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Reviewed: 01/04/18

Turning to a New Leaf

The Beginning:

When you open your New Leaf game after updating, you will be greeted by Isabelle, sleeping in the seat across from you on the same train you sat in when you first started your town (Unless you just started or restarted your town, but we'll get to that later). At first, you may worry that the update restarted your town (or at least I did, haha), but not to worry! Your beloved town is just the way you left it-- with a little more to it.

The Campground:

One of the biggest changes in the Welcome Amiibo update is the new campground. When you go there, you will meet a dog named Harvey, which you will soon notice has a stereotypical hippie vibe to him. In the campground, you may also notice a little camper parked to the right of this 'Harvey' guy. Now all of the special characters (such as Isabelle, Pascal, Tom Nook, Booker, etc.) can go camping in your town, with each camper personalized to their likings. Another cool feature of the campground is that you can sit in the driver's seat of the camper and honk the horn, which will startle the owner of the RV, of course, but it's all good fun. Not to mention the new campground has other little things added to it to make it feel more like a camping area rather than a RV park. There's a hammock, a water spout, two log benches, a cedar stump to sit on, and a campfire, which your character can either warm up their hands or do a cute little dance when you press the A button while facing it, depending on the weather. And did I forget to mention that the campground has a BEAUTIFUL view? Just look behind you! A waterfall, Jacob's ladders, and a forest in the distance, which really pulls the campground together.

The Welcoming of Amiibos:

You know that one villager you can't stand? Either because their house is in a horrible location, you don't like how they look, or they took the spot of a dreamie you were so close to getting that you just want to kick them out of your town with a tap on your bottom screen? Well, now that amiibos can be used in the game, with an amiibo card, you can replace that villager and have them out the next day! Personally, I've found this very helpful when I wanted my dreamies in, because I didn't want to let my villagers leave in fear that I would get a worse one. But luckily, I have replaced Kabuki, Lobo, and Hazel with Poppy, Cookie, and Bluebear! But if you like your villagers and you'd rather just see something new, you can use a special character's amiibo and have them camp in the new campground, which is nice because not all the special characters take turns camping on their own. But either way, the amiibos are fun to have in the game!

MEOW Coupons:

Starting to get sick of the same old currency of bells? In the new updated New Leaf, there is a new currency system of MEOW Coupons (which can also be called Mutual Exchange of Wealth, but MEOW sounds cuter... haha)! With the new MEOW coupons, you can either buy furniture from Harvey's little shop or from RVs, or you can go to the ABD and exchange them for 3,000 bells per coupon, which is nice because some people may not have interest in the MEOW Coupons and would prefer having more bells. More choices! Yay!

Daily Initiatives:

At the start of the Welcome Amiibo update, secretary Isabelle starts you off with 10 MEOW Coupons. ...But it won't buy you much, and you'll only get 30,000 bells if you decide to immediately exchange them. So how are you supposed to get more? That's what the daily initiatives are for (accidental rhyming)! Although they are usually simple tasks like plant some new trees, sell five shells at Re-Tail, visit the island one time, etc. They are a easy way to earn more MEOW coupons.

New Minigames:

Want a little more than just New Leaf? You're in luck! Along with everything else in the update, there are also two new minigames: Puzzle League and Desert Island Escape, which are both based off of other games, not Animal Crossing related. Puzzle League is about matching 3 or more fruits vertically or horizontally, while Desert Island Escape is about surviving and escaping an island within 7 days. Puzzle League can be obtained by getting a 3DS system in the game, while Desert Island Escape is obtained through getting a Wii U (which can be refurbished by Cyrus to be black or white, by the way). And both of these minigames give you new furniture and clothing, not obtainable from any stores! Game on!

Happy Home Academy Additions:

Are you a Happy Home Designer fan? Now it has a use in New Leaf! By going to "Link HHD Data" in the main menu when you first start up your game, you can unlock special HHD furniture! And now there are new things to add to your house, too! Remember in Happy Home Designer when you could move furniturearound with ease? Well guess what? It's back! And so is a new feature, not seen in HHD or New Leaf before its update. A secret storage! Now you don't have to rely on your closet space to fit everything. You now have more space to put all your belongings! Which people who have almost-full closets love. And now the pink sea otter, Lottie is in the game, too! I guess Nook could really sea the things that players really wanted for their homes?

Bonus Points!:

On top of all of this, there's still more! Now when you sit in a chair, you can interact with the item in front of you by pressing the A button! Now the piano with the stool has a purpose, doesn't it? Oh! Let's not forget the new rock seats! That's right, we can sit on rocks now, so there, Frobert! You can sit on that yellow bench, and I'll sit on this rock right here! Ha! Not to mention that we can also hang up clothes on the walls! Personally, I don't like displaying clothes as the weird mannequin thing Mabel and Sable use in their store, so I loved this new addition to New Leaf!

My Overall Opinion:

I'd say that the Welcome Amiibo update is amazing and fixed almost every little thing that made New Leaf unlikeable. And just when I thought New Leaf couldn'tbe better, it could be.

Rating: 10

Product Release: Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Welcome Amiibo (US, 12/08/16)

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