How do you get qr codes?

  1. I really want the qr codes for the newer taiko no tatsujin 3ds games

    User Info: Zeldaplayer

    Zeldaplayer - 4 years ago

Top Voted Answer

  1. Sadly, most QRs are locked behind purchases or real world events in Japan that have already passed us by. But, by digging through the code, you can find all the QRs. If you don't have homebrew installed/don't know where to look, DM me on Discord @Yosoji31#6742 for a folder with them all, as Gamefaqs doesn't allow links

    User Info: Crunchy18

    Crunchy18 - 5 months ago 1   0
  2. can you pass me the link pls?, my discord: AvatarRocker#0968

    User Info: AvatarRocker

    AvatarRocker - 2 days ago

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