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Drancia Saga is a simple and exhilarating arcade like action game.

Chain attacks to get the coins! Upgrade the powers through the skill tree!

Defeat the massive monsters with good pace to solve the mystery of Drancia!

The playable characters are over 50!

Furthermore, there's a collaboration with the titles such as "The Legend of Dark Witch" "Gunman Clive" !

The games can unlock the characters listed below.

-[Urban Trial Freestyle]
-[Gunman Clive]
-[Gunman Clive 2]
-[2 Fast 4 Gnomz]
-[Petit Novel series - Harvest December]
-[Witch & Hero]
-[Witch & Hero 2]
-[Brunch Panic]
-[The Legend of Dark Witch]
-[The Legend of Dark Witch 2]

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