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by AkanubonOrih

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FAQ/Walkthrough by AkanubonOrih

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 06/27/16

Kirby: Planet Robobot for the Nintendo 3DS

Written by: Michael Clarke | AkanubonOrih | megaseven [at] gmail [dot] com

Only intended for use at GameFAQs. If you see this posted on another website, please notify me.

Constructive criticism of my guide is not just welcome, it's encouraged.

Version History

  • 06/17/16 - 0.25 - Everything is incomplete, but the main walkthrough is about half finished. Mostly getting this up so people are aware I am in the process of making a guide.
  • 06/22/16 - 0.75 - The main walkthrough is complete, but most other sections are just getting started. Uploaded so anyone looking for information from the main guide can do so.
  • 06/23/16 - 0.90 - Everything but Meta Knightmare Returns and The True Arena are finished.
  • 06/27/16 - 1.00 - I'm pretty sure this guide is complete. The only reason this is not listed as the "Final" version is just in case I missed some information that others point out for me.

Controls & Copy Abilities

There are a total of 27 Copy Abilities in this game, with three of them being brand new to the Kirby series. I have listed all known amiibo abilities here under each corresponding ability as so: "Character Name [amiibo Series]". Any amiibo not listed here will give a random ability.

Kirby [No Copy Ability]

Obtained by:

  • N/A

In-Game Description:

Kirby is the round, pink life-form from Planet Popstar who possesses infinite power and can inhale enemies to copy their abilities.

While facing rightActionExplanation
Jump/HoverJump is obvious. Hover lets you fly around freely as long as you keep pressing Ⓐ
Inhale/SpitIf nothing is in Kirby's mouth, he will inhale blocks/enemies in front of him. If he has something in his mouth, he will spit it out as a star. The more things that are sucked up at once, the larger the star is. 2+ objects adds a piercing effect to the star.
after inhaling an enemy or objectSwallow/CopyIf whatever Kirby Inhaled can't be copied, it will be destroyed. If it can, Kirby will transform into a new form
+ ⒶSlideQuickly slide right, breaking blocks and hurting enemies on the ground level in front of Kirby
⇨ ⇨DashMove along the ground faster and jump farther
⇩ ⇩ in midairQuick FallFall faster in the air
Drop Copy AbilityForces Kirby to instantly lose his current copy ability, which turns into a star and bounces away behind him. It will be destroyed if it falls down a pit, hits spikes, or falls into lava
Use Assist StarUses whatever item Kirby is holding. You can see what Kirby has on the bottom screen inside the giant star there
Ⓛ / ⓇGuardLessen the damage Kirby takes by blocking it
Ⓛ / Ⓡ + +Control PadDodgeSpin left/right/up/down to avoid an attack altogether
Ⓛ / Ⓡ in midairAir DodgeSpin around in the air to dodge an attack altogether

My thoughts: Not much has changed since the early Kirby days, though as of Return to Dreamland, you can dodge and roll similar to the Smash Bros. series.

Swimming Controls

Obtained by:

  • Going underwater.

In-Game Description:

Though various movements are restricted underwater, some abilities can still be used. For example, you can spit water to attack.

While facing rightActionExplanation
+Control PadSwimMove freely throughout the water
Swim UpThis is called Swim "Up", but really it lets you get a boost of speed in any direction
Water GunShoot a bubble forward. Does okay damage
Kirby can use some Copy Abilities underwater

My thoughts: Like all Kirby games, you're hardly defenseless underwater, but you are pretty limited. The worst part about being underwater is when you lose your copy ability. With no way to suck it back up, it will instantly break once it is expelled from Kirby. So be extra careful if you have a rarer ability like Hammer or Smash Bros.!


Obtained by:

  • Spynum: A purple cloak clad enemy with a bow & arrow.
  • amiibo: Dark Pit [Smash Bros.], Duck Hunt [Smash Bros.], Pit [Smash Bros.]

In-Game Description:

Wait for the right moment, and open fire. Hide in the shadows, and become a Sharpshooter! Your precision aiming will let you shoot through tight spots.

While facing rightActionExplanation
Press and release ⒷShotA standard long range shot the direction Kirby is facing
Hold Ⓑ to charge, and then releaseSnipe ShotA stronger shot with a piercing effect
Hold Ⓑ longer before releasingMagic-Star ArrowA strong piercing shot with a ball of energy attached
While holding Ⓑ, press either of / SharpshooterAim the bow up or down 45 degrees either way
+ press and release ⒷSky ShotAn upward shot
+ press and hold Ⓑ, and then releaseSky-Shot ShowerAn upward shot that rains 4 blue arrows down
Dash + ⒷArrow SlashA forward double slash with an arrow
Dash + Ⓑ in midairLeaping QuiverA triple shot at a downward angle
CamouflageHide behind a bush/block/rock
during CamouflageHitmanA standard shot from behind cover
Either of/ during CamouflageCrawlMove left or right while Camouflaged

My thoughts: Still one of my favorites since Triple Deluxe. It has range, it has power, what's not to love? Well... the charge up time for Magic-Star Arrow can take a bit too long for my liking, but I can live with that.


Obtained by:

  • Waddle Doo: small red enemy with one large eye.
  • King Doo / King Doo 2.0
  • amiibo: R.O.B. [Smash Bros.]

In-Game Description:

This ability gives you control of electricity itself. It looks like a simple ability, but science cannot yet explain how it works.

While facing rightActionExplanation
Press and release ⒷBeam WhipA 90 degree forward swing of a mid-range beam whip
Dash + ⒷCycle BeamA forward mid-range attack in a cone shape
Dash + Ⓑ in midairBeam BlastA rapid-fire attack and a downward angle
Press and hold Ⓑ, and then releaseWave BeamA charge attack that fires a large piercing sphere forward
Either of / + Ⓑ near an enemyCapture BeamA grab attack that sends the enemy up and right when thrown

My thoughts: I like how much more versatile this ability has become over the years. What started as a simple beam whip has turned into... well, a simple beam whip plus a few more attacks. Regardless, those attacks are pretty good, especially Wave Beam and Beam Blast.


Obtained by:

  • Poppy Bros. Jr.: A blue hopping enemy that throws bombs.
  • amiibo: Bowser Jr. [Smash Bros. / Super Mario], Diddy Kong [Smash Bros. / Super Mario], Samus [Smash Bros.]

In-Game Description:

Raise a huge bomb above your head, adjust the angle, and give it a toss. Blast, explode, and detonate from a distance! Or drop a bomb right next to an enemy. KABOOM!

While facing rightActionExplanation
Press and hold ⒷBomb PrepKirby holds a bomb out and a red arrow appears in front of him much like the Yoshi games
Release during Bomb PrepBomb ThrowThe bomb is thrown in an arc the direction the red arrow was facing
+Control Pad during Bomb PrepTarget ThrowUse the red arrow to aim the bomb
Don't release bomb during Bomb PrepSelf-DestructThe bomb Kirby is holding will blow up in his hands. It pulses 10 times before rapidly pulsing a few times, then explodes
Dash + ⒷBomb BowlA bomb is thrown along the ground, rolling a bit, then stopping. It blows up after two seconds, or if it is touched by an enemy
near an enemyBomb DropA bomb is put directly on top of an enemy, making it so it cannot move. The bomb explodes after three seconds
+ ⒷBomb SetA bomb is placed next to Kirby. It explodes after three seconds, or if touched by an enemy

My thoughts: I kind of like the ability. It's so basic, but it packs a punch and it feels satisfying to aim the bombs just right. I think Bomb was the only ability I beat Kirby Fighters on the hardest difficulty with in Triple Deluxe.


Obtained by:

  • Clown Acrobat: A pretty self-explanatory enemy. Looks like a clown juggling stuff.
  • amiibo: Mr. Game & Watch [Smash Bros.]

In-Game Description:

The citizens of Popstar live to be entertained. This Copy Ability is guaranteed to blow their socks off!

While facing rightActionExplanation
Press and release ⒷSomersaultA double jump forward, then a long jump back to the starting position. Damages enemies along the way
+ BacksaultA backward double jump that damages enemies along the way
Dash, and then press and release ⒷFire-Hoop JumpA long jump with a fire effect. Can be used to burn things
+ ⒷBall BalanceA downward attack where Kirby dances on a ball
+ ⒷBatonAn upward attack where Kirby throws three batons above him and then catches them
+ Ⓑ repeatedlyFire BatonJust like Baton but it lasts longer and has a fire effect. Can be used to burn things
, and then+ ⒷTrampolineAn upward attack where Kirby jumps into the air
During Trampoline, + Ⓑ in midairAcrobaticsAnother jump off of a trampoline in midair. The falling trampoline can hurt enemies
Press and hold Balloon Pop ArtA short range all-around attack that blows up and explodes a balloon

My thoughts: Uuuggghhh. Hands down my least favorite ability in just about any Kirby game. I'll go with no ability over this. Heck, I'd take the ultra useless Metal from Squeak Squad over this in a heartbeat. It's just so unwieldy and weird. Pass. Pass forever.


Obtained by:

  • Bomber: A small bomb-like enemy with a skull on its side.

In-Game Description:

DANGER! Use caution when handling this ability. It can be used only once, so make it count!

While facing rightActionExplanation
Crash FireballA large yellow screen-wide explosion kills every normal enemy in the immediate area
Hold and mash +Control Pad and then releaseSupernovaA much more powerful large multi-color screen-wide explosion kills every normal enemy in the immediate area

My thoughts: What's to really say? It's a one-time use screen nuke ability. Try to save it for mini-bosses and it will either kill them outright or leave them with a speck of health.


Obtained by:

  • Sir Kibble: A small yellow armored enemy that throws boomerangs.
  • Kibble Blade / Kibble Blade 2.0
  • amiibo: Toon Link [Smash Bros.]

In-Game Description:

A boomerang that returns to your hand after being thrown. You can charge it up, steer its flight path upward or downward, and use it to cut ropes!

While facing rightActionsExplanation
Cutter BoomerangThrows a mid-range boomerang that comes back
Hold Ⓑ and releaseHyper BoomerangThrows a large long-range boomerang that comes back
Dash + ⒷCutter DashInvincibly charge forward, cutting with the boomerang
Press and hold Ⓑ while in midairSweep CutterThrows a mid-range boomerang and close-range slices with another
+ Ⓑ in midairCutter DropSlices down diagonally with a blade
when near an enemyCleaving CutterSlashes an enemy with a blade
repeatedly when near an enemyFinal CutterSlashes an enemy with a blade multiple times, flings the enemy into the air, then slams it back down

My thoughts: I generally enjoy this ability. It has some pretty good range, and Hyper Boomerang can do some nice damage. An overall solid go-to ability.


Obtained by:

  • Pillah: A small doctor enemy with a giant capsule for a head.
  • amiibo: Dr. Mario [Smash Bros.], Wii Fit Trainer [Smash Bros.]

In-game description:

Knowledgeable in medicine and the sciences, Doctor Kirby has a variety of quick and devastating attacks!

While facing rightActionsExplanation
Press and release ⒷBouncing CapsuleThrow a capsule forward in an arc
Press and hold Ⓑ, and then releasePill BopperThrow five capsules out in various angles left, right, and above Kirby
+ hold Ⓑ extra long, and then releaseScience LabWhip up a potion with a fire, ice, or electric element and then immediately use it
Ⓐ / Ⓛ / Ⓡ during Science LabResearch VaultPut the potion created during Science Lab away to be used later
+ ⒷSpray MedicineCreate a fountain of medicine above Kirby
Dash + release Ⓑ in midairBandage SpinSpin around as you move forward whipping bandages left and right
Dash + hold Ⓑ in midairPharmacyFire a capsule forward instead of throwing it upward
Dash + ⒷClipboard BashWhack enemies in front of Kirby with a giant clipboard

My thoughts: Doctor Mario was one of my mains in Super Smash Bros. Melee, so I'm kind of biased when it comes to this ability. I love chucking capsules at enemies and shouting "Don't forget your vitamins!" Your milage may vary.


Obtained by:

  • Cultra: small black floating wizard enemy.
  • Telepathos / Telepathos 2.0
  • amiibo: Lucas [Smash Bros.], Mewtwo [Smash Bros.], Ness [Smash Bros.], Shulk [Smash Bros.]

In-game description:

This psychokinetic ability allows you to turn invisible and produce shocking electric fields, just like a certain boy with PSI. This field of science is still largely unexplored.

While facing rightActionsExplanation
Press and release ⒷPsychokinesisA burst of energy around Kirby
Hold Ⓑ + +Control PadPK ShiftA controllable ball of energy that bursts when B is released
Hold Ⓑ for a long time before moving +Control PadPK ElectroshiftA larger controllable ball of energy that bursts when B is released
Dash + hold ⒷVanishDisappear and become intangible
Vanish, then release ⒷReappearReappear from Vanish
Ⓛ / Ⓡ right before getting hitPK EvadeCreate a massive blast of energy all around Kirby
Ⓛ / Ⓡ when getting hitPK Insight Vanish, then reappear and zap the enemy that hit you

My thoughts: I love Ness & Earthbound, but I found this ability pretty underwhelming. It's fun to move the ball of energy around... but that's about all you can do. Vanish / Reappear doesn't do much, though I guess it could be nice against bosses with hard to dodge attacks, and PK Evade & PK Insight have too much risk for their reward.


Obtained by:

  • Knuckle Joe - A small enemy with yellow spiky hair wearing a blue gi.
  • amiibo: Donkey Kong [Smash Bros. / Super Mario], Little Mac [Smash Bros.], Lucario [Smash Bros.], Mii [Smash Bros.] (may give Spark or Sword instead)

In-Game Description:

This ability raises your fighting power to the max! The supersonic punches and kicks Kirby unleashes bring about infinite fighting capabilities.

While facing rightActionExplanation
Tap Ⓑ (or press repeatedly)Vulcan JabA flurry of short-to-mid-range punches
Press and hold Smash PunchA mid-range fireball attack
Dash + release ⒷLeg SweepAn invincible slding kick attack
Dash + press and hold ⒷSpin KickAn upward triple kick attack
Release in midairDown KickA tiny very short-range kick
Press and hold in midairDouble KickA mid-range horizontal kick
+ press and hold ⒷRising BreakAn uppercut that hits multiple times
+ Ⓑ in midairSky KickA downward diagonal flying kick
+ Hold Ⓑ shortly before releasingForce BlastA short-to-mid-range fireball
+ Hold Ⓑ even longer before releasingMega Force BlastA long range fireball
+ Hold Ⓑ even longer before releasingGiga Force BlastA long range powerful fireball
⇩ ⇨ + press and hold ⒷInstant Mega Force BlastSame thing as Mega Force Blast without the charge up
Release Ⓑ near an enemy in midairMoon Somersault KickA quick half-circle kick
Either of / + Ⓑ near an enemyFoe GrabGrab an enemy
Foe Grab + Ⓑ, or Foe Grab + either / Arm ThrowA punch that sends the enemy flying forward
Foe Grab + either of /Judo ThrowA throw that sends the enemy flying backward

My thoughts: I think "infinite fighting capabilities" is a bit of a stretch, but this ability does have a lot of varied moves. The Hadoken-esque Force Blast is pretty neat, and several of the other attacks pack a punch (pun intended). All around one of the better abilities.


Obtained by:

  • Hot Head: A small enemy with flaming hair.
  • Galbo: A small red dragon-like enemy that breathes fire.
  • amiibo: Charizard [Smash Bros.], Luigi [Smash Bros. / Super Mario], Mario [Smash Bros. / Super Mario]

In-Game Description:

This flaming ability allows Kirby to spit out fire! Light the fuse and ignite yourself to produce an even more powerful flame.

While facing rightActionExplanation
Fire BreathA mid-range fire attack that goes as long as you hold B
Fire Breath + +Control PadTarget FireAim up / down and extend or shorten the flames
Press and hold during Fire BreathFireball InfernoEngulfs Kirby in flames, damaging anything that touches him
Dash + ⒷBurnTurn into a fireball and fly forward breifly
during BurnSearing BurnEnd Burn abruptly
+ in midairFireball SpinSpin around, hurting anything Kirby touches
Touch the ground during Fireball SpinFireball RollContinue spinning along the ground briefly
Press Ⓐ during Fireball RollFireball JumpJump back into the air while spinning
Touch a wall during Fireball Roll or Fireball SpinFireball ClimbRoll up the wall while spinning

My thoughts: I've never been a huge fan of the Fire abilities in Kirby games, but they've certainly added a lot of new gimmicks since Return to Dreamland. It can be fun to play around with for a bit, but I generally recommend something else.


Obtained by:

  • Bonkers / Bonkers 2.0
  • amiibo: King Dedede [Smash Bros.],
  • Special amiibo costume: King Dedede [Kirby] - Gives Kirby a King Dedede outfit

In-Game Description:

A giant hammer on loan from the king himself. Pound boulders into dust, or knock stakes flat into the ground. Send out a fiery burst with the decisive Hammer Flip!

While facing rightActionsExplanation
HammerShort-range attack that smacks the hammer down on the ground
+ ⒷHammer TwirlGrind the hammer into the ground
Dash + ⒷHammer SwingSpin around with the hammer horizontally
in midairGiant SwingSpin with the hammer in the air, hitting anything in a 360 degree radius
Dash + Ⓑ in midairUltra-Giant SwingA faster version of Giant Swing
+ ⒷHammer FlipA flaming upward swing of the hammer. Extremely powerful
Dash + ⓍHammer ThrowThrow the hammer forward, removing the hammer ability from Kirby
while swimmingUnderwater WheelA slower version of Giant Swing underwater

My thoughts: One of the most powerful abilities in the game... which is why you only ever get it from the mini-boss Bonkers and his 2.0 counterpart. Try not to lose it when you get it!


Obtained by:

  • Chilly: An enemy that looks like a snowman.
  • Propeller: A teardrop shaped enemy with a propeller.
  • Mr. Frosty / Mr. Frosty 2.0
  • amiibo: Rosalina [Smash Bros. / Super Mario]

In-Game Description:

Freeze enemies with Ice Breath! You can also glide gracefully along the ground with Ice Skate.

While facing rightActionsExplanation
DashIce SkateKirby skates along the ground instead of running
Ice BreathBreathe a short-to-mid-range blast of ice breath as long as B is held
Ⓑ in midairIce SprinkleSpin at a tilted angle hitting things low right and high left
Dash + Ⓑ in midairSuper Ice SprinkleA faster, more potent version of Ice Sprinkle

Dash + hold Ⓑ, or press Ⓑ repeatedly

Ice StormA short-range aura surrounds Kirby and stays as long as B is held

+ Ⓑ while dashing

Ice BallTurn into a giant orb of ice and smash everything in your path
Either of / + Ⓑ while near enemyIce SuctionSuck an enemy up just like standard Suction
Ice Suction + ⒷIce EjectionFire the enemy out as an ice cube
When touching iceIce KickFling a frozen enemy horizontally left or right
Ⓛ / ⓇIce BlockA stronger block where Kirby is encased in ice
While using Ice Block, release Ⓛ / ⓇIce ScatterA pretty useless but flashy attack that hits whatever Kirby is practically touching while blocking

My thoughts: Rather inoffensive ability. Freezing things and then flinging them at other things never gets old, but for some reason this isn't an ability I choose often when other choices are available. I definitely prefer it when I need to extinguish some fire though.


Obtained by:

  • Capsule J2: A small enemy with a jetpack.
  • amiibo: Falco [Smash Bros.], Fox [Smash Bros.]

In-game description:

This high-flying ability full of aerodynamic power makes its return! Charge it up with B, and then jet toward enemies at extreme speed!

While facing rightActionsExplanation
Release ⒷKickJet forward while kicking
+ quickly tap ⒷSomersaultDo a flip kick to attack anything around Kirby
Release Ⓑ in midairJet HeadbuttSimilar to Kick, but Kirby charges forward with his head in midair
Hold ⒷStore PowerCharge energy for up to two levels
Store Power, and then release ⒷJet KickA farther and stronger version of Kick
Store Power fully, and then release ⒷJet DashA farther and stronger version of Jet Headbutt
Jet Dash, and then hit a wallJet BurstCreate an explosion when you smack into a wall
Jet Dash, and then ⒷJet CrackerStop Jet Dash early to create a large explosion directed forward
/ (either) + Ⓑ near an enemyJet CatchGrab an enemy
Jet Catch, and then release ⒷJet BlowSlam the grabbed enemy into the ground
Store Power fully, and then Jet BlowRocket DiveDo a bigger and stronger version of Jet Blow
Store Power fully, and then Ⓐ / GuardCharge StockStore your Store Power energy for later use
in midairHoverUse the jetpack to fly upward. The exhaust can damage enemies below Kirby
Store Power fully, and then Ⓐ in midairUltra Jet JumpDo a super jump using up the energy from Store Power

My thoughts: Holy crap that's a lot of moves. I found this ability to be pretty darn fun and generally went for it whenever it was available. Charging up fully with Store Power and then unleashing a Jet Cracker on unsuspecting enemies was always fun. My only real complaint is the Ultra Jet Jump move as it's not really a good way to attack things and it wastes your Store Power energy.


Obtained by:

  • Leafan: A small brown enemy with leaves on its head.
  • amiibo: All [Animal Crossing series], Olimar [Smash Bros.], Toad [Super Mario], Villager [Smash Bros.]

In-Game Description:

Be a leaf on the wind with this sharp ability. Spin up a torrent of dancing leaves to slice and dice, or activate your guard and--Hey, where'd you go?!

While facing rightActionExplanation
Leaf AttackShoot leaves that spiral as they go up and right
Press and hold ⒷLeaf SwirlCreate a cylone of leaves around Kirby - Can move left/right
Release Ⓑ during Leaf SwirlLeaf ScatterThe leaves shoot outwards and dissipate
Dash + ⒷLeaf DanceDash forward while leaves spin around Kirby, then dissipate
+ ⒷLeaf UppercutA pillar of leaves shoots upward in front of Kirby
+ Ⓑ in midairLeaf Rain3 leaves shoot at a downward angle
Ⓛ / ⓇLeaf HideHide behind leaves
During Leaf Hide, release Ⓛ / ⓇRevealBurst out of the leaves sending them everywhere

My thoughts: Ehhh, I don't hate it, but I don't really ever want to use it either.


Obtained by:

  • Walkie - A small walking microphone.
  • amiibo: Jigglypuff [Smash Bros.]

In-Game Description:

Music usually has a comforting effect, but that depends on who's singing. Luckily, Kirby only has enough energy to sing three songs.

While facing rightActionExplanation
Ⓑ (first press)MegaphoneShoots a powerful soundwave forward in a narrow cone
(second press)Desk MikeShoots a powerful soundwave forward in a larger cone
(third press)Stand MikeMakes a massive soundwave all around Kirby, killing everything it touches
Hold Ⓑ and mash +Control Pad (third press)EncoreCharges up Stand Mike to do more damage and have larger range

My thoughts: It's basically an alternate version of Crash that swaps some of the power for multiple uses. Not a bad little thing to use here and there.


Obtained by:

  • Smirror: A small orange wizard enemy.
  • amiibo: Palutena [Smash Bros.], Zelda [Smash Bros.]

In-game description:

This mysterious multiplying ability uses a magical technique. It responds to attacks received while guarding with automatic counterattacks.

While facing rightActionsExplanation
Mirror CutA simple swing of the mirror rod to slash enemies directly in front of Kirby
Hold ⒷReflect ForceThe rod is held forward as a bunch of small mirrors are shot forward before dissipating
Dash + ⒷMirror BodyKirby splits into two and shoots out in opposite directions before quickly returning. The angle in which they travel is dictated by Kirby's momentum
+ ⒷMirror Body - SkyFour copies of Kirby stack up on top of him
+ ⒷMirror Body - RingKirby is surrounded by six copies
Ⓛ / ⓇReflect GuardA shield envelops Kirby as long as the button is held. Any projectile attack that hits it immediately sends a projectile back at the shooter

My thoughts: I kinda like this copy ability. The Mirror Body attack can be hard to aim, but overall it's pretty powerful and I always get a kick out of sniping enemies in the back/foreground with Reflect Guard.


Obtained by:

  • Moonja: A small purple enemy clad in ninja's garb.
  • amiibo: Greninja [Smash Bros.], Shiek [Smash Bros.]

In-Game Description:

Excelling in the art of covert combat, this ability contains various moves found in ancient documents from foreign lands. Science cannot explain this ability.

While facing rightActionExplanation
Press and release ⒷKnife ThrowThrow kunai knives forward
Press and hold ⒷShockSlice a katana directly in front of Kirby
Dash + ⒷStealth SlashDash forward while invincible, cutting everything in the path
Press + Ⓑ in midairNinja KickDownward diagonal kick
+ ⒷSmoke ScreenThrow a smoke bomb at the ground
, and then + ⒷBlossom StormJump up to make cherry blossoms shoot out, then throw a smoke bomb at the ground
Press and hold Ⓑ near an enemyQuad ShockDo Shock followed by another slice that creates a short range shockwave
Either of / + Ⓑ near an enemyAir DropGrab the enemy, jump up, and slam him down onto the ground
Hold / against a wall in midairWall ClingCling onto the wall, staying there indefinitely
during Wall ClingWall StrikeKnife Throw while clung to a wall
during Wall ClingWall JumpJump off of the wall
Ⓛ / Ⓡ right before being attackedClone TechniqueCreate a clone and counter the enemy's attack
Ⓑ while floating on water's surfaceStealth Water GunShoot water upward through a bamboo straw

My thoughts: I enjoy this ability quite a bit. Much like Archer, it's a good blend of power & range, plus it looks cool. Wall Cling can be more of an annoyance than a tool though.


Obtained by:

  • Parasol Waddle Dee: A Waddle Dee with a parasol.
  • Parasol Waddle Doo: A Waddle Doo with a parasol.
  • amiibo: Peach [Smash Bros. / Super Mario]
  • Special amiibo costume: Parasol Waddle Dee [ Kirby ] - Gives Kirby a Bandanna Waddle Dee costume.

In-Game Description:

Guard against falling objects, or take a floaty stroll through the air. You can also spray water to attack enemies or put out fires.

While facing rightActionExplanation
Parasol SwingA mid range forward attack with the parasol that flings water droplets forward
Press and hold ⒷParasol ShieldHold the parasol out forward to deflect attacks and damage any enemy dumb enough to walk into it
Either of / during Parasol ShieldChange Shield DirectionChange the direction of the shield to block behind Kirby
Dash + ⒷParasol DrillSpin the parasol as Kirby dashes forward invincibly, then fling water droplets forward
+ ⒷParasol TwirlSpin the parasol downward
+ Ⓑ in midairParasol DiveShoot downward while spinning the parasol
Either of / + Ⓑ near an enemyCircus ThrowGrab an enemy and spin him on top of the parasol briefly before firing him upward
Activates while fallingParasol DriftUse the parasol to slowly fall down
Ⓑ while swimmingUnderwater Parasol DrillJust like the regular Parasol Drill, but slower and underwater... as the name implies!
Ⓑ while floating on water's surfaceSurface Drill SprayJust like Parasol Drill, but floating on the surface of water, and slower
+ Ⓑ while swimmingUnderwater Parasol DiveJust like the regular Parasol Dive, but slower and underwater... as the name implies!

My thoughts: I've never been a fan of this ability, but it's become a lot better over the years. It's also one of the few abilities that can extinguish fires, which is a limited yet necessary skill.


Obtained by:

  • Toxioad: A small purple toad-like enemy that looks like it is made out of poison.
  • Miasmoros / Miasmoros 2.0
  • amiibo: All [Splatoon], Ganondorf [Smash Bros.]

In-game description:

This is a rather dangerous ability for all life-forms, organic and otherwise. It can be used to attack enemies with a corrosive liquid that contains damaging substances.

While facing rightActionsExplanation
Press and release ⒷSticky ToxinLob a small poison glob out that lands in front of Kirby
repeatedly near an enemyPoison Pummel - Toxic SwapDo a multi-hit combo ending with a grab & slam attack that creates a large poison shockwave
Dash + ⒷToxic SlideSlide along the ground on a wave of poison
Hold ⒷToxic SmogCreate a poison gas cloud in front of Kirby
+ ⒷToxic TowerShoot a continuous stream of poison upward
/ during Toxic TowerTilted Toxic TowerAim Toxic Tower left and right
+ Ⓑ in midair Sticky StrikeShoot two globs downward at an angle
Dash + quickly tap Ⓑ in midairToxic BallLob a larger ball of poison up and forward

My thoughts: I don't hate it, but I don't love it either. Some of the attacks like Toxic Slide are nice, but others like Sticky Toxin just don't really do it for me. I like that it exists though.


Obtained by:

  • Noddy - A sleeping enemy with an orange nightcap.

In-Game Description:

Sleep is definitely important, but it can be dangerous if you doze off in the wrong place! Luckily, you can wake up quickly by button mashing.

While facing rightActionExplanation
When swallowingSleepKirby sleeps and is defenseless.
+Control Pad in various directionsEarly Wake-UpWake Kirby up early by making his snot bubble grow until it bursts. Can damage enemies when it pops.

My thoughts: Not so much an actual Copy Ability as it is a punishment for swallowing things willy-nilly. All this does is waste your time, so mash those buttons to end it quickly!

Smash Bros.

Obtained by:

  • Only found as a Copy Essence in five specific rooms.
  • amiibo: Kirby [Smash Bros.]

In-game description:

You're ready to rumble! You got the Smash Bros. ability!

While facing rightActionsExplanation
Vulcan JabSame as Fighter's move of the same name
Dash + release ⒷSmash KickA chargeable move that sends Kirby flying forward as he kicks
in midairTwinkle StarKirby spins around with arms extended to hit anything in a 360 degree radius
+ release ⒷHammer FlipSame as Hammer's move of the same name
+ Ⓑ in midairGiant SwingSame as Hammer's move of the same name
Dash + + Ⓑ in midairUltra-Giant SwingSame as Hammer's move of the same name
+ ⒷFinal CutterSame as Cutter's move of the same name, though it does not need to combo first
+ ⒷStone ChangeSame as Stone's move of the same name
+ Ⓑ in midairStone SmashSame as Stone's move of the same name
/ + Ⓑ near enemyAir DropSame as Ninja's move of the same name
Ⓛ / ⓇShieldCreates a shield around Kirby while blocking just like in the Smash Bros. series

My thoughts: Hands down one of the best abilities in the series. It can cut, it can set things on fire, it can smash posts, and it's super powerful. There's a reason this ability is so hard to find, and that's because it makes you a killing machine.


Obtained by:

  • Sparky: Small green enemy with two blue balls on its head.
  • Dubior / Dubior 2.0
  • amiibo: Chibi-Robo [Chibi-Robo], Mii [Smash Bros.] (may give Fighter or Sword instead), Pikachu [Smash Bros.], Robin [Smash Bros.]

In-Game Description:

Mash on the +Control Pad, charge up your power, and create an energy barrier! With the Spark ability, you can even fire plasma shots!

While facing rightActionExplanation
Spark AttackCreate a shocking aura around Kirby for as long as B is held
+Control Pad in various directionsCharge PowerBuild up an aura around Kirby that can be fired forward
Small Charge + ⒷSpark ArrowFire a fast moving narrow shot that can pierce through enemies
Medium Charge + Spark LaserA larger, more powerful version of Spark Arrow
Full Charge + ⒷSpark WaveA massive ball of energy is shot forward
Created by Charge PowerSpark BarrierA shield of energy surrounds Kirby, taking a hit and damaging anyone it touches
+ ⒷThunderboltShoot a column of lightning straight up
+ Ⓑ in midairLightning StrikeShoot a column of lightning straight down

My thoughts: I like this ability quite a bit... for a while at least. Having to mash the +Control Pad constantly to create the strongest attack starts to wear on me after a while. Nevertheless, I've used it on a few bosses and made short work of them.


Obtained by:

  • Rocky: Small brown enemy that looks like a rock wearing a bandanna.
  • Blocky / Blocky 2.0
  • amiibo: Bowser [Smash Bros./ Super Mario]

In-Game Description:

Kirby rocks with the Stone ability! Slide down slopes and squash your enemies in seconds flat! With so many transformations, who knows what he'll turn into next!

While facing rightActionExplanation
Stone ChangeChange into one of many stone forms
in midairStone SmashSame as Stone Change, but the fall will damage anything in the way
Dash + ⒷTurbo StoneSame as Stone Change, but with forward momentum that damages anything in the way
Block most enemy attacks as a stone!
+ Ⓑ in midairHeavy SmashStronger version of Stone Smash
+ press and release ⒷStone UppercutA short range upward attack
+ press and hold ⒷMighty UppercutA stronger version of Stone Uppercut
when on a slopeSlope SlideSlide down slopes, damaging anything in the way
Dash while transformedSpinSpin around a bit

My thoughts: The addition of the Uppercut moves in Return to Dreamland were a welcome change as it added some much needed variety to an otherwise one-trick pony ability. Even then, the one trick has its uses. Turbo Stone & Heavy Smash are both good ways to damage enemies while making yourself invincible, so feel free to abuse that in any situation that is giving you trouble.