how do I make the main character take a step forward when they enter a house?

  1. I used easy create to make a door but when the main character enters a house they don't take one step forward automatically. However, when the main character leaves the house the action is executed. The event inside the house has a variable set then a move location destination. How do I change the event settings inside the house to make the character move one step forward?

    User Info: daisy1989

    daisy1989 - 2 years ago

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  1. Two easy ways:

    1. Remove the variable change from the end of the movement page of the door.Then in the new area, on the exit event add the following page:

    Graphic: None
    Pass Judgement:No
    Trigger: Auto
    Condition: (Door Variable) = 2 (or whatever the door now leaves it on}
    {Hero movement: (North 1} from place executed
    Set (Door Variable}: 0}

    If you are putting multiple rooms on one map, it's easier to do this instead:

    2. Add a command to every exit (before the move location command) to turn OFF Switch (Entry)

    Add an event anywhere on the map with the following.

    Page 1:
    Graphic: None
    Pass Judgement:No
    Trigger: Auto
    {Hero movement: (North 1} from place executed}
    Switch ON (Entry)

    Page 2:
    Graphic: None
    Pass Judgement:No
    Trigger: Any
    Condition: Switch (Entry) is on
    Event: Empty.

    User Info: npcspace

    npcspace (Expert) - 2 years ago 1   0

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