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General FAQs

FAQ/Walkthrough (HTML) 04/26/17 KeyBlade999 / yoshi_chao v1.50 1521K
FAQ/Walkthrough (HTML) 12/05/16 RedIsPoetic 1.30 477K
FAQ/Walkthrough (HTML) 11/26/16 nadroj347 1.60 222K

In-Depth FAQs

Ability List (HTML) 01/20/17 spooky96 1.00 35K
Base Stats List (HTML) 11/20/16 spooky96 1.00 25K
Battle Buffet FAQ 03/16/17 Megadash 1.3 16K
Evolution Chain Guide (HTML) 11/25/16 spooky96 1.1 16K
Pokedex (HTML) 01/07/17 KeyBlade999 / yoshi_chao v1.10 2959K
Pokemon Refresh Petting Guide 12/10/16 bugsbob 2.0 96K
TM List (HTML) 01/27/17 spooky96 1.1 12K
Wild Pokemon Location List (HTML) 08/22/17 spooky96 1.00 36K
Zygarde Core/Cell Location List 11/27/16 dbcification 1.0 8K

Maps and Charts

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