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Reviewed: 12/05/16

An ok Mario Party game

I always liked Mario Party 9, one of the new Mario Party games, didn't liked Mario Party 10, but I was still excited when Nintendo revealed Mario Party: Star Rush, there were 7 new modes, but the old ones weren't there!
(there isn't any story in this game, I'm skipping this)

Graphics & Sound
I don't really look at how good graphics are, I just want to have fun playing the game, doesn't matter how it looks, it doesn't look bad, a beautiful, colorful world! The Soundtrack is also good, it's not that catchy like other songs of other games, but it's a good sound, and the voice of the characters are also really good!

There are 7 different modes to play, I'm saying to all of them something!

Toad Scramble
This is the main mode of Mario Party: Star Rush, its definitely not my favorite! You need to get allies, they help you in boss battles, you can also play them, all allies got a own dice, you can only play one character at a time, the others can also help with a dice of 1&2, the more allies you got, the more you dice! The problem, if you land on the same field as a opponent, or a opponent (or you) uses a duel item, you need to battle in one of three duel minigames, two of them are luck based, which is bad, mostly your losing a ally in a luck based duel, that's my problem, if you don't win the game, mostly its just because you lost all your allies in luck based duels. This is also a fun mode, if you don't always lose your allies in a luck based duel! There are also some items, with one of them you can get the double coins and stars from a boss battle, with two of these items, you get x4 coins and stars!! If you won the boss, you get stars, all others get coins, if you win with two of those items, you almost won!

This is my favorite mode, on the Touchscreen you can see a map with a lot of blue fields (like the old Mario Partys), on the Topscreen you can play some exclusive minigames where you need to collect coins, if you collect one coin, you move one field forward, there are a lot of coins you need to collect, there are some opponent, you need to reach the goal before them. The goal of this mode is, to get 10 wins, which is hard, but not impossible! The minigames are really good! It makes a lot of fun playing them and trying to collect as many coins as possible!

Balloon Bash
Here you are on a narrow map, where you need to collect coins. At the end of each round, there is a 5-Coins and a 10-Coins balloon you can collect in the next round, if you collect one of these you get some coins and all are playing a minigame where you can win 5/10 coins, if you collect both in a round, you can play a boss battle where you can get some coins if you win. At some point some star balloons are coming where you can buy a star for 10 coins. This mode doesn't make too much fun, since its mostly just the same, since you can only play 10, 20 or 30 rounds, its just boring, 20 are almost too long, 10 are too short.

Rhythm Recital
Here you need to play some songs, you just need to press at the right moment, there yre a lot of great songs from other games! You can also choose the instrument you want to play with. At the end, the games rates you from ? to S (S is almost impossible), this is a really fun mode, it makes a lot of fun playing some of the best Nintendo songs, this is one of my favorites mode!

Mario Shuffle
This is a small and easy game, it makes a lot of fun playing it, you got three characters and 2 dices, it's just one narrow line to your opponent, there are a lot of different fields where you need to go forward or backward, two of your characters can move with the numbers you got from the dice, all three need to get to the opponents side to win. Its just a really simple game, but it makes a lot of fun playing it!

Boo's Block Party
This is more like a minigame, there are different blocks from 1 to 4, you can change the numbers, if three of the same numbers are next to each other, they vanish, if your too slow, you lost. I don't really like this mode, since the computer is just too hard and im not the best in puzzles like that!

Challenge Tower
This is a puzzle too! You need to climb up a tower, its exactly like minesweeper! I think everyone knows how minesweeper works. This is one of my favorite modes! This is a different puzzle as before, I like this kind of puzzles, it makes a lot of fun playing it! There is one really long level, which is almost impossible! If you fail, a amiibo can revive you, with amiibos the long level is not that hard! I always play too fast, I failed a lot because I was too fast, if you play really slow, it should be easy!

There are a lot of minigames, the ones from Toad Scramble and Balloon Bash I don't really like, they aren't bad, but I really don't like them, the ones from Coinathlon make really fun, I just love them! The good thing about the Coinathlon minigames is, you can get a record, on the other minigames you mostly can't get one because the game doesn't show a record, on the Coinathlon the game shows how many coins you collected in that minigame, I had a lot of fun getting a good record! At the end, the minigames in this game are ok.

It makes a lot of fun playing this game with friends! The different modes are mostly good, the minigames are mostly ok, the Coinathlon ones are really good! You can play all, except Challenge Tower, with friends, if you want a funny game you can play with friends, you can buy it, there are better Mario Party games for that, if you want to play a good, long game alone, this isn't the right game (I had fun playing it alone, there are better ones!)

I give it a 3.5/5, its a good game, but could do a lot of things better!

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: Mario Party: Star Rush (EU, 10/07/16)

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