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by spooky96

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TM List by spooky96

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 01/27/2017
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Table of Contents

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TM List

#Move NameTypeCategoryPowerAcc.PPDescriptionLocation
01Work UpNormalStatus------30

Raises user's Attack and Sp. Attack by 1 stage.

Route 1, defeat Joseph
02Dragon ClawDragonPhysical8010015Inflicts damage.Vast Poni Canyon (Inside the 1st cavern)
03PsyshockPsychicSpecial8010010Considers target's Defense instead of Sp. defense.Lake of the Sunne/Moone, Ula'ula Island
04Calm MindPsychicStatus------20Raises Sp. attack and Sp. defense by 1 stage.Seafolk Village, Poni Island (Shop)
05RoarNormalStatus------20Forces target to switch out into a random Pokemon. Wild battles end.Kala'e Bay, Melemele Island
06ToxicPoisonStatus---9010Badly poisons the foe.Aether's Paradise, near dock area
07HailIceStatus------10Summons hail.Royal Avenue Mart
08Bulk UpFightingStatus------20Raises Attack and Defense by 1 stage.Konikoni City, Akala Island (Shop)
09VenoshockPoisonSpecial6510010Power is doubled if the target is poisoned.Konikoni City, Akala Island (Shop)
10Hidden Power???Special6010015Type depends on the Pokemon's IVs.Paniola Ranch Nursery, Akala Island (Gifted from the girl at the left)
11Sunny DayFireStatus------5Summons sun.Royal Avenue Mart
12TauntNormalStatus---10020The target cannot use any status moves for 3 turns.Route 13, Ula'Ula Island (Defeat Punk Guy)
13Ice BeamIceSpecial9010010Inflicts damage, may freeze the target.Mount Lanakila, Ula'Ula Island
14BlizzardIceSpecial110705Inflicts damage, may freeze the target.Seafolk Village, Poni Island (Shop)
15Hyper BeamNormalSpecial150905User cannot move next turn.Seafolk Village, Poni Island (Shop)
16Light ScreenPsychicStatus------30Raises party's Sp. defense for 5 turns.Heahea City, Akala Island (Shop)
17ProtectNormalStatus------10Enables user to evade all moves. +4 Priority.Heahea City, Akala Island (Shop)
18Rain DanceWaterStatus------5Summons rain.Royal Avenue Mart
19RoostFlyingStatus------10Restores 50% of user's max. HP.Malie City, Ula'ula Island (Shop)
20SafeguardNormalStatus------25Protects the party from status for 5 turns.Heahea City, Akala Island (Shop)
21FrustrationNormalPhysical???10020Lower the happiness of the user, higher the power.From Oranguru in Malasada restaurant at night, Malie City
22Solar BeamGrassSpecial12010010Charges on the first turn, hits on the next. Hits directly in sun.Seafolk Village, Poni Island (Shop)
23Smack DownRockPhysical5010015Inflicts damage.Malie City, Ula'ula Island (Shop)
24ThunderboltElectricSpecial9010015Inflicts damage, may also paralyze the target.Poni Planes, below slopes of the entrance (Tauros needed)
25ThunderElectricSpecial110705Inflicts damage, may also paralyze the target. Cannot miss in rain.Seafolk Village, Poni Island (Shop)
26EarthquakeGroundPhysical10010010Inflicts damage.Resolution Cave, next to Backpacker Maria Poni Island, (Tauros needed)
27ReturnNormalPhysical???10020Higher the happiness of the user, higher the power.Given by the Police guy, Malasada restaurant at night, after obtaining TM 21.
28Leech LifeBugPhysical2010015User recovers half of the damage inflicted.Akala Outskirts, near Fisherman Vernon
29PsychicPsychicSpecial9010010Inflicts damage, may lower target's Sp. defense.Aether's Paradise, gifted by Wicke after defeating Nihilego
30Shadow BallGhostSpecial8010015Inflicts damage, may lower target's Sp. defense.Route 14, Ula'ula Island (Center of the ruins, Lapras needed)
31Brick BreakFightingPhysical7510015Inflicts damage (also destroys Reflect/Light Screen).Verdant Cavern, Melemele Island
32Double TeamNormalStatus------15Increases user's evasion by 1 stage.Konikoni City, Akala Island
33ReflectPsychicStatus------20Raises party's Defense for 5 turns.Heahea City, Akala Island (Shop)
34Sludge WavePoisonSpecial9510015Inflicts damage, may poison the target.Seafolk Village, Poni Island (Shop)
35FlamethrowerFireSpecial9010015Inflicts damage, may burn the target.Vast Pony Conyon (bottom-left island) (Requires Sharpedo)
36Sludge BombPoisonSpecial9010010Inflicts damage, may poison the target.Shady House, near bed, Ula'ula Island
37SandstormRockStatus------10Summons sandstorm.Royal Avenue Mart
38Fire BlastFireSpecial110855Inflicts damage, may burn the target.Seafolk Village, Poni Island (Shop)
39Rock TombRockPhysical609510Inflicts damage and lowers target's speed by 1 stage.Wela Volcano Park, near Ace Trainer Jimmy
40Aerial AceFlyingPhysical60---20This move cannot miss.Malie City, Ula'ula Island (Shop)
41TormentDarkSpecial---10015Target cannot use the same move twice in a row.Route 5, near the volcanic area
42FacadeNormalPhysical7010010Power doubles if the user is burned/poisoned/paralyzed.Malie City, Ula'ula Island (Shop)
43Flame ChargeFirePhysical5010020Inflicts damage and increases user's speed by 1 stage.Route 8, Akala Island (Gifted by Colress)
44RestPsychicStatus------10Sleeps for 2 turns and recovers full HP.Thrifty Megamart, Akala Island (Given by Hypno)
45AttractNormalStatus---10015Target is infatuated with the user (target must be of opposite gender).Hano Grand Hotel (Given by the Machamp-looking guy after beating the golfers)
46ThiefDarkPhysical4010010Inflicts damage, stealing target's item.Verdant Cavern, above the Totem (Tauros needed)
47Low SweepFightingPhysical6010020Inflicts damage, lowering target's speed by 1 stage.Konikoni City, Akala Island (Shop)
48RoundNormalSpecial6010015Inflicts damage, power is doubled if an ally used Round in the same turn.Hau'oli City, complete the Grimer cleaning minigame 10 times
49Echoed VoiceNormalSpecial4010015Inflicts damage.Hau'oli City, Melemele Island, in a garden near Marina
50OverheatFireSpecial130905Inflicts damage, lowering user's Sp. attack by 2 stage.Poni Meadow
51Steel WingSteelPhysical709025Inflicts damage, may increase user's Defense by 1 stage.Malie City, Ula'ula Island (Shop)
52Focus BlastFightingSpecial120705Inflicts damage, may lower target's Sp. defense by 1 stage.Seafolk Village, Poni Island (Shop)
53Energy BallGrassSpecial9010010Inflicts damage, may lower target's Sp. defense by 1 stage.Near Route 8, Lush Jungle
54False SwipeNormalPhysical4010040The target survives with at least 1 HP.Iki Town, after defeating Grand Trial
55ScaldWaterSpecial8010015Inflicts damage, may burn the target.Brooklet Hill (Lapras required)
56FlingDarkPhysical---10010Power and type depends on the user's held item.Hau'oli Cemetery, near Route 2, gifted by a woman who is carried by a Machamp (at night)
57Charge BeamElectricSpecial509010Inflicts damage and increases user's Sp. attack by 1 stage.Route 5 (Next to Breeder Cody)
58Sky DropFlyingPhysical6010010Hits on the next turn; target cannot move next turn.Route 8, defeat Ace Trainer Eileen
59Brutal SwingDarkPhysical6010020Inflicts damage.Route 5 (Ledge)
60QuashDarkStatus---10015Forces target to move last.Poni Plains (From Ace Trainer after defeating all the trainers)
61Will-O-WispFireStatus---8515Burns the target.Go via Diglett's Tunnel in Konikoni City, exit from west- it will be given by an NPC
62AcrobaticsFlyingPhysical5510015Inflicts damage. Power doubles if the user isn't holding an item.Ten Carat Hill, Melemele Island
63EmbargoDarkStatus---10015Items cannot be used for 5 turns.Geothermal Power Plant, Blush Mountain, given by the NPC with the Magnemite
64ExplosionNormalPhysical2501005User faints.Melemele Sea, inside cave, near Volcano, Sharpedo needed
65Shadow ClawGhostPhysical7010015Inflicts damage. Has a high critical-hit rate.

Konikoni City, Akala Island (Shop)

66PaybackDarkPhysical5010010Base power doubles if the user has taken damage in the turn.Malie City, Ula'ula Island (Shop)
67Smart StrikeNormalPhysical70---10Cannot miss.Lush Jungle, Akala Island (After defeating Mallow)
68Giga ImpactNormalSpecial150905User cannot move next turn.Seafolk Village, Poni Island (Shop)
69Rock PolishRockStatus------20Increases user's speed by 2 stages.Malie City, Ula'ula Island (Shop)
70Aurora VeilIceStatus------20Halves damage from Physical/Special move. Can only be used in a hailstorm.Heahea City, Akala Island (Shop)
71Stone EdgeRockPhysical100805Inflicts damage. Has a high critical-hit rate.Seafolk Village, Poni Island (Shop)
72Volt SwitchElectricSpecial7010020Inflicts damage, then switches out.Route 10, Ula'ula Island (Northeast)
73Thunder WaveElectricStatus---9020Paralyzes the target.Route 7, Akala Island, (Lapras needed)
74Gyro BallSteelPhysical???1005Slower the user target compared to target, stronger the move.Route 11, Ula'ula Island (hidden by the trees)
75Swords DanceNormalStatus------30Increases user's attack by 2 stages.Malie City, Ula'ula Island (Shop)
76FlyFlyingPhysical909515Flies first turn. Hits on the next day.Given by a girl wearing a hat in Malie City Library
77Psych UpNormalStatus------10Copies foe's state changes.Route 12, Ula'ula Island (Defeat Collector Andrew)
78BulldozeGroundPhysical6010020Inflicts damage, lowering target's speed by 1 stage.Malie City, Ula'ula Island (Shop)
79Frost BreathIceSpecial409010Has a 100% critical-hit rate.Go via Breaker Coast, Ancient Poni Path
80Rock SlideRockPhysical759010Inflicts damage, may flinch the target.Melemele Sea, Sharpedo required
81X-ScissorBugPhysical8010015Inflicts damage.Route 16, Ula'ula Island (Crawl)
82Dragon TailDragonPhysical609010Inflicts damage, forcing the target to switch out into a random Pokemon.Konikoni City, Akala Island (Shop)
83InfestationBugSpecial2010035Target takes some damage each turn for 4-5 turns and traps them.Route 3, Melemele Island (Tauros required)
84Poison JabPoisonPhysical8010020Inflicts damage, may poison the target.Route 17, Ula'ula Island (Raised mountain, golden-yellow grass)
85Dream EaterPsychicSpecial10010020User recovers 50% of damage dealt (only works if the target is sleeping).Haina Desert, Route 13, Ula'ula Island, Solution to puzzle:
↑ → ↑ → ← ↓
86Grass KnotGrassSpecial---10020Heavier the target, higher the power.Enter via back area, Lush Jungle, Akala Island
87SwaggerNormalStatus---8515Confuses and increases target's attack by 2 stages and Given by Guzma's mother at the shop (after defeating him), Route 2, Melemele Island
88Sleep TalkNormalStatus------10User uses one of its random move if sleeping.Enter Paniola Town via Route 6, near 4 wooden boxes
89U-TurnBugPhysical7010020Inflicts damage, then switches out.Malie City, Ula'ula Island (Shop)
90SubstituteNormalStatus------10User cuts 1/4th of max HP to make a decoy.Gifted by Kuiki after completing the game
91Flash CannonSteelSpecial8010010Inflicts damage, may lower target's Sp. defense.Seafolk Village, Poni Island (In the big, silver boat)
92Trick RoomPsychicStatus------5Slower Pokemon moves first for 5 turns.Hano Grand Hotel, after becoming the champion, talk to Kahili
93Wild ChargeElectricPhysical9010010Inflicts damage. User takes some recoil damage.Top of Route 15, Ula'ula Island (Sharpedo needed)
94SurfWaterSpecial9010015Inflicts damage.Poni Breaker Coast, after defeating the two women in swimsuit
95SnarlDarkSpecial559515Inflicts damage and lowers target's Sp. attack by 1 stage.Route 10, Ula'ula Island (After defeating Veteran Akira)
96Nature PowerNormalStatus------20Move, type, power and accuracy depends on the terrain.Route 5, Akala Island (Battle the last guy after defeating all other trainers)
97Dark PulseDarkSpecial8010015Inflicts damage, may flinch the target.Poni Coast (Below the ledge)
98WaterfallWaterPhysical8010015Inflicts damage and may flinch the target.Poni Breaker Coast, after defeating the two women in swimsuit
99Dazzling GleamFairySpecial8010010Inflicts damage.Vast Poni Canyon (Inside an area with small entrance)
100ConfideNormalStatus------20Lowers target's Sp. attack by 1 stage.Hau'oli Cemetery, Melemele Island

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