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Close X QR Code/Island Scan Guide
by Silica

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QR Code/Island Scan Guide by SilicaDonate directly to the author of this contribution

Version: 1 | Updated: 05/27/2020

Step by step tutorial

Scan QR code

  1. Press the X button to open the menu.
  2. Use the arrow button to go to the QR SCANNER.
  3. Press the A button to open the QR scanner.
  4. Point the camera at a QR code.
  5. Press and hold the R button to scan the QR code.

Island scan

  1. Travel to the island where you want to do the island scan:
    - Melemele Island
    - Akala Island
    - Ula'ula Island
    - Poni Island
  2. Scan QR codes (refer to section Scan QR code) until you get 100 points.
  3. If necessary, press the X button to switch from QR Code Scan to Island Scan.
  4. Press and hold the R button to scan the island.
  5. Travel to the location mentioned in the island scan result.
  6. Search the area (grass, cave, ect.) to encounter the pokémon.
    Note: You can only encounter the pokémon once. After 1 hour the pokémon will disappear.