Needing help with recipes?

  1. Any recipe would be helpful at this point. Can anyone help please?

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    Vsterling - 2 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. Bunny Apples- Apple
    Peace Slices- Peach
    Pineapple Slices- Pineapple
    Salted Rice Ball- Rice, Salt
    Salmon Rice Ball- Rice, Salt, Salmon
    Tuna Sushi- Tuna, Rice, Vinegar
    Premium Tuna Sushi- Platinum Tuna, Rice, Vinegar
    Cucumber Roll- Cucumber, Rice, Vinegar
    Shrimp Sushi- Shrimp, Rice, Vinegar
    Crab Gunkan Sushi- Crab, Rice, Vinegar
    Crab Kubo Sushi- King Crab, Rice, Vinegar
    Sea Urchin Bowl- Sea Urchin, Rice
    Egg Rice- Premium Egg, Rice, Soy Sauce
    Salmon Sashimi- Salmon, Raddish
    Tuna Sashimi- Tuna, Raddish
    Golden Sashimi- Golden Fish, Raddish
    Potato Salad- Potato, Cucumber, Egg
    Green Salad- Lettuce, Salt, Vinegar, Olive Oil
    Radish Salad- Radish, ??>?, Vinegar, ???? (Not Salt and Olive Oil)
    Chicken Salad- Chicken, Lettuce, Vinegar, Olive Oil
    Mushroom Salad- Mushroom, Salt, Vinegar, Olive Oil
    Shrimp Marinara- Shrimp, Onion, Vinegar, Olive Oil
    Tomato Juice- Tomato, Salt
    Vegetable Juice- Carrot, Tomato, Bell Pepper
    Fruit Juice- Apple, Peach, Pineapple
    Cabbage Soup- Cabbage
    Coffee- Coffee Beans

    Boiled Egg- Egg
    Mixed Rice- Rice, Mushroom, Fish Broth
    Truffle Rice- Rice, Truffle, Fish Broth
    Chicken & Egg Bowl- Rice, Chicken, Premium Egg
    Dragon & Egg Bowl- Rice, Dragon Meat, Dragon Egg
    Udon- Udon, Fish Broth, Soy Sauce
    Tsukimi Udon- Udon, Fish Broth, Soy Sauce, Egg
    Curry Udon- Udon, Curry Powder, Pork
    Meat Udon- Udon, Fish Broth, Soy Sauce, Beef
    Meat & Potatoes- Pork, Potato, ????, ????
    Egg Custard- Egg, ????, Chicken, ????
    Carrot Soup- Carrot, Milk, Butter, Salt
    Onion Soup- Onion, Chicken Stock, Salt, Pepper
    Corn Soup- Corn, Chicken Stock, Milk
    Mandrake Soup- Mandrake, Chicken Stock, Salt, Pepper
    Mist Grass Soup- Mist Grass, Chicken Stock, Salt, Pepper
    Boiled Pumpkin- Pumpkin, ????, ????
    Chicken Curry- Chicken, Curry Powder, Potato, Rice
    Pork Curry- Pork, Curry Powder, Potato, Rice
    Beef Curry- Beef, Curry Powder, Potato, Rice
    Dragon Curry- Dragon Meat, Curry Powder, ????, Rice (Not Potato)
    Mushroom Stew- Mushroom, White Sauce, Carrot
    Beef Stew- Beef, White Sauce, Carrot
    Hot Milk- Milk, Sugar
    Roasted Corn- Corn, Sugar, ????

    Raddish Steak- Radish, Sugar, ????
    Roasted Garlic- Garlic, Sugar, ????
    Mandrake Steak- Mandrake, Sugar, Soy Sauce
    Salted Salmon- Salmon, Salt
    Rolled Egg- Egg, Sugar
    Fried Egg- Egg, Salt
    Premium Rolled Egg- Premium Egg, Soy Sauce
    Fried Dragon Egg- Dragon Egg, Soy Sauce
    Omelet- Egg, Ketchup
    Premium Omelet- Premium Egg, Ketchup
    Dragon Omelet- Dragon Egg, Ketchup
    Roasted Eggplant- Eggplant, ????
    Stuffed Bell Pepper- Bell Pepper, Beef, Olive Oil
    Roasted Truffles- Truffle, ????
    Fried Vegetables- Cabbage, Bell Pepper, Onion, Carrot
    Fried Mushrooms- Mushroom, Soy Sauce, Butter
    Spicy Eggplant- Eggplant, Red Pepper, Pork, Chicken Stock
    Pepper Steak- Bell Pepper, Pork, Salt
    German Potatoes- Potato, Pork, Pepper, Onion
    Sweet & Sour Pork- Pork, Vinegar, Onion
    Beef Steak- Steak, Salt, Pepper, Garlic
    Dragon Steak- Dragon Meat, Salt, Pepper, Garlic
    Salmon Meuniere- Salmon, Flour, Butter
    Golden Meuniere- Golden Fish, Flour, Butter
    Savory Pancake- Pork, ????, ????, ????
    Beef Tongue Jerky- Cow Tongue, Salt
    Drago-Tongue Jerky- Dragon Tongue, Salt
    Fried Rice- Rice, Salt, Pepper, Egg
    Dragon Fried Rice- Rice, Salt, Pepper, Dragon Egg
    Shrimp Fried Rice- Rice, Salt, Pepper, Shrimp
    Crab Fried Rice- Rice, Salt, Pepper, Crab
    King Fried Rice- Rice, Salt, Pepper, King Crab
    Butter Rice- Rice, Butter
    Spaghetti Carbonara- Pasta, Egg, Pork, Milk
    Spaghetti Bolognese- Pasta, Onion, Tomato, Beef
    Spaghetti Dragonese- Pasta, Onion, Tomato, Dragon Meat
    Pasta Aglio- Pasta, Red Pepper, Garlic
    Creamy Pasta- Pasta, White Sauce, Pork
    Creamy Crab Pasta- Pasta, White Sauce, Crab
    Creamy Tuna Pasta- Pasta, White Sauce, Tuna
    Napolitan Spaghetti- Pasta, Ketchup, Pork, Bell Pepper
    Apple Pie- Pie Dough, Apple, Egg
    Peach Pie- Pie Dough, Peach, Egg
    Pumpkin Pie- Pie Dough, Pumpkin, Egg
    Golden Pie- Pie Dough, Golden Fish, Egg

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Top Voted Answer

  1. Fry:
    French Fries- Potato, Lard, Salt
    Fried Onion- Onion, Bread Crumbs, Egg, Lard
    Fried Shrimp- Shrimp, Bread Crumbs, Egg, Lard
    Pork Cutlets- Pork, Bread Crumbs, Egg, Lard
    Dragon Cutlets- Dragon Meat, Bread Crumbs, Egg, Lard
    Fried Chicken- Chicken, Flour, Lard
    Phoenix- Chicken, Flour, Lard, Red Pepper
    Veggie Tempura- ????, ????, Egg, Flour
    Shrimp Tempura- Shrimp, Egg, Flour
    Donut- Sugar, Flour, Butter, Olive Oil

    User Info: ShadowAngemon

    ShadowAngemon - 2 years ago 1   0

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