Real time fighting system?

  1. I know FES is much more story driven than game driven, but I'm trying to make a battle system in which the player can deal damage to foes via contact, special skills, or whatever works, and the foes(events) can deal damage back. All in the overworld.

    So far I only have the event dealing damage through contact, but I'm not very sure how I could make the player able to attack back. I tried using a separate page that is triggered by investigate to accommodate player attacks, but pages are separate and don't run at the same time. I also tried a wait function to give the player a chance, but I quickly learned that everything is actually stopped once the event contents are triggered. So it's basically the player just getting beat up.

    This is super ambitious for such a brittle program, but I want to see any suggestions I may have never considered before scrapping it entirely.


    User Info: yeahuhhh

    yeahuhhh - 1 year ago

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