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by KeyBlade999 / yoshi_chao

Table of Contents

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FAQ/Walkthrough by KeyBlade999
/ yoshi_chao

Version: v1.50 | Updated: 04/26/17

Table of Contents

  1. How to Use This FAQ
  2. Introduction
  3. Basics of the Game
    1. A Must-Read Before the Basics
    2. Controls
    3. Save Data & Erasure
    4. Version Exclusives
    5. Important Terms & Definitions
    6. How to Tell Legal From Hacked Pokémon
    7. Unobtainable Shiny Pokémon & Hidden Abilities
    8. Pokémon Capture
    9. Status Ailments
    10. Weather/Field Effects
    11. Entry Hazards
    12. Special Move Mechanics
    13. The "Minor" Details - EVs, IVs, and Nature
    14. The "Minor" Details - Pokémon Characteristics
    15. The "Minor" Details - Personality Values
    16. Misc. Game Mechanics
    17. Competitive Pokémon Strategy
  4. Pre-Credits Walkthrough
    1. Notes (READ!)
    2. The Trial of Captain Ilima
    3. The Grand Trial of Melemele Island
    4. The Trial of Captain Lana
    5. The Trial of Captain Kiawe
    6. The Trial of Captain Mallow
    7. The Grand Trial of Akala Island
    8. The Trial of Captain Sophocles
    9. The Trial of Captain Acerola
    10. The Grand Trial of Ula'ula Island
    11. The Grand Trial of Poni Island
    12. The Trial of Vast Poni Canyon
    13. Alola's First Champion is Crowned!
  5. Post-Credits Walkthrough
    1. The Ultra Beast Task Force
    2. The Guardian Pokémon: The Tapus
    3. Another Cosmog?
    4. Obtaining Type: Null
    5. The Battle Tree
    6. Other Smaller Tasks
  6. Sidequests & Other Things
    1. Minor Sidequests of the Walkthrough
    2. Pokémon Refresh
    3. Hyper Training
    4. EV Training
    5. Poké Pelago
    6. Pokémon Breeding
    7. Poké Finder
    8. Island Scan
    9. Pokémon Ribbons
    10. Trainer Passport Stamps
    11. Oval Charm & Shiny Charm
  7. Miscellaneous Gameplay Info
    1. In-Game Pokémon Trades
    2. Gift Pokémon
    3. Pokémon Forme Changes
    4. Move Tutor Listings
    5. Battle Styles
  8. Items Listings
    1. Medicinal Items
    2. EV-Changing Items
    3. Other Stat-Boosting Items
    4. Hold Items
    5. Berries (General)
    6. Berries (Growth)
    7. Battle Items
    8. Pokéballs
    9. Pokémon Fossils
    10. Evolution Items
    11. Mega Stones
    12. Primal Orbs
    13. Z Crystals
    14. Miscellaneous
    15. Stuff to Sell
    16. TMs (Technical Machines)
    17. Key Items
    18. Hyper Training Bottle Caps
  9. Shop Details
    1. Hau'oli City
    2. Route 2
    3. Heahea City
    4. Paniola Town
    5. Route 5
    6. Royal Avenue
    7. Route 8
    8. Konikoni City
    9. Malie City
    10. Mount Hokulani
    11. Tapu Village
    12. Route 16
    13. Seafolk Village
    14. Mount Lanakila
    15. Battle Tree
  10. Mini-Pokédex
    1. Learnsets
    2. Pokémon Stats (General)
    3. Pokémon Stats (Mega Evolutions)
    4. Pokémon Stats (Primal Reversions)
    5. Pokémon Stats (Breeding)
    6. Pokémon Stats (Misc. #1)
    7. Pokémon Stats (Misc. #2)
    8. Pokémon Evolutions
    9. Pokémon by Location
    10. Pokémon Abilities
    11. Move List - Battle Details
    12. Move List - Contest Details (OR/AS-only)
    13. Z Moves
  11. Credits
  12. Version History
  13. Legalities & Contact


In no particular order...

  • GameFAQs, Neoseeker, and Supercheats:
    • For being the most amazing FAQ-hosting sites I know.

  • CJayC, SBAllen, and Devin Morgan:
    • General sucking up to the GameFAQs admins. =P

  • SciresM, Kaphotics, Bond697, Slashmolder, Alpha, KazoWAR, TiniVi, Marty, OmegaDonut (of ProjectPokémon):
    • Their datamining of the demo helped simplify a lot of things for me prior to the game's release.

  • acucar (of GameFAQs):
    • For a note regarding Yawn and Safeguard.

  • Commodore (of GameFAQs):
    • For noting a discrepancy in the Hau'oli City Trainer list formatting and for some stuff on the Route 2 Stardust.

  • GameLoc (of YouTube):
    • Help in finding TM56 (Fling).

  • glennvolio (of GameFAQs):
    • For helping find the Amulet Coin on Paniola Ranch.

  • Golisopod (of GameFAQs):
    • For his leaks from his review copy of the game.

  • Harvest-Ty (of GameFAQs):
    • Noting that Necrozma is not considered a UB.

  • HeartGlaceon (of GameFAQs):
    • For help in finding Psychium Z.

  • Jet_the_Hawk79 (of GameFAQs):
    • For teaching me how to get to Kala'e Bay.
    • For help in finding Psychium Z.

  • John Salerno:
    • For noting that you do not gain levels anymore when breeding.

  • Kai Lösing:
    • For the Awakening near the start of the game.

  • kerokerostudio (of YouTube):
    • Help in finding TM90 (Substitute).

  • LotusCrane (of GameFAQs):
    • A typo regarding the stat calculation formulas.

  • Michael Land:
    • Help in finding TM55 (Scald).

  • Nikki Vernes:
    • For a note regarding a bad choice of words describing Affection.
    • For correcting the spelling error regarding Captain Ilima's name.

  • Onomanunn (of GameFAQs):
    • The Revive in the Berry Master's house on Route 2.

  • Phoenox1707:
    • A Great Ball in the Ten Carat Hill area.

  • RainyLeon (of GameFAQs):
    • For correcting a spelling error.
    • For noting that Turtonator was listed incorrectly as being for both versions, not just Sun.

  • Quick-Man (of GameFAQs):
    • For help in finding Necrozma.

  • Shareek Green-Allison:
    • A Great Ball in Ten Carat Hill.

  • Thard_Verad (of GameFAQs):
    • A note on the increased usability of the Heal Ball thanks to the ability to swap a caught Pokémon with one in your party.
    • Corrections for the Hidden Power info.

  • TheUnownTrainer (of YouTube):
    • Help in finding TM21 (Frustration) & TM27 (Return).
    • Help in finding TM77 (Psych Up).
    • Help in finding TM87 (Swagger).
    • Help in finding TM94 (Surf) & TM98 (Waterfall).
    • Help in finding TM95 (Snarl).

  • videl_luna (of GameFAQs):
    • For info on Swimmer Dakota on Route 7.

  • Wesker1984 (of GameFAQs):
    • For info on how to find TM86 (Grass Knot) - which coincidentally led to be finding the Machamp-requisite chunk of Lush Jungle too!

  • Whitney Davis (of GameFAQs):
    • For help in finding Seaward Cave and Kala'e Bay.

  • Bulbapedia & Bulbanews:
    • A useful source for leaked info.

  • Microsoft & Microsoft Excel:
    • A lot of automation in the organization, formatting, and calculation of certain data.

  • Serebii:
    • A generally useful source for leaked info.

  • You, the reader:
    • For hopefully enjoying this FAQ.

Version History

  • v0.15:
    • Completed the first of the seven trials.
    • Time: 5:38 PM 11/19/2016.

  • v0.20:
    • Completed the first grand trial, and am most of the way through the second of the captains' trials.
    • Time: 1:33 AM 11/21/2016.

  • v0.50:
    • Completed the second grand trial. Also revamped some of the Pokémon encounter tables.
    • Time: 7:06 PM 11/25/2016.

  • v0.65:
    • Completed the fifth Captain's trial.
    • Time: 3:35 AM 11/28/2016.

  • v0.75:
    • Complete the sixth Captain's trial. (Yes guys, we are aware that we haven't gotten to your emails on some things and are aware that things are going slowly. Yoshi and I are both dealing with some severe depression, me some finals, and other issues. We promise we will try to complete this guide, and will thank you for your patience and consideration in this matter.)
    • Time: 1:16 AM 12/8/2016.

  • v0.85:
    • Complete the Grand Trial of Ula'ula Island and covered everything up to Seafolk Village. Also covered a bit of side content and corrected a few errors.
    • Time: 11:01 PM 12/11/2016.

  • v1.00:
    • Finally beat the Pokémon League bits and getting to work on the post-credits storyline stuff.
    • Time: 12:07 AM 12/15/2016.

  • v1.10 - v1.30:
    • Worked on finishing up the postgame walkthrough, some sidequests, and otherwise cleaning up other sections. Think we've covered everything we set out to cover. I also finally went through and checked through the emailed stuff.
    • Time: 12:32 AM 12/19/2016.

  • v1.40:
    • Adding some stuff throughout the walkthrough, namely bits about the Machamp area in Lush Forest, the Tauros area in Verdant Cave, and the missed Grass Knot TM in Lush Jungle. Also went ahead and added info on Island Scan at popular request.
    • Time: 9:28 AM 1/3/2017.

  • v1.50:
    • Made numerous fixes and additions, including the following:
      • Added a section on Obtaining Type: Null since I *somehow* skipped that -_-
      • Added an Awakening in the intro of the game
      • Added locations for all of the missing TMs in the guide and TM list
      • Corrected the info on Hidden Power
      • Corrected info on whether Turtonator is Sun-exclusive - it is >_>
      • Minor other typo fixes
    • Time: 12:50 AM 4/26/2017.

Legalities & Contact

This FAQ may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders.

© 2016-2017 Daniel Chaviers (a.k.a. KeyBlade999).

© 2016 Taylor Ellis (a.k.a. yoshi_chao).

If you would wish to contact us concerning this FAQ, use this e-mail: keyblade999.faqs@gmail.com, or PM (Private Message) KeyBlade999 on the GameFAQs message boards and he will try to handle your request.

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This is the end of KeyBlade999's & yoshi_chao's Pokémon Sun & Pokémon Moon FAQ/Walkthrough.