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The treasure that protects the world, "Oparts," has been stolen by a mysterious group, "Magical Association Hexaglia"!

Don-chan and Ka-chan have a great adventure all over the world to recover the stolen parts!

Can Don-chan and his friends get back the missing parts and save the world?!

The monsters you encounter during your adventure are "performance battles"! The better you play, the more damage you will do to monsters! Gather your own team, train them, and work together to confront the strong opponents!

You can play not only the story mode but also the familiar "playing game mode"! In addition to more than 60 songs, 3 new songs ("Pretender / Official Hige Otoko dism", "Gurenge / From" Kimetsu no Yaiba "", and "Iori Kanzaki") have been added!

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