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Zygarde Core/Cell Location List by dbcification

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 11/27/2016

Zygarde Core and Cell Locations 
Pokemon Sun and Moon


This is a brief guide to finding all 100 of the Zygarde Cells and Cores 
scattered around Alola in Pokemon Sun and Moon. You have to wait until you get
to Akala Island and meet up with a certain pair of globe-trotting trainers on
holiday from Kalos to begin your collectathon, as you won't get the 
all-important Zygarde Cube until then. Once you get the Cube, the Cells and 
Cores will become visible to you. You'll receive infrequent guidance from the 
folks who gave you the Cube as you collect Cells and Cores, which will 
eventually lead to them telling you to come to the Aether Foundation mobile 
lab on Route 15. While you can't get there for quite some time (until you can 
deal with rocks while Surfing), once you do, you can use your collected Cells 
and Cores to create a Zygarde of your very own! 

Zygarde now has multiple Forms, the 10% Form (where it looks like a dog with a
scarf on its neck), the 50% Form (which is its default appearance in X and Y),
and the 100% Form (which is much more humanoid). Each of the Cores you collect
can teach your Zygarde different unique moves, as well. Zygarde is given to 
you first at level 30, and later at level 50.

Before going into the Post-Game, you are able to find 81 Cells and 5 Cores, 
for a total of 86% in your Zygarde Cube. The remaining 14 Cells are only 
accessible after you enter the Post-Game (one of which you'll spot during one
of the ending cutscenes, but be unable to do a thing about until you regain 
normal control).

The locations listed in this guide are done in roughly the order you can get 
to them in normal progression.


Area Name (#)
Time   Location         Specific location

A = Any time, D = Day, N = Night
North = Up, West = Left, East = Right, South = Down


Melemele Island (2)
A   Route 1             In your bedroom, next to the desk
A   Iki Town            On the porch in the northeast room of Hala's House

Akala Island (1)
A   Konikoni City       Upstairs in the kitchen above the Stone Shop

Ula'ula Island (1)
A   Route 17            In the back of the Police Station

Poni Island (1)
A   Ancient Poni Path   In the middle of the bedroom in Hapu's House


Melemele Island (13)
A   Route 1             Outside Professor Kukui's Lab
D   Route 1             Next to the cliff face on the eastern path to Iki Town
N   Iki Town            Next to the tree east of the gate to Mahalo Trail
D   Route 1             Next to a tree down a path blocked by rocks
N   Route 1             Inside the Trainer's School building on a pillow
N   Hau'oli City        Outside of the Pokemon Center in the Shopping District
A   Hau'oli Cemetary    In front of the hedges on the second row from the top
A   Route 2             Along the walkway of the Motel
A   Verdant Cavern      Next to the northeastern-most burrow in the Trial Site
A   Route 3             Next to a tree in the grassy area south of the bridge
D   Route 3             In an alcove in the rock just south of Melemele Meadow
A   Kala'e Bay          To the southwest of the cave entrance, on the beach

Akala Island (18)
A   Heahea City         Inside the Tide Song Hotel, in the northwestern corner
A   Route 4             On the southern-most ridge on the main path
D   Paniola Ranch       On the opposite side of the fence from the Nursery
N   Paniola Ranch       To the left of the first ramp
D   Royal Avenue        In a parking spot in front of the Thrifty Megamart
N   Royal Avenue        To the right of the Pokemon Center
N   Heahea City         Outside the Dimensional Research Lab
A   Wela Volcano Park   Along the path of ledges leading down from the top
A   Route 7             On the upper beach between some rocks
D   Route 8             Outside the Aether Foundation mobile lab site
A   Lush Jungle         Past the boulder on the eastern path, inside the cave
A   Route 5             Near the Youngster along the northern ledge path
A   Hano Beach          Under the umbrella next to the Stoutland
D   Hano Beach          Under the wooden tower
A   Diglett's Tunnel    Near a minecart and pickaxe on the south side
A   Akala Outskirts     Next to the return ledge just past the graveyard
N   Konikoni City       Next to the three Pikachu on the lightouse overlook

Ula'ula Island (30)
A   Maile Garden        On the northwestern-most spit of land
D   Maile City          In the Recycling Center area, next to a parked car 
D   Maile City          In the carport just past the entrance to Maile Garden
N   Maile City          Inside the Community Center past the interior rooms
D   Route 10            Next to the Ace Trainer
N   H. Observatory      Down the hallway to the left
N   Route 11            Along the path just west of the Captain's Gate
A   Route 12            Next to a rock after the first set of rough rocks
A   Route 12            Next to the two Punk trainers
A   Blush Mountain      Right outside the building entrance
D   Secluded Shore      Along the cliff face on the left side of the beach
N   Secluded Shore      Along the cliff face on the right side of the beach
A   Route 13            Next to the trailer near the oasis
N   Route 13            On the outside of the Motel to the west of the walkway
A   Tapu Village        In the fence across from the Pokemon Center
A   Route 14            On the southeasternmost part of the beach, on the wall
N   Route 14            Next to the Fisherman by the collapsed highway
A   Route 15            To the south after the road dips onto the first beach
D   Aether House        Inside the play room, in the northwest corner
A   Haina Desert        In Safe Zone A (http://pastebin.com/Ey061dJj)
A   Ruins of Abundance  Just outside the entrance to the Ruins
D   Route 16            Outside the Pokemon Center, within its fence
A   Ula'ula Meadow      Along the wooden walkway before it straightens out
A   Ula'ula Meadow      Along the path to the Lake, just past the grass
A   Route 17            On the upper ledges, along the righthand path
A   Route 17            Next to the southern corner of the Po Town wall
D   Po Town             By the mansion, next to a yellow truck
N   Po Town             By the mansion, next to a red truck
A   Mount Lanakila      Along the left wall of the ascent path
A   Mount Lanakila      Just past a mandatory battle point on your first trip

Aether Paradise (5)
A   Outside             On top of the cube to the right on the Mansion side
D   Outside             On the far western corner of the Mansion
N   Outside             To the left of the Fly point
A   Secret Labs         At the end of the hallway
A   Mansion             Inside the entrance room, in the northeastern corner

Poni Island (15)
A   Seafolk Village     Under the last table in the restaurant
A   Seafolk Village     In the empty / under construction area
A   Poni Wilds          On the beach next to a rock
D   Poni Wilds          On the return ledge path
N   Poni Wilds          Next to the Trainer Tips sign
D   Ancient Poni Path   Right in front of the first arch past Hapu's House
D   Ancient Poni Path   Next to the well at Hapu's House
N   Ancient Poni Path   Next to the trail marker at the Vast Poni Canyon
D   Poni Breaker Coast  Next to the first geyser
N   Poni Breaker Coast  Next to stone statue at the Ruins of Hope
A   Ruins of Hope       Right along the path down to the entrance
A   Vast Poni Canyon    2F - To the right of some rough rocks
A   Vast Poni Canyon    3F - Along the lefthand wall next to a burrow
A   Vast Poni Canyon    1F - Under a boulder on the return path
A   Vast Poni Canyon    Top - In the little grassy area below the bridge

Post-Game Melemele Island (1)
A   Ruins of Conflict   Across the bridge outside of the entrance to the Ruins

Post-Game Poni Island (13)
A   Poni Grove          Along the cliff face in the north
A   Poni Grove          At the end of the path
A   Poni Plains         Along the northwestern ledge path
D   Poni Plains         Literally in the middle of the Plains
N   Poni Plains         At the northeastern edge of the Plains
A   Poni Coast          Along the little gully path in the middle of the Coast
A   Poni Coast          Along the eastern side, near a smashable rock
A   Poni Gauntlet       On a little piece of land near the Trainer Tips sign
A   Poni Gauntlet       On the final bridge
A   Poni Meadow         Along the return ledge path from Resolution Cave
D   Resolution Cave     1F - Next to the B1F cave entrance
A   Resolution Cave     B1F - In  the big open area
N   Resolution Cave     B1F - South of where the ramp is on the righthand side

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