendant myself.
    But I'm not alone. Make no mistake -- the spirit of revolution is
    beginning to stir throughout the courts of Khura'in.
                                     GAME START
    September 21, 10:13 AM
    Wright Anything Agency
     After a neat cut-scene that shows what appears to be some sort of time
    travel, we'll begin this episode back in the office as Phoenix. Trucy
    appears to have replaced Apollo already in her act (poor Trucy!).
     After the introductions, we'll have our slow day interrupted by none other
    than... Larry Butz! Holy crap, this is really a blast from the past! Long
    time Phoenix Wright fans will know this, but Larry was often featured in the
    early games of the series as Phoenix's friend who often finds himself in legal
     Larry will introduce us to Ellen, his... his bride!? Holy crap? It even looks
    like Phoenix is somewhat jealous! Larry really is growing up, huh? You'll be
    able to talk to Larry soon. I HIGHLY recommend showing him your attorney's
    badge though, that is a good time! Once you can, ask him "You're getting
    married?" to learn the truth of everything here. Elly isn't into this whole
    marriage thing like Larry is, it seems (which makes me wonder WHY she is here
    and in a wedding dress...).
     So, as Ellen explains, Larry is helping her escape from the police! She is a
    murder suspect, wanted for the murder of someone named Dumas Gloomsbury (and
    here Larry thinks they are eloping... sheesh...).
     Ask about "Larry" next to learn what he's been up to: he's been a picture-book
    author. A "one hit wonder" picture-book author. Makes sense. He'll ask us to
    defend Elly after explaining his latest picture book character. Elly will ask
    us to defend her as well, claiming she is innocent. Well, no psylocks! She
    seems legit until she tells Phoenix that she is a time traveler... can that
    cut-scene from earlier be true? Furthermore, the man that attacked her is now
    dead on top of all of that?!
     Phoenix doesn't have a lot of time to think about this as police soon
    surround the office. Thankfully, Ema comes in to talk to us. There's a ton of
    cops because SOMEONE made a bomb threat. Just... wow, Larry. She'll take Ellen
    off to the detention center. Well... a case is a case, so when you get a chance,
    head to the Detention Center to go question Ellen.
    September 21
    Detention Center - Visitor's Room
     We'll meet up with Ellen here. Larry will (incorrectly) assume we are taking
    her case since we showed up, which makes Ellen go into hysterics when Phoenix
    corrects him. Oh my... we're going to DROWN if we don't take this case, and so
    Phoenix will accept!
     Go ahead and ask Ellen about "Suspicion of Murder" here to hear her story.
    She will tell you of her encounter with Dumas and that he was going to push her
    over a ledge before the Pendant her fiance, Sorin, gave her took her back in
    time. Very hard to believe... She'll tell us how she found the body after that,
    which gives us our first piece of evidence:
     o New Evidence: Ellen's Pendant
     Larry will bring up a shadowy figure here, adding to our questions, but for
    now let's ask about "The Wedding" (I like to stay in order!). After Larry's
    heartbreak, you'll learn more about the groom: Sorin Sprocket, next in line of
    Sprocket Airlines. Ellen is marrying into money, apparently! 
     NOW let's ask about the "Shadowy Figure" that Larry brought up. Ellen will
    share that as she was passing out from being attacked (and TRANSPORTED through
    time, lest we forget!), a shadowy figure attacked Dumas. No idea who it was
    though. Makes you wonder...
     o New Evidence: Ellen's Statement
     Well, we got all we're going to get for now from Ellen. Larry will tell us
    he is going with us to the crime scene. Can't complain. Go ahead and move to
    the "Mooring Dock" to continue with the investigation.
    September 21
    Sprocket Park - Mooring Dock
     It won't be long here before Larry leaves us to chase some girl. Just wow...
    I suppose we are investigating alone then! Go ahead and investigate when you
    are able to.
     Starting from the left, check out the big tower to get a comment about the
    ship being tied to it. Examine the airship next to get some comments from
    Phoenix. Next up, examine the bench to the lower right for some comments.
    After that, examine the board the bench crashed into to learn of it being
    damaged during a gust of wind last night. Wind so hard it threw a bench?
    Sounds like some powerful wind. Hmm...
     Larry will join us again after you examine the board. Seems the girl he was
    chasing made the right call, but he'll confirm that we ARE at the reception
    location. Yet, its on the airship. Larry will give us a pamphlet for it as
     o New Evidence: Flying Chapel Pamphlet
     Soon afterwards, we'll get some "reinforcements" from Larry, and a red
    sports car will arrive on the scene. Edgeworth?! Nope, Maya! Maya's done
    with her training and is back stateside. Larry will try something truly
    desperate here, but afterwards we'll get to meet up with Edgeworth, who
    drove Maya here. Very nice!
     We'll get to ask him some question soon. Ask about "The Incident" first
    to learn why Edgeworth is here. He is the PROSECUTOR for this case, thanks
    to the clout the Sprocket Family has. This means we'll be facing off in court
    with him once more. It has truly been QUITE AWHILE since that happened! Next
    up, ask about "Edgeworth" to ask about how he's been doing. Seems like he is
    just as busy as ever and worried about his looks to boot! Heh. He'll end up
    taking Larry off of our hands for his stunt with the bomb earlier today, which
    leaves us with Maya as our assistant! Another thing we haven't had in quite
    a while!
     Well, let's make the most of it and move to the "Reception Hall" to
    continue our investigation with Maya!
    September 21
    Flying Chapel - Reception Hall
     Phoenix will show us on the pamphlet where we are on the airship. Looks
    like there are quite a few rooms up here. We'll meet Ema while we are up here
    and get her permission to investigate. We can talk to her as well, which we
    should do first to learn more about the case.
     Go ahead and ask about "What Happened" first to learn what Edgeworth wouldn't
    tell us. Dumas, the victim, was the lead servant so he was her co-worker and
    boss (of sorts). Interesting. Ellen is mainly suspect for being found at the
    scene of the crime, murder weapon in hand, although it sounds like the police
    think this was all self-defense. Hmmm...
     Ask about "The murder weapon" to learn it was a clock shaped like a blimp.
    Oh wow. You'll learn this thing is a "time machine" as well. Cheesy, but it
    seems to fit the tone of this case:
     o New Evidence: Time Keeper
     Ask about "A star-crossed marriage" after that to learn there was plenty of
    opposition to the marriage. Ellen had no family and was a live-in maid, so you
    can guess that the higher-ups wouldn't be crazy about her marrying the heir of
    the company.
     We'll be done talking with Ema after that explanation, so it is time to do
    some examining. On the upper left is a hot air balloon thing you can get a
    comment on. Next up is the broken object in the middle of the room. THIS thing
    is the "Lantern" that Ellen was telling us about. We'll switch our view around
    to see the body outline and get comments about there being a "Pegabull" and a
    "Pegamoo". There... there is some weird stuff going on in the "wedding
    decoration" world, I'd say! We'll get this thing as evidence, but note that
    there were too "Pegabull" lanterns here instead of one of each!
     o New Evidence: Broken Lantern
     We'll stay at the broken statue for now to keep examining things. Check out
    the bloody item to the left here for some comments (note the blood). Next,
    check the note to the bottom left of the body outline. You'll get to see it
    up close, and it sounds like someone really did want to murder Ellen. Maya
    will comment on the handwriting here and we'll learn where the vista deck is
    thanks to Ema, but this note will definitely go into the court record!
     o New Evidence: Gloomsbury's Note
     Check out the body outline next to get a photo from Ema about how they
    found the body (as well as learn he was hit on the back of the head):
     o New Evidence: Photo of Victim
     After that, check out the item to the right of the body outline to try and
    see what it is. No idea, and not important enough to go in the court record
    apparently. We'll back out of this view and go back to the main view now.
     Normally we' do the middle desk, but that zooms us in so first check out
    the plane on the upper right for some commentary. After that, you can check
    out the remaining (un-destroyed) "pegabull" for another comment. Note that
    the handle on the INSIDE is the un-painted one. After that, examine the desk
    in the middle to zoom-in to it.
     Over here you can examine three things. The first is the window (anywhere
    on the upper left will do), then the small cabinet where they believe the
    "Time Machine" was on display. Finally, the reception table for some comments
    on weddings. I'll tell you from personal experience, I can't remember eating
    ANYTHING at my wedding. Maybe some cake? Weddings are busy for the bride and
    groom, for sure!
     We are DONE with this area, so we'll back out. We need to change our
    perspective of this area to continue, so go ahead and hit the RIGHT BUTTON
    to shift the camera around (you'll have the hot air balloon above you when
    you do). Examine the set of doors on the left here first, then move on to
    the machine in the very back. This is apparently a fog machine, which Maya
    will try to use on us, but it doesn't work without dry ice. Which is good,
    as we don't need to make this place harder to investigate:
     o New Evidence: Fog Machine
     The only other thing left to examine from here is the partition to the right
    of the fog machine. This can hide things from view of course, which is good
    to note. Once that is done, we have to hit the RIGHT button once more to flip
    our view again. This time the airplane should be above you in the middle of
    the screen.
     OK, from this point of view go ahead and examine the book on the table in
    front of you, which turns out to be a GIANT "business card wallet". Huh. Look
    at the FACE on the wallet though. This is totally Larry's wallet, and Phoenix
    will take it to give back to him later:
     o New Evidence: Business Card Wallet
     Once you pick this thing up, we'll have explored the entire reception hall.
    You'll automatically zoom out here and be greeted by a mysterious individual,
    who will send us a note on a paper airplane and leave, all without saying a 
    word. Ema will fill us in though: that is Sorin, the fiance! He undoubtedly
    is a person of interest, being Ellen's groom, so let's go chase him down! Go
    ahead and move to the "Mooring Dock" to catch up with him!
    September 21
    Sprocket Park - Mooring Dock
     We'll meet up with Sorin here, but he doesn't seem interested in talking
    with us at all. He doesn't even acknowledge Phoenix whatsoever, and will
    instead seem to be in his own world. We'll get a chance to talk to him after
    awhile though.
     Go ahead and ask about "Ellen" here. We'll get ignored again but he'll send
    us another plane saying he isn't interested in talking about her of the case.
    Wow, this guy? What does she see in him?
     We'll have to get through to him somehow! What you need to do here is PRESENT
    the "Ellen's Pendant" item to him. He'll recognize it and then FINALLY learn
    that we are her lawyers. Wow...
     Well, you can ask about "Ellen" now, so go ahead. He still doesn't seem to
    care too much though, although he does have a comment about her pendant and
    the time travel she claims to have been part of. He seems more interested in
    that, so ask about "The Time Machine" next. We'll learn a thing or two about
    time travel, as it seems to be Sorin's real love. Hmm...
     Soon we'll meet another mysterious person who seems to be in charge of
    keeping Sorin on schedule. Pierce Nichody, the butler. He'll have us hold
    on a second while he checks the time, and then invites us to Sprocked Manor
    after learning who we are to serve us some tea. Well, Maya is onboard, so we
    have little choice, huh? Move to the "Foyer" to continue.
    September 21
    Sprocket Manor - Foyer
     Pierce will tell us why we are really here: to be out of prying eyes and
    ears as we talk about the murder. What a crafty guy! He's also the director
    of the repair division and demonstrates his repair robot when Maya breaks a
    radio. Go figure.
     Go ahead and ask about "The Incident" here. Pierce believes the same thing
    that Edgeworth does: Ellen killed in defense. Those two WOULD get along well
    it seems. He does open up another talk option though, as he makes it very
    clear he serves the family and Sorin above all.
     Ask about "Time Travel" next to have the idea put down, but Pierce will
    change his tune once he hears Sorin thinks it is possible. We will also learn
    that Sorin has SOMETHING in his past he wants to change. Next up, ask about
    "Discovering the Crime" to learn that he and a number of other family members
    walked in to see Ellen holding the Time Machine and a dead Dumas below her.
    Enough to have him call the cops for sure (can you blame him?!). 
     After that subject, we can examine and present items as we wish. There are
    some comments you can get from presenting items, but nothing comes from any
    of it. If you want, you can get a comment from the pendant or time machine
    items or a comment about Dumas if you show him the broken lantern, note, or
    the photo of victim items.
     Once you're done with that, it's time to examine the lobby! Check out the
    propeller on the wall for some comments and then the picture below it. This
    is a photo of Sorin's sister we're told, which will become a piece of evidence
    and makes Phoenix comment on the fact that we should show it to Pierce:
     o New Evidence: Selena Sprocket Photo
     Next up, check out the table near the man. He was at the reception and was
    taking photos, which makes him our best friend! Heh. We'll get one such photo
    now (with Maya pointing out where Pierce was):
     o New Evidence: Photo of Reception
     Check the card thing on the ground next to see it is a keycard to the
    airship. Ellen's keycard, to be specific. It seems that Mr. Butz was here
    at some point as well.
     Next let's go to the right side of the room. There's a few things we can
    examine over here. Start with the flowers on the table to curse Phoenix's
    love life, then the bull stuffed on the wall. Apparently the airline has it
    as a logo. Finally, you can click the antique radio again to lecture Maya on
    it. Hehe.
     With all of that done, let's PRESENT the "Selena Sprocket Photo" to Pierce
    like Phoenix mentioned. Do so now to open up the "Sorin's Past" talking point.
    Ask about that and you'll learn what you likely thought already: Selena is
    dead. Ever since, it has been time machines for Sorin. Sad...
     Soon Larry will show up out of the blue! Once Phoenix asks him if he had
    anything to do with the case, he'll run off. Figures. We need to follow and
    question him! Choose to move to the "Mooring Dock" to pursue him!
    September 21
    Sprocket Park - Mooring Dock
     Larry will deny running off from us here, playing dumb (that seems to come
    naturally, eh?!). Once you are able to, ask him "What you saw on the Airship"
    to see PSYCHE-LOCKS. These things mean Larry is hiding something, so let's
    try our hand at breaking them!
     MAGATAMA: Larry Butz
     -- What Larry is Hiding --
     Larry will claim he has nothing whatsoever to do with the case, which will
    make us answer a question:
     QUESTION: If you weren't involved, Larry, then you wouldn't have been
               involved with this person.
     This is pretty easy, but select "Ellen Wyatt" here and a lock will break.
    One more to go. He will concede to that, but not to being on the airship,
    making us answer another question:
     QUESTION: You want proof, Larry? Here's proof that you were on that
     You remember that wallet thing, right? Yep, present the "Business Card
    Wallet" here to break Larry for good.
     Now we can finally ask our question. Ask "What you saw on the Airship" here
    to be shown something very strange... a drawing Larry did. Kind-of weird, but
    it gets weirder when he points out the pterodactyl in the window and claim
    the ship travels through time as that's what he saw... just wow...
     o New Evidence: Larry's Drawing
     Larry will take back his wallet while he is here (and since we used it to
    make him talk...). He'll also give us another piece of evidence though: a
    picture of Elly he took in the HOLD of the ship. The flowers look interesting
    right? This may come in handy, I suppose:
     o New Evidence: Photo of Hold
     Seems like Larry was doing some illegal things to get into the hold in the
    first place. Phoenix will mention that we're about done with the investigation
    but Maya insists on meeting Ellen, as she hasn't yet. Makes sense. Let's MOVE
    to the "Detention Center" so she can meet our client:
    September 21
    Detention Center - Visitor's Room
     We'll arrive in time to see Pierce trying to call the marriage off. He may
    be doing this for the family, but he's a jerk for sure. Phoenix will get him
    off Ellen's back. We must make sure she's not a criminal now!
     Once you can, ask Ellen about the "Investigation Results" to hear why she
    had the murder weapon in her hands. She's not helping us out at all, is she?
    Ask about "Time Travel" next to tell her no one can confirm the time travel
    but Larry. The Investigation portion will wrap up soon afterwards. Now THIS
    should be a trial to remember...
     "To Be Continued..."
              ___      _     _ _          __      _         _   _        
             / __|_ __(_)_ _(_) |_   ___ / _|  _ | |_  _ __| |_(_)__ ___ 
             \__ \ '_ \ | '_| |  _| / _ \  _| | || | || (_-<  _| / _/ -_)
            _|___/ .__/_|_| |_|\__|_\___/_|____\__/ \_,_/__/\__|_\__\___|_
    O==<         SPECIAL EPISODE: Turnabout Time Traveler, Trial Day 1        >==O
    September 22, 8:45 AM
    District Court - Defendant Lobby No. 3
     We'll get to meet up with Ellen here of course, but even better is a visit
    from Sorin. He'll ask Ellen about a lost item (yeah, still a jerk...), but in
    a surprise twist will show an edge of concern and love. Huh... didn't see that
    coming. We'll have to go into court soon...
    September 22, 9:00 AM
    District Court - Courtroom No. 6
                      Day 1: Court is now in session! All Rise!
     The Judge will note how much of a reunion this is and thinks we should all
    go out for dinner. Sounds like a good idea, right? Edgeworth will hold out
    until after the trial though.
     Edgeworth will sum up the charges in the case but won't tell us if he is
    going for the self-defense or not until the first witness shows up. We'll see
    who the first witness is soon: Ema! She seems to be a fan of Edgeworth's more
    than Wright's, but we'll get her testimony soon.
     With Ema's last statement, our self-defense plea is completely out of the
    window. We also get the autopsy report to confirm what Edgeworth and Ema are
     o New Evidence: Autopsy Report
     We'll be able to cross-examine Ema after that.
     Witness Testimony: Rundown of the Cast
     Witness: Ema Skye
       1. The murder weapon was a clock called the "Time Keeper."
       2. The victim was hit with it from behind, and he fell over, right into
          the lantern.
       3. The defendant was spotted then, standing in front of the body holding
          the murder weapon.
       4. The victim was struck twice, by the way.
     Go ahead and press everything if you wish, but it won't help very much.
    Instead, what you need to do is present the "Photo of Victim" at Statement
    Number 2. Ema won't give up though: she'll state the body could have been
    moved after he was killed, which brings up a question:
     QUESTION: Is it possible that the victim's body was moved after he fell
               into the lantern?
     1) It's possible
     2) It's not possible
     Pick "It's not possible" here. We'll have to explain ourselves though:
     QUESTION: One look at this here, and it should become obvious.
     Point out the rubble lying on TOP of the body to point out the lantern
    broke AFTER the body was there. This defies anything Ema or Edgeworth can
    explain, and as Phoenix points out this opens up an entirely new possibility
    which we'll have to point out:
     QUESTION: If the murder actually occurred before the reception, it opens
               up the possibility that...
     1) He was killed somewhere else
     2) The defendant didn't do it
     3) He was killed some other way
     Here pick "He was killed somewhere else". The lanterns are mobile after
    all, so Phoenix will put forth his theory, but Edgeworth asks for proof:
     QUESTION: What proves that the lantern and the body were moved from
               somewhere else?
     Present the "Photo of Victim" here again. You'll have to point out what
    you are talking about once more:
     QUESTION: I'd like the court to focus on this thing, right here!
     This time you want to point out the FLOWER PETAL lying on the body. As you
    will remember, there were no flowers like this at all in the reception hall,
    so they had to come from SOMEWHERE!
     QUESTION: I propose that this piece of evidence will tell us where the
               flower petals came from.
     Something to tie the flower petals to something else! Present the "Photo
    of Hold" photo here to show that THIS place could be where Dumas was really
    killed. Edgeworth will try to deny it, but knows nothing about flowers it
    seems. However, Ema is there for him again. Listen to her testimony and we'll
    be able to cross-examine her soon:
     Witness Testimony: The Prosecution's Rebuttal
     Witness: Ema Skye
       1. The victim could not have been killed before the reception.
       2. The autopsy report states that the estimated time of death was after
          the reception.
       3. And that estimated time of death is correct. There's no way it could
          be wrong.
     After pressing every statement, you'll get a lot of dialog about the
    possibility of the time of death being wrong, with the use of cold and ice.
    That's your hint right there. Here you want to present the "Fog Machine" at
    Statement 3 as Phoenix explains his theory.
     Edgeworth will acknowledge the possibility, but also thanks us. Yeah, this
    is starting to bring back memories. We just fed right into something bad,
    without a doubt. Sure enough, key-card records for who entered the hold, with
    Ellen's name recorded last:
     o New Evidence: Hold Entry Record
     Edgeworth will hammer home the point, claiming Pierce was escorting some
    guests at the time and has multiple alibi's. Ellen also VOLUNTEERED for the
    clean-up, to "dispose of the body". Wow, this looks bad. Edgeworth will call
    for a verdict even... 
     As everyone guessed, a bluff is what we need right now. Phoenix will go
    against the card itself, stating that someone else could have used it, and
    with Maya's help we might know who!
     QUESTION: I need the testimony of this person, who may have entered the
               hold with Ms. Wyatt's card!
     Yep, answer with Mr. "Larry Butz". Edgeworth didn't even know he was
    involved, but like us he know's Larry, and Larry means trouble. We have our
    big break right here, assuming they can catch Larry!
    September 22
    District Court - Defendant Lobby No. 3
     We'll check in with Athena and Trucy here, but nothing ground-breaking or
    serious will happen here. Trucy and Athena shenanigans. We'll finally get
    a mention of Detective Gumshoe, but soon we'll be back in the courtroom.
    September 22
    District Court - Courtroom No. 6
     Nick is none too happy with any of us, and will give his "testimony" soon,
    which has to be the most... unhelpful testimony I've ever hear. Well, maybe
    except for that whale testimony in Dual Destinies DLC... we'll get to
    cross-examine it soon:
     Witness Testimony: Nick Is A Jerk Face!
     Witness: Larry Butz
       1. Nick, you big, fat, stinkin' jerk!
       2. How can you doubt your best bud?! We've known each other since
          elementary school!
       3. W-W-Well, get this, pal! Our friendship's over!
       `--> Press for STATEMENT 4
       4. Anyone could tell there were two Pegabulls by looking at the Flying
          Chapel's pamphlet!
     Pressing these statements is quite fun. Press each one of them and when you
    press the third one, you'll get the fourth one added in. That's the one we
    want, so present the "Flying Chapel Pamphlet" at Statement 4.
     Larry was OBVIOUSLY there and will come clean about it, telling us what he
    did ending with him being locked in the room he made the drawing in. We'll
    have an important question though:
     QUESTION: Do I accuse larry of being the true culprit?
     1) Accuse him
     2) No, of course not
     Well, there's just no way Larry would murder someone. Not knowingly at the
    very least! Pick "No, of course not" here. The Judge will insist that Larry
    tell the whole truth this time, bringing on some more testimony.
     Listen to the testimony and you'll get the truth out of Larry. This will
    also update some of our testimony:
     o New Evidence (UPDATED!): Broken Lantern
     Edgeworth will use this to his advantage, like normal, saying that Larry
    played right into Ellen's hand and is therefor an accomplice. We'll have to
    prove him wrong in our cross-examination.
     Witness Testimony: Moving the Lantern
     Witness: Larry Butz
       1. It's just like Nick said, I'm the one who moved the lantern.
       2. I was poking around the reception hall before the main event and
          saw a lantern was broken.
       3. There was a note on it that said, "Exchange with the one in the
          hold. -- Ellen."
       4. So I decided to do Elly a favor.
       `--> Press for STATEMENT 5
       5. I tried to sneak into the reception hall, but I got caught and
          locked up in a cabin.
     There's a few things we have to do here. First, press everything if you
    wish, but press Statement 4 in particular to get the question below.
     QUESTION: Well... Is that statement of his important to the case...?
     1) It's important
     2) It's not important
     Answer with "It's Important" to get Statement 5 added up above. Now, when
    you press that, you'll get another question (weird to not be presenting some
    evidence, but whatever works):
     QUESTION: Mr. Butz moved the lantern after he broke out of the cabin,
               but that contradicts with this.
     Here, present the "Broken Lantern" and Phoenix will note the timing of the
    lantern switch with what Larry is saying. Larry isn't being clear at all here:
    he swapped the lanterns both before and after the reception. Sure enough, the
    time-traveling aspect to this case has just been introduced, courtesy of Larry.
     As you can imagine, there's a lot of reaction here, but in the end Edgeworth
    will point out that we don't have any proof... until Larry shows off a picture
    that he took of the FIRST reception. We... we're really running with this,
    aren't we?
     QUESTION: This is proof positive that the wedding reception was held twice.
     Compare this picture to the "Photo of Reception" we have in our court record
    and you'll see the change smacking you in the face. The bride's bouquet! Point
    it out and you'll "prove" the time-traveling theory.
     Edgeworth doesn't take this well. He really would be bad to watch movies
    with! The court will discuss time travel and refute it quite a bit here (enjoy
    the dialog!), but in the end there is no doubt that SOMETHING is going on here
    and we'll have to figure out what:
     QUESTION: Somebody must've orchestrated this strange phenomenon. And that
               somebody is...
     1) Everyone at the reception
     2) Gloomsbury
     3) The gods
     Pick "Everyone at the reception" here to put the best guess forward that
    doesn't involve time-travel. And what do you know... Pierce himself comes
    out to clap for us! Hah! He states that we got almost everything right and
    will admit to having the reception staged twice, but insists Ellen is still
    the murder, and the murder was at the Vista Deck.
     Edgeworth will try to wrap this trial up, saying we can't trust Ellen's
    words, but Phoenix points out why trust the people who ALREADY lied to us
    and tried to cover things up. Good point! Either way, the Judge decides
    with this big revelation we don't have enough to go on anymore, and tells
    us to go investigate some more before trial resumes.
     "To Be Continued..."
              ___      _     _ _          __      _         _   _        
             / __|_ __(_)_ _(_) |_   ___ / _|  _ | |_  _ __| |_(_)__ ___ 
             \__ \ '_ \ | '_| |  _| / _ \  _| | || | || (_-<  _| / _/ -_)
            _|___/ .__/_|_| |_|\__|_\___/_|____\__/ \_,_/__/\__|_\__\___|_
    O==<     SPECIAL EPISODE: Turnabout Time Traveler, Investigation Day 2    >==O
    September 22, 1:48 PM
    Wright Anything Agency
     Athena and Trucy will hear of the results of the first trial and will be
    amazed. It is crazy that an entire hall of people went along with this whole
    "time travel" thing, right? Trucy is right though, we need to figure out who
    the mystery person was that Ellen saw.
     But hey, at least we have Larry right? No? Hah. He will agree to talk about
    the case with us, so ask him about "The Incident". Larry and Phoenix will go
    over all of the events that happened that we know about in the proper time
    order here, just to make sure that we know what's going on (which is definitely
     After that, ask about "The Cabin" and the pterodactyl that Larry saw. He
    will not even be sure what he saw. Just wow... this guy can't be trusted at
     o New Evidence (UPDATED!): Larry's Drawing
     Larry will head off shortly afterward for a book signing. Athena will want
    to come along for our investigation, but Phoenix will pawn her off on Trucy
    as her assistant. Just Maya and Phoenix this time around! Well, like Maya
    mentioned, we should go see Ellen, so go ahead and MOVE to the "Detention
    Center" to continue.
    September 22
    Detention Center - Visitor's Room
     Ellen will be cleaning, like usual. She'll be curious about the case of
    course, and Phoenix will share that finding that mystery person is the key
    to this case. We'll also ask about Sorin's location, which worries Ellen
    that we're suspecting him.
     When you can, ask about "Sorin" to, um... learn nothing about Sorin. She's
    serious about protecting him. Seems like trouble. Ask instead about "Pierce
    Nichody" next to learn he's only been with the family for a year. Head butler
    and THAT much influence in only a year!? That also seems quite fishy, but
    Ellen doesn't have much more to share about him.
     Next up, ask about the "Time Travel" to reconfirm what happened with Ellen.
    Regardless of all of that though, Ellen still believes in time travel. All
    because Sorin stated time travelers exist. Like he's seen one or something.
    Makes you wonder who it could be, right?
     After some more waterworks from Ellen regarding Sorin (and us not promising
    not to pester him... girl has issues...), we will be told to head to the
    Mooring Dock to continue. Well, let's do just that!
    September 22
    Sprocket Park - Mooring Dock
     Maya and Phoenix will gather their thoughts here about where to go to next,
    and will come up with the Hold and the Vista Deck. Two very important places
    to this crime that we haven't checked. We're nearby at least, so go ahead
    and move to the "Hold" to head there now.
    September 22
    Flying Chapel - Hold
     When we get to the hold, Maya will note that we didn't have to use a key
    card to get here. Very odd, right? Ema will show up though, which is likely
    the reason we didn't need a card. Ema will let us investigate like normal,
    but first let's ask her what we can first.
     Ask Ema about "The Incident" here to learn she hasn't made too much
    progress. Not that she'd share TOO much, but the fact it was covered up
    isn't helping. She warns us it will be a hard trial as well. Great...
     Well, let's start exploring now. Start with the obvious flowers in front
    of us. These helped us out in trial earlier, but there's nothing really new
    about them here. You can also examine the plates on this table to get a
    humorous comment from Phoenix about Maya breaking things. I agree, stay
    away Maya!
     Next up check out the "Pegamoo" statues to the left in the back. We'll get
    some comments on Larry's mistake here but Ema will also show up and tell us
    she's going to repair the lantern upstairs, giving us something to check in
    a bit. Got it. To the right of that is a bell you can check out for some
    comments and after that check out the plane above that to get a neighborhood
    tour offer from Maya. Sounds like a death-wish!
     Just to the right, click on the candelabra to see some fingerprints on it.
    Ema will confirm that she picked some prints off of it and that they belong
    to the victim, Mr. Gloomsbury. Phoenix will also automatically check the hold
    picture we already have and note the candelabra wasn't here earlier, making
    this potentially important and puts it into evidence:
     o New Evidence: Candelabra
     Ema will also give us some fingerprinting dust after we examine the
    candelabra, as she has four other sets, which means we're dusting SOMETHING
    today! Move onto the cake now to learn it is actually all styrofoam, which
    stops Maya from chowing down on it.
     Next up is the engine and lift. Click on the big gears to the right for a
    comment about the engine and after that just to the left (lower left) you'll
    find a lever you can select. Select that and May won't be able to help herself
    and will have to try the lift. As it ascends though, you'll see something
     Blood!? Holy crap, and by the sounds of it this is new to Ema as well. No
    idea whose blood this is, but as Phoenix points out, Dumas wasn't supposed
    to have lost that much blood!
     o New Evidence: Lift Bloodstain
     Phoenix will mention wanting to ask Ema about the bloodstain, but wants to
    examine the vista deck first. This means we'll automatically head up to the
    Vista Deck with the lever.
     Wow, there appears to be a good view from up here. If only the game would
    show us, right? Still, we don't spend much time up here as Phoenix is...
    ready to go back in soon (all these lawyers seem scared of heights!). We
    will head back down automatically as well.
     Well, time to ask Ema some more questions. Ask her about "The Candelabra"
    next to ask her about it. Asking about it turns into her almost dropping it,
    which gets rid of the candles. This accident turns out to be important though,
    as the pins under the candles are broken. Ema will use this chance to test it
    with some luminol and sure enough, we have a reaction and some updated evidence!
     o New Evidence (UPDATED!): Candelabra
     Ema will wonder if someone got hurt setting up, but I doubt it. Look at how
    much blood that is! Phoenix will comment about showing Ema anything that might
    relate to it. This is your cue to show Ema the "Lift Bloodstain" photo 
     Now ask Ema about "The Bloodstain" to eventually lead to a question about
    the source of it and the candelabra:
     QUESTION: Now, this is only a guess, but I'm thinking maybe these two
               bloodstains are from...
     1) The same source
     2) Different sources
     Pick "The same source" here and Ema will admit it is a possibility. She'll
    test the blood here and now and confirm they come from the same source,
    updating our evidence:
     o New Evidence (UPDATED!): Lift Bloodstain
     o New Evidence (UPDATED!): Candelabra
     Phoenix will ask for the blood to be analyzed, but he's got a good point:
    if this blood isn't Dumas's blood, it could very well be the "third party"
    that Ellen claims to have seen. It would certainly help us if it was!
     Well, time to head on to a new area. The Reception Hall is busy right now
    with the Forensics Team, so let's go try to see Sorin instead. Go ahead and
    Move to the "Foyer" to continue.
    September 22
    Sprocket Manor - Foyer
     We'll meet up with Sorin here. In-person and not in a daydream! He's still
    not the most talkative guy around, but he'll agree to talk with us after he
    asks about Ellen.
     Ask him about "The Cover-Up" to try and confirm he gave the order to do it,
    but... it seems this is new news to him. Wow... maybe Pierce and his family
    made that call? Ask him about the "time travel" next to try and delve deeper,
    but Sorin gets REALLY defensive about this and tells us to leave. Hmmm, very
     Phoenix will mention showing something to Sorin here, so go ahead and present
    the "Candelabra". Sorin reacts to it quite poorly, becoming pale and denying
    he's seen it before... until he passes out and his stomach starts bleeding.
    Oh wow!
     The family will rush to help him and takes him away to the hospital at this
    point, but Sorin accidentally left his notebook behind. Maya eggs us on a bit
    here about opening it up...
     QUESTION: Sorin's notebook... What to do, what to do...?
     1) Take a peak
     2) Don't look
     (-NOTE-) This choice really doesn't matter...
     Phoenix will check out the notebook (regardless of what you pick), but notes
    it is mainly a log of Sorin's life, noting everything going on around him.
    Seems odd, right? Phoenix also adds that something happened on March 8th that
    cause a drastic shift with Sorin (perhaps his sister?). Maya will want a look
    though, and sure enough the notebook will drop into the blood Sorin left behind,
    ruining two pages. Just wonderful! We get it in as evidence though:
     o New Evidence: Sorin's Notebook
     Maya will note that there's something sticking out of the notebook, which
    turns out to be a newspaper article from March 8th, confirming what we (well,
    I at least...) thought: that's the day his sister died. It goes deeper though:
    Dumas Gloomsbury was the DRIVER.
     o New Evidence: Newspaper Article
     This all makes Phoenix wonder if Sorin has a grudge on Dumas as a result of
    what happened. He'll mention we should ask Pierce about it, but he's not here
    right now. Note that there ARE a couple of things you can explore here right
    now (namely, the photos on the table to the left and the bouquet of flowers on
    the right), but we won't get anything other than commentary. So let's go ahead
    and MOVE to the "Mooring Dock" to go find Pierce.
    September 22
    Sprocket Park - Mooring Dock
     By some stroke of luck (game luck!), we'll meet up with Pierce here.
    Phoenix will give him back the notebook to give to Sorin, but kinda... lies
    about looking inside. Heh... Pierce is in contact with the servants who are
    with Sorin right now and advises he must leave soon, but we can talk to him
    if we are quick...
     Well, let's be quick! Ask about "The Cover-Up" here to get a very defensive
    answer. Pierce doesn't have anything else to add at all here, and recommends
    we ask about something else with our limited time. Our question will turn
    into "The Accident", so ask about that next. Pierce "conveniently" forgot to
    mention Dumas, but drops a bombshell here: after the accident, Dumas stayed
    on with the Sprocket Family at Sorin's request! Oh wow...
     Next up, ask about "Selena's Last Moments" to learn quite a bit about the
    accident and the results. Selena's fiance tried to save her, but failed.
    Pierce claims he doesn't know where her fiance is, but he quit being a surgeon.
    Her last words also led him to being Sorin's butler as well. Hmm... makes you
    wonder more about Pierce, doesn't it? I'll bet money this comes up again...
     Pierce won't answer anything else, saying that there is noting to tell us
    about Sorin. Hmm.. Phoenix will mention it is time to show him evidence, and
    I must agree. Go ahead and present the "Candelabra" to him and he'll claim
    to know nothing, but Phoenix's Magatama will react here, showing that he is
    lying to us! Well, time to try and break those psyche-locks and get to the
     MAGATAMA: Pierce Nichody
     -- Pierce's Secret --
     Phoenix will address the fact that Pierce is hiding something from him,
    telling Pierce about the blood on the candelabra which leads to a question:
     QUESTION: I think the blood might belong to this person.
     Go ahead and point out "Sorin Sprocket" here and Phoenix will point out
    his wound (as well as learn that no one else is injured). This will break
    a psyche-lock, but will also lead directly into the next question:
     QUESTION: This proves that Sorin had a motive to kill Mr. Gloomsbury.
     Point out the "Newspaper Article" here to show Sorin's potential motive.
    Pierce will point out the stabbing may not be related to this case at all
    as we break the second lock. This leads to another question though:
     QUESTION: This is the piece of evidence that ties Sorin's injury to
               Mr. Bloomsbury's murder.
     Present the "Lift Bloodstain" here to tie Sorin's injury to the crime scene.
    Phoenix explains its significance while Pierce just stays quiet, which leads
    to one last question:
     QUESTION: This bloodstain on the lift indicates an important fact. It shows
               us that...
     1) The murder was in the reception hall.
     2) Sorin was there during the crime.
     2) Gloombsbury wasn't there.
     Pick "Sorin was there during the crime" here to break the last lock and
    end the Magatama session successfully.
     With the locks broken, we can ask about "Pierce's Secret". He will tell us
    that Gloomsbury DID stab Sorin, but in the reception hall, as he was trying
    to get to Ellen. From there, things changed to the Vista Deck, where Sorin,
    still bleeding and trying to go after Dumas, found Ellen had killed him. So
    in the end, Pierce still maintains Ellen killed Dumas, but Sorin was indeed
    at the crime scene.
     Well... not sure I believe all of that to be honest, but Pierce will head
    out and we'll have some info at least. Phoenix will suggest going to check
    out the Reception Hall next as forensics my be done, so let's move to the
    "Reception Hall" now to continue.
    September 22
    Flying Chapel - Reception Hall
     We'll meet up with Ema again here. She's fixed the lantern (which she's
    quite proud of) and let's us investigate again before she heads out. Looks
    like it's time for round two!
     Click on the table near the back to get zoomed-in back there like before.
    Once you are back here, examine the window again to get some comments on how
    beautiful it is. Next up, check out the small cabinet on the left. You'll see
    a key of sorts here and Phoenix will ask the nearby maid about it. "The Key of
    Love", which activates the Time Keeper. Could be important:
     o New Evidence: Key of Love
     Check out the large table next. The sheets have been changed, but other than
    that there's nothing new. Phoenix will comment that there's nothing else to
    see here and the screen will zoom back out.
     Check out the bull lantern next to have Maya express her disappointment in
    it. Maya wants things to be more exciting apparently. That's everything we
    can look at from this view (everything that is new anyways...), but like last
    time, we can ROTATE the room to explore more, so hit the RIGHT ARROW to rotate
    around. The hot air balloon should be above you when you do this.
     You'll see something new here: a door on the side of the room (remember,
    there was a room divider blocking our view earlier here). The maid will stop
    us from trying it out though, as it is an emergency exit. Good to know!
     Now, rotate the room around again by hitting the RIGHT ARROW so we can see
    the other side of the hall. You'll see the (now fixed) lantern here. Ema has
    it all taped up! Examine it to get some comments on how much work it is, but
    also note the handle has BLOOD on it. Oh yikes. Phoenix will mention it is
    worth comparing this to the other lantern, just in case, as our evidence gets
     o New Evidence (UPDATED!): Broken Lantern
      Next up, you can check out the fog machine to get a comment from Maya (she
    wants to use it). That's all over here though, so for now let's ROTATE the
    room again. Hit the right arrow to go back to the main perspective (facing the
    desk) and investigate the Pegabull lantern (so we can compare it to the broken
    lantern like Phoenix mentioned). This will actually bring up a question:
     QUESTION: The thing about the restored lantern that's off is the...
     1) Shape of the horns
     2) Angle of the wings
     3) Color of the wheel handle
     Pick "Color of the wheel handle" here to have Phoenix point out that Maya got
    the inside and outside wheel handles switched (he opens the door to show you
    too). With a bloody handle, this is definitely important:
     o New Evidence (UPDATED!): Broken Lantern
     With that answered and everything of importance examined, Phoenix will state
    we are done with this area. You'll get a surprise though: Sorin makes a sudden
    appearance and is quite rattled! He'll be panicked and asks about his notebook
    over and over, until Pierce shows up and gives it to him. This will calm him
    down, but Pierce won't let us talk to him (what a shame!).
     All we can do now is head back to the office and sort our thoughts out about
    the case. Sounds good. Head back to the "Wright Anything Agency" to continue.
    September 22
    Wright Anything Agency
     Athena will greet us here, apparently taking a break from Trucy. Can't blame
    her. Phoenix will report our progress to her though, giving us a nice wrap-up
    of where we stand. Sorin does SEEM to be the likely culprit at this point in
    time, and Ellen won't be happy about that. Chances aren't very good that we'll
    save the marriage, it seems like...
     Trucy will come in soon to gather up Athena as Phoenix advises we should go
    talk with Ellen about what we found. Probably a good idea, but yeah... I'm
    guessing she won't like it. Go ahead and move to the "Detention Center" now
    September 22
    Detention Center - Visitor's Room
     Phoenix will confront Ellen here, asking if Sorin was with her in the
    Reception Hall or not. Well, sure enough, she was hiding that from us. We'll
    tell her the possibility of Sorin being the culprit here and she just DOES
    NOT take it well. Yeah...
     After a ton of waterworks, she'll ask us to prove her innocence AND Sorin's
    in court tomorrow. She asks for quite a bit... but we will try. I hope she's
    ready to face the truth!
    "To Be Continued..."
              ___      _     _ _          __      _         _   _        
             / __|_ __(_)_ _(_) |_   ___ / _|  _ | |_  _ __| |_(_)__ ___ 
             \__ \ '_ \ | '_| |  _| / _ \  _| | || | || (_-<  _| / _/ -_)
            _|___/ .__/_|_| |_|\__|_\___/_|____\__/ \_,_/__/\__|_\__\___|_
    O==<         SPECIAL EPISODE: Turnabout Time Traveler, Trial Day 2        >==O
    September 23, 8:50 AM
    District Court - Defendant Lobby No. 3
     We'll meet up with Ellen here and sort-of re-cap where we stand. She is very
    upset still, but trusts Sorin with all her heart that he didn't do it. We can
    only hope the truth comes out in court, so in we go!
    September 23, 9:00 AM
    District Court - Courtroom No. 6
                      Day 2: Court is now in session! All Rise!
     As court starts and Egeworth gives his opening summary, he'll bring up the
    existence of a third party. This QUICKLY turns into him guessing what our
    strategy is: namely guessing we'd call on Sorin Sprocket as the third party
    and see where that went. He even knows about Dumas being the driver that lead
    to Sorin's sister's death. Edgeworth is PREPARED!
     As a result, Edgeworth will call in Sprocket to come testify. Good idea...
    except Sorin isn't in a mood to talk until he absolutely has to. Go ahead and
    listen to his testimony and we'll get to cross-examine him soon (after fending
    off some attacks from Edgeworth).
     Witness Testimony: What Sorin Remembers
     Witness: Sorin Sprocket
     1. I was stabbed by Dumas in the reception hall, and I collapsed to
        the floor.
     2. The next thing I saw was Ellen and Dumas on the vista deck.
     3. I knew Ellen was in danger, so I headed for the vista deck.
     4. But when I got there, Dumas was already...
     5. I don't want to believe it, but it must've been Ellen. Nothing else
        makes sense...
     There isn't much to go against here, so for now just go ahead and PRESS
    everything. You'll get comments after everything, but at the end Phoenix
    will hear about Sorin's trip to the hold and claim he never went through
    there, leading to a question:
     QUESTION: This proves that Mr. Sprocket didn't go through the hold.
     This took me a second actually (sadly... gotta get the brain thinking),
    but upon looking at all the evidence this is pretty easy. What you want to
    do is present the "Hold Entry Record". Edgeworth asks if we can prove another
    route at all afterwards:
     QUESTION: Can I prove the existence of another route to the vista deck,
               you ask?
     1) I can
     2) Not yet
     Pick "I can" here and you'll be forced to explain yourself, by pointing
    out the other route that could exist:
     QUESTION: Mr. Sprocket made for the vista deck through here!
     Point out tht door on the left-hand side of the airship (the one we saw when
    we investigated the second time). Sorin says nothing and Edgeworth will decry
    this answer, stating that one slip would have killed him.
     QUESTION: My theory that he was able to go along the outside wall despite
               the danger is based on...
     1) The power of authority
     2) The power of love
     3) The power of money
     Well, let's be cheesy and pick "The power of love" here. The Judge will be
    on our side as Edgeworth seems uncomfortable with the topic at hand. He'll be
    rather prepared though, letting us know that there were PROPELLERS on the
    outside of the airship, making Sorin's path that way extremely unlikely.
     Edgeworth will push for a call to this trial, as he sees Phoenix is up to
    something, but soon we'll have to answer a question on how the trip could
    have been possible:
     QUESTION: This is how it would've been possible for Mr. Sprocket to get
               to the vista deck.
     1) He got to the deck some other way
     2) The airship wasn't flying
     3) The propellers were broken
     Here you want to go outside the box and pick "The airship wasn't flying"
    and Phoenix will point out how the propellers weren't working if the ship
    was moored. Can we prove this though?
     QUESTION: This piece of evidence shows what was outside the airship at
               the time of the crime!
     This... this is weird, relying on Larry, but present "Larry's Drawing" here.
    Phoenix will point out the Pterodactyl and use it to claim Larry saw something
    else as the ship was docked that made him draw this. After an outburst or
    three from Larry, we will have to point it out:
     QUESTION: What was it that Larry mistook for a pterodactyl?
     Point out the SIGN here and Phoenix will take it from there, pointing out
    the water looks a bit like a pterodactyl. This still makes Sorin's movements
    only a possibility as Edgeworth points out, as well as pointing out the hold
    entry list, saying you can use anyone's card to get in.
     Sorin will FINALLY tell us what he did at this point: he used Pierce's card
    to get into the hold. The Judge rightfully has had enough by now, telling him
    to testify in greater detail.
     We'll get "The Truth" from Sorin next, which he is only now giving because
    he didn't want Pierce to be suspected. Grrr... go ahead and listen to his
    testimony and we'll get to cross examine him soon:
     Witness Testimony: The Truth
     Witness: Sorin Sprocket
     1. The truth is, I went to the vista deck with Pierce.
     `--> Press for STATEMENT 2 (Have Statement Added)
     2. Pierce heard the commotion, and he came running.
     3. That's why my name doesn't appear on the hold entry record.
     4. I was badly injured from being stabbed, but I was frantic.
     `--> Press for STATEMENT 5 (Have Statement Added)
     5. The knife wound is quite deep, and continues to throb with pain.
     6. By the time we reached the scene, it was all over.
     Here you can press TWO statements for additional testimony, but you really
    only need to press one. Still, PRESS Statements 1 and 4 and then ask to have
    the testimony added to get the full testimony up above.
     Once you have Statement 5 up above, you want to present the "Candelabra"
    on it. Phoenix will recall what Pierce told us and point out the difference,
    but Edgeworth isn't buying it. "A minor mistake". Even worse, the judge will
    agree. Not good!
     We'll have to point out why this is important if we're going ot get through
    this, so get ready for a question...
     QUESTION: Mr. Sprocket identified the wrong weapon used against him
     1) He misspoke
     2) He's covering for someone
     3) He has no memory of it
     Oh yeah, the notebook, the injury... it all makes sense now doesn't it?
    Pick "He has no memory of it" here and Phoenix will make his claim. As you
    can imagine, Edgeworth calls it hogwash, prompting another question:
     QUESTION: My grounds for claiming that Mr. Sprocket has a memory disorder
     1) His taciturn personality
     2) His notebook
     3) His airplane pen
     Choose "His Notebook" here to point out that it is a record of memories for
    Sorin. Sorin will deny this (and the bloodstain incident will come into play
    here... thanks Maya!), but Phoenix presses forward with his theory, leading
    to another question:
     QUESTION: This is the thing that caused Mr. Sprocket's memory disorder.
     Here you want to present the "Newspaper Article" to show the cause of
    Sorin's memory problems. The court will pressure Sorin to come clean and
    tell the truth: he loses his memories whenever he goes to sleep, going back
    to the day he lost his sister. Oh... that is... just tragic...
     Still, Sorin's been lying to us all along. Phoenix will press him on how
    he feels about Dumas here, noting his hatred renews each day. Sorin will be
    close to telling us the truth... UNTIL Ellen buts in and claims SHE is the one
    who murdered Dumas!
     This... this is a mess. Sorin has no idea why Ellen is doing this, but we'll
    have a confession of love here and some other cheesy (I mean, lovely) dialog
    between Sorin and Ellen. Sorin will re-think things after hearing Ellen coming
    to his defense and states he wishes to change two things. First, his statement
    that Ellen must have killed Dumas (he claims he was repeating what the police
    had said as he has no memory of it), and second... HE was the one driving on
    the day they all had their accident. Dumas was forced to take the blame for
    the family's only heir...
     o New Evidence (UPDATED!): Newspaper Article
     Sorin will give us his take on things here: Dumas must have held the grudge
    and attacked Ellen to get revenge on HIM. The Judge will realize that the
    notebook is Sorin's memories and insists it is added into evidence:
     o New Evidence (AGAIN!): Sorin's Notebook
     With his memories detailed down, Edgeworth will try to use this Sorin's
    memory. The Judge will agree, but we get a say here as well (which seems
    only fair, legally...):
     QUESTION: Will I accept Mr. Sprocket's notebook as an official
               representation of his memories?
     1) Yes
     2) No
     Say "No" here. To be frank, last minute evidence like this is a horrible
    thing to submit in court. We should look at it at least. Phoenix will say so
    as well, which let's us investigate the book.
     Select the book and Phoenix will open it up to the last page, which just
    happens to be ripped. You can check out the front of the book as well, but
    nothing of note here. You can also check out the non-ripped page, but again
    it is nothing of interest. Select the ripped page and Sorin will say that he
    likely just made a note for someone (one of his airplanes), but Phoenix will
    want to know what it said, sparking a question:
     QUESTION: Let's see. To find out what was written in the notebook, we
     1) Hold it up to the light
     2) Heat it with a lighter
     3) Use fingerprint powder
     The only thing that really makes sense here is "Use fingerprint powder"
    option, so go ahead and pick it. We'll have to dust the ripped page at
    this point. Just focus on the lower half of the page and just COVER it in
    dust. Once you're done, blow it away to be shocked (OK, maybe not really...).
    We'll have uncovered what SHOULD be conclusive evidence here. Ellen won't
    like it much, coming out and passing out. We'll get an update here as well:
     o New Evidence (UPDATED!): Sorin's Notebook
     So... we have what appears to be conclusive evidence, but doesn't this just
    feel wrong. Sorin will say he's the only one that has access to the notebook
    and must have written it in himself... but is that the only possibility?
     QUESTION: Am I really ready for the judge to give his ruling?
     1) Yes
     2) No
     Pick "No" here to shock everyone and tell the court that it doesn't make
    sense Sorin would tear this page out. To cover the crime, he has to remember
    it. So... why?
     QUESTION: The page was torn out of the notebook because...
     1) He wanted to forget what happened
     2) It was torn out by accident
     3) Somebody else tore it out
     Go ahead and pick "Somebody else tore it out". Phoenix will help Sorin recall
    that he DID lose his notebook that day. We'll have to answer who is tampering
    with his memories though:
     QUESTION: The one who may have tried to tamper with Sorin's memories is...
     Indeed.... there's one person who had prime access to that notebook and has
    been covering shit up all trial long. Pick "Pierce Nichody" here and Phoenix
    will put forth his claim. Seems like a good idea to question him, at the very
    least. Edgeworth will consent here, but asks he gets to talk to Pierce first,
    which gives us a 20 Minute recess...
    "To Be Continued..."
              ___      _     _ _          __      _         _   _        
             / __|_ __(_)_ _(_) |_   ___ / _|  _ | |_  _ __| |_(_)__ ___ 
             \__ \ '_ \ | '_| |  _| / _ \  _| | || | || (_-<  _| / _/ -_)
            _|___/ .__/_|_| |_|\__|_\___/_|____\__/ \_,_/__/\__|_\__\___|_
    O==<    SPECIAL EPISODE: Turnabout Time Traveler, Trial Day 2, Part 2     >==O
    September 23
    District Court - Defendant Lobby No. 3
     Besides a talk with Larry, our break won't yield too much. Larry has given
    up on Ellen at the very least (after some horrible wishes...), but he's all
    on our side now. It'll be time to go back to court soon...
    September 23
    District Court - Courtroom No. 6
     Pierce will come to the stand and Phoenix will get straight to the points,
    summing up the page incident for him and accusing him of tearing it out...
    which he admits to right away (that WAS easy!). He'll offer to explain though,
    which starts his testimony.
     Go ahead and listen to his version of events, which does have Sorin attacking
    Gloomsbury but... continues on, much to our chagrin. He will claim that ELLEN
    is the one who struck second, delivering the killing blow, and Sorin then tried
    to take all the blame on himself. This choice to have Nichody brought in has
    turned out bad for us it seems. We'll be able to cross-examine him soon.
     Witness Testimony: Why I Tore Out the Page
     Witness: Pierce Nichody
     1. I rushed to the vista deck, but the crime had already been committed.
     2. I saw Miss Ellen and Gloomsbury collapsed, and Master Sorin writing in
        his notebook.
     3. Master Sorin said to me, "I'll take the blame for the murder, so please
        take care of Ellen."
     4. But I went against his order. I tore the page out of his notebook, and
     '  hid the body.
     `--> Press for STATEMENT 4 (answer question below, add to testimony)
     5. In the hold, I hid the still-warm body in the spare Pegabull lantern.
     We don't have anything to go on here, so you'll want to Press Pierce for
    more information. In particular, press Statement 4 to get some in-depth info
    that you'll be asked to narrow down with a question:
     QUESTION: What part do I want to know more about?
     1) Hiding the body
     2) Tearing out the page
     Go ahead and pick "Hiding the Body" here to get Statement 5 added up above.
    Once you have Statement 5 added to the testimony (about moving the body, not
    the ripped page), present the "Broken Lantern" on it to continue.
     Phoenix will talk to himself for a bit and then suggests that Dumas may have
    still been alive when he was inside the lantern. You'll see a picture of the
    repaired lantern next and be asked a question:
     QUESTION: This part here shows that the victim might have still been alive
               inside the lantern!
     Point out the handle here to show off the blood. Edgeworth won't buy it
    until he hears the handles have been reversed, which puts Ema in some hot
    water. Still, Phoenix will take this theory and run with it, putting Dumas
    alive in the box and stating it is possible he was killed later by a third
     Listen to the dialog (there's a bit here) as Edgeworth goes back and forth
    with the theories until finally telling Phoenix that in order to prove a
    third party existed, he will have to present some proof. Feet against the
     QUESTION: This piece of evidence proves the involvement of a third person!
     Present "Gloomsbury's Note" here to have Phoenix recall it a bit and then
    present it to the court. Edgeworth isn't having it though (who's to say WHO
    wrote this?!), calling for proof of who wrote the note:
     QUESTION: This evidence proves the victim didn't write the note.
     This question all boils down to HOW the note was written (and dominant hands),
    so here you'll need to present the "Candelabra". Phoenix will point out Dumas
    was left-handed with this evidence, and goes on to compare it to the note,
    which was written by a right-handed person.
     Edgeworth and Pierce will point out that the majority of the guests and
    Sprocket family are all right-handed, which doesn't help us very much with
    these "murder instructions". Phoenix and Maya will take a small break here
    to try and reason WHO has a motive to get to Ellen and Sorin before we'll have
    to answer another question:
     QUESTION: The person who manipulated and used Mr. Gloomsbury was...
     1) Sorin's father
     2) The family elder
     2) Selena's fiance
     The only good answer here is "Selena's Fiance", so go ahead and pick it to
    shock the court. Edgeworth will claim that only family and staff were present
    at the reception, but Phoenix will claim he was there. You know what claiming
    things gets us though:
     QUESTION: This will help us identify Ms. Sprocket's fiance!
     Now, THIS answer (or the object in this evidence...) may have been bugging
    you as long as it has me, but we're FINALLY about to get to the bottom of it.
    Present "Selena Spocket's Photo" here to have Phoenix point out the pocket
    watch here and the one Pierce has are the SAME watch. Pierce and Selena have
    some sort of connection, and Phoenix will BLAST Pierce from here, connecting
    the two of them together and giving Pierce his motive for murder, all in one
    fell swoop. Oh, the chills!
     But in the end, we'll have that all important question...
     QUESTION: Does the defense accuse Mr. Nichody of the murder...?
     1) Accuse
     2) Don't accuse
     We've come too far to back down now, so hit "Accuse" here and watch the
    reaction Pierce has. He will undergo quite the transformation here. Not the
    weirdest we've ever seen, but yeah... he's definitely a surgeon, that's for
    sure. After plenty of insults we'll get some new testimony.
     Well... some "testimony" that was. There's nothing we can work with here,
    as Pierce thinks being silent will save him. After a few x-rays are performed,
    we'll be able to cross examine him. Oh joy...
     Witness Testimony: Right to Remain Silent
     Witness: Pierce Nichody
     1. ...............
     2. ...............
     3. ...............
     Well, this is rough. Go ahead and PRESS the first statement and we'll be
    forced into a question. We have to ask the questions, after all!
     QUESTION: What question should I ask?
     1) Reason for killing Gloomsbury
     2) Grudge against Sorin
     3) Actions on the day of the crime
     Well, all these options look rather good, don't they? What you want to do
    here is pick EVERY ONE and add it to the testimony. In reality though, you
    really only have to pick the third one, but picking the rest fills out the
    blank testimony lines, plus you can press him on them if you wish. Up to you,
    but this is what they look like once they are all filled out:
     Witness Testimony: Right to Remain Silent (Round 2)
     Witness: Pierce Nichody
     1. Gloomsbury was my right hand man. I'd suffer the most from losing him.
     2. I've never thought of exacting revenge on Master Sorin.
     3. I was always in the company of others. I didn't have an opportunity to
        murder Gloomsbury.
     Once you have actual evidence, present the "Photo of Reception" at Statement
    Number 3. Phoenix will claim that Pierce DID have a moment to kill Gloomsbury,
    and with Edgeworth's help he'll get a chance to show in the picture why:
     QUESTION The one thing that made that single moment possible... is this!
     Point out the FOG MACHINE in the upper left here. Phoenix will say this is
    what obscured the audience's vision when Pierce attacked Gloomsbury (he is
    standing right by the lantern after all). Just because he HAD the time to do
    it doesn't mean he did...
     Pierce will lambast the court with insults and try to buy his way out but
    everyone will refute him. Still, if we can't prove he did this, the trial
    will be over. Phoenix will go into "Logic Dive" mode in order to come up
    with something here.
     As usual, these question are going to come in hot and fast, so be ready:
     QUESTION: If Pierce committed the murder during the reception, then he had
               to have used...
     1) His shoulder mech, FXR-UPR
     2) The reception photo
     3) The murder weapon
     Pick "The murder weapon" here. Onto the next question:
     QUESTION: The weapon used to kill Gloomsbury was...
     1) The Time Keeper
     2) The candelabra
     3) The Key of Love
     Answer "The Time Keeper" here and Phoenix will confirm the answer, saying
    that it was also used in something else during the reception:
     QUESTION: During the reception, the Tim e Keeper was also used for...
     1) The Cutting of the Time Machine
     2) The First Startup of Love
     3) The First Taste of Love
     Pick "The First Startup of Love" here to get the evidence we need: the
    Time Keeper was activated during the reception! Phoenix will leave "Logic
    Dive" mode and explain things to the court, which upsets Pierce quite a bit.
    We'll have to activate the Time Keeper though:
     QUESTION: The symbol of the bride's love that's necessary for activating
               the Time Keeper is...
     Pick out "Ellen's Pendant" here. After that, we'll have to point out on the
    Time Keeper itself where the pendant went. Examine the outer shell if you wish
    and then check out the space to the LEFT of the gear. This is where the other
    gear fits. Next up we need to check out where the key itself goes. It actually
    goes INSIDE the gear/pendant you just put on the Time Keeper.
     This opens up the Time Keeper, showing a blood stain, figures, and a clock.
    Click on the display (I clicked on the clock) and Phoenix will state this is
    the evidence they were looking for, updating our evidence:
     o New Evidence (UPDATED!): Time Keeper
     This is the key piece of evidence we needed, and Pierce knows it, finally
    giving up. He'll come clean and admit his guilt, telling the court what he was
    feeling and how he got Gloomsbury to agree to go in with him on this. There's
    a touching scene here with the watch and Pierce.
     Before the verdict is given, Sorin will ask for some time and will talk to
    Ellen a bit. Enjoy the dialog here as Ellen and Sorin come together once
    again and then we'll get the verdict we deserve.
    September 23, 11:36 AM
    District Court - Defendant Lobby No. 3
     We'll meet with Sorin and Ellen back in the lobby, where they'll thank us
    for proving them not guilty and talk about the next wedding. They have to
    make the marriage official, right? We'll get a touching follow-up question:
     QUESTION: This person will always be watching over the two of you.
     Present "Selena Sprocket Photo" here and they'll state they'll do their best
    to live for Selena. Aww, how sweet. We'll get a scene with Athena and Maya
    after this, followed by a scene with Larry. We'll get a scene transition after
    Larry's dialog.
    September 30, 9:20 AM
    Sprocket Park - Mooring Dock
     Phoenix will recap where we are. Sorin and Ellen's third wedding. Well...
    like Phoenix says, "Third time's a charm". Heh. We'll get a cool little
    cut-scene after the introduction dialog, after which the episode will come
    to an end.
     Congratulations for beating the SPECIAL DLC EPISODE for Ace Attorney:
     Spirit of Justice!
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     |          |  TRUCY WRIGHT                            AGE: 17   |
     |          |----------------------------------------------------|
     |          | My adopted daughter. She's been skyrocketing       |
     |          | her way toward being a top-class magician.         |
     |          |                                                    |
     |                                                               |
     | And since when did you become the head of this office, daddy? |
     |                                                               |
     |          |  ATHENA CYKES                            AGE: 19   |
     |          |----------------------------------------------------|
     |          | The newest lawyer at my office with a              |
     |          | background in psychology.                          |
     |          |                                                    |
     |                                                               |
     |     That's cold, Boss! You've gotta get me out of             |
     |     this! I can't take it anymore!                            |
     |          |  LARRY BUTZ                              AGE: 34   |
     |          |----------------------------------------------------|
     |          | An old friend of mine and an aspiring picture      |
     |          | book author. As we used to say, when something     |
     |          | smells, it's usually the Butz.                     |
     |                                                               |
     |   Bet you made more money back when you played the piano...   |
     |                                                               |
     |          |  ELLEN WYATT                             AGE: 21   |
     |          |----------------------------------------------------|
     |          | My client in this case. Larry brought her to me.   |
     |          | She works as a maid for the Sprocket family.       |
     |          |                                                    |
     |                                                               |
     |      Now, you may think what I'm about to say is              |
     |      very strange, but...                                     |
     |          |  EMA SKYE                                 AGE: 27  |
     |          |----------------------------------------------------|
     |          | A detective friend of mine. She's finally          |
     |          | achieved her dream of becoming a forensic          |
     |          | investigator.                                      |
     |                                                               |
     |         Call it forensic investigator's intuition!            |
     |                                                               |
     |          |  MAYA FEY                                AGE: 28   |
     |          |----------------------------------------------------|
     |          | A pracitioner of the Kurain Channeling Technique.  |
     |          | We used to take on all sorts of cases together.    |
     |          |                                                    |
     |                                                               |
     |        That's right! the new-and-improved Maya Fey is         |
     |        on the scene...                                        |
     |          |  MILES EDGEWORTH                         AGE: 35   |
     |          |----------------------------------------------------|
     |          | The district's chief prosecutor and my childhood   |
     |          | friend. We used to go head-to-head back in his     |
     |          | courtroom days.                                    |
     |                                                               |
     |   I have no intention of going easy on anyone... even you.    |
     |                                                               |
     |          |  DUMAS GLOOMSBURY                        AGE: 25   |
     |          |----------------------------------------------------|
     |          | The victim and lead servant of the Sprocket        |
     |          | family household. The other servants called him    |
     |          | "Mister Doom-n'-Gloom."                            |
     |                                                               |
     |                           "..."                               |
     |                                                               |
     |          |  SORIN SPROCKET                          AGE: 24   |
     |          |----------------------------------------------------|
     |          | Ellen's fiance and future president of Sprocket    |
     |          | Aviation. He is meticulous about his note-taking.  |
     |          |                                                    |
     |                                                               |
     |      Moving through the space-time continuum would be         |
     |      man's ultimate means of travel.                          |
     |          |  PIERCE NICHODY                          AGE: 26   |
     |          |----------------------------------------------------|
     |          | The Sprocket family butler. He seems to be         |
     |          | unusually attached to the pocket watch he carries  |
     |          | around.                                            |
     |                                                               |
     |      ...I would like to serve you some delicious tea          |
     |      and refreshments.                                        |
     |          |  SELENA SPROCKET                         AGE: 25   |
     |          |----------------------------------------------------|
     |          | Sorin's older sister who died after a car          |
     |          | accident. It seems she had a fiance at the time.   |
     |          |                                                    |
     |                                                               |
     |                   "Please Help Sorin..."                      |
     |                                                               |
    (-NOTE-) This section is full of SPOILERS for the special episode! I only
             recommend reading this once you are done with the case!
     o Ellen's Pendant
      A pendant worn by Ellen. It seems she received it from her fiance.
     o Ellen's Statement
      Ellen saw a suspicious third party on the vista deck when she was being
      attacked by Gloomsbury.
      DETAIL: When Ellen was attacked by Gloomsbury out on the vista deck, she
              saw in her dazed state a shadowy figure hit Gloomsbury from behind.
              She fainted immediately afterwards, and, thus, didn't get a good
              look at whoever it was.
     o Flying Chapel Pamphlet
      A pamphlet for the Flying Chapel. It includes a brief introduction and
      diagrams of its layout.
      DETAIL: Love is always in the air on the Flying Chapel, the only wedding
              venue sure to make your dreams take flight! After the ceremony
              out on the vista deck, Sprocket Aviation's majestic Pegamoo
              mascots will light up the happy couple from both sides of the
              sweetheart table.
     o Time Keeper
      The murder weapon. Dubbed the "Time Keeper," it's a clock with a secret
      INFO 1: The activated Time Keeper. It's obvious that it was in this state
              when it was used on the victim.
     o Broken Lantern
      The Pegabull lantern in which the victim's body was found.
      INFO 1: The lantern in which the victim's body was found. Larry wheeled it
              from the hold to the reception hall before the reception began.
      INFO 2: The lantern in which the victim's body was found. Ema restored it,
              but something about it still seems off.
      INFO 3: The restored lantern. There's a bloodstain on the inside wheel
              handle, as if somebody gripped it with a bloody hand.
     o Gloomsbury's Note
      A note found near the victim's body. The writing is smudged as though
      written by a right-handed person.
      DETAIL: Grab Ellen when convenient,
              then send her off from the
              vista deck.
     o Photo of Victim
      The victim was discovered inside one of the lanterns in the reception hall.
      DETAIL: The victim's body was found collapsed inside one of the Pegabull
              lanterns. Scattered around his body were flower petals, a note, and
              broken parts of the lantern. The petals were flowers not found inside
              the reception hall.
     o Fog Machine
      A device that utilizes dry ice to emit a large amount of thick, fog like
      DETAIL: Large amounts of dry ice were placed in the fog machine to produce
              a thick fog during the reception.
     o Business Card Wallet
      A business card holder with a peculiar yet suspiciously familiar imprint
      in the center.
     o Selena Sprocket Photo
      A photo of Sorin's older sister, Selena. It looks like it was taken in
      some kind of office.
     o Photo of Reception
      A photo of the reception taken by a relative. Much of the reception hall
      is obscured by thick fog.
     o Larry's Drawing
      A drawing Larry made from inside a cabin. It shows a pterodactyl flying
      outside the window.
      INFO 1: A drawing Larry made. He probably mistook something for what he
              claims is a pterodactyl in this picture.
     o Photo of Hold
      A photo of the hold, stealthily taken by Larry. Ellen can be seen near
      the center.
     o Autopsy Report
      Gloomsbury's head shows signs of being hit twice. The Time Keeper was used
      as the murder weapon.
      DETAILS: Time of death: Sept. 20, 10 PM - 1 AM
               Cause of death: Cerebral hemorrhage from a strong blow to the head.
                               One contusion was found on the back of the head,
                               and one on the side. The blows were caused by the
                               same weapon.
     o Hold Entry Record
      A record of the key cards used to access the airship hold.
      DETAIL: Entry No. 34: Dumas Gloomsbury
              Entry No. 35: Pierce Nichody
              Entry No. 36: Ellen Wyatt
     o Candelabra
      A candelabra from the hold bearing fingerprints from Gloomsbury's left
      hand, which is his dominant hand.
      INFO 1: A candelabra from the hold bearing fingerprints from Gloomsbury's
              dominant left hand. Traces of blood were found on it.
      INFO 2: A candelabra from the hold bearing fingerprints from Gloomsbury's
              dominant left hand. Stained with the same blood found on the lift.
     o Lift Bloodstain
      A bloodstain that was found on the side of the lift in the hold. It's
      unknown whose blood it is.
      INFO 1: A bloodstain that was found on the side of the lift. It matches
              the blood on the candelabra.
     o Sorin's Notebook
      A database-like notebook that chronicles the events of each day in minute
      INFO 1: A notebook that records Sorin's memories in minute detail. One of
              the pages has been torn out.
      DETAIL: Sorin had been writing nothing but ideas for his inventions in this
              until March 8 of last year, when he abruptly began to chronicle the
              events of each day in excruciating detail. However, details of the
              day of the murder have been rendered illegible by a bloodstain.
              One of the pages in Sorin's notebook was torn out in an
              uncharacteristically rough way. On it was written the words "killed
              Gloomsbury with a blow to the head."
     o Newspaper Article
      A clipping of a newspaper article detailing the car accident that resulted
      in Selena Sprocket's death.
      INFO 1: A clipping of a newspaper article about Selena Sprocket's car
              accident Sorin was the one driving.
      DETAIL: A vehicular accident on March 8 led to the death of Sorin's
              older sister. Sorin was also in the car and suffered severe
              injuries. It was publicly announced that the driver had been
              Gloomsbury, but, in fact, Sorin was the one behind the wheel.
     o Key of Love
      A heart-shaped key used to activate the Time Keeper.
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    O==<                           Version History                            >==O
     Version 1.00: November 8th - November 19th, 2016
     Seems only natural that I'd do this DLC after the main guide. Enjoyed it
    quite a bit, the time travel aspect was a nice touch and the overall case
    story was pretty good. Good to have this DLC done though. Highly doubt that
    they'll make another one, but you never know. Just really hoping for another
    Phoenix Wright in another few years at the very least.
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    O==<                               Credits                                >==O
     o My good friend Alex 'Vinheim' Kleinhander, for the awesome and iconic
       Phoenix Wright ASCii up above (even if it cost me some lists to get!).
       Thanks, Vin!
       You can check out Vinheims work on GameFAQs here:
     o Capcom, for putting this out... even it they didn't do it with a
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     o My fabulous family for giving me the time to work on this! Love you all!
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