Can you upload/dowload Stuff for RPG maker fes on a modded 3ds?

  1. Can you download/upload your games and download or buy dlc for RPG maker fes that's running on a modded/hacked 3ds?

    I've heard about the mass bann that nintendo is doing if you play online with a 3ds that's modded or if you're cheating while online.
    I'm about to get a 2nd hand modded 3ds and planning to get rpg maker fes and I wanna know if you can still do the things above on said 3ds because if I can't upload or download community stuff the there's no point in spending 30$ on it.
    P.S. I have little to no knowlage about 3ds firmware so some terminologies may o over my head.

    User Info: 1saac

    1saac - 1 year ago

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